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"oscar moeller" Discussed on All The Kings Men

"Oscar Moeller. Oh sure or you know what he was almost in the line of tonight Andy Andrew Yeah Esa pureness business. Yeah as some would call him. Yeah yeah rich clone anyway. Jon Benet. Everyone's going I know you're you're gonNA give me that look but come on Denny. Yeah Oh yeah yeah yeah for sure. Oh that's good Matt Fratton yes Nixon. Even he's as the Knicks looks at me he goes. Here's a name from in the past Matt Fratton and I'm like where did that. Come on top of my head off. Oh Yeah Yeah for sure. That's a good one. Yeah you you could say Daniel. Don't call me Dan. Portillo feels like kicking a guy when he's down down though I'm not looking to pick any fights. Oh No no no certainly not Jeff Schultz like Jeff Shoals. He played wait a couple of big games in two thousand thirteen fourteen. Fourteen figures Jamie mcbain the wind. I liked mcbain. David Vander Gulick David. Banner like one hundred percent. I mean honest like joked earlier. That might not even I promise you. Vander garlic's mom. Tom Doesn't know who it is. That's a that's a home alone situation. Vandalism good names Christopher as for stieg yeah I one of his sticks at home. Yeah and to your point not toby reader but toby reader. That's the other guy. Darcy Kemper no no no from last year that you and Carlin would fight about him. Oh Yeah one hundred percent Mark Andre Kliesch. Yeah yes throwback jerseys who was the guy that had last year the Russian the Russian. Yeah they claimed off waivers from Tampa wasn't I don't remember and make me look up this dumb player no offense to this player in his career Oh Nikita sure but that's the one that's him. Carl Haglund I mean. That wasn't his fault. Though I was saying they traded for him he showed up. He did his work and then they traded him Freddie Modine actually I liked. I liked helping to like. There's a couple of guys they brought in help. Alfred uh his pants at home. Oh there's a story. There's pants his hockey pants. I mean look the goalie list alone right like oh I mean. Although actually was the was the decade before this where they had. Yeah not this second. Yeah Yeah pretty quick. Yeah a bunch of good backup Martin. Joan Yeah Bernie Yup Yup Yup Yup who else I mean Oh and Bishop Yeah Darcy Camper Camper was at least yeah productive. While he was here doesn't how many times how many games has been bishop. goalies have been good here. Yes yeah five. Five years tenure net. Before that. That's the real reason I bring that up because this is the sort of thing that when I used to write for the Royal Half Dot com you Takafuji. This is the sort of thing that we would. This is our bread and butter. Daniel Taylor and I see you're right but I went on record at the time when he and quick were. Both Berry Bros Roster bust but this is. The kind of this conversation shouldn't be happening on this podcast. There should be somebody out somebody somebody out there. Oh who was his partner the other one none of the other one. The one with the METALLICA helmet But but this is my I put. I put it on twitter. This is my challenge. Anybody listening in anybody falls Manzar. Don't well don't wait for me and Dave to have our producer to have this conversation This kind of stuff that that kings twitter and kings vans need right. There's there's already there's three or four or five or six accounts and they're all equally supportive cocaine. That's fine. Yeah dig deep into the misery of being a sports fan King Sans. We've just completed the greatest decade in franchise. History it's going to. It's a tall order to have a better decade gate them the one we just had Adam Hauser all. That's that is a good one. How many games twelve one all right there you go you? He gave him eleven too many Ou six goals against he doesn't point zero eight goals get him quick and wasn't him. Quick and Taylor and people are fighting over who should be the starter because it wasn't two thousand eight two thousand nine that now five to okay. I was a little bit earlier but anyway yeah he used stability with me played against him in squirts. Really wow human. His brother Sylvian CUCCIA. Who was unbelievable and unbelievable hockey player? Well that's okay. So I went went to his brother surveying was set our house when they came to play us. He's from Sault Sainte Marie Ontario and then we would go to saint. This is one of ten and we would go to sue St Marie and stay with his family and we used to watch hockey night in Canada and they have it on in French. And so that's the memory ahead of Dan Colucci better memory than most kings. Ah John Sebastian Ban. Wasn't he in a commercial. Eric Harrisburg airstrip is all right. Yeah no it wasn't in the In the commercial whether like having some sort of a yeah contests contests you'll mama offers anyway. Whatever so we go to this game sting wrapping stingrays were so bears? There's none of this and this is why I now hold on Jon Klemm. I think you know your junk clatters. I like all right. The point is none of those guys could shoot and you could tell really quickly like. Oh yeah this is. Why they're in the east and Brodsky's little brother? I think it was. His little brother was playing on the solar bears. And I'm watching the game and it's like back and forth back and forth to sooners some lumbering goons. That are never going to make it but some guys like some wheels is the hands but they just. They don't have the full package. No Yeah Yeah. They've got one or two things but it was so clear right you watch the H. L.. Sometimes you're like Oh Martin. I play Mary okay. Fine whatever follow back from whatever. The Easy H.. Jelly like wow. This is thirty. Might get a maybe a like a call up because of an injury. There'd have to be like a string. Yeah Yeah so anyway. Best of luck to everybody on the Orlando. Celebrate or something. Yeah sure of singer. Jonathan quick did start off in the look. You GotTa do what you gotTa do writing royal and Marcus Phillips Down there right now but played some games with Antero right anyway. Now we are going to wrap it up happy. It decades Kingston's happy ten last year. It's twenty twenty moving onward and upward and nothing but positive for the king's future. That's right right Jesse. Absolute absolutely. I love that so for our producer shall remain nameless and Dave Joseph. I'm thinking spence will talk tasks New Year Avenue..

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