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"over one hundred fifty unsolved killings" Discussed on FRONTLINE: Audiocast | PBS

FRONTLINE: Audiocast | PBS

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"over one hundred fifty unsolved killings" Discussed on FRONTLINE: Audiocast | PBS

"It's the story of a federal initiative to investigate over one hundred fifty unsolved killings from the civil rights era. We ask what prompted the government to try to right. The wrongs of the past and we investigate what justice looks like for the families of the victims across five episodes hosting reporter james edwards looks into a few of these cases. He speaks with families whose loved ones were killed and reflects on his own family story. I hope you enjoy episode. One of unresolved the following. Podcasts contained subject matter and descriptions of violence. Some listeners may find disturbing sixty four twenty seven south saint moritz avenue. I grew up less than four miles from this address on the south side of chicago. It's a typical home. You find in many parts of the city a red brick two story building whereas us locals call it a two flat. There was once a boy a black boy who spent his childhood here. I went past it not long ago i still lived in chicago. Some colleagues and i were interviewing a policeman about what it was like to be a black officer in the city. We were in his car and the house was one of our last ops. That day we had back in who this house because this house was the start of the civil rights movement. Emmett till's house really well. Who lives there now. I don't know. I think the bandon and i think it's a travesty of that particular house is abandoned to use it when you live there. That management sign is gone. The doors open. The door is always open. So you walk down those stairs. Walk northbound to the bus to the train to the train station. Emmett till's house as a black kid in chicago at long known the story of emmett till for many including me. That story begins one day in august. Nineteen fifty five when emmett walks down those same steps at stared at emits leaving home to head to the train station. He's about to take a special trip that he's been looking forward to his destination mississippi. He's on his way there to spend part of his summer break with relatives going to mississippi. From chicago's a familiar trip for many black families in the city. Who left the south during the great migration. My family though did not make those trips. Even though both of my mom's parents come from mississippi my grandfather along with most of his siblings migrated to chicago from greenville. Once he got north though he never returned. There's nothing good back there. He would tell my mom when she was young. What specifically was back there. He never shared with her but emmett he couldn't wait to get there and his family and mississippi was just as excited. They couldn't wait to hear stories about chicago to show him how they liked to have fun in mississippi to do some of the things kids like to do in the summer like go swimming.

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