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"Eight people dead. We don't know how many specifically injured 89 people dead because the shooter killed himself. We don't know how many wounded on attacking a federal Federal Express Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. The attack in Indianapolis came after Many other mass shootings here in recent weeks. In mid March, eight people were shot to death of three massage parlors in Atlanta. Less than a week later, 10 people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. At the end of March, a gunman killed four people, including a nine year old boy in a real estate office in southern California. That didn't even make the news. Hardly. Yeah. Last week, a neighbor shot and killed a doctor, the doctor's wife and their two grand kids inside their home in Rock Hill, South Carolina. As well as an air conditioning technician who was working outside the house, You know, because he was there. Sixth person was shot later died. Uh, Not much information yet. About about this shooting in Indianapolis at 11 o'clock last night. So when we when we know more thoughts All right, Uh, move on to some other stuff. Oh, this is just a warning. On Dinah Warning should suffice. The band. Whitesnake is working on a Christmas album, so there's still time to stop. So I am David. David David, please. This is not done necessary. I think they're planning on doing traditional is you know they're going to do Jingle Bells and And sleigh bells ring. Are you listening? And all of that? So this is the kind of thing that I should be excited about. And because I'm not that should tell you, David, you should not be doing This thing, and it's such a It's such a spinal tap thing. It's I can just picture the band sitting around going, You know, Christmas music because always money and Christmas music. Patrick Schwarzenegger. Son of Arnold. Says his his father, Arnold cannot resist saying his own movie taglines. All of the time I had, Patrick said. He can't leave the room without turning around and saying I'll be back. You know, it's just Yeah. And you could you could picture this embarrassing Patrick, but at the same time you're Arnold Schwarzenegger. You don't have to do that, do you? By the way, you should follow Arnold Schwarzenegger on Social media. Because he has He's funny. And he has these miniature donkeys. Yes, as pets that, like live in his house House. It's because that to me they're like dogs. Video, man. Come here, Donkey. You don't come here. It's weird, but can you imagine living with that guy and then him doing that? Well and and Patrick says we actually love him and we love it. And it's just so awful, but we love it. Get to the chopper. I heard I heard Arnold Schwarzenegger being interviewed a couple of years ago about his family. He was talking a lot about his family and apparently They adore him All you know, then their worlds. A lot of you slept with me. Yes. He said. We do everything together. We always together. We do things. They love me, and I love them. And they confirmed that. You know, I don't know how many kids there are. Patrick and Others. But when he had a kid with the maid, he didn't just sleep with you, right? And he's part of Andrew and his name is or something, Gina, you need to chill. And get to the chopper. Gina. It's not a tumor. It's a baby in her stomach that is growing. It's not a tumor. So this is a weird story. A fight between two friends over money. In here in in northern Utah, led to one man fatally shooting the other. Then. Putting his body in his car and driving up the odds and leaving the body in a parking lot. You know, it's been like what Listen, Ogden is not your dumping ground, sir, I I just I don't know if you're trying to make sense of it is your brain Josh? He shot his friend on Then he put put the body in the car. This is Daniel Johnson of Roy. Shot his buddy Mr Bailey. They were arguing, and he put the body in the car, drove to a parking lot on Aug and dumped the body out like this will cover my tracks. Johnson has been arrested for investigation of murder and other charges. And let's see where I think where we had a time or we have one more quickie. Let me go Quicky me go here Real fast. One Uh oh. S so there's a town in California. OK, Placerville, California you've probably heard of it. It's on the gold Rush town. And they're city logo. The city of class. Orville has a guy panning for gold and in the background, there's a tree with a noose hanging from it. No. Because because plaster bill used to be called Hang town. Because that's where they would take people to be hanged when they were when they jump on other people's claims wrestlers or Yeah, so so there is they had you in honor of the fact that this used to be called old Hang town. They had the news that will, somebody said You know, it's really gotta such a negative connotation. Yeah, and so they have voted. The City Council did vote, although many residents are unhappy. Who removed the news from the class Orville Citi logo Well, I'd.

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