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Two-year Treasury yields stage biggest five-day drop since 2008

Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe

01:38 min | 4 years ago

Two-year Treasury yields stage biggest five-day drop since 2008

"But it's really in the bull markets that it's been in a so incredible treasury yields now fooling at the fastest pace since the global financial crisis. Yeah. Although on their way back up a little bit of a balanced in treasury yield right now, two point one zero percent and the tens are paying out, more than the twos, by decent amount right now as the two year price really rallied. So at least you don't see twos, tens, inversion this morning that could be on the cards. Of course, we heard from a number investors, including. Including Stanley Druckenmiller, who says that he thinks the feds can cut to zero by a year and a half from now. Dave financial markets, of course, now discounting at least two quarter-point fed interest rate cuts by the end of the let me just give you a couple of numbers and Asia-Pacific down a tenth of one percent, Shanghai say we can nine tenths of one percents that job drops really across Asia, but not as significant perhaps, as that big FANG, stoke decline. The all BA decision. The first rate cut since two thousand sixteen it was widely expected actually Ozzy Hsieh's. Not really that much the Donna fluctuating just a little bit of sports, sixty nine for the dollar down a tenth of one percent. But crude is the other big stories and say holding onto losses will all down almost twenty percent from the peak in late April, and we've got another half a percent drop for brantford this morning and down three tenths of one percent to fifty three dollars. Sports zero six this morning. So those are the markets for you every fifth. Fifteen minutes by

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