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"over 506 points" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Rallying after last week's falling Because of those comments, the Fed made about raising interest rates, possibly next year. The Dow Jones right now is up over 506 points on the day the NASDAQ is up just about 97 S and P 500 is up over 51 points for this session, starting And unclip in on Chicago's very own 7 20. W G. M. John has the wind trust business lunch. The midday numbers. What's trending in Chicago business and more. The wind trust business launch next at noon W Big joke sponsored by Team Hochberg earlier on speed jokes. Hey, guys, I hate auto. Correct. It makes me say things I didn't Nintendo has covid 19 made you wear a mask and Glasses at the same time, then you may be entitled to condensation. I hate that about my masters That happened to you guys to it does especially with sunglasses. Uh, this girl today said she recognized me from the vegetarians club. But I swear I never met her before. I have a fear of moving stairs, and it's escalating getting any better. My wife screamed in pain during Labour, So I asked. What's wrong? She screamed. These contractions are killing me. I'm sorry, honey. I said what is wrong? Oh, man, At least he wasn't in a comma. Oh, what do you call a flying vehicle that just wants to greet people. I think I have this one. All right, Mary, you go first this time. Hello, Copter. Dave. What do you think? I'm recusing myself. I.

Mary Dave next year last week today Nintendo Fed NASDAQ over 506 points Chicago over 51 points first G. M. John Dow Jones about 97 S Team Hochberg next at noon P 500