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"ostra toernell" Discussed on The Indicator from Planet Money

"The government would likely have to consider a full lockdown for now he says Sweden is sticking to its guns and he points out. There is one huge advantage to their approach. That it is sustainable. These some issues we could keep on doing for months maybe years for whereas under says things like keeping kids out of school forcing businesses to close. That's not really sustainable for all that long. Sweden's approach on the other hand. He says is far less disruptive to people's lives and to businesses soap bar manager. Ostra Toernell says he's glad for his part that the economy has stayed open. He says the club staff is kind of like a family. And even though soap bar had to lay off ten people it was still able to keep most of its core staff. Oscar says that with the smaller crowds. The club is not making much money but it is scraping by along with a lot of other businesses in Sweden. We might be be on the right path other note basically Isabel Limbo today. We'll see you know as the weeks. Go by in the meantime. Oscar says he will keep going to work making sure. The bathrooms are clean all the time making sure the tables are far enough apart and you know playing when people start to get Hansie and when it doesn't work. He says he breaks out the big guns. If large groups gets together I just turned him using down then then. No one thinks it's funny to dance to a song when it's when the music is really low so people go back to their seats. Basically this episode of the indicator was produced by Dr Raphael on check by Britney Cronin the indicators editor is Paddy Hirsch and it is a production of NPR..

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