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VAR: Love it or Hate it?


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VAR: Love it or Hate it?

"Walkmans sedition of espn afc. Dan thomas it's transfer deadline day but we have to be on says a massive snowstorm at the moment going on in connecticut where our studios are so. We're recording this before the deadline. So who knows what we could be missing guessing not very much don hutchinson stevie nickel on laurent with us. Joe's if the most exciting thing that happens on dateline day is that livable. Get ben davis and ozan caveat. That seems to be yeah. i mean. he's still very exciting. If you're a fan do you see wonder why waiting so long in dc davies back. I guess you know so about from anybody ads and even your right even if your some funds. That won't get you. excited to. Though comeback specialties. A very highly rated young centreback in germany. i shall the turkey international. I think there's something there. Certainly i liverpool so that is a good to make loan with a million fee as alone which is okay then. They've got the option to buy if they want to of eighteen million in the summer they don't have to take. That's not mandatory. So i think this is is a good deal for liverpool see. How is adopting. See what you want to do in the summer for ben davies. He was very good in the championship. Would he be able to make the step to to the primitive with never put. We'll have to see stevie. How difficult is it for these players coming into being thrown into this sort of situation. Well it will depend on what's going on between the real. I was suspect may be a little bit. More overwhelming. For ben davis. It would be from quebec so i would suggest that he would be the one in line in front davis just because of the expedience fighter planning into bundles liga albeit an team. That are struggling but they certainly look from what. I've seen a lot more composed with these challenges and on the bulb and davis would be so. Yeah it depends. How the mentality of the two guys out of the com- if the shield of the ability regardless of whether it's up to liverpool standard then they will do a job how consequential all these transits regarding the defense of the title dawn if they come in and do well. Obviously then you put your voice can move back in its midfield ever and then once again can push city all the way. I'm not sure it's going to have a barrel. The title stevie said the youngest is gonna take a long time settling enshrine integrate himself into the i meant even cox go a job to do the job to get in the first malagasy play rewarding. It walks right buck into the side or straight into the side. Once he's signed. The contract is being a few days. I i was to box or the london stadium for the westbound guy. A not phillips of the gang with his life. He put himself up against. Until you finally defy in fonzie. Getting stuck in brilliant guy jordan henderson center off just absolutely cruised through the game. So that's not a bad partnership you wouldn't want to rely not kosher. Wouldn't go into the champions league. So i think the is a good ones. I've seen play quite a few times. He's range in zacks. Then he hits forty on holes with these Defendant role as expect from a twenty year. Old but i think for the future that goes on in that anything else would like to say. No i mean. Listen i was just when you don't know but the title disease change. I don't think liverpool keane seriously think about one the title with what they have right now on the field and saying that ben davis cobb i i it seems i seems a little bit of a stretch defect they can compete for the premier league just shy and those two guys i think say liverpool having much patty johnson spurs to of course title contenders just a couple of months ago that went down the drain very very quickly don and when we ask you when you were you want to talk about so that you said you wanted to talk about marine post-match comments just thought it was it was crazy 'cause i watch the game and i just didn't see the in game that joe walsh subtle. Brian bought them off the pitch As it did dispose They just couldn't get a win and taught them never got kick. they never got kick in midfield. Brides midfield have played them out. False them That was solid and jobs as come on national. Tv said two different half spurs not too good first off second off very good last half an hour. Abc's men pushing for the win and and blood sweat and tears. I'm thinking again. I'll chuckle were cruise control every couple of replies delights today but it didn't wash away. I'm sure joe's believed what he was saying. He likes a little trigger to judge. I'll tell until what got some big problems when it seemed like brought can outplay. You would be so comfortable. Stevie did bring up the point. Didn't they when they were winning. You say well what happens when they don't and they continue to play this style. Play is not going to be on board for for that long well known and the guy who would keep a law players on board would be highly can't just just because of the players and of course the captain as follows as marine. You can send you know. They only thing i can come up with as the is actually looked at the big picture and the big picture rose whether we're lake. Eleanor or his body is taught them seemed to be right now. The renew league cup final the final the cylinder efi call and if they win the game in han their only three points behind the top four spot. So i'm thinking he saw a sat down and thought and thought you know what there's no point migo note and bots and and these players number one because we don't have a plan in hurry kin good so i think that's the conclusion he's come to. Joel says he. Stan regards how hard you have to fall. How far would you have to for them to take a look at his position at the club. There's obviously the winning trophy part of it and we know that the club hasn't won anything since lee cup under are longtime ago now so i guess if he brings the cup or the european league to the club the first trophy since then i guess this is a positive thing but finished out of the top four. This is not so positive. And i don't think i don't think that finished sixth or seventh like last year. There's much improvement. Even if even if they win the title. So i would have to see the second of this season while most shook about. I'm not too surprised by him. Trying to stay positive because they need productivity right now. How we can is injured. There was the clash with all year. We're not sure what happened. Two weeks ago look like once. He's so cool. Criticize marina stocktake. After the freedom getting me disappeared completely from the team sunday so there was a lot of negativity the team and maybe he just wanted to be for once people positive washed over to understand is how did he think as he tried to explain. That gareth baid will be a good replacement for hurricane because you will play a bit like hurricane try to connect with. This is not what kind of that. Bailey's don't believe forwards and having played the number ten and maybe the kind of passes the cain gift to son and don't be can. Gary certainly cannot do that job. So i don't know why he was trying to achieve having win and and bain just behind sun but they will never going be nowhere near the kind of flyers the hurricanes when he plays that number ten road behind son of the primarily this weekend one thing which struck me as kind of bit weird basically salah talking about vault after violent really too much to play in it. But he's almost about and he said it's killing football. He says he wants to get rid of it. What i think's interesting gills and whether or not it's just because the premier league and there were more is on it you just feel that england have embraced var- less than any other country. Yes and and maybe you can understand it in the sense that he's been he's been at times. Been a bit of a mess because some decision has given in one game one. He's not giving in the other game. We love with handball. Of course last season but also the season and the tiniest of side again or those lines coming up the blue one red one i think i think maybe he gets on his nerves. Certainly some players who often like mosala whether they're on the good side of the bad side of it involved with it. And i think if you must also show if you have to celebrate your goal or not because you know maybe there's a point where you think of when there was no var. You're right the was a strange considering that was not really any var involvement in that game against west for massana. Why don why go gone staving. How lebow the british public and people general love about elephant kidding. Hey you. I was a former player. Many school to cutler goals of discipline. Because some idea where flied couldn't see pasta knows i'm more than happy to avar. Our don most solid doesn't like it because he wants to score goals because he's he's a selfish player in his opinion but he was more or less. I think told me about the top guy. When he had a goal disallowed that me for about a those amble. I think it's the small decisions. Donna i think just gets on little bit. You've seen the danny ings of and a weekend. It was like an absolute fraction. You know this. My cash homeboy lot thought looked a stonewall penalty. Jillions right when you look at some of the decisions. I think is a common sight. Think the referees and more so for the funds when you in on looking at some incidents you think well last week that would have been a penalty all this week. This would have been offside. And everything just seems a little bit inconsistent. Another trying to fix it. And i know it's in its infancy so we might have to give it a little bit. It's on the one that really knocks me is. Which would be my fix and this article but when you say off saad sison on its so so close light danny ings. One in my opinion if you got rid of the lines on you said to someone in. Va all right. What do you say if no lines on the pitch offside if it's too tight and you'd literally cannot tell if someone's on or off with no lines on the pitch let it go. Let's see more goals. That's what we want but the problem is with that dawn is at least the lines. Give you consistency. We know that camera angles can be very deceptive from one camera angle. You definitely definitely off and another. Say he's on. So why don't you use science set to help you. Why would you go back step. Well listen i set aside. I think was in the game a few months back. And i look did not over and over and over again. In every time a solar so saudi-omani be an onside on. The decision was off so unknown. We've got to go with it. We have to roll with it and it's just something that i think we have to get used to on because it is so brand new Alien to us and it might take Nineteen i'm when the few things get tweaked. Because you go to a few months ago. Monday night when victor lind accused choose humble wanted when a whole itchy deflected someone. Someone headed off his hand from six inches away and as made stevia played the game. This is it wouldn't say if the guy but some things when you see a humble lindelof to go. That doesn't sit right with me. That's intentional humble. That's what that's what was not brought into solve like. Danny ings saudi-omani millimeter. Assad won't bro in for the millennial solders gaping areas so the fact that will go in to the nth degree in soul. Everything is going to take a long time for everyone to get used to stephen. I have absolutely no problem with. Listen you you use what you have used to have. And i understand that it's tough to a goal disallowed the monte highs in the we don kings is but. I don't think you can argue. That and my opinion guesses suppose as made progress. You know we're talking about a decision as centimeters right but look older great decisions that will look all the stuff and and and the fight says. If we didn't have our we would still be having as much arguments about referees. Needn't hell referees then consistent mine's not known what the looking over. Oh you're got to see its way bear having vaa the just said okay. Let's have human error nelson way. Better stevie i think it's better in the domestic leagues within soon as a couple of weeks time comes in the jump z. Leagues involved will be a totally different ruling. Saw it's not Bundesliga serie island laliga that getting used to the rules but soon go into champions league and europe a league. It's like a different rule. God nordea different is no any different plant in with european referees where decisions against ones at one referee says the other one says to. Nfl sleet you have not season. You have to deal with it. Yeah but you look at the with kim pen. By was a judge of humboldt a game against the united never humble in a million years joseph rules different to the refco decision. No surprise the referee decision rome and the decision wrong so to double whammy going mistakes. The referees that officials the human mistakes we bear. Borough been able to see something rather than sit and watch the in. Go ahead without being able to see yourself gills. Why the english in particular. I think because believe st bees right is is in the culture anyway to moan and to winch mortis. We are think because because they wanted to do their thing their way raw their way not following everybody else's rules you know the rest of europe in why you were saying and what i was saying. They wanted their own rules for handball. Their own via our roots. Remember the first couple of season. The referee never used to go and check the monitor. Was there for everybody in the whole world was doing it but they said no no no we england. We're not gonna do this. Don't go and check the the money to a new but why not doing. It is much better. We've seen many decisions overturned because the ref finally himself when over check the screen said okay. I got wrong. Goes right or whatever that was remember. How stupid and city was when the refused at the beginning to go and check the screen you would like. Why are you doing so. I think daddy and help patrol. Thank you very much. He's gone steamy. I think rather than rather than say that we're like come on up. The truth has the a. We were traditional aesthetic than any other country of of unknown. And that's what we late edition and it's hard for us to change that that is the problem is much else. We like our shepherd's pie and we like it every night called as well. Thank you very much. If you think salon vol wait till you hear. Don't hutchinson has to say about hot cheese in extra time. You can check that out over on youtube channel. Do you own or rent your home. 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That's not really a surprise so barcelona leaking this to try to make it look like he's the reason they've got all these financial problems. Well y you've you've. You've summed up there really well because on the face of it. It's not a huge big deal. Now look obviously. The figures are enormous is very unusual for newspapers to get the actual contract itself and reveal the clauses from reveal the exact amounts as they as they build up so in that sense. It's very big story. But you're writing sums of the devices of this. Which is we all knew that he was earning an excessive one hundred million euros a year. So that's not a huge surprise lows slightly higher than that the way that it's constructed is perhaps slightly surprised. But even that's not really shocking. What makes us interesting. I think is is exactly that second part of what you've said which is worst is coming from a why. Why has this happened. In whose interest is it for this to come out because this isn't just a case of a newspaper doing investigative research and somehow coming across his contract. This has been filtered out to the mississippi. Leaked them in some way. That's the question now. Where has this come from. Who benefits from. What is a very clear attempt by the way to to to make leonardo messy effectively responsible for his current crisis. And that's the part this. Of course the context of this is the buffalo now are in dire financial straits but a fans point anything leonov. Macy's fo- you over in the contract. You know you brought in a lot of other rubbish around him. You can't just suddenly pointing the finger at a man who let's not forget. His contract ends in the summer. He could be out of it. And yet you just gonna put. All of it is door. How does this affect his psyche with regards to wanting to leave the club at the end of this contract. Look how it affects same. We don't really know yet. Not these figures i guess. Part of this will depend on on who he believes is behind it where he believes. This is the club as it. Currently is or clubs walls before or a policy that has led to this wherever he believes this in some meaningful damages. His relationship with loaner itself. The other thing is is exactly as you began there. There was i. Think a very clear attempt in this story to to present messier's the mammals financial crisis for a number of reasons. One of them in terms of you look at how report was put together now. The fact of having the contract is in itself a big piece of news but was it was presented in a very specific way. You look at the front page headline on. The front page headline was the the gigantic contract. Molyneaux messy has the driving of ruin so this wasn't just saying as you put it in our best in the world has best contracts in the world. This was saying this guy is ruining bowel. Celona and actually i think the way. A huge number of funds have responded in a lot of people in the media to exactly the way that you have which is to say. Well it's not full didn't force anyone's giving this he's not on the heart the financial mismanagement and a lot of said and by the way he probably generates more maduna than anyone else. In fact we've seen studies over the course of today suggesting that generates around about a third of bosnia's income himself. We've seen all sorts of studies about his financial but also his foot importance. The club you know the fact that he's been there for almost forty percent of all the league titles that bus one in their entire history for eighty percent of the champions league titles. I've one in their entire history so not people look to say. Well the problem isn't leno messier. Money the problem is all these. Mediocre players weren't very good running a lot of money and the money that we wasted on them so in terms of a storyline that was designed to put the blame. Very definitely a message door. it's entirely succeeded. If indeed that was the one he wanted me getting any bonuses for winning laliga this year. That of course we'll go to athletico madrid and luis suarez. Who's the top goalscorer in spain. In house is being received in catalonia. I look i think. I think there are two different things. One is night. It was the right decision to move loose worth on him to to no longer be boss letter. The upper of course is wherever in moving louis worth on. What you should really do is send into a direct competitor and sent him there for free. I'm not only that. Send a free but send him there for free. I'm a reason to want revenge. I think that's been the focal point of the response. To hillary's allows free weeks hasn't really been home. My god. We should've kept him. It's more on my god. How enough that. We think it was a good idea to help. Athletes come in boston of done this before. By the way we've done it via apple going through the league in two thousand fourteen having just lead and that's not quite the same case but there are certain parallels and so yeah. I think the focus is being more on. The white house handled the exit plan. Rob on the specific case of not luis. Suarez should still be at the company. The one silver lining for boston honor at the moment is that real madrid are in just a big mess. We talk to law said about the boss alone brought in and now they haven't worked out your time and time again. You take a look at this real madrid team and it's the same team is five years. Everyone they bring in isn't good enough not shown again this week and it's just tiresome kind of vicious circle madrid. Yeah when people look at the real. Madrid's a team as it currently stands. I think that there are two ways of analyzing one is as you just said. Look the people they pulled in the boy and broadway and all of them really. quite expensive. orbit has olives the only kind of super galactica among them. He's the only one thousand nine hundred hundred million euro plus player. you can look at those biases i well. This'll be good enough. By from around jade's institutional point of view from our point view. They look say well the cookie good enough if they were given opportunities if they give him continuity if they will give them the supply. And that's one of the reasons. I think why. We're seeing a slight fracturing relationship between sedan and the club now there's always a potential for that around madrid. We know this always been the case. But i think we're madrid. Believe the sedan has been too much of offender of the old guard and therefore the young guard of if you like not being allowed to show whether or not they're good enough because of course if you take for example some other alpha weekend now personally. I'm not convinced filler. Quite good enough around which it does not say a good footballer but not quite good enough around you because even if he was this is a guy who comes into having not played for three months having been out on live last season. And so you look at even if he was good would perform in these circumstances. The issue if you take jovic for example of course is now going back to germany in scoring goals so fun. He did have his challenges under saddam. But i suppose there's only so much time you can give him before you go this. You're either seeing can swim. And you're going to be judged very quickly that's just the life of at a big club and you know you use yovich example. Martineau the god of course is a very clear example of this as well we last year was arguably at least until knock down the door in the best fruitful. Four players in a whole of league applying for today's loud he went back to around madrid who recalled him from low and a year early. I think we all knew there was a child. Six wouldn't work wiser charles's well because he's young because of demands around the jade a far greater out of course because the players ahead of him of that little bit better. We're not saying marta. Nerdy guard is good. But you are looking at but the two of them. Tony cruz. i mean that's a pretty big deal and then if he doesn't get continuity if he doesn't get confidence that of course the performance is dropping and it's very difficult. You're quite right. That's the thing there isn't time for these now. In theory at least bring young players for you need patients they need continuity they need topless but this is real madrid us one game and crisis the same as happens at barcelona. Managers are under pressure. So you can talk about patients being a virtue but no one's given the time to be allowed to be patient. Said they're not going to win anything that season. Where would that leave. The dan well in the last ten fourteen days. They've lost the spanish supercup. Not the now ten points behind plus the game and legal. That probably not gonna win. That was a strange game. I guess the hope now pinned on the champions league. Their performance in big game suggests that they can at lease elite. Believe it got a chance to go some way. They will believe that their favorites against atlanta what happens to that if they were nothing is. I think that he doesn't continue. I think they do say the season to be honest with you though. I think even if they were to win something. There's a very strong charter. He's not there next year whether that's by mutual consent whether that's by him walking away whatever's by them pushing him. I don't think that sedan is the room manager next season. No matter what happens this season sadler. Thank you very much. A lot. More from said by the way on the latest edition of the gavin gills. Podcast where he's their special guest. We want the best of both worlds. We want a hybrid a smarter. Hybrid cloud approach with ibm helps banks personalized experiences with watson. Well helping keep data. Secure world is going hybrid with ibm visit. Ibm dot com slash hybrid cloud kicked off twenty twenty one and some star being down by seven goals. It's casey keller and steve toronto with me twitter would have me believe you're gonna win the world cup now. Twenty twenty six casing if we could play trinidad and this trinidad side which well look. It's a difficult situation in trinidad federation was suspended by fi. You had the domestic league shutdown all of last year. it was. Yeah it was. It was tough and you know. They tried to put a team together last minute because the us was trying to play serbia and because of different covert lockdowns in and visa issues. Trinidad stepped up and came in played when they knew darn well that they weren't ready to play this match But don't take it away from the. Us you can only play the team. That's in front of you and you know. Some players got some opportunities in came out. I thought jonathan lewis looked like an option maybe going forward with this pace out wide. Create some some great situations matt. Turner got his debut in goal. Had really nothing to do but silly penalty late and he was able to come up with the big saves. So you'll maybe. Greg learned a couple of things in this match. But for the most part he probably learned ten guys that he'll never call back again. And that's the issue isn't it because we've talked so much about the abundance of talent now plying their trade in europe and that's who these guys are competing with yes it is great to see all these new players giving caps gathering this valuable experience as international friendly And it's great to see the scoring goals. I mean you still have to go out and create chances 'cause mistakes by the defenders and put those chances away so these are all good signs. But i'm always that question mark because i'll be an astronaut. That right thanks to the scoreline. Can they do this i guess. Top quality opponents cannot do this. Umbro cup qualifiers away and at home and but i do think you know as casey said correct. Greg will take away what he thought. We'd probably was able to take away from this game. And they'll grow on that move forward and i think really the players the big winners here. They're going to have experiences to remember and they can take this competence into their melissa. Dan rea come with that. Casey depends on how you look at it. If you look at it is almost an under twenty three camp with getting some of your veterans back touching the ball as opposed to having three four month. a break because maybe they got knocked out early in mls and not knowing when exactly. The mls is going to start. Yes they've set a date but there's still some question mark on that. So i mean there are i think some benefits. But if you're truly preparing let's say. Greg had a world cup qualifier in march. No this didn't help at all because this isn't gonna look anything like the side that's going to play in march so so yes. There is some benefit but but pretty minimal. Let's talk about some of the piracy of course didn't didn't change january. One is chris richardson. It's confirmed that he's made that. Loan move steam from by munich too. Often i'm looks like a great move him. It's an excellent move especially moving forward thinking forward to next season where byron is gonna have some trouble in their back line most likely lose two of the stars alabama bulletin and there have been players before we made this mood. You know thinking back of Search kinabalu who made the move. The whole time will be flourished into a german national team player and is now A starter byron a defender in philip. Lomb we all remember that name. I wasn't able to break early on in his career. Byron way to foul fish took for two years. The rest is history world. Champion champions. league's a winner and all that so He's good company. I think is very smart. Move for him now. It's imperative now. He gets some time on the field. I he learns and he gets knows the insults the bundesliga his new club and just grows as a player state. You mentioned that obviously that they could be missing to censor bats next season. I love going to move on. And what's interesting is colorado's ruminate gets saying yet mccown would come coming. Is the perfect replacement. This very unbiased. Like not taking the best players do that all the time. We know that but making it so public. Yes it is. I think it's maybe a new approach. I think they realized that. Have some competition trying to sign up with. Mcconnell is a very is a fantastic centreback already has enormous modern experience for only being twenty two years old And there's a huge upside to him. So i think maybe buying this kind of staking claim maybe trying to steer any other clubs off that. Maybe the tactic that karl-heinz women colleagues are taking no brainer for buying. We know the talent that he has so him case. It seems like two sensible move as well. Despite being linked to a number of premier league clubs and obviously there's a level of comfort staying in the bundesliga going to a giant the size of byron munich and going as opposed to going to england or or or spain. Let's say and then having to kind of relearn the league and and and go from there but mcconnell is has done a fantastic job at it at leipzig and as we've seen so often byron is able to then not only strengthened their side. But we can some of their competition for the in the in the future years. So it's a big move. I think four armed because no question. They need to strengthen at the centre back position. I thought it was a good point. That steve made with with chris richards being able to get some experience because it's so difficult for a club like byron to be able to just throw somebody in in that spine of the team right in that sense about twenty year old kid being able to go in there so they'll they strengthened in one position. Maybe bulleting tang stays. There was some talk as well. That may be both tank could could be able to stay and then have some experience with someone else. And let's say a chris richards who goes and plays at hockenheim for the second half of this season with his old coach. That must be must be said with with sebastian. Who was the byron to coach last season and the nineteen coach. Who obviously had worked with. Chris richards and had that confidence to bring him in. So then you have a couple a young experienced centre-back and older experienced back and then a kid who had gained some experience on loan coming back to your side and working in at times as the season progresses. Meanwhile bruce dolan back to winning ways. And it's interesting. That jt sancho twenty twenty one version is like the old version that we all knew fan in love with that goal is just fantastic. It's like he's not thinking about it anymore. It's not to think about it. Jadon sancho is an instinct player. He He doesn't really think he's the he's at his best when he does the first thing that pops in his head and he's his boss at his best when he has that ever so important a competence to to really pull off what he just pops it in his head for the first idea. And we're seeing that comeback. There's no hesitation anymore. This decision-making there's no hesitation anymore and his dribble is using. His pace is using his technical ability and he has he has that hunger again to score goals the setup goals this is a great sign of russa darwin and even better sign this young man. Who's looking for a big move. This summer i think that's definitely on the back of his head. I think he's he's over the non-transfer this past summer So i think he's seems to be Clear in his head and its way of thinking. And that's for jadon sancho dolman of course battling for face in the top four occupying third at the moment is wolfsburg casey on a great run at the moment we saw john brooks simply scoring again The weekends coming. Make a champions league place. I think they can. I think you're now looking at about five or six teams really competing for the champions league spots we saw gladbach go on a good run to pop up there. We've seen labor kuzin in those spots. And then and then falter. We've seen union berlin as well kind of floating around those areas and in wolfsburg. I think of one three in a row which is an pop them in there. Yeah john brooks you would have expected. He'll this towering header but instead it kinda bounces around in the box ricochets off somebody and it was a real real cool left-footed strike to to get that opening goal but yeah they've got course to just continues to score goals when you can really count on one guy to get you a bunch of goals. That's what wolfsburg has has really relied on. And then you get a group of other players popping up to help out. They've been solid defensively. They've been tough to beat. I think they were the last team this season to lose so yeah senior reason. Why wolfsburg can't finish up in a champions league spot but it's it really looks like byron's gonna win again and then it's going to be a fun battle a for those remaining three spots steve with a. Us perspective on this brooke should be the first choice centre back and it shouldn't even be a discussion shouldn't In this form that john brooks is playing right. Now i agree with you on percent He's a threat. On the offense event on set-pieces his build up. Play out of the back is very good. He's a strong left. Floods accurate passing. Whether it's on the floor up in the air You know his defensive. Heading is also excellent These moving while his tactical awareness is is on point as well. He's into a veteran in this league and now playing team who will qualify As it looks right now for national spot. So it d- ticks all the boxes to be your number one defender on that back on the us national team One loss word from stevie always looks like he's making move from shock to live on loan or can you tell us about him. Comeback as a player who fits the role of an fc liverpool or a european club. Coach team very well. He's an aggressive defender. Love sleep the back line and dark. Forward into the midfield is make tackles covers. Ground level has good speed. Good in the air one. Be one an area where he could build upon. Is inbox defending his positioning. He's still little wrong young in that area but the move to liverpool will be fantastic for him in his career and played in the would certainly Just push them up to that next level so This is this is a good move for everybody in my opinion live. We'll wait shock that team. That went thirty one games without winning. Why should be excited about. Getting centreback name wasn't seeing play. We have an aggressive style. He's very emotional on the pitch. You've played a gallon the he's done very well. A cia was he was good at the edge stood guard. So he's definitely proven himself that he can play at a very high level Now them to play that level consistently. And i do think english fans Will certainly appreciate his effort in his mentality. Outlook pitch gentleman as always. Thank you very much. The german cup is on a par. This week you can watch all of these matches on. Espn three by leverkusen. An actual cheese alberici dolman and then on wednesday wolfsburg and shelter and play host to borussia moenchengladbach. Meanwhile called for talia action as well as the semi final stages these matches available on plus tomorrow into taking on you and then a wednesday notley against atalanta just reminded those games played over two legs. Well that's it brings us the today show. Thank you very much as always for joining us. We'll be back tomorrow for more but be sure to stay tuned. Extra time is next with walkmans. The latest edition of extra time said loan don hutchison without answered tweets don. What was transferred deadline. Daylight for the squad not knowing if someone's common ongoing own. Did you have a pretty good idea of who would be bought or sold. All classic was classic inside the dressing rooms. Everyone sitting there with five semi pocket. Thank our college really because you literally sit by phone you think in on my going as a play of your on the move you always you know your your agents already tip you off that you could be on the move pat looking around the scored. It was interesting when you seen people laughing and joking and people are trying to figure out which one sane which owns moving. Don't did you move on deadline day. I don't think moves on deadline day. I think my moods. She'll be four. There was even a deadline dice or built into the schedule. A move quite a few times but knowing that deadline day it doesn't seem to be as big in spain as is in the uk. Now this is one of the things that makes me laugh watching his bank. They're trying to make it be right so they watch the way. The the kind of being built up in england. They've watched away. This become kind of an event and i thought well. Let's try and do this now. Of course the one big floor. This is indeed has been noticed. in england i belong fruitful. Years is often nothing happened. Let's turn this into something right. Okay i don't want to drink soda happens so if you kind of like minded loan deals but they haven't really found a way of building the drama to quite the same extent but they'll keep trying but the thing is obviously we're talking about the the doesn't have the isn't flush for cash qudsi. Why is the brenner league. And so you get same volume at the same level of deadline die moves. Sit up here still favorites so that clash against boston all they now even giving bosses recent full cheese funny. You should say that i was. I was driving back from a game last night. Listening to the radio here in spain they were having this debate. One of them pops up five or six of them in the studio talking about the the bosnian athletic club game and someone said look. You're gonna laugh. But i think fast on a gopher against and she was right. Most of them did laugh. But i think. I think there is a feeling of on are starting to find their fates the maybe in three weeks ways. Ill two weeks away now. The maybe in a couple of weeks time. If this continues that it's not impossible also as you say because watching higher essential matted and thinking that they they're not quite as good as we were immobile so ago. How did paul getting such a financial mess. And not once get flagged financial fair play city chelsea because in a why one fundamental reason because they weren't breaking financial fat. The what they were doing was foreign money that they were putting off. The income was still very very high. Of course the nature of this is that income couldn't needs to continue being high. It is to keep on coming in and of course they got into a position where stopped and it stopped because of the pandemic for. That's not to say that it's purely the pandemic sports this is to do with the fact that basso mismanaged his the father. They put themselves in difficulties in terms of liquidity and some of the cash flow and saw. Let's give you a couple of examples of how they avoid financial fair play. Look the deal. The ball netto to vassallo particular. Look at the supposed swap. Deal between panic and arto mellowed. Now these are two plays one events is to go to barcelona wanna left boss. Let's go to events is more or less the same amount but what happened of course was the in terms of the accounting not the actual money and this is a really important point. The way that you account for your money is not necessarily the same way as you actually are able to count your money. And so the the counting the money from the outgoing flat. That sounds right now. The money that you're paying for the incoming class well that'd be spread over the next four five years and so those kind of if you like. I wouldn't quite call them Financial engineering well. That's the phrase tier will offer those kind of ways of manipulating the figures night. Us continue to fail filled out the criteria financial pep light. Don as we head in your commentary last night and the livable game you appraising tiago lot. How good woolsey amazing don. I just think he's so coach it on the bowl. He finds time he finds spice shine to put myself in the shoes of declan rice and tamasek trying to play against him reloadable three and he doesn't play light. Conventional midfield play doesn't really play like a six or overnight. I you know he's got the freedom so along the he's intelligent. Define spice a minute all these technique. He's always scott info process forward. He's looking at the digital passes. The amount of thomas he replies and bullet. He's looking to try to ride inside. Me whipple seles fate. So centerfolds going to buy him because he's he's is different class. He's just so good. One time that jonathan what might be a little bit of cream mike green create nothing. Bring a this ca- coconut cream that rush Say a severe underrated. They play good football and then more consistent compared to boston owner of madrid and better manager than both of them. Love both of them in the league. So i suppose the question is add. The right to buy. Who who's who's rains. Practical gone most people in spain. Well well yes that was. That was very strange. Guy in with teams played pretty much resolve such which is quite surprising. Because actually i was was was up. Grabs did that was just off in front of toenail angry. Fly the height done from franklin deciding. It was a strange guy. I'm all stuck at anyone else. I'm just saying it was a strange guy. Which by the way i was there and which was absolutely outrageously good for. That's that's part of what women spying i think severe. Everybody really quiet. My as i think they've seen as a team that have really significant variety in the way they played the have a assurance about the right now. And of course have just signed papa goma now i don't watch enough. Italian talks to about to judge. Exactly what kind of these apply bond excited about it because everybody's watching as really quite special wall placid excited now. I'm looking forward to the you guys a game that should pay dormant war. Said let's food. What's your favorite tapper. The one you're always happily surprised with when it's brought to your table favorite. You don't really surprised by all you. That's nice question to go. It's a super. Franks so i'm gonna go i'm i if you've had genuine it does depend if it's a good tool is brilliant about till is a complete waste of time. The same goes for ham if you get bad habits. Good time brit. I'm i'm quite a big fan of peace and treat those nice right. See i would go wrong. Yes the russian roulette. Yeah that's always good. That's always good not thinking released. Get poll popo. Obviously as well. Yeah postcode lots of lots of paprika. Good olive oil guy. Don't don's pal is about sophisticated. Steve nicol gives me on the on this show tonight. Good well-done state. Is you have to bring it up again. This in these problems with this well done stay thin. No no i wouldn't have it. Well-done sit down indoors about hot cheese right. I was going to make a reference to the cream right. A girlfriend of my maxi's twenty. They absolutely ripped me all the time about. I love cold cheese for love. It achieves and chat up achieved the minute you warm. Jeez put on a burger or make hot cheese. It's terrible wow disgusted. I can say that. We'll see we'll see argentina. I think we'll see argentinian cheese. They grills dot is delicious off. Probably all going on spacey hated ruin. My stuck is going to cycle. Cheese on bo love about palmisano and then not warms up. Doesn't it whole cheese on things cold. Jesus fine it's melting the cheese on a plug order steak assuming change melts the chase mounts on the ball and done dot com. Just just one thing right if you don't like warm cheese and melted cheese and anyway. Does this mean you hate pizza now. That's the thing said a little pete's up. Why would you bring up a ridiculous point on that. Made you look so foolish. If some thug with cheese on 'em up for me that seems to be the one example. That's it you don't like cheese burgers cheese. don't where else your life is. Someone giving you cheese cheese phone dude. What about what about. What about the sonya. Meat cheese lasagna. For crying out loud of your shippers. Five keep it bicyc- shepherd's pie mash thing. That seems to be nothing. You've ever liked cheeseburgers a little bit too far Speaking of horrible taste is this. Just patrick berger thing we see did you play no easy. He's young good looking better. Or i could say real good looking young. Wouldn't go say good looking young wouldn't go that because you'd be wrong okay. Final thing does don't plan on bringing back all full mustache. No lockdown thing. Right lockdown warm in the summer lockdowns over more mustache. Perfect we are good. That's quite collecting. Thank you very much for just the end of extra time. We'll be back tomorrow for more don's optics straight in the cheese burger. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do. Fortunately geico makes it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. It's a good thing too. Because having a home is hard work go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Geico dot com easy.

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