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Episode 231 - The Golden Voice of Sean McDonough

Dentists, Implants and Worms

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Episode 231 - The Golden Voice of Sean McDonough

"Welcome to dentists implants in worms helping you navigate the world of Dentistry one vodka soda at a time, and now your hosts Dr Justin Moody. Olsen and Jeff Smith. Welcome to another episode of Dentists Implant some word helping you navigate the world downstream one vodka soda the time. We're live here in. Studio. And We're in Tempe Arizona. and. I think our guest will need no introduction when you when you hear his voice all sports fan I think you're going to recognize his. Voice. But lucky enough to have. Sean McDonough mcdon- in the studio today how are you? I'm great. We Got Austin Schmidt the COA CO host seat. So What. Let's just start What How'd you get your start in? Broadcasting well, I grew up around it. My Dad will mcdonough was a sports writer for the Boston Globe when I was growing up. So you've got a lot of sporting events when he was covering the Boston, red sox and the Patriots and Celtics the Bruins and I think it was when I was at spring training with the Red Sox and winter haven Florida maybe four or five years old and I couldn't go in the press box but the radio announcers for the Red Sox Day you know you can stash your kid in our booth so I would. Sit in the back of their booth and watch them broadcast the red SOx spring training games. I remember thing and this is really cool and within at my really my earliest memories, I had a little tape recorder I used to sit in our living room of our house and announced sporting events off the TV drive my family. Crazy. So I'm one of those people knew and is probably five or six years old. This is what I wanted to do is there Where'd you start like? We're what was your first? Your first GIG well, I consider those games off the cuff TV. My. Dad. My Dad this am I call the Boston Bruins gave you by David Humor me for about two minutes. Yeah. That's really terrific John, and then he'd walk out of the room but you know in high school doing whatever I could public address announcing for our local pop. Warner. Team I remember my brother Terry was the star. I made them into the star really of our pop warner team because I did the public address announcer. Terry. Made every tackle. You know when you the PA guy you can say. Want about who's in on the play and the, but I watch Syracuse University. This is back in the early eighties because Syracuse had the reputation for producing great sports broadcasters by the time I. Got there. You'll MARV Albert was well underway in his career. Bob Costas was about ten years out of school by then it was already a big star NBC probably in his late twenty s new. Dick. Stockton. Off Ted. Koppel obviously wasn't A. Realize. They all went there went to Syracuse and there's been many our sense you know right here in Arizona Dave Pasch the voice of the cardinals. Obviously we know and eat my colleague minded ESPN, he's Syracuse Guy There are Mike Rico obviously of more my vintage Michael's couple years behind me in school and has a really good friend so i-i-in Eagle on CBS great sports broadcaster. So it's the tradition has continued despite a few of us who tried to mess it up I would. I would say that that is a pretty good tradition So you knew all sports you know what's your favorite sport to now probably football you know I get asked that a lot and I think the thing that I've always enjoyed justin about my situation at ESPN is the variety because ESPN has everything or at least at one time or another has had everything I've done the four. Major sports done soccer tennis golf. You know back when I was at CBS in the nineties I did the bobsled and Luge for the Olympics coverage. My friend said you know how do you know anything about Bob Solution I? Really don't know you gotta learn on the fly. I went up to the US Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid New York, and actually had them teach me basically how to be a bobsledder and Luger and then you just studied the. History the participants pretty fascinating sport My brother is a younger man when he was going through the University of Nebraska his his college roommate. was walk on it to Nebraska and ended up being on the gold medal bobsled team Curtis Thomas Savage. Oh Wow. Yeah. There's a lot of courage in that sport. You know they're going fast and there is a lot of danger it doesn't go well. So I admire them losers the silliest thing I mean they. Went up there I just signed with CBS to be. The. Voice of the World Series in ninety two and ninety three, I did the world series with Tim Carver. So just signed that deal is really the biggest break up my career at least on national TV been doing Boston Red Sox came on local TV until then. So. I. Go up to Lake Placid get ready for the Olympics in ninety two and They asked me do you want to take a run? Oh Gosh. So it's really easy and they gave me a break instructor. They basically said a good loser would be dead because we you should lie on that sled and move as little as you possibly. Can. You don't WanNa fight you know gravity and you just want to go with the turn so they said. Lie Flat on your back you know basically look straight up at the sky and then turned into the the turns you know you're on your back, but it's like a little sled or something the the rudders are between your legs. So if you want to turn to the left, you porsche right left right leg toward the middle and turn the rudders to the left. The problem is if you're flat on your back at the sky, you don't see the turns coming. So, it's hard to steer into them. So you know a good loser, your neck would be tilted just a little bit forward you know. So your eyes can see where you're going and they that's why very strong neck muscles but they wanted they don't WanNa lean way Ford sit up because it blocks the wind slow down right so I slammed into every wall I think I broke my kneecap felt like I did and barely finished I remember thinking the headline is going to be shown mcdonagh dies before ever does the world series forever calls yeah but I, made it to the bottom of the tracking lake placid thankfully well, we we packed up in In Oh six. We packed up and went to Torino and Oh, I was I was his first Olympics. He was on bobsled to Kinda. Cool Story. He was he's a civil engineer by training and he got out of school done plan, football and. Story the lower kind of goes as was then he was at a I, think it was a Montana somewhere at a and. Sitting next to a guy that you know turns out to be the coach. They just get talking what we need is a fairly built cat. Oh Yeah. You know I remember Herschel Walker if you remember did. You. Want guys who can go fast exclusive off the game. Fast jump in and then. Of the wind guys you know after he brings up, you know he played Nebraska's. Starts bringing well, which forty time you know this now you know he's looking he's looking down there. You know like Kurtz. Thighs, and. Calves. As big as my belly and he just like You WanNa. About your ticket to come to light lake placid would you Would you come try out? You know so. It's cool story and so ends up in on the second sled and we go all the way over to. A bunch of Nebraska's we tormented Italy for about ten days, but eventually had a good time eventually eventually. Bobsledders when you start the story with they met in a bar I don't think that's uncommon in bobsledding. I think there's a real camaraderie that oftentimes based on social time spent together Oh for sure. You know see you travel halfway across the world fly by the speed of light. That's the funniest thing. It's the worst spectator sport. There's no special. Yeah. Yeah I mean you could get cheer for our buddy. You know it's the tracks a mile long they go by you in a matter of fact, I'm David Letterman, way back when when we CBS and he was CVs, his mom was going around from one event to another and they were humor pieces and they did a humor piece about her at the Bob sled racing just see your head snap really fast. You know the you actually see the Bob sled in the picture for about a fraction of a second but And I remember you know doing the Luge. I think it was the first deluge been ninety two. You know that's the only. Olympic. Sport there was that anyway. I. Don't know if it's still the case, but it's time to thousands of a second because they're so similar to each other. And there was Marcus PROC I believe his name was from Austria. He lost won the silver medal. He missed the gold medal by fourteen thousands of a second. Wow now. Runs that are a mile long. So over four miles. If you tried to start stop stop watching fourteen thousands of. His country, he was the biggest choker in the world like don't come back. And they said that could be one tiny little wrinkle in that. You know skin tight suits that they wear to be aerodynamic and that's the difference but Yeah. That was my experience with the bobsled and Louche TV my family is very proud. They said You you one TV guy recognized you as the best luge announcer I suppose I was the only loser so. There wasn't a lot means I was also the worst lose illusion pretty sure. Well, you gotTa Win. You got win something he got it right? Yeah. That's right. I take what you get right? Exactly right but we were We were on the subject of kind of on subject Nebraska Football You know that's kind of where from GIMME A. Nebraska football I think the state of Nebraska on the way up you know I think. Scott. FROST IS A. Great. Coach obviously a great hire. Not Just because of his coaching skill but because of his history there being from there and having been a terrific player there and I actually that's where I met Scott. I did the Orange Bowl in nineteen ninety seven when they sang the US. When you're welcome you know Scott gets a lot of credit for Canada campaigning to split the national championship but I was saying it on the air before the game is over you know is you know because you're a big fan you know Michigan at already one right and they signed off that telecast. There was a lot. Well, Michigan is the National Championship. Merging Whoa wait a minute you know more games applies yeah and I think, you know the oddsmakers said if if Nebraska Played Michigan on a neutral field Nebraska would have been favored to win the game I seen both teams play I, thought their team. So I think Scott's great. He did tremendous job. Obviously, it's central Florida there was a rough start this year but I think you saw the team improving rapidly and alcohol by recruiting inherit a great team there obviously but they'll recruit well and they'll get it moving back to where it should be fast. Yeah I. Think. So yeah, I think slow start was. A lot of culture changes and and the weather in the first game losing the first game to the weather not losing your having not elimidate. That was a big deal because you know to ease in not would have been a pushover opponent but I, it was Colorado. They lying right who was pretty good especially the beginning. Yeah should have AOL and then the quarterback getting hurt the other quarterback leaving You know that didn't help. That's a bad trend throughout college athletics quarterbacks who don't earn the position round stay and fight or wait for the other guy to get hurt and. Give you your opportunity now they just leave. You know it's in this day and age of twitter and you know everybody telling them Oh, you're too good to sit and wait you should go to this school that needs a quarterback. So that's not a good trend in college sports, but it impacted Nebraska too. But the difference between the way they played at the end of the season compared to the beginning was pretty noticeable, right? I think it'll take several seasons to aid. His initial crude, some more experience and than to backfill with the young people have although is you know that UCF, he inherited a team that didn't win a game I mean were only thirteen the year before he got there, they went six and six and then lost the ball game. So six and seven I in the thirteen at all. So his history says he doesn't need a lot of prime right around but it's a little different story I think in the big ten but he'll. Do a great job and I'm so glad he's there. You know, I, know we agonize a little bit actually about whether to go back there or not. There are a lot of things you really liked about UCF and there are a lot of things about Nebraska that he wasn't sure about in terms of commitment and that sort of thing they're getting it back to where it used to be but they have a lot of good people in place not just Scott but the people around himself. To. You know we talked You know off air a little bit about Matt Davidson Yeah any any Nebraska Fan knows. How important is to our history of made the catch he made the catch whatever I'm playing golf with him. I WANNA miss it. I always say you know I can go on national TV and tell the world that that was actually a trap. You know you've admitted that you didn't catch it. But. He can still walk in any mall in Nebraska inside pictures for an hour and make a few bucks but he's the dear friend. I was saying to you before we came on I actually officiated his his wedding for the lovely alley and He's become of my best friends I had out here to Nebraska to Nebraska Arizona is my Partner in one of our member guest terminates. A couple years ago and just a great guy and he's there he's I believe the I don't know what the exact title is. Assistant Athletic Director Associate Athletic Director for football. So he's basically liaison between Scott and football coaches and the athletic departments and that set up as one of the things that made Scott comfortable and taking the job having Matt help it's it's a shock for Matt because he's never really done an honest day's work in his life until he signed up for this thought. I talked on the other day said I haven't played golf since July twenty ninth, and here we are February the where you know it was unusual of matter gun two or three days without playing golf back in his former life as a Medical. Device salesman whatever else you know guy putting camps together for young people. So He's a great guy said Scott has a really a lot of really good people around him including Matt Yeah I agree you know for someone that just you know follows you know every every turn of it you know it's been I went to Nebraska from eighty nine to ninety three and then I can't even hardly say this now now that we're talking to husker football I went. To University of Oklahoma Ninety four through ninety seven long. So I went to Oklahoma being go to dental school. Yeah. So I mean it was Blake and Schnellenberger bad years all the one year like they didn't win a game right I was. Maybe, twenty yards when the schooner went over when they flipped her coming out of. roughnecks everywhere it was. It was It was great. You know and it was great. Such a great rivalry. You know that's one of the unfortunate things about conference reliant. That's one of the rivalries has kind of gone away. They think back to the old days of Johnny Rodgers and human censure. Yeah I mean that was such a great rivalry in it's not just you know those two schools affected but the I as I said I went to Syracuse when I was there the rivalry Georgetown was unbelievable basketball UCLA. They're not in the same league. They're still trying to play each other every now and then, but it's not the same when you're not in the same conference but I hope Nebraska it's back fast because you know todd blackledge and I. Are Blessed to do one of the Best College football. Games in the country every week and I said frost a frosty you would you get going. So we can come back to Lincoln and do a game right I love doing a game there. You know the stadiums great of the people are great us. You know they're just the nicest people in there. They are there an hour and a half before the game watching the warm up show most these schools they're drinking their face off as long. As they and they'll they the game starts and the Nebraska people are all in there and you know they they cheer for a good play by the other team. It's a special place in a lot of ways and I always loved the pluses of great both Keith Jackson. I did a game there the famous game bill McCartney was in the thirty for thirty. They did about Colorado Back Colorado had a big win at brass like a driving rainstorm and I. I was very young doing that game. And I kept going up in the press box and I said where's the broadcast booth is it's another level up the I kept going another level up. We go another level up. We're going to be on the roof and sure enough we were was like a wooden hut. And I thought to myself how can a brass could be on TV every week and this is the TV both Keith Jackson was like my old PA winter booth to. Massachusetts, a little wooden hut, and it was freezing rain coming into the booth sideways. So the key Jackson told me they built a new press box and built a new booth. He would come to the first game in the new booth as long as they put a bathroom in it. So they did it has a little plaque for Keith on the door. So that's I'm grateful to him because you know it's little. Things. Like a lot of these places. You know the TV commercials about two minutes long some of these places you know the the. Bathroom might be. Stares down at the other end of the press box. You know you can't go down and back in in two minutes. So when there's no one in the booth, that's always a good thing. Kids. No way that the public thinks about that. For you guys, you know you don't know and I think a lot of these schools when they build these things don't even think about it either. Thankfully a lot of it's very rare. Nebraska is one of the few that has it right in. The has the bathroom right in the booth. Allow these new NFL stadiums. We did a couple games this year at Gerry World Voice Team because what? I've. That's. Places unbelievable. And they talk about how People Watch the game on the big screen and they don't watch the field even sitting in the stands and that's true. The screen is so huge and the picture. So great that you'll be sitting in the broadcast booth, which is a great location and you can look at the people in the stands and there half of them are looking at the screen watching the game on the screen rather than looking down at the field, but they have a bathroom and that one too so. Most of them released close enough but the ones that aren't you really have to strategize, they'll be a lot of times I'll say on our talk back button onto the producer how long has the brakes can be varying lengths and how long is the next length say it's a two and a half minutes. Okay. I'M GONNA go soon associates or they say you know all right we're going to break in five, four, three, two I don't need to go all the way down to say we'll be right back headset down, run down the hallway. So. Yeah. That's people probably don't think about that at home and we probably talk more about using the bathroom than we intend to on your podcast lesson this gone way more often. What What's your favorite place to do a game at like as well? You know that's a great thing about college football. So many of the venues are awesome. People asked me about a lot too and I always say like pick any place in the SEC. Auburn Georgia Florida Alabama they're all unbelievable. As I said, I love Nebraska I'm not just saying that because. As I you've been there so you know it really is special place. Ohio states great. You know I'm a sucker for that script Ohio and the band comes out and they dot the I and You know it's funny. You have a big map the United States here in your office I'm kind of looking at it and tell me thank of University of Washington that stadium right on lake. Washington. Is Spectacular loud very loud married. I did a Nebraska game. You'll remember this Calvin Jones I. Think. It was Taylor Martinez was the quarterback Martine he ran. He's still running for touchdowns they ran up and down the field Washington wasn't very good then and and the BRASSICA one pretty easily. I don't know how long ago. That was I. was. An. Undergraduate sometime, in the early nineties when we had Calvin Jones in the backfield and he clearly did not step out of bounds on the way to what should have been the winning touchdown and you're not over this yet I can feel it. Can feel the tension today have replay. Replay yeah. Well, you know they. It was that year no, it was the year they beat they beat us at home. I think by the four years that I went to four years I went to school at Nebraska? US, lose at home twice one of them I think my buddy was the quarterback for Washington. New. Oil Wells when Edmund was there Yeah. Hugh Millen was the first who I got to know because he came to play for the New England Patriots and he was my neighbor and he he was the one who talked about how classic Nebraska fans are that Washington went in there in one that was a very hyped game and he said the Nebraska people applauded us on the way off or playing a good guy it was. Tough. It's either that or the year before they Washington won the national title. Yeah. They had great teams back then. Yeah. They did about pro wise. You, know most of my, the pro stuff I've done is been major league baseball do the red sox game seventeen on local TV that was a lot of fun. Especially, my last season doing it was. Four when they finally won the world series for the first time at eighty, six years my dad passed away without ever seeing that happened there are a lot of new Englanders who had that happened. So you know now. We're getting tired of all these parades. Exactly. The Patriots won the Super Bowl you know a month or so ago y'all. Gosh. Should we went eighty five days without a championship in Boston. So I was a kid we didn't win people. Yeah. He's eighty five days. Did Monday night football for two years I really enjoyed that. But I just like college football a lot more size. Happy to go back. But now done very little NBA did a lot nhl back on the ESPN had it. So as I said earlier, you know one of the best parts of my situation is just been a variety of it. I grew up a sports fan I didn't grow up saying I want to do any particular thing although the red sox sitting in the back of their booth that was really the job account idolized drink dreamed about having those guys. I realized. When I was a kid but I just I love the variety of it when the football season NJ ready for it and and get onto the next thing, and then you know basketball stars that runs into baseball. So it's a flow of the calendars and Nice thing. But we got a little crossover starting spring training here young the Cactus League is just about next week I think it's one of the great things about living here. Isn't it? You know this is our fourth winter living here and it will be every winter for the rest of my life in Arizona Right. Mine too. Yeah. But cool spring training thing is really cool out here. We live not too far from the San, Francisco giants part like walk to a spring training game is really cool and I love right over by the diamondbacks and the rockies. Off that's a nice setup it is a casino Yup Yup. Great it's great. You know people go to? The Florida and they don't realize that. You know Arizona's. We don't really have anything in Tucson anymore. So it's all right here you know so like. You know the farthest stadiums are barely an hour apart. Yeah. I think that's why several the teams migrated from. Florida. To hear you in Florida the the drives to go play a spring training game, you can be driving you know across alligator alley three or four hours where out here you know everybody is really pretty close host. Yeah. It is and I. I also think that with everything being close like you can. Catch all the great venues like Wrigley, West is new and it's beautiful and You know last year I finished with a game over Ho Cam with a is in the. I still like that place kind of buried in the middle of Residential Mesa like I I still. Something, they're all building these new facilities to attract the teams and these communities out here and in Florida they want the team so they build them what they want, but it's nice to see. You know the older ones I hate to say it but I did the college world series for years in Omaha. I think the event lost something laughed. Rosenblatt. You know there was a charm to it. That is cannot lie I. Know The new stadium is beautiful and as the boxes and everything, but it's just kind of looks like every other stadium you know the Rosenblatt to me Kinda felt like Wrigley Field or fenway park and house next to the. Next to the zoo and like the milkshake place justice s does that was the best you when I would look forward to the game ending so that we could run over to does her stop it a milkshake that place was awesome. You know. If you haven't been to a college world series like that's that's a pretty cool environment as well. It's great. You know and I have to be fair I spent a lot more time I. Haven't done the world series in the new stadium. So I don't really have the basis for comparison as much as I should but. Ice Tell, people all the time. Just, itself is a really underrated tally of your from somewhere else in America. You might somehow Brask, but it's it's cool that little downtown reading around the new park what is it the old market market? Yeah that Bay or there's a lot of great places to eat and. Fun Bars to go to and. A lot of golf some of the ESPN people like those riverboat casinos right is that worth that far away right. Well, I wasn't gonNA, bring it up but you hang out with a pretty shady character there and Omaha, Davison, well, no Panitan Ullmark, Dr Mark Panton Oh the shadiest of the shady. The He's A terrible Golfer I I don't want to disparage mark but since you've led me into it. Brought me out years ago to play in member guest at Shadow Ridge. In Kinda on the outskirts foam haw Nice Club. He does play a lot of golf. You know he's like you es a busy dental practice. He's too busy stacking up money to go play golf so. But he nicole jumping the golf cart and go play nine holes so. Him as we're warming up, do you know any of the guys in our flight? And he said, no, not really I have played it all a said, what's your handicap? He said twelve. Okay. So play He. He's not twelve. He said I know or a said I'm closer to a nineteen like what mark usually people you know they they missed the other way. They're twelve. Who says they're not you know it's like you're I don't think anybody would question that you're a nineteen. In this light. The Yeah. I knew. We weren't going to do well but but we had fun is you know he's a great guy. Guy, it's about having finding Evans some good memories Yeah Nebraska's are good sports fans. You know we don't have the pro sports per se you know. So we you know anything Nebraska Wise We pretty rally around and Creighton right there in Omaha and they they fill that beautiful arena for their basketball team and they got beat by. All right I'M GONNA ask Tim Miles get keep his job. I'm biased I. Hope so because I like him. He's he's not the most likable coach like he's Kinda guy and I think in all honesty I think that helps you know I think if you're a coach shoes kinda right on the edge of. Maybe. We'll bring him back and maybe won't if people like you and think you're a good guy, they're willing to kind of go the extra mile intended with you rather than they are this guy's a jerk wiling just get rid of them anyway. So It started out late was going to be a good year and then lately leave. Injury. Yeah But I'd love to see him make it. He's a super guy and i. think he's a very good coach. You know it's it hasn't been an easy job I think it's a better job now with arena that they have in the facilities that they've upgraded for basketball but it is a great venue. It's a great venue. Them make it but I honestly don't know I don't know either needs to win a strong a couple owner. Oh, here lately but needs to string a little more of here. Yeah. To get him over the by sure. Do you sure do like human? Supposedly he's got a great recruiting class coming in as well. So I wouldn't be surprised. You know he's a dynamic guy dynamic personality and when you have those facilities to sell and that city in the school in that. League big ten Great Lakes some basketball school no, it's. It's it's very good basketball league and You know there's a there's a lot to sell their. Absolutely. So how'd you end up coming out to? Uh Arizona most people from the northeast go down to Florida Yeah I always say to people who asked we like back in Boston why didn't you just go to Florida said, have you ever been to Arizona people ask me a lot back home in Boston how do you like? Arizona I said well. If you like perfect, you're gonNA like Arizona in the winter and it's not really perfect as we speak supposed to be forty five and raining tomorrow or Thursday but. You know I'd come here many years with mark. Pantin on our. We have a golf trip Jay Bilas. Captains, we do a eight eight Ryder Cup Kinda thing out here. We've done it. This'll be our. Fourteenth. Year in Scottsdale and the sixteenth year. Overall we one year we went to Myrtle beach. The beginning we went to West Palm Beach. Wow myrtle beach was the place where Scott Frost at dinner. got upset about something and said that Tom Osborne had more class in his little finger than the fifteen of us had combined and was probably right about that. Actually. But We come out here every year and guess what it may have spurred that 'cause I don't know. Comment about Tom Osborne, wjr, but but Scott very upset and Kinda got up from the table for a little bit. So Scott's got a bit of a temper. It's he's calmed down a lot the fifteen years since then but so we'd come out here for all those years. I always really loved it and We stay at the Scottsdale Princess Great. Hotel play a Grayhawk the. Stadium course and then so I was thinking about wintering here anyway because I can do my job from anywhere and then within a span of a week, my brother Ryan got hired to be the GM and the Phoenix sons and my brother Terry got hired to be a scout for the Arizona cardinals totally separate nothing to do with each other they didn't even know that the other interviewed for the job news most weird coincidental thing so they both. Wound up moving here. So then that Kinda clinched at Arizona Florida's great but I don't like humidity and only rain out we don't have any of that out here and people say, well, don't you miss the water but I get the water for the six months that we're in Boston, the ocean, and out here you have the beautiful mountains and the desert and the you know the topography is beautiful out here in a different sort of way. So We, love Arizona's I said earlier this will always be winter. For, some crazy reason we have had a two week span where. I work the second Monday and Tuesday of the month back in western Nebraska I fly up and They always ask me you know. Well, how's the winner here on us? I WANNA spend. You know it's it's been really cold these last three weeks as I'm staring out at snow you know and I was like, yeah, maybe. It has been of the four winners I've been here. This is the worst stretch of you know we you always get a couple of days where it's colder than usual but. And the weird thing was January was really pretty nice. Yeah, you know. I remember when the Waste Management Phoenix Open what's going on here? Most of those days were really nice but the the forty degree weather out here is better. than brutal in very bad. Yeah and it's but the rest of the country by comparison as you said, doesn't want to hear about it right I was at South Bend Indiana was the game at Notre Dame was the coldest day in the history of South Bend. It was going to be the next day they closed Notre Dame down for two days. It was the high temperature is going to be thirteen below zero with ultra wind chill. Yeah. To Call This Day in the history of south. Bend. Dating back to the eighteen hundreds with as long as they had the records you know as far back as they went, it was the coldest day. Yikes. Yeah. So Awesome well, we sure do appreciate you stop in here at the studio and appreciate you and your fine work and Austin good to be with you -solutely, the idea I'll have to you know start becoming a listener to the. Implants and warms. WHAT'S WORMS? What's the significance of worms? His name's John Landers was in our dental school class. He finished number one we call him the bookworm. He really wasn't because he finished number one and he really partied as much as anyone else. One of the guys you you could come across but. He's funny So when I decided know was like put this podcast together, we'll just have some fun. He's a dentist to you know. So we had him on and then He's got a little younger children than I do. So they had all these activities and we could never get him on but we kept the worms in the name and. If you hear about the PODCAST, you know there's a lot of dental podcasts and things out there. But like when you hear of worms like search that one on Itunes I. It's kind of a different. That's a little bit different. So we've been We've been doing this for a couple years almost two hundred episodes in a nice studio hair and the whole thing is big time. You know better than some radio stations I worked at Oreo. Started out the facilities you have here you know one of. The things a lot that are half ass. So when I decided, I was going to do this a lot of people that have little hand records or whatever, and I was like. I like this is a full-fledged. Radio talk show like I wanted to I wanted it to be good quality like you wanted to. You want sound good down good. Nobody's got to listen to you know. Try to be funny or something once in a while and we usually. We usually drink A. I'M A. Call. On. Job Right now? Yes, you are. Feel bad for the patients who might be waiting while we're babbling about college football, but it sure was fun now. Well, thank you. Thanks for coming on the show You got. You just got back from a basketball game. Yeah. This time of year I do ACC basketball game every Monday night ESPN caused big Monday it's a ACC than big twelve doubleheader. So this coming Monday, we have Notre Dame at Florida state and then on March fourth, we have Virginia at Syracuse which I'm looking forward to try to go back to my beloved Alma Mater. I have to ask you for we get off your your partner probably my favorite college basketball game that I've ever witnessed in. That's at six overtime Oh. Wow basketball. To remember that, absolutely, not I, remember it till till. The Dad. Is probably up till. I think past midnight. Yeah. Was One, thirty, two, I believe it was one twenty, six something like that. Yeah. Morning that it ended. That was unbelievable Austin. You know it's It would have been unbelievable. It was any two teams but to have it be. Syracuse in Connecticut, which already great rivalry you know to the two coaches variety in the hall of fame behind Calhoun and to me the most amazing thing about it was in the first five overtimes, which are five minutes each. So for twenty, five minutes of game action Syracuse was never ahead ever right lane Ivan by one point for one possession. You know they were the behind or tied behind tied. There was always that pressure on the whole time just to get to the next overtime and then finally in the sixth over time. Hello people taking pictures. A lot of good smiley teeth in here to. Your podcast pictures but it was the most amazing thing I remember Bill Rafter. Funny quote you know bill likes to have a good time as we all do and He said, it was the first time ever got home from New York at three in the morning and my wife wasn't mad at me. But that was a great game. So you know I, get asked about what are the best games he ever did most memorable games and that won't be right there at or near the top of the list what's number two then? All boy ninety two just got a lot of attention in this. Documentary the thirty for thirty ESPN just about Dion Sanders but the Nine hundred ninety to the Atlanta braves game seven against the Pittsburgh Pirates Francisco Cabrera got the hit and said bream scored the run with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, and then the next year when we did the world series Joe Carter. Hit the home run to win the world series the Toronto Blue Jays. It was only the second time that the world series at ever ended on a home run that was pretty cool lots of Great College Football Games. And that was the only that was the first time that the trophy went north of the border. That's right. That was my that was my call. That's nineteen ninety-two. With the Blue Jays Toronto wanted both years did the World Series Ninety to ninety eight? They want it back to back which was fun for me because I started out in Minor League Baseball Broadcasting in Syracuse New York doing the triple a baseball team for the Toronto Blue Jays their AAA affiliate was based in circles sign knew a lot of those guys who had been in Syracuse with me when I was starting out and they were on the way up to the majors if some of those guys on the team so that made it a little extra fun too but. Chance to a lot of fun stuff and hopefully a lot more before we're finished. Yeah. For sure So I did I did manage to wrangle a ticket for the. Game, four of the cubs when they won and that was though that was the last game they lost. Like they were pretty much when they be Cleveland. Yes. So Jon Gruden, I take credit for that happening for them winning because we did a Monday night football game the week before we were in Denver and we signed off and you're saying you know we'll see you next Monday night from Chicago. It's the bears and I up with the plane maybe the Minnesota Vikings. So we have a mutual friend Mark Ganesh who lives in Chicago is very well. Connected Sports Guy Sports. Consultant. and John Each had a text and we got on the money football bus. Hey, you're saying you're coming to Chicago I have a front row tickets for the Sunday night game was game five. Yeah. Would love to have you I think it's a hoax right? Who who's GonNa Invite you to the world series and that front row seats right. So we called them and said you better not be joking about this because if you're serious, we're going. And I remember Uh Earlier that day Bruin saying you know we should probably just go for three or four innings. You know we got work to do and you know the game. Said this guy could probably scalp these tickets for twenty five thousand right peace right? I mean are literally there we were in the front row just past the cubs dugout. Right was the dugout until the left was in the Gruden cab yelling at the third base coach Gary, Jones come on Jones a you know giving it was almost like a dialogue back and forth during the game. So I was like, are you crazy? You know we're GONNA we're gonNA tell the Guy Hey mark. Thanks but. We gotta go in the fourth inning the so we stayed for the whole game. You know once we got there, John realized he was having such a good time. Anyway we were not leaving Brian Ross. One that night and you know kind of. So we think we kind of turned the whole thing and. I'm glad you did because game four was not that exciting like it was pretty much over about two thirds of the way through and. Know, just such a disappointing You Know L. Trip back downtown. But they want it isn't that awesome because I remember The Red Sox winning for the first time in eighty six years. You think it's never going to happen in your lifetime. I couldn't I couldn't believe it had. Years and years ago I worked on P Ricketts campaign the first time you try to run for the Senate and then his family ended up buying that the cubs right you know now he's our governor of Nebraska. Beat one another one of my Pals Jon Bruning Oh. John Yeah Johnson. Our through Davidson and fraud John is a very good friend of Matt Davison, Scott. Frost John's been on our golf trip here to AirAsia. Awesome a few times. Yeah. Awesome. Well, good Nebraska connections. Yeah. Lots of good ones state great people. Well, thanks again for my pleasure. Thank me. We'll. We'll keep in touch with you and we may even have We have you back my heart to part to be looking to go I. You guys from Denison plants in worms and. Somewhere in Tempe Arizona taking care and we'll catch you in the next episode. Talk. Thank you for listening to dentists, implants, worms, helping you navigate the world of dentistry. One Vodka Soda and a time. Have you'd like to know more about the hosts or the show checkout dentists implants in worms, dot com, and we should find us on facebook and twitter for Justin Moody Justin. Moody DDS DOT COM for Jeff, Smith Jeffrey Alan Smith DOT COM, and followed gables, and on twitter at Cabo twenty-one dentists, implants and were.

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