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"B on the Monday morning news How J. Brian EST Ridge. They are off enjoying their holiday, Scott said. Weigh in with you alongside Monica. Clear. Isa Nicolo saying the newsroom taking in nine o'clock this morning. Thanks for joining us if you missed it over the weekend, actually wait really laid into yesterday. We've got a stimulus deal. Yeah, it looks like we're gonna get the vote today, and it looks like Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer. But their differences aside Nancy Pelosi. They've, of course, when it comes down to the 11th hour. What's the What's the old Jerry Jones quote? Deadlines make deals? They always Diogo do a D A. And the deadline was government shutdown was coming if they didn't and didn't get to something soon. So, with this new budget, they've worked in some co vid relief money. Now. What does it mean for you? That the bill itself is about 900 Did the I'm looking for the billion or so right now, That's what they're They're getting out there. Is that all it, Zawinul? Great deal, Right. It's zah lot less right. It's a lot less than Democrats were pushing for. Well, that's what we were talking about earlier. What was their original proposal, wouldn't it? It was over two trillion close to three trillion first on Drip. Publicans wanted less than a trillion, and it looks like that's what they got. But here's what it means for you $600 stimulus payments coming to most Americans. So at some point don't know the timeline of and how quickly those were come out. They came out relatively quickly. The first time I did I got my direct deposit within a couple of weeks of that first stimulus round that went out but $600 checks coming to our our mailboxes or bank accounts. $300 a week unemployment supplement. So remember, how was it? We were getting an extra 600. If you had a file for unemployment for that was added from federal. I don't remember. It was like 600 total that you could add on top of That your unemployment benefits Now it's 300. Now I don't know how long that's going to last. I'm not sure if that's been released yet, But if you're collecting unemployment, you'll get an extra 300 from the feds. All right. So, um, I think what I take from this, like other than just deadlines, make deals. I'm glad they got it done. Yeah, And I'm glad that least for just a brief second. The politics got put aside. Barely. Yeah, Yeah, We're only gonna get $600. Yes, we'll have to quit drinking that other 600. What? What theater? That was keeping me in the black. I told you to switch to PBR Lee. What I have one. Now That's a good start doing his bathtub Moonshine again again. That's still 7, 22 and W B A P. We're going a lot of emails on that vaccine story we told you about before this will get into that next. But here's traffic.

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"pbr lee" Discussed on Fantasy Football Today Podcast

"Then Zach Ertz Mark Ingram Alan Robinson. That's actually a really interesting. The last five picks around Tyler Lockett James Connor Tremendous Zach Ertz Mark Ingram and Alan Robinson. What do you like about it there? Jamie everything I mean. You know you're talking about Gordon Dell could be fantastic picks lock it. I still think is number. One guy in Seattle. We'll see what the gap is between him in metcalf but you know you can make a case that lock it could be ahead of Brown Hilton. hurts his. You Know I. I think he's going to go around for but that's the right spot forum for a team that has not added anything offensively at the wide receiver position for Philadelphia and then Robinson could be great with Nicole's or at least you know serviceable where he was while Ingram. When you look at the running back fall off you know to get him at the end of round four in my opinion just great value considering what went after him. Let's talk about our teams. Let's do it here. We Go David going to let you go. First two picks in this draft Henry and Jacobs all right running back running back to my word that I was taking running backs early on and that actually that combined with getting mahomes around three and having Lebanon fall in round four. Set The table for me to do something that I wasn't expecting to doing. So I went full snips in this draft and didn't take a wide receiver until round. Six may not be ideal. Obviously your first five world. Were two running backs. Mahomes a running back at a tight every running backs mahomes and Mark Andrews. Yeah all right. So let's hear that lineup. Everybody listen listen to these wide receivers ladies and jumbo go ahead ready to be envious of these receivers. Here we go. Jarvis Landry is my one Darius Layton and Mike Williams they're probably more like my three micro threes and then on my bench. My wide receivers are data. Johnson Larry Fitzgerald and with my very very very last pick until Antonio Brown just in case. He comes back but the rest. Your team's good mahomes. Henry Jacobs Levian Belot Flex Mark Andrews at tight end. I wonder if we go back to around five when you took Mark Andrews. You could've taken stefan digs dave or Michael or Terry maclaurin Robert Woods and then the next round you could've taken Darren Waller so I thought I could have just waited like another four or five rondos to to take a tight end should have made but or maybe the move I should have made was not taking mahomes in round three and going with the root wide receiver. Their homes is fine in round three goes back to my philosophy. My philosophy this which is always subject to Change A. I thought it was excellent value at the other positions rounds one two three and four and pretty much around five two and two. I think that just there you can find receivers in non. Pr Allowed easier than you can find running backs. I think you just. I think you just did buzz from home alone. Accidentally you went one a I'd Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah and to and. You made your second point right. And that would buzz. He's like wanted one blah blah blah. Be Yeah you know what I'm telling. Everybody gets the point without me doing it so in closing. I don't necessarily love this team but I would take it to start a season. What the Hell I think I could do better in in in our next mock how we feel about heath team. It's got Lamar Jackson Travis. Kelsey Nick Chubb. I think we should save this one for last. Okay to be honest with you. Let's go to Jamie Steam Jamie with a with a non. Pbr Lee goes wide receiver wide receiver with his first two picks. Julio Jones and the Andrei Hopkins Jamie had the tenth. Pick right yet. No Rubik eleven pig. Oh who's your third. Pick up Cooper Cup all right so so interesting here. Give us your. Give us your team. Picking Eleventh. You took three receivers your first three picks. Yes my team is Tom Brady. Julio Jones the Andre Hopkins and Cooper Cup as my first three picks My quarterback is Brady. I took two tight ends no fan also Robert Woods so I have four really good receivers. Did you go receiver with your first five picks? No Yes for my first five picks Adam ruined me on two occasions in the first five rounds He took Marlin Mac in round three as much as I like Uber Cup Cup. I think better than Mac Just based on overall but after going receiver receiver. I was hoping it would have been there and he took. He took Mac I Took Cup at the end of the third round. Because I knew Ben shrager had started running back running back who's GonNa probably take a receiver So that's why I took up as opposed to taking running back running back But in any event My receiving core is the strength of my team. My running backs or not My first one was Devon Single Terry in round four and then the rest of my running backs are Lindsey Justin Jackson Seven Coleman to Rico and and Latavius Murray and Jamie referenced. How I ruined him twice is just want to celebrate that Ronald Jones and around five. Yes you wanted him. And you took Philip Lindsay instead right. After I took Jones yes somebody could be ruined by Ronald Jones. Yeah Yeah how about that all right so and Buxton but why do you feel like you feel okay with it in a non Pr League you know which do do it differently? And specifically I think why. Take Cooper caught late in rounds. Three and four. Why Not Take Devon's single -tarian in Lebanon Bell or Melvin Gordon? Who are James Connors? That whoever you're highest rank running backs were yeah. I mean if if you were to tell me that I could have gotten Robert Woods in run five which is probably something. I should have done but I like. He said up in at the end of round three is just a very good value. Pick so I didn't expect Daryl Henderson and David Montgomery and carry on Johnson and Ronald Jones. The ALGO in the fifth round headed me So I was kind of looking at it as okay. I'm comfortable single Terry. Given the way that I started the scene as my as my number one guy I was GonNa have essentially like number two running backs as my starters you know not not having a stud but then doing the same thing. So like if I had Even Ronald Johnson as as polarizing as he may be instead of Lindsey. If I'd single Terry Jones and the saint collection because Jackson still be really good with the chargers Coleman for what it's worth is probably still pencilled in as a starter for the forty niners even though most it's better Let's Avis Murray. Is going to have a role for the for the Saints in and I think you know three Cohen will be better than he was year. Maybe not as good as he wasn't twenty eighteen but still good enough to be a rotation guy so I don't mind it. I just don't like the fact that you know. Lindsay is not in good standing right now as my number two all right since we're saving heath for last. I'll run through my team real quick at the Tenth Pick Russell Wilson Miles Sanders and Marlin Mac tyreek Hill t y Hilton and decay. Metcalf Austin Hooper. And also jared cook later in the draft because I think cook might be better than Hooper. One of those two tight ends and Ronald Jones again Wilson Sanders and Mac at running back tyreek. Hill t y Hilton Decay Macapa Wide Receiver Austin Hooper or Jared Cook at tight end and Ronald Jones at flex brand. And you've got all your guys I didn't like I didn't like this team to be quite odd but there is good team. It's far it's okay. You think I don't know I mean I think Marla Mac in this format could be really good so I was happy to get him around Three Mile Sanders. Obviously as much as I can defend Hilton. I'll see lot downside there and we'll see about Ronald Jones. It right now. Ronald Jones looks like looks like it could be one of the best value picks but who knows what situation will be as we get closer to the like you know if I forget about where you took them. The fact that Hilton's your second receivers is perfectly fine. All right all right then. I guess I'll be happier about it. Well he's team is is pretty fascinating. It and Jamie's got a lot of running back on his bench that or one injury away from being really really good and he has the same thing and he's going to need it all right. He's go ahead. Give us your team. I don't I might need them one week for sure. I started off with Travis. Kelsey Nick Chubb Lamar Jackson in Cortlandt Sutton and I just absolutely love that starts. You'RE GONNA have to get a little bit lucky later for that to work out when you take a quarterback in a tight end in the first four rounds you're probably going to be bad at either wide receiver or running back and maybe both things don't work out. Well my wide receivers are Sutton Gallup devante Parker Marvin Jones and Golden Tate. I don't feel bad about that group at all now. I may like Sutton a little bit more than most people do as number one but Gallup was a solid number two. I don't really even like Parker that much relative to where he's being drafted by ADP. But I think he's a good number three wide receiver and then Marvin Jones is a pretty underrated flicks Running backs nick. Chubb Kareem Hunt. Are My number one and number two running backs and I think that it's interesting because they're going to hurt each other a little bit. If one of those guys get hurt. I probably have a top three running back. Yeah top-five odd but then I don't have a number two running back. My bench is chase Edmunds Tony. Pollard Roy's Freeman Damian. Harris and Lamar Miller potential there. And it's just you look at this team and you say all right he starting Nick Saban Kareem Hunt. He's not starting a running back at flex. He only has two running backs on his roster. That are even worth considering as a starter and quite frankly. I don't even know that Kareem Hunt should be a starter at a non PBR league. I guess I'll let you weigh in on that. But in his eight Games he was the number twenty five running back. I'm pretty sure in non PR in that stretch. Don't number twenty six. Yeah so the question is could. If you're really GONNA play this league out you just say okay. Look obviously week there but I have. Are you the number one quarterback in the Mark Jackson? Have the number one tight end in the price you pay and I'll just play the waiver wire and get my second running back or you know. Well it is kind of what you're saying except I've got three people's handcuffs and you have to hope. One of those turns into starter. One of those is your own. No I was talking about polar polar and chase Edmunds..

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