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Wacky Khakis: Mass Movements

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Wacky Khakis: Mass Movements

"Would you please explain to the listeners? How're game works? Only if you give me an award for it I absolutely will each week. Wacky Khakis Debra and I both tell one crazy story about the world. But here's the thing the thing I'll tell you thank you. One of those stories is true and the other one is a bunch of lives and it's the job of two human children to figure out which one is which and with us to referee. Khakis is our Academy Award nominated producer for best editing of a kids game. Show podcast. No Eleven Cen Lisa. I didn't know that was your last night that I was nominated for awards congrats dude. I nominated you really. That means the world to me that I win. Well you could win for a price so let me get this straight. You're asking me to bribe you for favourable consideration for an award that you made up. That's right we'll think about it. Let's talk after the show. I'm GonNa be rich so now. What are we lying about on Wacky Khakis this week? Our theme this week is mass movements stories of a bunch of people. Doing the same thing at the same time. Lisa would you please introduce this week's contestants? Today's human child contestants archery episode and her brother Brandon from being her brother. Hey She Lebron guys welcome. We're so glad you're both here. Yeah good you guys are on the same team today and Wacky Khakis. Do you guys have good teamwork together as brother and sister now I guess. Oh No really why. Why don't you guys make a good team? We fight a lot. What do you? What do you typically fight over? Everything Sheila's at correct and mostly. Oh well so you're not fighting over the fact that you fight. Yeah you agree on that. Yeah well okay. As you heard our topic today is mass movements so Have either of you guys have participated in a mass movement of any kind now? Did either of you get on an iceberg with a penguin and then become best friends who did and travel around the world? Now that would that would qualify as a mass movement. When qualified I had it was on a question. I was wondering. Okay well look. It's time to play Wacky Khakis. If you've been with us before you'll know Deborah and Lisa will each have a minute and changed. Tell their stories. Okay Deborah Lisa. I'm thinking of a number. Whoever guesses closest gets to go first nine at least do you mean pie. The number or Pie Dessert Wahdan Ball. I see a. Can you please stop eating more monitoring your report okay? Well these I. I'm just going to give it to you because I was thinking of the number four and Pie. The number is closer to four. Then the nine. Alba our calling up okay. These are that means. You're going to go first so you know. Just swallow it ready all right. Listen very carefully Shayla and Brandon Lisa. Your timer will begin now the Charleston running man and most recently the stands were all dance. Fevers that took the world by storm. The robot was one too. I mean just. We don't move like that at all but anyway you get the idea dance fever but did you know that there's an actual dance fever that got people sick from between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries. It's called dancing. Mania and there are several reported cases of it throughout history. What happens is that one person starts dancing somewhere out in public no music and then one by one other people start joining them in the street. You get kind of called the original flash mob accept. These dances were completely unreversed and they went on for days weeks and even months at a time by all accounts the dancers appeared totally powerless to stop many literally danced until they dropped. Ed One famous case a woman in Strasbourg. France began dancing in the street for hours on end and within a week thirty people had joined her. The one month later there were over two hundred people dancing nonstop in the city centre town officials try different strategies to cure the dancing mania and even brought in musicians and professional dancers to perform alongside the mob. Hoping that they simply needed to dance it out not so in fact. The music only made more people join in. Historians have long struggled to explain the cause of dancing mania. Some theories include religious fervor poisoning Tarantula stress and a curse sent down from Saint Vitus. The patron saint of Dancers. None have been proven definitively. None Time Nice work. Lisa thank you thank you brandon. What did you think of? That story LIES HUNG IN CHURCHES BELIEVABLE. But it may be believable because some things that are crazy are trail interesting to let. I am telling the truth than I am trustworthy. Well before we go accusing Deborah of being a liar. Let's at least hear her story. I yeah my true story. Shayla Brandon listen up carefully. Deborah your timer will begin. Halloween is many people's favourite holiday. And for good reason. Free Candy silly costumes and let's face it. You don't really do anything in school that day. Some of US wish every day could be Halloween well in Carthage Missouri in Nineteen Ninety. Four One. Ten year old kid. Try to make it so that year for Halloween for niece lyles dressed as traffic on Aka the Yellow Ranger from the TV. Show mighty morphin power rangers who in November? I rolled around and Oliver classmates returned to school in their regular clothes. Bernice came still dressed as a power ranger when her teachers told her to change. She pointed to a clause in the school handbook. That said that students could wear whatever they liked as long as it didn't display bad words or anti-establishment propaganda on her walk home from school. She figured people would still have some leftover treats so Bernice wet trick or treating for a second time. I got more candy in one hour. Then she'd gotten the entire night before inspired by for example. Five classmates wore their Halloween costumes to school the next day and much to the dismay of school administrators twenty-seven more kids did so the next week as Bernice campaign dubbed the Halloween Forever Movement gained national attention for TV news program. Sixty minutes came to carthage to interview. The kids refused to take off their costumes. What Costume Bernice shot back at the interviewer? I really am a power ranger. You're the one who's in a costume boring reporter guide here. Having Pizza Candy in early December Carthage Middle School changed. Its official rules to ban costumes except on October. Thirty FIRST AT EACH YEAR. Bernice now has a plaque dedicated to her in the National Halloween Museum in Washington. Dc hand time. Good Work Deborah. Yes thank you Brandon Shale. What did you think of that story? Would you want to join the Halloween forever movement? Probably NOT YEAH. Because some like costumes can be uncuffed knowing I Dressed as link from Russell wild cool and the pants were so short. Cut off the circulation of my feet out. So you don't think you'd WanNa wear that to school for a whole month. No okay. It is decision time now. Our contestants must decide who story has mass appeal. Do you believe in Lisa's tale of dancing mania. The Mijo mysterious disease that causes hundreds of people dance uncontrollably for weeks on end or Deborah's tale of the Halloween forever movement. I do and the kid who convinced her whole middle school to wear their costumes for a

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