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"plm  space" Discussed on The Minerva PLM TV Podcast Show

The Minerva PLM TV Podcast Show

03:26 min | 1 year ago

"plm space" Discussed on The Minerva PLM TV Podcast Show

"Hello and welcome everyone to our next episode of Minerva PLM TV. I'm Jennifer Moyer host and I have with me today. I'm going to eat fish from B+. And she is actually a PLM development engineer. I want to thank you so much for joining us today. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for the opportunity. I'm really honored set up here in line with us famous people of P Lambert. That's great. You're about famous. Do I hope so, I understand like so many people that I talked to in the PLM space that you actually got into it by accident. Well, can you share with us a little bit about your background how you got started in PLM and what you're doing now? Yeah by accident that's true I actually started when I go back I studied electronic engineering so really technical Electronics basic electronics and then of course also started my first job as Electronic Engineer as Hardware designer for pcbs and well I was a news person in the company and they both took a lot of very Advanced developers and when you're new new new new normally get smaller projects to start with and yeah training on the job too often need to learn how things are done and I also got got a lot a lot of additional side jobs like okay, can you bright can you show some manufacturing how to build this product or can you go can you write something so we can test this test this product or oh we need somebody who tests to join certification process thoughts And now we have this new medical device directive. We need somebody who has to do it. So assembly get involved in a lot of different areas in the company and actually enjoyed it because you suddenly saw a lot of aspects of a product that you normally don't see you when you just to Hardware piece epa's you you stick to your PC be a design tool and suddenly got involved and everything and somebody had a yeah a little bit of course company also grows and San ID comes up. Okay. We we need a PO em so we can manage our data. So actually 7 we start okay, we have a lot of data. We got ourselves a PLM and formed a team of people who joins the implementation process off and well and of course, I was already one of the persons who some somehow messed around every everywhere a little bit in the company. So I said, okay you can you we want you to join me cuz you you know, everything a little bit and you can communicate with everybody and we need somebody who actually knows how this company works. And so I got into p o m and Faith was actually the interesting thing was when I got the first training on peel and I didn't even know the term at all. So what what does it mean and it all sounded so naturally, of course, we have we have or pearls we have our bill of materials. Of course, we buy the stuff from some somewhere. We have a vendor and we have manufacturers and they can be the same or they can be different and it all sounded so so long Jewel of course, we have all the documents and I actually had fun doing the job even at the first time..

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