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"over seventy seven hundred deaths" Discussed on Democracy Now! Audio

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"over seventy seven hundred deaths" Discussed on Democracy Now! Audio

"Toll has now topped ten thousand and officials warned it could end up with the highest number of fatalities in Europe. At the Vatican Pope Francis delivered an Easter sermon via video stream from a nearly empty. Saint Peter's Basilica on Easter Sunday complete Mon. Those tests offering low Davydov are unique to the whole world is suffering and needs to be united in facing the risen. Jesus grant hope to all those living on the peripheries refugees and the homeless with over twenty thousand deaths. Italy has suffered the highest death toll in Europe and second highest globally after the United States. Italian prime minister's you set the day extended the country's locked down to May Third. It was originally set to expire today. Meanwhile Spain which now has over seventeen thousand Cova nineteen deaths slowly reopening some sectors of its economy. Spain's Daily death toll rose again over the weekend but then fell to five hundred seventeen on Monday. Authorities say the rate of new infections in Spain continues to fall in Russia. Moscow hospital. Say they're seeing a major spike in case there's an overwhelmed with admissions in recent days as Russia's death toll topped one hundred winding lines of ambulances were reported at one Moscow hospital Saturday where one ambulance driver said. He had wait fifteen hours to drop off a patient. China's reported over one hundred new Cova nineteen cases over the past day. The highest number of new infections in over a month Chinese authorities say most of the cases are so called imported infections involving people returning from other countries. The increase has stoked fears of a second wave of infections in China in Yanomami teenager has reportedly died of Kovic nineteen making him the first member of the community to succumb to the corona virus. Yanomami leaders say they suspect illegal. Gold miners may be responsible for bringing the krona virus into the community. The teens passing the second death of an indigenous person in Brazil as fears mounted a massive deadly outbreak among isolated indigenous groups living deep in the Brazilian Amazon in other news from Brazil a study involving chloroquine defect corona virus patients was stopped after participants developed irregular heart rates risk of potentially fatal Arrhythmia. President trump has repeatedly touted hydroxy chloroquine. A derivative of chloroquine to treat covert nineteen will have more on that later in the broadcast Syria thousands of people displaced by fighting in Italy. Province had begun moving back into their homes hoping a tentative ceasefire remains in effect about a million people have fled a russian-backed Syrian government offensive over the past year too crowded camps near the Turkish border. One man who recently returned home said his family feared the spread of disease more than bombs and mortars helmet second. Living spaces are overcrowded. There's been a lot of displacement recently. Have from the moral ULTIMO. Horia amount of the camps became very crowded. Grew worried diseases so we decided to come back to our town. Thank God we pray that we're safe here. The Democratic Republic of the Congo reported to new cases of Boll over the weekend just days before officials were set to clarinet the latest outbreak of the deadly disease the DRC is also struggling to contain a measles outbreak and fears are growing that the novel Corona Virus has spread far beyond the two hundred thirty five cases and twenty deaths reported so far in Liberia. Police riot gear used truncheons and sticks to beat people who remained in the streets of the capital. Monrovia Saturday as a lockdown. For the city of one million people went into effect. Many residents said the threat of hunger far outstripped the threat of the Corona Virus Dot dot. The world would be dead of emergency about veterans of Foreign Denim. Says the hard you expect them to be killed. Many people too. Many people is the humber many like eased. Meanwhile African nationals in China. Say they face stigmatization and discrimination? Over the Corona Virus African emigrants in Guangzhou say they have had their passports. Seized benefited from apartments and hotel rooms and repeatedly been tested for the corona virus without receiving results OPEC members Russia and other oil producing countries have made an agreement to cut oil production by ten million barrels per day or ten th of the global supply in response to the oil price crash as a result of the corona virus pandemic and an oil price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia. The cuts may not be enough however to boost prices since the output would still significantly exceed current event may movie executive director of three fifty dot org condemned the agreement saying it does not address the structural overproduction of oil. And it doesn't get us towards what's really needed. A managed decline of the fossil fuel industry the oil price collapse a stark warning to any investor. Who thinks that they can still profit from funding fossil fuel companies? She said Canada passed a record. Fifty two billion dollar bill Saturday subsidizing salaries by seventy five percent for qualified businesses in order to stem mass layoffs amid the corona virus Crisis Canada has reported nearly twenty five thousand cases and over seventy seven hundred deaths. The partner of Julian assange just calling on British authorities to release the wikileaks founder. Over fears of Corona virus infection as she reveals the pair had two children together and got engaged. While assange was taking refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in a video released by wikileaks lawyer Stella Mara says she met Assange when she started helping with his extradition case. He faces up to one hundred seventy five years in prison for his role and publishing. Us classified documents exposing us. Warcrimes in Iraq and Afghanistan Assan just currently locked up at London's Belmarsh Prison for bail violations scheduled to face extradition hearings to the United States next month and Tara Reid who's accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her when she worked in his Senate office in one thousand nine. Ninety three has filed a report with The Washington D. C. police although the statute of limitations has expired Tara. Reid said she filed the report for safety reasons over the weekend. The New York Times published a piece in which several witnesses corroborate elements of Reed's account. The New York Times came under fire. For then deleting a sentence in the article which was also tweeted out detailing previous accusations against Biden. The New York Times originally wrote quote. We found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Biden beyond hugs kisses and touching women. Previously said made them uncomfortable unquote the Times then removed the phrase beyond hugs kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable and those are some of the headlines. This is democracy now democracy now dot org quarantine report. I mean equipment. When we come back we speak with the lead author of the New York Times Explosive. Expose he could have seen was coming behind. Trump's failure on the virus stay with us.

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