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"oxford hotel" Discussed on We Travel There with Lee Huffman

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"oxford hotel" Discussed on We Travel There with Lee Huffman

"Resorts that you want up in the Rocky Mountains. So fantastic. So let's assume that we're flying into the DIA once we arrived there and we want to get down to the downtown area of Denver, do we rent a car? Do we take public transportation. Like how do we get around from the airport to the city? And then once we arrived there. We have this wonderful new, a train. The A train terminal actually is inside the airport. So from the airport you can go to the A train and it will take you all the way through downtown and log. You all had the Central Station, which is our recently revitalized Trane Centre. And in the train Center. We have a brand new hotel and we have restaurants, and, and a beer hall and coffee shops, and, and we have bookstores. It's a great renovated. Building gorgeous architecture inside gorgeous, architecture outside and across the street is the Oxford Hotel, which is very classic of Denver renting, a car. All the major agencies are there, you don't need a car. If all she business is going to be in the city center, or if all your business is going to be, when you're going skiing because when you go to Aspen, there's a shuttle bus, that takes you around to all the different slopes, so young. You don't really need a car, unless you feel you want to be more in control of your time. We also have Uber and Lyft. We've got a good taxi system here. Everybody seems to respect a dog. Body else. There's plenty of off-campus long-term parking at the airport or short-term parking, right by the terminal. I usually take an Uber myself either because I figure by the time I would have the hassle parking and pay for parking. I just get dropped off and got picked up in a way, I go. So that's my way of flying in and out of the city and my car sits in my garage that makes life certainly so much easier. So, say we take, you know, the A train into downtown and things of that nature from there were should we plan on on staying as far as booking a hotel? Should we say that that downtown Porter or is there someplace else that we should look at? So, I would say that the downtown Corridor for your first time in Denver, is a great central place to be. There are things that you should be seeing due to the north, the West, the south east. If you go west and the lovely part about Denver is, if you see mountains, that's the West. So you always have your compass orientation and wage. 14000 foot mountains. The mountains are always visible. Unless it's raining. We hardly ever have cloud cover or small gear? So you can always tell what Foundation you are. So the city center has got the zoo. It's got the main library. It's got the art museum. It's got the Museum of Natural History. We have golf courses. We've got restaurants, we've got movie theaters. We have the Denver Center for the Arts has 5 theater. Venues everything. I'm a little in the round theater to. We have our own opera house. We have our own musical theater performance venue and we have just so many wonderful classic historic buildings to if you remember the Unsinkable Molly Brown. Well Molly Brown actually was a survivor of the sinking of the Titanic song. And her husband built the Brown Palace. And so, the Brown Palace Hotel is a triangular hotels in downtown. It's so classical you go in and it's beautifully. Carpeted wage, wonderful, brass, fixtures and Hardwoods everywhere. It actually has a tee time with atti service very much. Like, if you've ever been to Vancouver, but very classic bought a very elegant. We have a Four Seasons, we've got oh my gosh, you name it. We've got it. We have a JW Marriott. We have a four seasons of the high end at the low end. We have a lot of everything. So you could stay here in town, I would think easily. From $75 to $1,000 a night depending on your taste much of downtown is walkable. We do have a light rail system that will get you to different places. There are several communities that we have, we have the Denver Tech Center. We've got Cherry Creek. We have going North Palm. Lakewood all of these are communities that you can go and visit. I wouldn't think you'd do that on your first visit here. You probably want to just focus on downtown. Oh, we also have a wonderful basketball arena. We also have a fabulous, very it's new but it's classically. Designed baseball stadium. And of course you might have heard that we have Mile High Stadium for this Broncos, football team, you might have heard of. And so if you love sports, we've got it all. And if you're into amateur sports, we have a whole bunch of soccer fields and Tennis Courts, found a concert venue just to the north of downtown and we are also one of the few cities in the United States that has a professional rugby league in Glendale, which is just south of downtown. And so there is a Rugby field of the ladies where the national champions last year. The men were national champions two years. Or so, very good quality rugby. If you're into that sport, hasn't got the same traction As baseball or football yet, but you know, those that are into rugby realize, just the bumps on your shins are Badges of Honor earlier. You mentioned that your friend actually recommend, you come out probably seeing that sound like it was like wintertime and from understand like, Denver does not have as bad of a winter as you might suspect, right? I guess all the snow is primarily up in the mountains and based on the elevation of Denver and just the conditions, they may get a little chilly but it's not your three feet of snow. Like you, like you might think. Well, the beauty about how Denver was created, it's, it's the Confluence between the North Platte River and the Colorado River and the Cherry Creek. And all of those things came together, which is always how Town's got started in the old old west, but it's just east of the Foothills log. Rocky Mountains. And what does that mean? I mentioned, we have fourteen thousand foot mountains here, right? So, all the weather, blows up and shoots everything really high. And by the time, the precipitation normally hits and touches down. It's in the Eastern Plains, which is why we grow all of our fruits and vegetables and our corn and whatever we grow on the Eastern Plains. We used to be part of the package is territory and all that flat land that used to be part of Kansas. We have a bit of it and that's east of us in the Eastern Plains. And so the central part of Denver what is subject to as massive swings of temperature. And so the thing I tell people is be prepared to wear layered close. So this is true. I got up one day and it was a hundred degrees and the next day it was 35.

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