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"owen burrows" Discussed on WHAS 840 AM

"40 wh to? Yes, we are going to start with Governor Andy Bashir, who delivered a virtual state of the Commonwealth and Budget address last night. This budget. My better Kentucky budget doesn't rely on any increase in taxes there no spending cuts and it doesn't rely on the passage of any new revenue measures. The governor also discussed another hot button topic in the Commonwealth and speaking of laws that unduly restrict us from growth and innovation. It is time to legalize medical marijuana. Passports, batting and save historic horse racing from the governor's office. We head to the Senate Chambers Center from Scott. Thank you, Mr President. I move that Senate Bill. One be taken from this place in the orders of the day, read for the third time by title only and placed upon its passage. Mr. Clerk, please report Senate Bill one Senate Bill one would restrict a governor from renewing an emergency order past 30 days without calling the General Assembly in decision. That legislation sponsored by Matt Cassel in and Republican out of Owen's Burrow, we have never in the history of the Commonwealth had a full year of re issued a state of emergency's While all of us in this room have our opinion of the governor's actions. Our focus as an institution. Is the future. So it's your checks and balances. Senate. Lexington Democratic Senator Reggie Thomas opposes the bill at a time with government needs to act the most with people looking for government for help Four sisters again once again, this president ended in a tie with me. We are gay and paralyzed. Because the government can only act the 30 days, according to this bill, Unless the jewels simply act, the Senate cleared it and now moves to the house for consideration. Man in the viral photo from Wednesday's deadly right of the capital has been identified as a 36 year old Florida man. ABC is Tony Marino was in Orlando with more the fuck The photo shows the man wearing a trump 45 Beanie with a red, white and blue pom pom waving to the camera as he carries the House speaker's lectern. The Bradenton Herald identifies the man as Adam Christian Johnson ah, father of five, who lives in Manatee County, Florida, according to the newspaper, Johnson documented his trip to D. C on Facebook. Police have not identified him as one of those that have been arrested, but he could face felony charges for destruction of property. Tony Marino ABC NEWS, Orlando, Florida And tonight is the end of a television error. The final episode of Jeopardy hosted by Alex Trebek airs at 7 30. Our Partners Wook. Why Back, died in 2020 after battling cancer. Producers of the show say that it does not feature a farewell message from Trebek, but we'll have a tribute at the end. Your next news update. Is it 7 30? I'm Will Clark news radio a 40 w h A s now your chance to win $1000.

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