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"ours county dinner memorial" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

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"ours county dinner memorial" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

"Racism unjust impact of health and wellbeing in the safety of blacks and minorities in. This guy has been a funny voice and a great voice across many decades of comedy. And that's a small club the people who do what he does where you get into your most vulnerable state. They say this all the time. Reveal the stand up. Comedy is the hardest thing right. there is an. Is there a harder thing in entertainment. Well you know everybody's gonna be vain. I mean you would say radio. I think for me there is no. You're you're very low. Everything you do is a fault Everything that you do good as attributable to us. So i think to me. It's the greatest endeavor. The greatest form of autistic expression ever existed to me now. I'm sure other people might have their estimate of that. But i just think a man his thoughts the microphone is just as i don't think there's ever gonna be any and when you were coming up in this business. When did you realize yes. I can make a career of this because that's also scary. It's not like there's healthcare and safety nets everywhere on this. And i was i. I got married very young and was married and having it take right away. She's getting pregnant. Who new by. Jesus you watch what are your rabbit. But she's getting trigger right with. And i was working at the Doing comedy and they wanted to add i. You know. I just couldn't do it anymore. And so we we just took a leap of faith and Start doing comedy it to go slowly but eventually worked out. And what were the challenges like. Because i can't imagine what was the hardest thing trying to make a career of this. What hardest thing. This was predate. F jam so A lot of the people who own the venues hadn't heard a lot of the comedians so we were big in the urban space. but not necessarily. I'm in fact. The first time. I played any venue like any then. You like comedies. On our improv was in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight And i've been doing comedy at number of us and it was at the def jam and the yooglie was on so And then they gave me a door deal. But i just think making the making the ability to have people take you seriously in terms of being able to to sell his drawn. Audience was the biggest shouts. This one the sixties is the late nineties. How hard was how hard was it for. Black artists to crossover mainstream. When you say we had a big urban audience but this is rasa pre internet so pre urban you know good early breakdown and it was very funny because even when you even i remember i was in cleveland and they charge the ticket. Price not got ninety eight percent of the door. They wouldn't give you like a deal. They would they would. Just say hey. We'll give adored deal and so we sold out like ten shows. And i was an account on monday. I'm like do this again but even then it was urban insists. They came in used after a while. When i started to notice is is kind of the more the broader my experiences and the broader. My old more experienced that happened. More expansive experiences were the broader audience. Start to be an Up so it was just based on the kinds of experience allows having On hundred that was berry now out prison to view things but as you develop a started experiencing more things up audience has got brighter and more opportunities. Okay along one amazing prism though. It's over decades of comedy over decades of race relations in this country over decades of being a black man trying to find the funny and the spaces in comedy. So you arrive now. A wisenberg veteran of what's funny funny coming from pain. I can't even imagine what watching america the last eighteen months has been like for you as someone who a guest on bill maher and isn't afraid to tackle some of the more difficult topics. It seem familiar to me. It did it seemed. I think that america has to reconcile. Would it 'cause you know I think that america has to reconcile it was on the brochure or like on the price lining going to a great old tearoom. Find out his the best. Kind of would america's going through right now but to me. It seems to me. I think that there were all the things all the precincts Texas stripped away. And we kinda got real unvarnished look at. We were an inch. And i don't think for black people. It was really. That's that that must have been awakening. I think those things like it's funny every couple of weeks a video. Come out of somebody. Doing something insanely People on video. But it'll be from three years ago and then we go. We can't believe even the statues that we built a statue of america. You have to have done some horrible. Like they're way more statutes rabbeting leaving the ever will be to jesus and even right now. People wanna stop tj about the civil war but keep the mining to perpetrate. It's so i think that there's always The duality in those things inherently funding. The thing that i kept saying to people during the interaction in terms of chickens coming home to roost through malcolm back through all that stuff is black. People had to be watching that and saying if this were black lives matter storming this capital. These black bodies would be stacked up on top of each other like fire logs. What was the capital. I think that a lot of people Took the tech tack that you know they. There was a kinship with between the the insurrectionist and and and the police force. And i think there is undoubtedly some of. That's true but i really think that those men and women felt like their live weren't day like if you hear any of the interviews. They were talking about we shop Like they really felt. So we got In addition we got to see witness wrexham. Looks like which No-one who is arrived but it was his rex but In addition to that we got to see what real lawrence of how long wasn't really act. When they really like life like day with very judicious they were very cautious. And i think we got an example of what you know you said you kind of prudence And kind of a measured approach like all the people were getting beat to death. Shoot in front of them. They will give beverage bay. They didn't do that wasn't because they can't do but then they didn't wanna die. They're like man you guys we will outnumber you said before right. Yeah the black person is is rarely the one who's throwing anything at an athlete these days. You're not black people. Because of how america has been to them they there are no black dare devils. For example like bla- black people don't go into the woods. I've heard our routine on this like there's certain places that black people simply don't court danger and we don't care if you're stereotyping odds on. This is the way that that's looked at right. Like let listen. I gotta fill out a credit application. What i gotta go to the woods for like i. I think that they're they're inherent things. And i think that this this pandemic and us having to reconcile ourselves with all these things because we distract like all the things that generally distracted just didn't exist the only so many great you can. You can watch sports. You can go to church. You could like it was funny because Surgeon was closed. The bar was bars. Were open so you can zoom. Jesus but not jack. It's like we're not a christian society. We a christian brothers decided. I guess all the things that we once counted on to be have. This kind of distractions distract equality didn't exist and we see ourselves and I just think like like like when people ask me you know. The name of the book is out survive. America but ultimately there was nothing that george floyd could've done To survive is encounter with sovan because chauvin was determined to kill him that day. The only thing he could have done is not in the same proximity now calling for his dead mother. Not calling him sir. Not praying not as a hill. Not not not. Not code not cooperating. None of that was gonna work. And so Ultimately I think we just have to be In the right place at the right time now the wrong was at the rouse the feeling you felt strongest over this summer if you had to pick one from among hopeful depressing angry numb where were you because you sound on surprised you sound surprised to have seen laid bare. I would say righteous indignation. Because our remember when i got covy and i it was funny. I was motivated. The book at kobe i was in. I pass that on stage so then passed out on stage and again taken to the hospital and the amulets. I've started to take me to the urban hospital but then they realize is famous black. Do we'll take anything with ours. Ours county dinner memorial the saints. So you know you go the you're gonna get to go there And imagine what my outcome may have been had out. Went somewhere who that was less resource. Then i got here. And they kicked me out of the hotel air american delta and united or wouldn't fly me at a private at bay would fly in the george lopez..

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