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Non-violent revolutions and how to succeed

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Non-violent revolutions and how to succeed

"Hey this is a heck Awadhi production. Hi there I'm not a Michelle and this is the men's room if you like this episode be sure to subscribe to the show so you can listen to all of our interviews with thought leaders from across the region today on the show. We have a sibling. Mala an international lawyer who has focused his career on seeking justice for political crimes and advocating democracy. He he's worked on several high profile cases that have included Arielle Sharon Saddam Hussein and Walmart. Coffee and he is also a former presidential so candidate in Lebanon. Welcome to the men's room. Mr Mallett her Liu so the philosophy of nonviolence. That's that's part of the name of one of at least forty books you've written. Can you explain what that means. Yes I was struck in two thousand eleven following also absolution here in two thousand five the revolution by this extraordinary wave of People going down the street into question the government and get rid of them without weaponry. It was particularly striking in the middle. East were so much. Violence Orlands takes place and I wanted to understand it better. So at the time I was teaching cools a little school at Harvard and one of the seminars are conducted was about understanding nonviolence and law and this slowly rated into book which was published three years later and the book is an attempt to understand how nonviolence is displacing violence as the midwife of history you would use to thinking revolutions with blood whether it's the American of French evolutions old Soviet ones or later ones that blood needs to be spilled by the revolutionaries of their enemies in order to prevail and I realized that there's something extraordinary happening on the eh up streets where The people are shouting nonviolent on violin and where they neither were capable nor willing to use weapons weapons to shoot at soldiers or police men all security forces so I thought that was an important development opponent in history in the philosophy of history the replacement of violence as midwife of history by nonviolence as the midwife of history and and I wrote the book accordingly Ghandi's try to g in some ways different So the idea that I've invented entered the we is Is preposterous nonviolence has been and the word obviously comes from Gandhi who uses to particular concepts for this one is called the hintze and the hintze is a violence nonviolence and he has another word which is such a Gra which is the power of the soul But differ from Gandhi a number of ways that I explained in the book in particular in conceiving nonviolence as not only method but also as a philosophy in other words as a sophisticated apparatus of change that include solution. It's self and that is where Gandhi has much more to say than I do but also what happens after the revolution in other words. How do we translate translate on violence when it's successful into estate and the society would on violence pervades and that's the new social chill pack the new social contract that people call constitution so all of these revolutions that have succeeded having common also the search for a new constitutional order and then and this is what we see in particular in Lebanon Emphasized is the need for accountability for Justice Justice. In other words. The third part of the book is concentrated understanding. So what do you do with dictators like Mubarak Ben Ali. When they fall? You obviously sleet. Don't shoot them your non-violent so you have to find something else and that something else is complex You have trials that's in a way the simplest simplest way and we've had them in some ways in various places but you have also to other modes of accountability that are more complicated for instance they show of corruption. So how'd you get back money. That was siphoned off by corrupt governments and supporters of these governments. So the book is a diptych really about nonviolence in the revolution nonviolence in constitutions and nonviolence in accountability justice about accountability. You're you are best known for winning. The cases of victims of crimes against humanity for instance the families and the victims of Sabra. Sabra and Shatila. You had a case against a DS Sharon you have a an which was at the International Court you've pursued a case against Saddam Hussein in Nineteen ninety-five which became the groundwork for the blast case. That was really finished him off in two thousand and five and very interestingly. I did not know this. You also You represented the families of Mussa Assad who against Walmart Qaddafi get off. He who who was murdered disappeared it in Libya which is still much talked about. I know here in Lebanon. So you have quite a trek history with these kinds of crimes against humanity types of cases but when you're talking about these political revolutions that are happening now And as you talked about corruption is it more difficult to To prosecute and people are politicians in these kinds of situations because the cases are not as Emotional or not Do they apply differently. Legally like can you prosecute these types of cases in International courts you mean corruption cases murder. Yes well obviously. It's a matter of priority and it's a matter of moral choices my sense and it continues to be so that physical crime is worse worse than siphoning money But of course people could say where you're killing her nation by depriving it from three sources. So it's a matter data of choice and in any case I I don't discard one for the other. I have a bit of practice in the cases that you mentioned and there are pretty hard went to prosecute as you can imagine but we're seeing it in Sudan for instance now they have. A dilemma in Sudan Sudan illustrates. Well the point you're making so I'm out initiate dictator for Thirty Years General. Who killed so many people in that food and elsewhere led to the destruction of his country to the separation of the north and the south so the the preservation of The Sudanese northerners from the fields. Avoid that they had in the south when devolution when the revolution succeeded it was. It's obvious that you had to be made accountable for what he did. Now this guy is booth and usually have both usually when you have some somebody Alexa Bama Sane or Ariel Sharon. They're both murders and there are corrupt financially right so you have to grounds to go after them. In the case of Bitchy the new Sudanese government has put him in jail and they are prosecuting him now for corruption so one easy example was they found. I don't Ten million dollars in banknotes in his house when they arrested him and of course. There's good reason to ask this guy. How does he have so much money? And you could spend the rest of his life in prison but from my perspective The criminal dimension in terms of murdering people is at least has important. I would say really for me to be more important to go. After people who kill because victims are very identifiable and these the people are requiring just as they want to see the person who killed their loved ones behind whereas corruption. You know it's the society. It's not quite as identifiable and to that extent But she was Is prosecuted and has been prosecuted for the why now by the International Criminal Court sitting in The Hague and the Sudanese refusing to deliver them to the court. So now you have this bizarre tug of war Oh between Sudanese justice domestically and international justice with IC- and we don't know what is going to happen but but both are examples of the kinds of dilemma that we're going to confront all those revolutions that you are living. Once they have revealed is is it usually the country's government that or people that prosecute leaders for corruption or are these cases automatically brought. It's to an international court. How does it happen? No the international dimension tends to be more difficult because there are all kinds of procedural problems problems and competence That needs these are heard that need to be overcome. That you don't have usually in domestic situations but you see and that's the problem. We face in Lebanon. The domestic situations can only succeed if there's a new government and the new government produced by the revolution so long as the old regime has its own judges judges in place. The likelihood of a big shot being prosecuted is almost nil whether for murdering someone offered corruption. And I've been often asked in the past few weeks in Lebanon. We want to go after them. Can we do it internationally. Can we do domestically. And my answer is simple. Really the and it's a bit disheartening. But I believe in it. We can't do anything even internationally order domestically really unless we have a new government that resembles us. There are too to many hurdles procedurally for a victim to go after the person who harmed her if the government is against that person. So if you're still In the mood of the old regime obviously the old regime did not have accountability. Otherwise you wouldn't have reached the situation that led to the revolution solution so the premise for any sort of accountability is for your government to be part of view resembling. You and that's why in Lebanon. It's it's urgent that you have a new government because all this talk about corruption is going nowhere without a new government. What does that mean a government that represents the people apple well? Let's Much more than one million dollar questions because you have in any revolution two tracks you have have the old constitution. The continues to work and people are used to it. So we say for instance now we need a new government that is appointed wanted by the president and confirmed by a vote of confidence in the Chamber of Deputies. Well the problem. You have a chamber of Deputies that the people don't o'clock because it doesn't resemble them and we have a president we'd like to get rid of so how do we do governments. Well sometimes the pressure is such vet birth. The President and the Chamber of Deputies. And that's what's happening now are being pushed into what they call. That is day US. The revolutionaries are requesting which is an apolitical so-called technocratic government. In other words people with a decent past who know what they're talking about about that are different from the guys. We have just brought down in the street how to get them. We could have enough pressure rush on the street to have some sort of epiphany for the president to say. Well I'm going to call on a brilliant mind but but if only women for my for my taste Who is going to lead the government and leave that person that that the new lady Prime Minister To choose the best people she can find. And then I'll accept it and we go on and we'll have a vote of confidence and we have a new government government with special powers special economic powers that tries to sort out the mess. We are in. Why do you think the prime minister should be a woman? Well before we get to that. Let me finish the other course. which is the street has its own legitimacy? And that's why it prevented yesterday justified. Ly- The parliament meeting over a crap a piece of legislation which is basically giving immunity. Your I mean the idea of immunity is ridiculous when everybody is asking for accountability. Bizarre thing to you know I don't speak Arabic so I miss a lot of the details but if from the outside it kind of seems strange that that's the meeting that used to have is a meeting to create immunity so that people get you know let let out of jail and also they can't be held accountable right. Which is the cycle so yes and so they failed? I mean so smart that they came up with the worst possible piece of legislation to put as a priority. What is the idea of prioritizing this type of legislation in fact it's a bit more subtle but let's stick victor that and go back to that point you made So there is a different three legimacy. That's the revolutionary and that needs time time and so it's not impossible and I think we starting to see that the street produces it's only ship so in fact we don't need the the president to appoint a government slowly. We're going to have leaders. Especially among the youth and the women are forefront saying. We'll see okay. We already know if you names that are attractive and if those people come to power we already know that the street will be acquiescing to them and be enthusiastic about but that requires some time so I think what a while. We're GONNA have to track political problems in Lebanon one that it comes from what I call in that book. Constitutional Ruins in other words the constitution as it stands which is falling apart but it leaves ruins that are hurdles on the other hand we're going to have revolutionary legitimacy that the street produces and we don't know what that is between the immense mints fight between the two tracks which one is going to prevail. And how why do you think. Nonviolent Revolution is more powerful than a violent island one. Is there a reason why it's so effective. That can be kind of verbalised. VIRATA empirical works from colleagues in particular book by by a colleague Professor now at Harvard she used to be elsewhere. Who showed that studying number revolution of the past fifty years? The likelihood of a nonviolent on violent revolution succeeding is empirically three times as likely to succeed than violent revolution. I mean you have to read the book that our arguments that from my perspective the importance is on a different level and it's on a different level because a nonviolent collusion is one where we are not bringing down a government to replace it by similar. Govement we are bringing down the government because it's the violent government it's an unjust government. It harmed us and that spirit that we are instilling in our revolution. Shen is one that doesn't want to see blood spilt in order to produce a new government and I give you an example in the Arab spring and that spring the greatest tragedy has developed in Libya because very early on in Libya that have lucians took up bombs and until now they are in the mess. The country is divided into many to many different ways. That it's a living proof that when the Libyan revolutionist took up arms they also were suing the seeds of the first Kazakh area. Which Atta data? which was violent? It's very simple when Zafy fail. The people in the streets were all holding up arms and and shooting in the air out of of of joy whereas everywhere else in Yemen or in Tunisia when the revolution succeeded and their dictators fail the people were dancing the street without weapons. The fact of having militias being behind the fall of a dictator is Moma certain recipe for Violence to continue because they have power and then going to use it for their own interest whereas if the revolution doesn't have weapons than the focus is altogether together different and it's not going to use weapons that it has kept from the days of the revolution in order to force. Its own way for the people who have uh-huh so the Arab spring not everyone considers what emerged afterwards as success. Do you consider for example. Double what happened in Egypt the aftermath have they succeeded to effect what you've called radical nonviolent change. It was nonviolent. There was a change change. What is it a radical change? No of course not and I think it's more it's more appropriate to about an Arab winter that followed up spring ring and was still living the winter. But you see the idea of looking at evolution as a process that is just a few months is not not correct. You have to look at it on a much deeper historical time line and what we see. Today in Algeria in Lebanon in Sudan and we have three ongoing revolutions which are extraordinary and I would like to stress that revolution also in Iraq is non violent. Two people are killed. See when we talk about revolution that this nonviolent that doesn't mean that the state is not violent the government is can be terribly violent. You've seen it even in Lebanon where some security forces are are beating up and in the case of the sport Chap In the killing him so evolution is nonviolent by the fact that the revolution is around violent. Not that the state or the government is not in the state it and the government are always violent and violent because if you could change then normally through elections through democracy then you wouldn't need the revolution the first place so that's very important to remember. That revolution is nonviolent by the fact that the revolutionaries are nonviolent the state and the governments tend to be violent so going back to Egypt and Yemen and Saudi Arabia and The situation is is awful but you see when we say about a revolution we always have to take into to count. Whether it's been successful or not I mean the revolution Egypt was successful in removing Mubarak. But it wasn't successful in establishing a new social she'll contract it wasn't successful in bringing Mubarak to accountability. That's why in the philosophy of nonviolence to need those three elements. If you succeed season one and fail in the to have not succeeded in Lebanon. We're talking about the revolution. People are saying. No it's revolt well. It is revolution. A lot of people are in the street. They want to change the system. But it's not successful. It'll be successful when one. The old order has collapsed physically. And I'm physically meaning that all these guys are doing home. And when you say Colonia Nickelodeon all means all everybody of these characters in politics should go home. Tom is to succeed but it doesn't stop there. It has to have those two other elements pursued and pursued successfully to be successful food successful nonviolent revolution there's also Iran of course now that is the people are rising up there as well There are some who say that these spontaneous Pontius revolutions that are happening now are in fact the result of foreign interference. This usually comes of course from those who are the greatest risk of losing their power and influence. Do you think there's been foreign influence in these recent uprisings in Lebanon in Iraq at any Ron. Certainly not no. I don't know enough about Iran. It's just started and you have zero news but it's very simple. I mean what power on earth can tell someone sitting in number two year or in Tripoli in his flat go down in the street and Rally for the collapse of The government mean it's unimaginable. And it's a long story I mean in order evolution's the French Legion. For instance. There was a tradition of historiographer that talked about the demonic lodges behind that evolution any serious historian Taurean of the French Revolution. Dismiss this as lazy reading what's happened and that's why relations cannot be predicted. I mean there was a what's up story right. The what's up story brought people on the street. You think somebody attacks on what's up in Washington Anthony or in Tel Aviv or in favor. Now it's possible that evil. It is unfair to look at what's happening in era now. It was a similar spark. They raised the price of gas. So what it means. If it is fathomable it means that there is some brain up occurred in Washington that is looking at the situation in Lebanon and telling Minister of how much air on the seventeenth of October. Listen you know what you should do. You should raise what's attacks on telephones and Mr Scherr got the phone call from this guy in Washington whom he knows or doesn't know and he immediately acted on it and said in government. You know we have problems with revenues. Let's tax what's up. And then that went down in the street and at the same time. The Guy in Washington was calling that guy who are sitting in Tripoli or his flat in Beirut you know what you should doc gooden onto the street. It's not serious. It means that genius is pulling even God is incapable of doing doing this. Well some people think they have got on their side and they come up pretty clever ideas. I've heard but it's good to have got on one side but I don't think poor poor God you can't describe to him An interest in the what's up DAX Let alone you can imagine that some snuck in the CIA has the brains and the context to contact. minister share and tell him to shoot himself in the foot with this and And remain without that sleeping for nine days as we shot however once it gets started yes. That's a different story so of course when you have a major evolution anyway the interest in this country for this to succeed and this country is not a bed in you know on planet earth and have region Agen and we have so people look very closely at what's happening and Adidas points. They tried to pull it up towards their own interests. But that's very different from from the idea that somebody has been conceiving and fermenting revolution somewhere in the darkness of some of some building. UNCG out there in Virginia and so yes revolutions but even this is something where you see revolution. The characteristic is to have a lot of people involved so we have probably two million two and a half million people in Lebanon involved in this. You can't control it. He cannot predict it. You cannot Fashion it into a you want you have a limited number of tools as the government in Lebanon and as a force outside Lebanon to influence it and you will influence it in ways or the other is but even you as a very powerful government. Let's say you know the Chinese or the Americans Americans you need tools to do it. How do you do the tools? The only thing that America has come up with in the last two weeks that yard with the Lebanese people. I'm not sure. Do they know what to do. In order to support the revenues people. We know that Americans would like for instance Hezbollah to be out but they don't have a clue of how to go about it and we in in Lebanon don't have a particular clue of how to go about the process. Well if you're talking about this yes and but it's not. There's nothing novel about this. I've always found that That it's not normal for Bala to retain its And be in government and I'm talking think about it as a lawyer and I've said it time and again Talking about violence the definition of the state the most remarkable definition of the state in the history of human taught was by Vaber the great German sociologist of the late nineteenth century said the state is defined by its Monopoly on violence so in the United States and the United States can exercise violence inside the United States and in France only the French the government can exercise violence that foams the country because once you step in meter outside the French victory. It's no longer the French. The German Swiss the Spaniards who have a monopoly of violence of it. That's what constitutes borders so it's inconceivable the state would accept on its territory that somebody outside the state. I'd say the structure of the state which is very sophisticated exercises violence. And so what has the right to exercise mines because it loses its one -opoly over what defines it as a state. Is there then. Some legal will process. That could redesign the system in such a way. Where where you separate the political and The arms of political party and and restructure that an incorporated in the government. In in what you would restructure a company. And it's it's happened you see it's happened in Nineteen eighty-nine with if that was agreement than the militia and there are so many militias at the time would leave their weapons set under the weapons and some of them were incorporated in the army. And I've heard myself at the time when Hezbollah was far less throng in two thousand and five Itsekiri. General said the same says we can find a way to integrate and the army and laid out our weapons. So it's not inconceivable. Actually it's the only way forward but at the moment so long as as they fuse to put down their arms. My argument is that they shouldn't be in government because it's a contradiction in terms. You cannot have one. -opoly violence for the state and the government and the same time have a member part of the government have. It's earned MM system or violence of violence issuing as it were applying. So you've so far dedicated most of your efforts in your career towards promoting democracy and human rights. Why is that so important to you? Could just you know been a regular lawyer. They're all kinds of lawyers. Why was this your path and why you so passionate about it? I remember that already when I was fifteen or sixteen. I was a great admirer of of Amnesty International and it was at that time time it was a young organization I was in awe before those dissidence who had put in prison for that opinions Sheffield was and for those organizations that dedicated themselves to saying you cannot be imprisoned for what you say and that I dated. I think it's part of any lawyers Understanding that your client has rights. Mike Lines have been the victims of mass murder have been disappeared people and of course they try to more strike more of a nerve emotionally. Then you know big corporation even if the corporation loses a million billion dollars Of course you don't want your client is a corporation to lose a million dollars. But if they do. It's not like this dissident. WHO's Sir routing in cell in awful awful dire circumstances I mean it's it's unjust also towards the corporation if but the type of justice that attach is to physical human suffering that is in me of more than cooperation? Let's go back to a question asked you before which we never answered which is why have you called for a woman to be prime minister in Lebanon on this is the most I think the most fascinating dimension of our Lebanese revolution that have been on violent evolutions sends across the world including for instance. We forget it. But the whole Soviet Union collapsed and the eastern bloc in a nonviolent revolution nineteen eighty-nine and there route other instances in that above elsewhere Hong Kong today is a nonviolent revolution. What is remarkable in? Lebanon is the clear conscious And creative leadership of women so the first day of the revolution on the seventeenth. I was very worried that violence would develop and that had been used that night of clashes with security forces and if that had developed that would have been people injured and killed killed and the revolution would have turned violent. And I'm absolutely convinced that that vision that turns violent has minimal chances of succeeding. You know what happened. The following following day the following day when you had demonstrated is down in the Silla and opposite them at the time rather unhappy policemen and army people. There was of two three women who were standing in the front and saying men go to the back. I mean shouting water. Young men go back and then we saw all these pictures of this woman who was a sailed in front of bank. Audi that famous I can but much more important one when the thugs of I suspect Of Mr Berry and Mr Nassir came down the women who stand up who stood up to them. I mean the pictures are so the leadership is there. I'm I'm just stating a fact. Women in Lebanon are in the leadership. And you had you know all kinds of other things. The human chain was mainly led by women and the women who went up to the far more women going up to demonstrating than there were men so that leadership is is a fact and unless it translates in at least the government which with parity as they call it in French That is half women. It doesn't represent the revolution in attracting. I'd be delighted to have fully female government. I think we would be would be far more efficient efficient and also more more in step with reality. Perhaps in terms of the the laws are non violent. And it's part of it but it is. It's very moving to see that. That women leadership in Lebanon. Because I'd done know that any other place on earth in history had it's so it's such an extraordinary. I mean we. We know the Argentine continue women of the of the plateau were absolutely instrumental but it wasn't that massive participation of women in the revolution as we've had over the past. Yeah I just want to give my personal take on this. I came to Lebanon about four years ago and one of the things I always talk about is how mazing the women are in this country. There's there's some truth the fact of what you said that women are in the leadership in so many industries and I've came from the. US where you you don't have these laws that are in unequal against women and nevertheless here you really feel that they have a strong presence It's interesting it's an interesting phenomenon. Let's see if it translates it's But you speak of leadership in two thousand five after the Cedar Revolution in which you were very active As you stated you ran for president and that's right yes as you probably noticed. I didn't succeed well. Not that time though is just the first time right. Yeah I mean you're asking me if I'm running for president. Yeah no definitely not I think really Very seriously committed to the new younger leadership if he may leadership I think my time is passed so I think a lot of people would disagree and I don't think that it's wise to have a group of leadership that's comprised only of young and New People. You need people who have experienced who will avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. Because they've seen it happened before when you don't have that you're much higher risk. I think of making big mistakes. You want me to do. Well I'm just asking. I'm I'm sure a lot of people would with support that it's not a priority for me. Let's put more modestly. Well based on the information I know oh I'm sure you would have a lot to contribute some contributing and I'm very involved and I think you have lots of ways to contribute like this very interesting conversation tonight the without having to take on the mantle of political position which is very constraining. Yes but as you stated there are three parts to successful revolution Chen and so to kind of wrap it up. You need to have the people who have the courage to step forward and actually you know loop-the-loop as you might say. Well look I mean I'm I certainly would like to see the end of the present regime and I find it very natural to say that all these politicians and the system legal is simple When you say all of them meaning all of them you translate it into a law that says is anybody who's been a deputy minister since nineteen ninety should take hike and not being politics for ten years is very reasonable? It's been done elsewhere. If you know. If an idea like this extreme we will have succeeded in ways. That are quite remarkable. And that doesn't require someone like me to be. What President Minister it's an idea that needs to take up. Take up in the street and in the same way as the idea that the the time happy to have produced no four four weeks before the revolution started that we need apolitical technocratic government. Because it's the confidence in the political system has collapsed so much that That only a non-political government in the sense of new faces of professionals professionals to run the economy would be necessary for us not to collapse so the idea is that you produce ideas. Here's something I'm doing. Take and two million people who are thinking and acting at the same time. It's wonderful to be part of it where you involved in resolving the two thousand six war with Israel what. I was involved because at the time as you said I was running for President and the reason why we had the war with Israel Israel is that in my opinion. Of course you know. It's a matter to be decided. Further on the strength of documents wins and more research but from my perspective at the time I saw the water coming. I didn't see the world with Israel coming but I won't that the deadlock in not being able to the move. That thug we had as president called any Lahud would produce violence on a large scale in the region and we had reached a point into where the only question domestically was the removal of Lahood well Hezbollah and not particularly went into the tour and that made us forget the most important dimension that the two thousand five six revolution had developed which is the need for the new president and so oh yes. The war was decisive in bringing an end to my campaign because once you have the war. There's no pain and and instead you had the war so when it started obviously I wanted to stop for all kinds of reasons including to resume the campaign but Eventually it stopped. It's the terms. Were good in the sense that we we no longer had the war but the domestic dimension was frozen for good I think since two thousand six the country has been frozen so until now so for eleven years with a succession of bad. It has a dense and People who did not represent the street One of the major reasons for this was was the war while you have a track record of success with your legal cases zoos. Yeah I'm sure we don't hear about all of the cases but you you've been part of important important cases and raise the awareness around of those which is already important and then you've successfully won cases which is key and so oh you obviously have skills and experience that are valuable in negotiating complex issues. So I'm going to ask you one last time and in a clear clear straightforward way if You were encouraged and asked to participate in the new government. Would you accept. Certainly not if the current president is still in power because the limits that you'd have as minister constitutionally would be too strict and too constraining to be able to do anything so I I believe. Yeah if there is a new government without the cut Gordon President. I would consider it but I'd have to think through really my family situation and the other people who would be on that Well I think that would be a good thing. That's the major problem we have in the country. Well there's a problem I mean when you speak due to People on the street one of the issue concerns is that there's no relief ship. There's no one's what's the hurry. So long as the revolution is nonviolent. The hurry is that I think people want to feel that there's direction and when you don't have leaders I mean you have people giving talks in the squares about ideas but everything. The thing is kind of there's no real direction of this is what we need to do. This is what we want. It's true but again in history of revolutions the leader doesn't doesn't appeared in ten seconds. It's a process and it takes time and you have to be wise and evolution odd very creative and they create their own leaders. I'm talk about that. It's just you are frustrated. We wanted to happen. More quickly. Doesn't work this way. You have immense challenges very hard to confront the street is obviously obviously very creative and being very creative it's leaderless And it's not going in one direction but so far we've that evolution has been extraordinary successful in Lebanon. I mean it's down the highly government. It has brought down the parliament preventing it from meeting twice. It has produced fantastic lawyers guild is created so many beautiful faces and voices and experiences experiences. This is an extraordinary phenomenon. It's like time is leaping by lighters in a matter monthly. Just been the month in this revolution and look what has achieved thought of what chiefs is a lot of frustration. Because he wanted to happen more quickly. Want to have a government that looks like us in power will come but it it needs more work needs more time well. That's generally positive outlook. So I think we should leave it on that positive positive note. Thank you so much for joining me. I really feel privileged that you join us for your wonderful questions tonight. Thanks for listening to this amazing amazing conversation with one of the protagonists of current history. I feel so fortunate to meet people like she'd be Mala and I also feel fortunate that I get to share it with you. Don't forget to subscribe on your way out. Have a good one.

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Innovative Dutch robots coming for organic weeding & beach cleaning


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Innovative Dutch robots coming for organic weeding & beach cleaning

"Welcome to text a nation. Joining us is Martin Lockhart. Who is part of the TECH LEAP delegation from the Netherlands Orlands through the consumer electronic show with some very interesting robotic technology? Thank you for joining us more time. Thank you to hear. You're doing some interesting things with robotics. First of all you've got something called od bought a which is designed to remove weeds from gardens. I tell me what this will be able to do. So this is solution for Agriculture farmers so we put it out on the field and its role global that can detect and remove for which by means so using machine vision algorithm property detecting undistinguished both elites and the crops. And this is also the setup that we are demoing next week the really cool so describe how large this is for us. This is designed for agricultural fields. Not necessarily homeguard. That's right that's correct. Yes yes that's correct. Yeah we now primarily focus on Organic farmers Because they are now forced to do it manually. Nearly as they cannot use the chemical weedkillers the herbicides but we ambition this market will grow rapidly. Also because there's yeah big Jakko Flake Around the we can affirm fetus Monsanto now buyer. So how also the traditional farmers that still use chemical herbicides. And they're more likely for Stewart Luke anytime soon as well and how is the robot able to distinguish from the the crops and the weeds. Yes this is a matter of really training already radim sober. We enervate the photos where we followed the crop cycle and we made the video to the samples from This video and which we annotated so we label to walks now I think around twenty thousand images tweets and fifty Italian Garrett's so already trained to to distinguish the two and we have to say. You're you're speaking to us from Roma a semi noisy outdoor location in in the Netherlands. So people have to have my apologies so that that is coming to market. When do you? When do you expect so feel? Trials will start this spring So yeah we now into who already started selling it this year. We want to prove that would help with the Robo people can do to handle it. Ethos CTS Forty percents faster than Without the use of the rebels and from here we start to optimize it so eventually want to replace the human Handed doing the hand weeding Fox completely. But we take a step by step approach and this would Go back to a charging station after doing its job. Or what would how would it work. Yeah so we now use solar power so it's it's a Yeah machine where you now have people who you are laying on. It's kind of bats right. A. Are moving over the crops to do the manual. Oh hand tweeting and yeah amounting this robot arm in front of him off dish machine and just so we can envision it. How large is the the Machine so in total the setup is The I would say around three by to meet. Yeah so yeah I'll meet whatever team on but that's an throughout the citation. You're also Showing showing off something. That'll be which is a different type of robot. Tell us about that. Yeah absolutely this is a robot drive. Autonomously the open the Open the beaches to detect small litter Like cigarette butts and it can we move E cigarettes residents and small awfully bubbles also again by using detection algorithm to distinguish like Chelsea midfielder and then grabbed the delivered Litho and collected Dr Opening the beach. How soon might that Be Available is going to be testing that also this year. Yeah yeah that's already been demonstrated this month in indulge work together that that was technically university of belts and by the end of this month. Today we demonstrate our first prototype. When do you think might be Available for purchase the out again. Also we hear Lee field trials. This year So also where I mean for for next year and what we're looking for new types of clients like municipalities or provinces. insys are states that also. Yes see this challenge so we can join forces and and share our design to also enable production abroad. Were you hoping to get into the US market with these as well. Yes yes that's also why we are visiting the see with our next week. Where can people get in touch with you or or find more information so but about initiative off the boat with od be ot and for project? That's project mood arc. and is that the project bb with no break in between or nobody can between project KABIBI DOT. Org I guess people are GonNA WANNA hey. Did you get that Beebe from Star Wars. Yeah for for Beach Bolt. Got It for Bicho and very cool well. Congratulations on what. You're doing there and good luck at the consumer electronics show. Thank you is wrong Tom. Now this how many companies out there have continued to innovate when it comes to building a better radio. I'm fred fish in host of TEX donation and I'm here to tell you about the new C.. Sky Wave SP radio from the wonderful people at sea crane Baba and his crew. Really Love Radio and it shows in this new compact model that is packed with features beyond great. AM FM reception. Unsound you can tune into shortwave signals from around the world. Listen to Ham radio operators aviation and more. It's the radio you'll turn to every day and in emergencies it will run for nearly three days on just to double A.. Batteries hair the sleep timer with a new soft speaker three. And you've got the perfect radio for your nightstand. And of course it can wake you up to click on C. CRANE AT TEXTILE NATION DOT COM and put in the code text. A Nation for free flashlight with your order. They Love Radio and you'll love secretly.

Netherlands Orlands Martin Lockhart Stewart Luke US Beach Bolt Netherlands Garrett Bicho Fox Beebe Lee Baba Tom three days
Witches & Saints: Marie Laveau

Encyclopedia Womannica

06:09 min | 1 year ago

Witches & Saints: Marie Laveau

"Hello from Wonder Media Network Jenny Kaplan and this is encyclopedia will Manica today we're heading back to nineteenth century New Orleans to talk about one of the most renowned practitioners of do in American history known as the new Queen of New Orleans Bowl woman from history special thanks to Liz Caplan my favorite sister and Co Creator Talk to you on Monday a New Orleans style of which differed slightly from that found in Haiti or in West Africa consisted of conjuring known as route work and the use of occurs used their powers exclusively for good some acted otherwise many historians believe it was the work of this small percentage of people acting on bad faith recre- or Jujio people would seek out route workers for spiritual intervention or protection in their daily lives slave trade and then a slightly different form of Oh do was brought to the city by refugees fleeing the Haitian revolution the beginning of the nineteenth century alling members of those households she amassed a huge clientele of wealthy and politically powerful individuals with black and white who would come to her a system that's derived from a variety of west African spiritual practices that are in many ways not wholly dissimilar from Western religions though they tend to put childhood by her mother her story picks up again around each twenty five when she married a white immigrant from what's now Haiti named Jack Leaf and protection from any evil energy or spell craft that might be placed on her clients to provide a bit of background so do as a religious hours of New Orleans Society Marie had a familial background in African spirituality and religion and became even more drawn to it after her mother's death Taylor and worked as a hairdresser to help support her family and herself she also got paid to provide spiritual counsel including to many wealthy Oh after the wedding JAC mysteriously disappeared and was later declared dead Marie then began a domestic partnership with another man for advice on personal and business matters if needed Marie would use vo do rituals to intervene in some situations and similarly provided Jack had fled with French refugees to New Orleans after the Haitian Revolution Marie and Jock had two daughters together then only a year job to support the other while she styled the hair of black clients who worked for wealthy families she would glean personal information about those families and reuse it when counts offers clients asked for ranged from solutions to romantic issues to greater political power and everything in between although most food you were gates doling out advice on everything for marital infidelity domestic disputes judicial issues business finances personal health and almost and she studied under a famous Kelly's route conjurer named Dr John by you and after finishing her apprenticeship she hit the ground running for stock and magic if a nation animism and alternate ritualistic practices voodoo originally made its way to New Orleans yet the transatlantic quarterback they had as many as fifteen children together and continued their partnership until his death during that period Marie opened up a beauty that was sensationalized by the media and nonbelievers that aspect of the religion became known as Hoodoo and is the basis for misconception offi white landowner and politician little is known about Murray's early years but it's likely that she was introduced into the Vo do tradition and its practices born in either seventeen ninety four or eighteen one in New Orleans Louisiana to a free woman of mixed native American African and French descent and in just a short period of time Marie began to dominate the VO do religious and cultural scene in New Orleans. Marie used one any other life problem you can imagine Marie also sold protective spiritual objects such as candles powder an assortment of other items mixed together to create and so the public still tends to have about Vo do today known within the religion as of Odu Queen Marie spent gate protective charms or amulets. Marie presided over Voodoo rituals at her home on Saint Anne Street in a public area called Congo Square served as an officially sanctioned gathering place for both enslaved and Free African people and at Lake pontchartrain where major ceremonies took place for those initiated into the Boudou faith these rituals consisted mostly of singing dancing drumming and spirit possession that would not be entirely out of place at pentecost many rivals over who should rule the VO do system and community in New Orleans she remained queen until eighteen fifty without any serious challenges revival still these practices were seen by many white people as strange and sensational at the time go Marie faced off again Orlands is visited by thousands of people each year who leave behind all kinds of spiritual items candles flowers and personal items in honor of Marie three died in eighteen eighty one still at the top of her game in her death. Marie has become a veritable icon her tomb of Saint Louis Cemetery Voodoo Queen of New Orleans as always taking a break for the weekend tune in on Monday for the story of another remarks finds these welcome Marie Lavelle was.

Marie Lavelle Odu Queen Marie New Orleans Wonder Media Jenny Kaplan Lake pontchartrain Boudou Saint Louis Cemetery Congo Square Orlands
Blair White

The Dish With Trish

1:28:59 hr | 8 months ago

Blair White

"Hey guys welcome back to another episode of the dish with Trish. I am your host. Trish nine here today with a very special guest first time meeting but she is no stranger to the Internet layer whites. I everyone this is iconic. It's a long time coming. I feel like my subscribers are GonNa Freak out mine too. I think even people who don't know us we'll freak out just because your reputation my reputation. Yeah I feel like there's so much to get into late night so she's Youtuber. You started out youtube as what as lifestyle blog or beauty blogger? No I started out literally the same way I am now. Just like I always say just like a bitch. With opinion came on ranting. I was in college at the time for Computer Science I was start broke just like how a lot of opinions. I felt like weren't necessarily like the opinions. You were allowed to speak on basically and so I made a video randomly and I started talking like feminism and politics and all these different things from the perspective of being Trans which I felt like there was missing The right off the bat you're like I'm transgender. Yeah I like Kinda got not rot away and Yeah Youtube Lake change my life like youtube awesome. I Love Youtube. And where did you grow up where? We'RE JORDI START YOUTUBE. I grew up in northern California. And that's where I started at and then Typical Youtube story like eventually moved here. And I'm in your house you know we feel like we've communicated like years ago even like Bob Award. I feel like for me when I watch like videos and stuff like that I I saw you obviously on shades or I listen to you on chains podcast and I saw you know jumper so that was kind of how I got a feel like a new. We had Dan. I didn't know much about other than I know. You came on a lot. That was the thing that I was introduced to you. I think I had just after the H. Three thing because I had your back on that I was like I didn't really like the video that he may right right now. I love now I love h so it's funny. How like you can really hate somebody. Because I really hated him. It was not like a troll. I wasn't like I really thought he was discussing. Like meet someone. And you're like oh. They're like not that person. They're not that bad you know. Try and find like the goodness and everybody which obviously I'm very hated and we'll talk about that. We'll get to that a little background for people who may not know you so okay. How old were you when you started? Youtube got started in twenty. I was like twenty two twenty three and twenty six now. Okay so I'm still in new beyond sleepy. Yeah wow what recently. What has blown you up. I all of a sudden I just saw your views and I was like feeling it. I don't really know honestly I think like the Trans topic like just became really really hot. And I feel like there's news stories constantly about it and stuff going viral. People wanted the opinion of someone that they felt like wasn't crazy to me on a lot of just crazy opinions out there stupor. Radical and mine was more of a middle of the road type of thing right and some people just got towards me and like just out of nowhere like I would say. You're almost a yeah. You're like the complete opposite of a radical activists like I was listening to she. Podcast where you were talking about like I would say south that even trans people might be like. Well that's not you know what I mean like. You just certain things. The first thing always bring this type of you. WanNa talk about how we use it. Something along the lines of you and maybe misquoting but something along the lines of mental illness. You said Oh yeah I said I mean because gender does Fauria is the disorder that transport diagnosed with which was like. It's the disconnect. Between like how you feel how you look and wanting to be a different gender like that's I don't think it's a bad thing I feel like for all the talk about like you know we should. We should destabilize mental health and talk about it. Okay then we should be able to freely. Say That like yeah. There was something I was born with. And it's not a bad thing making lots of a person you know what I mean but it is why transition because this is where I got in trouble so again. If you guys are new or don't know my story like I last video where I identified boldly as transgender. I say talk about now as I thought I was transgender. Just because I got so much backlash while I was like I think I am. I feel like I am even as soon as like a few days ago when overseen Orlands I was like I just feel better dressing like the quote unquote boy. As soon as I put on a suit and a tie or something I feel more myself. I feel comfortable when I go out as as girl. I don't know how to like say these things as a gender girl what Jose like how society looks like girls. I don't feel comfortable. So it's like. Is that this morpheus. Is that this Fauria. I don't know I feel like I would have to like I don't know that's like a question for therapists really like Like someone to diagnose you like I would feel uncomfortable being like that means that you have just forever you know I don't know like I feel like everyone. Just comfortable presenting in different ways. Do you feel like maybe like 'cause you're very like Glam as well like you're very like when I think of you. I think of like long wavy blonde mocks is that lake more of a performer. Thing for you. Or that's that's what I said and I guess I guess. Listen on the video tickets. I don't know I guess I need to know what people's issues where because to this day and maybe I'm ignorant like what the issue was because anyone else who says I feel like I'm transgender. People just like embrace it whether they look like it or not and for me. Because I'm a troll or did I say something offensive. Is it like because I said I felt like boy? No just because you don't feel like a girl doesn't mean you're a boy. I don't know what the offensive thing was and I guess I need to know because I'm not sure right. Well it was never offended like number but I mean let's obviously address like I made a video literally title handkerchief Pitas. You're not trying to no. I don't watch anybody who's made about me either. So I feel especially yours and I remember an followed. I was so scared. You're not transgender. That's all I remember. Nothing like I was I was just so you know I actually in the video. I was like I really like her. I've always followed her but like it. Is this like your video? Like let's hear Allen for you chew a Trans woman like to someone who has transitioned years ago and it's like living life a didn't really make a ton of sense to me like sort of like your reasoning. I could also just be the way. It's waiting in the moment I dunno and obviously I'm not inside your heart your mind you know. Sure Yeah But to me and I think to a lot of people just based on because I saw like the reactions you and what other youtubers were saying and one of them was like some of your reasoning was like that you're attracted to like gay men And maybe I was like I am. I like there's so many hog gay guys in West Hollywood like I was like. I don't really think that's what makes you like Tran. Wasn't I dated a lot of gay man which I don't think gay men would date assists woman. Right you're gay you're not. GonNa data this woman right correct. Unless you're like in denial. I got I lived a gay Guy Right. I just feel like I've been with gay guys. strictly gay. Not By. I feel like there's a masculinity that attracts them to me. That's real I mean I mean. Yeah it's like you know. I feel like part of the problem is like a lot of this is like gray area. You know what I mean. Unlike what this topic a lot of people trying to fit it into like perfect little boxes and Mike I'm not inside of her heart mind like I can't tell her lake obviously the title and everything. But it's that's the title But it was just more so that it wasn't like relatable to like me as a transverse we're relating to the CIANCI to preside saul talking about it but at the same time again. It's like it's you right. It's however you I guess. And the other touchy thing. Gdp my friend who very publicly transitioned she her issue with it or and she called me before her issue that she went out in the video was me saying. I'm not fully transitioned so I guess that was like the offensive thing that you see. There's no fully transitioning or partially transitioning but in my head and I think to a lot of people we think you fully transition when you are the full embodiment of that gender. Is that not accurate that young? I mean there's different Lake like for me like I have a deck okay we we can habitat. Wow Yeah okay. I mean it's like everyone you know transitions to the extent for which there like. I believe Jesus to like I don't know about that. She made a video saying why didn't go. She did she may. So that's like that's like a thing like no one. There's not like a sat transition. I guess it wasn't just for me and I think for others. It wasn't that you like didn't necessarily meet what transgender was. It was that there wasn't like really like anything super relatable like like I didn't really see any like your story in my stories but I'm trying to say that way so when I'm like Oh like I feel better in voice close. I feel better with people seeing me as a boy when I went out and visually as a boy. I just feel more comfortable that way. So that's what maybe something else. I don't know how I the same thing with me. It's like your reputation is procedural like 'cause you have told them to pass which I love. I like live your talk. Radio told you haven't seen any good ones on why you should make more like crazy because this happens to me. I haven't done a video and years where I actually sat dontrelle trying to get people to believe me so when this came about which is something that like hand to God. I'll say this again like I just. I really always felt this that I always felt like as in the wrong body. Like always should be a boy and I know it's always been I've talked about with people like gender identity issues all this stuff like that and so I was like oh I feel comfortable. Talk about this because people at my shows talked about it like there was a male to female who didn't look have any feminine. Anything you know. He wasn't long hair. He didn't wear a skirt. Snuggie free like Berry pre. I would say just a pretty boy but he was a girl and he's like I saw identified them anyways. Okay it's not about me but I'm just saying I just was like confused I still am. I don't consider myself because people really got mad and it made me scared because you don't consider yourself tranny more. I don't say it out loud Oprah's when people come to my show was amazed transgender. And look nothing like. They're the gender that they transitioned to. It just made me feel comfortable now. I'm like I don't really and they consider themselves transgender. I think it's just like you said maybe because I I think I think that was it for me. I think Lake Singer Block. No I know and trust me I get it. I know obviously and I'm I'm not in your mind like I saw wake and if you're listening you're saying that's really how you feel like you really felt that way like. I can't what am I gonNa be really feel it then like maybe just like talk about it more because at the end of the day. I can't I can't talk about it. I'm not allowed to even now saying I really wanted to talk to someone who's very public about this. Because obviously transfers that very very much supportive of it. Like Law Dummy. Eat in the delicate. They're very even when it was happening. They were very supportive. Like to me. publicly privately and they understood it because I had talked about it before. But because people don't know me. I just got scared so that's why I was like. Let me talk to someone unbiased. There's no me yeah I mean honestly like sitting and like talking to you in person I feel like may feelings on your coming out a softening a little bit like I'm like I'm like it's genuine coming from you. It's different talking. Someone in person in person so maybe you can even be real even on the car right here like my fiance was like. Are you going to talk about the video? You don't hurry up and I was like I was like yeah and I'm not going to change my opinion because she's here but talking to you feel like there is a genuine coming from you. Think you and I like I said I would never put him out there because I really. I like love him so much as a friend that I would never like even like two days ago. I was talking to them about it. How I'm like I literally because I had again a traditional boy wig I think it was like And not everyone has the right words to talk about it especially like in the beginning of like discovering maybe who you are Like people think deadlock like the superficial things like I think you guys were hot and like the whig and like 'cause I would agree. That isn't what make you transgender. It is like the feeling of incongruent inside and it ranges for certain people like some people at so bad. That like transitioning is the only thing you can do it. Which was my case. I wouldn't have. I wouldn't be here if I didn't transition. Maybe it's not that extreme for you. Maybe it's just more of an innate feeling and that's okay too well I guess my question is. I felt this way I fell. I feel like I'm in the wrong body. I don't know what that meant as a kid. I didn't think I meant to be a boy as a kid but once I start you know going into school plays where it's again. It's a costume Peter Pan. But I'm like Oh I feel much better like this. I wore the costume to school. I wore the wig school because I feel better like this even now as an adult. I feel better just wearing traditional boys club. Maybe that means crossdressing. Maybe you're a cross dresser I don't know maybe I mean I think it's more of like I think it just ranges I think midas for you was so extreme that I had to transition and yours isn't maybe as extreme because I feel like it was as extremists. Like who like. I don't think you'd even be comfortable wearing like eyelashes right now. Like that's what Trans guys like. They go through. They don't want like anything. They bind their chest. So there's no intimate showing like Wehrley. You know what I mean I get. Yeah what is that? That's why I was like okay. Get that side too. So it's just weird. It's as weird as I'm saying despoil versus Morpheus. What's the difference because I am not? That's a hard one does I had. There's just more Fiat. Which is more of like like? I feel that even post. I don't know what this anymore to be honest but I do feel more like. I've like literally news the whole topic. I literally develop like a eating disorder since the LA. Oh my God I have been really really bad. You talk about this now. I've never talked about it so but that would be I think a former dismore FIA like that's like more body body image and like Wade and like beauty whereas trans is like. It's very hard to explain. But it's more of like an innate feeling of like your role in society like like my role in society was not that of like a boy at all right so it's different whereas like this. Morpheus is like I feel fat even if not really fat like first thing I said to you was like you're so tiny like you're so little and that's why I was like reaction was really yet and believe it at all. Does it trigger? You need to be skinnier like what? I say that we need to keep this down like I need to continue. I don't know what your disorder is but I don't know I mean. Do you want to go deep deep? Yeah let's let's do it because I talk about mine. I have been genius order. I'm very curious about especially since moved L. A. That's the interesting part about your story. Yeah this is kind of. It's kind of new for me. To be honest. I haven't been like officially diagnosed but I've meet like every criteria It's so funny because I remember like in twenty eighteen. I should've deal with Shane. Where talking his disorder and I kind of joked like Oh. Yeah I'm getting you in L. A. But it was not a serious but now like I literally go. Usually I start by awful lot so I'll go twenty four to forty eight hours without eating No say okay. Yeah so a lot of people don't know that Bulimia is defined as Abusing making yourself puke but it also can be defined by abusing Like LAXATIVES. Oh so I've really Chicago without which is really really bad axe. Yeah and like the more extreme because it like you know it. It objectively does like flattening out in like you do lose weight for me but like it's really fucked up and I can leave me even talked about that is it because because you're abusing it because it's you you can go to bathroom fine but you're doing it more out. Yeah it's like all eat and I have really bad self control issues with fields. Like eating entire. It's going to be like Jill like purge and my way of purging. I have no gag reflex but I have but I I take laxatives and it's really fucked up and disgusting and its way T- but it's real and a lot of people. There's been a lot of statistics like a lot of people actually like locks in La and a lot of like CVs isn't after like sold out because there's so many people here. I'm using that way so I mean isn't that just overall does uncommonly happening. Live your life. Aren't you always wanted the pain like whenever I've used them wake up and paying because it's like you know what I mean? How do you I mean for that? What do you how do you? I guess you have to go to see a doctor or something to me and I really showed. This is my first time really even talking about it openly like that does it. Does it bother you or does it? Because I have I my eating disorder to binge eater as I binge in the night I don't Puke it up but I I'll start myself for a few days and then eat a ton you know like all my calories a day so I don't do the purging part But I've never got help for it. I brought to me. I feel it's me. This is what I am. This is how I'm living. Do you feel that way or do you feel like I should probably get helped by could die? I go back and forth like some days. I feel like and that's almost like I'm not saying the case for you because it may not be but for me like that's almost like that is the homeless in my head saying no. This is just part of you. This is what you do this as your process you like Alexa. And then and then you do locks at. And it's like you know what I mean so part of it feels like an integration of who I am and then part of it is like you should probably fix this vetch. You know what I mean. Do you feel you feel pain when wake up. You said like if any of us at home if if you take it and then you take it before about new. Wake up and you have to like. Obviously the bathroom might like it does hurt job. Yeah I that's that's a that's a lot. That's that's honestly. I don't even know what to say. 'cause you've never talked about it and says you come across online like oh she has put together. Now you know like you transition like you know like even the stuff report on. You are very intelligent. Very outspoken. So you're this side of maybe not being so in. Control Lake is shocking. Not sure what to say. And it's part of it is like maybe you can relate because you're uber obviously like Lake there even though you have control over what you pose and your image and like even like pictures and real good over. There is a large aspects of our lives that are not in our control like the way things are perceived transgender like the eighth straight waking up and seeing eight zero h making fun of her students. Pictures like there's a large part that's not in your control so what you can control. Even though it's not really controlled to succumb to illness which is an eating disorder. It you feel like you're in control like even yesterday. Maria sat down to sort of film video and I realized I wasn't passionate about. It are stressing. 'cause rose up. We'll have to go up And then I was like it's okay. I'll just fitness day. Slyke workout like crazy and locks it and then I didn't eat until today like an hour ago and then I came here did you a laxative. Today no no yesterday though because I was like I want to be superfly for TRICIA. Podcast this is the podcast. You don't need to be like just think myself all of it. It's messed up though I mean no I I get it. I'm the same way and people call me all the time like she's basically a starving herself. Those water fasts. I did all video. Yeah we're just drink water and they say it's okay for you. See How do you rationalize and so for me? I'm the same way I do. I actually have anything disorder or is it just like a fat or whatever stay thin or whatever the case is but and then the other thing is like sometimes going back to the this morpheus thing like your body. Image is distorted like the other day. I was like going out to West Hollywood or number and I remember before I left. I was like I feel so fucking like this offense discussing it with that and then I saw pictures and I almost looked like bad based on how thin it looked in the pictures. I'm like Holy Shit. I felt so before I left. And then these pictures which are not like selected angles just like random like and I really what is wrong with you. Can you get acknowledged you? You are thin when you're but when I'm looking in the mirror war like sitting across from someone GonNa feel like a fat fuck. Wow so that. That's that's mypillow morpheus. Because I feel like I have that and then I also have the display area where I was like. This is not the body I meant to be in which is why portray a character and a troll. I mean I don't even know who I am like one of the people ask me. Who was the real trick that the real you want? I don't even know I have no idea. But that's besides the point so I went to 'cause I've always like wanted to meet you and you deal with you I've always liked Gio Like before I was here I want you and stuff And I remember shortly after I met with him and I asked him if I can ask you a question about Tricia and he was like sure and I was. Like how real is she like? What can you do a lot of crazy? But yeah and he was like I would say it's like ninety eight percent real and I was like yeah I was like that's actually really cool because I mean a lot of people aren't the same person in in real life and I think what I say when I speak online is always real. I think there's video and black or I'm a chicken obviously heightened Ed. I used to do a ton of drugs like not just. I mean I used to do like. Pcp fat nausea is like molly everything you could do like you know. I like is to do so many drugs so like a lot of those were drug induced so it was trolling but also yes and a little bit. I don't talk about it too much. It's not like an embarrassment issues. I don't have the right person to talk about being a drug addict. I never really wasn't an addict I just would. It's kind of like an all. See this. Guideline eating disorder. And I'm not the person to be like this is how you Joel. I'm struggling with that and I still do to. With drug is still like relapse. I never really got clean but I guess like I struggle with it but I'm not an addict using every day all I go through weeks of it and then does not do it for months with the same but with eating thing. I'm fascinated by our curious about this because I've always been that way too when you say fasting for or not eating for forty eight hours to me. That's normal but to I go there. I went to an eating disorder therapists. And he's like that's not normal you every day. Even intermittent fasting is considered somewhat of an eating disorder. Now I go to the gym with my restaurant all the time and hope you like. Did you eat today? And I'll be like no because I'm working out today. He's like that's not how you that's not health. That's not being in shape but then it's like you know. Are you going to get help for her? Do you think or you think you've got it under control because you said you have a control right. You're like I can't control a lot of things. I control this so you have it under control. Kinda like a false sense of control though right like I mean if it gets bad enough I probably out for it right now. I feel like I'm part of it. Was I transitioned? Like surgically twenty point seventeen or twenty eighteen. Twenty oh Yeah that's when I got my face on and on and I gained a ton of weight after that. Because I wasn't able to work out because you have like Brussels and I went from like words like that so it hurt like I hear like girlfriend is talking to who had like. We got bigger. I'm like but you don't know about that. Going like the wall to leg lease yeah. I remember G G after her surgery. Same thing she was screaming. Yeah but I gained a lot of weight after that because I wasn't able to work out and I also had just met my fiance. So it's like when you fall in love you'd like start eating among get comfortable and So I gained like twenty or thirty pounds and I remember. I didn't realize again all the way until I saw like Youtube Comments. Sacremento players getting fed getting away like what's happening to black and like it gets in your head so that's why I had your back on the H. thing because I thought a more intelligent video and like a cooler video bed if he would video talking about like why people feel the need face. It's the fact that if you gain or lose a pound suddenly the comments action as you've gained her lost. It's like why don't we address? How toxic it is that you pull people to these impossible standards rather making fun of people fulfilling the need to face. You're right it you know the issue too and I also had issues taking video of me from like vacation at a down angle to like a Glam photo like. There's no yeah that's two different things or he was taking an Akita before her surgery versus Nikita after like a whole other level surgeries. Like or even like it's different like posting just pissed me off. If you'RE GONNA compare at least us one of me before with no makeup in the same to Edano just was like I was where I was and he. He's comedy and like I said I met him in person. He's actually. That's the thing it's like. Some of these people are like so nice and they do it just for attention to rile people up and yes I cannot even tell you. How many has it hasn't been like an extreme? I won't be dramatic but there's been several youtuber that I've met like maybe in my home maybe done events with maybe done like speaking with and like you think everything's cold or super nice like we have to work together and then like you wake up one day and there's like a fucking on you from their account and you're like wait this happen to you a few times. You have not happy. Well I'm a small scale like drama Channel Mad. They talk shit about but not like talking about friends friends and just like cool acquaintances. I don't have any hate videos. I did a little talk. You another Uber came for you. Oh all the time. I mean. They're usually smaller ones. There's no one like super notable. That's on it but it's like you know just people you meet and you're cool with them and then all of a sudden it happens. Is there a is there like what's your I? Guess 'cause I know my my my. Mo was ghosting. People and people love Sanders. Kennedy's to Ponca Nico- so many people are like Tricia such you meet up and didn't so. That's my standard Tricia video. What's your standard Blair? Hey video what do people hate about you? That they're making the video they not hit about. I mean obviously like I do controversial videos like videos. I mean to my subscribers may be even people who know me and like me like it may seem like the most reasonable things in the world that I say but people who disagree. They really fucking disagree. So there's a lot of people like I even had One of the things. I was speaking events so I do speaking events. I've been very lucky around the country doing speaking tours and even just last week one hundred one SCO and it got protested. People came in there screaming on the streets. The police shut it down the venue council on us there was like a little mini riles. Many like it was crazy because your gender or what you say no because I am controversial. I Have Lake right wing opinions and I'm not a liberal. People get really upset about that. Which is crazy because we should have our own opinions and operate to that just like everyone else does but people give route. That's interesting and you're really brave to do that because I Caitlyn Jenner got in trouble for the same thing. She was very wishy against gay marriage. Was that it and everyone was pissed about funny about that. Is that if you actually watch it? Caitlyn it's so funny the way things get missing term we'll get dragged like Caitlin actually said That she used to be against gay marriage when everyone else wise but then she came around but for some reason people took it as a person she is now and she got like drop. I've market when she's very nice right dinner with her a little while ago like a year ago and she's Nice but she gets a lot of eight but she actually a really that person which is so crazy. Hey Ladies I'm here to tell you about abroad comes in over eighty sizes so if you are a bust. Your with me was really odd measurements. We are not one size fits all and third love knows that they have bras and over eighty sizes cups double aid to I including half cups and bans thirty to forty eight all made with signature Memory Foam Cups. No slip straps and smooth band. Scratch Free Band with a printed label. Find Your Fit. 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I didn't know that More so a republican conservative denotes like maybe more of an old school lake religious traditional type of thinking it doesn't really defined who I am but like I do vote Republican. Wow are you socially right or are you politically or socially in the middle? I'm pretty liberal and a lot of issues like obviously and pro-gay Marriage obviously I'm Pro Trans Rights obviously pro women's rights but like fiscally conservative Yeah that's so interesting so I could see why that obviously yeah people give out. Oh my gosh I walk away because because at the end of the day if I was like every other Trans Youtuber I mean I wouldn't stand out but true I just genuinely felt like there was a missing wase. I did that. That's amazing and so what are concert like or what if conservatives and mostly think of you like you go to speaking events are they ever like the people processing. I would assume people because I know I know a lot of conservative people who are v very against just the fact that you're trans in general. Oh Yeah really exists yet. I think things are changing as well especially like in the youngest after the Republican Party. Which a lot of my followers are that. So I'm very intrigued with what's happening next in the party. A lot of them are older. Ones Too It's definitely there like that segment of Lake. We don't trust this bitch. 'cause it's trans like notice that it's because I'll usually think it's a Actually I don't like that but it's different now I feel it's things are changing. Yeah interesting again that you would be so. I'm I never talk about politics religion anymore and I'm definitely not going after this now. We're talking about trans issues again. Like because I get so scared like I said the worst things I say like men are superior to women. I used to be engaged a choice. I used to say the most horrible things and I own up to it and I apologize and it's awful but yeah I say the worst things but when boy anything can tricia paydays I think like I didn't even notice that a lot like I think like glamour and pink and fine and like not taking. Sherzer is linked. It will thank God that must have been like twenty twenty one when I was doing. That's up and like I just wanted to get into. It wasn't even to get noticed community that I did it for money. The first one that went viral was want about men. Yeah I was a hooker. I was literally hooker like literally Santa. Monica Hooker like literally Monica Monica or like no offensive Santa Monica odors. And they don't have access blackbelt my love them. But I was one of those a dirty dirty. Ho and dirty miss something to not have condoms like so. Basically I was taking decorative five dollars so I was like one time I had a video. It was shocking was offensive on CNN. But you made more than five dollars. I made eight thousand dollars off video and I was never made that much. I was living in a car. It was crazy and I was like. Oh this is so then. That's when I was like let me just start saying crazy. Shit the crazy better. So then it started getting really offensive rushing. Why do people think I'm not transcend her like I get it? I get that I used to do that. Shit but it comes but I felt like it's been like you said now you don't think of me like it's been years since I've purposely tried to be offensive so I don't want to offend people and like even with my own opinion. I don't want to offend people. Even the transgender. I'm never in talk about this again because it's so people are going to offend especially lgbtq plus people there like my people like my shows are just that like that would be so stupid. I like trying to offend a whole community and specifically trans like I just have so many friends and I just always have related to that and so I was like. That's just so dumb for me to be like fuck all y'all I'm GonNa Make Fun of you guys like it. Just it just seems so seems so weird so yeah And then I also had said I talked another friend about this like I just wanted to like. Be a part of a group and they're like well you can't just pick transgender with. That's the one I feel most related to do you know what I mean and I guess I just felt like I never fit in anywhere else so with my transgender friend. Always felt like I fit in a little more understood but I don't even put in. Hey guys cubby tried listening to our show on spotify yet if not give it a dry if you have a telephone send them a link to our show on spotify and when you do be sure to follow our show page that way you'll get all new episodes as soon as they come out easy to find right in your library. Download the spotify APP free now simply search our show to start listening. Are you friends with any transgender? Social Media influencers. Or the all like ooh player. Oh what's interesting? A lot of them are scared to say they're like funds publicly okay or that they liked me publicly would rather like like we mentioned. Carmen career or like me. Follow her but she would never. I feel like talking about like I like where you're really I've met gee-gee and she's been very nice person. Okay very very nice. But I know she'd never follow me and everything but look like a know it. Yeah is it. Because they don't like your their competition like no. I think it's because they don't really get the Republican thing and they don't really get. I'm like the black sheep of the community. That's what I always say that And I you know I'm not friends with a lot of influences. To begin with to be honest I don't trust you but you were. You were in a group with like you have Jacqueline Glenn Ligon. We're in the group for a minute like you were kind of in that group known in the museum we videos with no no always hated on Jacqueline. Like flew up there one time now to someone else. Okay not no. I didn't fly up with DOCUMENTA sheets cloud with him and you like chocolate a lot and so there's a few people in the industry that I work for the most part. I really liked not my house. I don't trust anyone like I said there's been people that are nicer may face and then there's a video just because they want to give you. Who is the s? Can you say or no I wanNA know who did I hate? Mitigating shock wasn't another transgender This will be the most clout who's ever gone in. There was one person who I'm at a bitcoin. Or whatever and like he was very very cool calling off my friend Jane back and forth Blah Blah Blah and then one day like I think I like denied him a collaborative something because you started making really weird content and images. Just what was his video? I never even watched it but it was like Blair. Why the face of the fakes was the title of acts. I even know it was like a big livestream for like hours of him. Talking about how lake. I don't really hold my opinions. I stayed for cloud which is like no I really do. Who My opinion like this weird thing new accuser monarch and then like Disag- random jet. People are just like crazy. I don't trust Youtube you tumors. You shouldn't trust you. I trust some. They're some one hundred Shane Now going on a million though he has also thirsty and like drag you for a second of a view it. Just you know what? Yeah I like that. Frankly I was friends with for a long time like they were all youtubers and I trusted them completely. Like as if they're my family like yeah. I guess you're right. Youtubers are are genuine generally fake. And we're talking about this like they're very flaky. Sounds like you are on it. I sent you a damn and it was like boom right away and then boom confirming and I was like damn you were on it like people do not come to ways. I love it I love it runs team. I used to be like that young so the fact that you're still on time and able to do the impressive but I was here twenty minutes early. We just drove around Klay. DidN'T WANNA like we're always ready. I think this is so crazy. So all right so a lot of people don't necessarily want associate with you because just I feel like because you are so outspoken stupid. And that's because when they hold my opinions and they'll DM means secret like like. Ooh One of them's Kin Patrocinio. Not Issues like transgender singer with her. Yeah I was the biggest fan of her for so long. I would literally be in luxury and people will be like. Who's one of your favorite singers? And she wasn't may top top what I wanted to support her. Because she's a trans growing. Just doing it so I was like competitor grocery music by chance. Yeah Oh shut right now. She's transfer she. Yeah but she's transitioned like I knew about her lake ten years ago because she transition thirteen she was like one of the first like Trans people out there and then she came back later with like a music career but regardless loudly supported her. Because that's really cool like Trans pop star like. That's not going to happen every day. So I literally direct my followers to buy her music so like likely like literally money in your pocket. Yeah and then she Demi one day and she was like I want to let you know that I really like you. I think you really cool and I think that's so sweet so I posted Aspirin and then I posted. Gmo's I can. I show people interaction because they're going to live so I put it on my story and then And then people started dragging her for being my friend and then she came to it and she posted on twitter. She was like Buck Blair White House like imagining being so fake that you. Gm someone that you love them and then because some people don't want you to let me fuck where like fuck fat. That's weird because I've had it happen where someone will delete it like Alex Bregman. Who is that? He's like? I love this. He tweeted Music like this is so what I was so excited. And then he deleted it within five minutes and yet he got dragged her but he didn't if he would have been like oh shit like Nah different level. It's one thing. Delete delete because you're getting the one eighty and I was like so disgusting. I can't even listen to her anymore. That's so sad I know and we know what I think. It's because when I came into doing youtube I like assumed everyone was super nice because the issue ever met with Shane. Yeah and he's so nice and he flew in La. When I had sixty thousand dollars I was literally no money when you about you. He just found me. I guess I don't know but he on it. Yeah he was like. I think you're really cool. Come to L. A. and I had never been to. La Never on a plane. Wow Yeah fold were you. I was twenty one twenty two twenty three and he flew out here. Yeah sixty thousand followers like. No one knew me how controversial took a chance with that. Yeah he liked original. He doesn't shy away from that. Yeah people he's not he doesn't he's never judge me he's never he's never not supported me. Because of my scandals you may not agree with it. But he doesn't he doesn't like but he's not a competitor. She was going to succumb and say where water fluctuation. That's like so. Yeah it's like if someone genuinely shows you love your show back like don't be standby is the exact I mean. They're even during entering. The Jeffery even set like Bates said are you sure. You WANNA keep the name. Trish on your pal and like yeah like you know so. They've been really. I mean when you know someone to heart. They shouldn't be and with Kim Petra. I know she was. She outspoken about being trans. Does she talk about it? Not Super Often. Does it make her main thing but like do you think it's no no? It's like a public like known thing. Wow I'm just trying to grasp why would you ask me? And he doesn't WanNa be like association. Want people to know transmitter. She talked about it no. It's the Republican thing. It's like automatically some. It's like a people. Just see a label on there like that means bad person so that means attack you for knowing them and then that means okay. I'll go back and say fuck way it's like. Ooh that are growing up now. I thought I was controversial. Like this is going to be the reality of especially in La. And I WANNA be. That's why I stopped talking about anything like religion but it's good. I respect you for that like I think that's cool. I wish I could give my opinions more. But I'm I'm scared because that's what you get scared like your safety. Only one is instances like like I mentioned earlier. I did my Or tried to do it. My speaking damnedest and it got shut down and there was like police cars everywhere and there was like screaming and like. That's one thing trials like okay. I could like very well get like hurt here so I left okay And the people who throw in the event like tried to throw it again and they captured sidewalk and I was like I'm out 'cause someone could easily combined chink. Yeah so if it's in real life yes but then again also been docked so that's kind of scary what's duxing that's when someone gets a an address of a public figure posted online. Oh so it's like trying to like kill thome. Basically it's like everyone this is there someone like found your address and was like here. Tricia address tweet So that's happened to me doesn't even show up. Oh people have shown up To my building we have security And we have like a few shockers that dedicated themselves to like driving by all the title yelling things and that my apartment's like one of the size of the apartments like a big sliding things with a balcony and so I can hear everything from the street of the doors are up and people would drive by and be like. Sometimes I love you Blair white and sometimes fuck you. Y and and someone drove by and was like Blair White Joey cheated on you. That's my fiance's aminals like Mike Bush. Let's that's what happens making your home. Beautiful is the ultimate form of Self Care. And what better time than the new year to care for yourself? He's been a third of your life in sheets. Don't you want them to be insanely comfortable for me? Personally I got the sheets and they have changed my life. My skin feels softer. I've actually slept longer. 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DOT COM and hey New Yorkers if you're listening you can get the Internet's fever sheets and more in real life visit Brooklyn's first tour in Brooklyn at one to seven can't avenue in Williamsburg Brooklyn and everything needs of your most comfortable life. So your fiance's here Joey. He's in your blogs ally or in your videos lot you as met. This is known how you were met. Hi Guys Matt Chocolate. I think talking about once or twice. Maybe what he was a fan you as a fan who do that but they work works and honestly I would hesitate a fan. I don't I mean I have up hitter. I mean Yeah I've actually there's been a few people who like whatever in reverse data people I was a fan of and I think it totally works. Because you're you're already liking that person and you're like you said. The Personality Adores. Us already feel incompetent. You're like Oh they liked me. So that's good and I think it's maybe it's like the Youtuber narcissist thing but someone who like knows your portfolio and loves you and worship G Alexa. That's nice yeah. I think that's amazing. And so you were obviously open about being transferred getting it on Youtube. So he watch your videos knowing transaction you'd have to have the conversation no-no and he has been transformed before so it made all the sense in the world so okay and here. Here's this other thing. This might be a little like maybe your controversial but just do it. Okay I love you. You're GONNA have anything ignorant for me wrong. So here's the thing that I get conflicted with because I have been with a number of Trans Women. People can ask him a lot. A few dozen is that a lot. I don't know maybe it's definitely more than Joey. Okay well so is it. Is it a preference and my Hetero and gay or as a Fetish? Would you ever date? You would've been romantic with them. I never have but I don't know maybe I think we were both self conscious. Maybe I think I was not about. I think we'd both be self conscious because I don't think we've ever yeah. It might be a but this is bad. I mean for me I always defined because there are a lot of people who have like the tranny chasing fish. That's like a big thing especially for men you don't hear about as often women which I think is clear talking about right I always say like it's a fetish like with like fuck tranny. And you like love fucking drains. But you would never do one okay. So it doesn't sound like you would never do it but maybe you have like reservation. I would totally when I think about the ones. There's chew specifically. I definitely was friends with that but I would any famous No they're not there and I would go on this sound so bad to see I wanna get so much shame because people are like you when you know when Geico anyone who will drag you like when people say they're not racist was like I'm not transphobic Blair's I wanted to because I feel like the only making these questions and stuff if I said this on my youtube I get dragged would be like fuck you for but if I'm asking and I truly am asking some genuinely I've always been confused. I guess I don't know I mean sexuality is all over the place But with I would. Oh so I'd go on Zapping so gay guys. James Charles got dragged for saying he likes to date straight man that he hits on Street Matt and stuff like that every gay guys exactly and when I say I love game out when people kind of dragged me the same way so I guess I'll go on Grindr and I used to get like dragged by my gay friends because they were like well. You can't go on Grindr 'cause you know you can look for Trans on Grindr and so I would look and they would drag me for being not a gay man on a little Hetero phobic. I don't know if that's the word for that but like why can't Hetero person and look for a transplant on Grindr. 'cause that's a yeah. I especially I mean. I didn't know this. Someone told me recently was granted. There is like a transaction. So if you're someone who's attracted to them and you WANNA find them or they're in they're logged on girl then and I guess I gotta here's the other thing is like I don't know I don't even know you asked me if I would date someone like yeah. I guess I would date anybody. I just weird that. I'm going to look for this like why am I think so? Everyone knows what they're attracted to. They're not maybe they don't. I don't know but a lot of people like you know you're talking to them so like who cares. Yeah I think people will put a lot of like wait on like when it comes like trans and sex and dating so joey gets bombarded with questions like like. It's almost like insane like are you gay. Like is Blair manner you gave you suck Dick so just like a bunch of people. Don't understand those gray areas when it comes to this right not. Everything is so neatly put into like boom boom boom right. Yeah that's I feel like I don't know I just feel very. I don't. I don't know for me when I'm with a trance. I don't consider myself had are gay. Just like human fucking of human as I feel. I know because who cares. It's like it's more to me. I just get more excited more turned on. I just like seeing everything I love like. Obviously a lot of people talk about my me having boobs so I can't be transgender. I love boobs but a lot of big boobs right. And so when I'm with a transfer I can see the boobs and about how to get to be penetrated all really good. Do you know what I mean. Joe Is loving this competition. Look different every guy who's ever described to me the guy proven. I'm officially transgender. Have you ever been with a girl? Have you ever been with a female now? It's funny though it's so weird. I was never talked with a woman until I transitioned transition. I don't if it was like gaining more like an appreciation for like the female forum when you're trying to attain it which was my case or if it was like the hormones or as he can whatever girl but it happened and so like. I don't know if I can like really like that like that. But I'm like more attractive to women sometimes immensely equipment or kind of gross. The are and it's you're not you're not alone in that because people would say that about me like tragic girl transitions to be with guys but but look at Ye. Yes and then. She found her life. Which was your sexuality is different than entity. Basically that's one of the backers and that's what Dr Mike set to because he actually he got. He deleted his photos with me because he got so much. Eight for defending me. Dan By your tweets. Your if you put me or in a picture or tweet just never get kept up or I know instantly. I'm going to get it taken. W You know where. You're like this person's to wholesome thousand percent want anyone holds them with anything to do with me. I'm like are you sure like I had Kaleen on here recently? Are you sure because he is? He's been my friend forever but we don't generally film and she's like yeah she's another one who's very thick. I don't care which I like. I there's youtubers I trust in like. They don't care because I am controversial and I think you get that over time but in a long time ago to me All of a sudden now which is like instagram. All of a sudden it got like more notifications have ever had in my life and I was like what's up and and looking like she imposed a picture with me and all conference for so mean and they got so sad like all the comments. Were like your friend of this person. But didn't that person fucker dog they mistake me for the girl who fought her a youtube and she talked about it yes she was talking about like fucking dog. No either way I know you do they all around. She's around cancel me transgender. People walking their dogs people who bet you fucked dog and I was like turn my phone up. I was like I don't think you. Never WanNa WanNa talk to me. It was the funniest thing of all the things you can get. This is this research when using the podcast it was no. It was after that but it with a while ago. Your biggest hate comment. Was they hear that girl? Fuck Fuck I was. I thought I was the lead with care of that person because he has so much shit that about him over the years he's like. Oh that's crazy. Wow that's interesting. Did you ever do? Have Dogs know what my title? I don't look at the title of this video. Does she. Finding Blair White Bucks. Plus we all get P Z. She Barikot she'd probably be like noisy. I have a little Pomeranian. What is it on your videos? It ever see the dog. No because I get dragged when I post are because we were with animal abuses but it's like it's Vegan pet dog. It's not like I'm using like some weird ship from Wright Edelman. My friend was here and he had a blue and I'm came for him now. Like how dare he died? Ignorant about because it's more popular thing in Asia people like loves specialty grooming for dogs. They put them all conjugates colors and cuts and so we took her Chilean Asian grooming place. And they're like we can do our Ping like definitely do her fucking. Yeah so ever since we just like you think oh my gosh she big Pomeroy Palmer. I love Pomeranian picture. She's been trying to get me in palm and ended up being a mix and it turned out to be huge. The American Eskimo Palm. It's like the big dog ever. And then what's the breed of the dog? You have now seem mucky he's palm and he's Pomeranian an American Eskimo. Oh my God i Love Palm you so I think they're just so cute. All FLUFFY AND LOSES. Maybe we people pom Pom Cheap. She so she's Pomeranian and Chihuahua. Little Mix this O Q. Oh my gosh picture of that. So cute mixed pomeranians kind of scare me a little bit. 'cause mine's mix and it's like so scary there like a different. They're kind of like monster like they kind of bite a lot. Does yours bite no especially to wall. I heard trawlers. I've means you know she's like the best but he ever. I would like I would die if my dog I'd really. How long have you had her for two years? She was like she's like my child. I would literally die if she died. Oh well hopefully diet and I feel like they don't last very long I don't fuck dog. She's a girl that girl that is that's GonNa be your trailer very weird turn anyway like there's just so many questions about woman. Pass the dog fucking because we don't want to get to cancel but what people don't understand is like and I don't want to give away like the youtubers secret but when you're tweeting out how much you hate us and you link to one of our videos couldn't either homo. It's like all these other businesses. Pay All this money in like advertising. All you have to say something a little uncouth and then thousands of people are tweeting. The video like fuck. Yes at the secret. I'm telling you even with my my boobs so I mean my tits are very weird weird scars and like one nip up and when it goes viral on twitter. Every time I like fucking disgusting share it and I got like eight million re tweets in that month. I remember I made like a eight hundred thousand dollars or something like that off of like one thing and I was like that was from your only fan. Yeah this was. Patriots was a different one. Yeah and it was because at that time I was just. I was just showing my tits and discussing the Promo video. They were sharing dot com on it so it was so insane and I was like that was gray and honestly I keep doing weird shit just for that reason but the trick and for me. It's last weird jet like I don't do anything like that in a few years you will be. I'm not transgender. Oh the transition videos yeah. I interviewed one for my channel recently. Oh Yeah how did it go? What was good. She she She transitioned like fifteen or something and would off thrown grew a beard. Her voice went like really really deeply rooted and now she's going back because she's like fuck. That was a mistake which is so crazy. And that's why also one of my other lake controversial opinions is like. I don't feel like a little kid should be taking hormones because like you never know when you're that young. Yeah like sometimes you do like the competitors are success stories but then you have people like the one I interviewed. And she liked transitioned at fourteen or fifteen and now she's nineteen being like. I messed up my life. Why is it controversial though like you can't that's what I mean? It's common sense but to radicals and people who are super crazy. It's the craziest thing ever heard like what you don't think kids transition on like no. Yeah Wow I was. I'm I'm actually changed and I wasn't ready at thirteen joking out there so much confusion at that age. I mean not competing but like you're you know people don't know an email I'll say it. Being gender is confusing. We're GonNa make this whole talk of like you not knowing if that was the right label and like how to feel about it and like for me. I had to like figure out like am. I just a feminine boy. Where am I meant to be true? It is confusing so shit. You expect like a thirteen year old. The habit figuring out and then make life changing yet. Can you can't even do. I had a really uneven breasts. My head like an A. Cup in a D Cup when I was like twelve and I really wanted to get the surgery looked crazy like I literally looked as formed shirts and stuff like that out and know doctors would do it like you had to wait like seventeen even with my mom permission like no doctors would do it. I think they do know jobs if you need it. 'cause I had like a nose job when I was like really young but I was a dog. That was different thing. I feel like reconstructive stuff. You need like let me do a boob so to let someone to hormones. That's like am. I grow a beard and like Oh grow boobs if you're male or female like that's crazy. Yadda was bigger than the other ones too. I think it's because I'm right handed and I have like more muscle a huge. I just not really my kind I I really. I think it's because I had so much tissue before they look more natural. I like the round walk because they're like fake as fuck from Mike and Nothing No. I looked really fake boobs. I think they look great when they're up high ones bigger though This one yeah. I think I'm right handed so I think it's like more muscle and the muscle. How long have you had them for for two and a half years? Something waiting there really hard. You want them to draw. No I want this a little bit. They're really high. They're like you're gonNA drop after two and a half year. They drop in like six months to years. Probably because you were so you were completely flat right at ticket like you. Were not wall really. Yeah I think that's why I think those look nice but I like them. I like They're good they're nice and like mine falls. Yeah and I lift. I thought like three list. They don't stay up your lucky. Yeah but see. This is another reason. I just feel like transmitted like more perfect bodies. That female like really weren't females. Yeah so I'm so bad with the I duNNo. Go BY ANYTHING. You could share. Call me man. I don't know Ja there's like you know there's a certain like thing to be said for if you start a stick or something you cannot onto any mold but you know but you haven't had any have you hips her or anything I want to know I like that too because I do like like women with hips but I like your body. Your body is very him but even you are very young blessed by the way I when I walked up. I thought you were going to be taller. I thought you're going to be sure and like your body is very nice like your body's very late like hourglass like it's like amazing. I'm just a little weird today. Usually a little more like Cuba punk rock face at the moment something. I'm not sure and you're MC Arbia which is like. That was my childhood. So like I was like I'm ready to cut my hair short like his black red hair lower and platinum. No I wanted to short platinum shorthair. I'm like I know this is where I'm talking. I really do. I like to look more than maybe. That's I don't know what that is but I mean it's just you and like maybe you don't even have to like wha career word for home. I'm so tired of boobs like me. I've been fucking boobs this whole time. Cy fucking boobs with like. I needed a reduction him. Hell No. Because here's the thing I do. Consider like my look performance right like you know. This is like a character right like when I go on Youtube. It's a character like if I have a hair makeup done. I have a different personality. People say it all the time as opposed to just me me me at home is different. Like so different. You know what I mean even now like without. Harrison's I'm like oh I can be a little more myself which is why I didn't do. My hair extensions for this because I felt like I just wanted to talk to someone that may get it even. If you don't really know ethical will kind of understand I go in reverse but like I get it? And that's the thing I'm not with any female to male transgender which I maybe should but like all my friends are female or male to female and so they just get it more. But I don't know so that's why was let me just. I was so desperate to talk someone who understand that the you know what I mean like. Let me do this on the podcast and I just wanted someone like bias. No me per se now like I thought it was interesting just to hear your story and that you are which I didn't know this as much about you. I thought maybe I guess I just because I saw videos of the UN Jacqueline going out asking people which one is a damn go? Oh my God so it was worth it because look I'll like a million views but it was like worth it in the sense that we did it in summer and it was like a million degrees sweating and like you don't WanNa be the one they pick so it was about it was about fifty fifty did a bug. You didn't bother you did. They didn't bother her because she's a woman women so she's like. I don't care thinking I'm like I'm born a woman like doesn't mean a different but for me when they picked me I'd be like thinking and it was like a million agrees or walk around and I was like three times like I'm ready to go home like okay so does bother you then like if someone's like oh man we'll get because it doesn't have is like if you're going like on the street and doing a video and the people it's a different thing right whereas I live my life. Everything's normal. That was like setting up like an extreme scenario for video right. Oh my God well. I mean my video. What comes from a point to Guam bumble and stuff like that. Oh Oh what. Oh no different nine. There's someone I I thought we had the same you're engaged. I thought we had the same bumble person for a minute. This is someone else I'm thinking of. It's not just got totally like wait. It's she transferred. Okay thinking you know when I'm bumble. This is where like the ignorant. Pardon my video went around bumble so many guys the first thing they'll ask me is like you're not a dude argue like that's the very first thing I think. Maybe like a trans woman. Yes because what they'll tell me they'll continue in person that's rate clearly. Say I'm not a natural born female. They'll be like Oh 'cause you just can't tell anymore and that's the thing in L. A. Like I feel like it's the people are so like all trans. Women are so passable. Like no one clocks. Do you ever get clocked ever do you ever does anyone ever come up to you and harass you pour it like on the data? No no the only time it ever happened was when I was living in Michigan before a youtube. And before I transitioned it was like an in between phase where else I kind of presenting in a certain way but it didn't nor hormones. No surgery and nothing was working retail and this ghetto ass bitch. She was doing from the store. And I don't know why. How like the balls no fun? You confront her and say stop stealing because she coming over time often used up stealing and she's like that's a and she said like the n word like a mantra. That's actually been a man though. Is that only for a man? She said that's a it will usually people use the slang. Like the n word that's like. That's a dude on. Yeah so that happened not one time. I don't know any of that stuff. Okay maybe I have a guy that calls me due to all the time he's like dude. What are you talking about? So maybe something like that. I remember all my co workers like. I'm so sorry I was like whatever but then I moved from Michigan so so here I mean in person. You are just like stunning but I again I always think you're just perfectly like transistors. Perfect you know what I mean. I don't know that battle with everybody in the one. But you're not gonNA event a whole community out there. They construct something not. I'm telling you when I look at like you and they're just so beautiful like lodge. I mean like I'm going to here. There's a doctor named Dr Sinclair who all the transcripts or show. I Love Him. I wonder consultation. Only can you just give law demme's body like she's soaked? Everything's just everything is perfect. No no no. Foreign female are naturally born female. Like looks like that. You know when I see like biological women who do have like like really really curry and like really make. I think they're like journalism. But there's like a thousand. I think that's why I get it so much and I don't get offended. The only reason get offended is because I feel female males. I get a little offended because I'm like well actually I am but like I'm not. Do you know what I mean if I did the transgender videos like this is so dumb. Like for people to think. I'm trolling any guy I want to date is gonNA look that up and be like Oh. She's a male to female like they're gonNA think female you know what I mean. Yeah so I was like why would I put that? I don't know be Mike. Dial is still up. I'm transgender. So they're going to be like oh she's male to female trans job. That would be my if you wear. That'd be my first. Yeah while famous shit though not anymore. Can you do have a question? I'm always so interesting. Because like Edgy Youtube. Obviously I don't have like ten million subscribers like you guys like. Are you able to go like if you WANNA? If after this I was like come to the club with me. Can you go to a club without people really like her on? What's it like? You can't go but can you. I don't think you could either you can. I mean I can go. I mean people come up as a gay people come up but it's not to the point where I'm like suffocated owner suffocated. When I go out I see like yeah everywhere. We go definitely. There's definitely like maybe a handful of people that come up. It's definitely not like suffocating. I would say yeah West. Hollywood gay area definitely is. I love going there to show off because I yawn. 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Everyone's coming because I could cry. I Love Brittany. There was two separate divisions of my life. It's like as a kid. It was like Britney Spears like I grew up in it was like people magazine Brittany industrial the show and then once they hit like thirteen fourteen. It was like a Gaga has everything I love Gaga as still up Brittany but like Britney hold such a place in my heart and the Holford anything like so tragic like and you don't know exactly how much of it destroyed much isn't but there's nothing you know his true that it's like grow. I know I know things you can never talk about it like you know behind the kill talking about it. Sometimes because that that's how crazy and hardcore it is and I know you told me after the bottom. Yeah I can tell you own. Maybe I get bogged. You don't have to tell me. Every young people listen everywhere even heard. There's everyone listening to it's like so it's also scary and conspiracy theorist but it's like it's real man it's a real thing and it's very God. I'm so sorry. No it was not a church stop. I'm so sorry it's gender neutral use. I was like dude like that's what I was saying. Okay Oh my God I have. A friend called me due to cancel. I can't up one of those people that go back into a video you can. You call me kicked me again. That's the bucks dot com projecting. Sorry know it's it's real. What are we talking about bringing bugged to? That's real. That is actually really not because like so I got inside. People know where I let people come to the front people drive out. It wouldn't take much and you don't WanNa say wouldn't take much for like someone to find out which apartment I've been in the building and then put something put a camera like. Oh it's easier than that. They can bug your car easily like you know so like even like like outside the in your complex. That's why I moved on my complex. Bugs like he was so scary. Oh Yeah Makarios booked for years and I didn't WanNa Bucko There was a thing with a guy like I never talked about this either but there was something like a politician that like. I was like dating briefly here. He's a California politician. Not like a big enough trump or something like that. You fucked trump too shabby all the way I would probably honestly I mean. I don't know anything. I don't know anything about politics so I don't know about them. Does he like Maryland? Ask you know what I mean. You have a little scandal. Hits your biggest scandal that you've been in my biggest people who say to block face with dark makeup. No not even make up it. Was You know the boss? Your face masks from Sephora. Oh my God these people tweet the picture on there like Oh Blairite musician. I'm like Oh my God psycho people say that about me my videos I see so tan and I have like the tennis and like your remember that era. Yeah I love. I still love Tampa. It's awful for you but Kathy will say crazy shit that you spray foam yes. It's coming off now but I actually embracing illness to now. Like I'm saying I go. I maybe I just have like during the mcaa vibe literally just meet you know He. He thought he was transgender. To did you ever read about that. But doesn't surprise me. A lot of these like rockers. Especially from that era. It's like they have like feminine haircuts. They're kind of feminine away their voice as and they were like this is the pays me. Well he actually thought he was. When I was a kid. Everyone said he was a girl he goes so for me. I was wrong he goes. I literally thought I was for a very long time. And he never really been talking about he just recently. I didn't know that either and I was like this is why Phil Can. Actually he'd literally transgender. I remember growing up and like I used to be a fan. I mean it's still NFL. Star I remember seeing mice based like feels like a whole different era the whole different world like different universe but I remember being like someday he's GonNa Transition. I remember saying that you're saying keep like hot considered it when he was younger. Yeah he's clearly going to write and I respect that I respect people who like let themselves be feminine or Masculine Women. Without having to feel the need to transition to right. Well I guess that's where it confuses me when is it considered trans like why we're so many straight people or gay people offended when it wasn't even about their culture or their people get. Trans people being offended but the funny thing is not very many people were there was a couple Trans youtubers. I came from but you didn't even. I didn't come for you very hard. I would just more so it was more so like a like A. I don't get it and more so like I like her but I don't get this type of thing like you can watch it. Wasn't that bad. You have to allow enough room in your mind for the possibility that maybe it is really how they're feeling right. He's not really. And then you're an asshole if you do come at them and she's not actual. Yeah and I feel like there's no way to convince you only know obviously people in my life like even wanted you to call me. I was like I was balling. I'm like I don't know like this was maybe mistake but this is how I feel. I don't know does you saw you feel things getting out getting money. And she's like she's like no she does. She does youtube but she doesn't do like she used to. I think just like one every couple and she doesn't she's not I wouldn't either if I I would. I would for fine. I wouldn't grind like Ryan. Yeah Oh yeah. We're like on all the time. Erlich pay Nina Video Anita well. She's not. I never really considered her too much of a trans activist. I mean I guess I guess she is. She doesn't talk about it a lot more. So just like socialite right like when I met her like we I went to. I was Jaclyn actually and we went to her table at the Abbey or something and like she was like dancing on the people like Paris. Hilton thing. Yeah okay so that's because I never. I don't know what activists conflict I don't know all that is. I feel like in Africa. Someone who tries to change things right and bring awareness to certain things and I feel like she doesn't. I'm anxious. I don't know I'm so bad I love. Gd I know she's like icon Erica. She was one of the first youtubers to trout. I watched her before I like. I remember watching. Her transition in her movie came out after a transition but before that I watch videos so she's one of the lake the Trans. Oh Yeah Oh my God. It wasn't that I mean I remember your maybe you remember. Do you remember like I really like your like Greg and so when that happened. What was shook? That's what I'm saying like nothing surprised me you know. Now I feel like it's so easy easy but it's a lot easier for people to come out. 'cause it's I mean. Some people can sit like accuse me of drain because it was tricky. Because it's trying to eat but I'm like a lot of people are talking about it more than anything. I think it had a discussion about it. I think a lot more people bringing awareness to transgender. And you know what I will say. I don't feel bad for making video. Kept it up. Because so many people came to me and said they felt some more ways and had some more stories. I was like okay. Well at least opening dialogue of gender fluidity and stuff like that I don't really consider myself gender fluid but that's a different thing. Now I think in your case is more like I said earlier. Not TO REHASH. But it's more of just like it's an ranges like mine was about transition then girls is like it's there but it's not like Shit. I have to go into US. Astronaut Condition Right now. We'll yeah that's like what was it. Like girlfriend. Said he like makes people transition because his his girlfriend transition did not like going by name and stuff. Like will the child's going to prison though? Actually I don't I'm I don't really understand what he did. That was illegal. He moved an underage girl into his home Who was having family issues and then had sex with her underage the second she turned eighteen. He groomed her from the age of fifteen eighteen. And then the second year in the house right. I have never talked with us because like too much like I. I watched it. And he's like a relevant. He's he's relevant but in a bad way. You know what I mean like. I'm just like the hoping he scares me. I don't think I've ever been scared of somebody like scares me. I don't know we never knew my win But Jacqueline Glenn She j- you know her. She hated me at the beginning of my omega. Because she's like atheists and used to make a lot of Christian content. Yeah she came from me. I feel like she controls. Do I mean I like her now? She knows the game. Yeah her a little expert from that doesn't like a native American. He said I was his dream girl like a couple of years ago and it was me dressed as Gerard Way and I was like oh it's social repose. He's like my dream girl and it was like Nina suit and tie with my thank. You cheated on her awful. Wait really you know any of this. I knew he lived in like bump up Virginia and she lived there with him and I was like. Oh a weird fucking scenario. When I met her they were dating and I saw him like in full costume. Bitcoin and I was like. That's Oh lucky hot. No I think he's not as we have different things. I like everything to be honest. I've dogs do dogs have brains. My first nobody. I literally said dogs don't have raised up and then I was like drawing. I was on drugs on that one. You GET PEOPLE'S. Opiates PEOPLE'S ARE SMALLS. So like you genuinely while you're filming it. Didn't they had brains? Yeah Oh yeah it's crazy and I think that came from some truth on that one because I actually hated because like a dog Renault's off. I think we're talking about like two hours ago. Not even ever artists. I love it. I love you good talker. You know interesting also because we haven't really but before so this is all very exciting to me like it's only matter of time like it'll happen. That's funny yeah. I was actually like nervous because like I said I didn't watch videos. I was just like okay but Live la now now the only refund you have Jacqueline. Are you still friends? Not only her. But it's problematic to get her on here. She seems very products. Because you know she has strong opinions. Should we both came up nuts. For Genre of opinion commentary insulting also problematic and relationships. I feel like relationships are just up and down. She had that toby and then now the native American she always having problems with boys that yeah I only when I met her. She was dating that happened. But she's happily engaged now. Which is a singer songwriter? Just an odd duo together. We don't make sense on the surface but like kind of like I feel like you and I make sense on the surface but actually does make a lot just cancelled every yup. I remind about them. I feel like Yeah I. That's what I saw the video. I was also like we thought we were cool again. I didn't watch the videos. I didn't know what I was like. I did on me because when you hear such by top and I was like wait. I thought she went like whatever happens there. That's the thing with this. Podcast I get really bullied guests bucket. They just think I've been 'cause I'm not bald. Usually I don't like rejection so I'm like you know what I've just everybody. I'm just like whatever I want on. I'm GonNa ask you know. I love podcast one but they give me some guests sometimes. I'm like you've only got so I had all of them. I booked all of them except for psychics. Which haven't been out yet but I all of them twins No there's a second on e. homeadvisor you watch is the The one who does the celebrity ones. Yeah uh-huh fake. I know. Well I don't believe in nature It was weird. 'cause like yes and no. I feel like Psycho Kim crash when Your Dad Diet? It's like yeah that's the most famous I. Yeah he talks the deputy. He's not so much he's in the future medium a medium. Yeah that's IT and so I don't really have anyone close to me. That dies was kind of hard to tell if it was real or not he. He had said something that was the whole thing is. There's a lot of guys you know. I don't know if I believe in it either. Are you religious? No I've never been religious like the whole that's why it's funny and Brunswick chocolate roll thing is talking about religion. But like I grew up like my family took charge a little we when I was a kid but then eventually I told them like this is fucked up though I tell me about. Helen's that's scary okay. Don't go anymore. Which is cool because some parents church but for me it just never irrelevant part of my life so sometimes when. I hear people talking about it a lot. I just can't relate to it but I respect people's religious beliefs or lack of beliefs. I think everyone has their own thing with that. Mine is just like remove like I have no idea about it okay. So you don't have opinion because you're a Christian. Yes I am Kaplan. Yeah Yeah I'm nervous about. It's like everyone has a different. Yeah that's what I always thought when when Jacqueline McFadden upbringing anyone or make about the again about. I'm like why hasn't it bother them so much? It doesn't bother me that doesn't believe in God. I'm like all right. How Fun rotten a boxer lots of your life? I'm going to have in like I know like it doesn't bother me. Stood by that bothers people so much rubs EON was another one. That was like very a hemingway's. What drives you to make you feel like well. How do you topic like your topics are so random? Sometimes and I'm like how do you do you? Just look at the news. Google no for me. I'm very in tune with what might have puerto talking about like I come from a very like the way I came up with like political and social commentary which like that whole world is like many people. Don't know but it's a very robust and it's very like by the minute like breaking news and opinions and thoughts in whatever and so for me. I just very in tune with what supported a talking about so there's a viral story about like a trans kid thing going around whatever like that makes sense to do a video about or if people are noticing a higher percentage of messages like when you came out of gender all of a sudden my DM's because people want to message the first transfer and they can think of and for my supporters. I'm not there like are you going back to justify it. Sounds like it on your page and I was like but it made the perfect sensitivity about it. The nikes oriels thing too. Yeah what do you think about that? What's your thoughts any thoughts or is it kind of underwhelming like okay. You really know I thought dot lake. It was really cool to see like a person who has like dominated in their industry. Who BEING TRANS. Wasn't part of the marketing plan and their career. I can't even say that because being translated big part of what I make a living so I thought it was really cool And Yeah I just like the water. I never really thought she was trans. I remember looking at like some pictures and being like she. Kinda looks transworld. Say No but I never really thought. Yeah no what for me. I always thought it was interesting. Because sheds come out within being threatened. But like let's say someone come out and be like Nikki Tourelles as let's say someone say that about me like who is people are not gonna believe them right like so why. I don't think anyone would have believed it but I think the fact that it came from her. But I'm saying yes she's like. Well I'm doing this because someone's GonNa threatened to do this. Yeah so where did that come from? I was just like well. Someone threatens to if someone said to be threatened to say like I have. I have secrets and someone like no one's GonNa believe you anyway because I've had people threaten it and I'm like well known to believe it like the stuff that they would. You know what I was like. It's Kinda Weird. I don't know I don't know I support her though I think she's she's cool. I don't know anything about her but I I'm also this like an okay ish. She was born male female. Yeah transition like really young and like I thought she was coming from a Gig from it. I'm against you. Transgender male. Thought was like another one saying I did not think it was and I was confused with. I watch it a little bit and then I was like we. I didn't think he'd argumentation. I thought she was like announcing out too and I was like. I literally thought like okay. This is the title of the exact same to you. I'M GONNA put deer Nikki just getting backlash. For how come you see her? She was super woke us. She like had bike transition. She showed it. Oh I guess she didn't I mean how do you have that proof getting? I don't know if you're GONNA come from TRICIA accolade pending much support this Lan and but did she show like nothing matters. What did she show before pictures? Like I know some people are just taking Howard but if you really go back and look at her first few videos just as someone who like no she really is trans? You can see on France. Oh please you can tell us at the beginning. Like what is she? But she didn't young but you can come to see you like the process and she got more and more feminine Zegers interesting. You always carousel kind of gets. He had very pretty thanks. Everybody I like her again please. I admit that I'm ignorant. I'm talking I'm old like I feel like I can get away with house to be okay though if this is such a topic. That's so like complicated. And it's also like this is going to be such a mainstream topic and everyone has an opinion everyone nauseam opinion and this state things the right way the right way right terrorist like just be real about it. And that's why I think that's a lot of guys over like fifty like they'll use the word training. There was a guy returning Arctic. Why wouldn't you call them? And I get it for sure but also when you're like from a different era any people drag me for it but I'm like how you gonNa tell them. Do Tell Bobby with want to use it. And we're at the same thing and also like I don't know I just like if you would've brought like certain other trans people on here names. It would have been them like preaching you know what I mean. It would have been being mean to you about it. Like don't say that right like and that's like the wrong way to go about it in my opinion and I think that's why people crowded with my contacts. I'm never like anyway finger. I'm always like let's just talk and be wrong. Yeah I think that's but I think that's a school and I wasn't expecting you to be like even do you think you can on all this stuff because like I? I truly do like it. But I do I resp- I respond more when people are like nice about it you know what I mean or at least open to hearing me and I think that's I have been lucky in my in my own struggles with my transplants. Like being nice and supportive. They never were like. You're not this. You know what I mean. They're very dislike. Oh well we can talk about it and a lot of people like a lot of my friends literally like you're trans girl boy. So I'm GonNa do but I guess it also people don't like the pronouns she for myself and for me. I'm not like I don't feel comfortable I'm not I don't feel comfortable being like. He collects all the time and like well. Just because I feel like doesn't mean I want to be called here right now. Let's that's what I mean by like just varying degrees of destroy because for me when I first started and I came out. It was so important for me to us. She and her own out right like an obviously that those want their pronouns my family was you still and I remember being like I'm not even going around you cousin or grandma or whatever. If you're not gonNA use that that makes me feel like shit. Yeah I agree I think. And that's why like don't even touch the subject. 'cause I have my own issues with my gender but We'll figure that was one of those. Yeah you're amazing. This is so great. What is next? Are you going to just continue doing your videos? Do you want to? Are you going to become a pop star? Maybe rival impetuous like what is your imagine. I just like comfort like that. No I'll be a rapper. Do this on her. She's pretty poppin right. Like sort of like harness some of your energy or we don't give like Yoda's maker Robert so you were just making obvious way as ingest like if you're doing a distracted like I'm being funny and cute she's yet the tweets about your something like a video honor know about it because I still like. I still so much like the idea of a tram popular that I don't WanNa wake drag Babai School. It's like mixed emotion. Yeah but what's next for me is working on a book about your life or People. Ask Me and for me. My my answer is always like it's everything that anyone who's ever like casually or like loyally watch me would want out of the bucks so I bought my wife but also about like politics and also about like just launch it. Okay pictures everything And also working on a tour. I WANNA do my own work up until now I will meat. Unlike speaking events invited to and like events for like other commentators and stuff. So I'm working on a Blair white tour. That'd be which I think is like I wanted to maitland thing You would do like what like motivational speaking at Ted Talks. Stop title style. Sort of but less preachy. More of like Like a what do you usually as as you panel events with different political commentator. So it'll be like three people on stage and we discuss certain topics and QA and a meet and greet in the middle of the Hall Keel. So for me it would be like the Labor. Shell like an experience. Kinda Yeah Yeah Yeah So tour book more videos. Yeah let's look so you're you're pretty content where you're like you don't you don't do. Tv shows are honestly I so many loved the online space that like. I don't know it's weird like whenever I do. Tv shows like maybe we can like letting you down a lot on TV shows. But when I do little things like an interview on News Nation News Network. Whatever it's like I almost feel like it's so underwhelming like it's cool to have the clip like it's almost like a youtube video means more. I agree than a psych went on an online space is where it's at when people people asking the same thing. I am dedicated to online space. Like I think it's cool. Yeah it's cool drew Delegate I feel the same way I think like why you have such a connection to your audience as is your what they want like. You're what TV shows. We're going to bring this social media. I want to get views. Or WHATEVER THE CASE. And there's also a weird disconnect like a lot of people who try to cross over TV or museum but it doesn't really work like their shows will flop. Enjoy like faith Lop Off. They really do. It's crazy. No the only one who successfully did I think was clean. She had to Netflix shows. I love his get up guys. Definitely check out Blair why she is your five thousand hours like it's crazy okay. What would you consider yourself just or Youtuber? An activist and like beauty were Betcha. Opinion Blare Out Blair white bitch with an opinion. Now see here on Youtube under Blair white instagram under Blair white and I guess her book coming soon on her tours. You have any speaking events coming up or one in Texas coming shop bill. We'll check her out. You guys thank you so much. I really appreciate it guys display. I don't mean to offend anyone going. Talk me if you want to talk to him. No she's amazing to dodge hacker. Either I can take it to to be honest and I'm just trying to open up conversation. I feel like that's how we educate people you talk you ask questions and the way to get over ignorance so guys thank you so much for being here hopefully come back. Dasa maybe video muck bank. I can do a video. Maybe we can go ask people who they think trained people after all. It's your best MC I am from using using person all right guys next time.

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Ep. 94  Dublin Digital Identity Project


37:47 min | 9 months ago

Ep. 94 Dublin Digital Identity Project

"Hello Hello Hello Welcome. Welcome to ensure blocks your delegate podcast to blockchain and smart contracts. I'm will lead also your host for this week's podcast. We'll be discussing discussing the very interesting project called the Dublin Digital Identity Project and I'm very pleased to have doug McCullough chief information officer her for the city of Dublin in Ohio USA. Doug thank you for joining us today. Could you please give our listeners. Quick introduction on yourself sure so my name is Doug McCullough chief information officer for the city of Dublin Ohio. It is a small city really a suburb on the North West Corner of Columbus Ohio which is in the middle of the state I am a private sector guy and I may government guy. I've worked for four different state of Ohio agencies and two cities in the united estates and I really love municipalities into innovation into smart cities. I'm into smart ability obviously into blockchain. A it just really interested in sort of emerging technologies and how I can help public sector organizations integrate them into their daily operations Excellent excellent and I think also inside you're going to be able to share with our audience later in this podcast so straight off the bat as it has cost me here in Intra entre blocks. Could you please explain to our listeners. What is blockchain? And how does it work. Well I'm sure that many have gone before me and failed. I probably will fail as well and I take no credit for getting it right but I will say that I can tell you what it is to me and from my perspective because this is one of the most simple technologies while also being one of the most complex and I don't want to oversimplify it but you Kinda have to a small Description I see. blockchain obtain is a technology infrastructure innovation that combines existing technologies like databases peer to peer networks encryption distributed computing algorithms to form a different way of distributing compute data storage and data security so in its most basic form it works by recording pieces pieces of data into structures. We've taken to calling blocks. The definition of these structures is such that they exist within a chain in that if they do not not come after another block or not part of another block they by definition do not exist. This structural definition allows the existence of a block to carry certain certain cities simply by the fact that they exist in other words to bear Fi. The data of a block one needs to verify its position in a chain that contains other defined blocks each addition to this chain makes the entire structure more and more difficult to invalidating. But if you did and there is a press process process for invalidating a chain the fact that a change to this basic infrastructure would invalidate the whole further makes scenario more trustworthy so that certainly is over technical and quite possibly wrong But the important thing to me and from my perspective is that as an infrastructure it is superior to other databases databases networks or distributing distributed computing models for certain uses and the High find it to be superior for is data transactions injections not necessarily data storage but data transactions. What happened when where and with perfect while if this was was an incorrect or definition what correct one is so thank you so much for that it was it was really good definition? I'm GonNa will definitely always As he knows. So well you know. There are many different schools of thought when it comes to blockchain and different tribes who who liked to defend their view of it right so so could you tell us a little bit about the city of Dublin and just in our Irish listeners where referring here to the city of Dublin in Ohio USA. Not Dublin. Orlands so I love to hear more about your lovely city. There are folks in Ohio. We know Dublin wealth and the rest of the world who have heard about it but for a lot of the world people people are like. I don't know what you're talking about. Here's a bunch of Dublin's in the United States as well But as I said we're a small community of around fifty thousand and up apply. Some years ago started along the path towards innovation through fiber optics in developing one of the first publicly-owned city owned fiber optic networks networks. And so we're kind of a techno-centric kind of a place that has embraced using technology to advance its economic development interests from air. We've been kind of a leader or innovator when it comes to smart cities up whether it be a sitting next to smart Columbus on being part of that same region or being being a part of the Intelligence Communities Forum in which we compete and go for awards where that is the city has an institute the Global Institute for the study the of the intelligence community to help share some of what we've learned about intelligent communities in smart city development and derive more from around the world and share those lessons since with other communities so we kind of want to be a conduit and in a light in showing how communities can use technology to improve the lives absorb their citizens. And that's kind of our brand at this point. I mean it's fascinating because you know just to remind him what the point is said of the city of fifty thousand people and you are quite forefront of developing new technology and. I'm sharing your best practice. What you've learned for me you know you sound very much like a city similar to Silicon Valley and also what is amazing because as it is a subject of our podcast that you've managed to develop a digital identity project based blockchain technology? Why how did your city managed to get to this point to be so tax heavy? Well well there are a few advantages and a few good moves some investments that the city of Dublin made that strategically placed us in a different position. So if there's there's any other cities out there listening you'll recognize some of this first of all. We did introduce me as a chief information officer. and honestly if you're not a very large arch city like a Boston or New York or Los Angeles or Atlanta or a London. You don't have a chief information officer you have an. It director director whose job it is to keep the technology running. Not necessarily to envision. What's next in what's new and so- Dublin Did that they invested in that in part because we're small there's less to run and there's a lot of innovation happening here in our region. We've got a great research institution Asian in in Ohio University and the Ohio State University. And there's just a lot of resources here that make it possible for us to do it. But if you're another city Anderson later saying it. We're not doing that it in part. It's because it's difficult for a city to hire someone in give them that job so hello. Dublin is benefiting from brilliant brilliant now so you've developed a digital identity project based on blockchain technology. What problem were you looking to address? This is interesting Because I WANNA put you in your listeners in the in the stance of considering what a city is we tend to look look at cities and say Stay in your lane plows. Snow Mow the grass. Fix The potholes and cut my taxes. And I'll be happy happy. And we don't think about all the various services and things that a city doesn't in has been doing but if cities do not innovate than we are going to be disrupted roughed it just like any other business. If he didn't think that the United States post office could be disrupted and of course. It is being disrupted because we always thought that we will deliver letters in boxes and Amazon changed all that you know taxes are being disrupted. Everybody's being disrupted cities can be disrupted and I think that that could be devastating for us. So it's my job to try and stay ahead of that and to continue to. Innovate we are candidates for innovation. Just like anybody else. I do believe that there's going to be a new distributed data environment just as the web changed to everything Blockchain the distributed data environment is going to change everything and we don't want to get caught off guard We were concerned about and remained concerned about preparing for kind of leaner government. government As it is now may not look the way. It is automation boxer. We're subject to impact by those as well. So what happens if we have far fewer people in a lot more automation. They're a how're we going to build the service model that serves people I mentioned you know sort of a digital disruption Russian of government just like anybody else right. Now I'm out in the Wilderness crying about this. Nobody believes it but I think we're going to see it happen Also mentioned sort of a declining in degrading trust in a sort of a more dangerous data privacy in firemen for people and we expect this to have but negative impact on citizens in public transactions. If we don't prepare for that Mrs all before thinking about blockchain as a potential solution But then also generally just as a person who uses technology I desire new level control or autonomy Regarding my data and I think that cities are local governments or even national governments can play a role in providing that security and privacy to citizens perhaps through some sort of a service but then finally there's a huge amount of pressure for cities to become smart cities to become programmable to use data to make decisions and I'm afraid that we're all gonna run into a big brick wall if we can't identify people or other private things that need to be identified in order to program around them We're all very excited about cars. Driving down the street being automated but if we don't have a mechanism for identity that's going to be a problem so should have government Create a new identity Regime I feel that blockchain gives a lot of control and privacy obviously back to citizens so that if we do need to program aspects of our lives that we would control of privacy back into citizens hands Eh. That's brilliant. I love the way you explained it what. I'm very curious to hear your views about is. How can cities be disrupted erupted? I mean who causes the disruption that we touched on a lot of points right right nine are around trust around technology. That is a pushing in on FM. Paul Thomas Cars but how do you see. Actually city itself being disrupted interesting nobody sees disruption. That's the thing I mean it often disruption we use the word disruption because everybody thought it couldn't happen like we will always be this and we will always have that So we don't see it coming but if you think of interesting things like Google ways in in maps We now listen to Google about whether or not we can travel along a road and not necessarily that government and there's some interesting stories about global ways. I don't want to center on a bit of it as a example but you know if if ways tells you that a road is open. You think it's opened in may be a sign there but somebody moved but it only sees. He's traffic moving through someplace. And so It advises people to undertake actions according to itself that's a disruption. You know we. We are no longer in control of where people drive or restricting roads in some senses but I look at things like package delivery and in really roadways if if you look into smart cities you will find that they are very centered around transportation and the nature of transportation. The roads the traffic lights. How fast people go? A lot of that stuff is being moved into technology. Benders if you look at the technology that's going into vehicles to make connected vehicles These are software companies. They're not necessarily governments and win. Software companies get better at directing people. Traffic perfect keeping them safer than governments are no longer doing that. They are not the primary safety or life safety partner in your life life. What happens if that goes across a whole different sector of Things that happen and by the way. I'm not saying it's a bad thing I think it's good that You know you could find technology that could do a better job at keeping you safe. The question is who controls that what is is. Where does a citizen have a some direction capability in that scenario and governments are not in a position to even speak digital digital language than the private sector will become the primary source of what we used to think? Governments do understood understood so even in a scenario canario where the public sector works was software companies or digital native companies. There's always a question in terms of WHO's GonNa be on the data and I guess the identity around them that data and I can get another person's I think so I think we all hopefully we all kind of agree that individuals should have some lever level of sovereignty or control over their own data but make no mistakes Big companies as our building cities now building whole cities. They're building schools. Why is that happening? But you know there's a lot of money and investment and opportunity and they have the ability the of innovating in ways that what used to be government does not. We've got to keep up so that we stay at the table and we are a part of things in in a digital way not just the creators of laws legislation of course. It's like non incumbent industry whether it's insurance banking of her marsupials in you always have the large incumbents who run. The risk of been disrupted by digital native company with us. Google facebook Amazon here. You're just taking this from a safety perspective where you want to make sure that you're not in incumbency that you can take the lead and I find it interesting. That in some ways you started arriving for structure was so. You're you're fiber optics and now you're moving in terms of identity Now when you look at identity why felt that blockchain was the right technology not to address this opportunity. Well and I'll get into some personal feelings here as a sort of a privacy advocate and not a representative of government government But I I do feel that individuals should have some control. They should be in charge of this question I I think that as a local government we can have influence over how this is created in. I feel that this is a great service to people like. Who's going do this in people's interest and I fear that Having a prophet motive could color. Or you know disrupt disrupt sort of the opportunity for Helping people be the sovereign Sort of democratic leader of their own lives where this is concerned and so honestly I wanted to get there. I wanted to help create an identity conversation I station before Our package delivery or are rideshare or are connected. Vehicles becomes the primary vector for this. This conversation So it really began as a a thought exercise. About what will government be ten years from now. Twenty thirty twenty forty. What is our role with people and I think there is a trust conversation and what we expect from our government that that we can play a a major role? So that's that's why density as a book but I also WanNa mention this is not to the exclusion of other smart city or other technology. Things that we're doing. We are doing smart robes and smart mobility we are doing a security So we have a significant amount of other innovations. That were doing we. I just want to imperil include identity. Right now we're talking about people but you can extend this to families households Assets property all sorts of things that we're going to expect to be programmable screw algorithms but they have to be identified if that's going to be possible the future of course. Of course I find interesting. That you mentioned the no Smart cities because did you in all your work. You're doing it within the digital space. How much inspiration did you take from other digital city programs abroad whether it is in Talon for Estonia Dubai the United Arab birds or any other such locations to reach out to other smart cities around the world to draw your inspiration? Well yes and not either of those two although I do I do know some people from Estonia and I have observed there Things in that Saddam called panels with some technology professionals out of Estonia but yes as part of the intelligent community forum which has a global summit by the way every year That I have been participating in for the last several years and you meet people from all over world all over the world and you talk about some of these technologies so I have been inspired even from afar where those are concerned but there are also smaller communities that. You're not going to hear that much about that. have some pretty impressive advanced programs like this in the best place to be is to take the best of what's going on around the world and what's right for your local community and make it happen there make no mistake. Smart cities comes first and then we get into transportation Russian insecurity and education and identity in all of those things but it all the concept of the smart city was was really I get. Yeah Yeah Yeah and when you look at the digital identity project what were some of the barriers that you were faced with. And how did you manage to circumvent invent them. Well one barriers perception when you use the term blockchain and I'm sure guests so when you talk about people here cryptocurrency gap and they hear Bitcoin and they hear that they don't hear blockchain and so we do try to that we started just calling it digital identity and and not so much blockchain because it distracts people and they think of it as the flavor of the day and Hype and all of those things. So that's an issue. We don't have a lot funding There's no funding for these kinds of innovation so you kinda have to partner and do public private partnerships and and explore a really Lee low budget kind of experiments in. That's why we done a proof of concept at a very limited way So those are a couple couple of barriers. There's not a lot even the most advanced smart cities that you're hearing about. There's not a lot of funding there and there's a lot of doubt Dublin in our recently at an event the other night Two percent Many of these advances to residents has a very active in supportive residents base. So my advice is for other cities is if you are typically in the stance of telling your city you really are no good and you doing everything wrong. And we don't trust you. They're not going to innovate a whole lot. And you're not going to bring a lot of ideas to you but if when they do bring a new idea to you you say. Hey We support this. We want you to continue. You're likely likely to get better innovation out of your community and I get a lot of out of the people of Dublin. Ohio route excellent excellent. You're taking a very customer. centric took approach. You have a community. That supports your initiatives. This is really good stuff it's You're acting a lot like a start up by the sounds of it. Yeah absolutely absolutely there is co creation and I actually do use startup concepts and principles. We use agile. We talk about iteration in in. That is very difficult. Vocal for government Yes to interim governments have budgets. They have you have to have your idea fully baked and then you present it and then you get budget for and then you must be successful. There's a very rare situation where you can try something. And that's an education thing that we really have to work on a lot definitely definitely so. Can you describe to us a little bit about your digital identity solution and for example how how was it designed. And how did you enter your partners owners to build a solution that I'd like to hear more about it please. Yeah we actually created a group before we thought about developing solution here called the Dublin blockchain group. That was my attempt to plant a flag A few years ago a couple years ago Where we said we want all all of the tech companies in the area to come out? Sit Down Hackers. You know People in the back rooms there companies. Who are really experimenting in? SORTA keeping these these skunkworks in secret. Come out and amongst friends. Were just going to discuss them. We had a few meetings of that in a few companies emerged as really just being compassionate about this I started talking to one. It was a software verde and we started conceiving of what would be great use. Case for how government could be using blockchain. What's a value to citizens and we did go through an RSP process and they were selected But it started with the Dublin blockchain in grouping in doing that I do WanNa mention to you some of the characteristics of our digital identity. Because I think that's also what you're asking and one of them is just the identity we're using a qr code and some encryption which allows you to use public private key kind of scenario so that you walk into a government building lingers Qr Code. There you use your phone to scan it or to be scanned by it and certain personal information would be able to be passed. This is in my view personal identifiable information or P I as a service so that data is data that we have on you you as a citizen we WANNA keep it in one place not in file cabinets all over the city putting one place so that when you scan your digital identity you can be identified forums or two interim meeting to do any of those things. There are two other aspects of the identity that I consider applications. One of them is a points based system that we have Dublin points so that you can use your digital identity to undertake activities which is consistent with the values of our community such as sustainability or cybersecurity or volunteering or something like that and you will gain points from from the city that you could regain for some cities swag or for some benefits or something of a arbitrary value and that's an important part so the token go ahead. It starts at this point in a token format. I'm assuming they are in. It's an arbitrary value. So if I give you five points that doesn't Correspond to fifty cents or five dollars anything like that. You can only use them in coins. Trading and the third application is around polling. Need to as a city vehicle to ask you a question as a citizen and you need to be able to answer and you need to have trust that your answer Sir or your polling question. Your vote has been taken seriously that it is cure. It's not tampered with those things in meeting to know that you are a citizen that you actually answered this question with that functionality. There's a number of things that we could be doing as a city that currently under our democracy interesting we only use othing for votes for people for questions inferred certain taxes but don't express our desires to our government comment more frequently in a very reliable man so that is part of the experiment as well. So there's a digital identity. A token of value and Poland are all three applications of this excellent. Now how long has has been Live and what are some kind of the re- The The data points in terms of the results on. How often is it being used? I'm trying to get an idea of you know of of how well it's being accepted by the community while again we're taking an interest in stance and so we had done a significant amount of testing we tested with internal it staff of the city first. And then we test was city city. Staff were not outsiders and we had another session which we tested with volunteers who are not members of city staff with the residents residents of the city and then we just the other night had of a mortgage consideration kind of thing with members of the public so it is not widely in use has been live and in production for only a few weeks. Now actually And we're going slow. which is something that most governments don't have the ability to do you have have to show results immediately but because our project is not dependent upon life safety or anything like that? We didn't spend a huge amount of money on it. We can get it right A.. And take our time so I don't have. It would be less than ten people using it now because again. We WanNa work the bugs out. And we're having people experiment with entering the eighty eight of the feedback that we've gotten from residents and all across our region is a huge amount of positivity just for the experiment and we WANNA to make sure that we're not representing this as anybody in the city of Dublin. Hasta this or will ever have to have it. It's not a requirement it is strictly voluntary. I WanNa make sure that there's a comfort level with people at we're not usurping or taking over what the identity system that is not the case so this is a slow moving okay okay And in terms of the actual infrastructure picture that you use. I understand that you built this on Bitcoin cash. Could you explain to us some of the reasoning for that. Sure while it was presented to me. I am not a person who is part of the global battle between the coin. Bitcoin cash or different various crypto currencies currencies. In in in those kinds of things. I am more practical just in terms of stability availability Installed base and some of those things so as it was presented to me I looked at bitcoin. Cash as up something that just worked I am not concerned about joining into a global community although there is one for all of these crypto currencies do like other crypto currencies games. I like a theory I like. I think that there's a lot of advantages to them but part of the reason for us. Doing this project is for us to learn as well so I don't need the selected elected infrastructure to be perfect or for it to last a hundred years so I don't need to get into those arguments or questions what I need stability not in availability and I found that the bitcoin cash community has the technology that we need in order for these information transactions to be a highly available highly secure and. I don't spend a lot of time talking about it or evangelizing about bitcoin cash specifically of. But I can tell you that it does everything that we asked to do have had no stability your or security questions around it and I feel really good about that choice. EXON EXON and when you're looking at the T. cited you consider self-serving identity platforms such as ones by bill bill by sovereign or others or What was your thinking with regards to these kind of platforms? I did not only because of their ultimate goals. At at the end of the day we are government and we are attempting to create something that allows us as a government to hold onto I personally identifiable information and interact with residents self sovereign identity as I understand. It is highly independent of Any type of government interactivity and so it just didn't fit for what we were trying to do. In terms of applications. Like when I'm talking about polling and points in those kinds of things however I believe in the self sovereign identity concept and we want to make sure we're we're developing a platform that can be integrated with other forms of digital identity especially where blockchain is concerned so. We didn't go in that direction election for this particular experiment. But I remain open to the possibilities of integrating with or you know eventually just sort of melding these various Identity scenario of course. Of course now I understand. You're still in the early stages of your project. But what have you given some thought. In terms of some of the additional features you would like to include an into your project. Absolutely we it. You have to be careful about Matt Dreaming Big Fast and sometimes you've got a platform that works in the immediately start thinking of under different applications. And you don't have the money a Europe those kinds of things so we we are spreading this in evangelizing about it. In looking for private partners there is a very interesting use case in which a private company bunny could utilize. Pi of individual with their permission without having to store it. So I think there's some Public Private Evan partnerships that could come out of this Initially for us just as a city we see the ability to go in make a request for a service from your city any by just scanning. Qr Code as being one of the simplest basic things that we just want to spread across all sorts of different services that we offer today. We also I WANNA get into our public school system. There's immediate applications there so that some of the Business Education and nonprofit kind interests are able to take advantage of the existence of such a thing about this is all experimentation in those are very attractive to of course of course nine nine again. I appreciate you know that you're still in the early stages but you probably you're gonNA get already have or will be getting very fast. Some learnings regarding you know the project you're working on and do you believe that your platform or at least your learnings could be part of a larger state digital ought entity program or perhaps even part of federal one absolutely and we've actually heard from states other states that are developing theirs and They find that this platform is a very interesting one to go forward with so States are looking at that some other states and the federal government I believe are independently developing and designing some of these things. If you figure a small suburb was able to do it. Certainly the federal government can come up with scenarios. Well they they cannot move as fast as we can and so again we wanted to plant a flag and make it so that we didn't get frozen out because once a state decides that this is how it's going to be. It's going to be very difficult for cities to experiment and do those kinds of things again. That's our brand. There are other cities around the state of Ohio. Who who are looking to throw in with us in and do some of the same things and we see? The collections of cities can be as powerful as states are and so so. It's Kinda up in the air how this is all going to shake out but we want to be at the table. We don't want to hear from another government that hey we figured it out. Just do do what we tell you to do. WE WANNA be. Hey we were there two years ago. So we're going to be part of. This design was interesting because I actually have a theory that were potentially the where the way the world is changing and they were going to go back to the the Greek Times of the city to city states in a way where they will have known known some more influence than than proper country in itself. So it's interesting but I'd be curious to know in terms of if we have some CD mirrors around the world who are listening to this podcast. What top tips would you give them when they're considering whether or not to build out a digital identity project project the first one as I said earlier 's to have CIO have people in your team having having conversation about your long term future which is really difficult to do? But that vision of that. And I am looking at post. It's all over my wall. My Office Office of of you know just what happens if taxes changed or what happened if the entire economy were to change its structure. What what would happen? What would you do as a city and then look at what kinds of things you can do but then the big one is what's missing and what I found is that identity was missing like? We don't have the means of identifying nine people as a city a lot of that data is the states and they don't share it so we need information. That today is the purview review of other institutions. We're going to have to create something new and that's the exercise. I would recommend city leaders. Go through I also strongly recommend connecting acting with an having conversations with other cities regularly in Ohio We have regular conferences with cities on the other side side of the state where we sit and talk and compare notes. That's important you can't do it all as an individual city you need. The learnings of other cities definitely definitely so here. Intra blogs we are very passionate by diversity and I noticed that last year you co founded black tech lumbers to create create a place for a black tech professionals. Do you believe there's enough diversity in the bucks in community and if not why is it important. We'll know there's not an blockchain community is not very different from the rest of the technology community and you'll find a general lack of diversity On many different levels of we had spoken spoken about geographic diversity even in technology. Our country is very dependent upon silicon valley silicon alley the coasts and the lifestyles and culture of people from those areas. And there's just generally a lack of diversity here I would say that with the developmental blockchain as a global technology. There is such an opportunity to begin to include more diversity. And it's our responsibility ability as the pioneers of this technology to make that happen the short answer though is that. No there's not I. I am very encouraged by some of the diversity. We have in our local blockchain community. There's something here called the the government blockchain association and there's a black woman In Ohio who runs that organization. That chapter here I have found that we're doing a little bit better in terms of getting people early access to it but ultimately we need to have that conversation both in blockchain or any other part of our technology environment completely agree completely agree. I want to thank very much. Doug for sharing your insights on building Jilin Vanity Project for for the city of Dublin. I mean personally very fascinating and the work you're doing and still got some active. Say so that out of the city of fifty thousand you have developed within your community such an advanced form. I'm of thinking and approach a technology. I really commend you on that and disrupts updates blocks podcast. We hope you've enjoyed this episode if you like what you've heard for this week please don't forget to subscribe to our podcast review and we do. We do love good reviews so please hesitate Doug Breezy. You're still in the early Lee stages and your product by. I'd love to catch up in six months to a year to see all the wonderful learnings that you've come out of your project absolutely. Thanks well this has been awesome. Thank you and.

Dublin blockchain Ohio chief information officer United States Google blockchain doug McCullough partner Columbus Ohio Dublin blockchain group government blockchain associat Lee Blockchain Orlands publicly-owned
Episode 221 (2020) Tammy Darcy On Opportunities For Social Enterprise Growth In Ireland

Impact Boom

15:52 min | 2 months ago

Episode 221 (2020) Tammy Darcy On Opportunities For Social Enterprise Growth In Ireland

"I was approached a number of months ago by a group of Practitioners and Support Association? Enterprise quiry respect people who've been instrumental in building the factor unlike just Meyer so much of what they've done and when I was asked to become involved really felt that it was I, want amazing opportunity for me. It's also to be a practitioner. Welcome to impact firm that old research the globe you'll find the people, stories, ideas, and inspiration to help you create maximum positive. Each week impact boom brings you thought provoking interviews with worldly practitioners passionate about creating positive social change. These designers, social entrepreneurs, educators, innovators, thinkers, and doers, shed their projects, initiatives, thoughts, and insights creating a better world. You can find all the stories, links and other great content at impact will. Follow us on facebook or twitter for the latest updates or subscribe to the newsletter or an chains. Thanks for listening to absorb found in twenty one of the impact burn my name's and I'm passionate about bringing the latest us and insights to help you create positive social impact. Today. was staying with Tammy Dossey. Two Thousand and twenty chemi dossier was announced as interim CEO of Ciri, the Social Enterprise Republic of Ireland's a new representative body for social enterprise an island. In. Her new role, she aims to unite it growing social enterprise, sector, Orlands ensuring an inclusive practitioner lit approach. Tammy has first hand experience of creating and Scaling Successful Social Enterprise. She's the founder and CEO of the Shiner Project A multi-award-winning social enterprise that aims to educate, empower and inspire. Today's Irish girls become tomorrow strong, confident, and curious young women. Founded in two, thousand, sixteen, the SHAINA PROJECT PROVIDES A. Tango with information advice and a safe place to share their stories through the school workshops, events and online community. The organization is a tribute to Assistant Sharona who's diagnosed with a brain injury fifteen and now requires full time Nursing Care Tammy holds. In human resources and am I in business management and is currently studying. Am I in Education Tammy is a social entrepreneurs Ireland awardee two, thousand seventeen the Social Innovation Fund Award Eve two, thousand nine, hundred, nineteen Winna of CEO the year our sh- women's awards and Image magazine social in their the year farm list of two, thousand, nine, hundred, and nineteen. So with lots of those wards under her belt, today's podcast is going cease discussing Tammy's insights into the social enterprise movement in. Ireland, with daytime around the newly formed Surrey and Hell Arlyn's social enterprises have been. Responding to Kobe nineteen. So tell me it's a pleasure to have you here. Thanks so much for joining us. Mining is going to be here. Thanks for having me a pleasure. So tell me to kick things off. Could you play showed a little bit about your background and what led to your passion in Social Enterprise? Yes. So you've already mentioned quite a bit of my background there and I guess like a lot of social entrepreneurs are was one before really understood what it meant are even heard the term. So I launched the shoulder project in two thousand sixteen. Story that actually goes back very on time since fired by my experiences teen and also that as my sister shown. When we were fourteen and fifteen. We had a tricky year as as a family hurt her in. Assab. See was really really challenging for us but we also had kind of family troubles and experienced bullying school. So as an adult I guess it was really inspired by her those negative teenage experience turn confident girls with big dreams into anxious young women who have who really lack self belief from confidence. No, and that's the area that we set up the organization to work in. We've been really grew and at a very large that asked for years. During those years has become Amazing Bus Emerging Social Enterprise Sector in Ireland I've just become so passionate advisors like my dad was in an inventor and entrepreneur and a gas it's kind of in my blood but to be able to with that social slant is something. Has You know I've really enjoys and I've really been interested in and I've been taking part in national conversations, read what the future could look like for the sector Ireland I. Suppose that's what led me to where we are now. Wonderful. So you also are that interim CEO at the certifies Republic of Ireland too. So really came to hear about one of the world's most newly formed networks and the sort of work that you're doing its purpose and why it was set up as we're only babies we. Were, launched on the tenth. July to be at representative body for Social Enterprise in Ireland and it was born from a call within the sector for united voice I was approach to number of months ago by a group of Practitioners and Supporters Association. Enterprise who I really respect people who've been instrumental in building the factor unlike I just admire so much they've done and when I was asked to become involved really felt that it was first one amazing opportunity for me, but it's also to be a practitioner and. To be able to represent the voice of my colleagues in sanctuary thought was a really nice opportunity to. So our intention I gases for the organization to be reading involved in the growth of social enterprises and for our members to be represented in the conversations about water collective needs are. So at the moment, we're consulting with them and creation channels to captured that feedback and inform our work going forward. So inclusiveness, one of our key values and making sure that like social enterprises, such a broad sector in Ireland is why we've got large organizations urban-rural and just get to know them all. is going to be immediate talent. So there seems to be general consensus so far in our conversations that. Used to be trees awareness of social enterprise and the impact that we create but also to collect data, which will help us to share that story. Absolutely and I mean as both the leader of the shiner project, and now very much voice for the sector in your colleagues. What sort of observations do you have in general of the PROSPECTOR ARLEN? Well in both rose as as a practitioner Adams, in this new role as interim CEO. Sorry, it's I'm so excited about social enterprise in Ireland, I think it's really a start of a new era for sector. rich history and social enterprises but we just haven't been recognized previously like I'm not sure if you're aware G. A., which is our gala games association a huge part of our culture founders nineteen eighty-four it's only now being recognized as a social enterprise can create more credit unions per capita than were amongst the highest in the whereas anything. Highest. The emergence of social enterprises head of all shapes and sizes which are creating all sorts of different impact lots of diversity. And Just in October last year the Department of Community Affairs, which is worse social enterprise sits launched Ireland's first price policy which we've never had before. So even for that level of recognition, the policy just means dash as sorry. Now, being launched to read it forward to working with government with your stakeholders built on bringing mark. This being done to make sure that we have to we contributed the delivery of that policy. Absolutely and what better time than now, where the a large part of the world or or globe in general is really seeing some huge changes as a result of covid nineteen. So what sort of changes have you seen in the way that social? Enterprises Upright and in their response to this pandemic like it's obviously being very, very difficult and hot to adopt very quickly to find ways to reach our beneficiaries. Many of whom I would say would need us now more than ever before. In terms of revenue I. Don't think there's many price of come across that haven't been directly impacted and just use the Shona Project example. Majority of our revenue came from Newark that we did in schools and we would have held a number of conferences every year. But April obviously been canceled really entire year no idea of if and when it might come back to some sort of business as usual but what has happened is that so many of us have been forced to. Take those ideas that we might have scripted a notebook somewhere a meant to get around to developing are meant meant to get around to seeing if there was other ways that we could add to that business as usual. So I've seen social enterprises that have been very innovative and we're very resilient. We've seen some amazing solutions emerge some great partnerships, some new brilliant vacations. And I wanted to really really being a challenging time quite stressful for a lot of Iran social enterprise godless sector. I could see a lot of positives commanders, a lot of promise for the future. If we just get through this next few months earned our year our sow Yup. Absolutely. So you talk about those positives obviously with with challenge comes opportunity where he sees some strong opportunities than for the social Orland, and what do you believe is needed to build on the camera Menton Leasing. I think our first step is to measure where we all right now to measure the value that we could tribute and the impact that we create how many jobs he sustain, how we contribute not just the economy but also to society, it's only Dan that we can measure where we go from here and where we come as your growth and we can defend the need for courts. That we require I think there is a wealth of knowledge experiences goodwill within the actor in it's being shared fire you informally through informal networks over the last few years. But I'd like to see that grow I'd like to see the story being to more formerly things like education and ought to be more integrated in the MAR traditional business community. So, lows of opportunities knows of areas where we look forward to adding value and he's a little bit earlier about that strategy being released, which is hugely exciting. But hell else do you say that government money best support businesses social enter presence other any opportunities the. Oh this never going to be a lack of opportunities to do more I think the department that we in have done really great work in quite a short time but. This this. Morris beyond. So like one of the things that I'd like to see is to have us work towards legal entity presumption enterprise which you don't currently have. I'd like to see the enterprise side of social enterprise able to get more. Horse. So that we can invest to these innovations which are emerging our house being emerging, even creek coverage that we be given port scale yet to take more risks because in order to skating need to be able to take more risks. To grow to create more jobs to scale into other countries. Lots, of ways that we could grew or existing social enterprises were also share that knowledge. To inspire more Social Enterprise Start I. Think we got there and I really believe that I think is a great momentum this grace goodwill scrape belief in the future for us year Yup absolutely, and look you doing some fantastic work with the China project. Tammy I'm Cain to he is well what other inspiring projects ruin initiatives you've come across recently which Cranston brilliant social change. So many even free might ruin. Sorry. We've become quite a close network of social enterprises in. The so many that I really admire but I, guess one giving example would be food cares. Would be one of the biggest social enterprise in Ireland a review redistribute on needed food from retailers to cherish us. I was started by to amazing women who I believe they started in college there were still Demon Trinity. I just looked up yesterday like today they redistributed the equivalent of eighty million meals. I love the two founders even assault is that they make apologies for the fact that they're running a business, a new dock, brilliant business strategies, and it's something that I struggle with myself. You know when people expect you to provide services for free or for less begins impacted business. So we think are a great example of how important the enterprise part of Sushi enterprise actually is. I think here in our area we should be really proud of everything achieved. Yeah. Absolutely. We'll stick link through to those guys in the article as well. So audience can click on stage and finish off then Tammy. What books Raizal would you recommend elements? Reminder got asked me this question because he saw there might bookshops behind me. Richard. Quite soft Angeles with it's never a question to ask the collection. But one of the books that I think is really relevant. Now is a book called work like a woman by Mary Portas who's really leader from the retail industry in Britain. She's always been a great advocate for flexible working in the need to change terms. The way that we work and I think that in recent months we need we've we've seen the nature right those rules and could have we empower those who are with us to integrate our family lives professional lives in a way that works for us and I think this allow for great change in terms of diversity inequality in the workplace, which is read irrelevant, and then also I am huge believer in storytelling and using sue media to do that and some books which helped me which one I just read on one I read, which is one of the first books read for my started where the social CEO by carbon at social media for social. Good. Heather Mansfield. So I think touting our stories, such a huge part is often overlooked roy social enterprises and those were to really good tools that always refer back. Yeah. Wonderful. We'll links into the article again for those and Tammy, nor debt you'll be attending the Sutherland applies World Forum digital this year from twenty twenty fifth September you're GonNa be there of course. Will be great to see you there alongside many of the the numbers of network to. Tammy Lee right to fall your journey and that of work, and we'll send you the forty tracking progress in touching by seeing. Thanks so much for your generous inside. Thank you, Jane. THANKS FOR LISTENING TO IMPACTS BURN. You'll find links to the initiatives, people raisers as mentioned in this podcast on impact dog. Please leave comments below and remember we'll be publishing fresh rations insights help create positive impact every week on the website facebook page and twitter.

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A Reason to Reveal Your Failures, the Time Tulips Cost More Than Houses, and the Death of Planet WASP-12b

Curiosity Daily

11:32 min | 9 months ago

A Reason to Reveal Your Failures, the Time Tulips Cost More Than Houses, and the Death of Planet WASP-12b

"Hi you're about to get smarter and just a few minutes with curiosity. Daily from curiosity DOT COM. I'm cody guy and I'm actually Hamer today. You'll learn about why successful people should reveal their failures. The extreme story the death of Planet Wasp Twelve B and White. Tulips used to cost more than houses during a period. Known as Tulip Mania. Yeah let's send US less than curiosity. Success is a double edged sword hard work. Ken Come with amazing benefits like more pay more responsibility and and more stability but it can also carry jealousy competition and the resentment right along with it. So how do you keep. The scales tipped toward the positive well. According into new research from Harvard. Business School you can do it by talking more about your failures. This tip might sound counterintuitive. Isn't it important. Talk Your achievements. Don't you want people to know you're successful. Why would you ever highlight year failures right well? The thing is when successful people only talk about their success. They come off as egotistical and that can stir up what the Harvard Business School researchers call malicious envy. That's the kind of destructive envy that makes people wants to harm the successful person according to the researchers if you're really successful then it's likely that everybody already knows about your achievements admits it's more interesting and inspiring for people to learn about your mistakes and that makes sense right. I mean when you reveal both your successes and failures. The the team says you're more likely to stir a benign kind of envy. The kind that drives people to be more like the successful person instead of tearing them down. They found that people don't have less admiration for a leader when they know about the leader's failures and they still respect his or her status. The envy just becomes less harmful and more motivational national and as a bonus revealing past failure tends to make people think you're more deserving of success because that means you had to try harder to get there now you can still talk about your successes. That's especially true for people who are just starting out if you're a paper shuffling intern for example. Your colleagues probably aren't envious of you in the first place but as you claim the letter remember that it's good to talk about your failures to you won't fall down and you might even get to climb higher having said that we're an award winning podcast but we're also an award losing podcast that's true we've gone for awards that we've definitely lost and we didn't like like make big announcements about it but maybe we should have more about like the Organization of our podcast. But like I submitted myself to get a producer. A word that I it definitely didn't win. I actually really admire you for all the stuff you go out for. I feel like I don't I don't really put myself out there for awards and stuff and like seeing the way that you put both yourself and the podcast out for awards. I really admire that Well thank you for more things. I just there's not that many prizes yeah it's true it's true and I mean if I got eliminate one of US know understandable. Hey this is my responsibility man. Always be your own biggest guest advocate easier said than done it is it is it can be. There's some extreme stuff and outer space to prove it. It look no further than the planet. Wasp Twelve B. The thing is super hot super huge super dark and soon to be super dead and here is that planet story. Duda Duda nudity so wasp. Twelve B is a gas giant SORTA like Jupiter. It's so close to its Sun. A year lasts just twenty six hours. One side of the planet is always facing it son seared by never ending daylight eight and broiling in temperatures of about forty six hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Those temps don't just keep clouds from ever forming and reflecting sunlight. They're so high that most molecules can't form at all as a result. Any light is absorbed by free hydrogen atoms which converted into wait for it more heat. This process absorbs nearly all the light that hits the surface so this blast furnace of a planet isn't white hot. It's actually pitch black. ASTRONOMERS FIRST SPOTTED WASP twelve B in two thousand eight orbiting a star in the Constellation Raga. The last twelve years of research paints a convincing picture. This is he's one weird planet and now new evidence suggests that Wasp Twelve B is swiftly approaching certain death why do astronomers think the planet is doomed. The problem is gravity both Wasp Twelve B and it star are huge and they're very close to each other. The gravity between them is so strong that the planet causes it son to bulge which creates tides the distort its shape and make it wobble. It's kind of like how the moon creates tides in Earth's oceans that tidal bulge in the star takes energy and that energy is coming from somewhere very important to wasp twelve B. It's coming from the energy uses to orbit. Here's how researchers searchers think the story will end Wasp Twelve B. We'll continue making waves on it son for about three million more years. During that time the planets orbit will slowly decay bringing it closer and closer to the sun after three million years of this wasp. Twelve B will lose its gravitational tug of war and plunge into it son. It's already begun. Its downward spiral. Observation suggests that its orbit is already shortening by about twenty nine milliseconds per year. Farewell Wasp Twelve B. We hardly knew ye if you thought there have been some extreme economic bubbles in the US in recent years. Then here's something that might make you feel a little better better or worse. Once upon a time in the Netherlands a tulip cost more than a house. Yes back in the sixteen thirty S A period called Tulip. Amenia caused tulip prices to soar twentyfold in just six months before plunging in half that time now that time tulips were novelty. They just been introduced to western Europe from their native country of Turkey and this happens during the Dutch golden age when the Netherlands was one of the wealthiest countries in Europe up collectors assigned value tulips based on their species and coloring and at the heart of the Menia were broken tulips which looked super super awesome instead of being just one color broken tulips boasted vibrant lines and flame lake streaks. Ironically they were colored that way because of a tulip specific mosaic virus. Though that reason wasn't discovered until centuries later anyway by sixteen thirty seven a single bulb of semper Augusta's Gustis cost enough to feed clothe and house a whole Dutch family for half a lifetime. Or if that's not your style. It could purchase one of the grandest tomes on the most fashionable canal in Amsterdam for a cash complete with a coach House and an eighty foot garden. This whole situation is known. As a speculative have bubble also known as a price bubble assets bubble or financial bubble. It happens when the price of something far exceeds its fundamental value now. Historically these bubbles burst followed by spectacular crash items price and. That's exactly what happened here. Luckily the economic repercussions were relatively minor. Honor as there were that many people involved and fortunately nobody was recorded is going bankrupt and yet. Tulip mania is often referred to as history's history's biggest bubble even though more recent bubbles have been way more devastating like Japan's asset price bubble collapse in the nineteen ninety s and more recently dot com and housing bubbles here in the US. So why does Tulip Mania get such an extreme reputation. Well historians believe the scale was blown out of proportion and by Dutch Kelvin assists. They actually spread propaganda pamphlets because they were worried that the tulip boom would lead to societal decay. Fortunately absolutely it didn't in fact. Tulips are now in essential economic industry in the Netherlands which exports two thirds of the world's tulips and attracts thousands of tourists too. It's beautiful tulip fields. So can't yourself lucky that you get to see these beautiful fields and buy a bunch of beautiful tulips without having to trade your house for it. So what did we learn today today. Well I learned that if you're really successful you should admit to your failures. Because you'll be seen as less egotistical and more deserving of your success. I'm just not sure what level of success you need to have to do this because I reveal my failures all the time on twitter. Um So I think it's all relative. I actually have a friend who was a performer on the second city. ATC stage if you don't know second city is like the capital of Improv proffer. The world it's amazing reputation. A lot of very well known comics of train. Their performed there. Tina fey Stephen. Colbert Steve Carell. I mean the list Bill Murray the list goes on and on and on for decades so tim was a performer on one of the casts which is a big big deal in Chicago not that many opportunities for that caliber and I remember specifically quickly he posted on facebook and his post. Read a lot of people only show the good stuff on facebook and I want to let you know I got cut from the team and I just. I just think that it's more honest and open to admit your failures and you know I'm going to move on and things that'll be going great and he's crushing now. He actually ended up being a writer. Netflix says says reboot of Mystery Science Theater three thousand so he's crushing it. He's doing awesome. But our I've I've always remember that. He made that post seven or eight years ago. Oh an still remember. It had an impact so it can really mean a lot of people around you when when you are willing to say you know what things aren't really always perfect and sometimes I struggle to. Yeah you know now that you say that. When I've seen really successful people post things like that? The thing I always think is well the fact that they are sharing this machines that they are at such a level that this isn't going to destroy them and that's how they can share it so it's like I almost see them as more successful when they do that. ugh Oh yeah. There's a couple of tips for you. Yeah and I've got another pro tip. Do Not Visit Planet Wasp Twelve B. Because it's so dark that ninety eighty four percent of light can't escape it and it's so close to home star that it flies around it in just twenty six hours and it's going to end up sinking into that star and being destroyed. Yeah not a great destination vacation. It is pretty extreme though. Like seven X.'s. Why how that is a lot of exit? And I learned that we've been experiencing speculative bubbles for hundreds of years and one of them happened in the Netherlands Orlands in the sixteen hundreds and that was when tulips were as valuable as a house and then suddenly they weren't done done today's stories were written by Kelsey. Dunk grant current and Cody Goff and edited by Ashley Hammer. WHO's the managing editor for curiosity deal? Today's episode was produced and edited by. Cody Odi Goff. Join US again tomorrow to learn something new in just a few minutes and until then stay curious.

US Netherlands Sun Europe Harvard facebook Ken Come Hamer Harvard Business School Duda Duda Cody Odi Goff Amsterdam Steve Carell Business School intern twitter Netherlands Orlands Cody Goff producer Stephen
How to Have a Difficult Conversation

Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

22:38 min | 1 year ago

How to Have a Difficult Conversation

"Hello and welcome to. Don't stop us now I'm Greta Thomas and I'm Noah Hatton and you are in the right place if you're after inspiration uplifting stories and practical advice from innovative and pioneering women around. I'm the globe so if you're looking to get ahead or trying to figure out what's next you stay tuned and if you enjoying our podcast share it with a friend now oh absolutely share the love people and now to this week's episode. Hello Gay born sure how you going. Today's episode is all about how to make having difficult conversations. A little less difficult and hopefully a lot more effective effective. Yeah and then never fun. All they know they're not but it's safe to say that with it in life or at work broaching subjects we know a sensitive controversial or challenging has to be done if we want to succeed in things that are important to us yes oh true but there are skills and practices. This is you can learn which will really help you navigate these tricky situations more easily. In fact we teach how to have difficult conversations in our leadership programs at companies around the world and all participants. Tell us that these skills really help. They certainly do that. There are some general principles that we're going to share okay with you right here today. Plus we're going to explore some specific difficult conversation scenarios to in fact one of those is when and you have to give someone feedback and the other scenario. We're going to look at is saying no to someone including when you turn down what they think think great opportunities both a crack as well cracker of difficult conversations. They certainly can be unclear out of curiosity. What was the last difficult conversation you had to have? Well actually have quite a lot of difficult conversations in the work we do so the lost ost really difficult conversation I had was when I had to give someone some feedback that the way that they behaved in the meetings was both inappropriate and condescending where that sounds quite sensitive information to deliver. It really was actually. It went as well as it could do. I did prepare a lot more talk about later so important but the person I was actually delivering it to wasn't really that aware that what what he was saying was belittling and and he was actually genuinely sorry. That's good yeah you know he likes to have a bit of a joke and I think just sometimes he stepped over the line so now now I'm helping him know whether line actually is. Yeah that's really good and so thinking now back to where we're going today with his episode before we dive into the two types of difficult conversation. We're going to cover today. We want to share with you. Three helpful things to do and when you mentioned one of them just then fine before approaching any difficult conversation we do indeed and the overall thing here as I said is that you need to prepare pair. If you want your conversation go. It's so so important it really is. You can't just walk in and not have prepared the first thing we'd recommend is to ask yourself these three questions. Firstly what does success look like in other words heads off. You've had the conversation you think you want to have. How do you want things to be with this person? And all the situation this first question will how can you be clear on what your objectives are. Then you want to ask yourself. How does he she see the situation? What is likely to be common ground that we agree on this question really helps you see it from the other person's perspective and the more you can do that head of time the more likely you'll be able to frame the conversation that will land well absolutely in that so critical isn't if you can have that empathy upfront and and try and imagine how the other person is feeling about? You know the situation what their position is. Then that will make such a difference in how you frame your conversation Asian. Yeah absolutely so after. You've asked those two great questions you just shared with us clay. Firstly what does success look like to you once you've had the difficult conversation and secondly how does the other person's see this situation then the third question to ask yourself is what's the best way and time for this person to hear his message and for that matter for you to deliver the message as well in other words. What not know about the way they like to communicate or how they likely to react are they? Someone who's pretty short sharp into the point or do they like quite a lot of small talk up front for example and then there's the time of day. Imagine if you know you've both got to attend pretty long important meeting then choosing to speak with that person immediately after you've both come out of that meeting for example is probably not the best time if it's about a different issue because because you probably both a bit tied and a bit you know sort of not at your best so that's probably not the right time and then another thing to think about is any potential cultural context that you might need to take into account and then find these. I said at the end of this question. How would you like if you? If you've woken up there are days is when I wake up and it's just like I'm in a bad mood like often my dreams affect how I wake up and so if you know you not in the right head space then. Don't try and have the conversation. Sation postpone it for a day. Yeah absolutely and asking those three questions upfront. For any difficult conversation really can help you get clear on the how the why and the win in particular. That's for sure now. The other thing that's important before having any type of difficult conversation once you've done the preparation and you're about to go in and have this conversation is to take a moment beforehand to really ground yourself tag. Hey good breath before that meeting or that phone call and pause and then once the conversation begins really be present and make sure that you allow the other person time to process. You don't need to fill all the silences. Yeah absolutely and during the conversation. Be sure to listen really really well to their responses and I don't mean just listening to the words I mean watching their body language as well and looking for any conflicts between the two. Yeah yeah that's great. This leads us to think about the first and very common scenario. We're talking about today and that is when you need to give some feedback. Now are amazing NASA asa guest who was on the show a few months back Treaty Cortes clearly has learnt take time to prepare before giving feedback and to think about the right time and place place in particular. He she is now. Yeah I think brilliant especially a sensitive situation. It's really just best to wait until to do it. In a timely way but wait till the one on one situation. This goes back to great bosses. I had early on in my career that you praise in public but then you talk through those types of things in private and I also think that it can an diffuse the situation a little bit to bring it up in public just could be really embarrassing saying for the individual. I just don't think that's really the right route to go. That's a great golden rule isn't it praising public and give feedback in private. Private sure is now. You might be asking yourself well. What about the how do I get? The should give developmental feedback in private of it. But what about the actual content of what I say. Well good question Claire. And I both use and teach a feedback model which we think is valuable abode. Help you deliver feedback constructive way. It's called the S. B. I.. Model and S.'s. Situation the bees for behavior and the I is impact it was developed by the Center for creative leadership and we think it's a really great and simple tool two years. Yeah and basically. It's it's just a way of structuring. The feedback and not making any assumptions about the other person's thoughts motivations but keeping it purely to what you observed and its impact on you. That's exactly right. Played You want to share an example of how you use the model sure okay all right. So let's imagine that we've been in a sales meeting and I'm going to Jane so you just the get you back on. Okay cool. Good Kid. Gloves Claire Kid gloves. So John is it. Okay if we just have a quick chat about cells meeting this morning yes sean is. Okay if I give you feedback Yeah Okay Okay I so this morning in the cells mating. Jim Member that point in the meeting where you you were talking about the benefits that the client would receive. Yeah so at that point what I noticed in terms of your behavior via was that your I contact was just focus on the chief financial officer and the impact was the the other people in the room including the chief marketing officer and the head of HR actually felt like they weren't part of conversation. And I noticed that there is were wondering and I really felt like you missed the opportunity to bring everybody on board so you know that's just how I felt it went. What did you think were? WHOA WHOA continuing the role? Play here listeners. I didn't realize I wasn't aware of that at all. Such an easy thing to do it really is but but I think you know maybe next time what would be really good. It's just to make sure that your ensuring that you'll be looking an bringing everybody into the conversation right If if we're going into another meeting again in the next few days if you think of it can you remind me and I will also try to does some kind of notes in my calendar to remind myself before meetings as well. 'cause it's it's not something I'm even aware I'm doing. Yeah absolutely absolutely. And what other options could there be. Think how do you mean well in terms of you know there's writing stuff down and reminded I can remind you. What other things could you do? Well I am kind of a a write things down. That's one way I do sort of try to remind myself some some kind of habit. I need to change to be aware of it. I'm just trying to think about how I was during the actual moment in conversation. Probably I just snake to try to take a few breaths and relax a bit more into the conversation so I'm a little bit more human and able to kind of try to genuinely connect connect with the people in the room. I think I was especially because you there as well. I really wanted to nail those bullet points of the case of the selling points that we were wanting to get across so I think I was so focused on name. I wasn't focused on the human side yet. The makes complete sense. I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I really felt that too. Oh I'm glad to hear that brilliant. Okay well next time. We'll definitely work together and really I think you'll nail it. That'd be great. Thanks so much the guy were I heard. We are Oscar winners or what. Amazing I was my Jane Clare Incredibly impressive. Very yeah great well. I don't think you could have had a better illustration of the SBA immortal listeners. Claire is a master at giving feedback and a- as Jane there was suddenly taken aback initially and then she made me think so. That was really good but you know even with a useful model title to help you. Give the feedback. It's still really human to feel very hesitant or uncomfortable of that. Actually delivering developmental feedback to to someone Clare made it sound easy but we all know in real life that when you go to have a conversation like that it can be confronting contact. Klay a totally. I mean Honestly usually I am feeling fear. Yeah even though. I've done it many many times and I feel confident doing it. I'm still feeling that my heart is racing in my chest. Yeah no me too exactly because I think one reason that happens to us is we are conscious that sometimes when you give feedback the other person might react. Well Yeah yes absolutely and we can be unpredictable. Messy human beings. Yes we can. The thing is that we all know that one of the best ways to grow and achieve is receiving feedback on how we going and what we can improve that included the breakfast of champions for nothing you know not exactly so you you have to keep reminding yourself that you giving someone a gift when you give feedback. It is a difficult conversation but please give it a go and try the SBA model in fact. It's a really nice segue to this story from an amazing Australian Entrepreneur Siobhan tied. She was on the show a little Wozniak and in a minute. You're going to hear her telling us a story about how she was thinking about giving feedback to someone who wasn't performing well he issues my creative director meter. She's just really wise micro directed Taga and I can go to her. I can talk to her about stuff and our member one anti those really difficult sort of people thing happening and I said to our arts really difficult feedback to give I'm wandering if I can kind of sugar Carter to beat you're not doing the service by shielding them from feeling the pain because if there aren't feel the pain they're not going to grow and you not not actually helping them. You think you up but really you're only helping yourself right now. Yeah make you feel better. It's so true isn't it. It's not comfortable to deliver difficult information but per crested eating about giving feedback and using the excuse that you shield them from. The pain is most likely about you shielding yourself rather than the other way round. Yeah shooting yourself from that feeling. Discomfort and awkwardness. Yeah for sure. Well so in summary feedback is so important for everybody and the FBI or situation behavior impact impact model is a really useful tool to us now. Our second difficult conversation scenario is those times when you have to say no to someone now. It's hard to choose another situation because there are also many difficult conversations but this one can be really really tough off. You're right we obviously can't cover all the different scenarios in one episode but we figured these are two really doozy's absolutely now it. It might be that you're saying no to a job offer or it might be not to a colleague asking for your help to name two examples. What we find is that people and particularly women often find it difficult to say? No it's true. I think it's because women are actually tend to be more Wyatt lyod to want to be liked and therefore have a greater tendency to be people pleases and not want to say no when compared to men and clay you and I were talking talking about this in a whole different context just early. It's Day weren't we about a you saying this research showing that women based on evolution. We're actually wired to be more conciliatory because we in those early caveman days. Women were the ones who are more vulnerable to look after children and so needed protectors around them and had to therefore stay on the good side. Full explaining it in a very crude way. Yeah absolutely. They needed to know whether the Arabian Iranian group. or The outgrew and being in the out group seriously it was dangerous place to be very dangerous place to be. That's what the scientists thing and actually in terms of the people I coach women do tend to be more sensitive and concerned about the consequences of saying no more than the men. I coat yet. I'm not surprised by that. Now when we're talking about saying no here we're referring to those situations which are genuinely discretionary. I'm sure that we can all think of times in life as employees leagues where we wanted to say no but actually what we're talking about is a cool pop the job and we're just not feeling like it today yet exactly so this is not about when your boss is saying. I really need you to do this. No this is not an option. This is not the scenario. We're talking about so we all had those situations but I do get what you mean. I know I've had to turn down job offers in the past for example and it's really uncomfortable and actually surprisingly nerve racking taking thing to do you worry that the other person will think you've been time-waster for even putting your hat in the ring for the job or you get worried worried that perhaps will never approach you again if it's a head hunter or there's so many different fears that you can have when you are saying no to somebody. Oh yes I do. I know that well in fact a great example of that is when our fashion influence a publisher guest caroline ISA talks about turning down clients clients. Who Want to work with her company? The tank group so we've actually had clients have been incredibly difficult to deal with where we've said it's just not worth it were too small. Aw this is so much about us and what we love doing rather than the money in the paycheck and we've probably given up very lucrative clients because we just didn't WanNa always always have such a combative relationship. It's definitely not easy turning down work. If you work for yourself or have your business is it. No it's not how. How do we make it easier? Wow glad you are one of the key. Things here is to know what's important to you. In life and work what we heard from Caroline Caroline was that clearly she and her business colleagues on in it just for the money or the paycheck. They want to have good. non-combative live working relationships. And if they can't well we'll just say no. Yeah knowing you values and what's important to you can be so helpful in becoming more confident in what you should say yes to and of course what you might be better off saying not if you unsure what your core values are and they do change over time then email us at Clarin Greta rat. Don't stop us now. Dot Com or spell in a minute. And we'll send you a copy of a really the useful exercise that helps you identify your values or update them if necessary. So email is clear. And Gra and that's clear C. L. A. I I R. E. A. N. D. and Greta is G.. I. E. T. A. At. Don't stop us. Now DOT K so email us for that exercise and when someone asked us to do something don't feel forced to answer on the spot you can nearly always away say. Can I come back to you. Yeah good point. The other thing is to get comfortable with silence. Sometimes when we need to say no to someone or about something we then feel obliged to over explain over apologize and we really shouldn't such common trap. Isn't it really is and sitting in. Silence Orlands actually gives you time to formulate a response rather than actually just agreeing to do it because you feel nervous naughty and will the the other part about sitting in silence is when you've said No. You often want to seem like a nice person and I know that I certainly can tend into want to potentially over share all the reasons that I've come up with to explain to them why I need to say no on this occasion when actually the best and the most professional way to say no is to say so singly and with a simple brief reason and not go overboard or over apologize. Just plan what you're GonNa say say it and then as you've said get comfortable with pausing and silence yes exactly so that saying no remember to refer back to your values when it's a decision to say no to an opportunity and remember not to Overdo or over apologize for saying no get comfortable with short and concise and silence silence afterwards. The other person will fill the silence if you let them yeah. That's exactly right. Well then we have it a short episode on difficult conversations Asians because we acknowledge. It's a really big topic and in particular we focus today on giving feedback and saying no to someone the Cato all difficult conversations this is preparation and all that thinking upfront which we covered earlier plus having the ability to stay present calm and really listen to the other the person indeed. Well that's this episode done and mm-hmm dusted don't let fear of difficult conversations. Hold you back from having them as this can negatively impact your career. So if there's been a conversation you've I've been putting off then thinking about having it Sou- Yes do indeed stay tuned for our next episode to hit the Amazing Story of the nine hundred ninety two year old. Yes Ninety two year O- pioneering businesswoman. And she was a fashion model. WHO's become a bit

Jane Clare SBA Greta Thomas Claire NASA FBI Noah Hatton Oscar Clarin Greta Treaty Cortes Orlands chief financial officer sean Jim Member I. E. T. A. John Klay Caroline Caroline Gra Taga
Case 138: The Batavia

Casefile True Crime

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Case 138: The Batavia

"Era Besides do with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel it anytime you need support please contact your local across the central for suggested numbers confidential support place. Say The shy nights for this episode on your APP or now website. This episode describes acts of violence against men women and children at won't be suitable for all listeners. During the seventeenth century the Netherlands became one of the world's foremost economic powers thanks to its advances in science And commercial trade then known as the Dutch republic its wealth and power flourished through the importing of goods from overseas with huge ships sent to Asia and Africa to bring back textiles tease grains and spices popular proverb among the Dutch during this period. Was Jason. Cross these good but trade is bet on the Dutch east India company known in its homeland as the VOC was a charted company established to coordinate trade in India and other countries throughout Southeast Asia. Monopolizing all trade to the aced at boasted tens of thousands of employees and it's I- Improv at army ships operating under its Lawson's were enormous vessels called aced. India man built to carry large amounts of cargo as well as passengers and equipped with cannons and guns in case pirates launched an attack due to this ause white. They ships moved slowly at an average speed of five knots. Paraly- and typically took eight months to complete a voyage in sixteen twenty eight the VOC commissioned the construction of an expensive new flagship to travel to the company's major tried settlement of Batavia located in. What is today the city of Jakarta in Java Indonesia? Nine after its destination the Batavia was a grand vessel. That was built in just six months at the exorbitant. Cost of one hundred thousand guilders more than four point five million Australian dollars in today's currency the approximately fifty five made it till and fifty-six made a long ship was made of Oak and featured four decks three mosques and thirty guns and had the capacity to carry six hundred tons of supplies. That's up works. Were painted Pale. Green with gold and red detailing and its figurehead. A wooden carving positioned at the bow was a lion leaping upwards in late October sixteen. Twenty eight that Batavia set sail from Amsterdam with a fleet of seven other ships carrying three hundred and forty one people he ranged from bay. Oc officials sailors and soldiers to relatively well off passengers. Traveling with their families. A number of young passengers were cabin-boys ranging from children to adolescence. Who were employed on the ship to white on others? The Batavia was also packed with valuable cargo including stern to build factories with silverware jewels and auctioning coins. That would amount to almost forty one million Australian dollars in today's currency life on the ship was harsh perilous and unpleasant sleeping. Orders were krant and barrels of drinking. Water were contaminated with worms dowding outbreaks of infectious into nutritional deficiency diseases were common resulting in the deaths of ten passengers. Twenty seven year. Old Passenger. Lucretia yawns was traveling from her home city of Amsterdam to be reunited with her husband. Hey was employee of the visa and had left the work in the company's Batavia settlements several years Zolia shortly after he's departure the couple's three young children who contracted a disease and dodd. It was unusual for merchants waft to follow her husband. Diva's but Lucretia was heartbroken and divinely. She was born into wealth and occupied highest social status resulting in her traveling on the Batavia with a maid and having her own. Private Cabin Lucretia. Who was regarded as exceptionally beautiful consistently rebuffed unwanted attention from a number of men the long voyage on the evening of May. Fourteen Lucretia was preparing to retire for the night as she made her way back to her sleeping quarters. She was confronted by eight men wearing masks. Though she couldn't see their faces they spoke to one another and she heard their voices demoss to silence drag to Lucretia to a quiet corner on the ship's deck with Rached under her skirt to grope her and smeared her face legs and genitals with TA and Dynamo. Dong the assault was IVA in a matter of seconds. Word of Lucretia. Yawns assault raged the Batavia's Kamanda Upper Merchant Francisco Pulsar who began investigating the Madda up and the giants were? Voc officials who were assigned overall responsibility for a particular. Flake de task was to ensure the voyage would be profitable for the company's directors. Second-in-command was the ship's captain followed by the upper merchants. Deputy known as the under merchant Francisco pels was aged in his early thirties and was along. Taunton via say employees having already completed a seven year posting in India despite his experience he was indecisive. Intellect LEADERSHIP SKILLS. He's command on. The Batavia had been difficult at Johns as he often clashed with the ship's captain Ariane Yacob's aged in his mid forties. Yakub's was a masterful silo who had completed many voyages but he was bad tempted. Struggled with a drinking problem and was nine to harass vow passages pels. Aw and Yacob said I met more than a year earlier when both wearing India and grew to dislike one another after an altercation that occurred there. During the Batavia's voyage matters came to a head on April fourteen. Sixteen twenty nine when the ship stopped near the South African city of Katie onto restock supplies but the stage bad weather had caused the Batavia two separate from all but two other ships in its seven vessel flake welcomed Appel. Saad was on land bordering for goods. Captain Yacob's with the Commission road out in a small boat to visit the accompanying ships while longboard board. He got drunk and violent resulting in fought by the time pels returned to the Batavia official complaints had been lodged against his captain. Pell's reprimanded jackets which led to the humiliated. Yacob's deeply resenting. His superior also Saad continued looking into the group assault against Lucretia yawns though the perpetrators had concealed their faces. Lucretia recognized the voice of one individual and identified him as John III verts. The ship's Boatswain at toddle given to the senior officer in charge of the Batavia's deck pell Saad also suspected Captain Yacob's was somehow involved and was Montville that the captain had attempted to seduce Lucretia on several occasions but she rejected him despite L. sought suspicions. He knew arresting by diverts and Yacob's would displace the crew so he postponed any further action until they arrived at their destination. When captain Yacob's had deserted the Batavia at K town to visit it's companionship's he was joined by command. Appel sats deputy and none demerging named year unanmous. Cornelius thirty year old. Cornelius was from a well off educated family who belonged to the nonconformist Anna Baptist Church a denomination considered controversial in the Dutch republic. Cornelius followed in his father's footsteps and became an apothecary preparing and selling medicines through Zion shop in the Dutch city of Harlem in November. Sixteen Twenty Seven. Cornelius and his wife had a baby boy who was placed in the care of a wet nurse after his mother became ill within several weeks. The infant had contracted syphilis from the nurses breast milk can dodd as syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease discourse significant scandal in an effort to save his wife's reputation who Nelia spoiled lawsuit against the wet nurse though the incident destroyed his career and he found himself. Unable to pay a number of debts. More Iva Cornelius was an associate and disciple of infamous painter. Yohannes to rent ious. Who was convicted on charges of heresy blasphemy? Atheism and site Nissim in Sixteen. Twenty eight fearful that he would be prosecuted next Clooney Ilias left. He's off and fled to Williams the dam where he took service with the VOC and was posted to the Batavia. He quickly formed a friendship with captain. Ariane Yacob's who made his disdain for Commander Francisco pills out cle- by remarking that were it not for the presence of ships in the fleet quite on would trade. That miserly dog said that he could not come out of his cabin for fourteen days and all we quickly make myself master of this ship in response. Cool Nelia sauced Yacob's entail. Would you manage that? Coup Nelia did not hard at the same personal resentment against El-Saad but was eager to take charge of the Batavia and steal the substantial fortune stored on the ship depending blooded a mutiny up full of unlawful rebellion in which the crew of ship overthrow their leader morale amidst the Batavia's crew was low due to the poor conditions and doleful treatment. Danger would offer a low pay. A few were convinced to join in the mutiny including boatswain. Yon Averts several cadets a lance corporal in some of these soldiers in order for their plot to work they needed to wash the late the Batavia by steering it away from its remaining flake. Captain Yacob's shaved this when the shipping counted a storm shoot-off deciding away from South Africa's Cape of Good Hope as it wasn't uncommon for ships within a flight to become separated. This did not arouse any suspicion. Despite successfully os alighting the Batavia Cornelius. Into Yacob's group of meat knees was too small to stage a successful mutiny. So they schemed to turn more men against commander Pulsar while disguised. They would attack. Passenger Lucretia WHO PELL. Saad hobbit romantic feelings for in response. Pell stop with then discipline all of the ships soldiers and Silas enraging those punished and to recruiting them to their coups however their clan filed when pulsa did not take punitive measures against anybody for the assault on new cratia mutiny speculated that he was just biding his time and intended to take action wants their route then passed the Australian mainland then. Uncharted landmass known as terror. Australia's Incognita the unknown South Land. They quickly put together a new plan agreeing that as soon as pell sought made any arrests flu creches assault commute knees would enter his cabinet naught and throw him overboard that would then recruit one hundred twenty men to run. The ship throw will remaining passages into the ocean and turned to piracy. They planned to sail the Indian Ocean disguised as a visa ship before retiring in a far off. Land with this stolen loot over the next few weeks the mutinies waited patiently for the signal that it was tonto result. During this period ships travelling from Europe to Asia used strong westerly winds in the southern hemisphere named the roaring forties to spay day stopped leaving the Cape of Couteau. These winds sent them towards the West Coast of Australia very quickly. Because there was no accurate way to measure longitude crews at the gauge when it was time to St North from Szott and experience alone if they made a mistake and kept sailing as they ran the risk of hitting the Australian mainland June. Sixteen twenty nine mocked the Batavia's eighth month at say by the early morning of June full. It had been three weeks since Lucretia. Yawn said Bain assaulted by the mutinees and the Batavia was making use of the roaring forties. It was a clear not and the moon provided ample light to see by shortly after three. Im Command Appel was violently thrown from his bed following a rough terrible newsmen. He ran out to the deck and upon saying that the ship had run directly into an enormous coral. Rafe he shouted at captain. Yacob's what have you done that through your reckless carelessness. You have run this new serandon necks. Yacob's claimed the accident was noughties phone stating that he saw had served sprite breaking against the ray from a distance but the ship's look at insisted it was nothing more than the moon's reflection on the water as it was unclear whether todd was high or low the crew wondered whether Demont had simply run a grand shallows and would be able to float back out to sea once the water level rose but after waiting several hours it became clear that the collision had taken place at high tide falling water levels revealed. They were surrounded by rocks wraiths and small law islands. The impact had careened the ship. Half out of the ocean with Shaq Karl tearing away. It's Rutta and gauging. Its timber. Sides several frightened individuals jumped overboard and drowned. Will what piece? By the shop coral below the crew began discarding cannons into gunners to Lawton at Batavia's load. And just after dawn that cut its main mast down as well. Historians delighted determined that the Batavia struck scholl cold morning Rafe. In the northernmost cluster of the umbrellas and Network of one hundred and twenty two barren windswept islands and associated coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. Deo located roughly sixty kilometers west of. What is today the city of Geraldton in Western Australia? There are three distinct groups of Orlands all of which have little in the way of vegetation walled off a so. I'd from a few sea. Lions birds seven hours after the collision as preparations were underway to safely relocate Batavia's passages. The ship a burst. Open below the waterline. And it's hold began filling with water. The sheets crew began rowing the passages away in the Batavia's long though an open vessel capable of holding forty people and it's Yo a sail boat that could carry twenty. They were sat down on an island about through Columbus from the shipwrecked. It was a tawny hard and flat land mass with no vegetation sand or shelter a broken and shock coral paces. Loyola for the grant making it difficult to walk on. Though I'd ask a number of people had been transferred to the island including all of the women and children one hundred and fifty points of drinking water barrels of wine mate and bred and to Cosco full of valuable trade goods such as jewelry. Gold and precious stones were also transported to land rescue work pores that not when it became too dark to say. Roughly one hundred and twenty people still remain on the slightly crumbling. Batavia at dawn. The following morning efforts to retrieve those stranded on the Batavia recommenced the small law land closest to the ship became overcrowded. So one hundred eighty men women and children were moved to a larger landmass. Roughly eight hundred meters away. That had a scene debate. They would give an limited supply of food welcomed. Appel sought captain. Yacob's all of the senior of Mayo C Company officials a number of Silas two women and one infant remained on the smaller island with the long boat. And your command. Appel stop was convinced to travel to the strolling mainland to find supplies as the journey would require a couple of days preparation. He opted to explore other nearby islands in the meantime before departing on their expedition pell spot and some of his companions rode over to the larger island where the majority of vases were now stationed to give them a barrel of drinking water and explain their plans as they approached. Disavowed is gathered together Roma shoreline fearful. That they would be mocked and prevented from leaving the men. Rowing refused to stop and two wooden allow pulsa to deliver. The water pill saw continued north to inspect the two largest Orlands in vicinity where he dug for water but found none. He returned to his camp on the small inlet nearest Batavia and on June night. Four days after the shipwreck departed for the Australian mainland. He left behind a note explaining his actions and toward it he's crewmen saw north confirming the mission to search for water. They set sail in Batavia's long road with the smaller. You'll tied to the back. The long road was designed to carry forty people but as no one from Pilsen zoolander wanted to be left behind at held. Forty eight in total. They left old ships recovered jewels and coins behind the groups. I owed north along the West Australian coast the barren was framed by jagged cliffs. That saw up to two hundred and twenty eight maidahshahr on several occasions. They managed to road to assure on and succeeded in collecting rainwater but never found a permanent fresh water supply. After styling for a week without success it was decided that I should continue onto their original destination of Batavia in Indonesia to seek rescue assistance from the video. Say UPON LEARNING OF COMMAND. Appel thoughts departure the need to hundreds of offers on the Big Island. Were left devastated. Day accused there later of abandoning them and dumped the small inlet where pell sought at hand. Trade is all land their own all in which measured two hundred seventy meters wide and off kilometer long was named Batavia's graveyard historian. Mark Dash described it as a strip of coral rubble where the only leaving thing was the wind. The shipwrecks of his landed there at the beginning of the southern hemisphere winter which regularly bed area with storms into fees gales of those stranded on. Batavia's graveyard at least one hundred were visa soldiers of silence while more than a dozen others were men with trade experience. Such as carpenters and blacksmiths. Deadwood twenty one women the majority of whom were wives of the crew a number of teenagers and children and to infants who were born during the voyage. Most of the populations food and towards supplies with the plated within a day and anxieties only increased when command Appel Saad silo away. With the other via say officials. Some survivors were driven to drinking seawater. There I yourann. While ten people died from dehydration at fondly rained on the sixth and seventh days of their ordeal allowing them to collect valuable drinking wardha meanwhile seventy men had chosen to stay on the Batavia including meet Ni. You run a Miss Cornelius. They pillaged supplies and helped themselves to food and alcohol. When the ships dotted flooding and breaking apart it became harder and todd for them to find safe dry places. Some jumped overboard attempting to weigh the flow to swim to safety most filed with forty paper drowning as a result on June twelve one week after the collision the ship collapsed completely. Just as it's how started disintegrating Cornelius jumped from the deck and grasp. Don't do a POW from math. That had already landed in the ocean clutching it. He floated towards the shallows spending two days in the water before reaching Batavia's graveyard. Though at this time the survivors had created a functioning can on the northeast portion of the island as the ship collapsed. More SUPPLIES INTO USEFUL WRECKAGE KEPT WASHING UP. Tents were crafted from campus into mosques. Paul's Driftwood was used for fires and barrels of wine water and vinegar adults. I Bain recovered to. Survive is hunted sea. Lions and birds food decimating the wildlife population within a week. Cornelius was taken to a dry area given a meal and a change of clothes as well as a bed to slay pin prior to his arrival. A Small Council had been established tasked with governing the island's population. The role of cancel lleida was initially given the only survivor with any semblance of rank. A surgeon who was popular with the ship's crew but lacked experience in command as command. Appel thoughts. Deputy Cornelius had a rank and status. That no one else. Present could claim and he was immediately elected too late to cancel. Cornelius enjoyed the authority. He was granted but was concerned that the large number of survivors would drain the ORLANDS resources and to become a threat to his survival. He's worries increased. When one of the young men who had been recruited for the intended mutiny on the Batavia studded revealing details of the plot to others because he was angry captain. Yacob's left in behind he didn't share that. Cornelius had also been involved but Google Nelia was unnerved nonetheless if would spread that he had been part of a scheme to seize control of a VOC ship. There was chance he would be arrested and tried for treason when hope arrived has such Cornelius began. Plugging another mutiny. Hey believe that. If he had a group of loyal supporters he would be able to ever pay any rescuers and commandeer their vessel to assume a life of piracy. He was known to be a charismatic and well-spoken individual and by late June. He had successfully recruited two dozen men including some of the original meet knees as well as army cadets. He then stockpiled. All of the swords daggers and Muskets. That had been saved from the ship keeping them in a single storage area that hey controlled. He sent some of these men out on scanning missions to other Orlands to determine whether survival elsewhere would be possible using boats crafted from the ship's wreckage demand inspected several islands including the two large ones command. Appel sought had already visited which were given the collective name of the highland due to a hill that rose from the smaller of the two. They found no drinking water and too little in the way of food. Despite this cornelius proclaimed that he's men had discovered decent resources elsewhere and announced that some people would be moved to other Orlands side that Batavia's graveyard wouldn't be overwhelmed. He promised to the desktop laws. Would they replenish designated forty men? Women and children were transported to annoy island to the West. Dob CEOS Orland fifteen now this was sent to the small inlet that once hobbit Kamanda pill stopped and the other officials trade his Orland. Cornelius announced that a third group comprised the twenty soldiers would also be sent away to drinking water from the highland. He told the soldiers descend smoke signals once they found water and someone would come to collect them. In actual fact he's plan was to remove the most threatening soldiers who were loyal to the VOC by marooning them on the Orlands that were furthest away by dispatching these three groups. Cornelius successfully caught the population. Of Batavia Scribe Yod by a third and removed. Nearly four dozen strong able bodied men from he's Ostlund Cornelius. Next plan was to why? The whole the cancel as the Mendez could vote against any of his decisions that they didn't agree with an opportunity arose on July four. Exactly one month. After the Batavia struck the Rafe Cornelius was informed that a soldier had been stealing one from a storage ten and sharing it with a friend. Although the involvement of the second accused was difficult to prove Cornelius sentenced both men to die knowing his fellow cancel is would object in response to their outcry. He dissolved the cancel gaining absolute hail. Either the one hundred and thirty plus people on Batavia's graveyard the next day cornelius replaced the ousted council members with three of his most loyal followers. That first act was to carry out the execution of the two one thieves. The soldier was killed but he's friends fight. He's on nine with some speculating that he escaped to another island that same day. Cornelius accused two competencies of planning to sail away on a makeshift raft. Within allies. Both men were executed but two of Cornelius mutinees Juan lighter boasted that he soared went through his victim. Quite as as early as Cornelius ordered the killings under the guise of law enforcement as hey was vastly outnumbered by the island's population and couldn't risk and uprising days past and the soldiers sent to the highland in search of racehorses had yet to release any smoke signals. Cornelius declared that several parties of three to four individuals would be dispatched to assist them. Diverse group consisting of two soldiers and two sailors were escorted to land to via bug but David Xavier took a member of Cornelius is hand picked. Cancel as soon as they were out of sought Ivanka and his crew of seeks mutinees launched an attack. They banned three of that passengers by the wrists and tangles then threw them overboard. The remaining passenger was given mercy on the condition. Hey swear allegiance to Cornelius. Two days later the saint trap was used again to drown two more men. Hans Haden's had been traveling on the Batavia with his wife and again and a six year old daughter. Hillary train he had submitted to Cornelius. Luckily to ensure provision for his family uncertain as the whether he could trust Hans. Cornelius carried out a test of his loyalty on July he invited Hans and his wife to join him for a meal in his province. Ten main wall a mutiny crept into the hardens family ten and strangled six-year-old. Hilla train to death. She was one of nine. People who had been murdered under. Cornelius is rule so far and off the woods. Hans Haden's Saunder. Loyalty is to the knees private. Webby Hayes was leading the soldiers searching for racehorses on the highland little is known of his background but he was a skilled fighter and a natural later. The group Fan nothing substantial on the smaller of the two Orleans. After several days they explored the second larger island it was separated from the first by one and a half kilometers sandbank that appeared at large tied this all and was far more. Abundant in wildlife than any of the others survive is heading counted. It was populated by wallabies snakes and birds and there were numerous fishing spots but they struggled to find a fresh water supply subsisting on rainwater birds. Eggs wallabies and fish. They explored the area more thoroughly than any of the OLEA groups had done on July nine discovered to natural wells hidden beneath slabs of Lahnstein as sedimentary rock that typically forms in shallow marine waters. One of the wells was during made his date and full of fresh water. They hastily lit. Drake fires to alert the survive as the sale of their crucial discovery. The fifteen people stationed on trade is all and noticed the smug signals right away. They quickly boarded that to makeshift boats. And to begin rowing towards the highland on Batavia's graveyard cornelius initially ignored the smoke signals until he noticed the two tried his island boats heading in their direction. He ordered his men to attack and two of his most trusted followers. David's avant and corner van heison jumped into a boat with bother mutineers to pursue them. They caught up to. The trade is all survivors and ordered them to stop before boarding their vessels. The passengers consisting mostly of soldiers and silence but also three women and two children with force the Saranda Seffrin jumped into the ocean to escape and lead to drown. The rest would take him back to Batavia's graveyard. David's avant raced over to consult with Cornelius. He then ran back towards the shallows where the captives were being held crying out kill. Cornelius is men stabbed bud children and all of the men before rowing the three women net to say and throwing them overboard. The massacre took place in full view of witnesses. Making it the first time that many of the survivors realized the true nature of the man who was leading them. The makers of the Quick Electric toothbrush wants you to know the one single thing that is most for your dental. 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Can Support Jeff's fought for justice joining a petition to view the petition? And add your name to it. You can follow the link in the show notes of this episode or go to change dot org click the search button at the top of the homepage and talking booze. Eac Bay US ed. Ira K. Alternatively if you just Google Search Boozy AC PETITION. It's the first thing that appease in the days following the slaughter of the residents of tried his. Ostlund. Roughly dozen more men declared their loyalty to Cornelius. The most violent mutinees emboldened after committing a public matico regularly tormented others by taking their belongings and threatening them to bloodshed continued and people lived in fear of inadvertently drawing attention to themselves eleven of others suffering from illnesses such as scurvy or favor and had been oscillated to a communal ten. Cornelius felt those in poor health. Were draining the ORLANDS resources on July. Ten a mutiny. Following he's orders entered the quarantaine tent lighted naught and slit the threads at every wanting sawed from that point on it became extremely dangerous for anyone other than the mutinies to full sick. I've it's gone more into Moi. Ill people were murdered commonly at naught when they were at them as the vulnerable by July fourteen less than two weeks off to the murder started to meet knees had killed a nearly fifty survivors lowering population of Batavia's graveyard to around ninety those residing on the High Land Sales Orland lived in relative safety out of rage though it wasn't long before Cornelius turned his attention to them on July Fifth Dane. Cornelius ordered seven meet knees to kill all the male inhabitants of sales island as well as being armed. With swords and daggers. The mutiny said crafted weapons cold Morningstar's which typically consisted of a spark bowl at the end of a chain attached to a piece of wood. The mutinies version consisted of half bent strips of lead with long nails. Attached rope was taught to one end so that could be swung at victims heads leading the attack where Cornelius is chief. Executioners David's Avon and Corn Rat van Hossen as soon as they landed on CEOS Orland four men and six boys were stabbed and killed. Those who were wounded were dragged to the shore to be drowned. Fifteen cabin-boys managed to outrun the mutinies and todd. The full female inhabitants as per cornelius as instruction was sped eight men escaped to the highland using boats. They had crafted in a secluded area of the island off the slaughtering. Hof of CEOS orlands population. The mutinees returned to Batavia graveyard three days later on July eighteen Kuni Ilias or did his men to return to say it was all undrafted dock and finish the job upon arousal. Ivanka handed a mutiny. He's off and instructed him to kill the full women without hesitation to mutiny. Went to a heavily. Pregnant woman named to Machen Soares Teuku by the hand and said Mike and love. You must die before throwing her down and cutting her through the other. Three women were also noted. Twelve of the cabin-boys was stabbed and bludgeoned. Those who didn't die immediately withdraw rounded. Say Three boys survived by running away and taunting and bushes. They were safe until almost a week later on July. Twenty four when they emerged inside of Batavia's Graveyard Cornelia saw them sent men to capture them. They were forced onto a boat with one of the boys made to throw the other two. I've aboard drown. Hey was permitted to live in exchange for becoming a mutiny towards the end of July Cornelius ordered increasingly violent and shocking deaths. In one instance he became enraged by seek baby girl who cried constantly at night as a form of pharmacist. He offered the child's mother medicine he'd mixed claiming it would help. This would be the only time he attempted to kill someone. By his own hands off to consuming the concoction. The baby ended climatize state but didn't die the following naught. Cornelius had a mutiny strangle her cornelius. As Ego Mania went on checked he woke Amanda Franscisco Appel thoughts expensive clouds and would change outfits multiple times a day and his most trusted followers were also given special outfits made from expensive high-quality red wool and signed with elaborate trimmings. They lived better than anybody else on the island. Aiding cast mate from the ship's rations rather than surviving birds and sea. Lions like everyone else. They slept in spacious pants and drank wine. Instead of rainwater mutinees who achieved the highest status with those who could either power and slowed rather men while those who killed women and children had a lower ranking some mutinies soda high ranking as a matter of survival and to gain access to rations others were particularly bloodthirsty individuals? Who enjoyed being able to kill and abuse others without consequence guys. Burt best he ends his wife. Maria and this seven children had managed to survive law. Fund Batavia's graveyards so far doing pa two guys birds status as a man of the church goes. Bird was a minister in the Dutch Reformed Church known as a pretty common shortly after the shipwreck goes birth twenty one year. Old Judaic caught the attention of one of Cornelius is most violent and cruel henchmen coon rat. Ben Carson. He proposed to her on the condition that they consummate their marriage on the island despite being unable to legally marry until they return time. Judy discussed the issue with her father. And though both when distressed by the author they believed her acceptance was the only way to ensure safety. So Judy reluctantly agreed to become band. Austin's wife on July twenty one. Judy can have father. Were invited to dine with the Van Hossen and Cornelius while the David's avant and other meat knees perched the tent where the rest of guys birds family were staying his. I Talk Cool Day out for the families made and when she approached he stabbed her. Hey into the others. Entered the tent claiming that were carrying added surge following reports that the family had stolen supplies off the ransacking the tent they extinguished a hanging. Lantin and attacked the entire family using a hatchet and enacts Maria and six of her children whose ages ranged from eight to twenty three were killed their bodies were dumped in a mass grave that had bang Doug earlier that evening Dha mutinees continued their rampage throughout the not killing the VOC's bouquet box and the mother of the Baby Cornelius at poisoned the bodies were then deposited in the same mass grave that held guys best ends family while the Masika was underway Ariz yawns a military Baba and surgeon who responded on Batavia's graveyard was set upon by to meet knees armed with swords fortunately their weapons what blunt allowing our east to escape with only minor wounds he dive into the ocean and hit in the dock chalets as the mutiny searched for him when they failed to spot Ariz the assailants withdrew back to Camp Presuming. The victim had succumbed to his injuries. After they left Ari snuck out of it to the side of the island where the meat knees kept their boats. He boarded one and set sail for the highland. When Ari's rached the highland he told private webby is and the other soldiers settled there. What had been taking place of Batavia Describe Yard? The orlands inhabitants were aware of the atrocities. Cornelius and he's meet knees had been committing as many were refugees. That had successfully escaped the blood. Since Cornelius came into Payola the population of the highland had more than doubled to forty five men than to one boy in case Cornelius stormed. They're all and private hayes and his men crafted wooden. Pike's with Nyos Hannett into the ends collected alums of Carl to throw at intruders and made their own Morningstar's from wreckage that had washed up. Hayes had the advantage of being a skilled laid up with strong soldiers and to sound understanding of battle tactics. The only way to access their all and was from the neighbouring orlands sandbank Cutler Todd ensuring the meat knees wouldn't be able to launch a surprise attack hase constructed a two room for from limestone and coral slabs that I've looked the sandbank allowing his men to Cape a watch for invaders and take shelter from any potential threat two days after the July. Twenty one massacre coup. Neely's made a move against those on the highland in a seemingly friendly. Leda addressed to private Hayes. Small Militia Cornelius referred to those who had fled to the highland as evildoers who were banished from Batavia's graveyard. He claimed they had left without permission and ordered. They returned to him along with the boat. That Ari's Yawn said stolen pays didn't believe Cornelius claims and instead imprisoned the mutineers who delivered the letter off. The several days passed with no reply or saw of his Messenger. Cornelius launched an attack. He sent his two chief executioners. David Zaven cornerback. Ben Carson the Orland with twenty other mutinies yet. They were forced to retreat as their at bursaries had observed them approach and took up arms on August five vonk into van Hossen attempted another incursion. This time with all the mutinees as they waded through the shallows towards the island they will once again met by the wo- prepared soldiers and were forced to turn back name. All the inhabitants of Batavia's graveyard continued to suffer by August and Lee seven women remained alive and Dole were forced into sexual slavery. Cornelius became excited on Lucretia yawns who had already endured the meaning assault at the hands of they meet knees. While on the Batavia he attempted to seduce her rubbing her palms and giving her one but she rejected his advances after two weeks. Coup neely is lost his temper and complained to David's Ivanka. About the Madda. Ivanka then threatened to Lucretia with death if she didn't comply with Cornelius wishes so she submitted to his will that same month. A boy was blindfolded under the guise of a joke and lead to Beta Kappa tidied Hans. Haden's who had already in Jewish. The murder of his six year old daughter Hilla train also lost his wife when she was strangled with her own. Hair ribbon the man who led the survivors prior to Cornelius as ravel was stabbed with a park and sword. Then he didn't ahead with the morning star. The mutinies openly discussed whom they would block to mud next and people were not permitted to mourn for their loved ones following the massacre of ause bird best. Yan's family mutinies discovered him crying and stated they saw went or you go the same way. Gauze birds live was regularly threatened. The Cornelius believed he might prove a useful bargaining chip in the battle against the highland so he was alive by late August. Uinta was drawing to an end and it was raining less resulting in depleting water supplies. Cornelius attempted yet. Another charge on the highland this time with a more deceptive approach on September. One he sent Gosper. Bessie ends to negotiate a peace treaty with private Hayes who agreed to receive the mutinees the following day on September Two D. entire population of Batavia's grindrod now reduced to thirty two men and six women traveled to the Harlan with Cornelius. They watched from the sandbank between islands. As Cornelius and five of his most loyal followers continued on woods. Gifted dare adversaries new clothes and red wine. Which were well received as Cornelius? Entice engaged in peace talks the Muniz offered the soldiers from the highland jewels and money to switch sides in response. The soldiers launched a surprise attack arresting Cornelius and for these men including David's Ivanka. And Conrad Van Hossen. One mutineer name developed a los managed to escape and Rachel small bowed to mutinies waiting on the scene. Bank made a bee line for the soldiers though they had to run almost half a kilometer raged them Dave vastly outnumbered the soldiers so private webby. Hayes ordered the immediate execution of Cornelius is captured followers to scare the rest of the mutinies away but David Savan Cancun rat. Van Hossen were among those killed. The brutal display caused the approaching me knees retreat back to Batavia's graveyard taking the innocence of bothers with them. You're GonNa Miss Cornelius now. A prisoner of the highland was placed in a launch dime. Pit that functioned as a cell. He spent his days plucking feathers from birds. That the soldiers had hunted over Batavia's graveyard and new ruler was elected from the meat. Knees ranks twenty four year old Vata lows under he's authority the murders ceased and women. Were no longer abused with Cornelius Nail. Gone a number of men abandoned the cause leaving fewer than twenty loyalists to wake light supplies. Dump Batavia's graveyard were running low. In a desperate bid to gain access to their water and food lows declared war on the Highlands. The battle commenced that nine. Am on September seventeen. Though the remaining mutinees nail vastly outnumbered and didn't have the military experience of their opponents. They did have to muskets. H capable of firing one round per minute private Webby Hayes. And he's men Takada account for the hot rocks and enough or but the mutiny still manage to wound four soldiers one of lighted dodd from his injuries. The confrontation continued for several hours until suddenly in the early afternoon. As ship on the Horizon Commander Francisco pels and his group of forty eight of office had sailed for almost a month in an effort to reach the Batavia settlement in Indonesia for help di suffered no losses over the course of their journey and successfully reached the Dutch settlement on July seven. Sixteen twenty nine to dice. Elida health dot was summoned to appear before the VOC's council to account for the loss of the company's new flagship vessel and it's precious cargo pell sought described the manner in which the Batavia had crashed into the Rafe explaining that the majority of people on board had survived and they had managed to recover. Its most valuable items among those who accompanied Bellsa to Batavia was. He's longtime adversary. Captain Ariane Yacob's. He was held accountable for his actions aboard the Batavia including orchestrating the attack on new CRESA. Yawns in a failed bid mutiny. By Hey and Batavia's boatswain yawn everts. Who Lucretia identified as the ringleader? Were arrested after being tortured avert confessed. He's part in a mutiny and the assault of Lucretia and was executed by hanging captain. Yacob's was ordered to stand trial for the faulty navigation that led to the Batavia becoming shipwrecked. And he's Rahhal Win quite a gross evil and Public Assault Command Appel. Saad was granted another via say ship named the Saadam to rescue the survivors. He left behind and to recover. As much. Cargo was possible he departed Batavia on July fifth. Dane with a small crew and began sailing back towards the umbrella. So Allen's by August ten they were less than eighty kilometers from the shipwreck. Saw It but navigation miscalculation as well as poor weather made it difficult to find the islands. It took more than a month for them to orientate themselves. Bus Up timber thirteen. The rescuers finally reached the northern end of the island chain three days later on the evening of September sixteen decided what remained of the Batavia and steed towards the next morning they dropped. Danka had approximately midday on September. Seventeen three Columba's from the highland and six and a half kilometers from Batavia's graveyard as soon as the mutinees court so out of the rescue ship. They ceased their attack. On the highland at boat was sawed at rowing from the ship towards the smaller of the two highland orlands which sat south from the battle was being waged. A number of the mutinies who was still dedicated to Cornelius Plan of commandeering a rescue vessel immediately set sail for the Saadam at the same on private. Webby Hayes and three. He's men raced to their own. Makeshift bowed hoping that they would be able to reach the rescuers I. The two groups began frantically rowing trying to bait one another their command Appel Saad. Along with several crew members had loaded one of the sedan's buds with supplies such as bread and water and headed towards the nearest visible land just as they raged shores and disembarked at boat carrying four men drew close. One of the men leaped out and shouted at them. Welcome that go back aboard immediately but there is a party of miscreants on the ORLANDS neither wreck who had the intention to seize the yacht demand was private Webby Hayes. He quickly informed. Pell side of the events that had taken place over the past few months. Tell Saad sent back out for the saw to warn the remainder of his crew as he need the ship he sold the mutinies were also rapidly approaching in their bowed when the mutinies boarded the Saadam. They were graded by guns and pox. Tell Saad had made it aboard. Justin Tom to a let. The crew of the ambush to mutiny surrendered and were arrested. During interrogation they revealed had killed more than one hundred men women and children under the order of Eur unanmous Cornelius. Some also admitted to being part of the original mutiny on the Batavia revealing that captain Ariane Yacob's had been one of the masterminds behind it Cornelius was retrieved from his Lobstein prison and taken aboard the Saadam upon saying the band man. Commander Pulsa looked at his former deputy with great sorrow as he was quite such a scoundrel coors of so many disasters and of this shitting of human blood cornelius trod to absolve himself for guilt by implicating he's various followers in the mutiny and motives but he's claims rejected and he was locked up in a so the following morning. Hell Saad and several armed soldiers went to Batavia graveyard to arrest the remaining mutinees and to rescue survivors. They discovered crucial pieces of evidence on the Orland including several lives that had made his followers sign. Dr Laura at the time dictated that justice needed to be mated out as quickly as possible so it was decided that the trials of the mutinies ring ladies would be carried out on the islands where the crimes had taken place hell saw and five other high ranking officials from the Saadam and the Batavia wounded cancel and began proceedings while the Savvas were housed on the Dan. The accused mutinies were kept prisoner on CEOS island. Far Away from everybody else the defendants had no lawyers said the trial solely consisted of pulsa questioning witnesses. As only a few of the perpetrators would admit to their crimes. Torture was used to elicit confessions from the others. Including Cornelius interrogators would scrap the individual to a frame then slightly pull water over their head until a kava devices intended their ability to brave that would then forced to drink the water which led to extreme bloating and fainting. If the torture lasted for an extended period cornelius enjoyed several days of they sessions. He had little hope of convincing the council. He was innocent as he's former followers. Were willing to testify against him. Furthermore they're covered owes proved his control by the inhabitants of Batavia graveyard. He eventually acknowledged that he'd ordered the deaths of three dozen people and planned a mutiny on board the Batavia. However he blamed many of the remaining motives on the mutinees who had died in the failed attack on the highland after admitting to some of his crimes. Cornelius attempted to delay he sentencing by reneging his confession quibbling over small details at trial and asking to speak with these waft back in the Dutch republic he ultimately Sauna Confession on September. Twenty eight and was sentenced to have both his hands off and to be executed by hanging upset at the outcome. Cornelius stated I see well they won't might Blah into my life that God would not suffer that I shall die a shameful death I know for certain and you will say that God will perform and to make this not a miracle said that I shall not be hanged on September Twenty Nine. Cornelius attempted to Tikey life by drinking poison but survived and was in so much pain that he begged for an antidote. He's execution along with the executions of seven other new knees. Took place on CEOS all antawn October. Two Sixteen twenty nine the full cornelius was led to a set of gallows Lucretia. Yawns confronted him and insisted he take responsibility for raping her. He replied it is true. You are not to blame the other mutiny sentenced to die asked that Cornelius be killed. I so that they could watch. Their request was granted. Cornelius refused spiritual absolution and instead hold verbal abuse at his former followers. Guys bed bass she ends. Who Lost his wife and six children in one not. Under the order of Cornelius later wrote about his experiences he described how cornelius remained staunchly unrepentant. Quite saying even at the end as he mounted the gallows revenge revenge so that to the end of his life he was an evil man over the years. Many have speculated as to what motivated you run a mess cornelius to orchestrate the depths of so many innocent people historian Mark Dash theorized. That Cornelius was Asaka path. Judy twohey superficial charm ability to manipulate others lack of compassion and impulsively in his book. Batavia's Graveyard Mark Dash wrought though years of casual usage have stripped the word of much of its meaning true. Psychopaths not able men incapable of self control on the contrary. They are always chillingly in command of their emotions. What they actually lack is empathy the capacity away their undestand or care what other people feel following year unanmous. Cornelius 's death. Four other mutineers had their right hand seven and was subsequently killed while the remaining three. Amelie executed their bodies were left out on display to remain hanging from the gallows until the day composed non remaining meat knees to be taken to visa headquarters in. Batavia to be interrogated. Further nineteen men. Who saw nd Earth's of loyalty to Cornelius were released unless incriminating evidence arise most of these individuals lockley aligned with Cornelius to protect themselves or others? But a few of Cornelius is legitimate. Follow as many to remain undetected. The full diam barked on their return. Journey to Batavia Command. Appel spot was determined to salvage anything and everything that he could from the shipwreck to place. His superiors dove is recovered. Ten out of the vessels. Twelve chests of money of the missing to one had banked trapped beneath a Canon and was inaccessible while the other was never found the Orlands were also searched for anything of value that could be given to the visa with Elsa funding Jews and other goods that Cornelius had hoarded for himself on October twelve. The SOD AMS captain was sent out with four other men to fetch barrel Vinnie Guy. That had been soldered on a rafe wild wings. Draining shoot the following day. The five men were spotted attempting to navigate through the stone but never returned by mid November. Sixteen twenty nine. What remained of the Batavia's wreckage on the Rafe had been driven almost entirely underwater by the waves pell sought determined that nothing further could be saved and prepared to leave before sailing north. He decided I. Should I travel to the Australian mainland in a last ditch effort to say when the saw dame's missing captain and silence had made it to land? He also planned to Maroon. Two of the mutinees there as punishment for their crimes. The stranded mutinees were valter. Los who had led cornelius as men following his arrest and a cabin boy named John Pilgrim. The decision to abandon them was intended as merciful as pulsa did not believe lows was as culpable as Cornelius. While pilgrim was granted some leniency due to is youth on November Sixteen. Los and pilgrim were left with a boat and instructed to become familiar with the foreign land and its people in the hopes they might be able to find. Gold Silva OR ANYTHING OF VALUE IF ships passed by their location depend. What admitted to be rescued? So that good report what they discovered abandoning the to meet knees on the coast of Western. Australia made them the first year. A pains to inhabit the country. One hundred and fifty nine years before the first British colony was established in Sydney in seventeen eighty eight. It is unknown. What happened to them up? They were abandoned as the visa. Never made any attempt to rescue them. Two Hundred Years later in nineteen twenty nine. The first permanent British settlement was established in Western Australia. Reports were saved of light skinned indigenous. People having lived along the coast. Some have speculated whether this meant low sent pilgrim joined an indigenous tribe and had children with them but there is no evidence to support this but those on board decide am the journey to Batavia took just under three weeks Judah strong winds and the Comma Spring Weather Day arrived on Wednesday December. Five sixteen twenty nine two months later on. January thirty one sixteen thirty crowds gathered to watch the public sentencing and execution of the twelve remaining meat. Knees six were hanged with one. Having his right hand severed as well three. What publicly float and then sent into exile to the younger meet. Knees aged fifteen and seventeen were made to draw lots to see which of them would be executed and which would only be flogged with one being granted mercy. Ju- today young age a particularly brutal meet Ni. Ninety Yacob pages was found to have participated in the original meet Ni as well as engineering. The slaughter of Gaza Best Yen's family. Hey was sentenced to the most severe punishment possible death by being broken on the wheel. He'd involved in individual bank todd to a scaffold. While an executioner used annoy embodied to crush all of the bones in their arms into legs they would then be placed on a huge cart wheel hoisted abroad and publicly displayed with death. Sometimes taking hours to occur the TV as captain Ariane Yacob's refuse to talk although he had been implicated in the mutiny on the Batavia. The only evidence was the accusations. Made Buck Amanda Appel. Saad and some of those involved. Nevertheless he remained imprisoned until June sixteenth. Thirty one on unproven charges. After this there are no bow. Their records of Yacob's and it is believed he died in custody. A number of mutinies escaped capture punishment for their actions. Four silence who joined pill. Saad on the long boat that sailed to Batavia to get help. Had been part of Yacob's Cornelius is original mutiny. Plot and three had taken part in the assault of Lucretia yawns however they remained behind rather than participate in the rescue mission pell sought learned of their involvement when he interrogated the other mutinees budgets. Ron This saadam returned to Batavia. They had disappeared of the more than two hundred individuals who marooned on the umbrella so islands but three months only seventy four. Innocence of office reached their final destination of Batavia including five women and one child. They Assay Archives indicate that one hundred fifteen people wounded at Baku Nelia. Cindy's follow is a figure that amounts to more than a third of the Batavia's original passengers. Private Webby Hey submerged. Just the hero of the tragedy for protecting knows who had escaped cornelius as men by establishing a stronghold on the highland he was promoted to the rank of sergeant. He's salary was doubled and he went on to have successful military. Kore- the men who alongside him also received promotions wage increases for Lucretia Yawns. Her arrival of the Batavia Settlement Indonesia resulted in further sorrow. The point of her journey was three you not with her husband following the unexpected deaths of their three children however he had been posted the gun and without her knowledge sometime. Elia and had since dodd opted to remain in Batavia and remarried in October. Sixteen thirty before returning home to answer the damn with the second husband in sixteen thirty five shortly after arriving at the Batavia settlement in December sixteen twenty nine Gaza Best. You hands decided to rot to extended family members to relight the murder of his wife and children as well as his experiences. Over the past few months he penned a lengthy lead off which light it became one of the k records of the shipwreck and massacre. Two years later he remarried a widow and was sent to the Bandera lands. Two thousand kilometers east of Batavia to Minister to troops stationed there he laid a court dysentery and died in the spring of sixteen thirty three. He's Woulda Judy had endured and not only the loss of her family but repeated sexual abuse during her Tom Batavia's graveyard to secure a few jaw. She married a man after her rescue but he died within a few months of their wedding. She remarried a year later but her second husband passed away after four years of marriage. Taking pity on Judy situation. The VOC awarded six hundred. Guilders compensation almost ten thousand destroying dollars in today's currency disabled enabled Judaic to return to the Dutch republic to live in Relative Comfort Command Francisco. Pell stock was posted to Samara to be second in command of a military operation. He wrote a detail journal about the Batavia Shipwreck and subsequent events. He superiors after reading it. The command is of the. Voc became displeased with pell. Saad believing that if he hadn't left the survivors with data later on the ORLANDS domestic might have never occurred. There were no real consequences for pell saw as he had become gravely ill a month earlier and died in September. Sixteen thirty at the age of thirty five he's journal which provides a comprehensive. They can't of the tragedy has been translated into English and restored in the Netherlands stocks in the city of The Hague during the period when the VOC was journeying aced through the Indian Ocean a number of Dutch ships were wrecked along the dangerous and volatile West Australian coast but the events that followed the Batavia colliding with morning. Rafe in the umbrella so islands may did the most notorious although the sheep story became infamous in the Dutch republic in the immediate aftermath. The exact location of the wreck became something of a mystery in eighteen. Forty Captain John Lewis. Stokes was chiding the umbrella sahlins Britain's Royal Navy when hey came across some large beams on an island in the southern group convinced. He had found the sod of the wreck. He named the landmass El-Saad Island in the nineteen fifties. The story of the Batavia fascinated earth-based journalist novelist and historian Henrietta Drake Brockman when shade land of the discovery of utensils a pistol and two human skeletons on inlets. Eighty kilometers north of pell Saad Island. She suspected Captain Stokes had mistaken the vessels final resting place though the more. Henrietta pointed out that come on Don Francisco. Pell sought had described wallabies in his writings and the animals are only leaped onto Wallin's in the northern group around the same time the region became popular with cry fishermen one day in nineteen sixty of fishermen uncovered a human skeleton as well as a putative bell from a trumpet that was inscribed with the sixteen twenty eight reigniting interest in the hunt for the Batavia in June nineteen sixty three. Dave Johnson was sitting lobster pots in the area when he saw it. At something below the water he returned to the location on several occasions to reexamine the object and at one stage was digging on an island nearby and uncovered a skeleton. He led a DA DA. Max Cramer of East fawns as Max was in search of the shipwreck on June. Four nineteen sixty three exactly three hundred thirty four years after the Batavia ran into morning Rafe. Max became the first person to die on the long lost ship which was located about two miles from way. Henrietta Drake Brockman had estimated would bay. The island went dive. Johnson had dug up. The skeleton was now named Bacon Orland but centuries before had been dubbed. Batavia's graveyard the to highland orlands had been named aced Wallaby into West wallaby in the intervening years. While the gallows on CEOS Orland where the bodies of Iran Amiss Cornelius and several of his followers were left on display had long since disintegrated remnants of private. Webby hase's Stein. Ford remained on West. Wallaby island making it the oldest European structure on Australian soil of the course of a decade. The Batavia was salvaged. Dav Is van apothecary jaws cannons grenades and nine car and coins from the chests that were left behind the between nineteen seventy two and seventy six work carried out by the Department of Maritime. Archaeology led to pots of the ship's Hull Bang discovered then carefully recorded into raised. They traded restored. And then ray built and currently on display at the shipwrecks museum in the Western Australian city of freemantle the Batavia expedition also phages various recovered artifacts as well as a victim skeleton. A replica of the doomed vessel was constructed in the nineteen ninety s and is currently in. Lele start as city in the central Netherlands. The longboat that Commander Francisco Pell Saad used to rage the Batavia settlement has also Bain replicated and set sail on the last Sunday of each month in the coastal city of Geraldton in Western Australia. Since the mid nineteen ninety s both Dutch and destroy Anoxia logistics have undertaken several excavations on beacon island to recover the remains of those massacred there and have succeeded in finding the skeletons of sixteen people as recently as November. Two thousand seventeen. They discovered another mass grave that contained the remains of five individuals in an interview with Australian Television Program. Sixty minutes Dr Maritime Archaeologist Dr Wendy Van Dawson Ford explained why she believed finding victims still remained important almost four hundred years later. She stated that she carried out the work quite as donut to those people who died there to get their story told give them a little bit back but being left behind in this place at the end of the earth.

Batavia Ostlund Cornelius Captain Ariane Yacob Lucretia WHO PELL Cornelius Nail Appel Saad Highlands VOC Batavia graveyard Orlands assault Webby Hayes David India Hans Haden Ivanka Cutler Todd Fund Batavia Indian Ocean Batavia Describe Yard
April 19, 2020: Tamerlan Tsarnaev Dies

Today in True Crime

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April 19, 2020: Tamerlan Tsarnaev Dies

"Due to the graphic nature of today's crimes listener discretion is advised extreme. Caution IS ADVISED FOR LISTENERS. Under thirteen today is Sunday. April nineteenth twenty twenty on this day in two thousand thirteen twenty six-year-old timberlands. Are Naive died from his injuries. After a shootout with the police tamburlaine along with his younger brother. Jawhar was suspected of bombing. The Boston Marathon. Welcome today in true crime apart cast original. Today we're covering the Boston marathon bombing and the death of suspected perpetrator. Tam Orlands are naive. Let's go back to a quiet suburban street in watertown Massachusetts. Just after midnight it had been four days since the bombing since Patriots Day. Now police finally had a lead on their suspects. Two Brothers Twenty six-year-old Tamburlaine and nineteen year old Jehovah's are naive less than an hour earlier. The boys that attacked a man and stolen his Mercedes. Suv local authorities responded to the carjacking following the vehicles location through an onboard security system. When officer Joseph Reynolds came across the stolen car? Ambling down Dexter Avenue. He locked eyes with the driver at the time. He didn't realize he was looking at one of the men responsible for a deadly terror attack. Instead he checked. The plate confirmed that this was the Mercedes he was looking for then made a u-turn to pursue he radioed in Reynolds. Supervisor told him to wait for backup before stopping the car so he just followed behind leaving two car lengths between them. The SUV turned onto Laurel Street. When Reynolds made the turn himself he found that the Mercedes had stopped in the middle of the street then the driver door opened. Tamburlaine took a few steps toward the police. Cruiser then opened fire reynolds duct as low as he could and through his car into reverse trying to put some distance between himself and Timberland. He bellowed into the radio. Shots fired shots fired. When the bullets kept coming Reynolds decided he had to take action using his car doors cover. He returned fire trying to make timberland retreat. But the shots continued unabated. Luckily Reynolds backup wasn't far. Behind police. Sergeant John McClellan raced around the corner onto Laurel Avenue and positioned himself next to reynolds squad car before McClellan could draw his gun. His own windshield was pierced with a bullet. Then the SARNIA brothers upped the Ante Day had bombs. They tossed four small pipe bombs into the street though only three exploded. The officers remembered them as small. Pops like a firecracker when the police held their ground. The brothers brought out more firepower. A pressure cooker bomb the same kind used at the Boston Marathon. It exploded in a blinding flash of light. According to Reynolds the blast shook me to my knees my ears were ringing. I could hear all the car alarms going off. I could feel all the debris landing on me. Mcclellan recalled my eyes were shaking violently in my head. I couldn't see straight. I was afraid I was going to get killed. It was incredible. It was horrendous a lot of debris I thought shingles were coming off houses. A lot of smoke car alarms people screaming by now. More officers had descended on the scene. Sergeant Jeffrey Pugilist tried to get an angle on. Tamarin luring him out from behind the Mercedes and into a driveway. The to exchange shots pugilists said. I thought I was hitting my target. But it didn't seem to have any effect eventually tamarins gun seemingly jammed and he was unable to return fire. He threw his pistol at pugilists hitting him in the arm. Seniors chance pugilists charged at Tamerlane tackling him from behind Reynolds and a third officer joined the scuffle trying to keep Tamil and down and place handcuffs on him but it wasn't easy. Tamblyn six foot three and a former boxer even wounded. He struggled for Roche. Ously against the men. Then Reynolds heard squealing tires and a revving engine. Jehovah's are naive behind the wheel. Reynolds fired a few shots at the roaring SUV. But it kept coming. The officer commanded. Get off get off. He's coming back toward us. Reynolds and pugilists managed to leap out of the path of the SUV. Just in time wasn't so lucky. Jaguar barreled over his brother's body and crashed into a parked police car sergeant John McClellan recalled. It was very violent. The car was jumping back and forth with the body stuck up under the wheels eventually Jawhar managed to extricate the car and he sped off down the street leaving his brother. Dying on the pavement coming up. The aftermath of the czar naive brothers standoff high listeners. The launch of our new podcast series with Ashley. Flowers has been incredible success. Were so happy to welcome Ashley to the podcast family and can't thank you enough for checking out the show. If you haven't had a chance to listen yet I highly recommend you head over to the supernatural feed and subscribe today every Wednesday Ashley. Flowers takes on a different crime or mystery or the most fitting theory isn't always the most conventional the first episode has been my favorite so far. Were the deaths of two Brazilian men a result of making contact with spirits on Mars. Get closer to the truth than ever before. Regarding the mystifying lead masks case but you'll also find some other fascinating stories. Did four friends have a highly unusual encounter during a camping trip in Maine. Sort through the out of this world. Circumstances surrounding the allegations incident was Italian. Theoretical Physicist Ettore by Arana's disappearance caused by his discovery of time travel or was it something more sinister each week Ashley takes on the strange and surreal to explain some of the world's most bizarre true crime occurrences if you're the kind of person who questions everything you'll love this. Show follow supernatural with Ashley. Flowers free on spotify. Or wherever? You get your podcasts now. Back to the story just after midnight. On April nineteenth. Two thousand thirteen police found Boston. Marathon bombing suspects brothers. Tamburlaine and Jehovah's are naive after an eight minute. Shootout Tamburlaine was mortally injured and Juhar fled the scene in a stolen SUV. When the paramedics arrived. Temelin allegedly fought against their life. Saving efforts Michael Sullivan. Who was in the ambulance that night recalled? They were basically unable to treat him. He said whenever we were hands on he got combative. He eventually died from his wounds. At Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center around one twenty. Am on the nineteenth. His brother Jawhar was captured by police. Twenty hours after the shootout following a large-scale manhunt. He was discovered hiding in a boat in residential backyard. Less than a mile away from the firefight. He'd been shot in the ear and leg. His neck had been sliced by a piece of shrapnel leaving him unable to speak but Jawhar was alive with Timberland dead and Johar temporarily silenced. The world was left with more questions than answers. What had led these young men to become terrorists? Temelin's childhood was somewhat nomadic in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The family moved from Kirghistan Tacoma Kia to Chechnya to douglaston. His aunt said of the family in search of peace. They kept moving over the course of two thousand two and two thousand three sixteen year old tamburlaine nine year old Jawhar. Their parents and two sisters made the journey to America as political refugees. They settled down in Cambridge Massachusetts and tried to acclimate to their new life already a teenager when they made the move. Tamblyn like more of an immigrant than Bihar dead and he was only further alienated in two thousand. Ten Tamblyn was an aspiring boxer. In two thousand nine. He won the New England Golden Gloves Championship in the two hundred one pound division. He advanced to the National Competition in Salt Lake City. He gave a strong showing but ultimately lost the title still. He looked forward to proving himself at the next year's tournament his sights set on fighting professionally one day but his career was cut short in two thousand ten. The golden gloves of America no longer allowed even legal immigrants to compete they previously allowed noncitizens to compete in Non Olympic qualifying years. But it was decided that the policy was too confusing just like that timberlands roadmap to success was scrapped. While it's unclear exactly how this disappointment connected with what followed the Russian security service reported that it was during two thousand ten. The tamburlaine changed drastically and became a radical follower of Islam without boxing. The landscape of Timberlands life was remade. He dropped out of community college. He lost interest in music. Though he was previously an avid pianist. He had trouble holding down a job only working sporadically. He spent more and more time at his local mosque interrupting services more than once with criticisms of what he called secular practices. Then in two thousand twelve Tamburlaine went to don for six months. During his time there he allegedly became involved with an Islamic organization called the Union of the just the group is critical of US policies towards Muslims. It publicly renounces. Violence though Temelin himself did not. It seems likely that when Tam returned to the US after his trip to dog Estan he exposed his younger brother too radical ideas and together. They made plans to act when Juhar was recovered from the boat in the backyard. Laid on April nineteenth. Police found that he'd written a message on the wood and hall. He wrote when you attack one Muslim you attack all Muslims. He claimed that the victims of the marathon bombing were collateral damage. Just as so many other Muslims around the world were collateral damage in the wake of wars instigated by Americans Jihad idea of collateral. Damage was the lives of three people and injuries to at least two hundred sixty in the Boston marathon bombing Jawhar was ultimately convicted of using a weapon of mass destruction resulting in death. He was handed down the maximum sentence. Which at the time meant death by lethal injection a year after the attacks Boston mayor. Marty Walsh established April Fifteenth as one Boston Day to remember the lives lost and those affected by the attack on this day. He encourages Bostonians to engage in random acts of kindness and to help their fellow citizens. Thanks for listening to today in true. Crime I'm Vanessa. Richardson today in true. Crime is a podcast original. You can find more episodes of today in true crime and all other podcast originals for free on spotify not only spotify already. Have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you? Enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals light today and true crime for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream today and true crime on spotify. Just open the APP and type today in true crime in the search bar at podcast. Were grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at Park cast and twitter at Park Network? We back with a brand new episode tomorrow in True Crime. Today in true crime was created by Max Cutler and is a podcast studios original it is executive produced by Max Cutler sound designed by Dick Schroeder with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Carleen Madden and Freddie Beckley this episode of today and true crime was written by Abigail Cannon with writing assistance by Maggie Admire. I'm Vanessa Richardson. Hi Listeners. If you haven't heard it already. I highly recommend you check out the new podcast original series supernatural with Ashley Flowers every Wednesday. Take a deep dive into the strange and surreal to find the truth behind some of the world's most bizarre true crime occurrences search for supernatural with Ashley Flowers in the spotify APP. And listen free today.

Joseph Reynolds Tamburlaine Ashley Flowers Boston officer spotify John McClellan Boston Marathon Temelin Jawhar Tamblyn Tam Orlands Massachusetts Juhar Jawhar Vanessa Richardson Sergeant Jeffrey Pugilist Beth Israel Deaconess Medical
My Special Guests - The Black Donnellys

The Jeff Does Vegas Podcast

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My Special Guests - The Black Donnellys

"On this episode of the Jeff. Does Vegas podcast? When I'm talking to people you know people come in and so are you really Irish putting on that accent you know. I look to go. Are you really American? Are you really where where you from this action? Look for forty eight hours. You know what I mean. In Spanish its name means the meadows you might know it as the entertainment capital of the world lost wages or simply sin city of course talking about Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada on average forty. Two million people visit Las Vegas every year and I'm one of them. I love this city the sights. The sounds the shows the people the history I wanNA share all of it with you taking you to the world famous Vegas Strip and beyond might have his jeff and this is the Jeff. Does Vegas podcast? Hey there and welcome to episode Number Sixty Three of the Jeff Does Vegas podcast. Thanks once again for hopping on board another virtual podcast journey to what I like to think of as the best city in the World Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada before we get rolling for this episode of the show. I want to thank my guest from the last episode Geoff Schumacher from the mob museum. Who Join me to talk about one of the most colorful characters in Las Vegas history eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes. We took a deep dive into Hughes time in Las Vegas from his unannounced arrival by train in November of nineteen sixty six to the multiple hotels and Casinos. He purchased during his time in the city and his equally mysterious departure in late. Nineteen seventy we also chatted about some of those legendary Howard Hughes Myths. If you haven't listened as of yet jump into the archives wherever you get your podcast and search out episode number sixty two Howard Hughes Aviator innovator and Las Vegas Legend or head to the website at does Vegas dot com alright onto the show. I made my first visit to rewrite Irish pub in the shops at Mandalay Bay back in June of two thousand nineteen and reviewed the experience in episode number twenty four of the podcast as I described it at the time everything about rerun was authentically Irish from the decor to the food to the staff to the Guinness to the huge whiskey selection to the music. And that's where my guests for this episode of the PODCAST. Come into play this time around. I'm joined by Dave Rooney and Dave Brown who together make up the black Donnelley's and they are the official house band at re-route over the course of our conversation. We talked about their growing up in Dublin and the band's origins and Ireland. How and why they made the move to Las Vegas. The various Guinness World Records that they hold some of the CELEBS who've joined them onstage at re-re their brand new documentary an Irish story. This is my home and of course we talked pandemic and how they've been keeping busy during the Vegas shutdown. Please enjoy my conversation. With Dave Rooney and Dave Brown of the Black Donnelley's just playing complete top larizza music since I was twelve or Torquay. In a whole heap of with different musicians Blah Blah Blah and released. Sagan's tour that will be honoring never never did me and combs to twenty seven twenty eight and then just tried to get the Red Card. Gail had a couple of small deals had a COUPLA moines. I hit CEOS all sorts of stuff on the ice and just walked all the way through all around Orleans some stuff in Sweden some stuff in the states not much abating but that was it just always searching for the day. Allow Talk to every record company in the world. Go to fused by every record company in the world and just basically Roydon Roydon number for Juiston all original stuff than all the way up until I say Jello is twenty seven twenty eight I mean Into the CO worker and making left working as a job Dismayed playing music and play the guitar. Probably by Dan Mania all around all around Orlands some stuff in Europe but mainly Orleans you know whereas never seen then John Lee different. The different part of the state says the way when I was twenty two at in article until then moved to Munich. Germany and then First of all Note for music. Men were fighter. Big Music Fans. They were very much into lawyer. Music Very Gone Seeing Bonds Boyne records. That still heavily influenced from anywhere from the Beatles. Yellow to billy Joel to country music. Whatever it goes on and I was always sitting in a priorities and always singing in the poll. He's other gives us song. Or whatever you Nandan as a bartender and a move to Munich Germany. And they they. They started this Karaoke show on the me what I liked to hostess said. No that's how they so. They bought me the bought me a big goal. Jacket Look Adrift. Jackets on Abo- toy on on a butterfly shorten that's when I started singing and the host of the shelves am. I tried to build seven or eight times land to play the guitar and just true down every time it got so secretive. Never GonNA be able to do this until I moved to Copenhagen Denmark and then in music via there where they'd like music week news out and sing and so forth and then I had this based on a friend of mine had bought me and then there was a traditional bond. Used to play there and he said not play this play. Play this down in one of the sessions. One day. I was twenty actually sell the Bass Guitar one day on a sit down the session. I landed the play. Bass and I've been singing since anyways. I I knew it could saying you know what I'm from. My might GIG was my twenty-six birthday in one thousand nine hundred six where I left. I was in the rose. Walking the Shamrock bar in Copenhagen Denmark and then the I left I left it at my job that I went to play music. I was writing songs ever since I can play an an and here we are and so. How did you guys connect when when? When did you guys get together and start performing so I moved down to Arca and the plate at the holiday resorts down there? Move down the Lonzo. Roddy which is an oil in the island off the coast of Morocco. And it's not it's a. It's a popular destination on the planet in a averred air called coup collins. Dave was over with another guitarist on the girlfriends of point and We got talking on a mutual acquaintances started talking about and David been over and backed antidote four or five times and Dan. Then a you know we'd become friends as a search was telling telling him that I was thinking about moving back to Orland after African away for so long left when I was trying to move back when I was thirty. Six Sulayem. Yes so that's where we met on He said what? I've got a couple of gigs at home on managing this young boy who was called George. Morphine got a GIG. He's the force GIG was the two in In wwl it was called the point then with the or or the tree and so we opened for madness popular van. And that's how we ultimately started playing together Sony I was actually out fishing for new songs. Reasonable songs for the second album for sound has gone. Triple Platinum and Orleans we. I was looking for older songs. And then got. David gave me tree. Psalms each silverline would be one of the entire three the dismay home on an which which is my because I went. And we say over and something Marissa shocked at the Sony It wasn't it. Wasn't it not only with the. The design was obviously Cohen was great saga fitting. And Sony didn't take it didn't make sense of a say. Thank God that never made our general name we. It's well I mean I think we the best version of anyway. You know it would be opened up you know. Get FROM SEWING. Not so we we. We talked about musical in Golden Rueben home at that stage. Obvious doing a load of gauge small. Gigs original gigs swelled. So then and then we started doing just that playing. Then you gotta don't into all different horry loads of different musicians different drummers different different singers all sorts of people were just you know. Tell me a little bit about playing music playing live music in Dublin in the city of Dublin. I mean there's there's something special about the the music world in that city in the pub scene particularly I mean we when we went to Dublin. We did the you know we went through temple bar and we went through that that whole area and everything and then the person a friend of ours that was living there at the time took us to her local and what an experience to be there at a local on a Sunday night where it's just such a a cross section of age groups and people and and and musicians and it's it really is a it's it's something special in a really unique World isn't Orlands Ernest Stapleton in music. It's in our culture. The very fabric of who we are as people it's in our personalities. It's all around us we were brought into. That is the pulled. Culture is very very thick. Very Very. It's a it's a way of life and everybody goes to the full but the weekend everybody drinks and then you know you've got blue collar workers. We call him Morgan House. Whatever everyone comes like just? There's a pulse in Dublin or in Orleans. There's a vibe amongst people that resounds on around there's an energy there that's nowhere else in the world and I don't think people are like anybody else in the world. We're very very unique in our way. Our celebration of life we see things and how we are we responsible under. We all want to get on the happy and that shows personality showing through so. I'm not surprised that you say what you say you do. Because most Americans and most Canadians and people elsewhere the feed the way they flocked to the place injection of personality to get you know like it was about fourteen years played the temple bar but force while record was into Tampa bipolar itself. But I did a four straight and with every musician in the in the place right or thinking about is we would only with this. It's like we we as musicians are a tink. Sometimes we're too close were so we don't get we. Don't see what everyone not that we don't. We don't what everyone else going in. Were playing or doing the job of job to the next GIG. Show Day now. So Y- you you're not getting a friends that go over the four times a year for bar on they just can't say this is the best job in the world. That's so raven. Komo go goes goat from Nashville New Orleans Disney rate. Then we talked with a mile shift. You know the the weeks of in the way we go to understand. He's only were expecting eight times. Lavar boy you know and then you go into a seeing what being in Tampa bar you know. I on the surrounding areas on year When you're not but when it's not better for the size of a coaching that we are so unique. In that way you know it it would be bridged energy and we all grew up using. Everybody does something in the family. Everyone has somebody a plays. Music are played in the bond. Or you know what I mean. It's in your blood and so I guess the the next question. And maybe it's a silly question Why Las Vegas? How did YOU GUYS END UP IN VEGAS? I mean it. Vegas doesn't necessarily seem as the the epicenter for Irish pub culture per se As opposed to a city like New York or Boston did the GIG from reruns. Were you guys kind. Head hunted by rerouted to go and and do the gig there at. How did that come about the people who run round the show? Re-re war record out longer relates name came and took me to come over play. The weeds singer on the day was from Solo so from Europe. I came back and listen to money. Can at this again. When I was in the first time in the end so we went to amend the date. One two or three air. We had breakfast one morning in the Mandalay Bay on the and then you say we're GonNa know obsolete and it was great. You know what I mean. They built a piece of Orleans in the desert and got the they also so we went to an idea of Nokia The treatment trial hair originally took off from their selves. You know and it's interesting that you put it like that and you say it's it's like they put a piece of Ireland in in the desert because I mean there are other Irish bars and Irish pubs in Vegas on the Strip and such the tried. But I don't feel when I've gone into rerun I feel I feel like I'm in Dublin and I brought my wife there for the first time back in December and she said the same thing. We sat at the bar and we had by. We had a couple of pints again as and we just. We're both like this makes us want to go back to Ireland. Well a lot of the a lot of the woods I came over from Ireland assaults. It's great to bring the actual war on the bricks and whatever they have certain statues in there. You're the thing is what is the J. One program which enables them to legally bring over orders workers to work in the place which obviously sets off the atmosphere. And you that familiarity that you got when you were in building on the Orland that because they're not all from Dylan from different different pirates it. It's a huge draw It's very weird that you can walk into the shops a Mandalay bay and then take a really torn into reruns. Uncertainty your hit like everybody says the same thing they say man you would never know. You're in a casino in Las Vegas when you come in here you know you got me and Dave on the stage where you know slagging but what are you doing where have you been the phone. You got all the orders fair. You've got the whiskey under the great whiskey selection there as well and Guinness and so on. So it's all the ron integral parts of what forms the orders experience. So I'm not surprised. Say What you say. And I'm glad you brought up doing the j. One program and bringing over Irish workers because the first time I went in there and I was greeted from the bar by someone with an Irish accent and as I left that night I thought either. They're only hiring Irish people to work. Here they're hiring really good actors. I. It's funny though. Isn't it like that when I'm talking to people you know people come in and scientists? Yeah well so are you really Irish. Are you putting on that accent you know and I look at someone to go? Are you really American? Are you really wherever you're from where you from? We can keep this accident for forty hours. You know what I mean. You try and very hard. But they're very suspicious and then we worked at all as to why because lots of people actually pretend that the from Ordinance Undiplomatic Fall Oilers esque Darvish Pakistani about actions in really by them. Say these you'd use these terminologies are you. Are you ready for pint go? We don't talk like your Mungo. And then what does say this lounge? Ebba launcher are among is a right crack. Ain't it that was terrible. I don't even know what that was very much like that. You know where where where we can detect immediately that these people and natives you know what I mean. Don't get me wrong I mean. We don't think we're special badder than anybody else. We never pretend to be anybody else we ourselves and we expect out of everyone when you come when you said. I can feel they respect. What are you doing in case you know what we get a lot? I understand why people are so suspicious of of our access to fight but why I think a lot of that. I guess it's the it's the whole Vegas vibe in that where nothing really. Nothing is real exactly. Nothing is no. You've got a giant pyramid in the desert an Eiffel Tower down the street and the Statue of liberty and fake canals. And and all that kind of stuff so I mean you gotta appreciate that. I guess it's a wonderful thing. Although most people the coordinating they've been drug that they'd dropped something like it really is what creation are what a place and the two sides have been. I mean you can embrace Las Vegas for what it is. It's it's definitely one of the best prices in the ward hands down an you can also look at it as being fake and you can look at it as being a soulless on the on the on the air types of feelings that you can get a various times during the year you know for the most part for us. It's a very very good window. Bright place to network relates to experience and the and the mountain does actually come to Muhammad. So it's pretty good. It's worked very well for us. I'm not saying that would work for everybody. Generally if you're open for you want to embrace it well then is there for for you to take the same went when people talked about again. People only Temple Temple. Don't you don't have to go with living in Vegas. We don't live on the Strip. Like you know what I mean. We don't live on the Eiffel Tower. You know we're we're we're fifteen twenty minutes Roy from the place. We have around late here where we live in Henderson. And it's like it's great. Look down there we. WanNa copy them firmly. We can don't to one of the most iconic tourist centers in the world. You know what I mean over near where we are saying taboo bar and we're all these people it's just you know. I I think he says he come in. I'm people do the command and embrace and then lose all them on the end. Go home if we see. We're travel now. You see on the cars coming into Vegas and everybody's Oh Vegas Baby. That's announced their Oklahoma Beijing. Something kids the shadowy events and your own the all combustion again like six weeks later you know. And it's it's a great rookie command. Everyone's GONNA party void. You know you're on. It's great with the conventions on local and we feed off that. Well you know that's helps us to get like six leads a week and it's the way you put it as you said earlier we were talking. You were saying about you know how you kind of get downplaying so many gigs. In a night or so many gigs in a day. Kind of deal with that atmosphere in Las Vegas. I would imagine as you say it really helps. You continued to stay up. The whole thing about it is is that it's very transient. Right and this helps. Because if you've got a concert conveyor belts of people coming in and out and on all the time so you never got the same. Never got the same crowd. You're not gonNA send GIG together without. We never use a set list. We don't use a set list It's just something that all you've gone boy that same road ever since we started on it never fails and the reason for that is is that you. You cut your cloth you're measuring it. You talk to the crowd. You engage the crowd you see what kind of demographic they are obviously and you get some feedback you know what the like we ask for a time. We play off all of the time. It works eighty nine percent of its worked sixty percent of the time all the time. It's a IT'S A. It's one of the things buddy. Buddy transients 'em it's great to the third part I would say without is that people are there for a reason to enjoy themselves blow off steam. The energy is always opium always got the holiday boy gone and and therefore we feed off the energy. Because when you don't have energy whether I cannot believe how much energy gets actually south building out to the show which is what we're experiencing our online shells at the moment where you know. You don't have the applause. You don't have the the thing at the end of the two hours are sometimes you do the arrows. I actually have to go in Louisville on like Geez. I'm sorry I I know that was a long winded. Vote and the question. We certainly feed off very very transient. And I'm glad it's that way and something else that you guys. I mean Vegas. I'm sure has been very helpful with this. Is You guys have had a chance to play with a few celebs that I I would imagine. Just Kinda of they're wandering through. They hear music they come in and boom you've got person X. on the stage we all sorts of people. And they're all head cases that we've had the W. L. D. Hotel enter. He comes in is it. It's funny but it is wife Beth who has recently passed away. God bless her she. We linked up with her when she was in. She wanted to sing. I'm singing Pritam on and all that stuff and dogs in the background than Clinton you know he wants to go so he comes up anyway on a golf okay. Okay Okay Tequila. Okay Okay Tequila. You have okay. What did it we play this right? And then he goes Tequila attain. I have a video of it. It's on our page. If you look at you see me absolutely doyen laughing. You know. We've had benny refilled from Santana played. Bass rose one night with the crack. And we've had a boxer Ricky Hatton the rhythm section from heart. We had to a Buddhist. That was that was long Michael Jackson's fodder walks in every now and again Joe Johnson. When he was alive when he walked into lots of lots of movie stars come in and L. Would cops on glasses and stuff. So we've had the entourage we've had a lot of them actors in as well and it's pretty that way you know they much is really really Nice Guy Tim Reynolds on a Tuesday may on 'em they were. I came in with some of the crew bar. Managers are huge Eh. They budget funny goes. Oh my God timber watching watching it also and then. The next night had a blocked off that much came in with somebody who had a bind. The so we went down was all blocked off. We only play so crooked. You know so I just went with abandon. We're going on there and it's just so you know any any goes on. How we came to see is tim was saying. He's a great voice. He stay for like an hour and a half watched the show brings her mouth towards e is such a nice guy like absolutely top. Black families are bad are you. We've got a great photograph on our album and was really very very nice. Indeed that's amazing. We have like then. People from the stripped work distributed like the boys and ten is a rock up due with the sound jurors. We'd causing human nature as well and Coppola Different Guitar player and singer Nashville implodes. That goes on all the guys though Roy. Far League Eh. Miranda Lamberton Garth Brooks the summer as THEY PAJAMAS. And there's so much fondly. We get them open. That's that's always ragging on people come in like. Oh yeah absolutely you know now know you know in my mind. That's one of the cool things about Las Vegas to is the talent level of of the people there that are just. It's off the hook. I mean the people that are that are performing along the Strip in the various as you say the various headliner shows like tenders Iraq Bronx Wanderers and human nature shows like that and then even just the quote unquote just the lounge. Performers are amazing sex. Play with the boys to men to play with all the big the big anyone that's big to played with Leon with any of the big shows come in there Or Sex Claire jumped off the stage of Donny. Marie and later a on his his teacher Lee played with steely dumb. Wow Yeah and he's he's a super player on a really nice. Don't show them opionion on the Strip pregnant. The Greater Ed the great musicians so we use them for the bigger shows. That's what every now and again The they come in bowl for for ourselves to keep our chops opens as you know having a bigger band situation going on we the BIG PARTY FEST. Gig where we headlined the an artist festival in Lake City in Arizona and it was a huge success. Note seven thousand people there on a big bond with the fiddle player Horn Section Bass drums and guitar box Solos in order sorts of Banska. At the end we had a big free for all you know what I mean. There's a great video of that on on a black Dan. Lewis paid as well as you can. You can take on in Warner famer. He's the trouble with the colts. Colt bowed. That's amazing. Something I wanted to hit on earlier that I forgot to ask about is the name. The Black Donnelley's this this is. I thought there's gotta be some kind of historical connection. There's a Canadian connection in there with that name. So how did you guys settle on? And it's quite a tragic story. I'm not gonNA tell the story because it's mildly depressing. But how did you guys settle on that as a as a band name and it's very very simple? Saudi on its at we were when we seven-day were traveling around. I used to get get calls the play with different singers different artists. So we would recruit the bomb the drummer face and then get your tires keyboards or whoever would be back. These people who would like being on Lake N- equivalent of the voice. Sarda the deal and the needed a quick. So that's what we would do going around the country. Geoghegan every time he did it always after every show someone like him. So what's the name of the bound at can only harder to bond? I don't need the rocks are going I need because it's cheaper the horrid abandon this. Go like they. Organize the back in bulk of Jenin. Inaugural the harmonies. And then I'll be getting musicians organized and that's what we did then use go with. Cabal Franck sound great and anyway so we were going around me brought up and he was gone. We need an ancient Abban. Nikos People WanNa wear Chanel and all that so had reading the book the black only the story of the family. The orders family in Luca on he said this is a great name for the bound. Obviously what is always tells the stories of stories you will work with somebody saying date not you and the black families you know what? I mean like commenting on the outbreak heartbreaking. That's that's exactly that's what it was and then into the story and we learn obviously ninety even think they wanted to use one of our chilling on on one of the independent movies and stuff like that. Yeah we we read up on on an. I'm not so for hung around the nine. So that's exactly across sooner plan. And then this goes opening goes I used Donnelley's and not well now. I'm David Only Brown. And he goes all the great grandson of the original. Black families. Wonderful Age got away. He's he's grandson about one that got away the great grandson about on the got away. He was actually celebrate annoys. Going start talking about him. He's a power lifter record-breaking powerlifter. I'm what was his name Dave as well. So there was daddy Dave Dave Dave and he was born in the seventies as well as it nobody. I think everyone was highly. I just call him Dave. So many Dave's everywhere you go. It's it's incredible and I want to name the to you know but that's what that was crazy though. You know this is crazy parents the anyway at least I employ anybody to look up the story. The Black Donnelley's 'cause yeah as you say tragic and fascinating and an unsolved and and and I mean even to the point now where there's in that town. They actually were suppressing. The story in suppressing the history. There's people that live there that that had no idea didn't learn about it until they were adults because they were There were still descendants of the people accused of the crime. Still living there so I'm still I'm just not living on it. It's not really. I believe that's right. Yeah in the in the research and what I was looking at it was. It seemed It that's what it sounded like. Yeah just a very again. I implore anybody to to look up the story because it's it's fascinating an interesting point about it is at. They've made a movie of it as you as you probably know this on. It's it's free to watch on youtube on the filmmakers contact with those two. Let us know that they'd made this movie of the black analyst which they didn't have to you know watch it. It's pretty good. It's really quite interesting so Just anyone that would be interested in going to watch. It is a free move on Youtube. Definitely definitely I wanNA talk about the world records as well. 'cause you guys you all these as I was reading a up about you guys and reading into your story all these different world records so a first of all. Tell me about the world records that you guys hold already. Currently forcible was the one. I did in sample bar. Never that was. I played for fourteen hours straight and and that was within with the help of all of the musicians and everybody came in two or three hours sat on and off and that was that was the first one and that was. That's a that's blue for million new Apollo in place and then when we came Vegas and say that we will do another war record. I'm that was Thrilled and seventy two hours the longest concert health fifteen days and ten hours which is insane and we we. We did with the help of as well but we we we kind of what the reforge the attack on it and we fronted. I sang for eighteen hours attention. We've very ill after it as well and it was so fallen asleep standing up but it was. It was amazing to have everybody involved in it and everybody at did the Cameraderie. You know that had involved was was fantastic and caught the immagination of everybody that we crazy. Pr numbers like there was two hundred and twenty seven million segments of information out there in the in the digital world like and on TV news faces re two hundred news agencies that picked up the story how we got massive massive exposure through it. And that's really helps. You know to get where we needed to get with regards to get exposure here with regards to getting our green cards to show that we have the numbers that we were people of extraordinary ability which is Monaco of the Green Card that were on the ev one. And then this of course led to the the most recent one With Your your documentary film and Irish Story. This is my home. Another world record attempt on here Sixty shows fifty states forty days. That's a lot of numbers. First of all how. How did how did you guys get the idea for this? Was it too many Jameson too? Many Guinness's one night going. Hey you know what let's do this or or how did this all come about ninety dollars for a world record? I love playing deal opening. We need something else. We need something else we meals. It's not a problem with the song waiting songs. And the songs from the plane of our from. We need something different. But that was it. Someone Lebron's announcement was talking to from carrying funding. They see said to me. He said I'll an only on what comes you'll be able to Nebraska's on where we're going on. I'm going to finish the last two states. What you you have seen all fifty states. Then they're teeing. Oh yeah yellow people talk about. Let's give me a minute so run into the kitchen. Google will walk the record and was being fifty and fifty nine. I'm this we walked onto. Say this often greatly this. I'm making this goes on demand on Salt Lake and it took awhile went through all we can do this month. We can do this. We can hammer disregard. You know what I mean about. Basically then we. We sat down and we put a load of a sin seven months together of. What would you do when you when you watch it? What what we it's by. No everyone says like Oh my God. You didn't plan this week. Plan that much me called but when you watch you see everything went wrong so it. It's an amazing. I'm reading stop seeing. That's say maybe twenty or forty percents into so that we can show does all the build up to it and everything else will break stories on but that's basically what it was. We needed so that we can do to. The biggest thing was wasn't biggest. Avas America's on you know basically that that would be amazing while the wealthiest I was gonna say there couldn't have not been drinking involved in coming up with this idea. No way unbelievable just amazing and so the idea of making documentary out of this or or turning it into a film did was that always kind of on the idea or did somebody pick up on that and go. You know this would be really great idea for for a documentary. We were saying. We need the documentaries properly. The last two properly dot de de date metal put the director coca from there with the mutual mutual acquaintance at the time under him saying that. Yeah we might. Have Somebody be interested in documentary? This you know making the movie almost said okay. So do you put us together anyway? So him I liked what he was talking about. It seems like a nice clay and all the rest of a great ideas and just moved here from Los Angeles was linked would add the director of poverty. Part was a guy called six time Emmy Award winner at so. We knew that we were in good company and stuff like that. So we set about Getting the getting the fine on for a trying to raise non-smoker investors auditing and absolutely huge Gargantuan project to take on never knowing that you know how much it actually talked something like this off. It was it was it was huge and of course I mean it's streaming there's details and info on your guys website aware where people can pick it up but it's I mean it's on Apple. Tv and it's on Amazon prime and it's it's all over the place at. Yeah it's it's on my watch list for this weekend. I showed my wife the trailer as well and she looked at. Yeah we need to. We need yeah. We need to have a date night. We need to watch this and absolutely go over and drink heavily when you watch. I'll I'll make sure I pick up an eight-pack a guinness to throw in the fridge. So I'm all set there in that department enjoyable below you will enjoy it. It's a it's an absolute at I. It's an experience on that. It keeps you enthralled all the way through and a it's a it's it's I think it's great you know I'm delighted with it with the with the you know at what it's doing to people on people are compelled tacoma tablets that like what they think of it and So what would the lawyer the way it's gone so excellent Let's talk a little bit about a pandemic and Pandemic Vegas and things like that You guys have keeping very very busy throughout all of this First of all I mean I I've been different entertainers in different folks. I've been talking to since I've I've kind of asked this question I mean. What was your first reaction when all of this started to go down did you did you kind of look at it and go and this is looking like this is going in a bad direction or did you think this will blow over. It'll be fine. I think everybody thought it was going to be a blow over. I think everybody thought. Oh it's the flu what's everyone getting their knickers in a twist or an all still find a and then and then then it hits and it started to close down casinos unfair to people get news of people dying all over the place and then according to go on all right. This is actually happening. We got the march sixteenth. We a huge week on the biggest shows that we're going to do to date where were both on the various body the Fremont Street experience? We folks winery. We're we're singing the national anthem for the fall for the Vegas nights on the ice We did television setup with autism. It's saw it yet. It was a real real ticket Kicking upon some them. We just went like okay. This is this is serious and here. We are now seven weeks later solid side. Yeah it's yeah. It was still absolutely but you guys have been keeping very busy too and I think this is kind of what garnered my attention. A little bit is the. The facebook live shows. That you guys have been doing are fantastic. I am I am loving this And the thing the thing that I love about it is that they're so casual. I mean you guys are are set up in your home. You got your gear setup. There your families are wandering around in the background while you're doing it. What it actually reminds me very much of is an Canadians will absolutely get this a Newfoundland East Coast Kitchen party. It's just people in their house playing their music and just and I I absolutely. I love what you guys are doing. Not at all and and a lot of people have been saying that you know daughter singing a song then works show not everybody and then people are you a in with a different requests and all that stuff. It's a nice kind of a party boy. The it's of cars at certainly helping us to do something keeping you busy on occupied and all the rest of us were. It's Nice you know in the knowledge that you're doing some good for for everybody else and they're coming in to enjoy it and all the rest of himself so yeah thank you. Thanks for that. It's it's been as I say they've been a lot of fun to watch and and really. That's kind of the the other neat thing. That's come out of this. I in that you know. It's it's an absolute shit show of everything but the level of creativity. That's come out that I've really been able to see with with all my vegas entertainer friends and and an entertainer friends and entertainers in general. Is Everybody's still finding a way to stay creative and stay performing? Are you guys finding it difficult to get that motivation or is this just you know this is in your blood? You guys want to perform. This is what you WANNA do. We see it as an opportunity number one the film on Saint Patrick's Day when the world close right. So it's only Italy. You've got a captive audience straightaway. Gus was everybody doing the tournament Netflix Talk. Tv movies anything just pasta time boy in the wrestling and I'll That's one side of it. Is You WanNa keep busy and keep doing something All of our funding at Deloitte as well with that so it was quite catastrophic for because we had. We had backing for at for appetizers for appetizers in the movie appetizing appetizing. These tours that we want to do get more from the obscene into the theater scene. We've various venues at the moment without we sell out tickets and stuff like that so we know that we have that catchment than we have that ability to go and do dots at we also know that through the exposure that we get we get greater exposure can get maybe bigger houses. You know two three hundred seaters maybe possibly even if it gets too so yeah so all of these things are just something that as a given at the end of the impetus to feeling that we're moving forward use it as an opportunity to expose yourself stay current and and do what you contents to occupy the moines new again. He Week we need nothing that people say like okay. This is an erupts will let you wear advantage. You know like we're constantly every like every day every night. Where we're we're concentrating. Get me to all sorts of people all these immune and then getting the the show together to show them online so like regional. I mean to then you or next year you know it's constantly on the move is a great call and practical in it. Looks just watch. The movie is not going to watch movies on it. And so we're we're we're constantly on it well not just sitting around with all these the hours because that's not you know what I mean. Maybe it's not what we do actually helpful so many there other neighbors. You mustn't Gig Wehrley. We're playing on a route so we'll do anything named some stuff to keep on. And as I say I think the the really incredible thing with all of this has been just seeing the way Everybody has has become creative. Figured out ways to continue getting their their their workout and getting their music out getting their art work out. I think it's been I think it's just been amazing to to see and that's what that's one of the things that I I love about about in about the people there in the community there in the entertainers there is. You guys are just like saying you know what if it? I don't care what's happening. We're we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA keep pumping out material. We're going to stay with it. So it's it's it's fantastic. So I'm I'm happy to see you guys are continuing to do that and continuing to To get stuff Where can people find you guys online? I mean you're you're Oliver Social Media you've got your website. You guys are all over the place. How can people Get in contact with the Black Donnelley's well we got the Black Band. Dot Com website That was explained who we are what we are what we do so on. If you want to buy a movie I rented are streaming or whatever you want to do about. It gives you a multifaceted ways of doing that. We work straight off a face school. Which is our our our mode of connection with people. It's easy at everybody is on there. Where at the Black Donnelley's Dublin? Simpler facebook The BLACK DONALD STOLEN. You go straight to our page there. We've got a twitter. Donnelley's door with In instagram black unleashed globe as well. So you can easily get us there so if you want. If you watch the movie on you like the Soundtrack to the movie Agua to ban Com dot com on you. Can you can download it on. You're gonNA actually auditioned all the tracks. It says sixteen track CD. So it's like a double CD on one. Cd It's album on that you can get there and then ready very very easily so easily find us on facebook DOT COM dot com. Excellent will guys thank you again for taking the time to chat and jump on here with me today? really appreciate it and looking forward to To being able to to come to Vegas again and go to re-re and party with you guys and and tip a few pints and and enjoy an evening of music because it's it we need it in such a big way so looking forward to being able to do that. Million MILLION I'll post links in the show notes to the Black Donnelley's website and social media channels as well as where you can check out their documentary an Irish story. This is my home and if you WANNA learn more about the tragic real life story of the Black Donnelley's from which the band derives their name and which we alluded to in our conversation. I've posted some links about that in the show notes as well. Please check it all out at Jeff. Does VEGAS DOT COM WRAPS UP. Another episode of the PODCAST. If you've got feedback on this episode of the show or any other episode for that matter or you've got suggestions and ideas for topics you'd like me to cover on the podcast. Please feel free to reach out to me via facebook twitter or instagram. At Jeff Does Vegas. You can also email me directly as well at JEFF AT JEFF DOES VEGAS DOT COM in the meantime. Thank you so much for checking out the show. Be SURE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE. Wherever you get your podcast. So you'll know the moment new episodes are available and don't forget to visit. Jeff DOES VEGAS DOT COM for past. Episodes shouts and a link to the official. Jeff Does Vegas Youtube Channel. My name is Jeff and this has been episode number sixty three of the Jeff Does Vegas podcast.

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Game Scoop Episode 549

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Game Scoop Episode 549

"This episode of Game Scoop is brought to you by row Jolt Doc. Ge Games what's up everybody welcome Dejean Games Gupta Hadfield joining me this week is just scoop Tina Amini x one like it's just so I think that's what I'm ready for I'm ready for developers to once again be able to make console games for one console like instead of being like okay here's assassin's creed Odyssey and this somehow has to run on the launch xbox now it's going to be like this is an xbox scarlet but first playstation five is what the next position we'll be called now we know and knowing is half the battle los new details about this week coming holiday twenty twenty the first release window the first Nexgen release window we for gaming the distant future what do you guys think holiday twenty twenty you guys feel like you'll be ready to buy a new playstation yeah carrots I'm you buy a playstation for a year I'd rather just replace them both to ps five yeah that's fair I never upgraded to the pro so I'm definitely ready to Oh cool cool that is a joke but they'll probably be like a hundred and fifty bucks it's like last year they had the slim and it was like two hundred bucks with Spiderman and so it's like is it going to be two hundred bucks with people that got the pro or the xbox one acts particularly the one exits doing fourcade more competent way like you know maybe they don't feel quite as rate upgrade but I skipped both so probably oh by her slim because she she doesn't care I think this is the year and it's GonNa get even worse last year where many game developers have just kind of given up on making games run and like a good competent way on I actually like that next Jin news what you liked it it's been delayed for selfish reasons kids David David for the show I was saying Boorman's they get some real news about like hardware stuff yeah but I also like that they just got out of the way like it stops us having to do that awkward like the next playstation and Mike Scarlet and like you know we knew it didn't really know it was coming twenty twenty and we knew that we didn't really know what it's called the PS five so I appreciate that do you remember those ads there was at ps two or three there were like fake it wasn't ad for like the playstation Ni- I remember Orlands or distracting or something like that it's like that is what I'm looking for you WANNA slim you don't Wanna pro will so it's for my wife and so she I have a pro and she has like a base xbox embedded control as amazing that game is is like it's a you know there are problems with running that game on a base. PS continues to baffle me very strange I think highly unusual what part about it well it was a playstation blog post like they're not having a big showcase for word of this. PS for a deal on black Friday you can just read all about it on Nigerian deals they'll probably be it's just put that to bed yeah it makes it easier to write about sure to say playstation five not what we assume is playstation five and we assume comes out and Eddie ready you're ready right now I would the thing is I have two places at my house and one of them is on its last leg and I have to just this black Friday four and two yeah and I you know I only saw like an animated gift fund read it but like the new raid in destiny is having problems on a launch launch. ps four that is just like has pt on it so we've got that around but it really doesn't even accept this kind of like you got to be like getting there so I'm just details like I think I speculate that that's why we got controller details is because controller prototypes are probably already in the hands of people that are not Sony employees anymore so it's like for but we got a bunch of hardware details on places and five as well but I also want to point out that the way Sony is rolling out information about the console is right hold on we'll play ball so that at least the story as it comes out won't be this fragmented thing I mean I think a lot of it is deaf kits are getting the hands of more and more third parties so some of the does that playstation five game yeah I think that's what I'm however however short that window of time may be until yeah they'll be a revision the a little bit of a crossover to where they're still making them for peaceful men would not be the first time I mean wouldn't that also be around the corner from our office I know we don't go to the right bars also but bunny twenty are they just gonNa keep it forever will there eventually just be a police ten yup I think so playstation x gotta be even though they're under NDA and everybody's professional once that stuff leaves your four walls like that those details we're gonNA start leaking anyway maybe they left it at a bar around the corner from Wires Sean Laden is leaving playstation or has left which one which I I'm not sure it announced that he was leaving I mean in general they all playstation for like a big event consistently been through wired magazine to also it's like every time Martin's earnings in the area he's away it's almost like what does wired have on cited that would feel like a better time for maybe some executive departures Feels a little early yeah I think so too well maybe intentionally so if you're not prepared to usher in the PS fight ah assured in the PS four yeah and then he left yeah strange you would think like twelve months from now everything's baked the council's done the launch lineups so that's my fear they must have dug up this because this occasionally happens where you know a reporter may dig up information and they say hey we're gonna run this story and then the publisher decides three Industry Yeah I like the egg heads well let's talk about some of these details then it's getting the new controller we stayed don't think they've called the dual shock five yet although I would assume that's what it's become will include haptic feedback which just fancy rumble that sounds like gimmicky things a that was an xbox one controller from launch and like racing games used it yeah and that's it I mean everyone talks about the fans Manson was also weird because normally do something more for Malaika blog post They just did this like innocuous tweet so everyone's like wait that's not how they do thank you for your service so developers will be able to through the coding of the game we'll be able to change detention that you feel on your triggers that's interesting so I should feel more like you know emmy downsides will be now is the right time to leave so someone else can start of pick that up and then decide to be the face and carried out leave a little less confusion you want to do it all right I'm Dan the dark souls if you have like a smaller sword maybe not you but if you're playing if you have like a small sword or like a heavy sword maybe it's maybe it's heavier into the next generation of playstation like they don't really have they have Shuhei Yoshida but aside from that they don't have like a face of the brand out Jack Trenton was there ah accessibility like I love the xbox what's the name of their now see adaptive controller controller lecture give people complete freedom to recap the controls how they want this is already exists and has been underutilized it's not the most exciting next feature now I think that well I know you're going to get to it but the trigger sound more fund adaptive vigors. Yeah I don't want Mark Cerny to just run everything I he seemed like this like tech you know in the garage inventing things and stuff like that I can just picture being the face of being the light I wanNA come a little bit heavier a bit more substantial also charges with USB which is very cutting because I love you know being able to. I don't know that there's a particular you know accessibility concern around you know adaptive triggers quality of life improvements The control is supposed to have a higher capacity Richard. I'm excited about it but you're never going to be like forcing the trigger it's going to be pretty minimal right so I don't know being finger exercises in preparation in the name of Oh to where it's measuring how light looks and then we had like cute little advances from their words like shadows and reflections but now you can do that in a former see rumble in the switch controlling and like I think it's completely overrated jacquet grumbled to me plus one party game when like a realistic way I think the way that it's been described as it's like physics space look on the image rather than a creative base look at it so it's going to be far more realistic and when you look at I mean it's up it's something so it comes from a long history of developers trying to make Games look more look more realistic so like we used to have rationalizing is kind of our you can get retracing with really high end PGP's now but it's sort of like it always comes with this asterisk of like you're taking a major major performance it and the game has to be kind of optimal calls actually are powerful enough to be able to pull it off game insulation will be mandatory even playing for when playing from discs but they're changing the functionality if that trace news the most exciting and they said it slightly heavier sorry the last thing on the controller but not as heavy as an xbox controller with batteries and the controller is on shoot Mario Odyssey used a little bit could be a case of developers just not but it's also I guess my point is that unlike red dead too and it's so beautiful with its lighting and it's it's God raised coming through the trees and whatnot yeah but imagine what they can do to make that look even better raised around it so I'm excited about it in the next Gen consoles but I'm also sort of like taking it with a grain of salt of are you doing doing real ray tracer so these games have mandatory installs and they're huge and like an SSD is already pricey like that's not insignificant cost to the consular the one terabyte real but supposedly custom bad ass superfast SSD's let them do things with you know read speeds off a disk that have been able to be done before but like that Shit's expense ask sneezy but like the back of bolstering have more resistance on your finger that's seems a lot more intriguing to me personally yeah that can be could be cool if you're doing it I just thought of it like if you're playing it was this checkerboard ray tracing a little bit more of a wait and see approach they're interesting I hope that the custom Amdi GPU's in both cases generalized next-gen Kinda feature will you know maybe going to get to this but I am worried about the mandatory installs and storage size because you're you're in in your SSD live SSD's are more expensive than like old school hard drives and so we already see the new duties one hundred and fifty gigabytes and I should they be able to turn that off they want two thousand present a personal opinion I can turn off the rumble on your joy but I also think people are like overstating I think it's Mutare by SSD baked into both of these consoles and like I always like they always talk about the council being four ninety nine at launch three nine but that's always for like the cheaper model look when the when the digital Joel shock came out and it had like the light reactions were like if you're getting shot it turns red it's like one of those gimmicky cool things but I never really pay attention to it especially like all the call duties over one hundred gigs and they're like what can we do and and that was one of the solutions was well people are just GonNa play multiplayer let them do that because feel like enough at the time but we already know it's not going to feel like enough in like five years I fall into this trap where like I can only install four games on my ps four now my lawn it's like if you want to get the nicer model that's already one hundred dollars more that has a bigger hard drive so I don't know I do have a cost concern I wonder if it became a thing where it's like you go so these games doc is true it's like I only play blackout on call duty black ops for But I have to have this like one hundred and thirty Gig game on me the one hundred ten gigs already I remember getting to and it was five gigs and those were the days what do you think is the preferred differently I don't kid screaming at my daughter to get her shin guards on gotta wear them Yeah Battery which is very nice man I bash my dog for we'll ask hours a matter of hours before it has to be charging really bad wipe it doesn't matter what you just plug it into Gus Tina what excites you about retracing it's GonNa make things look beautiful and it's cool that yes because the council's are coming with you know they're both coming with sort of custom again this is another one that I'm like I'm taking a wait and see approach because I don't know how much of it's like marketing talking how much is thing for one game mode and it's usually like at least on it's usually audio files and I it's like you're getting the game audio like eight languages and that's like half the installed swing and so it's tighter miserable sorts huge in fairness dark souls miserable then I wonder like should the player have control uh-huh talked about booting directly into specific game before getting into specific level in a single player campaign that's cool which is actually what stadium doubts too so there's just yeah I really WanNa play feels like wow I really wanna play assassin's creed origin that could be hours until we are leading my wallet cries a little bit but like piece for an xbox one launch that was like the best year in the fall it's so exciting everyone gets more energized including like developers in the industry the range you keep you safe file yeah yeah I mean if you ever did re download it you could go it's just tough though when you wake up on Saturday morning and you're like Whoa I have nothing to do there's there's so much more that people start to talk about games that they want to experiment with and then there's just the range of beauty of how much we can get out of it so yeah yeah no I definitely negotiate with myself this game I'm going to beat some day but then part of my hands now you're not the real part of your getaway kicked on the Shins don't WanNa kick in the Shins did she just wears them all the time she's not even soccer so Mike Mike is full so it's like do I give up is it time I just need to let it go and do some serious facts about your backlog that's right yeah yeah I think red dead on PC's hundred seventy gig one fifty that's insane crazy too much I remember it was already gears for the xbox version corporate gamesmanship level of it franzen purposes it seems that these seem super similar so far so there isn't much that we can go into opinion wise with it but one you said you're ready to buy a new a new playstation next fall are you getting excited for it does sound like Oh man Nexgen Gamer I mean like I always got it and then there was a quote this if this is true this is very exciting for me Marco Thrush have blue point games the guys that did the show the clauses remix that that the PS five is says until you get it in your hands then you can actually see like as it slowly unfolded like oh no the xbox one is like markedly less powerful than he has four and I liked that sort of just never got it together but yeah it was like thirty people just all boxing at once that's great for the xbox no it didn't I it also is like the first thing they showed it was sixteen seconds and then it was like nope a second and a half or something like that and that hope that's true that has a lot to do with mandatory installs like not streaming it comes out and we actually see how that unfolds it'll be more exciting I also all about the Games one hundred percent I like seeing the redesign controllers to actual box controlled oh I don't like console war bullshit like I do like it around the launches because you get like we just don't know all you have is sort of the developers and publishers are saying about their boss so you can choose to adjust install the multiplayer mode in the new call of duty and that's the only part you're interested in it's like a PC approach they've had on PC justin solve the multi designed to console launch lineups are generally pretty lacklustre even the playstation four Renzo gun was the killer APP on the playstation four launch so yes for always having to delete well and then they have to make terrible decisions I'd never beat red dead I'm halfway through back the instant loading of old cartridge games going back this SD thing yeah which sure yeah and I guess the demonstrations of that of how fast spiderman was loading they had just wanted to remind you oh great you're forgetting about knack I go I didn't so we're in the in game now a window of time when it's going to be eclipsed by the his five when you look at all the consoles that you've owned over your life how do you feel about the playstation for terms of the playstation four as about a year left of course there's some really big super anticipated games coming for now now that we kind of have a you know yeah it'll be interesting because these councils there for sure either going to comment on the same day but at least within a week or two of each other I love you Dr Saizen because today you can you can get the higher end consoles with one terabyte rice when they're pregnant launch with winter like I hope they don't like less than one terabyte and even that's GonNa good stuff so that'll be fun I've never worked here for like a big call I was seen a PS four and boxing did yeah we were going to try to replicate the switch and we like I probably wouldn't even say they have the best lineups but like for me and my personal gaming history that's where it's at if I'm being honest if I if I think about the console that had like the strongest Yousef but like everything they say about like pc superiority of like if you have a choice games on everything why would you not play it through steam so that sort of changes my opinion more powerful like full stop but like I played plenty like I played witcher three on Xbox one and like dragon aging physician and like those are beautiful in great yeah it was a minor difference between the yeah exactly and then with pro and xbox one exit was very on par with one another but by that point didn't matter everyone had already migrated transition to be I guess built a gaming. Pc I talked about it a lot on scoop what two years ago and like that like now I don't really care that much about the PS four next month want anymore like they dusted off when they have an ex- it's probably the experts we sixty joyce could halo days. I really wasn't playing Halo we like I I'm like that was what I grew up on a teenager when I first started getting interested in this is a career path in college like came out in what twenty thousand it's not going to announce them in February march April like that's they'll have their own events for the city and then it's like yeah full details launch lineup great it's weird playstation four for me shifted because I always used to be an xbox girl like hands down that's all of my game exactly the PS two getting I didn't have a memory card for the first week and so I got to this I would just pause like ninety ten suffolk averages positive because I'm like I have no it assays on so I was in high school but yeah that's it actually I don't even view but like like if I were to compare those lineups bray the head that I played the most number of great games that are like in my top one hundred list in that the council they had the most exciting new features to me that really felt revolution people are you gonNA next year three years you start here then I started in two thousand fifteen so here for the switch and I was here for the pro and the axe but Lijun they're obviously not so much anymore maybe switch just because you can keep it around with you at all times a little friend in your pocket my heart says in sixty four game cube they had some very good times with my thirty s used to be like I used to be as attached to it as my phone and I liked front pass and it was just such a big deal at taxes for a while talking with listeners heinousness listeners remember you can always reach us at the email address games group at I dot Com just like Erkan Ali in Toronto Ontario Ontario candidate on the concentration to begin with and spent a lot of time playing counter strike and world of warcraft on PC so yeah that goes along with it you need but like with the PS four because there was this marginal difference in graphical fidelity everyone just sort of hopped onto that mentality and switched over to the PS so what do you think is your favorite concert you've ever owned I owned a lot of consuls to be honest I also was a ps two I mean that's fine you know I honestly I don't know probably pizza soft and your heart for the first one that's truly your own mind up yet you're so all my friends are always on the PS four I think they were I to like the xbox was five hundred bucks and some of that was overblown right like the John and Mark Medina what to do and we've got a great show for you this week we're going to talk about a game that was expected this fall it's been delayed into twenty twenty to talk about mation off the disc that's also a PS four game see the trumpster actual yeah longtime listener here thank you for the awesome entertainment you bring us every week with the playstation five being officially announced today I guess that's true what does this mean for Games being released in twenty twenty would you anticipate decline piece for software sales as people would rather wait to play these games on the new hardware or even remastered upgraded versions dedicated specifically for the greetings Omega cops with the official release of the PS five announced in as I start guessing what the price point will be I was wondering what your opinions regarding purchasing consuls when they are released first party games at least for last of US ghosts they should offer people like an upgrade path like if you have the game on the PS four maybe a cheaper way to upgrade insane but like those games do exist this no-man's-land where it's like Ooh I I don't know if I can wait to play cyberpunk but you know there's going to be a more bad ass version of it like under a year sure if goes to see Shema was a ps five-game or ps four game and then in the PS blog four the PS five announcement they said like there's anticipated game still for the PS four and they included US she missed they definitely plan on hitting this console yeah but if they're gonNA hit during the holidays wall do both I think for the purchased the PS four windows released but ended up upgrading a piece for pro when that release shortly thereafter shortly thereafter well it was three years later do you think it's better to purchase a new console right away ah the negative theory marked said actually think Sony should pull a twilight princess and make ghosts of Shima appears five launch game but also have it available for for might the could that's like one big one that doesn't have a release date but yeah and I and I I remember I was talking about I was like I was never your later although you'll technically probably be able to play most of them with ps now at least yeah that doesn't count just like should you wait I know spoilers but I read the ESRB description of some of the mature content industrial ending there. So there's some spoilers in there I'm just putting that out there in case anybody's interested I'm interested I'm not gonNA say right here lots of interest in five this week this is tyler from grand rapids Michigan we're waiting to see what changes can be made such as price memory storage etc it really depends on your take like the this technology gadgets widespread kind of theory where People Isan Oh you don't play ps four to play God of war anymore anymore but if you don't have the gaming pc fine yeah into the digital ps five version I wouldn't expect that of like third party developers at least for the first party stuff I think it would be a nice gesture but I'm just going to wait a year to play districting and save one hundred bucks in the Games will be cheaper Indiana but I can't I can't I can't do it I'll never be able to do it it's been a long time since I've not had a consulate launch yeah well four months like people that reliability I think in upgrade cycles can bake into their budgets and game consoles I think would benefit from that like if we get a half step like the one a double dip like we gotta give it on last June so he actually Bertrand that's pretty smart that's the that's the usual theory and then billions go Sisu Shema is to be as five is like the only one I'd consider I mean we work here so probably wouldn't have in for like that's why developers are scrambling so bad to get it gives people the show like that reliability of like you know in twelve months is going to be a newer better iphone so it's like I'm making the choice right now like do I buy this one or do I wait since then I think about what Tesla's where like two years ago and you're like I'm kind of glad I have one now because they kind of sucked back then it's always weird but the serialized smartphone thing is almost you know video games my primary and only hobby financially launch lineup almost never good like you can wait a year oh wait for the definitive I was just GonNa ask the five is going to rise about a year after death stranding so they'll probably be some definitive edition that's probably there for Kevin I'm GonNa wait for the iphone eleven s and it's like is sure like you could always do that it's weird it's happening with cars right now to I've I've browsed Tesla forms there's nothing wrong with waiting a little bit if you didn't own a PS four right now oh my God you get one on Black Friday two hundred and fifty you're playing God a war you're planning that's on games group about how great it is to pick up a console towards the end of its life yea oh it's the best feeling that it's cheaper and you had this huge library of a library of amazing games has to come out so and so's twelve oh you're very young that's what's going on I don't know it's okay we didn't have a ton of money growing up and yeah that's a good question I don't know the first game I played it was either link's awakening or Kirby's Dream Land for Gameboy I'm not sure but the first like yeah like this is l. let people be the first year guinea pigs jump on something but I mean if you're more excited like we all probably will be also professionally obligated toward like I would go to a cousin's house to play Super Nintendo and stuff like that but it was like my I like this is years I had a gameboy like you know again in another two or three years and that just becomes the thing then it helps inform peoples practice gym decision around launch at this you only get back to something Mark Said said your bs who is your first council but you haven't owned very many consoles I have not the let's go through them did you have an og xbox now I could just tell you the mall right now so yours was was a ps two and I got it and I haven't been card because I know that's what was your favorite game on Psu even just passing the time on our phones the ice train is real thankfully Rota jolt can provide immediate relief it has an intense energizing and cooling sensation that's part of the we're in a unique position where we kind of we kind of have to be on top of this stuff also want to be you know I want to be part of the conversation at launch but we've talked many times playmate lines I think I think people are GonNa wait yeah no one's GonNa play toward last resort to remain on how so excited and jazzed so clearly already like five year old knee already new video games but those memories they lost to the sands of time so I I little jolt it's like an energy shot to the eyeballs product does not contain any caffeine or other stimulants and is not intended to keep you awake alert the H. T. O. J. O. L. T. DOT COM and you can wake up your eyes withrow jolt one more time that's H. T. O. J. O. L. T. DOT COM From the time we wake up to win we go to sleep we all put strains on our eyes every day whether that's during a computer screen at work reading or gaming to relax I do I had an x sixty and then piazza at the very end of the life cycle I bought it just for last of us because I was like I just waited for her all right let's move on to another a another nexgen adjacent question in consoles it would be stacked up head to head with them more directly like should you buy a switch or ex and I love my switch but I don't know how favorably it comes out in that did you can pick up Rodeo jolt at dollar general near You and you can find them online at Rota Jolt Dot Com or on Facebook and Instagram at Rota Joel's that's entre. PS Five everything already peed on mushrooms everywhere he goes only remember playing Mario Dot com I yeah I think so yeah I think allowed them to carve out their own space and yeah I completely agree with that thesis that if that were coming out alongside the next it's no wonder that Nintendo wanted to shed themselves of that mistake and move onto a new console you think the launch of the switch in between Console Generations Health helped with battles between the playstation and in sixty four xbox and ps two the we taking on the three sixty impious three and of course xbox one nps four with the we you doing so poorly last generally generation in this Joe Bear Orlando Florida huge fan longtime listener it seems over the years that each new generation of constant come out around the same time as the others think of the head excess obviously this isn't being portable having great games ultimately why succeeding but I can't help but wonder if this system had launched against the peace five in new xbox would we see the same outcome itself You WanNa somewhere out there my pharmacy ten is just paused I'll get back to every dad comparison yeah there'd be a lot more editorials around the comparisons but at the same time like through the throughout its life span the games that come out for especially because Nintendo obviously nine and now has a pretty reasonable excuse me to ninety nine and now has a reasonable one ninety nine option so it's like yeah that's not to be discounted that the switch comes out in the off the off season announcements are not like touting all these bringing out all these major numbers and saying look how fancy these bullet points are they're saying look how cute these joy cons on all the cool unique thing allows you ten percent if you just ripped up and pse was also my first console and technically had an original game boy but my brother's never let me played it now like they they ended that generation abruptly you could maybe get the same thing about xbox maybe there are just part of the giant giant company doing good to his question about price like I do think the next Gen consoles are going to be expensive as hell so hey mark Cerny said it was gonna be appealing I think was a quote in the switch launched at three I'm waiting yeah I'm waiting for all of the features for the Tesla model three to come out and be yo done and then I'll buy one a mike totally makes you know nobody is like hey by this game console nobody has and so I mean the the the Og xbox was lagging so far behind the PS two and then the you for xbox one but it's interesting to think that did I do I only think that because it did come out in different mocked up the console generation like we used to call I find the money I don't even have the money I just convert ethics I think the same can be said for all tech a lot of people are like I'm getting iphone needed a few times stop right before sinn all over again anyway the the first game I can remember playing as we got an es with the Mario Kart and as you can do with it and all of our first party games joe also asks could we ever see Sony or Microsoft releasing a new concept between generations as well or is into the only one what's that yeah and then a PS four and I'm an xbox one is what did you do before the PS two well let's say I got the PS two when I was we're still getting games that were comparable to ps four games where it's like what the we like it pretty much lost all party support and any first party support like that and when it comes to consoles agents do their own thing you're not really like thinking in the same next-gen vein that Sony and Microsoft are yeah I I don't think of the switches really being a competitor even the statistics that they share on their success like they what are they talking about now active player they're not even talking about copies sold like so estimates put the xbox one about forty million ish sold so as I dunno next-gen can they sell another forty million if they only sell half that Fox three sixty dictum out a year early like they don't they're not always directly that's true that's true so Microsoft is that will revive overworked ties and keep you going it's sleek complex packaging is perfect for on the go use seeing and bring it to work class or anywhere you might gene marketshare start making corals can they can they can they survive as being distant so I think they're just redefining with years five sold it's like how many gamepad subscribers do and you know everything being playable on Game Day one everything being playable on pc like xbox exclusive to their platform like people will follow the Games go so eventually do find out more opinions around around the launch but I think the last questionnaire it's worth it to keep going just wondering again I don't think they're thinking about it that way I think how many people can we get the need to make money subscribed to our service is like you know there's a perspective there that it's very consumer unfriendly right since I'm constantly obsolete the old phones but my perspective is that like is like a distant second place to ps four this generation next councils launching next year what happens in the next generation if Microsoft can't that's my excuse me I met Mario Brothers Dot Com Meyer brothers on the car tax but when that when we opened the S I lost my mind enough to get away with this and succeed well they he who's right the first time where they didn't have a choice comes in real trouble you and so the switch had to come out but like an og game the first link's awakening is possibly the first game I've ever played one hundred percent sure but then yeah even is a lot of people claim like the console where an ecosystem but like they're the only ones actually delivering on that sort of like marketing in my opinion well I think are you on the fence or do you just assume you're going to get a playstation five I think if I weren't working in the industry that were working in and I had limited funds I would be from what we know right now and obviously when they come out and do whatever you want but it's like where you are right now you don't know the price you don't know the specs you don't know the launch lineups are elective and wait to see what are the exclusive going to be so what do I

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Episode 24: Britain in Lockdown

"Tell your fortune sir. The future predicted. Your Life Foretold Ono. Thanks don't you want to know if you're going to be happy fun. I'm happy right now. Thanks you'll from Yorkshire. The readings receive a Yorkshireman. Now you talking all right then fascinating I can see a man a most remarkable man. How did you meet him? You're supposed to tell me I see the future. Tell me the past. When did your lives cross sort of complicated joined a forum to talk about Miss Episodes? Long Story But what led you to become podcast all sorts of things being fan coming from Yorkshire and liking the sound of my voice. This podcast of yours. Something who what choices lead you there. There was a choice because I was already appearing on the GRUB cast but there was this other idea some friends on the forum pool. He's called pulled malysz advice. Odia drove us for big finish. Very ready mentions them. I'm on podcast as guest. This is beyond put across riches with at least several listeners. People know the group CAST. It's fun so stop it. Your Life could have gone one way or the other. What made you decide just did but when was the moment? When did you choose tape though? Just click chatted pole. I'm clicking left if you don't like it hang up. If you Click Roy you'll have a podcast not just guests though you've been come so useless. Oh I know why you would the big guests in the Gulf coast. Because you you'll get done loaded with lots of money in your whole life will change but let me tell you media executives. Don't need guest hosts. Yeah well they haven't heard me talk. You connect left. But what if you clicked rights? What then my back. Make the choice again. Richard and Change Your Mind. Click right. I'm clicking well. Let me tell you media because you don't need guests. Yeah suppose you right. Click right and change the while. Burn hello and welcome to something who episode twenty four after we gave you have. Irs episode a few weeks ago. Today we're you are Britain in lockdown special with third doctor story invasion of dinosaurs and doctor. Light story turn left. Says One business from a previous episode to finish off to coincide with our Jeremy? Bentham episode bought a second hand version of his book. Dock to the earliest. I'm giving away to a listener. Who can answer this question? What freaked to Jeremy? Saint Patrick Traffic bounced against the wall in power of the dollar six. Send the answer to our email address who at gm ex us. I'll pick randomly one person to receive the book and I'll put email address in the notes that accompany this episode on your podcast APP. So today we got a full House of contributors. So Hello Simon Heli Richard. Hello everyone hello. Hello Everybody Hello Paul. Good evening and returning to the podcast years. Andrew Orlands creator of the University of trying to create creator of University of Central Lancashire's remake of mission to the unknown. Hello Andrew Welcome back. Hello Wan. Gets it back excellent? It's also a year since our first podcast is something who only feels like about twelve months fun but anyway down to business invasion of dinosaurs to start off with. So that's the one terrible puppets it. It's much more than that. Seasonal Evan is towards the end of put we written by Malcolm hoke directed by Patty Russell. And he's got some great elements in it. Desert City double agents an underground bunker joy. This was your pick. Do you want to tell us why you picked? I guess I pay it just because living in central London and occasionally cycling to Nydia abandoned Soup Marcus in the middle of the city in order to combine my mandatory exercise with getting shopping. I suddenly tower London one morning until plenty how this is just like invasion of doing so so that was yes. That was the inspiration. You can call it. That's very good so he wants to start off with some thoughts about invasion of the dinosaurs. I was going to be bursting things to say if it actually written notes. Dan Well was. I was very excited. It was much better than I remembered it. Being would have thought it was a tougher. I think even from the first time I think when I was younger the fan opinion we talked about these fan opinions before the gunfight has been the worst story ever and all that sort of thing I think it was very badly off but not not in my experience but this time I was very impressed with it. I'm not gonNA say anything about the Deserted London aspects. I'll just think as a six part doctor who stories one of the tightest I've seen. That's what I want to say. The six pounds have a reputation for being oddly constructed. Don't they tend to either a slump in the middle or of a bump at the beginning or end but here Malcolm Milk has a tendency for once? He's enough material to fill his six pounds. He's got more than he needs. Really any paces the mound he keeps bringing new ideas as we go along this Nonni Filler padding. None of this locking up running down corridors escaping getting captured again stuff. It's just the IT's mistress keeps adding new mistress rather than quick than souls. The existing ones are just clarity entertaining. Six hundred five minutes. So that's what I think. Andrew has low going for it. I think the thing that sticks in my mind the most is Mike. Yates because I think idleness guys fire saying that what happens to him and his Said that besides is the first time in the series really. We got a real genuine nasal surprising. Twist of carrots that we've known up until that point. Yeah so I think is multilayered in his characters. Definitely like three dimensional and probably one of the first examples you can think of index of a character going survey kind of if you like which continues into spiders too so for that. I think is very memorable analyze the setting of airy atmospheric and it sells the concept of deserted London. Well say goods thumbs up from me. I thought it was interesting. The monkey AIDS reveal is that it it works particularly well because we've known him for so long and it really pays off five years of this unit family by this point. I think some people start to criticize the coziness of the unit years. How so ill disciplined and longhaired compared to the season? Seven action heroics about because we've got to know these as people rather than just as soldiers employed devices it really does hit home. Doesn't at one. One of them turns out have opinions and moral conflates. I was going to ask. I mean it doesn't come out of nowhere for Michael. Has He shown these of instincts? Before I was thinking the green death would have been a good place from the surface. If he has shown any ecological tennis isn't even remember here says he's perennial full. Go almost isn't he's always get knocked out and captured and brainwashed in the green death and green surrounded by ecological issues so that some in full. That's in day the Dalai and he takes glass of wine from Joe Gras. Doesn't he sniffles down Bentsen sandwiches? Yes but I think people used you've reminder something that because I don't remember him commenting specifically on the logical side in the green tea especially sympathies with the people that are not Sanchez's this all joe grounds side of the story but people used to save fans used to read this as have his actions in invasion of dancers our follow on from him being brainwashed by the computer and green death. But I don't think there's any other any hints. Isn't anything remotely explicit about that? I think that left him properly. If he's someone's been brainwashed that might leave them susceptible to inferences and someone might have gotten inside his Hayden sold in this this golden future and the Golden Age. Yeah well maybe I think. Cheapens it to think that really. I think it's much better for him as a car to think. He actually may design decision and resigned. Reasons goal sauce sidetrack tool long oil. That operation goes age stuff. I think he did when it was first introduced in episode two and in fact that lamb going to mention is wrapping to the theme. He's commenting on how the deserted land in the deserted London sends birds. Nature's returning the birds nice and it's quite subtly written because if you don't know where it's going not is not a big Red Flag Mike. There's something up with Mike You. Yes interesting perspective. Well thoughtful intelligent chap and of course we're all thinking out of the moment we give them amount. I'm thinking perhaps Terrance dicks stuck something in one of his monster books or something like that or maybe one of the novelization to suggest a link up. I can't see that could could rather than being a complete invention by fans. Perhaps it's yeah from the Ansari Material. Yes it feels that the stick in the back of my mind that there was more of an expert link must base it from somewhere but as under says it. If it's there it's all I'd rather wasn't uses a blanket explanation for Mike. I'm much prefer the idea that he's the Daf. This wistful soul hiding down there. It's interesting to actually through the course of the story. He's dragged in in it bit by bit isn't I mean to start off with. He's he's acting from the best of motives and he's just disabling the thing to stop the the dinosaur being sent back then bit by bitty dragged further and further into the mire by by the other people in the organization. Tragic drama conflicts. Yeah I always enjoy what I saw this story when it was broadcast on one of my favorite memories was that Toronto source being chained down in the aircraft hangar and then Menacing Sarah and smashing the office that was that was really good that was very memorable and much better when you just saw parts of the dinosaurs them standing up along streets but the the. It's not too bad so if that if that doesn't stand up to screen there other things I don't know whether they called it this but the time scape is time effects those are very clever plenty of action and excitement and get cliffhangers and the one that really had much all the way through it was with anyone at the unit based. That's Wass Sarah Jane to make a couple of your cup of coffee. I mean the end. Dot operates today went around to tape. It is cracking. I'm list Sarah Jane Stories. Well she's really strong all the way throughout that story. Yeah she doesn't. She does a great job that scenes where she were like. You say whether t rex is is chain down house place. Wherever is that they were really well. Actually even though people titles pop shots they the parole dinosaurs universal Staff of like a line. That is clay's a playing in placing a game is well done. Let you say it would actually see pops of the dinosaurs. Glimpse Mino- muddling along but as style but yet it's basis and it just doesn't it. It just tells the story and he gets on with it and it's it's big involved which is good adults who is always good. They can bold. It doesn't always quite reach what is trying to do but in a way that doesn't matter because it's reaching for it could you couldn't revolt in save at the ambition. I think we can see why they thought it was worth to stab. This is the Dave Barry. Let's was impressed. With the drags and kind of isn't persuaded the you could scale it up to proper dinosaurs. It that's yes I think so. That means a battle the that he was sold on the idea that they can do. They can pull this off. But these aren't glove puppets knows. We're not quite sure. Maybe it wasn't the trashy but I mean it that could explain why it's not success per person. Really good at glove. Puppies told him. Yeah we can go down so the thing is you know. He's he's got his reputation but personally you know this Sunday of a dinosaur. I think the I think with the one exception is the THE EX. Yeah whereas vertical. When it's thing I think the so. Yeah it's pretty good to stay pretty good choice. Settles is a bit ropey but some but isn't it and and I was looking for this time because that's such a something you go into story knowing the direction with the problem and it seems to be worse constructed model. Maybe because it's more is being asked of it but it's less convincing the others. It just looks like it'd been made by somebody a competing person for who have made the most successful models isn't mentioned the fact that when they cut for the close up the second puppet the close ups of the head which is approximately a thousand times better than you and they use it so sparingly. It's what they go on on and on about the production problems but make the same mistakes every story doesn't it talk it normalization had those brilliant illustration so I think. La's fighting off. The PTERODACTYL disappointed the pterodactyl in in the workshop and then down in the cheap station. It just doesn't live up to those fantastic bit savant work either. Doesn't I was just GonNa say it's funny? There was some dietary choices that you would think when they knew what they were working with. Because it comes very close to you know. And there's always people fantasize occasionally we CG dinosaurs and so on and so forth. And I don't think it's necessarily I think the puppet stand up screeches most of them apart from oversee there have been changes in how we've seen daigneault's since since then and forty T. Rex has been the most effective of the one we get in here into his vow completely different creature from was via this stick. T-rex of nine hundred seventy three would have looked like but I do think there's some old chiles says we just see if you shot that slightly different. You could have avoided. That's awkward showing reason why we have to see the X. staggering to his feet as it were in other words being holed up. But by the potency of with the with the mets on whistle for the T rex. The Lawrence. Isn't it which not many other things in life to Well I still think they should have a go. It's improve the effects for the BLU. Ray they can scrape together some money. Somehow I think the last thing I heard anyone say into a carbon for when official said. They weren't that if they did it. They'd be unlikely to use CGI and they're trying to use models just better models so that it was doing keeping you could have done in nineteen seventy-three which is fair enough. Other people have said that the problem with it is that there's so much intermixing of models with live action elements had after he wrote all. Those shows have wrote this week for you could even think about replacing the dinosaurs and I was looking for that and while it is true there. They are the minority of the shots as much. Maybe ten shots does most of the people in the foreground so I don't think it's impossible but it's easy for me to say that the faintest idea what will be involved as a complete Lehman. I don't I don't think it's impossible up small premium to see it done nicely as I think. The storage is up zip. They've got a Cetera original films elements and its fatty stifled isn't like got the did mischievous the active fronts like the green screen or yelling screaming. We're sly tendencies. Some reason gold up and he could rican heist shots measly and if they got the original light film elements of location footage which they see proposed talks. Taupo man again. Do it fed easily. It'd be a good challenge with net as a as an option. I guess every year that the technology do to sort of make the Matson things still be needed is getting more and more accessible and fell stones. Moving back to the story itself interested in how it came about. We sort of hinted the idea that the the done so removed from Barry. Let's which I think it's unlikely that Malcolm Hoke came into the office and say I know what I WANNA do. I WanNa Dinosaur Story Barry. Two things in life I'm obsessed with communism and dinosaurs. Yes the done. So I mean you can tell from the waist structured the the source of the given and he's and everything else is mount wants to write about and the tension between the two for ones that they mesh quite quite nicely. Deadly is not just in my head. I thought that perhaps they didn't and I was expecting that the dinosaurs as a as in the story itself. They are a distraction. I don't think I was thinking. Perhaps they would be in terms. The way it was written that they've the first couple of episodes would be all about done. Sold name would push that to one side and carry on with the story. Malcolm wanted to tell but he is. He's very game. He keeps up at dinosaur action in every episode for the Katie's while he's telling so he really wants to but that story itself is is an environmental one which makes me wonder how much of that came from Barry less as well because environmentalism is normally when a Malcolm's themes and whether so whether or not he chose to advance it. I think we get something quite interesting. Because he's looking at it from different angles political angle ethical angle on the ultimate. Moral of the story is that he seems to have sympathy with the environmental course and with carrots in the story who who yearn for a simpler cleaner life on earth funds. I mean it's not difficult. Moral position to take their own to wipe out millions of human lives to get them. Yes we I think we can all agree with that. It's not entirely clear why they have to either. I mean in the end they just go back in time and you wonder why they couldn't just do that. Why did they have to wipe millions of people to bring the feud past four when they could? Just you know send everyone back but anyway pay yes. Yeah as usual just doing the same on at the moment was like did. I didn't miss any of their plan. Today what what was. The point of the DUNGS has a distraction. They had a fully functioning time. Machine with Dunne's was bringing down Susan to the present. They wanted to clear London. Didn't they for some reason? Remind me I think for access to the bunker the nuclear I also I guess because they wanted the area in which people would be taken and he wants to make sure that everyone was in the area and they heels pose. Yes because there's a line in Laos in Los Absurd about him when finch doesn't turn out because he's been tim inconvenience they that'll give up whether to launch it and they say well he'll be within the within the school patio within the possession failed it does sound a bit like is. This sounds like If you like the bad guy in the heart of old s this projects glancing out in a series of good points faces. Women's aid set it. You'll like colleagues I mean split Sounds Fatty implausible? That okay fine. We'll get will some tiles if it's brave so there's a little bit interesting. What diverse people diverse concert involved in this plot? I mean for presentative 's of all the Patriots who was supposed to involve the politicians and the military. Do you think it's at all inspired? By the real life political atmosphere in the early Seventies. There was that mad army chaplain wanted to stage a coup. Wasn't there and I know. He don't think he's studying about dinosaurs. But and this is I was. I was going to say that this is the thing that struck me with this is this is really Doctor His answer to all those The paradox view All the president's men those valent conspiracy thrillers In some ways I think there's many genre here. Because as anders robots the following season the both the both. Go down this kind of root of the paranoid conspiracy thriller thing and I suppose there's a slight possibles. Let criticism to be levelled at this base needs conspiracy in which everyone is is no so much. Who is who is involved. Because everyone's evolved about the regular. Carrots isn't them one of the characters is as well. I don't know if that's supposed to be making some points. What who can you trust? Nobody more is just that as I was saying. He's he's really trying to keep the story going Flag so every time. There's a possibility of a dull moment. He reveals that somebody knew that you could trust his. Yeah unless I wasn't paying attention. I'm as usually watching. Eighty five percent concentrating. But some of the reveals to the audience of who is in the conspiracy seem to underwhelming a mysterious. Just comes were saying with the bodies and suddenly this. Somebody new stood there. Oh He's an as well as he and it never half the time. It didn't really seem to be set up the way you'd hope including the Bill Gates. I think so. Maybe I wasn't paying attention. I think that's just maybe sort of thing that happens when people wrote US things quickly know you just WanNa to draft so the other thing I was going to say. So we've got a variety of the Nabila the top KNOB society organizing this conspiracy. The people that bringing with them the people to they again. I'm not entirely sure why I decided to pretend they're on spatial head into new planet. Newark did you yes. They are a bunch of middle class idiots his idea for. Is You all inside? So does that one. But there's a certain resemblance to enemy the world in here as well. Yep and these middle idioms. I think this is something that Malcolm help muscle enjoyed writing. He seems as a bit of a class warfare himself. I mean I it's. It's quite a minute class criticism for paid up member of the Communist Party these middle class people are well-meaning but extraordinarily gullible but he has a lot of fun with scenes where we first meet them. The the beauty writes Was his comments over play Some sort of minorities in my mind most of us now. They were interesting. There's liberty working class. It seems to join their cause. I don't know what that is later on. This does maybe is maybe a guy towards right at the very end of a bit less plummy than the other ones but yeah this mainly well yes relatively but still in terms of nine hundred TV. He's clearly still middle-class. Danny working loves people. The looters the beginning you knew that because they had flat caps and CUCKNEY ACCENTS. We have a couple of different moments to do funding voices here. He doesn't think it's funny. They come coin laces the yeah they kinda lifting runs letting loose the city voices considering. I think he wants to he mellows never mind his hair getting more and more bouffant each season where we know but I think he's charismatic. Mellows so much you know if you go straight if you juxtapose this urgency and seven with one from eleven the contract extrordinary. There's loads and moments way he's written. This is doctor still same paternalistic. Saudi harsh things to people but rather barking them as he used to. He's now saying with a wink Cana. An and he's tended to cuddly down. Cajon pass fast. I'd say it's more like spirit spearhead. There's an awful lot of in it and then almost immediately it's completely excised under this is sort of when it starts to come back again. Well there's a there's a whole discussion itself that they get certain characterization in his first origin than lose and have to find again which is exactly what they do Tom Baker. You've got the the late period Baker in ropel which then disappears and then for three years and then gradually quite agree. I agree with you I think is going right. But these these are actors are playing the same puffer in many as on online five seven respectively. So I guess they evolve his activism people as well and so the rights. He may stay feddie similar to how they actually bring it to life change in Tom Baker's very different his name his first three seasons to the rest. But you right up. Story is a bit more like how he is later. I have just thought of a possible explanation. Spearhead from space and robots both famously produced by the previous production team. Yeah so maybe the incoming producer Derek showing cast. Yes and possibly. He played funny so they wrote it more that way and then the new and then they changed it from story to same thing. Could well have happened with sticks and baronets costing Tom Baker thinking. He'll play it this way and then from story to was Philippians Clifford a completely different idea a malicious for everybody out there who already knew event just discovered him so. I'm so sorry that you're saying my may learn these things in real time. It's painful isn't it? With with pertwee with per especially. I think there's There's also the issue. He was famously fairly. I believe he was famous fairly insecure about about doing a straight taxing job when he when he took the job and so therefore he may be his instinct was to keep it more potent down and styles them. Let's see as he became aware that he was He acts more into it and of course. This is the festive so we have to mobile which is another if another pets. We indulgence being him. Although I guess we'd have to we'd have the quote by whatever the Short Choi Choice Way as well. What does that term? What's that Land Rover Chase all about around that ceiling? Yeah that's the only very bad padding apis this isn't it. I think reminded me of basically the bit with with Toilet in sweet we've observed for fragment is and then comes back. Well that was a waste wasn't fully move on. Is there anything else to say about the comparisons with our current deserted environment or wherever they putting those eight million people internet they seem they seem to evacuate the whole of London? People leads to well hurricanes where they've take. I am naturally Yorkshire Nationalist. You've got gotta say we're finally governments in hurricane something so yeah no it does. It feels like I mean who would want to go into the details of it but it feels like it's a Lotta people to shift around full provoking to be fat. I mean I guess it's like the budget in the context of Miki in ninety seven seas. I guess deserted. London was locked easier logistically than having a the kinds of lockdown London Ted left. Isn't that way you have. You have a lot of extras level. Complexity it simply just gave completely opposite direction. The complete is they do a good job. I mean it must have got up extraordinarily early in the morning because You know you get some pretty impressively deserted streets. Just like an the same sort of thing. Isn't it that rather bizarre? Rally sound drum. Somebody mentioned turn left. And didn't they. Richard Yeah Yeah Look I. There's a couple of things I want to say before but then we should get onto it so I'm so so interesting. Be We get John Bennett in this one And before we get all that control. Batum yellowing uppers leaks and Chang just disgracefully talking. Alpin this story officer. Right okay. revealed that the Toronto Soroush so white and the police work. I mean only flesh and blood. I mean Feels a bit surprising? Goodwill could point while especially that monster movie type of like King Comb and and the Chew. It's monster we've seen them which they are with the choice. Monceau bit unit isn't just a standard thing that the bullets never work the poor guys. They far away today will work does so also the space thing I mean. It's it's a brilliant twist but but also it's completes undercut immediately in the sense that in the same short. Y- you see the space bit. You also see Sarah their bandage on so to they're obviously giving the audience ACLU straightaway that the resolution is going to be quite interesting. Yes as anyone. Jeremy Corbyn on the spaceship. I'll have to do. He did the right thing in the end and stood down as well Benton with just wanted to say bent and I think it's a fantastic role for him in and after being cruel about children. The last time we looked at I thought he really good job of it yet. That Great Line About Punch. Not every day you get to punch general The bracket is still listing. That was that was fantastic. Great Biff scripting acting as well. That was really good. It's a good. It's a good strong unit on some of the soldiers looking to be old and they can't shoot straight but the minute family. It's it's a strong unit story as well yes I do. Let's let's also knock him out with I. I wanted having so go to Venice. Stay on it me and then very gently Nazi mouse and then still apparently for flat four doesn't catch burns just like a second potatoes. Just vertically put enough think the thing that is the same brigadier in the doctrines sought the cheap station where the brigadier throws a bomb and then yanks doctor down behind the car. That's a good could live comedy In a slapstick as well. Yeah it was really nice. This vague. Deadpan STUFF. Yeah Nicholson good stuff in in this as well that you get that little bit episode five where where you must be doubting him as well by this point or these about whether he whether or not really believes that the Delta could be could be a Roman which doesn't make any sense given the context of the past three four years but some habit dramatic was Benson is allowed to be. The one that we know is able just last things about this. We should move on port. We even picks the lock the old fashioned way instead of waving the kids quickly. Say that there's a line to where Jon Pertwee's doctor says I'm reviewing the situation and I thought now it's clear why they wanted Ron Moody for that data again. I I know what good is found out. Notes way the thing that was the the end the final pay off now. This is coming off the back of Los Series with with over fifty five and seeing police little speech at the end of this which is just like go delta. Social Justice Way isn't it is it Vance but know but yes okay but we get away with it. There are plenty of other flows in the main. The main issue with the any fifty five is that speech and breaking comprised two thirds of the episode. That's why yes and you. It's not owned by coming at the end of a buddy good story having said which the book of calls that was the other thing. I did want to give a say. That was what brought me to to the story. In the first place was a childhood favorites again. Well very well thumbed and Oversee being Amac Hall adaptation it. It's as well fund within perhaps the standard tennis sticks Transliteration of the screenplay. And I love that final sane with a Ezekiel and the and abandoned foils when they go into foils. Yeah so disappointed. That didn't happen at the end of the story. But you can't down for that so turn left from series four written by Russell t Davis directly. Bikram Hawker Recorded presumably at the same time as midnight so who wants to kick us off on that. I'll say it's I think it's I think it's accidents. I think it's Russell t Davies and told his game think it's the Delta who rebooted series really hitting it strides in a great soul event TV Austin energy loss of plots is a real tool to full supply. Russell t Davies is best hits really kinda picks outlays of key moments from his stories and also full shades things to come around Donna. I will happen to her. And so on the gave the tide I watched again recently. Society miss is very satisfying solid strong. Tv drama say talks from me. It's certainly will die isn't it? Isn't it interesting? How some of the What do we call them? Dope satellite episodes Padam also just the episodes which had unusual production constraints tenant to be some of the best in the modern era because presumably because they encouraged the branches be more inventive. And this is one of my absolute favorites interesting get. I was thinking of that. Mike Aches reveal. It has more power because it's paying off things we've seen over the previous for like you said raiders hits of Russell Ty- Davis but just don't just revisiting them in a corny way the same things moments in changing one mind aspects are. He was not. They're having said that. Did we then see progress through them and things worse and worse and worse? It's like it's an accent not terms. Isn't it this parallel universe where we can see we can just test the idea? The forty five minutes and the point is thoroughly proven by the end of it that without donahue. We're bucket working title. I I was just going to say well. This is probably a story that they could only do nine. This was the sage was absolutely this peak of popularity and it's in his revival and just happened to be more by luck than judgement that they you know they. They put this out at that precise moment at apparently but look at stats. This is like the fourth most watched program of the week it adds and that was that was his record interests of intensive as a weekly. Yeah I think I think. Titanic get better and then the photo in we built further. Yeah because it's so reliance on on the fact that all of these things That he's referencing off most popular culture moments that everyone has enough of the people to be watching telly. For the past four years ago again remember divine is on the main in the ins of this stuff so some. It's a brilliant idea but my God does he talk. I just thought that's the that's the only other thing is this. Yeah it's the fact that this is done. Two thousand night was a different time. Wasn't it and now it's as having the worst since are always. I've always thought if only I didn't think I've watched it since Shortly after transmission probably bait and now given the Given the identity sidestepped he is and years much. I love verses work I just so I cannot cope with this as hadn't thought zone extended to means right house. Isn't it Yeah it doesn't. It's brilliant some and again it's it's very in the he always gets despite the students big dramatic story. He's also got the festival in the city. Moen since yeah just the things them less avoiders would get. Some would just have one time throughout and smash just about so so well. Yeah you're right absolutely the range cumin because human beings are all saddened happy in crossing all the time about number. Different things need comes as a human condition. I think this script so well as one of my best incident is an Says ways to Donna. Naipul returns hyman. The whole sequence. Plays out this a close up of Mum In the full grounded and donors behind till I tried to get a job. Couldn't get a job at a members just staring into the distance not responding until she says you must have always been a so you have an I and Judah says yeah and she walks out. Friday burden brilliant. Santa State said so. It's about Relationships either Monday slot. That tiny little tiny. Little moments amend big broad canvas in a story. Wells action is that spread. The next it works. Well it is really prescient. I mean not for the alien invasions but the the coal kind of you know England for the English thing sharing its head. You know that we've seen a little bit of in the last few years and I guess it's it's the counterpoint to Stephen. Mafa JUSTICE WANTS EVERYBODY DIES. And of course it's you know it's another Yorkshire reference in this But not in a cozy way. Cozy cozy census lost people in the houses. But I guess just I guess when you say justice every is but actually the dining that because you could argue they kind of unwinds that time line but yes indeed people never die. Puff Madrick Patrick. So rose I mean we really Piper back? Unfortunately she seems to have cameras at. What's happened there but I mean I think it comes off fighting the end but it's just a little bit. He seems to be speaking speaking through teeth. I think you're talking talks. Richard had trouble finding the character again given the benefit of the doubt and it was just having been doing other work for two years. Because she isn't Rose Tyler characterization and is quite law vote. It wasn't just thinking of winter. Rose target was thinking your way into the physicality and exactly how she spoken. What shape and size teeth were. And it takes aim for the highest highly trained act. It's defined that that put their mouths space again after long break. I must apologize for conversation is this. He's like join actual for the first show this purple class four hours. I wasn't blowing anything. I'll just went off. No genuinely thinks she had He's he's spent is yes. This is his. This is his big moment as Wolf. Isn't it really? This has been leading up. I say with hindsight it wasn't leading up to it. That's not why he was cast bumps. He gets to some more serious stuff than just being ED wealth He's very believable actors. Very believable. And you can watch me. I mean the cost is accent. Isn't that I mean is flow has yes consecrate lineup in Jacqueline King is fantastic. Yeah that's the thing. I think it's really just that I see with some with that. Absolute you just think what the Hell's going on but then she tends later. You've is probably the you've gotta fit police that it's it just seems more measures but she was the second time you kind of forget about it. Be The The guy play in the Italian as well as performances. Very let's say Italian. Yes lovely causing muscle in your think. One point Get into come down so did it say Jacqueline King. How lovely she is. I have said that. No of course. Yes super behind behind the scenes. Insights of what? They're twice giles. Get IT. She is so nice. You wouldn't believe women's tarnishing perform. That is. She's a riled rat bag and she's she's gorgeous. That's all I have to say. Thank you for that glimpse behind the as plenty more than what they had had on in the buffy for lunch both days. Yes yes because we we. We haven't heard enough about about one to big finish problems visible enemy those two weeks ago. Phone vetting game. We really run out of things here. I would love to say more about this but unfortunately I didn't to washing it and another it's pathetic. It's forty five minutes loan. I thought my memories might be strong enough and extremely vague. It's does everybody loved on the noble owned Blimey. I forgot you're you're looking for a new. Yes just don't worship the Church of today and find on Donald. Able thoroughly on a painting know it's acting and some people think oh that such a grotesque comedy character and all. She's so annoying but yeah equally to someone else. She's comedy grotesque and annoying and that that detracted for more enjoyment all the way through that season. Fortunately you went in is not a fan of Catherine Zeta as a comic actress and of scenery acting of things during straight roles. And she's been great but I never really got into comedy shy and then just took costing thought that for me was when Russell t Davis Joe jumped the metaphorical shock. Just I'll just didn't understand the customer. That doctor he tries to be H. E. and reinvent itself and I throw away the mold of costing young actresses in the role of companions. That are long run of those and I thought Oh. They're trying something different hit but week by week which is found the character so annoying and you just wanted to get killed off to five minutes each episode. I watched just. I just didn't think sorry for you week after week. I was thinking what and character. They've taken out. I wasn't particularly thinking my goodness house during Catherine Tate connects because I had never into believe she couldn't but she did show new depths to tell it week after week but also that they were matched or whether she was matching new depth to the character that Russell was giving him and he was clearly relishing exploring what he could do after the first couple of episodes seat friends some very tragic situation she that sequence the end of the Papaya thing that she does. That Radi Breezy well that they don't dig better it on the discipline side as a plastic sequence where? She's about skate back in back in time at the todd his device. Whenever is an clarifying with raise. That she's going be okay and you'll be with the DOT Teheran. She just looks at her. And says I'm sorry and you can unbel- that works really. Well I think she really nails it. I think that's the genius of Donald. You said how you in Catherine Tate played completely straight elsewhere and you were happy with her there. Well I think the genius is that we get the best of both worlds. She can be extraordinarily funny route from the off with this amazing nine. C. consists batons and crime. That's when but she has moments of quiet tragedies almost any other companion. She's there for year and failed over into too annoying man. Fortunately in a square hole. Well we'll just have to put chalk downs. A minority woman brush things. I WANNA save up. I think it works and we talked to the beginning about how Dr Light emphasize deputy plays in favor because it is more invented if you like because is telling a different story unlike how the doctor is absent for most of it and you really want him to come back and save the day and so what he does come back the ends and he just looks through. The Kurds says at it really works. Nice but anything that to me is just full. That as as the creature falls off her back as as a montage sequence of unwinding all the horrible things that have happened they include a short of David tennant in that sequence and that always annoyed makers like we haven't seen how the he balance a see and mcgann walk through the door Space now kinda slightly takes away from that. I think it's a well paced. Well told story is interesting. Similarly Meta level just Cussing bats invasion of one of the things I had no tone was was just. The difficulty is a payment. I think started. I'd say when he turns up and rescues dealt but soloist assembly matter can level of the castle is relieved the same as we are the running around not being believed by soldiers. Bit Story is over. Now we can get over the next base. Because he's just just to the point where he studied to test that patients with the most law kyle elements of that story. Yeah it's funny. How these things work Getting Ready to turn left and the other thing that I like about. It is not only does it unites all of Delta who in Diversity Davis Zero eight all hinges on seven joint ventures and trickster. What are the chicks does cheeks? His Brigade was always a bit disappointed. Not See the traits to himself up at some point in in the LCD in Tulsa. Who because I thought it was a great idea whether or not back Daudi That was sort of talk about that the time he'll speculation but it's clever idea. Just feel failure of possibilities bows. Ad decided that was too good idea to leave to to lead to the junior spin off as it were had a couple of great great stories that they the best for the best and most interesting Sarah. Jane Adventures Soy's with a Volta trickster and sort of might have been savage aliens life all pull the stone here. It's interesting to to ponder if they're really all members like that in in your life whether whether worries totally binary at some point things my call themselves up again a sliding doors moments Heighten I know I think it's a fictional conceit I WANNA social. It's funny you mentioned that because I sort of a brief Twitter a couple of days ago. I did see a tweet mentioning someone mentioning that. It was ten years to the day since big gate. The leaking of the microphone is the hot mic incidents with Gordon Brown could arguably arguably save me was that moment. 'cause that's possibly which would make sure that we return right Yes you win announced to that. I don't believe I think it was that was happening. Any Yeah I happened to see it pointed out. It was the thing that when when be so do. These seems really happen. Almost back to the the fascinating discussion. We had the other week babbled on for about quarter of narrow fixed points in time. I Apologize View. I said that they were invented in waters a mouse and of course they start. Where did they start here? Homepage POMPEII for you to help. Know if you WANNA get science fiction about it it could be some of these turn left moments and these sliding doors moments will be if you don't turn left at this junction. It'll get you the next junction. The one after that you know this is not this cheap trying sliding doors with the next one. Because that's a fixed point in time and time we'll catch up with you if you try and chase it Cooled final destination. A why haven't seen any of them. Is that what that's all about? Oh yes it is. Yes just to know what you mean death coming for you. Yes yeah and if you tell the polling piano dissect lay the train will come get you up. Yeah it could be the same thing. They've said concepts. Yeah I'm just going to find what I thought was really sophisticated. Sunfish concepts has been explored most fully in the series a schlock horror films. Maybe this special proper pure Chris Ridge bid mid SORTA hard Scifi version. I shall stop making notes. You carry on making notes for that. I mean he's still out there if you went over with now. He's not writing I am. There is if want to get into this. This is this is important which I state my claim to. I'm my sunny on this along. These lines there's veins interesting. I've I've never never seen anyone book at the mass for anything like that but I think well maybe maybe it's something we jams up myself. But this whole you know the many worlds theory quantum mechanics and the idea that there's all these you're GONNA mentioned. Quantum mechanics are bloody new. It melts this. Like every every on every tourist gives voice to US gives rise to a whole new universe. Seeing it'd be interesting. This was kind of powered by powered by trophy and let the closing down of closing down. Choices is what POWs powerlessly General Business? One of them. Shift at my back. Then what a great idea. thing because it is. Kinda spins into what the we angels feed on. And what the what the trickster and his meetings via to feed on as well as as your possibilities and feeding on potentialities linear time. As we appreciate appreciated the universe free will would start to get away from us Slowly ficials inevitably enough energy left in the universe. I make choices. Yes yeah wouldn't be types. A next the choices we want to make I think that some of the best idea of hat or it's just a single short story that will be forgotten. Yes yeah it. John's I'll do and it'll be the story it into the Reader's Digest. They got a page for people. Like you a so so parallels between the two stories. I guess we've already mentioned one. Which is that what we see in turn left in in sort of lead setting is the the the obverse of of what we're seeing in invasion of dinosaurs in London that's all the displaced people have gone I think I didn't wait. Based DINOSAURS IS PLOT. Driven and focus is on the plots. You could argue. That turn left the folk song the characters in his how the characters are without the doctor say one year guarantee streets in the dinosaurs and the other on stretching apollo bed makeup yet. Another it's not as clear as and the other is more about. Is the people in the streets and in the case of the people and the relationships between the people I mean it's not quite as clear cut as of say I like it. We don't we don't want to get better than that That was very good. It's interesting considering that some donors Malcolm Hope Gig the of honestly. I've only left his one. That actually goes into the economics gives into business if quiet mousy style Lexi but it looks at the economic consequences in the Vale will will colts go dissolve. What would happen in this situation? Whereas diners doesn't mean do that. The people are the people that go on and we don't worry anymore about about the logistics of where they've go on that oversee where county living through the the issues logistics of. What happens when you get some enormously disruptive scenario like that? Yeah maybe Malcolm Azad of his time. None of his stories breed get the chance to go into detail sort of areas. That would guess. It really won't see WHO's getting free. Maybe terrence wouldn't let him know day was just to the girl type. The where way tax bill that was supposed to be. That was my tally. Ironically we spent a lot of time so about The realization of the dinosaurs it at the monsters of the first story whereas in in the second story the monster is invisible on the back of Dona Ironic that may be donald being visible maive physical thousands of them but Tokyo is why it doesn't quite it relates to other sort of modern modern who issues ingesting the S- I've read regarding the title of episode one of invasions dinosaurs. That's beyond the whole business of changing and then it goes split by the Radio Times. The fact he was Seoul's Penny Radio. The radio tons blew the plots to its tendency were unto themselves and certainly. Sydney that seemed to happen a couple of times with with vessel. Although I think the was done expect that they will often to show you what were the covering they waste was awfully so now. We're standing me in that regard. You know when you call the chance to to promote the show you really WANNA do. I mean I'm not convinced that not knowing that that thing was gonNA turn. It was GonNa make story that much better anyway but yeah it was a shame certainly the the this year we have those really kind of heart stopping reveals in series twelve. Nothing about them coming up. It was quite impressive. And it's the first time I can remember that in a very long time getting complete shock. You know passe since at Suck. No well yes yeah. Yeah Yeah. That's that's what to do to else knows Jimmy when you actually whether or not they had advance warning. Anything was happening in in season. Nineteen whether or not I knew about Men Coming in short well. Next time me up with guesting. Send me the question. Yeah well but I guess that's. That's a good example of Of of going against his Typical which would it be to try and get the publicity realizes that The story much better for it to be a show. Yes so as a matter of finding finding balance isn't causing the innovation series. That was a they might have gotten more bums on seats. If they had is I had teased. They shouldn't a bit more ankle with regards to the fact that he was going to be some potentially mind stuff coming out picks teased. Okay so is there any any other last thoughts or should we let you go on your way as goods? I've enjoyed facts. Yeah thank you well. Thanks gracing humble cast is. I enjoyed it. Thank you very much. Thank Century plus guys. Continuous room often chase by work. It's GonNa work then. Yeah yeah can I just give a shout out to? Whoever did devote invasions designers wikipedia for complete Dick move in them opening paragraphs and quotes says in London? The involves of parliaments chills. Grover and general finch COMPL- conspiring to go back the pretending to join. When he was on touch humanity. I mean that's that company accidental nick. I meant to say I thought I mean anything didn't get into mentioning is whether too many characters because they've got low good actors but they in because they're good. Accuracy is more conspicuous that they didn't get much to do with Martin Jarvis from particular ferry dental But some again I suppose like Andrew saying it's not so much about the carriage that stories. It's more plenty so needs a needs a constant supply of Traitors to feel like the current because each of them has a reason to be there. I mean they're not just as in summit stories in this era. You know a bunch of people with with kind of ill discern motivation if you've got either people who really who really believe in in movement or you've got people who are hoping to gain something from it in know you've got the disgraced scientists widen what he hopes to win back by this case thoroughly. Nafta off with everyone else and so yeah you you do kind of get to see that. Each of them has a slightly different motivation. Both but over the reason to be yes. It's that's what's and the that particular ethics about how they will how they will do things that grover is always remains his. He's ethics what he's not going to shed blood over this choir consoles that with the actual easels is the most the plan itself. Yeah I think I mean maybe I did a disservice. Because he's because it doesn't have to see anyone die they just sort of get a raise. They never have existed. He's almost able to himself. Nothing that's not the same thing. Yes typical polarization. Also Ruth. I mean. She says she is in theory. She's one of these idealistic types are on the spaceship and yet she you know she doesn't have any problem in bumping off. Sarah if that's what it takes Saddam. I wish I wish I had made my notes when I was watching it. Because that's one of the things I was going to bring up. Yeah we could bring down there. I mean with Malcolm being a very political animal. One of the questions is just in passing to the end the memes and she seems like such a Nice Man Lady comes over a nice man. She's nice and common reasons. Look Nice boy but all the stuff in spaceship which I didn't talk about much enfolds. What's the room they get sent to for education? Reedus dimiss terrific. That's yeah I think we're seeing that many many times unweaned these stories reminder a bit of Euphemism Toke. It's a very very nice made. Another spell reminded room and if the reminded reminiscent enough. She's a disruptive elements. You just have to go devoid bring down the whole communities spreading seditious ideas or anti seditious See now whether you think that reminding. She needs yeah. Berries reminding so like I say that constant spread of ideas we get the conspiracy stuff. End An a Walian setup but from the point of view of people who think they're doing good. I mean some stories where the villains on just two of them starches they generally. They're the heroes of their own story. This is a prime example of that. Yes you apart. From the general they do. We'll seem fatty common reasonable. Then they included in the middle class idiot so on that And they no doubt think that the millions of people who will never have existed when they roll back time not collateral damage. They see it that way. They'll see that they've done them a favour not having to live. Their miserable lies polluted So really is a on the pushing the idea of. Yeah I mean we don't we don't quite understand what they're gonNA do when they get there. I mean are they going to have to start out with just you know axes and I mean how far they rolling technology be nice if some if that had that discussion if the doctor had a chance to confront those people and say which is just what is it. You think who came to be doing what you get. don't imagine these people will come in very comfortable if the Douglas Adams and they would be in another they would be taking the working classes within. They'll be taking to do the hard work with him. I think they're going to be in for route. Awakening would have been if that arrived without without the seven. Seven to help When when did when did the good life Landau US US might be five? Seventy six million study flight Middle Fellas Hippie self-sufficiency thing was the again. We don't get any hint of in story but just that we've got in. The Green. Death is like the third series of Joe with some of the verge opinion. Let people just generally going off to kibbutzes. Whatever SPIT SURVIVORS? Survivors is not chosen. This lifestyle. But it's exploring something in the wasn't Yes yeah but under. Well said you've had settled that some of the environmental ism boom of the early seventies. This is what I like about. It is Malcolm hulks whatever inspired to ride his his take from his political angle rather than purely logical length angle. It's this environmental idea is all very well but take a step back. I think he's personifying the problems. He sees it in terms of these people having a badly thought-through plan complicated too many dinosaurs and they haven't really thought about who's who's going to be doing the hard work when they get there and who suffers for their own ideological purity but no economic no economics which is where we started with this aggression. Good looks good Another sort of five minutes we can. We can slice lot somewhere. And I'm annoyed at myself and not making enough proper notes because there were found absolutely fascinating but it what we got and what we didn't get now. I mean I absolutely agree with your assessment which is which was that it was six episodes. That didn't feel like six episodes. I mean it felt felt faster and fresher than some four parts to plotted around. And there's a law in it and that was something that seemed like a jam discovery for me. I didn't ever heard anyone refer to it in those terms before the really calm even committed some other stuff. Like Columbine space stories were just fifteen episodes. Yes she said it's funny how the Various things that you think cliffhanger worthy though sleighs away. I'm wondering what this is. The thing that didn't tell is that in a weather is someone I think it might have been suspended into dramatic w save writing avoiding Delta. Where you sort of bill to a you still big slowdown for a bit and then have a big peak in the middle and and I was thinking well this feels like the fact that the the fact that the whole TV it's breaking loose of its chains thing is the cliff. I completely caught me buddy and cope by voice. Having having not this for years I've seen that's cliffhanger and then in episode one is the TERADATA attack is not you know we have that but we still wait for the bills up with the cliffhanger and of the way that that divided the first thing is I observed set setup his with them. We have lots of references. Yeah we have. We've had another one of them is. It's like a tennis. Here's Terry Nice story isn't it? Have those running ads referring to them or at least in. This case did actually turned. Take them take the dinosaurs title Unlike the Alex Stories. Yeah Yeah and there's a moment sort of halfway through episode four where doctors found the underground base. And he's been down into it and you think well. How can we get another two and a half episodes out this new and yet I mean the the landrovers seen accepted does not? There's not an awful run around. I mean there are two or three nights so pop plot twists to keep it going until the final anymore to two episodes. Lightning out come out. Is it relevant is incredibly and fascinating which case keep it in Go whoa no no it was. Just yeah just GonNa bus are Andrew outside decide. Not Nazi. Isn't that dial from turn left in your usual. I will always is. I mean because why would I bother to write any gotten when when when most of it you know?

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Beyond Bonus Episode - E3 Extravaganza


1:52:47 hr | 1 year ago

Beyond Bonus Episode - E3 Extravaganza

"Beyond an Hello everyone. My name is Jonathan Dornbush. And this is a very special episode of podcast beyond known as drunk beyond. It used to be a traditional the show that we haven't really done in a while. But now that I'm hosting I want to bring it back because it was always one of my favorite episodes of the year. So what you're about to hear is an episode that was recorded on the final night of e three twenty nineteen, it is a long rambling tangent filled conversation that I occasionally had to leave. So who knows what happened in those few minutes? But what it is, is an attempt to give you a snapshot of the show that we loved the show that we were confused by the things we liked didn't like one here, more about, it's a really wide ranging thing as I said, because we have representations from every platform podcast on Jian. So I really wanted to bring that through on the episode it's not PlayStation Centric necessarily, but it does star myself. Tom marks John Ryan Lucio Brian Miranda, Sanchez, Janet Garcia, Casey defeat us with cameos by tear shorts and media and Pat coffin from our video team, who is a wonder. Wonderful one of the hardest workers Dijan, but you probably won't actually hear them on the show because he doesn't like to be on Mike. And that's fine. But I hope it gives you an idea of how we are all doing on the final night of the show again was recorded that night. We're not looking at computer knocking at every article that came out at Heathrow because we just finished putting up so many of our own. So we may not be one hundred percent accurate on every game that we talk about supplies forgive us, if we get a factor too wrong about games, especially if it was info that came out after three. But if you haven't, please check out all of our coverage from three there's so much good stuff on, gene. Whether it's videos, previews news commentary, anything, there's so much that we put into that. We can really hope you appreciate all the work is there. And this will hopefully give you an idea of how crazy we were after doing all that work with that said this wasn't episode record on the final night of three. We're all at least a drink or two in at the start. So to, quote, one of my favorite podcasts around this show isn't for kids, which I mentioned only so the babies out there will know how cool they are for listening. What's up, you cool babies? So, yes, there is some cursing in this episode. Sorry. It won't reflect any changes in the normal episodes of beyond. So if you want to listen to some Ethan come Terry about beyond this week's episode we talked about some of the biggest games that three Sony's place in three that should give you a really good more focused conversation than sometimes what happens here. But this episode is really fun. I hope you enjoy it beyond normally live, every Wednesday at European civic, but of that, please this episode and the end. Hey, everyone, welcome to be on this very special episode, though. I bring tears Curtly June thirteenth. The final night of the three. I this probably in the middle of episodes. We John girl Mercia. I'm here with Tom marks. Janika. AC the fruits and Lucy O'Brien. Have finished our free delis of business for now. Three hundred sixty two days to go until eatery twenty twenty please. Don't do that. And so you may have. The big. Yes. I would say for order reason, I decided to whatever Gail is how liberally she would. Oh, no. This is going to go. So if you're wondering what we're doing is the final three there used to be this tradition called drunk beyond, where every year, the members of beyond get together on the final night of you three and talk about in three and whatever else was going on, as they descended into drunkenness will that happen this year or where we go to sleep, the cover old. I don't know. But we're going to give it a try. So. What was your favorite thing? My favorite thing for my favorite thing. Well, I did actually tweet out to sell my favorite thing was seeing this elderly lady light like a stroll full of Heis a single. Kind of pork. Across the sidewalk. It's like this is a real free pilot. But you also didn't knows stroll. I didn't know that. Room was like. Early. It's. Yeah. Anyway. Whatever sweater jumper. I do. Whole. Yeah. Or Josie is your jacket, but I will. A gently jumping Gysi? I don't wear a one jazzy and that's a New Zealand. If you wear even really Steph Curry's versus money wear. Josie dirty slate. You guys lis- local fishy chips, fish and chips, even nor nor they're not chip. Speaking. They have sweet potato fries here on some of those. Yeah. Yeah I'm gonna order some later. Anyways, they called those free year. The, the figures chain so much besides the stroller. The friends Bush your favorite game. You saw my favorite game is definitely more so good, really starting like. I'm gonna tag team. I don't wanna be drunk Casson. It's going to be tone, so you don't I'm designated podcast over the. Wash was leaving was I had some from it. I love the idea that you. Subtle. I love the idea that you can basically recruit. Well, you can literally Vic and any any current. How great we've NBC now label. I see what you did. No. It was great. And I had a really good time with it. I, I ended up with three carriages including the elderly lady, because obviously yourself there took with that. Oh, yeah. When the point is that it's not elderly lady, like Ellen doesn't exist. That's right. My my, my. My woman was quote, I think Sarah. I hadn't Margaret. It was still each to because they're human beings. You know, one of the most pressing things that I've ever been told my entire life is like this was I used to wait with this woman. She must be like in a early sixties, and I remember I was I was possibly my like mid to late twenties. When I was working with an armistice, saying, you know, one of the most depressing things about being a woman who is all of a sudden age, is that you are completely invisible to society, and I was like, oh, yeah, cool, I've as a real shame at the time because I was like hot, and then my mid twenties. Paul bliss here. But now, it's like wow. That's really hitting me. So for me what, you know, with the eaves, something really like did highlight that in, in the dimmer in the show. And I did get to play as, as an like a kick us elderly lady with fucking fantastic, and aside from that. I'm not swear. I mean I'm not going to go through this for everyone listening. I will put a warning at the end of this. I there's no could find at the I'm gonna put the warning at the end of this. No, you're correct. I've literally had three of the drink. I'm going to. It's a keyboard heavy early. Yeah, I'll put a warning at the beginning. This is not for the kids. Well, if it's drawn on stiffly definitely not. Yeah. I think the kids. Good. The woman who's invisible society and also literally can turn invisible to society because that's an ability the game. There's an ability to visit my favorite thing about the old woman characters that you can play is that so you use the right trigger run? But they're run is still like. It's very anything. It's so great. Yeah. And just like watching the way the animated them to climb like it's tough for them to climb in the world. I love that attention. I it was it was really fun. I, I think that this, you know, I in my tweet, I decide said that, you know, this feels like Brown being broken here, this really exciting that it's a really exciting prospect, come. I think everyone's really cynical about it because all these leaks, and I think everyone was a little bit like oh sauce about. Can this work, but they managed to actually make it what and I had such a good time. And like, also really enjoyed cyberpunk from my money wash asleep in Davidson. Oh, yeah. For me too. I get a Djekic bounced litho. So if you're paying off our as coin. Twenty minutes, I'm going to have early mixed attack said comeback. Tomorrow. Nice I wasn't I wasn't old tonight tomorrow. I'm sorry. I, I really want. As far as. I think it is really cool that, like the to play as characters normally video game. A lot of times around the us as a character like it's an animal, or you're like, not real referring. Yeah. Something magical. And then. Leeann brand up was walking over right now at interviewed the directive control. We brought up washed off from what your favorite thing. And she was like pissing narrative late because if you can be anyone that who really is the player in from the story, and it's like a fascinating. A lot of ways. So I think some of my favorite moments in games is like Corky. Interesting museums the being able to be those people Israel. I loved in the demo you basically can like in the past into profile every character, but so like you see every little scripture of every character, and they there were some really weird ones like someone I forget JR said it was like one of those like got in trouble for punching a tree in half or something like that. Like they're of Cerdan. I was talking to one of the devs, and they're like, yeah. The rhetoric right over there. She and like two other guys they just spend hours just going through pages of these Cisco TV. Yeah, there's so many little touches to. The embassy of rain lately. Take different business things mash together. I would wanna see how it works from a light technical. Yeah. Because I, I. Then not randomly generated like these, these voice they're made together voice. They're all made to these. There's like foist modulation and going on, like soft is really gotten into machine learning. So my guess they're using bit of that stuff to create these characters. They are they can have so many, but I don't think I don't think they're like randomize like each one is the spoke character to extent. They're all can think archetypes. What was your favorite show? I mean, the obvious answers multiple but I'm gonna go with the less obvious interference and go the game of Christ the most because I didn't think I would like in eighty seven gloomy away. No. Neither did I give I will like everyone is like very surprised by how good it looks. It looks cre- lease greed. Mighty legitimately. Which I I mean I was watching the presentation. I saw watching HUD seen very going. He's just like beat over the top stitching elevator about how retraining the earth life flood, you know, being super open. It's like. It's like really can't be dot com. But then cloud is like oh, you really hear the earth talking to you at various like, yes. To like get like. Like all like they know he's being over the top, and Campion cloud. It's like recognizing that I. Statement. Men to gain plays. And the added added. Stagger bar enemies, just worrying we believe away. H E. The starter bar 'cause kind of like ultra traveler, one stagger your enemy. That's when you want to unload, all of your eighteen and needs special. These is. That's when you'll the most Gannon. You're kind of main case it just got a bird. It looks really. Oh fries. But. Seven was I was able to play? I think shimmer electric company boss, scorpion century, and they renamed it in the rebate. I don't know. But that boss fight. Interesting play because you're trying to bring the seals drought how to my that figure out when to like, with Harbaugh Vilis, self feeling ability and just so deeply interested in teams related is. Okay. So my question is because I grew up with the original which, I know you know, the back of my hand an old Baseley. The final fantasy is catering to woods like the purest and also Gars coming to it for the time. Sorry, how did you choose to play? And to find that it was really like if felt quite natural to switch in between the two. He was very gets. In the real will be right. So basically. Coffee. Basically, you magic especial, Bility's, otherwise blocking and attacking dodgy in real time. But if you wanted to magic core special. Us. But you can not any of your items or special onto the deep pads play the thing and astronaut lights. So, yeah. So they literally said like. How you. The other thing that. The other thing that the when I was in a group presentation when the developers said they approached five hundred seven three makers if it was a brand new final fantasies they wanted to implement as many. Inventions, and they wanted to be gosh, what does the word the just wanted to be creative in reinvented kinda three new series? So they finally set Banik seven remake as it was new final fantasy just with existing character and stories, and then I'm like wing words, who smell that. I've been able on that. That's that. I dislike yet I didn't sick it out, not. That's where Sanchez, by the way she joined this as well. That's only be to actually win win. We when we shut our idea now. Maranda and I you, you and I had exactly the same Wrentham. That's why. Louis not show later in the late with cost McCain and best music tendency seven except for one wing name. But other than that. Oh can't get. Show them to like twenty twenty five and whatever. My mind. The thing that blows my mind is that sweat is Nord. How many? Fame's they're going to be episodes of whatever unicol them but they're not really play. Honestly. I don't. The heavens what about, like one is going to happen, when we the next gen consoles like we. We is. Ovett final fantasy seven games gonna crossover. It's the nation ration- calls or are they just going to be released on, like the old gin? And what does that mean? Several years down the line way, all used to, like, PlayStation, five or whatever. And like final fantasy seven is coming out on his holy on what the PS five offices next system. So we can had ability as thing that could happen. So it's all your faces transferred. Some great to next gen. Also. Maybe finish. He seven remake will be the just dance of the next cultural generous, cutting. Seriously? Like maybe it will be like what? About releasing their fame on older. Oregon very guy. Yeah. I mean like got or two came out like a year until the histories life cycle, and the short of in bridging that gap essentially say, I wouldn't be surprised, especially because this console generation feels like they know it's going to be a slow adoption rate. Yeah. How good game still are now. We're probably going to see people slowly make just five. The master masters. Janet, what was your favorite thing in the ship was probably still Louis just mentioned three Nintendo show when all lower it, and we're gonna come back. What was your favorite hot of Lewis? I. But who is also warm degree. Yeah. His gooey form. Tell me, your favorite, fun fact, about which is true. I think that he's a time traveler. Yeah. Yeah. We use the time that is like more. That's. That's. He was graded during the era of dark in beyond. And then professor, he got needed to train him, so he sent him back to the aero, we've mentioned one that he could practice twenty years in the rematch. Like yesler. His contract. I don't know how I don't know which version of Wiki is in two three, it's a single easy or like. Callable time. That's all clear and all I did was kind of concern people when I asked about it, but we I really comment mansion. It's one of my favorite franchises of all time. I feel like every game it's better. Twins going to be the best one because it really improves on one of the things that people kind of complain about we mentioned, which is that, like, it's a lot of like flashlight goes, oh, no. You gotta run away because there's other around on this, a lot, more Tani. I think the blues midge about it being hard combat wisely anyways. So, I think making those things a little bit more free lines is going to be helpful and I feel like they've added more tools to greet, more intriguing uncles like even the G is like odd and disturbing like having to control two characters at once makes some. You can send the we do like. South down a little elevator. Shaft while like we up top, or like I use we get through like the little case to get some gold bar though. Verandah. Yes. Coming I can tell you weird grief. You know. So here he himself is not in Hurley weird, the fact that he comes out of like a little giving. But and. Jay town. How did you phrase it? That's gonna. Phrased it as it looks like we or excuse me, it looks like to pass the passing of, really heavy pulley burrito that he just had like an hour ago because it does that and then he just stands like the husk of his lifeless corpse. It's kind of like shaking their there. They're but off. No, the game was beautiful. I love it. Does it looks really good? Yeah. That's one of my favorite game of the show because I love that game so much. But like I don't mention memoranda Aachen for overlay blew me away. I was like. A lot of variety in how kin combat and gave us while we're on. There was a supernatural console makes the environment really fascinating. It's interesting. It's kind of this certain someone barren snow facility. What is that? Currently. This is a diamond access throws actually really my love of setting a love the combat. I was very surprising. Awesome. Yeah. Million every four the hotel going through the different is a multiple excited for the multiplayer. So they didn't show it on the show. I got to play sorry fairly, we mentioned Rebecca. Yeah. Dark moon. Yeah. On switch and everything. It's less like this. It seems less competitive. It's more like just to be fun. Great. And I'm excited to see what the story is even though it's like it's. Adventure games. Yeah. Always never liked. Crazy game. Or you might who knows. Maybe we. It's like. That's like. What store is going to be other. Outer worlds. I wanna talk about stuff, especially yes out a while PlayStation. I do want to talk about control once maranda gets back with her. I do want to ask everyone after table including Thomas blown hot hot water. Hot hot water. If we were in a game, Tom would be like the wise and kind of her who's, like I need to free. My writing will from emergence feel like he's acting on half of path, Pat, for reference will be silent for this whole show. Ripe, patched shaking his head. Yes. He's not gonna talk. I do want to say for the record, Pat is on video team. He is like the lifeblood of video. He is the left. Let of the, and I also have some amazing photos of us from a couple of nights ago, but we will quite marry and I am very happy to release those into the wild shortly. I'll put this on the video version of this episode. You've never been on a podcast. Subtle difference. We'll make that happen. Don't worry thrilling. Wildlife photography is. Yes. All on Twitter. Yeah. National Geographic, hire this man. I do want to ask. Yeah. That's true. Also. What does ever think now that we're through the show, does it matter that PlayStation was gone? Do you think it hurt? We'll do you think it hurt them or different the show? More. Yeah. Fully the way more than ninety. I feel like will probably be back next year. I feel like this differently was the whist the Westfall west hold with Harrison, Liam, very into and like, like Nintendo, and there was an Oculus booth, but whatever, Sehgal was there, and they did. But mostly. And Geico gave him. Yeah. Side. Oh, yeah. They had a bit to me. Four a what more raunchy than I remembered it. I've never I have no idea into it, though. It's like dungeon. Crawling, monster taming farming and relationships them all in one and I love it. I think that when you put it that way, man, this is a pretty, like, I don't know if they intended it to be this, this pretty good bargaining chip persona for next year. Yeah. Right. I was a lot more say let's get them back now. Yeah. Exactly. We're talking about is was Sony, nothing at the show worse for Sony, or three three three three, but like what like what could sunny like imagine a sunny went off against even though I feel like exploits is conference was pretty fine. Like it was pretty pretty good. I didn't I didn't feel it was amazing. But I feel like there was definitely a, a couple of it had piano, overhead headed Fanta, heart, at a LEGO cotton. And Phya also here like a big a big an ounce of an extent. Sorry. Now. Now. I mean one of you know mainstream. Girlfriend, but I can't show you any. She lives in Canada. Bye. Speaking of siding, but I have no did you guys do see that tweet for major Nelson in, like twenty twelve someone dug up where it was a major. Nell. How yourself tweeting while revealing a console without actually showing it? That's a bold strategy. They like, oh, no dude, always find them that thing is, is that Sony was smart. Big close. Yeah. You don't want to just show off the, the same three games when you're going up against. Regardless of whether or not it was an ounce -ment. I mean, it was verification that, that XBox is looking to the future and, and, and dotted on it. I just feel like if signing arrived with one like go suspicion, loss, Voss, and industrial destroying stuff, like I guess, an indie game highlight medieval, and concrete senior also party. Anything anyway. So, but also, you don't have to have something to beating grease grease, you have nothing. What would you have a line that? It's like I already knew about this. Something. I'm not gonna have maybe ever Jenna. Visit your first three correct for last guardian. Monster hundred I got neither of those things perfect. One more in that game. Boy. Fucking scale bound, I'm sorry, but that's not enough Casey, you host, Nintendo voice chat. You're supposed to be pure. True. We say here she's unhinged now. We we, we have United shares rate was in game scoop bisbee, but we have NBC walked, thank you and BC unlocks and beyond on the show. And also John Ryan has joined us as well. John everybody how you doing? I'm good. I it's been a busy week. Yes. It isn't fashion. I wanna get back to we have a lot to discuss. But since as back, what did you think of control because that is a game coming to PlayStation? I do wanna talk about those. I liked it a lot. I already mentioned that I love supernatural setting that lends itself to, like so many different environment types 'cause since like, they'll be always different anomalies, you never know what you'll end up like experiencing there, these fun areas for when you're trying to, like, get a what is it? It's a what object. A was appraise. More. All right. What? Car power. When you're trying to go to interact with these power in control your in these like. Platforming sections. They remind me of like those areas like recall where you're trying to get that one item at the end or the areas in Super Mario sunshine, that were quite forming without, but not nearly as difficult to rehearse would it have that kind of Varenne feeling with also like moving platforms in squares and of like that, if very like oddly, increasingly from New York, but in a good way, I love the little detailing of the rooms. I really like the combat and they have 'em regeneration but not health regeneration, and I've always aided in shooter experiences. I'm not like that great shooter maranda play. And it was just like headshot hits. Shooter. I haven't out yet more, there's for my Twitter account, but everyone tweet I could watch maranda sink headshots all day. I wanna watch that. It is using for washing the for semi watch Miranda. Do like a college duty stream or something was like just mesmerizing Madigan very into it. And curse a lot. Not really allowed to do bride. Probably shouldn't be. Letting do streets, just me like. Saying things almost said. Be having curse, they'll show. It's a new game in the office about a worry out. And then you just hear her like cursing, the whole time. The reaction of like when you had to watch like animal. Why can I think of urine ice and see, like is your desk? Yeah. Had every emotion that you're going to have. Yeah. So I like it. That's not after visit shooter, it's nice to not. I never enjoyed a managing my MO at all. So I like that, that party generates. But since your health that you're kind of forced to fight like you can't just like the big thing. They mentioned like this is not a cover shooter be out there. Yeah. And I like that because the combat is so fun, a big part of is that you pick up things grow them. So, and you can pick up like almost anything you can pick up like cans and tires, and like just random like he's Raynor's an old material and then rounds enemies have a goal shield up. Until I throw something at them to break it. And then you like the shoot 'em up. Like the skill tree. And like the different ways like up sorry we're in the middle of taking a selfie walls. Trying to talk. It's good. Yeah. No, I heard thing going. Okay, go. I'm still going and talking about Michelle. Yeah, I really liked all those elements of it. Just it just was great. And I like we talked to the, the narrative zainur game. She had mentioned that she, like we're really aiming to create a something that felt, you know, unusual and weird with Phil somehow made sense, even when you were going things that were otherwise nonsensical really hard like thing to strike, and I feel like they are really cheating that well, just what I played so far off by civic soda watching I love remedies stuff like Alloway leykis great. I like what they were trying to do with quantum break even though like obviously, the TV so weird. Really funny in remedy has a great way of making their games. Said very specifically though. Mean so many things right. Ed, the that thing. Doing it. Yeah. I think that like they are not willing to experiment is funny. I saw like the heads of remedy around with show for from quantum breaking everything in psych, other, like they know how to really build relationships, too. So I think their vision himself, people really believe in to see them, try something right there. Area, the person talked to four. Talking about how much of it was about framing the link of things like keeping all different gonna direction mind that really makes us the old kind of cinematic away. All. And it's coming out in August. Yes. Over. Yeah. Oh. Call it a colon. Yeah. I feel like running. So it's like a like in the bane of sci-fi super not natural drawn. It's leg. Whenever nitty one threatening a horror movie decides full. Oh, yeah. Just to speaker. Yeah. You Lear in which okay like sure you do. I hope it's new like n line with oil. So it's, it's cooling weird. Like I do appreciate that. And they said that twin pizzas Chinaman's for certain things, and you absolutely see, like some of the characters so bizarre in the way, they speak in, and that kind of likens to. He's also very strange like yeah. That happens. Percent like a developer. It's not going overboard with the Styler messaging. So toll thing of its corporate strict, you have to kind of, like you're the director of facility, you're trying to learn how the corporation works, but he doesn't like hit you over the head with that super. I feel like a lot of games and they do it purposefully. So it's not like they don't aren't aware. But there were like let's kick it up to the extreme, and they're like, and they make it super super like you know, fallout level corporate, which can be fun. It's going aesthetic. What I enjoy that. This is like. A more normal take on the world like district up your aqua. See, like the wailing any other government disability would Ryan rather than being like it's crazy rain, how corrupt up just kind of like a little bit more money. And I. Like a different. I feel like there's an omen of pay they do Sadie stuff because they're still investigating now. In doing that they do their own home. Not great things in this kind of like the motivation, vaccines, going here, Jesse. She's going. A thing that happened. Anyone spoil? I appreciate I'm excited. I've always liked their stuff. I remember during the XBox conference where it was like the Lerwick trailer came up. And I was like, so sure was Ellen wake. I. With that make reboot, like, oh. Good. Yeah. I, I would they wanna make out in weight. I just don't think anyone wants to fund it right now. What's the studio behind Blair witch? Wyans gate, legendary one of them. Oh, yeah. It's the layers of here developers. Very. Okay. Can we reach Rubik real quick real quick? Can we talk about the fact that like? Any like four years ago or whatever. Like. Tell us all your secrets perfect say everything out right now. Like, if like four five years ago, up Blair witch game was announced that thou be like. Right. Like people pay attention. There are so many games coming out and Microsoft show was so packed with, like a Blair witch came gets announced, and everyone for debts gallon later. Is kind of faded from our collective. We did just have the new movie like two years, even not. Yeah. Right. How excited for that. Diomede. Yeah. On on the saying. Beginning in twenty nineteen did. I really hard of that sentence with real talk because I also the developers Zuber teams I had. Tom, you're currently downloaded cadence of high ROY downloading. Oh, it's fully. Download. Let's do a lecture play of pyro Waller recording this. But I'm not sure there's anything your audience would hate more. Audio only. Intendo game. NBC on. We should put on everything. We'll all like stealth put it up on everything game show me. We're, we're gonna put up. Here's a tax on our like podcast. Uploading service. There's a note destroy podcast thing that like it'll occasionally auto default to, and I've actually floated, like six episodes of onto it always assume I'm going to log in it's going to be on, but it's always, like no destroy and actually up. And it gets like six downloads. Great name for a podcast, Stratton, pending many pets. Many. It sounds like you were saying, pending pen. Absolutely. How long was it just? I'm sorry. They don't know. Out. Dare you a tow. Motors, your favorite thing in the show. I don't know. Man. Three. Thanks. While the end. Oh, yeah. That's actually the right answers all night. So Holland, is a game. But holiday is on PS four. And of course, there is all night long coming out. Yeah. Question is still song? Yeah. Is silk song one word or two is one word okay because whenever a lower thirds accidentally had to. Yeah. All that I as far as I'm aware soak song as actually going to be consul exclusive for switch. I and I don't this is not based on any sort of information. I highly doubt that will be a permanent context, right? Imagine it'll be if it's case I imagine show of year. Later time. Yeah. But yeah, so the bond it was. So the way put it in my preview was, like they couldn't really easily take the safe route and just done more holiday. And honestly, everyone of everybody would have just been okay with that, but the character control so differently so much faster and she heals, like almost instantly for a bunch of health, and there's so many little changes that just like change the way play that game. They really didn't take the safe route, and it is really exciting as a result in other than maybe difficulty with his answer in what ways will fan familiar in what was he like pretty much everything in like the exploration in that world. And like the actual like structure of the combat is extremely extremely similar. It's just that, like, yields very different. And there's all these little other touches like British don't drop your money when you. It's just like a Kuehne is there and you can break the and then you'll get like full magic pretty much tight dark souls. I think I don't know actually, but then because I never I never died in the didn't make it back to the. Oh my God. Even Obrero game or more. Branding, before we started the control them like, hey, guys are like it's a pay to go get your health generates guy. That's fine. Wait. Very. Game. Visit Dulles and I was the only one gets axel charge. Two three did everyone routers and also I to beat the winter horn script. Okay. This is for. No, it's not. It's dulles. Oh, sorry. I thought you said, don't run the table. Get at least one good game. Brag in this week. Yes. No. I did not know I literally open. Bragging all sort of. Electable trying to defend our guy. It was all. Video clip earlier this week. And it was a provided SF from a developer and all of the comments are about how bad I am at that. Not early. It's not enough. This game and the first time or playing it and it's only have to play a game. Him automatically. When people have games with east for all, and you watch him deals, not that all you is appropriate then that makes you want a real a real hone. I brag, the demo guy was said that I was the first person to be the boss. That's right. Mark. I should be three twice. Better is my first time playing it was on camera. She's you'll watch that. Lincoln hard site games, fun, man. Two. I don't know. I. Managing does not seem like it is a spire holiday levels of difficult. Firm. Talking to the Dulles PR guy of any bird, and you said he can't wait to get it. You wanted to go get chicken to buy holiday, if you could get away from the dullest with. Yeah, no wasn't dauntless, like right next, right. Okay. He had just been longing looking at it the former show, the if I can do one more thing about Holland really interesting detail that I didn't dig into my review four the new character is a carriage of the first game. She talks. So the vessel in the first game is silent is sound dagga this character talks to you the first game to second. She has dialogue with like before the boss fight jazz like back and forth with this enemy being like let's go. Shit like each other's cool. And like. Also, I don't want them. Is all enemies in the first game. This real on all the first game or like before Trump did in their messed up an enraged, that's inferiors in, in this world. So I might just be guys like hanging out absolutely mad. Pollinate. I am in love with this game. I mean, Tom so we talked. Out time you have a lot of. Hi for starting here and then he never made the pot didn't do that yet. Because you made me of. Oh. Like three months to make you by so unspoiled Jinnah when you start thirty eight zero seven time. Yeah you got one one. Deviate? What were we saying, Kiana? You have thirty gave Martin earn. Tom, I think we talked a little bit about Kiana. How are you feeling? Now, if you days out from Cheonan glad it's public now man that I talked to him because it was so nerve wracking sorry to go through Tomba. It was a hard kept secret that Tom had a thing to do. And it was with that. And it was just like that things like willing over boiling over boiling over like keeping pot lit on with just like. They can get real embarrassing. My mom kept texting me being like when can I tell my friends? It's like. Kiat. Some Thomas mugs for some reason, why she's really h you can sit like you'll see young idea why I'm doing this lip genyk. Give me your best Tom's while impression. Guess coming in Tom's mall. All watching the PC life show during our meeting Tom's mom joins fight. Why are waiting to be now? Oh, yes. So before he three we had a news planning meeting, and during it, of course, the top came up that Tom hosted the PC gaming show a couple years. Yeah. That was persona. We pulled up the clip of him posting, it was not the did a really, really good job as strong as he ever has. You guys pulled up that video in the meeting, and it was like, straight up like sixth grade, piano recital levels of like, oh here. Like to it was a hundred percent. It really really sorry. Because I feel like I to have like a thing like performance or whatever your passes like Joe, I'm really sorry about that. My this on the internet. Hey, good. Good. I'm really happy. None of my, a speech and debate, performances and beef in particular club performances exists. Yeah. Tell me about your glee club. Just tell you about. I was president of my high school. So I wanted structure in my we had. Sorry. Nice. Me. President. All right. Right. One more one more like the thing I did a degree in film, with Eva. I've Musk's degree in screenwriting. Right. Extra school island. We all or on the same lake feta kid. Like the sea direct I may have started writing a Nigerian. I don't have it on hand, but I may have. Neighbor repair late drink. Murrow fixing. Yeah. Can I just be lay the Panini character because that's a life? I just wanted to be laid that like that gorgeous like this is what beyond fence. They ever ever be on and wants to talk about like. Well, I wanna do is just like play. Very sexy Elta like craving love view, join street, or have any of you listen to Haiti's town in this going to be the end of my y'all. Listen to here. Yes. We're just getting late making your own business. People. Wait, wait. One. Okay. Hold on, before we go on luc- not knowing your knowledge level of this particular, nerd them. If you had to pick one. What would you d clasping? No, I don't. I don't I don't not in vain. I've played with J off very drunk. I would be I'm just going to say like some like like frivolous fantasy name. It'll be an L flame. There are ELLs. So race like L. Time we're starting a different hand ranger. Oh, no. I always be like, like my Michael Isley fancy myself as a warrior of a warrant that would die within like two minutes in the fray, because I am a week human being. See my mom's unlike a long noodle with nor texture at all we are one round everywhere. Three was announced this week. It was yeah. The stadia announcement, please. You didn't hear this. I of course I covered the stadium. Taivon. We're here like him so much shit for the. So we have this running joke where I make fun of him for liking DNB like all you heard. Every time billing to only. Everyone else, just two and makes fun of because I love anime gets fair to give him a little isn't it? It's not genuine. Wasn't this giving you shit in spirit? He's not let me let me ask you listen to the file. So, yeah. Ballers three was now sweet. And it just reminds me because we're finally getting back to talking about Anthony three. It was a really great. We PG. No. Really, it was literally like there, there are always like one to John that like stick out like sore thumbs, like we had really great years. We've really bad years. And like this is really amazing year for kind of classic RV's. Like we've got three we've got the world obviously cyberpunk much outta high scoring. I think that's sort of a different style. Just let her. You can mention ice. But I'm talking about ones that are like really heavy layer. Troy's really heavy on the of. Licata. The idea consequences, I saw demo for then parliamentary to bloodlines. God there so many subtitles in it was not. It's not as bad as where we'll colon the apocalypse hyphen earth, blood. I also saw that same day also said, the exact same universe as vampire cooling, the masquerade hyphen bloodlines to actually their different properties, but her world is born is not nearly as bad. What lengths to is also this huge deed RPG that's all about their choice. And then I really great little it's like an old time. He kind of a classic computer decide like the symmetric sil- like like all these Gators called paranoia happiness as mandatory. Been great real. I was really. So I missed the boat on this one entirely really bad for that. Now, I initially thought that it was like a management, sim almost like prisoner protect or observation where it's like you play as Ellen thousand or as big brother. But instead, it's, it's sorta like fallout in that, like, there's this colony of, of people, and there's this, there's this, you know, on Nipah tint, robot, overlord cult friend computer and print computer is basically, how, but also to the like worst Orwellian extreme possible. Like it's organized live down to the basic things like everyone's drugged out on, like happy, literal happy pills, but it's great. It's old school computer be g but it's also like it uses the baldur's gate to like active. Pause like tactic systems, a little bit tactical in its combat, which is really cool. And it's just genuinely funny, but it's like seem. That kind of resurgence of choice based narrative, I really, really, really love their that's always been present in the last few years, but I don't think I've seen it like out in force, like I have this year. I really enjoyed the outer worlds out a while the rolls them I still lead to play it. Yeah. I've been thinking about it all, I've seen people be like the game of the generation that people are in love with it. I really can't wait to make. Yeah, I obviously, we're on a PlayStation show. If you have an XBox or PC you should play. Many books, except for or people who own max. That's true thing is probably a computer. Same hartson. Men at our place to nurture XBox Nintendo winners. Like, whatever constantly have they don't the PC people, they're just like the people that are there, just look, and that kind of it, and also on the, the outer robes, I've never played. Do they? News. I guess I've not really been a big fodder over strolls person, but the setup the like the scenario of the space world. That's like overcome by Iraq, Crecy and the weird mecca nations of that are really interesting to me, even though I would like it wouldn't have affected too. But yeah there's this thing where, like they it's, it's, you know, obviously, it's an old trolling borderlands. Not didn't invent it. But, like I think they kind of mainline mainstreamed. It back orlands orlands to where it's like, hey, this planet is owned by company. Yeah. And like going through that, like seeing. How obsidian is tackling that SuperNet like love their sense of humor? They're very like, it's, it's Winky but not in a noxious. Thank you. Everyone's remember? If you're listening to this out there just remember tip your waitress. And also be dickhead like I have. Yes, I. I was sitting at this very restaurant, actually. A couple of days ago, and I saw a couple of very angry men be very rude. They waitress and they had they were they would older than all of all of us sitting in combined, maybe not combined that light. They, you know, should have known better, and they had slipped back. Hedge. And they were being really rude shoe a waitress because. The food was coming out late. But like the place was packed. And obviously, no one can actually help that when, when it happens. And I say you know what that is such a red flag funding. The third night. A third. I do notice, not just for like a dating thing about life for a human being in general. Do not Dobie roots waste video. Something this matters. What it this year? Chest. This is no gas twenty nineteen. Traditions in place. And one of them is to coca curry, I did not get very here. I am this. Sorry, lago. Get great irony. I'm not opposed. So I've Curiel. So also, I had. Thirty the free pillars of, like I say, I have set up to alert me when my name comes up in media, and I was alerted tour of hilltop monitored dot com. And it's an article that just takes sentences from a bunch of different articles, I've seen so the first sentence is unfortunately, for square final fantasy seven was fighting for attention with gorgeous final fantasy seven. And at the very end the article says case is editor ITN's loves monster. Hunting plane catch. Couldn't this side. So there are these like bought ball. Yeah. These, these weird programs like students will set up and like other move. I believe he take down to, like some guy at MIT or some other fancy college of the Kate. Hey, dude, you can't steal their stuff and use our headlines. You can't make videos like that. Sorry. Stop speaking of taking stuff. And that's literally, the loosest transition, I can come up with can they wouldn't take this records after go to the bathroom. Thank you drill headphones. So the power, we were talking about being kind. Cheer wears. Like Nintendo games now beyond master's. No, no, no. Come on. Talk about PlayStation related thing. Place mansion for like ten minutes. Sounds like he's talking. Someplace when I love it's. So. Are you gonna talk? Did anyone else. I too. Due to so cool looking I'm accused man of the first one and like this one is looking like a real Keam, finally and hit looks really fun. But the combat is more complex, the jokes in lines are good cinematics are funny. The world design is like so ruler. They showed off yet. It was just like extremely encouraging. I don't know. Man. I just like I'm excited that game this. Finally, this is finally come out in some capacity. Always have been team. They're really funny made over doing. Yeah. Now they are. Yourself studios. Yeah. They are Microsoft studio, which is fair game. It's like my backlog, machine, I was like sitting at the maximum conference with James Duggan, and I like turned him at one point said manteca that's my backlog, great, but I will never finish. So I did kind of delegate, that's coming his. Oh, yes. So under life shows, if you know, straight roads, which is action game but it's about music, so it's not a rhythm game so they wanted to make this up game about music, but not be rhythm game because not everyone likes them. They wanna play a game with music is fundamental element in. So the way they mix of music is, it's about this indie rock band having to take back their city from an evil idiom corporation to ask them. What do you have against the oh? Like, oh, we don't have anything against it. It's just like good life. A good story. You know, this kind of thing also for people who like there's been quite a mania whatever. Yeah. Edit the thing. Edit the thing when I was in middle school, if like rock, music humor a loser, and so there the robbers in Iraq offers wrappers around the rockers, which one were you, what do you think can then go rapper hip, and then nothing? Ginks. No headphones. Believe it. Unfiltered. I just want everyone like. Person. Guessing wrong. Yeah. Also clear pagan. Make on the. I also up and in, in middle school. I work, plus comics. So, you know, you can do it on other topics on, like less rocky and more like nerdy lying. It's a good place to like low key, five merch. It it's not it's not located and I it's not located more. But it's like. What about on? But you can get like all Tom, I know you can also get some diesel to her like shopping here. So. Gun for two minutes. And this whole thing went off. Phil Arnold on Tahoe today pool to all the rest from the group. I apologize. I'm probably the most silver person. Tom. Tom. I have done my best keep honestly station. I was taught to gain comes in the early and then and then you guys. I'm sorry. The thing about this beyond it should. Yeah. Shit. You humor common rapper rocker? That's talking about. Listen to Elliott Smith and cried alone. Yeah. At least was great. Sad together William before dreams. I listen to Elliott Smith. Graf her rocker? So we why what are? Oh, I was talking about the coldness figgers with any rough ban against I guess how was it? I didn't have to go hand. The only ever we saw playing all spending, how they're trying to give these bosses that are playing this features like very egotistical personalities or different kinds of personalities. Right. And are trying to show that through the way that they give their performance. So the first day we saw was literally, the center of the universe. And he's like billeting planets, like invoke, how Szekely is thin Joe tickets, while by Blackhall end real, quick speaking deejays. Did you guys walk by the booth? I can't remember was self ho somewhere where there was a like a DJ mixing turntables, but he was wearing a VR headset so he. So he I don't know the stuff he was doing India heard, and I was like, what four you the audience that again? Yeah, they're healthy. We are you play games games that were like music, face wreckage cyanide, while. Well. It's excellent love it. Like a switch Cape. Hop album. That is also James. Okay. He's just a it's they call it a music video video game. Cool might you're playing a music video for amendment. Just printing up the scores, and there's like some events between, but the not gonna make sure you're getting all the coins or hearts have equal in wild hearts are wild or Allison the wild what they. Destroy some wild in on a pillow somewhere on target. But I don't. It's like super playable like to get gold's here on every lovely playing really ratings rating points again. Kind of bending John Russia's. Interesting. It is nice to like for game sevi- like more of music winning games time. That's his two. It's so rare for like, really strong sound time good Chomtchonak. There are definitely things like in time with the music, but it's like you have to act into the music so ideal of reshaped when they're using into disrepair games. But it's, it's recall Anna furnace, also. And they had also twelve minutes one. That's. No, I didn't I didn't really like I'm not sure on the floor remember, but I'm still Microsoft's. Yeah. Really? There's been a slew of games, especially this show that have been like the time loop game. Yeah. That where which project was like that twelve minutes death loop all announced this show and then outer wild which I will about forever came out like a weeks ago. That last. Really liked camping eighty. It's great. It's play don't Jon Gruden on. Sorry. What s Jonathan what his favorite thing? You don't need to ask me. That's fair. Oh, I thought you were serious thought you really didn't care. And I was like, what the Y? Yeah. Knows. Sure. Like I started I jam like two months ago and as a result people every now and then we'll tell me plan lies to see if I will believe them, it'll be like, really. It'll be like, you know, care Schneider early. Number flayed the show these job if you yet. No. All the time looking behind those Karol he's incredibly sarcastic, but says it was a dead end street face that you have no idea Siri. I'm legitimately here's I don't understand. I was drinking. Visit developer CD product, read this tweeted jackets, that he does not want you to buy the jackets for one hundred dollars on EBay, reduc, Jerry know, we haven't talked. Okay. There was a if you go if you went to Jack. I'm the soba one went cyberpunk demo yet is hopped up on Earl grey. If you wanted this demo you walked away with a jacket, and that was a reversible cyber. Base. You've got a visor. Yeah. But they waiting on releasing that in their own online store. Version save. But it's also not stopping people from selling him for four hundred five hundred. Jealous attacking real talk is not that high quality. The most high quality. He's. Do we won't be money? Checking in you. You could buy round trip flight to Japan, but you know it's just do. People go to these things turn on. Joel. The statute. Yes. It's the same thing. And I think. On firm recipe that oh shoop away. You're so everything and also also, not when these anti scalping people. I got we've got three which is which came out and flip one of them. So we can afford the switches, I don't give up. Ad. I. I got this on record. Joyce mass collector's edition three s with statues with the intention to sell the other time as to the I like at least discount selling fat tonight. It's hard work like selling like higher. Probably two hundred bucks. Talk to me shady, dealing like your like didn't get one. It's because you didn't weren't able to do all the effort. Here's a thing sometimes, I think company should always a limit. How many one person like a limit of so gene by hand by switching now granted the game sub devil off was a system error, but I. Learning so much about. And I'm going to push, so I, I really wrote to make it to make it up. So. Leave you the new grittiest excel Keno. Eight a month or an aversion and I bought both because very indecisive didn't wanna make decision right away. So I got both looking in the site and you keep enjoys mass, and I sold the, the mantra hundred eighty s at cost value, someone in my community. So I made up for. All right. Which one the money before which he now. So I'm like I could make more money if I wouldn't waive when I'm like, I literally mean this money cannot afford any maybe that maybe like our four it. More. Minnesota. I'm fascinated by from worrying about all of your doing this. I'm still hung up of me idea that Casey, I think, Columbia pedagogical. Liar. And I don't know. He didn't know more. Very happy. Yeah, I'm very naive. So I don't know. It's so you're. I just wanna point out. We got so close to talking about cyberpunk. What is that traffic, if you want to sell your jacket, I think it's here because, like you didn't it just something they gave you? Little attempt every run by. Cyberpunk twenty. Door showing press, and they also had a floor showing for public flush some press were also there. Want to say? Hungary seed is one of the top best I wanted to Rankin here says I'm going to do. It was up there for sure. I almost Bella sleep because it was so comfortable, and it was dark. Tired, you realize they kind of went onto long should have been shorter ending the four ones better, though. You mean you weren't writing down every stat? You saw in the he'll have. No. I wasn't only with Brennan, great, it was already doing that. I got I wrote down the like easel nine of. Upgrade out of the ten I ran out of time. Maybe. I had to leave early to go to borderlands stem. So are we. She goes. With. Interesting in that they showed one singular mission, but they showed it kind of basically t times into. Hi there. That was a cool part rate. But like went on in vicious in pretty. Yeah. I like it was. I mean it was. More than I needed Wohlers here. It was like. Now we're doing it again. Rated as the really either and the public you one it was like an Erade a lot more. And it was a little bit shorter still did show both place. But in a much more can, I think it likes it made me feel more like when I was smaller one that was pretty I was like thirty one being like, yeah, I wanted more out the fifteen minute one like una pack now and I was tired, but. What general I mean I thought. Strongly in what you could do. One thing that really to me when I saw a second time and second in air quotes, because it was like the one time on, is really in sued the distractions degreed for enemy NBC's. So like you can like active and things their intention so great because in game so often. And like you know, there's gonna have this problem on automotive on, it's like Iraq or throw a can just wait for them SU there, while he animation guessing winter gonna move in cyberpunk destruction. A lot more you win an authentic. And I really liked that aspect of the game. I think it was my favorite part of what I saw. I liked how one to one the Scots and care. Transmission, you could pull off were to the original cyberpunk twenty twenty people. Like if you've ever played that game will feed the needy and the wave shave your character so dressing. Such character totally different abilities and then pull off the scene mission in different ways. And that is just board. I wanna call it a value of cable games. You one or you once you'll be able to do whether it's fours, or hacky were negotiation that side. Real talk. I'm and I say that you much. I'm sorry, but I am glad I'm glad that this game has a date because I'm done seeing stuff to be lonely sad or good. No, like like ice. All right. Like I'm the. Sold on about me anyway. Still to leak shoulder. Shoulder. All of. The game. Like the car radio. I was very unimpressed. It was all they didn't go from them. They wouldn't like to stations and then pick one. And it was that cliche like. I'm in the future music and the most accurate. Yeah. The future has to be like that, like electronic death onto this. Makes me feel like the sound. Totally fair out. And I like I like when you know, I feel jaded and a lot of the. The. What other so that? Well, that's the problem I feel like when we greet the future in fiction, right? And TV shows and comics million, whatever we think of it is. So cliche uteri, right. Getting the Jackson got like everything sleek down the callers, and everything. I don't want how elements because like I like I think cyber from the job and having all those things to be like, you know, cybernetic enhancements and things that feel rushing towards house, and -nology advancing. And we see that with controlling things in our actual fighting I think that parts good. But if we lean too much on the future stuff, and I feel like the future is often. Soundtracks EDM dot com style too. I feel we have to remember that even though that twenty seven is the future in the world. That's they're present. I know with got high worth. It's like the regular being I think go ever, also I was like a little bit like like. There is your sailing, how the beaches about linking, chronic all in, like, using still things are very let phone is like it's the sound of electronic Craig. Oh, I like to your point. Yes. But also there were like different stations stages, Delmonico's steak with electric also. I think that all of the car stuff in that game is nowhere near done like. Yeah. I feel like that, that driving in that game and radio stations with it and where you drive in the roads and all that. I think they are wrong way from five hundred it feels really basic right now. And they're also shortish your hearts of the damage. Major the horses. They pretty realistic lots of our member. So there's that red. Edward I imagine the vehicles getting much more a lot more. Than they already on. Yeah. I like never to be bad. And that's just not going to be. It's really hard to make driving really good game. Unless frightening is the focus of the game. It's gonna be a service of all driving. In the. List of trouble is in option best travels an option some capacity. We don't really know Jackley what it is. Part of it. I think driving is going to be like, if you're down to do it, and if not travel, sometimes contracts, we most games that aren't driving games. Don't have. Speaking fast travel. Muslim hyphen is a brand new meter fast trouble with great writers. You can read small monsters to a point on the map. Yeah. Dude, ice born hype man, I'm like, really excited rice for. Tom even the play is forty other we killed the moose. Kill the move to kill kill the t Rex. Fischel of ta tion not tiger, which is insane. I was I don't know fourteen but, you know, whenever Chee Greeks Rex not Teela grants know what is the difference just said, Greg. Oh, sorry. I didn't hear the house. So I thought tiger tiger's but it's t t Rex and it's confirmed by one of the locally, they should be. Because then you did voice over the world. Which is interesting to me, a lot of. But hey luffing fighting about this for a decade. So it's like trying to increase in Aarhus center, which were cetera yet. Talkers even to till actually interview at, like, the head of reset ERO, and I've always said at this way. But everyone Toby recent on one not this one. I will say it's because they capitalized the eve before era. It does a big that is their phone is. So I'm shave expansion to the main mustard world. Is it something that's possibly be played on the tone or? You have to have the base game and you have to finish the story light of the base game. Oh, nice. Because unlike unlucky space, paymaster master rate, which is a rank above Eiriksson you need the hiring armored vehicle. Even tell the mastering Lee. Real hearts. But it's a lot of real hearts, if you already beat in the game, and you're, you're fighting are temperate Mosser's, if you start out with torn each. Hard, right. Yeah. It's it's I'm excited. I'm really excited new level. Look really cool, and they're continuing to do more like semi expensive stuff. I stuff on PlayStation. So all also pay. I played monster hunter world for the very first time with a controller. Controller. Yeah. I'd only ever played it with the mouse, and keyboard on PC's, and I played it with the controller actually. Yeah, I was I was in joying. It. Of those with what to your sorry, you're dealing with the taps. Yeah. And then we're opening a new tab. Not a good idea, too. Yeah. Next brand us. Oh, so we're not all going to that right now. Now. Well, no killing. Why ready to Justice almost worth my threes? It's just like brenham folders fixtures. Things to world fell talks. You talk to automate video. Also ryozo. And they said that I want to. As a world, and they will continue support it as I've been most of the world, which means you answers, every couple of months with updates and events and everything, which was, which is also they're doing this. Because technology allows to because they would release a whole new game with an expansion and instead this time distressing expansions, and you can get a new APAC on a roll and Florence for I think when it comes out. Yeah, it's going to basically just they're almost taking the like world of warcraft route would that where you just like add the expansion of the base game and raise the price back. Which is not bad way, too. It gets people onboard real quick. And if you haven't played monster world team that gives us good man. I wish on Ryan was here because in the snow areas, the sound affects her so real to beat in the actual snow back that time it got second cabinet of blizzard. Oh my goodness. I remember that. We are still worried about you. Juuling. Early for days. Big eve out from idea. We're just like, yeah, it was John Ryan. Brandon tyrel me per Carson was on the video team in some of our partners and OBI. Second, Kevin for a couple days. Like literally believe I wanna car trying to go up the hill and our snow tires of the chains snap semi slid down a hill and how to walk back. But we went back to the car for an antenna switch to play smash. So it was it was. Remember you asking about, like Ned? Like I I'm like I thought about mentioning, like, hey, you're okay with snow on just like. Graying weird. On your way. They come to the welcomes podcast films. Oh beyond. I'm really glad you all my stretchy pants story. Oh my God. The Oury where. Of other shale from tight tight teens stretchy pants Sherie. Sherie. Well, I have a pact for all occasions because I am an over prepared. So I've pretty good about two thousand eighteen. The one thing I forgot was laws inches. If. They're pretty pretty far gone. But I talk that up to fully successful twenty on a scale from tight teams to for. Got it. If I gave out of this audio. Take. I goes MRs. Guys, Tina, I want to say thank you. Bring your apple watch charger, every day, every day, I never forgot it on might lesser. I'm here to look out and solve your problems psyche. That's what good man. What was it game with the show? Honestly I, I played Star Wars. And I say that I played it. Who knows? Okay. So Star Wars on the very last day. The very last aviaries is probably the best day because you have no obligations, and you can just kind of float around. And so I went on a win to the meeting room and I'm place star warriors, and it's worth. But it's fun. Yeah. It's hard because it's it has like combat combos that I'm not really used to. And so it took a minute to remember, like, oh, this is my fourth push was my horse hole, and then like I can combine these things with, like a lightsaber throw and all other fans Senate of Perry and carrying related all enemies require. They have very specific moves, and then also like cadences of moves. So there I move set is one kind of Perry, and their second move said it's totally other one and you have to memorize her character her move set and then, like her enemies, while remembering all of your combos. So it's difficult. And I totally did the dark souls, move roll roll roll swipe roll roll roll swipe. But once like it's clear, once you get the hang of it on your member. Like, what button is what then you be kind of a, you know, choreographed killing bad ass by the end of it. So I really enjoyed it was good. Yeah. Like so much. Eight of them aren't beyond in the middle. We saw Jan people were like we have to say Hello. On the second hour of the. Fully delirious. Yes. Yeah. We're gonna guys podcast gonna edit the sound this heightened fifteen minutes. It's only fifteen it's just gonna be the like tight story hype jarring. Yeah. Go enjoy the rest of your bills. See is, we'll be out there probably. Everyone's just quiet now. Should we all go? Things you do it again. Yes, I'm holding the Mike. I have all the power. Let's talk about poke Amman. Really? For me. I didn't have to do that, like not even article article on on it. So I'm just gonna say near we made big and Hulu. Big is great. I love that. You're talking about Diana matching Lynn. Yeah. The headline brain your time with soon totally down. It was we'd Dynamex with normal results right now. Like. Yeah. Not strong. Real hard soft. In the streets, and it was a video made by Tom, Mark. Now, all of the stats of the six one we had in our party. I'm gonna trip over the weekend when they like that yet. I know it exists, and I will trail. Nick someone else I don't know. And then. Not liking their actual cops in the bar. Hey, are you talking about the video? That's a legal. Coughing games. Number one team. Cops. With my nine go. One that full Stacey over in the black album actually just JC sneaking yourself. I always thought it was. I saw. Video when I I was speaking in a weird. And I was like, oh man. What would you album with Lincoln park, actually, one of the Lincoln park? Guys doing the voice of the presumably white police officer. So I always heard tell staff with your pieces have now come over to this situation is think. Yeah. I am too. Upside, I know. She took a she just. But stays really want three potato fries. Steve. No fish presents all the ready all carry dogs vary on professional once. Yeah. Look very soft like you can just. Talking about tipping waitresses and on talking about the com. Thanks. The Kirk Carson's legs that definitely didn't have if just because there's no meat on them. Okay. Peeking out. Okay. So I still wanna awful lot. Yeah. The real dogs for very softly, as wants pet them outlook, usually a little bit like whoa, whoa, sorry. No sorry there's, there's real shit going on. They just open the wall. There last year sometime like cyanide poli rat needs. We won't you're watching the whole time in sneak in there. I'm gonna open that four in the wall is the secrets. I'm going in. And then a guy sister walked it. Thank you so much. Thank you. I am. I love sneaking troubles. I got to spend it on. Town. Like, what if something seriously happen to? We're noticing this. The fact that bookshelf wall is opening up behind a man of. It's just been sitting at a desk with a computer in the middle of this restaurant the entire night. It's a weird combination. She's a front. Any cliche in thing in your house? What you what type of thing how many other things that are there. Of people on crossing. How would it open? Here. Going. Sorry, I it's a one way you go into you can look out about guns. Look at that. You don't think we should be watching? Bowtie on your front. Yeah. Anyway, back to video games. Policeman in them like you gotta drive correctly or else to get you in the RTD into that, that expansion, they have for the game that I can't many, many more horizon, Joe the like fancy. That's all. Sean. Who have the best who had the best press conference not not prerecorded because I think Nintendo's the obvious one this year. Microsoft, I think probably Microsoft, but Microsoft with panic at the discounts, why they were there. I know that a good show. It's just that you'd be soft had, like a very UB stop show where it wasn't like Phil word. It wasn't like surprising. I mean they had surprises. It just was like very much the same show they put on every year. A bad thing that job. And they had cool stuff there. Yeah, it was good. I wanna about that cost. I'm so excited for God. I really wanna see more. A lot of yourself games there have a type of being like to make they those games in different ways. And that's grief people really love it. But for people like me who just don't really get kind of cave, just shares. There's nothing like any other just really in. FA should ever were I know stances extreme popular. But all I part for gamers. This dope record. All free. The confidence that joy con plus I try to really good at it. I would do that in real life things whereabouts. I watched the just dance and she toward not being, I'm like I would stance in. Long the floor. For now. Into free just like the MIR was so much higher ever seen it. And we will like equally. Not so ver. Creative prison did win one arms or mazing, but person than win that, unrelated. But I also wanted. So many dances against the in the win one. We did. Mexico will also hear the night. We hate him Daniels. I tried. I tried to make a dance. How many meakers popey, popey goes? Yeah. Your vegetables. Okay. On time. Thanks to the three of you who have stuck around. The song. Original one romance. In. Oh, I know what you're doing about the going away. This is the game. You can play PlayStation. John talk. Real quick, though about ice free three. I there's a lot a lot actually pre three I thought that thank you, Janet. I thought that squaring have opportunity to like up and they didn't make did not show with bad, like okay? Okay. We're getting to a need to one thing, which is the opening portion about final fantasy seven was awesome. Major us really cool. Details the game looks really good shirt. They gave us a hard date. Got two vendors but yeah awesome. The thing to me. They're crest conference should have just been the beginning in the ending. Yes. They've literally spent our most of which was on games that were already out eighty percent of the stuff that's ref estimate of this of this show you commercials. And I know that literally every entire recovers a commercial. Is. Wants to tire things. It was it was very odd. And they were just. Kaby on it was weird. It was just off because I heard I'm a big fan of. Series sequels, actually, really strong writing a lot gameplay interesting reading. On enough on good station is great. What that indie music vein and love it. And so good played list of mania. And I just lost my. It is so great. I was just real. Announce like five or physical or something. Sorry, what? Something's happening. We can't know talk about it. I, I. Is. Pornographic. I know what's not. Yes, but yeah, we can get two vendors anyway. Scott very weird. It adds to the point you ask for the I did do it. I know we are like an hour, forty minutes into this first show who knows how much else happened for him. They're looking at some months, where I think, yes, the vendor showing so. No. I didn't know what I heard was iron mic strings. Yeah. Some people say that it was better than the press conference showing because it actually showed you the game was. Thank you. I heard. Stretchy time. Yeah. All right. And they're like are they, they are? Contrast with dark shirt on. Thank you. It's a blue collared shirt with white, polka dots. Tonight. Tom is wearing a bow tie. But okay gods. And monsters extra awkward this front, the while town. Customize your character alone. I. Why I thought when Tom was bowtie head would fall more fun short story. Green story like oh my listeners, they're very telling dark. Also, Judy toe story about that among us with a guy gets eventually cursing on, and it's. And it's a smart. Anyway, am I legally allowed to put this up? Soda. Because his Waverley as yet. Familar. He'll. He's here. We were so close to talk. Anyway. Thanks. I hope that not really. Our tour was saying they're happy to see what say Tom little chance. Factor of our social team. Scenario. So then. I'd love Spiderman, but, you know, the vendors Opole bristled on them, definitely not sold on what we saw what's better, or what is the weather? What is the better marble vendors the lights? Adventures reliance? Middle live. Of Andrews, I more understand what kind of Gables for the lions. Wait to the thing I was saying that somebody behind the pay on this car, some. Some people's mind. This stem thought it was really a lot better. Actually knew what the game was other people behind the scenes demo and we're like this all quick time events. And I don't get it like so there's it's mixed. And I think that is so can the problem was the dental was very much the Theriault level, it bounced between every individual of perspective. But from what they've told us, that's not what you do levels. You just choose the here you wanna play as you play the level. So the problem with the demo is it's, it's meant to give you a sense of every hero, but that's not whole level playoffs, and you don't actually know the progression of how that stuff will work, so. We got a little bit of game play sense. It's very here. Thank you took. Didn't flashlight. Yes. Terri Schwartz destroy often. Right. Nine of Sony game beyond exclusive? Yeah. Has on the side. It's very bright, very bright with killing ghosts. Cops. Cops take from taking marvel that the demo we saw behind closed doors was very much like tutorial version of this game. And so it should you all five characters. The problem was in that demo only about half of the characters looked interesting to play, so which ones hope, hope looks really good. Physicality is really great. And like ashes he's smashes. And there's like one point where he takes two guys like enemies, and he smashes them together. And then he also like uses hand claps sort of like thunder blast and all the sort of stuff, and then Catholic pretty cool because essentially, like you can ping pong the shield around and like bits of that. But the ironman aspect was just watching fly a little bit through San Francisco. I'm shooting that wasn't cool. The four section was basically Crato, but not as good. And then black widow. Creative bananas. Good. And then black widow. Yes. Yes, but not new. No. Thank you. Let's talk about the new Corey if you're listening to this, why anyone no just get all the way to hear about work. You're welcome. Nothing better. Do Corey has some more important things to anyway. So the fifth, one was like, widow, which is like it's a weird counter valves to these four superpower people, especially when the price of here, like it would not a different short years, what I go just the problem with the black widow demo to was. So we don't think any of the dialogue in the demos, particularly good. But the black widow section is a great voice actress when she was saddled with all of the exponential dialogue, she's fighting task. So she's like Huck taskmaster. We'll see you again. You memorize my who's, and use them back at you like why is this the dial? But right now, I have a question, why is it that people are like wondering why marvel alternate is known ROY? No avengers, right back. Yeah. Marvel avengers style is bad. But no ones surprised that the marvel movie dialogue is bad. Lang. What I could say is it's it looked on endgame. I loved what was before that for the anymore. Those ones were actually dope. Most movies, the writing is cheesy, and some people are love Ampy in a good way Ragnar is the bit. I think it's super cheesy all that. This demo was missing was invented Geri's joke about, like a sponsored ad joke. That's it, it was a writing the whole, like two men, arguing do this now. That's all of injuries. The writing is not good. Is that? I don't want to right now because it's so it will go. No opinion. Create opinion, the writing was on brand for the here's the issue at least in the movies. There's more dialogue, I think the reason so to your counter on your myself, whenever I think the reason some people find it a little bit more annoying that the writings, a little cheesy in the game because you get less writing. So you notice the writing more. But I would argue honestly it's all cheesy all the way down the other thing about this, because this is this is an important. Distinction is a lot of people saw the trailer for vendors Marvel's avengers, and rely this feels weird right field off. And I think really big reason for that is that remember the video game licenses for marvel stuff is anything, you can have X men together with marvel you can do whatever you want. You have fantastic four in there. It's not like the movie licenses, which are all split up. But the, the weird thing is that this game has chosen this game has chosen to use all of the. Pornography, all of the character, design all of the humor, even a lot of the cinematography of the vendors movies, the cash of hope, for captain America iron, man, black widow, and then nothing else. It's not the same actors it's not the same. Well, they're facing DJ cough, like fifty million not it's not the same story. It's not a legal challenge. Yeah. But what I'm saying is like been decided to borrow a lot of that cloud, and then not follow through of it just being a MC negating in the Clinton. These games are. Sunny about just touch long. But when you have an IT like this, like, how many bats vitamin games, we have more of a spider man, was I really love that game Ray agrees and then that really quite my game also. But everything between right? Or like not, not, not you should talk to Barrett, Courtney. True in general. I think these are off. You know, we on we enjoy whether. I mean, I don't enjoy all the more pounds like I've been very yes. I think the writing about them. In general. It's hard to think about what does this. Like, what are we really want? What do we love in the in the movie that we can bring to the game? I think it's a hard question to answer. And I feel like what this game in on the doors. Demo is safer out, it kind of has them up kind of cliche adventure style action. I feel like it's not something that's been be great. It might not even be good. But it'll be okay. It'll be like a serviceable game on. I see. I don't think it will be. I don't think it's going to be just an okay game. I don't think marvel will left this be okay. I think they're going to go off on it. Like if they feel like it's not gonna perform. I think they will delay this. Mitch. I mean, that's the weird thing is crystal dynamics is agreed studio behind this one until, like I have faith in them to tell the story to make good single player campaign. I just don't know what the competing forces are interested in what this game should be. And I think based on this reaction were probably gonna see maybe a longer beta or a longer delay or something, because like avengers, is regardless of the dialogue conversation, which we're not gonna convince each other either way. But so anyway. No. But it's I it's just like I want to have this conversation, we're gonna. Our vendors is literally one of if not the biggest entertainment franchises in the universe. And so- marvel catches be like, let's just let it be seven and move on, like they will want this game to succeed. And I think they will take the steps necessary to hold off. I don't think they're going to do a total paid or like visual one rewrite, but. But. Interesting. You know we behind. Liquidated on that. But the only the only game that asked for feedback was Cyrus toy seventy seven which is the only with a release date of the ones that saw vehicles. Yeah. But it was weird that like. Interesting question it was. Show like off versus like the chain. If they would make changes, I'm curious to what they would maybe that on, and somebody will wrote south, so maybe it'd be done by counterpoint you sure quick. I think that marvel would totally let there be a bad of enders game because bad comic book games happen all the time. But mobile games is totally different like mobile games as a new to me over the last couple of years, and like let's call it their phase one of games marvel Spiderman is really the only one that usually succeeded, like marvel versus Capcom, infinite inducer. Well, the telltale guardians didn't do super well. So I think they are very much looking at head of like marvel Spiderman is the benchmark for them for goods. I think they are going to whether it's in future content updates or whether through delays or other things. I think they're gonna really push for this game to be good. And so, like, I wanna see what two hours of that game looks like. Yes. Hours along spot past when our and fifty one minutes at this time, recording. Never supposed to be like six hours long anyway. Hold on. It's getting late here on the final night of me. Three thank you so much for listening to this bid all the way through, for some reason, somehow. Does on land if you made it all the way to end without skipping. Tweet at Jonathan at jammed or Bush on Twitter root of Ega, and then we will know yes do that. Thank you. The combination of turbine something else that I don't know of very, very good. Casey, go, Jerry. It is a good low calorie. Thank you. If you've been listening to this episode, I always loved the three shows not because they were the most comprehensive or cohesive shows, but because of how Cillian weird and fun. They were and I hope this one captured a little bit of that spirit. Of course we did so much covered from the week of three. Please read all of those previews, all the news that broke all of the opinion pieces, all stuff, we still have coming on the way. Everyone such kick ass tremendous job this week. I mean, unless you got a day job a lot stuff. Do it in the evenings then okay, there's time after the sun goes down. Exactly. Thank you noticing Telea. Thank you to anyone who has checked out all that content. Obviously we like ourselves into that over this week and do throughout the year. So we really appreciate it. Maksim Brian as you may have noticed cannot be honest episode they left earlier today because they did tremendous amounts of life show. Yeah. Did a really fantastic job? They did such a great job. And so. Maximum east down a lot. Time in the cyberpunk conversation. So obviously, both of them were we've attired and one the head home to their families. So they did just that. And Lucy was with us earlier, but she is at loose. L UC e O'Brien on Twitter JR, who's with us earlier at US of. JR maranda is at havoc rose havoc within the case HIV. Okay, are SE, Casey is shiny. Casey Di spelled like sounds Janet is game a nicest. Is that how sorry game honest as okay? I say differently spell it for the audience it's game. N. Y. S U S Thomas at Tom are marks try to guess with ourselves for every time he's on the show. So I'm going to go with Tom respectful marks, good, man. No. No. It's not that and I am not true. You are respectful, and I am at Amdo, of course beyond normal airs everyone's day at three PM Pacific beyond. Nigerian Mecom YouTube dot com slash GM beyond, and your podcast services. Thank you so much for listening to this bizarre weird episode. I hope some of it was fun and weird an enjoyable and as always beyond.

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Olanzapine Pharmacology

Real Life Pharmacology - Pharmacology Education for Health Care Professionals

11:48 min | 2 months ago

Olanzapine Pharmacology

"Hey. Welcome back to the real life pharmacology podcast. I'm your host Pharmacist Air Christian sin and I thank you so much for listening today. Definitely, go check out real-life pharmacology DOT COM snagged your free thirty one page pdf on the top two hundred drugs I really through in a lot of highly testable. Clinical Pearls that you can definitely take advantage in and study from certainly. So if you're out in clinical practice might just be a good refresher of things that you'll you'll come across and that you'll see periodically. So go take advantage of that. We'll. We'll send you updates when we've got a new podcasts as well as any new content that that we've created and put out as well. So let's get into the topic today the drug I wanted to cover was orlands opinion. A brand name of this medication is Zyprexa. mechanistically, how does this medication work and what does it do? First off, it's an antipsychotic, of course. in it blocks. Dopamine specifically D two dopamine to receptors as far as how it. Helps with some of these symptoms of psychosis. Associated with schizophrenia bipolar disorder and things of that nature. So main uses are that schizophrenia. Also, things like mania associated with bipolar disorder in addition to that mechanism of of Dopamine Blockade A. Pin has some antihistamine type activity possibly some Alpha blocking activity as well as some serotonin antagonists activity as well. So not necessarily you know the the cleanest of of mechanisms so to speak and that. relays into some of the adverse effects that you might see, and again, a lot of the adverse effects are dose dependent as they are with many different medications. but I I wanted to mention EPS. That's the top. Adverse effect that your? Likely, going to hear about associated with and psychotics. Now lands means a second-generation at us at Kodak. So definitely. Not, near as bad as a drug like Hallo Parasol, stars, those extra parameters symptoms go. one thing that differentiates lands a pain. In the class of second generation psychotics. So remember that's Qu-. Taya. Pene. Spirit on. Era Peppers also all those different second generation drugs is. Lands opinion is notorious. For Weight Gain and it's also higher on the list as far as sedation goes. So that's too I think really important things to remember if you've got. An at risk schizophrenic that's already overweight obese maybe they have diabetes or elevated Lipids for example. Orlando Pena probably drug we're going to try to steer clear of compared to some of the other agents that might not be. As tough on the Baltic adverse effect profile lists there so. Definitely remember that elevations in blood sugar elevations in cholesterol. And while it is associated as a class effective antipsychotic. ORLANDS opinion is is high up on the lists or member sedation and weight gain for sure there. Other kind of generic adverse effects that certainly are associated with land pene but maybe not as high as some of the other agents Cutie, prolongation elevated. Levels HYPO tension member. There's there's potential that it can have some. Alpha blocking type activity and then anti cholinergic activity is well. I. Generally think of this a little bit more. So if I've got a patient WHO's already on Anti Cholinergic, we could add on. To that anti cholinergic burden there. And then rarely antipsychotic. Are associated with neuroleptic malignant syndrome again, extremely rare. Dosage forms I did want to mention that obviously, the most often used oceans form that I see is simply just the the tablet but there is a long acting injectable. Zyprexa row province called. and I don't see it used very often and I think the reason is there's a warning with that a long acting injectable that's given every two to four weeks usually. with the patient actually requires three hours of observation at a healthcare facility following administration of the drug. So there's a delirium in sedation. A risk associated right after that long acting injection. So I think that's an important thing to remember just in case you do happen to see that that drug they're likely getting it in clinic or within a healthcare institution of some capacity there. always remember, of course, within a antipsychotic as well other warning increased mortality risk. In those elderly patients with. Dementia. Related Psychosis. All. Right. So let's take a quick break from our sponsor and we'll wrap up. With Drug Interactions. Fear in the market for Pharmacists Board certification study material like CPS. ABC GP. T. S definitely go check out Med ed one one dot com slash store. In addition, we've got links to our NAP plex content So again, go check out one dot com slash store If you're not a pharmacist, we've got books there as well. Got Recent. Drug Interaction Book for primary. CARE folks if you're Dietitian or or other healthcare professional looking for kind of a reference guide on drugs recently put out. drug food interaction book go check that out for sure. Again, all these links admitted one one, dot com slash store, and lastly I've got audible books there as well So you can get your first one for free interaction book is a good one to potentially start with ten hour audio book You can get for free if you've never tried inaudible dot com book. So all those links netted one zero, one dot com slash. Store. So, continuing on Drug Interactions remember that a lands at pain. Is metabolized by Cyp one, a two. So this will help you remember some interactions and if you remember Tazawa Dean from a previous podcast episode. Sanity has also impacted excuse me broken down by CYP twenty two and one of the major medications that inhibits Cyp. One A two is Ciprofloxacin K.. SO CIPROFLOXACIN CAN INHIBIT CYP one a two in raise concentrations of Orlando pain. So good one to definitely remember there. other things to think about fluvoxamine is a CYP one, a two and that's Lou Vox. It's an S. Sri rarely rarely used due to significant. Drug Interactions. there. one unique adverse effect excuse me drug interaction. Is Smoking cessation. And I actually did a blog post on this admitted one one dot com where it was a case study where a patient stopped smoking. In it caused a opinion concentrations to go up causing adverse effects from the drug. So smoking cigarette smoking actually induces. Cyp One eighty two. So in this case scenario when they stopped smoking. They lowered the activity of CYP. Twenty. Two which allowed moorlands pain to hang around and cause adverse effects like sedation for example. So really interesting case you can go check out if you just google. Search. Cessation and opinion met at one one you should be able to to find that article. but it is a good unique one to remember because most people certainly don't think of smoking cessation as having negative effects but certainly in in this case, it did have a negative impact on the Atlantic pink concentration. So very, very rare adverse effect, unique adverse effect but again, a good reason to have a pharmacist on the team looking at these things and thinking about it. of course, with Drug Interactions, you've got to think of those additive effects. Of course sedation, your alcohol, Your Benz Oh's your opioids, things of that nature other CNS depressants. antiquarian urging burden I kind of alluded to that before. additive effect from dopamine blocking agents in clinical practice medically permit is probably the one A. C. Used. Most often for you know gastropod racists or something like that. and then of course, Cutie See prolongation. So Anti psychotics can prolong. The Q t interval. So we need to think about agents that Kent, potentially add that in or risk factors that a patient might have. And also hypertension. So if you've got a patient on numerous blood pressure medications, fall risk things of that nature you gotta remember that landscaping could definitely add to that potential risk. All. Right. So I think that's going to wrap it up for today. Thank you so much for listening. Enjoyed the show picked up clinical pearl or to leave us a kind rating in review on. itunes. Or wherever you're listening that's greatly appreciated. Also. Sheriff's with your classmates friends colleagues. Students whoever you have around you that enjoys learning different things about pharmacology and health care in medications. So appreciate all of you who have done that in and help this podcast. Girl to to what it's become. So against support, our sponsor met at one one, Dot Com slash store greatly appreciative to those of you who have done that if you want to track me down a final linked in Erik Christiansen Farm D BE CPS BBC GP. And, I am going to sign offer today. I. Hope You have a great rest of your day.

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The Isles Are Breaking Records

The Isles Faithful Podcast

30:44 min | 1 year ago

The Isles Are Breaking Records

"Daddy what are you doing. We're recording a podcast. He's listening. Islander fans are listening. Where are they the right here? Welcome to the Isles. Faithful podcast with your host. Michael sherline line. Welcome back to the Isles Faithful. PODCAST I'm your host as always Michael Sherline and this is episode number. Forty number forty seems like yesterday that we just started this last summer but here we are at episode forty. Today is Saturday November Twenty Third Twenty nineteen and that. We have a little bit talk about since Monday don't we. It's been a really fun week. Even the islanders only played two games between episodes that we recorded here and honestly everything has been very fun. It's a little hard to wrap your mind around when you think about it with all the records streaks and everything else and I promise you I am not going to add. Add the word streak into this title. Two episodes in a row is enough of that. We already know what they're doing and we're going to go into it and again I have have written down a whole bunch of stuff on my notebook here. Another couple of pages. I'm going to try to keep this episode under an hour and twenty minutes because I get a little long winded sometimes when I have a guest but you guys seem to enjoy that and I promise we will continue to have a guest regularly. Clearly I have a couple of things still in the works here. I am not going to name any names until they're nailed down. But I promise you you're going to enjoy the next couple of episodes with with guests but now that I am. I'm back to a regular recording schedule. I want to try to get a longer episode out early in the week and then a shorter thirty to forty minute episode Inbetween Games Just to kind of catch up and and talk about some of the things that have transpired. So let's get into it shelley. Obviously the the big news or the big talking points right now are going to be this islanders streak the point streak creek a franchise record point streak that they recently set on Thursday For the first time in islanders history they have recorded points in sixteen. Straight Games We are we or the islanders are fifteen own one in their last sixteen games With thirty one of thirty two possible points that is pretty darn good is it. Not they have won all sorts of different ways Come from behind a couple a couple of times which I'll go into a minute Eric Horneck on the NY skinny blog had so many different things to choose from to talk about today. I can honestly make an episode of all the hard work that he does. If you don't follow him on twitter you should you should also file his blog and everything that he writes on the new orlands website as well but just crazy amount of things. Here it's hard to kind of focus. We have rock Nelson as the overtime hero We talked about in episode thirty nine with Mike Tracy. This week that you know going into the game on Tuesday against Pittsburgh Berg. He hadn't scored and ten games here. We are after the last two against Pittsburgh. He has three goals into games. And like I said I wasn't really worried about brock. Because he he was shooting the puck a whole bunch in. And that's usually a good sign for me of a player who might not really be contributing points wise. But he's still doing the right things on the ice so I mean I know. He's streaky. Player as Anthony Beauvilliers but rock has two game winning overtime. Goals in back to back games. Eric Horneck Brought up in his blog that brock Nelson is in overtime hero. He's got to overtime winning goals in back to back games the second on Thursday coming in his five hundred. NHL Game All as a New York. Islander that's pretty darn good if I do not say so myself which I just did The only other fired a record three overtime goals besides Brock Nelson in a season is John Varas and Vars did that two times. He had three goals in twenty e. Eleven twenty ten twenty eleven and four in the two thousand fourteen two thousand fifteen season but hopefully brock can surpass him and we can kind of a race number ninety one there from the record books. Obviously as we talked about the team has broken a franchise record with their current aren't streak and the former fifteen game point streak in New York islanders history or nineteen seventy eight seventy nine nine hundred eighty nine hundred eighty one and nineteen eighty one. Eighty two two of those years. You obviously know were cup winning seasons. I'M NOT SAYING THE NEW YORK. Islanders can win the Cup this year. I mean any team can win the Cup right. It look at Saint Louis. They fired their coach early in the season they were doing terrible. Come from behind storm through the rest of the League the second half of the season and ultimately win the Stanley Cup. Anything can happen. This is the parody in this league is ridiculous and I mean you talk about parity already while we're on that subject the capitals are still I in the metro as much as the islanders have been winning here. What seems like every game? The last time like we spoke spoke about last episode. The islanders lost regulation was October eleventh at just insane. So you never know per Erik Horneck Nelson is the first player in islanders history to record ot winners in consecutive games. So that's another little bit of record setting things here. The aisles record of sixteen eighteen three and one is the most wins and points. The aisles have ever had three twenty games some other. Notables and this is a mixture of stuff from air cornick and Arthur staple on twitter order fourteen. Three and three in seventy six seventy seven which they also did again in seventy eight seventy nine. They're fourteen five in one. Eighty seven eighty eighty eight fourteen six. Oh in twenty fourteen twenty fifteen and twelve four and four in eighty one eighty two so obviously there are some good with teams. They're the they're in their own great company with this season of fifteen on one. I loved to see this magic continue. It's been so fun to watch. I mean a little stressful stressful at times with how. They've had to come back which they seem to do. Almost every game that they are Mormons the last time that aside from last year if if opponent scores I you're like it's fine. Everything's fine islanders are GonNa do what they do. They're gonNA come back. They're going to play strong. They might come out a little slow. Hello especially that Tuesday game earlier this week and the game against Philly on Saturday last weekend but you know teams can play good with elite. League teams can also play good when they're behind. It doesn't really matter. The islanders have done both And it's remarkable. I think that like Mike and I had talked about an episode thirty nine again. This is the type of hockey that you need to be able to play if you WANNA play deep into the playoffs through May and into June June if it goes out for so I love it the NHL also put out a fun graphic post game on Thursday and they had had A bunch of fantastic stats on there as well that I tweeted out. Did you know that the islanders have had seventeen different goalscorers during this streak of sixteen games with points. Eleven different players have had a game winning goal. They've had three multiple comeback wins and nine. Total Comeback Wins. This streak would not be possible without in from long island information like that but without play like that it could be be a completely different thing if they would have lost those one goal games we would be at the bottom of the standings if they didn't really pull out these winds so it's important to bank points surly and the islanders have I believe Arthur staple had said or somebody maybe was on any NHL network radio that the islanders at this point having banked so many points in and you know having the record that they they do can go five hundred for the rest of the season and still be on pace to have ninety five points which should be good enough to make the playoffs. Obviously we don't want to go in as a wildcard in the eighth seed there but this is why it's so important to win games early. The aisles have also finally gotten the attention of a lot of people throughout the league. And not just here in the United States this kind of happening north of the border as well they are at the top or near the top of every power ranking that I have seen over the last couple holidays now this is good and bad. Obviously we want the attention. The islanders deserve the attention. And you know the media attention but with that comes a little bit of scrutiny. Now obviously the rest of the teams in the League. No what the islanders are not gonNA take them lightly. I'm sure it's at the top of all bulletin boards. You know during the practice meetings and pre-game skates and everything like that. You just look at what Pittsburgh did for Barzel on Tuesday by keeping them off the scoresheet and they were double covering him most of the game. He Act- actually got benched for that turnover. That led to a goal on Tuesday. So you're GONNA look at these next three games in California and they're going to obviously be keen to some of the guys who found success. Did you also see Robin Bin. Liner was quoted yesterday afternoon saying he watches most of the Islanders Games and obviously he has a lot of friends on the team. But when was the last time you saw are you saw you saw a former player of a organization take up so much interest in the current one. Once he's gone that's kind of remarkable. It's pretty cool to see such a great guy character guy who's been hot lately to Anthony Beauvilliers four straight games. The goal or at least a goal he had the two games. They're backed backward scored two goals last week Going into the weekend to love to see it. He's just riding this hot streak. That whole line of I think I saw it says the. BNB Line Vo Bracken Actually Brock Nelson would be the end. I digress but brock's got three goals in two games after being goal is in the last ten previous of to Pittsburgh Games. Obviously like we said the two overtime winners which is huge bazaar points in the last. Five Barzel has three assists Thursday like I previously mentioned again. He was held off the scoresheet against Pittsburgh on Tuesday but he's the islanders unders hottest goalscorer and leading the islanders in points with twenty and brock Nelson. Right underneath him there at number two with nineteen this. This is a great time to hit the road. The team has been reported being so close the last two seasons. Obviously this group has been together by and large complete with a couple of editions in Varma love and dark brisard. Obviously with some of the kids that have come into the line of two with Auto Koya villa everybody else that has gone out there and the injuries here but this is a really good time. They hit the road they are going to continue to just grow. Closer for in road gives them time to kind of really spend time away from home. They're going to have a bunch of team dinners and gluttony and enjoy the sights. It's over there in California which is fantastic. If you've never been to California I've been a couple of cities now not for hockey. Obviously but I always love going California. Only the weather is just fantastic. And you know it's been pretty cold here in New York so they're going to enjoy that west coast life there for a couple of days on this west coast trip as I refer to my notes here again. They're going to start tonight. Saturday in San Jose two games at ten thirty eastern Monday in Anaheim at ten P. M. Eastern in La on Wednesday at ten thirty eastern. which is Thanksgiving Eve? They return home Saturday. The thirtieth breath to face Columbus at the Barclays and they've played up pretty well at the Barclays as of late. The sharks have struggled Through this season so far and sit tenth in the West they have the same amount of points twenty three as the ducks and the flames But have played fewer games. They are seven three no in their last ten and beat the golden all the nights in overtime on Thursday. So they've played better as of late but they still have struggled for stretches here. The ducks have also struggled. They've played one less game than San. Jose sit ninth and have and they're currently ten ten in three coming off an overtime loss in a crazy one to to the Florida Panthers. The panthers overcame a three are four-goal deficit to tie the game. Come from behind. If you haven't unseen highlights of that game. I suggest you do. It's I think they want to overtime games in a row as well coming from behind. They're just just another crazy story here in the east and obviously Joel. Quenneville has them playing much. Better than having the past obviously also with the Brodsky in net. It's kind of the big thing last but not least the kinks in a little bit of a joke here. Kings aren't the exact royalty right now. They're playing like struggling kingwood with a bad case of Gout. The rich Man's disease the disease of kings. They sit dead. Last in the West with a record of nine twelve and one in nineteen points they did be the Red Hot Edmonton oilers the other night at five one on Thursday and five of the last nine wins have come over the last ten games. So they're improving. They've been in the news a little bit Telling Kovalchuk that sorry. We're just not going to need you right now. Maybe not for the rest of the season. There is a little issue with a bonus. That's going to be paid out sometime in the middle of December Where they would be on the hook for it? So I think they're going to potentially try to move him or waive waive him or whatever here in the coming weeks ahead. The West the western conference I should say is a completely different animal than the east let alone the Metro. The Metro has like some of the hottest best teams in the entire league right now but the western conference has notoriously been a tougher more physical type of play. Sort of like you know. The western Canada teams would be shell the rock them sock them type hockey which you know. I don't know. Is that a term. We shouldn't use anymore do everything that happened with Don Cherry last week but will the street continue. Who knows? That's why we're here but we're GonNa talk about the islanders have just been playing fantastic hockey. I mean we're going to go into a little bit more detail. On the two wins the to overtime wins over the penguins. So Tuesday against depends the islanders row for four on the power play again. Still the least amount of power plays by a wide margin here which will go into the next game because it gets a little interesting In the entire NHL but there are over for four on the power play. They killed off to four penalty. Kills which was pretty good as you could potentially hear my children. Yelling upstairs ended the first I period on Tuesday down to nothing. Obviously nothing new which we spoke about already Didn't really seem to come out of the gate with lots of energy Just puck was bouncing all over the place there in Pittsburgh which seems to be an issue. Here league-wide Still early in season. It's kind of funny because it's been cold it's not like it's been high humidity and warm temperatures. But I mean with the multi. Use Buildings is this. This is the new reality of the NHL. I guess anyway Islanders come out in the second period tied up to two and a period down three to. It's kind of like a roller rollercoaster. Third period pens. Take two goal lead again with a power play. Goal to make four to Bailey makes it four three Islanders pull their goalie. Varlamov and Ryan Pool lock with an absolute howitzer from the point ties. The game late gets a little dicey there and the foreman of the last couple of minutes whilst four four islanders make. It's over time a little bit of back and forth. The islanders obviously have a a very strong game plan and overtime which you know the penguins out overtime them in their first meeting where they they One obviously ended the ten game win streak but rock Nelson follows up a anthony. beauvilliers shot the puck squeezed squeezed sneaks through Matt Murray's pads and Rock Nelson's there to push it across the line. Islanders win so Thursday a little bit different of a game. Obviously this time it was in New York at the Barclay Center. Islanders were two for seven on the power. Play and a couple of those powerplays. Were a little abbreviated previous. Because the islanders took some of their own but they killed off all three of the Pittsburgh power plays a lot of strong defensive. Playing this game much much much better Showing here although there was a couple little plays here and there where you like to see a little bit stronger play on. I don't know if it's necessarily something that they're going to be guilty of here whether or not You know they're still kind of trying to just work through some of the issues at hand and Knowing Berry Trots in the coaching staff. I'm sure they've watched plenty of tape on some of their place but the game started right out of the gate with some bad puck management PUCK goes out to the point is a point shot Thomas Christ's makes a save. The puck bounces right to the slot. WHO's there of Guinea Malcolm? WHO's obviously playing well in the absence of Sidney? Crosby he like he always does scores. The first goal of the game like a minute for into the first period again islander fans. It's like myself sat there and said hey it's fine. This is fine par for the course. Right Islanders ended the first period tied at one. Mayfield goal. The new islanders killer Brian. Rust makes it to one the aisles tied soon after that with a powerplay goal Anthony Beauvilliers Villa Brock Nelson gave the aisles at three to lead with another power play goal But pens take a page from the aisles. Look Foale their goalie. which was a weird situation? It was a five on four after some Nastiness Andrews Lee and Zach and reese quote unquote fought and as I used air quotes there. But we're only assessed roughing penalties coincided roughing penalties on the play. And then he saw an unsportsmanlike. It conduct penalty supposedly rescinded. And I forget who the player was but he went off. The ICE Sullivan sent one of his players to go. Retrieve him from the locker room hopefully hopefully head into the showers and then they wind up dropping the puck and over time because they didn't want to wait for him anymore and I it was just a strange. The situation and with some questionable officiating decisions not questionable officiating obviously but just some questionable decisions by the officiating crew that night. I don't really understand. Stand why you know four on four should have really been five on five but opened up the ice there and over time it was kind of not overtime time but late in the game and a little dangerous but the islanders weathered the storm times Christ stood tall where we moved into overtime. Now at this point point for the second game in a row. I was standing in my living room with my hands in my pockets pacing. Because it's just I mean I would have been doing the same thing had I've actually been in attendance in Brooklyn so my wife was making fun of me. My my children were making fun of me. Nobody really understands how stressful I can make hockey for for myself. It's I love it especially. There's nothing like overtime hockey. There really is in whether it's the playoffs regular season. Obviously the playoffs way. More exciting I'll though I wouldn't really want it to get into overtime. I would rather just do it in regulation and be done with it but we live for these memorable moments and to see in which kind of a hero is gonNA stand up and that hero in this instance again for the second game in a row in his five hundredth game all with the islanders like we mentioned in previously Barack Nelson. His goal and I have no idea really what happened whether Murray was expecting shot or not but rockets the puck near the Blue Line he goes in he beats one of the pens. defensemen it looks like he's going to shoot he pulls the puck up makes a nice little stick handle move to gain a little bit more real estate in the slot and as he's going through the slot I don't know if Matt Murray Loses Track of the puck or loses sight but brock. It goes through the royal road gets into position to score or at least to shoot and Beats Matt Murray who is trying to scramble back into position into almost an empty net. It was one of those goals where it probably shouldn't have happened. It's another play where maybe maybe the islanders got a little bit of luck on their side. it's just great to see I. I don't know I I can't really Vocalized much and I kind of said the same thing on twitter to two games in a row I I I exclaimed that I I didn't really know how to handle what I'm feeling about this team. It's it's amazing. Obviously I was. I was alive for the four Stanley cups in a row but way too young to remember the fourth one. Obviously I was. You no not really watching hockey all that much at the beginning three and In my adult life. I haven't had many chances to really understand how to deal with like a team that wins like this and it's it's a great feeling and I said I don't want to Brag Rag. I don't want to be cocky. Amok going to be one of those fans at his. Your team sucks. You know like Boo Rangers. What are you guys doing right now? Devils how look at you. Not that is really a huge rivalry with the devils with the Rangers. Obviously and it's just fun. I'm trying to have fun with it. I mean have an outlet with the aisles. Faithful podcast asked where I can kinda convey my feelings in a sense here to you guys who are obviously sharing the joy in the excitement as well with me obviously showing it to me on twitter too. That's the other thing too like I have not. I mean I. I've been on twitter for a long time but the amount of interactions that you you guys are showing me in the support for everything you know. Be With my grandmother passing away and some of the things I say and right and obviously with the podcast. It's it's just the whole thing is just so fun you know and I failed to mention this in the last episode as well but last Friday or earlier in the week Arthur Staples podcast that he had Katie Strang on also who writes for the athletic former New York islanders beat writer as well for Newsday her and I have had a very good relationship over the years. I've been featured in a couple of her articles For Espn Newsday. Okay and some of those other things she always kinda reaches out to me when there's She needs like an opinion. So it's pretty cool that she thinks of me like that but she gave me a shout out. During staple's PODCASTS podcasts. which I thought was amazing? It was something I really needed it as a pick me up during last week when I was kind of deal with all that stuff that I was dealing with so I i WanNa have her on obviously We've been in contact. That's the one guest. I'm GonNa tell you that you know we're we're working on so Katie's GonNa come on and talk talk about all the amazing thing she's been doing but you know stuff like that. Just this season has just been crazy for me and a whole bunch of different respects and I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate all the support. It's it's been a lot of fun. It really has another a little bit of exciting news as well. I am going to be joining the amazing crew from Lighthouse Lighthouse hockey over on exiled with Dan and Mike there some point on Sunday so I don't know when they're going to post that up sewed obviously be up on Monday so lookout for that Again we're going to catch up from these late games here early next week Monday Tuesday schedule permitting. It's a holiday week. I'm going to be off for a couple of days. I'm going to enjoy that. So obviously there'll be plenty of opportunity to talk islander's hockey then some some other news I recently migrated the aisles faithful website to a new blazing fast hosts. I wasn't happy with the way it was loading. It was very slow. Shared thing thing and Yeah so I spent a couple of days moving the website It's got a SSL certificate now so your browsers will not yell at you that the sites not secure and I wanted to kind of get ahead of the ball because apple is going to be requiring. RSS Feeds that go into into their podcast. APP need to be secure. So I didn't want to have to rush around in and make sure that was all up to snuff. So that's all working if you head over to the faithful DOT COM. Check it out. You might have to clear cash or your history but I swear that the website loads so fast it really is which should help a bunch of different areas as well so also I've been waiting. I don't know why it's been taking so long. Couple of people have asked me why we're not on Iheartradio and I reached out to them because I had submitted. It'll a while ago and I guess they said that there's a backlog of entries and whatnot so I'm hoping here in the next week or so that will be available there as well. I've also had a couple of people reach out to me and say Hey Mike. How can we not updating the youtube channel? And I've kind kinda slowly been doing that as well. I kind of let that go there at the end of last season at the beginning of this season. So I'll work on that over the next couple of days as well and as always as we like to close out every episode police head over to Kings coast coffee and buy up that fantastic small batch roasting they are a very good friend of the show their sponsor use the code faithful aisles for ten percents off your entire order on different. coffees like the lamp lighter. Blend Dr Lubos Lifeline. Roast as tech reserved Mexico and Professor Brahmins get woke blend the roasters choice and all their holiday plans to we have a Christmas blend and the amazing kings cocoa of your into into hot chocolate especially those kids get them what they need. Or if you're a truck load for yourself but again head over to KINKOS COFFEE DOT COM use the code faithful aisles. Als for ten percents off your entire order again. Everything is roasted as you order. You'll get the coffee in a couple of days in. It'll be the freshest quality you have ever had I swear it is amazing. Follow them on twitter as well at King's coast. You could also follow me on twitter. Her at aisles blogger. You could follow the show at faithful aisles. Listen to the show on Apple spotify pod bean tune in for also on Pandora so many other places to listen to the show you could even streaming on the Isles Faithful Nathan Dot Com while you're on the Isles faithful website. Please hit that donate button. Drop a couple of coins in the bucket would really help out with everything over here at the is faithful headquarters. Any little bit helps much appreciate it. If you really like the show. Please do so. Also if you haven't there's a bunch of new subscribers risk lease rate and review us on itunes it helps with the exposure it helps more people find the show. It just makes everything better for everyone. It really does well. This has been another fun episode again. This is episode number forty. We will talk to you on the backside of some of the West Coast teams here early next week. Have a great weekend and as always let's go wyler's.

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Debt, Suicide, COVID anxiety and Minority Mental Health: An Interview with Financial Expert Kassandra Dasent

The Mental Health and Wealth Show

54:16 min | 3 months ago

Debt, Suicide, COVID anxiety and Minority Mental Health: An Interview with Financial Expert Kassandra Dasent

"July is minority mental health month, and in this episode, I invited my friend Hundred Day sent to share her story about dealing debt depression, suicide and anxiety. She also sheds light on important issues like what is the black tax? What are the barriers people of color face when getting mental healthcare? What can people do about it? How can people manage their mental health during this crazy time? A racial injustice listen in for a great show the man who have wealth show the mental health wealth show the men to have. Oh. Thank you so much for listening to the mental health and wealth show. This is host Melanie Locker, and first of all I want to acknowledge you are brave and amazing for being here getting ready to listen to a show about mental health and money is not easy. I know you are ready for these amazing conversations but before you listen I wanNA. Let you. Know that all of my content is based on my own personal experience with mental health and money as well as the experiences and expertise of my guests. I am not a mental professional or financial professional. So content should not be considered professional medical or financial advice as a trigger warning. Please note that content on the show may include sensitive topics, run mental health and suicide. So, if you're currently in distress, please get in touch with the professional by texting home to seven four one, seven, four one. Thank you so much and enjoy the show. This is Melanie Locker at host of the mental health and wealth show today I have a special guest someone I've known in the personal finance world for a very long time Cassandra decent Cassandra is. Recognized Personal Finance Consultant Educator Speaker Monitoring Your money as Cassandra decent specializes in and she addresses the financial challenges that Gen xers in disadvantaged members of society face and that is her priority. She focuses on how the emotional quotient can have a direct and lasting impact on one's relationship with money and she successfully communicates to audiences practical ways on how to improve their financial circumstances. I am so happy to have Cassandra here she spoke at lowly retreat last year, which is a women and money event I've known her for years in the personal finance blogging community. So thank you so much for being on the show Cassandra. I'm really big so much for having me. It's always a pleasure doing anything with you. Yeah. I'm so excited. It's been a long time I think we were just talking about that. We've kind of been in the same personal finance local going on seven years. Yeah. It's almost like we go back carseats it's. The Long Time Seven years is a long time. I mean, wow, that is longer than a lot of people's relationships and I'm so glad that we are still connected and you don't talking about this kind of previous life as the personal finance blogger. Know we connected over my blog dear debt and you have loved an more than just money and you had paid off your dead I was still paying off debt and I was so inspired by you in your. Story and so I just wanted to go into that a little bit more and talk about how does your data affect your mental health and what prompted you to pay it off. So just give a bit of background quickly I had amassed over a decade in my plays fifty, five, thousand dollars Canadian of debt in I came to the conclusion thousand nine that I needed to do something about it. So I crafted a five year repayment plan. Making than what I owed. And actually off three and a half years. But to check on the mental aspect of it, I had a lot of work I needed to do. But from the emotional side of things if you're me, I have reached a point where I lived in anxiety I wasn't sleeping and more I realized that I was in such a hole that if I were to lose my job, I could use condo at car hit home for. And it really started to weigh on me in I. I just felt ill. I. Don't how explain it but I felt mentally drawn down in the pressure was real. You know and that in a way it motivated me to do it at Ryan needed to do to pay it off. But on the other hand, it was unhealthy because I had such an aggression towards team that. Of them such burden that it also played against me at the same time you know. So it was a duality source from a mental health perspective right in as the debt he less as I was able to put more towards it really create riding back. From a holistic perspective of healing. Okay. I appreciate myself further away from the financial cliff feels good and then I realized like, okay do our guy I'm I want more of the feeling of a safety piece of a freedom you know and ask really what how meets you? Push it into overdrive and do it faster than I. Do the same way again, I don't think. So just having learned what I've learned over the years since then in wet toll debt repayment tcf on you if you don't take your light rakes or you don't respect feeling emotionally, Netflix you can do yourself a real service and even harm results went where you can fall asks further debt depending on where you are in your personal life story because I have a lot of southeast issues that reading my debt in the first place and I had. To reconcile vats before I got a whole financial perspective. So if I hadn't done that work to. Look in the Mirror speak in acknowledged that Mike past experiences, even the financial experiences in my mother had grown up with a single parrot in her having to hustle not because it was the thing to do. But because she had, he's together because our eighty was minimum wage that really wait on me to you. So I can reconcile pass in order to be able to be able to move forward and make better financial decisions. So at also affects your mental half of s really something very few. Know talking about death. I appreciate you sharing that story and I think it's so important to really talk about the effect that debt has on mental health and people think it's just about the numbers and you make more than minimum payment and you paid them the high interest and then you're gonna be debt free and that's it, and like you mentioned, there are a lot of emotional issues that. People are facing when paying down debt their the reasons people get into debt you know the other people have credit card debt maybe they're working on soothing certain issues or dealing with things. People are in student loan debt trying to better their lives and it's not what they thought I. Mean people are in debt for so many different reasons and one of the. Things that I really wanted to do with deer debt was really explore this idea that people are in debt for so many different reasons and we don't need to demonize Shane people like whether it's La did the right thing and went to school or they racked up twenty K. credit card debt with a shopping addiction because they're trying to fill a void because their dad. Left when they were five or whatever it's none of our business and we just need to treat the person holistically and realize that people are in debt for different reasons right and I think you apply Kikwait, which is a shame factor with already bad enough when you have your own personal reckoning at times working as a commercial our. So I'm supposed to have my together right? Try Poor Perspective on magic multi-billion dollar wonderfully I'm excellent it but my personal life is in shambles and because I had built up this image of. Successful me which was not true financial perspective there with an additional level of shame internally face in deal with rocks in say you know what? Yeah I messed up and Either stay in a zone where I'm just getting down on myself or what resources there are available to talk me through this journey of debt repeated from an emotional and mental. Again. That is not really a about a bullet into personal financial conversations in information that the general. Public. So. Then there's the external shame where you've got expert telling you that. Is the way you need to go in order pay off you can't take vacations you can't slow down you got all in Kazan intensity. It's just this is not offering were fetch lintel worker everyone you know life happens during that journey I got married in I'm released an apple in the middle of my spent money while he exit I didn't let my life stop but I also really understood that I needed to he'll. He'll from May plans you in was not just about the numbers far your numbers that. Yeah. There's so much shame and debt repayment and really forces you to deal with a lot of different things your money mindset, your paths higher going to deal with your future and when he was listening to your story before about how you paid off debt and how intense you were and I just resonated so much because you know that I had the very same intensity and I almost burned out. Similarly I wouldn't necessarily tell people to do it the way I did it because I did burn out and I did make mistakes and you know it's so funny that you said it was a do or die situation because actually before dear debt my blog was called do or debt because I thought it was do or die for tuition. This is the doer that. Unfortunately an internet lingo, it looks like door debts when you read it on a l.. I've felt like I don't know if people are going to. Get my like this is a doer debt situation. It looks like door debt then I transitioned to dear debt you know which is writing dear John Letters to that writing their break-up letters really focusing on the emotional aspect of debt and I was side hustling seven days a week for like five years and I was so exhausted. It played a part image of my relationship, which ended a few years later, I'm not going to lie like that was part of it like I worked so much. And you know finally paid it off and it was great. But then like I had used the last of Emergency Fund to pay it off and then six months later I moved to California and I had a huge tax bill and then it was gone again and then I was like, wow, like I was just so happy to get to net worth zero. In inaugurated for so long zero seems really attractive Edmund. I like dipped into my emergency fund totally wiped out twice in the following year and you don't in the years since then like I was like, Oh, I'm going to be so rich after this and then it's like I've been tired and I've been self employed and then they had you know the break-up of south relationship and it's like, yeah, life happens and you're gonNA pay upfront are going to pay later and I paid later way or another I paid later like you know and so I think that's really important to kind of consider when you're paying off debt is debt fatigue that life will happen and that you have to take care of yourself like I know. I took a vacation to span six months before I paid off my debt and honestly that was the trip that charged me to finally just be like, okay. I can do this for six more months and then I'm never going to be in a situation again. But if I didn't go on that trip, I probably would've taken another year to pay it off because I was so tired and so yeah, I think there's not one size fits all advice and that I think we need to look at people's lives holistically we look at their families holistically. You know there's so many different nuances that need to be considered when paying off debt. So I really appreciate you sharing that. Always. Remember that life is not fluid and we'd have to account for things that shift our focus along the way. You know when I was paying that father passed away during that time my mother began her very slow decline into. I'll also moved to a new country out I I was raised in. Montreal at little there in immigration the. United States. Boost states, New York Michigan on new job auditing all this was happening in that whole time period for the most part in. A roaming yes I may be strong, but we all have orlands. And I remember actually hit me like you hit me later. Need you. Gene so I already off debt but then I became I I've always been the regular in our home. More, and then now take care my mom invalidly a partially pressure and being away for might living in a different crashy in Canada us or similar really were. In a lot of under mental ways in I, just hope very along and I was in the dark quad for about three years from two thousand, sixteen to two thousand eighteen will talk about that later but it hit me later because I finally had some time to process everything. I had done capacity on a huge. Huge. But it took a toll. Yeah. It was a huge accomplishment and it took a toll and it sounds like you're dealing a lot with your family and you know to have this history in Trinidad and then candidate in the United States and in that just sounds like cultural whiplash in a way you know dealing with. All of these things and I know last year at Lola, retreat you were kind of diving into more of this topic of relationships and money and talking about the kind of pressure that you're feeling and I know you mentioned what is called the black tax and I'll be honest as a white person i. didn't really know what that was and you really opened my mind about other financial considerations that black people and people of color have to make and I know that is something that you've had to deal with. Personally I'd love for you to elaborate on that for people that might not be familiar with. What the black tax it is also like what considerations have you had to make a someone has immigrated from Trinidad Canada to the United States and how has affected your money in mental health? You know I actually learned a lot since I gave that. With regards the blackhawks specifically. so I approached the blackhawks initially from a point of view of support you know from a financial standpoint where you are the child that is either. Integrated or raised in the United States Canada you risen financially took. You can support other family matters in fourth believe death toll on you the dragged on your wealth because now ask dispersed many but actually learned a lot in terms of what a flat tax truly isn't I wanted. To mention that what I just said is a symptom and it is a result of taxes. The latte tax is essentially financial costs of discrimination against blacks based on anti-black bias in it's it's either consciously or unconscious. So that is a much bigger brier teacher what the flat tax relief is in how has it affected the economic position of? Percents and we're not just talking from acquaint of slavery ended with the imagination flavored took different forms. Did end it just manifested itself in different ways, flacco door or other like redlining were broke. So the tax is really about quantifying how much Latin Americans that that will not talk about how would that even be in housing housing wrong and the cost of the Black Americans experience through slavery and beyond, and so Sharma Chester is the author of the book called the Black Tax, the cost of the lab in America I urge everyone of your listeners to listen to. Him on Youtube, you can pay his book and he was also on another podcast friend ours jury, and he gave an excellent excellent synopsis of what about taxes. So when I talk about, you know the supporting family members that is that definitely affects the trickle down reason the blackhawks for the it is much water in a much larger scale however, text today in when people say that only happened. So long ago if four hundred years in this is what we got. Yacht ask really deep questions and from a systemic point of view. Again, we can go this computer entire show but I strongly recommend Rochester, the Tax Yuguang to be educated about what me, but coming from a personal point of view how suspected need definitely I call it. Now, the golden child scenario as separate the concepts and golden shot scenario scenarios some elect me you can be white, you could be Hispanic Latin everybody across. When you have made end family member cu as intentionally never cash how the bank account the support system. We wire money to our family every month without fail good wire transfer businesses six billion dollar business for in grits because you don't support ourselves for other people in our home nations. I graduated from college in the parents who are you know maybe disability or social assistance, and they have now have to turn over portion of their paycheck to make sure that their family members. Okay. So golden child scenario across o'connor West everyone deal with it, and it impacts your ability to build wealth and especially for Glass Generational intergenerational way you feel like you're making six figures are high figures but you still are living essentially paycheck to paycheck. Prom you know discussing it blood after a really say I'm never thought out that way how many can divide families of effect cream scented it felt resentment. Because unlike well. I know amongst car she struggled for a long time to create a sense of financial stability. She ever made more than twenty five thousand dollars Canadian. I loosely by Mars Canadian by the time I was twenty I earn thirty, two thousand. So I remember one time jazzy my paycheck. Okay and she looked at, he was shocked at the amount of money. and. It actually created some discord because I was treating her like to have less than because of the ignorance child because I was earning rate by age. I just couldn't understand why would you settle for twenty five thousand but with her background in her lap slowly that is the best that she could stop. It took a lot of work working need to comes back that that one thousand dollars created the path for me to where I am today to our that. But you see how many is so difficult to navigate the feelings brings up so it really is not. Since we break it down. Now, when you gave that talk, it was just so illuminating for me and. You know it's something that's not really talked about in any of the personal finance articles I've read or books I've read and and maybe there somewhere. But I really think it's so important to have this cultural context. This idea that many people are not just paying for their own livelihoods they're supporting family members are supporting sick elders. They're the ones that are really the glue of the situation, and there's just so much going on there and that's been the beautiful thing about Lola Retreat and now obviously, with mental health and wealth is really seen the level of nuance in these personal finance situations. I think it's so important that we highlight these stories because. They're not in the the mainstream articles and we really need to realize like wow. So many people are dealing with this and. I don't know if I have an answer but I, think it's something that needs to be talked about right. It's through that diversity of people who are now in the community who are able to raise issues so that their audience can connect and say, wow, okay you're talking about something I, live day to day whereas before you're getting the standard cookie higher. Saying Invest Advice which Amasi saying it's wrong I'm just saying it's just cannot begin to address the nuances, the difficulties that so many are facing at a ganic contracts. The emotional component am you're dealing with resentment you're dealing with guilt your fear redoing oppression that only if I lose my job there depending on me what's going to happen to them you know for me, I suffer from anxiety I don't think it's ever something that I would fully conqueror. On medications actually again because I went through period of Kobe works just like. Okay I need something to help level we out how Bit Balanced because I was not fleeting. mine-free was constantly journey. You know pay thousands a month for managers care where hundreds of dollars a month in religion pension that you do the math between my mom. is taking grand a year. Keagan support. You know. I. Don't. Don't make money. Coutts mind could be on the street on she would obviously, but it's not easy to just take my mom immigrate to us has now agreed frozen. How the Cina fast inhabited with just losing one job what in happen to somebody so personal finance needs to be more encompassing of our reality. Is Not. The same. Exactly. I'm so glad you brought up the topic of medication and I'm happy for you that you went back on medication because he felt like you needed it and I'll totally admit like I had to call my doctor and get a prescription for Xanax I. Mean that's like you know when I'm about to have a panic attack I take it rarely but I'm on anti anxiety medications daily for daily upkeep strategist right stays. Level you know that the ZANEX is like the super charger like, okay. You're about to go off the rails and like a legit panic attack stop breathing ed I've had to to have that during this time because there's so much stress right now you know with covid nineteen with the pandemic with the racial injustice everything it's it's a lot and I. Think if anyone listening you feel like medication will help definitely look into it. I would say if you're even just curious about if it's make an appointment because I know that when I first started with medication I was in a really really bad place and I knew that medication doesn't work until four to eight weeks. ZANEX works pretty immediately but antidepressants particularly. Longer than the body to absorb it takes a while for it to adjust and I remember thinking I can't even last four weeks for this to kick in. You know if you're feeling like you need help definitely go see a psychiatrist and see if you can get help and I originally got xanax from my primary care physician originally for my severe flight anxiety like I really. The hot mess on flights, and then you know I just asked her like during the pandemic. I was like look I know previously, it was for the flying. But now like things are so crazy and you know she gave me just a small lake of few. Because I know that a lot of psychiatrists are also. Wary of giving out too much. They can be addictive seeing you want to be mindful of that and want to be mindful of any interactions but being able to have a little bit of few so so so. Yeah, I was highly distinguished doing what I did, which was soccer for three years. Don't do that. Yeah whatever whatever path you choose to go seek out seek assistance and seek professionals who really will understand the background in your situation. So it's not only just the mental health issue is really all factors that are coming into play. So for example, he it's really from a familiar standpoint. My crushes arise, right I just feel that sense of I'm to shoulder everything because I am the the key link right in what has knee know honest me I just imagine that all hell breaks loose. That was not necessarily true but my try on her way I will be the mid that I was raised with a strong female. Power concept that don't need that. Asian. We can just power through. Okay and unfortunately that really sucked me I ended up having to leave professional came back to it but I get to he'll miss it really affected me on many hours in I went to therapy eventually with agreed that we needed to put me on softening just getting back to a place where I could make better decisions you now is at that point I was all over the map like I wanted to move onto NBA. Canada was all over because membranes I I really burn out as shut down and I was inflatable. Run away from my problems in that, you have to be replaced. Face them. So. He in Aachen that started I think it was March April. I knew that if I didn't address this now is GonNa. Stop. So Heller from the past and something really important is let's look back to what happened before. Heidegger Whitey place again I WANNA be productive I still watch but I WANNA. Do Away where I'm. At risk you know. Yeah. So she actually she gave me some Xanax you. Add it all nothing for me really believe. It it did nothing for me. I'm on Alexa pro for my inviting right Wanted they suspect from sleep. She gave me Xanax and I, thought like three pills a did not. See another thing it affects people differently right so Night zeal with needlessly after than that so Equal ever since. You do what works for you but with really supervision and guidance I can't stress that flight don't apply to solve this on your own don't. People to tell them that you should be strong enough to do this on your own. Don't feel the shame that you have to have help in order to regain your soul. I can't I can't I can't say that enough time. You matter you matter so much I want him to get well in New York get. Well where's the say this they're struggling? Yeah and I think for so many people me included medication has saved people's lives and I know that for a fact and I know. I've tried meditated in healthy eating and everything, and it's like when you've done all the stuff you're supposed to and you still dislike why can't I get better? It's probably a neuro chemical imbalance and that's the nothing wrong with you. If you had a broken leg, you would go to the doctor and Fitz. If you have a chemical imbalance is just a chemical imbalance. I don't know why we have such stigma around this it's. It's like if you had broke but broken are this is this is a medical condition medical condition and you know I think I've said this before on the podcast that there's a lot of fear about medication like, Oh, I'm going to be Zombie not gonNA feel anything. Oh, not going to be created anymore whatever and I like to liken it on the scale of zero to a hundred. So zero is completely catatonic not able to move in bed just feeling like Moretti dead and hundred like hysterical crying kind of manage just like all over the place you know where medication kind of helps me stay thirty to seventy range you know and helps me. Yes. It's not. It's not sure is not to take away your. Not, like you'll never be a few. Anxiety of itself is not bad. It's it comes to the point where it per issue from you know living healthy it prevents you from functioning normally side normal worry. It's just there's a level where crosses worry and you start creating scenarios in your mind that are just like they're not supported based on factory out right. So now be driven to do things a naked decisions based ink that are not supported by fast. Understand that medication is there to help. It helps just just tape written enrich a manageable level where you are able to be more rational with your fears or with your anxiety with your depression because there as words to Sunday dislike, I might on this medication. But for me, it's been extremely helpful but definitely start with your pc or actress that entrust. There's definitely networks that that share detail. So thank you so much. So kind of diving into this topic that we've been getting into like what is your personal history with mental health kind of aside the money aspect like. Is this something new for you that you've been dealing with the past few years like what's been your mental health journey if you if you care to share so me I think this will be the first time it ever said publicly. final sixteen. Yet, so I can't commit suicide when sixteen I took a bottle of townhall I. Think I ingested about seventy. May. Mother came in I remember I was unconscious stomach pumped. I'm very fortunate to the among the land of the living. Watson glad you're here. Yeah I'm grateful but I really difficult emotional experience. Now, dealing with just traumatic events that happened to me as a child extended period of time growing up in a completely different country I grew up in. no-one really looked like me and as much as I again to we strong data fast me. You know being one of the few or the only in my world in my circle, and also I really picked on the fact that the mom and I were not wealthy your. Money another providing everything I needed and she find more we lived in good neighbor The rule is via worse than in the best neighborhood. Great schools she sacrificed or me but a single parent to didn't have anyone to rely on. She leaned on me. So as a young child growing I grew Awad. Faster than I should've because I was just exposed to the realities of our situation like I knew Radicek with the bills by Amir repeated rent I knew everything and. Says she could have done things differently. She would have at the time we had each other right. So was that made me hyper independence but it all? Me Emotionally and I just to a lot of young age, and so when I reached a point at sixty edges now this happened I just thought living more and for King. Thought differently I'm still here, but I always had to struggle with works as struggled. Offered for really really long time. So I can say confidently that I know my worst now I assume it is downstream and we're gonNA truly at one with me. He that took almost four decades to resolve. So I understand people who are are feeling that they're just still struggling after so many years you think, hey, why can I eat this? Is this dishonest because until really confront. This and it's such a scary thing to do I'm the first to tell people that you know looking within acknowledging painting is really hard to do and it's sometimes it's just a journey that it just doesn't end just helps me fall in help seniors better our as you learn more as you become work-sharing who you are but yeah, the depression anxiety southworth ninety more the depression. Is Strong that for three years that that was really situational because I felt isolated. Court system what the US now bigger support system I made new friends. Found ways to kind of make up for that. But. You don't I always say how do I prepare myself for the eventuality that will pass because we're very bonded he have very very close relationship and I know that that day's coming in I know that if I don't find ways to learn how grief athlete that I'm at risk followed that in tobacco depression. So I'm aware on various aware. So I'm already planning. To, say, but I already planning have mitigate that as much as possible. So that's how it manifests itself in my left still has always in my thoughts at the back of my thoughts. Prepare for what's next what may be down? Thank you so much for sharing that story. I know that was not easy and I know that any time that there's a suicide attempt that there's so much going on and so much pain and I know I've said this on the podcast before that a lot of people don't necessarily want to die they just want the pain to stop. And they feel like they don't know any other ways for it to stop and yeah, as you mentioned when you do the inner work to really try to heal and stop feeling that way, it is so incredibly painful. But you can get out of it stronger and like you said Penn of how those accused of like Oh this is something that sets me off. This is something that triggers me and I think it's really smart that you're preparing. Now because as you said, it's unfortunately eventuality that this will happen and Kind of type of depression but it's specific but you don't want that to turn into kind of a long term depression spell and get back to that place where you were and like I know I'm sure that you felt this way I felt similarly when I was sixteen, I didn't exactly have an attempt but I was suicidal when I was sixteen for me. Now that I'm in a different place, it's so frightening to realize that my mind even wet there and when you think like My mind actually went there and was in such a horrible place and you just know that the possibility of that coming back could happen and it's so frightening to me. And I felt even once and could possibly feel again is so scary. It's scary. It is scary. thing is, is that from the outside as a sixteen year old I had it added golden you know I was. Like the Star of Our music department I was graduating in the nineties in all my classes like I was like you know the superstar in you know that doesn't mean anything Hurry deeply hurting in like you said, I just felt like in order to make end because nobody understood me. But again, I'm not once talk I'm pretty interested in the sense that again people see me as a strong wind I wanna lean on them because perception is you know everything soci- right in what would they say about me give josh or shade. So I had to reconcile all that in order to feel better and be there in Houston better. So it was a very long process for Muslim twenty repressed it I to never happen while. Interesting in that, actually kind of ties into another question that I have that what are the barriers that people of color face when trying to manage mental health I know a previous guests unclear Caesar kind of said, the black community we don't talk about issues. We're supposed to be strong, and that prevents a lot of people for seeking help and I would just love to get your thoughts on like what are the barriers for people of Color. Obviously, you can't speak for everyone should getting mental health or we? Right. So I think a lot of it is. A large portion of people in the black community and know Latin x Asians to some degree as well. Work in low wage earning jobs. Okay. So what does that do? It is either they are still employed, but the healthcare they are still employ they. You have a minimal amount of kilkare, which is not a full catch. Yourself benefits package where you can get money to go see psychiatrists and psychologists that extra. People who think, okay. How offices everything it does not really depends on the corporation's plan right and then those who are working who just don't care at all and then there's those who are unemployed. Now let's take. That's through holding onto the place because you have thirty million plus people who are unemployed. The majority of those thirty million people are color. Okay. Because they're working in tourism retail food major sectors that are disproportionately affected. By Kovin, you're getting four hundred dollars issue with six hundred dollar a week it plus whatever state gives you in Florida Mathm- naked receive evidence to seventy yet to jump through hoops. Right so we're set up to not have access were set up to not have able to get to those resources in the first place right even with basic healthcare this is a situation where mental health should be just as important for getting your yearly checkup s for fruit covered. You don't need health insurance to get. So until that happens, you will not see a higher number of blacks are Brown Holly Shen going and seeking help. So I can talk about your previous guests said that, of course, from a cultural perspective where we're now coming in slowly adopting the mindset that mental health is mental health is just as important is a notes by we're a long ways to go in the nation's that if we educate them properly, you'll see increases in investments in that the older generation, you're not going to really keep the majority of their minds. That's just the way they were. That's the way their mindset in their student to you don't talk about products. But really this is from an economic into seven point in you. Eyelid that majority of US access simply or can't afford it do you want me erect or do you WanNa go talk for our therapist in their mind help ramps now reduce my stress more than you know it's just really the lens that they look at it as well. So there's nanny many factors that economic disparity is huge preparation factors. Yeah. I totally agree with you and think that having that access in having that economic disparity yet totally shut off a part of access and yeah, if you're GONNA. Have to choose between paying your rent and talking to someone for an hour. Of course, you're gonNA choose your rent because you need a place to live and talking to someone for an hour. Even if it is life changing in a way it is it's extra. You know you don't need. To luxury it probably luxury yeah. So you know you're GONNA in talking economics is representation. Yes. So how many people look like us are in this space? So there are more but really from the medical field, there are not many people of color who are practicing psychiatrists or psychologists, and are there any your neighborhood because? I will say I, I don't have staff through, but I let's say we are less inclined to do any virtual we as a culture tend to connect more e person. So when you don't ask someone in your immediate neighborhood that you feel you can trust and goes, will I understand the cultural significance in? Rating on top of the mental health issues, you're less likely to go and see out here. Definitely I think percentage wise. Yeah. There are a lot fewer people of color psychiatrists therapists, but you know I have been following some accounts of people that are doing that work to change that you can check out the mental health and wealth instagram where ahead tags some resources for black and Brown communities because yeah I think it is super important that people see professionals who look like them who have a frame of reference and understanding for what they're going through and I think there's nothing wrong with that and that's should be encouraged. Is. You know embassies important in regardless of what race you are obviously, the practitioner need to the excited. There's just a chameleon in understanding when I talk about my mother in how she gets on. Sometimes you know somebody culturally to understand that it would be knee you'll easier to share war. So there really is about connection about choosing your service provider in terms of your mental health is so choose reforming he is people don't give up his you will be able to find some way that you can place your trust. This is a relationship based on trust yes s I love that. You also mentioned you know there's so many people that are unemployed or dealing with its pandemic I know that you have been vocal about kind of shift in your situation. Your husband works in the live music industry, which unfortunately is at a halt right now and you know that is obviously changed. So many peoples, financial situations literally overnight how has covid nineteen affected the way you manage your money as well as your mental health. So they mentioned my husband is an audio engineer in he toured a lot with a lot musicians a lot of bands in of course that is completely devastated right now we don't know when that is coming back honestly working at eighty second third quarter to. Twenty twenty one realistically because we're thinking vaccine, they need another wave and all that stuff. What is that gun for us? Is that other morning cash? I've been back that cast the Benjamins Ya. I will disclose were very, very fortunate. Not I'm still earning income income hasn't been affected that negotiates on pay cuts. As results but we've been living below our means for a really long time. So with my income were okay. Does it mean that it's it's spun because it's stressful right? Because I still have senior amount of expenses for the most part they haven't stopped my mom, another law, my stepson engine that. Are Fairly high. But what we've been doing is basically thanking whatever's leftover we still try support you know local as well local businesses because I know that need to pump money into the economy. However, we can't because it's not that. So many founder affected me won't make it through you know. So I always thought. Micro always a macro thinker about my actions in my dollars hearts it. So it's massive three months until last week to get his first unemployment check. Three months. Oh my gosh this is not sustainable. Yeah. We had to press all the way to the governor's office to get action like it was ridiculous I can't even imagine announced people in my state level in the country if they have to wait for three days and they desperately need the money, it's it's just mind boggling. Also I'm just obvious I check last two weeks ago. No, actually. I'm thinking if we really needed that money, we're really you know so I- unfortunate but. That's part of the reason why the doctor you know when my husband's just completely shoe you know there they're. They're plans. They're goals, our goals for this year. That's fine. We're still alive. We're good but again now thinking like. Job If I was my job. Oh. Okay. Yes. He have a healthy urgency can ride for at least probably eight to ten months. Okay. But again, you know that was started we'll hamster my best friend calls by Radio Hamster. Wheel and. Yeah absence creating all sorts of scenarios and. I knew that lead to slow astor adversary. So slow down yes. Yes. Slow the Hansard. So that's exactly what I did but yet really did impacted me on the emotional level. I know it's been so hard for so many people. It's been almost well, because I had planned to visit her in March less senior as November before thanksgiving. Anton senior, we've done facetime you talk every night on the phone, but there's nothing like a hub. There's nothing like I love you with pursues nothing like that physical connection touch and unfortunately, it has adversely affected her level dementia because it is proven back. If you do not have routine, you have structure you don't have people that see consistently those who do suffer from I mentioned as Louis on dementia, it will hasten it right. So now she has no sense of time. She doesn't know what date is and this this happened literally what like not long for Kobe hit that. She blending she's living in the past. She's not really aware the Caribbean. She still aware of me and my husband Michael Riley there that constant because we call her every night with a eager she still has a certain routine so she knows. It's hard for me to see that happen in not be able to be there for her. It's affected me a lot part of the issue dealing with than there's are sex ethnic. Madison. Sign he's twelve. We haven't seen him in a long time. Should Adam also shot quarters in you know saying you're were able to see him grow up in the way of light in impart Him Your us in. Physical Way. So a lot of families are struggling alive hurry in is just not an easy time at all. This is such a difficult time for so many people and I really appreciate you sharing your story because you're absolutely not alone. There are so many people that are suddenly they're the only income provider for their family, which is incredibly stressful for anyone pandemic. Rinat the now we have a panda now looks like we're definitely heading towards a huge recession potentially worse than the great recession, which is really frightening and there's a lot. There's a lot going on and you know there's a lot of reasons to be anxious to be scared and I. think that's that's. Valid that yes, we do need to kind of contain the hamster wheel. So to speak so that we can we can you know enjoyed slow walk the hamster and try to use it to our advantage like, okay. How can I do something to make this better? Not Let it derail you so much. So I appreciate you sharing. So much of your mental health story, your money journey. This is than such a wonderful interview in you are so lovely and I wanted to end a fun note. So I know that you are a singer yes. No that. Has Such a wonderful effect on your mental health and speaking personally. But I bet for for many people. Music has a wonderful effect on your mental health and I was wondering if you could sing a little something for for audience whatever you feel comfortable with Oh. Wow. Okay. I'll seeing a verse in the chorus of Song, that I wrote over on its own problem, polera rebellion, change the song. Actually, talked very much about what is going on the world today that was eleven years ago, and it's still just as relevant industries pointed so. I'll start at appellate or have any musicians with me that will bring now. At this fine La. Time. Has Come to take you. A Set to me. Where you? Well the Bowl. Thank God. Like crying over here because. That was so incredible number one and number two. One of the things absolutely miss. The most is life performance and I just feel like I was getting my first life before. The pandemic of like Oh my God this is my private little concert and I hope. For the listeners now you can enjoy this beautiful little concert that was so amazing. You have an incredible voice incredible talent by the way I'm sure you've been told that, but I just want to reaffirm that. Thank you appreciate it. It's a bit Robin, but I'm actually working on some new material to record employee later this year. So I'm trying to warm up the voice. It's been a minute since I've added really delight informants but I appreciate it. Thank you so much. Will that was really incredible for me Kinda. Putting you on the spot need like hey. Can You? Right now. Really really wonderful job. So thank you so much. Where can people find you if they want to follow up with you? Sure. So if you are a social media. Person you can find me on twitter and Instagram at Casandra Day since if you're on facebook, I have the money, your money out consolidates Newsmax the handle at. In my website zombies dot com where you can access all the social media you find music other reported in law hosting off. Her faked. Thank you so much I really appreciate you being on the show. Thank you so much for having me in. You're doing great work. So I'm Hadas for. Thank you. Thank you so much for listening to the mental health and wealth show. If you like what you heard today, please subscribe and Leave Review. If you want to suggest a topic or simply say, hello, you can reach me at mental health and wealth show at gmail.com. You can check out the rest of our content at mental health and Wealth Dot Com and lastly I want to remind you to do something for yourself to take care of your mental health and wealth.

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Coming Out Stories

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"Burma for what does our media. This is coming out stories one of the most important compensations of your life. I'm a goal swell. I've never interviewed anyone. That's been outed by newspaper until now g who lives in london this call myself a black dyke which are really actually like that but <hes> yeah okay. Don't i spent site guy. I'll sing of always been takes. I remember mom next door neighbor when i was about probably trump the eight or nine trying to kiss her but didn't really put anything to it. You know it's it was normal are just used to fancy my friends wins. I used boys as friends but i used to fancy girls those feelings. I think that was boy. I'll just use wanting to play football with boys or with more suzanne with them so yeah but it wasn't until i was older than up. Karma put and suits fat. I was growing up so grew up in leicester in the seventies and interestingly mum. Dad used to have a lot of guy friends. It's my mom's uncle was gay openly gay which was quite different for people to be openly gay so so <hes> my mom's got an uncle in on okay and she planes mosit- site does she bought still to this guy to stay yeah matassa. It's not from us or the families from yours. She knows the whereabouts in the caribbean from <hes> net from all incb utah so it's it's an stand seeker so it's a very tawny orland. Go the sly one though some it's not problem a sets it but i think this is my beauty that they just know an accepted sir because he's not known as being tolerant is still illegal in a lot of kurban orlands islands. Maybe put lots say <hes> where my parents the from where i'm from the populations fifteen hundred so it's very small than say my mom's on klingons as what new guy away but you didn't put the word lesbian or gay or wherever you know slot you just love women or men and you know that star so so you've growing up unless you do not really have a word for it or understanding of what you're going through really <hes> that asian but then it wasn't really it wasn't about sexuality you know just conlon <hes> known as spins home boil. It wasn't about sexuality at that time. It wasn't wasn't until i was probably around about fifteen sixteen when hamas it's fans suppose didn't show end up with the car knocks offensively because everyone full lesbian and at that time i didn't even know i didn't know what nine puts the feelings are just for. Everyone felt felt like that about their friends. Not may not realize slide so it was it was weird. You know so come out with the sky. It didn't go to southeast you see. I wasn't intimate not mean so you didn't find out who is a good. It was horrible you laugh and it was just the way you study. He was a gates was and then as checks with a slight work in a women golsen. Are these two women that happened to be everyone. Everyone knew that okay an arkansas hanging out with them and starts to me gave women and then it just kinda lightbulb moment slot. Wow how to test me that was me and yeah it took the people to show you what what age were you by then <hes> i was probably about nine joint winnie saw started seeing that guy meeting these women it was weird because i was always interested in i was was arrested at lost my hair where malign african print and all that and obviously it was seen as being a sin vk or whatever so i had real conflict with myself around my religion for comments and massage well and i was well known invested communiqu. Sorry speed power are you still poetry are used to perform. A lot solves quiet out there so it was it was a struggle. It's a battle essentially got didn't didn't know about rastafarianism was lots of coal to guy. I mean rush. Defense is kind of across between islam islam and christianity so it's a lot of the teachings from the bible anyway mom coming out stories on march in london and i was walking in front of black spending caipirinha picture taken by <hes> someone wanting to copying times and then as in less every single black person used to read the caribbean times that was on the set. They got back to throw threaten the monday through wednesday word has gotten around pitcher and omar caught the people won't come not smith slammed the paper from the same and what is the meaning of all this is who you my father united slack <hes> everyone knew marci bid on in london yeah it was a think it assertion twenty eight more sure it was <hes> tottenham against the butler shock member which one but another else marching would have been the benefit it was. It was eighty six eighty seven rows. This is the first person i might be acted by newspaper. You outed by the caribbeans owings in the caribbean times. That's my claim to fame annoyed with you on the day that you were out at the caribbean times because that wasn't a decision you made wasn't much what should know it. I was more worried because sal wasn't i'll. I'll still come to terms situa- on news that my parents read caribbeans harm saw that she phoned them and said oh i'm in the newspaper and all about my poetry and then i'm like having to walk in front of a blacklist and cape on a november. Mom sends me you gay and remember say no. You know 'cause i wasn't isn't ready. I wasn't ready even though you were in the carbons arms walking with lesbian and gay yeah yeah wasn't ready and how should we then. She believed well. They knew they knew they knew. I was skype before the interesting about it was difficult time. I'll a lot hassle. Well <hes> end up. Cutting lots end up moving so london yeah it was tough. It was hard you moved away because yeah yeah 'cause a lot hassle mainly from women funny enough from straight women within your community yeah yeah i'm watching the is is such difficult things come out in the africa community. I don't know is that no it was difficult for for me because i was individual because sal was well known in the cabin community. I was arrested. I was power. She's not mean so people knew me so say. My family didn't have no issues with osama. Dad's in the seventies used to bring this less been really bush. All these fancy bench lot meadows seriously. She went through a really hard time because she was really puts you to wear a suit and they used to call the less seriously. I'm on about seventy six seventy seven. We used to see friend around the nepalese. Take the piss out of the remember one day sitting at home and my dad came home with fred and always beside it and she used to come every week for dinner and a member that saints in some among the founder crying in the toilet because she was going through a really hard time so <hes> obviously bring them days was rife so he pulled a home and <hes> yeah she used to come up and not sale is besotted with nothing new then tonight yes so you'll w._b._z. Obviously good guy is worried about so but he's still a friend delays bowl every everyone did. She want it. You know it was not until i got older that i realized what was wrong with. Take time you know thought that's the. I'm you know talking not <hes> mid seventies so what was the time when he read not. Let's get back to the caribbean instant because say you said that when the carbon tom's altitude you either literally transformation you had a life change. You've cut your dreads. It's you moved to london moving to london was it was it was just i up. I was a kid in a sweetshop. Aw yeah it was matt a was not anything that was gay offensively. It is law. I fancied a women yeah. It was matt. It was nice slide. Got myself perry top more ins. Levi's levi's then montana jackie is trying to cut my hair shave size agreement locks back actually but it was. He's more funky dread. Stall solace connor could sit up more locks and all that but you know still p._m. Gay and not feel nowhere because <hes> yeah yeah. It was good experience because i just wanted to you know you've left family and friends behind made the big smoke and it's kind of you having a bad time and less so it wasn't like isolating i think it was a blessing in disguise because i've always had a good relationship with my family. So you go back down again to see them do not mean econo- on accepted it as long as ram in the face which is much sept- or not but it was the elephant in the room is only talk about glad it but yeah i'll take girlfriend's home with me and perform within apart from winner took obviously guy girlfriend home was really this so obviously spending less boss ended up having a relationship with an also call home celeste issues really should now and it was a problem komo tat funny enough ironically he had a problem even though years ago he was good friends with delays yeah but fretilin when he stole a partner not mean so it's a strange one but even now metastasis problems thing have you ever the conversation with is he always swept under the carpet like just coming back and here's my partner but you have you ever sat down and said mom dad. I'm gay. You know what it's really weird a me and my mom went away a few weeks ago and that's the first time i've been out for years and it's the first minimum compensation yeah it was weird and she said we always know what she said was. We always knew us a tomboy but we didn't see until you bought that woman home you know so <hes> and so you've been living your life as an out black dyke your phrase not mine thirty years but it's only in the actually said it out loud you know we've actually spoke spoke about it but it was one of them. You know don't mention the war the elephant in the room. You know zones not talk about reform. Eh what about you daddy you ever tried to convert. No you ain't ready even after this is not ready. They know you. You don't want to push it on. I'm going to make a guess that from caribbean family probably got siblings. Yell providence star ma sisters straight as they come and she lives in america and she went through this phase of sending me dungarees and waistcoats seriously honestly asleep. She used to send me though i guess yeah even stereotypical but houston serbia dungarees moist. Did you wear them to increase in the very appropriate. Don't care it's not problem so is there anyone else has come out in the workplace is really what kids and didn't come out at work but it's really weird because i'm one the parents invite me to apply and a couple of the kids were standing by an one cassette. <hes> what is the tonys. Mommy fights where paul you know and the one that is cushy fancies. You and i'm not war with tony's mom fancy fancy means. She's like come on. We all know you okay. This is a twelve year old kid 'cause i've never actually <hes> were everyone knows some caper and say you ought to know something about work the kids and other son who work so it's not so something you discuss much the people just don't discuss it. Were you know so <hes> but not say don't deny were if anyone asked him not tonight but i'm not gonna go out. There and broadcast roll custody not say kids nowadays for two they know i'll bet you were with little kids in the community or will be in the community yeah not so don't hide it. You know i mean the way i dress well. Look i'm not the most famous keenum female on the planet says she has not gotten grays on always co because not today anyway so finally any advice that you might get for the people going through the process they will say is very difficult to be outed outed without your consent. Mean just trump is true. She's selfish possible really sly as bad as you think you will never and be that bad a lot of meyer and sausage upon our fear and paranoia and not knowing you know. It's never as bad as you think it's going to you. Betray yourself really any anger towards the <hes> carbon on the photographer the picture and put it in the paper without your permission law sushil. Oh for that. We're not so certain is sworn them things you know. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise because it helped me come out thirty eight. There's an out and proud. Black-tie kazak should've gone to that in two took place at the l. First lesbian festival heads a little bit music at the end anyway wonderful to me h. j._j. And to hear her story. Please do subscribe wherever you get cost from what else i'd love to hear from you on twitter. You can find us there at come out stories. I'm swell coming out. Stories is a walk goes on media production next time round to the bronx to speak to jose. He's thrown bounce at the age of thirteen. I'm in new york city around the time of the folk balls and the influential marsha p johnson. My mother was is that submissive type. My father was that militant guy and <hes> at thirteen. I remember mom was not feeling well so i went on the head inside washing the dishes for doing some of the cleaning i got thrown out at the age of thirteen for washing dishes and cleaning the house which was something men. Don't do the women.

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Miranda Tapsell  Kakadu, Cannes and love stories that matter


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Miranda Tapsell Kakadu, Cannes and love stories that matter

"This is an ABC podcast. My guest on conversations from home today is Miranda tapsell. Miranda made her screen debut in the movie The sapphires and not long after she won two Logie for her role in the TV series. Lovechild in Logie's acceptance speech Miranda called for more beautiful people of Color to have their stories told on Australian screens and then Miranda went ahead and made that happen lost. Yes she car wrote produced and starting hit Film Top End Wedding. The movie is set in some of the places. Miranda loves the most Darwin where she grew up and the Tiwi orlands where her mom's family's from top witting draws on the film genre that Miranda loves based ROMANTIC COMEDIES WITH A strong female lead. And just the right amount of cheese especially in the soundtrack a new memoir is called. Talking Girl Harm Maranda high. Sarah thanks for having me Miranda Umit Screenwriter Josh Tyler when you're running a workshop at Nada together how did you decide to rod a Ron Com? Together it all started with US teaching at night. He was mentoring. The students in screenwriting and I was teaching them screen acting and because we are often in the room together and we will always obviously having to reference slack on the kind of films we enjoyed. We noticed that a great deal of them were wrong and so we just had so much fun like quitting the film back and forth and then I realized that he'd been up to Darwin where people from and it really warms my heart when I make people that travel up in because they a few and far between so we started to build this really strong ripoll with one another and he said to me. Well why don't we set up in the northern territory and all lack all? Wow that's amazing. How do you ever thought about rotting a movie before it? Was that something that you'd wanted to try a hand at. I mean I think every ACTA kind of dabbles in screenwriting but I. I think it's really high for a lot of minorities to know what the voices when it's not presented to them so it's not as if I didn't have wonderful indigenous films around me but I think indigenous films serve varied and some multifaceted that I was thinking. Kay are starting to think as an individual land. I was like Kay will. This is how filmmakers from my community be found. They voice but we'll to mine so that is still quite a jenny. But but you enjoy talking to each other about the idea of a wrong com set in the northern territory within indigenous style with you what was going to be different though about the kind of Rom com that you and Josh wanted to create because the genre is an inherently Cook Asian. What does an Aboriginal Meg Ryan Race with Spoon Katherine? Heigl look you. So what will that so interesting elements? Did you want to bring over from that genre that you loved while adding spin on it? That made it uniquely yours. God Did you imagine that balance so that that makes it ingredients when you were first thinking through the ideas for top and wedding fest former is what was important to me was that the husband wasn't toxic and in toxic main. He supports his partner. Even if it is inconvenient him because he knows him turn that Lauren would do that for him are really wanted to say like because also for an audience to truly invest. Because like. That's the thing that he saw imperative to around comments that he want the. It's to really bat folk the cockle if he could see why they should be together. Then it's all for nothing so when you see like when you see a couple who can be really frustrated with each other times but really want who really can't see themselves being with anyone else by I think that's the magical that the two characters that you came up. Lauren who you play and Ned and always could be the obstacle as you said the thing. That's the thing that your mom doesn't like about the genre. But what was stopping. Ned and lauren from living happily ever after. What did they have to overcome? I think there are many factors in Lauren. Nets relationship for Taupin wedding. It was the fact that will earn really wasn't going to give all of herself to her marriage because a wedding is about family. It's more than just like you because you're inviting people that you care about into the swan commitment and I think it does bring up a lot of things I think it does and so I guess For them to really kind of holds them back a lot. Is Lauren really understanding who she is because I think you feed are really understand yourself as an individual before we see yourself as a couple then. How does the machine oil itself unite? It's so that's so I think And so in in saying that Lawrence identity was a really big potted that and it was. I think it was really special for the audience to see Ned. Be Supportive of that. He's trying to find himself to he. Was I think in some sense really hyping debt? He's marriage would that getting married would feeling a lot of questions about what he wanted out of his life. He was obviously wanting to continue law to continue his dad's legacy but it wasn't giving him the fulfillment that he truly need it. And he I think in some ways he believed that possibly getting married would help that. I think it was about to pay understanding. They truly were before they entered into the union music. Plays such a big part in most room comes. How how would your friends describe your music taste do think Miranda all my God. I do have really kind of Dag a taste in music. I I think I've started to notice that I listen to music because it makes me think of certain people say my chains and spotify is just full of music that my mom and dad would play around the house and so that kind of music keeps me a great deal of confidence. I think it really helps with my homesickness but it is a great deal of pulp is a song that the that Lawrence Dad listens to again and again often in the pantry cupboard of his home in dire in token wearing what songs that and why did he choose that one. One of the great joys of writing. This was that judge denied. Were Bit Shakey in it. Throwing songs into the big print and so for people who don't read screenplays on a daily basis the big print is essentially the who what wear and why of the same like way where people out what they're doing before the characters start to speak. It paints the picture and so when we did that way we would often say all you know this this summer that songs playing when we were developing the when we were developing the the story. I said to just hey I reckon we should play this and I played the first few Baas. All of Chicago's if you leave me now. I don't know what what the comedy is. I think it's the I think it's a mixture of the strings at the starts with a bit of the trumpet but I think it allowed the committee to be not at the fact that Lawrence Daddy's missing her mom. I think it's it's the way in which he's dealing with his sadness. Maranda USA wrote a letter to Janet Jackson. While you were working on top in wedding. Why did he wrote to her? I paid listen. I had no idea that he would even read this letter but could not find another jam for Lauren and her girlfriends to dance to at the club because I really needed a song from Lawrence youth that she would have recorded on when she was watching rage and look to learn the debt steps but the problem with the S. Is that a lot of a lot of the songs from that time. Like sixty slow jams. It's all TLC and grandy. And so. I really needed something like update and hopeful and actually about going on an adventure. And that's what escapade really encapsulated me in terms of Lawrence Journey and I think just from my own experience like my husband. James tells me quite often that I'm different pissing. Manama in Darwin. Why more relaxed a mole grounded and I do truly feel that way in any other circumstance. I'm in I'm selling deceive and I can really get overwhelmed in the city so to have a change of pace and to feel that salt water and sand between Matarrese. Really kind of impel his me and is something. There's something about being back home. That makes me tell myself you got this. And you'RE GONNA go back to the rat race and you going to make the best of it. The tea we islands Miranda plays such an important part in the film what to the islands. Look like describe them for made for for someone who's never been there. What do they look like? A tropical paradise would be the best way to describe it. Yes there's lots of crocodiles. The water is Akwa. Blow this beautiful white sand. What's so beautiful about the Tiwi islands? Ease just how inclusive. They have made themselves. It makes their community song vibrant and joyous and too tight the time with my mom to go visit with such a heartwarming time. I just felt when I went there and like really sat down and spend time with my family particularly more. Sorry as we made the film I realized that just how special it was to be showing that that life onscreen. The odd is just so breathtaking. I mean my maynas painting Cobb at Tiwi hot in like. I've got some work in my house because it's just so stunning. What does it look like Miranda? Could you describe what the what the looks like? Oh Yeah So a great deal of it is. It's it's very it's very unique They're often paintings paintings of ceremony. Regalia particularly a lord of the things that like for instance the pum genie and the toppling. Guinea that whizzing Talkin wedding. And I guess it's a I guess a lot of. It is small beautiful. Ach actually tells the story. Obviously my my family and the Tae we community make make these beautiful paintings of like jungle fowl. Which is which is my Titan. And it's there to remind everyone who they are and how they eat. See the world and so. I think being in being called called Melvin. I think it's dumb. It's nice to have an a that with me. And what are the when you arrive at Tiwi? What some of the sounds the smells or the the Thais that strike you like what what? How does your body experience the world differently when you're in that place? There's lots of people calling out to one another and checking in with one another. So that's that's really beautiful. I would've loved his Iris I was unfortunately working when they screened topping wedding for the first time on the island and I would've loved to have been there because I can imagine that no one would have had a word of the dialogue because everyone just would have been calling out and saying that's my granddaughter in that you know this there's lots of and there's the smell of of course there's the unmistakable smell of the salt water and there's base this sweat trickling Danube back. There's the smell of campfire because people cooking cooking fish muscles and of the beautiful rich safe food like that and I can just I can just take fat those that because it's on the fire to the Baron de and the other fish that they could is quite smoking in todd which I really love. How did you go about finding actors from the TV to appear in top end wedding? Oh my God will. They're the real stars of the film. My uncle Jason who plays foxy will they non binary so they alter ego. Is this Sasha fees. I guess they feel the most powerful when they've got there. They make upon and and obviously like the best in the best clothing. So I had to have any folk saying now and focusing folksy picks your character up from the airport and gives Lorna a little introduction to and and they character is just so joy for. It's just like drinking the sunglasses champagne in the movie when Fox's on onscreen and it was so imperative on really wanted to capture like the first time so the thing is my. Tiwi family would often come into the mainland to Darwin to do their shopping and all of that and so we'd see them in that way but like because we lived in Kakadu like which is another Air Hoffa away. We just let time slip away from US inside. The film is a really great wife for me to go over there and and what was so great with that that was the the rapid and hectic night during which is introduced to like the community. I was driven around when mom and I went over there was about twenty one. I think and We only had so much time to to kind of go around. Worry me UNGAVA and hello everyone so we had. We had a family friend pulse in the car and drive around and it was great like everyone was waving to a sin going like this sweet and so that's what. I wanted to capture with them and I made I thought it was so imperative for Foxy to be able to kind of show off the island and say this is. Your family are in these. This is where everything is so that so that the audience got a window into the island life. What about some of the other characters from Tae we liked the couple replay? Your grandparents in the film have such a beautiful presence on screen. How did you connect with him and get them involved in the film ended and Lynette were the absolute stars of the film? It was important to ask that we had. We had a couple just so that they were like they already had that record and that they were comfortable with each other particularly in front of the camera can and understand that. It's quite a quite a strange experience to be on a film set but they will like absolute natural St Bernard it. All of a sudden became Robert Redford in front of the camera. What language does he speak in in the film Maranda? We got burned to speak old tei. He's addition so we said this is. This is what you're saying is you're actually allowed to say what you like. But this is you seen at your daughter and your granddaughter for the First Time. In years so on God just gives me goose bumps just thinking about it because being in the church with him was a really out of body experience. And I'm I'm not particularly I'm not religious. Just to what him completely just two completely Zayn into the moment and and have him speak. Siphoned lay of his daughter. I believe that he was saying things along. The lines of like it fills my heart with so much joy to see your face again in Spain too long and I think maybe it's because I miss home and I feel guilty about when I don't make the time to go out and visit family. And maybe this affected you know that I've had. I've had family members and loved ones have Alzheimer's Lynette characters. She doesn't have doesn't have dementia but she did a wonderful job playing someone. Who did I think it was really important for me? Because it's just it soun- it was just really lovely to have them. Bison the rain. The end addressed the issue the Doda in have daffy find out that her mother has has dementia and he says all of that to daffyd takeaway way he says all that. She's not hisself in that chase. She's got to mention so anyway. I I was just ours just a mess of course by the end of it and he really stay with me is like I remember Ben saying to me that he is constantly. Visiting schools are across the two islands across bathurst and Melville telling young people how important it is to maintain that language and understandably. That's really hard for a lot of young people because they're having to still learn English so that they can so that they can work in on after they leave school and do all the other things that adult life expensive them but also like you know to maintain culture is. It's a IT'S A. It's a fulltime job. But he was saying you know that if learn it than it goes with us it. That's why it was really special to have Altay on film because it reminded it not only reminded people off many minority groups that need to maintain language other than English. It Som- It was actually a reminded to the people just have special. It is to to To have it for forecast broadcast and more. You're listening to conversations with see her Oscar Kim war conversations any toy on the BBC listen Bogota ABC Dot NEN slash conversations. Miranda you've filled the wedding say for Taupin waiting in that lovely little wooden church on Tiwi. What you remember about filming that scene before I talk about the wedding. I should probably mention Nardiello. The tiwi strong women's Clio. It is led by the wonderful at genevieve Campbell. He's he's a musician herself but she in Sydney but she has spent a lot of time in that community developing this choir where these these women from Werbe Bianca Singing Altay and I'm really. I'm really really felt that the wedding needed their beautiful voices and they sing an old they sing and Altay. We Love Song which is what Murli Murli La is but also at these all these ladies said all week but we wrote a song volare as well and it. Roughly translated welcome home. Welcome home shooting star. Like you've you've you've finally come back to us and we missed you do and like I just when they played it for me for the first time. I think I'd just bold because not only voices so beautiful like I felt like there had been this. There had been this gap in May for so long that something inside me just filled up and it was the medicine I needed. I think a great deal of out tiwi extras. I think what quite a way in that. It was a fill so they a lot of them thought it was my actual weady the wonderful Libby Collins production coordinator. She's a proud. Tiwi woman and sister of Raub Collins. He's The star of clever men in glitch. He actually played the role of the priest in the show. So glad that if There's never a priest that handsome in real life is my feeling advertising. Priests WELL HE WAS. He was absolutely getting he was getting torn apart by by the lady seemed funny to witness. Just teasing you guy you not. That good was very funny so liebe. His sister no matter how many times she had told them. No it's even cut. Pretend it's the film. Ima Cummings Film. So yeah they were just like yeah yes so and then they pull like G- Willem aside. My car is star. Who PLAYS NED to say? Listen HE YEAH. That's my granddaughter. Well that's my niece and if you break a had a break. Yay like it was really. It was just really funny and that was sitting in the sitting in the church and this church is a magnificent structure. A White Weather Board Church. That still stands after. Cyclone Tracy and World War Two so. I thought it was the perfect. If you can out leave those two massive circumstances than the people that get married in it can survive anything. It was so funny though. The women were sitting in that church and they're all looking at each other and saying in language. Hey this weddings taking a real long time ailing what she going back walking down the aisle again and I should say Evan's again. Was He gonNa say it again and it was. There was a footy match important footy match the same time I think. Putting match and libby had tecate running in and say like Western bulldogs a leading by this much. And all saying like. Hey guys don't forget it's the wedding. You meant to be happy. Like he says that in language it was very funny. You Mum had come up your mom and dad to be part of the filming that happened on on TV itself. How was that feel mom? How did she feel about being part of the street up there? I dragged my my my mom. Aunty and dead by the to the islands to be extras for my mom. I think it was a kind of overwhelming experience for her like she is encouraging with me being in front of the stage in the camera. But she's she's not very confident with baton my Nana's and my aunties were encouraging to do jungle fowl dance because that's stats out that's Titan and it's the dance that all the women do it in the very end and my mom was just like I. This doesn't feel right Because I I didn't grow up on the islands in like I don't want to do any disrespect by doing the wrong moods you know the night before I had practiced with mum and Auntie more with With a video that I had of them doing the dance but also like him. I just had to remind mum that like I said this is your family. And they're gonNA love you no matter what I think. They just happy that you often participating in it they just. That's the way wants you to do. I'd like you know you've you haven't donated to a new place here. They've brought you into the fold so it's it's okay you maintain that dialogue with him. I think it was a really kind of pinning experience. Not just for me but my family as well you'll great granddad was a Tiwi man. A TIWI oddest. Tell me a bit about your great grandma. The woman that he married your Nana's Deja what you know about host story Miranda. I told the story of Data and her husband. Stanislaw put intend Mary. Because I think I have a greatest sense of who I am and how I see the world because of the people that came before me my mom just has they seem Qabail memory of of names and and people she would draw the family trae for me so I felt it was really important because it inspired so much of top wedding In the first thing that people asked me on Taylor island was you know who who who your family and I was able to tell him. Debt Mary ceases when my Nana's and I'm sorry I am so incredibly proud of the culture that stanislaw have has pasta on down to me. I could probably never cobb as well as him thought but I sit I certainly. It holds a very deep place in my heart and I was just so grateful that I was able to able to show the community in such in such show. Warm and loving light. That other part of your mom's family which is is Larrakia. The place called Dow. What do you know about that story? And and you the the lawn of women that have come before you in that part of your country Larry. Kia they are. The traditional line is Darwin region and the reason why I wanted to tell manages stories because she had a very big family and she managed to keep them all together in a time where families with continued to be separated. She was a domestic servant for a very long time. And it really. I think I think people forget that. How trauma can go down the line. eighties Leka domino effect. And I can really see it I can really see it in my mom You can see it in the way that she just can't relax until everything is clean in the house. I think the fact that her child has a indigenous father. I think that would play on your mind as well had. I been borne amid decade before being taken would probably be my own fate so the women before me had done so much to create such a loving and supportive environment even though the world hadn't been so accepting them is really important to me. And it's why I identify so proudly as Larry Kia and Tiwi woman tell me a little bit about Iran growing up. Miranda you aborting Dow in bet you family moved to Jerry when you're five also. How did you feel about moving to Jabba in `inconnue National Park? Yes well I five year old Miranda wins not pleased at all about moving Jebara. The first thing I asked my parents when they told me that we were moving because they had set me down at the dinner table to tell me and I could see it was a big deal because I like looking at each other written finding the woods to tell me and I said to them and they said well we're moving to a town called Jabber Room and moving out of this house and I said to them I K- Does it have ballet. They both looked at each other and said unfortunately there is nothing like. There is no ballet. And I wouldn't have it I just. I had just rejected the place completely. Forget the fact that it's beautiful sandstone country with gorgeous waterfalls and vast vast flood plight like picturesque completely picturesque Bush land. I just was like wasn't having it so I was dragged to Jeb Baru kicking and screaming and but it was way I met my dearest friends main Aleisha so It's way I where I found my anchors. I I had a lot of people who made me strong and lack myself. What was school like for you? Miranda's as a kid in Jabber and then when you move back to dial on in high school. I really needed my friends during school. Because I think being a being a biracial kid having an indigenous non-indigenous Parent. It means that you have to explain yourself in the space you taking up and I remember. I think a boy was quite curious as to who I was and how I sold a world and Which is why he asked. Why identified as aboriginal when I had a non aboriginal dead. That was that was quite I think he didn't realize how much it hit me one because I was just minding my own business relay. What it said to me was that I had to justify while is there and why I proclaimed to be what I was so I think people forget that like. I wasn't going around like telling people that I was black and I was proud because it was just inherently there. It wasn't something that I felt. I needed to explain but because I was pushed in a corner I felt then. I felt compelled to tell people will to question why someone like me had to break down and why are so myself the way that I did but people who Caucasian died necessarily have to say that the Irish the check. But I have to. I have to do that being bang original but at the same time to lie to yourself about who you are and who you want to bay is just doing you into service and if it means it's GonNa make Feel uncomfortable then. It's on them really. What's performing a bit of a oasis or an escape from some of the stuff that was going on in the playground or in the classroom without the kids with a place where you felt. You didn't have to justify who you were that you could just embrace expression and creativity. Yeah I felt that yes. Sort of wide decided to become an artist in the first place because You know the hours I would spend playing in my room taking. Might Bobby's on benches and wild kind of having this kind of wild imagination. Really set me free in so many ways it would like it might be lacking absolutely. We'd kid today around but I felt like when I when I got to right when I got to read books on new. The debate of myron drawn was something that was special and unique. So I guess I turned to stories something that my family's were very good at doing telling that it made me go. Maybe this is something that I should be like. If it's giving me this much. Fulfilment maybe something that I should be issuing. Tell me Miranda how you found out that you were accepted into Nada on the second time that you will addition where were you? And how did he get the news? All my whole world absolutely changed on the day that my mom had had picked me up from. Where were you working hours at McDonalds and I just finished my shift and she was supposed to. She was supposed to go on some cruise around. Dolon. Haba was like older Having a Christmas sendoff so Mamas Mamas going to that she said to me. You'RE GONNA have to catch the bus and one of my coworkers. How had said to me. Oh Hey amongst here and I was like. That's weird. She's supposed to be she's supposed to be on the on the water partying and she was there and she's like go to play something for you and so this is rally showing my age now and she had like she had deadly type. Rick Ota and I heard that acting at neider tiny night. Tell me that I had that I had and apply S- at night and through all my food up in the air. I had a happy meal. The fries went flying. And so your mum. You Mama type recorded the voice message. Is that how she had it on? Cassette these She she'd played back like she had recorded the answering machine. And God. Oh my God sold anyway attend to and she like started crying and I suddenly realized that yes there. Is this really? It was really joyous moment that I had shared with her that I had been. I actually my. My drains was starting to really really come true but also our relationship was going was going to evolve and it was going to change but in some ways it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and all his really grateful that we shared that moment. Together you you go through Nada. Which is a famously tough training ground. You then auditioned for film. That Wayne Blair was directing called the Sapphire is what was that whole. Experience like Maranda will. It was my first film and it was where I had really become really close friends with the beautiful Shari seven played my cousin k and also like I got to work with the moment and just malfoy and we got to sing soul music and I think it was like cutting the best job to kick off on. I had seen the play. When is right before it started and I looked at that and I said these are the kind of Aboriginal Women that I wanNA play the ones that are. I see in my own community. The ones that are the ones the strong ones that are resilient. Funny Charming vivacious. It was just a big dream of mine to Plaza. Phya so for Wayne to give me that is really wonderful land. It was. It was where I really kind of learnt that I could be funny is I was. I knew that I could make people laugh but I didn't think that I was that. I didn't think I was funny in that capacity so. I'm really glad that people could kind of say that I had a I had a funny side. Well about really flowers in top end wedding which like all Great Rom. Combs has to have a happy ending and warrior working on that film. Miranda some something big changed in your own story to. Who did you meet while you were making top end wedding talking about James Talking about James yes? We admit on twitter as I was riding the film with Josh and he'd been conversing with a whole group of Friends of mine so I was like a k. He's not a complete stranger and he seems to be like a legitimate person working not saying anything to kind of talk. Seek a weird on on social media and very cheeky though. Very funny so I thought all this this this seems to be and maybe maybe because I was writing the film to I began to kind of understand the relationship that I wanted in my life like the kind of romantic relationship. I wanted in my life. What you saying it rotting Rome com manifested. Your perfect leading man like I. I saw this guy on twitter like as really handsome. He's really funny. Like what am I? Am I gonNa do this and this is? This is the funny thing. Nikaia my friend. Hilo a wonderful playwright. She said you've got absolutely no game. You terrible at this and it is true. I was actually an insecure young woman. Who had no idea how to put herself late? Best Foot forward when it comes to dating especially on social media like I had a profile at the time so it's not as if I wanted to make a fool like making the idiot of myself on social media so I got my friend to help break ice a little bit and it was really nice. That James indulged in on this and win. Okay this girl is like really kind of awkward and shy but change. She's clearly she's clearly wanting to made up with me. And when you did manage to meet in person Miranda wills at like one of those great films. Did you noticed right away with one of those. It couldn't have happened in the most like romantic comedy. It was ridiculous. We were living in two different cities. I was living in Sydney. He was living in Melbourne. I'd happened to be in Melbourne at the time but I couldn't see myself meeting up with him because my flight was to depart not long. After I shot the ad was working on and the goals Would just seeing me. Being as I was as I was texting James I got caught out and so even though they didn't know me very well they would just kind of like go. What are you doing. Change the flight. It's a Flexi Fan. So I'm so grateful to these and but of course I'm GONNA. I'm not gonNA tell a guy that I've never met. Hey I've changed my flight fee because he'll probably go Kay. This is a big like strange that you've changed your plans. So I sorta just said Hang. My flight was canceled and it was. It was really sweet to find out that like. He had completely sweated through his station when he found out that he's whole after noon was like out because he was having to rush. Change get ready. Put some colline on to same a and I think what was Sinai Swiss. That felt really easy when we finally got to sit down and chat and that was that was the basis salvo of our relationship that That we didn't have to try so hot. Wentz we kind of met face to face and we kindred spirits. You got married recently. Was there any of those sort of great cheesy eighties? Love songs at the wedding. Well one of my best friends was the day Jay and she has a very rich taste in Saul funk hip hop and because I had requested a lot of songs that you would finance made ninety five hundred Craig's Shay was alike more planking. Thankfully she obliged in obidos. It'd bit of Whitney in an a bit of Janet Mariah so the Davis Miranda congratulations on the wedding and the film and now book. It's the great pleasure to talk to you on conversations. Thank you so much thank you. You've been listening to a podcast of conversations with Sarah can ski for more conversations interviews head to the website. I they say dot net dot edu slash conversations discover more great ABC. 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Flower Garlands, Fall Fix-ups, and Quince


25:36 min | 1 year ago

Flower Garlands, Fall Fix-ups, and Quince

"This is plant rama komo with c. L. four nari and myself ellen's akos. It's the podcast where there are no stupid questions. As long as the topic is plants. Today we're talking about flower. Garlands full fix ups and wins and we're going to start just for fun with flower garlands orlands c._l._d. You make flower girl on a regular basis. I would say not under regular basis. I don't have time to have fun all the time but but what really started me thinking about this year is i have always loved the look of those marigold garlands that you see in and you know indian wedding movies right yeah this year i grew a variety of marigold from burpee seeds called elevate and first of all. I love the plant. It is tall. It is sturdy and the flowers are big orange pompoms. It is a how tall <music> but i would say the middle of august it was four feet tall and that is big for a miracle big and sturdy and wow but the other day we had a really heavy rain and some of the big flowers bent over right so just kind of collapsed and so i picked them and i brought them in and because they're their stems were only two inches long. I put a couple of them in all glass bottle but the rest of them i just put on the counter in the kitchen not not only were they huge but they stayed beautiful just sitting on the counter without water for five days. Now you're lying to me. You know it's true and i thought to myself. Oh this is why they pick marigolds to make those garland's because you could string them the day or even two days as before and they still look great yeah so that has caused me to make a garland out of these big miracles and we'll put a picture of it up with the show notes on the plant rama website because it's a lot of fun and it's something unusual instead of you know if you're going to somebody's house as for a party or you're having one yourself instead of just having a bouquet of flowers you can string just take a big needle and put either with a big eye on it and put either a cord or a thin ribbon there and you string these flowers whether they're zinnias in years or marigolds and leave a little space in between you know they don't have to be solid flowers and if you want you can even put <hes> <hes> put on a flower leave a space make a little knot. The ribbon put on a flower so that the not stops it from sliding down leva space make a little mutt. They go together actually very quickly. This is something you could even do using plastic needles so that children can do it with you all right yeah and and they're not going to be stuck so it's fun number for one it's unusual number two and when you pick the right flowers like miracles zinnias it's long lasting as well i had had no idea that marigold flowers lasted that long which is super encouraging at the santa fe farmers market. There is a vendor who sells these garlands and the way they have them displayed exactly the way you described with a little bit of space maybe three inches between flowers and the knots and what they do they display them like a bead curtain in a doorway which i think would be so gorgeous if you're having a party and you're doing stuff in the kitchen but you wanted to keep the door open but you wanted to indicate that there was a difference in the space you have this beautiful floral sort of curtain dividing the space when you i said garland i was thinking oh we wear them on our hair in our hair and that's less appealing to me but the idea of decorating a room or a doorway with this string the flowers i really love it's even sort of a variety of mobile only done fresh flowers right and so you could not only string bring the flowers you can add some hot peppers into that mix right you could you could do seedpods about milkweed seedpods right. This could even be a fun present for somebody. You know that you <hes> not only take for a party decoration shen but as a seed mix for pollinators to write you could you could also do a whole dried display. You could like like like you could do the dried milkweed pods and thistle heads or there's so many things that dry with beautiful seed heads and flower heads and if you did that out with the dried garland that would last a really long time even rose buds drive fairly beautifully and so you could string some of those in two so this is a fun thing to experiment with and i would like to encourage our listeners that if they make some flower garlands or strings shall we say <hes> they could hang them up. Take a picture ascended into us plant rama at g mail dot com we would love to see hey how you have fun with. This idea on today's eat. Drink grow rose segment. We're going to kind of continue the fun by giving you some ideas for fall fix ups and what i call plant and post projects people love ellen to share what they've done. Creatively right we we love to share jerod on facebook and instagram and twitter and every place else and there is nothing better than doing a little project with plants plants and taking up picture and posting it so let's talk a little bit about plant and post ideas at this time of year. What what would you suggest that people could have some fun with personally. It's always difficult for me. In september i know fall is coming on but but oftentimes it still feels like summer. You know it's hot. The annuals are still working there. Little flowery butts off blooming like crazy and it's kind of hard to think about fall and fall colors but i want to encourage everybody during september to take a hard tough love look at containers because now is the time for you to pull out those summer annuals at the end of the month depending on where you live and put in something that's going to be beautiful well and and speak to you of fall from now until thanksgiving or whenever fall ends for you and that may mean pulling out the angelo neha pulling out the eh begonias. You might leave marigolds in especially if they are beautiful fall color but you might also try putting in some different plants. Just i pull out a few things to refresh your container with fall color. You might use a really beautiful croton. That's got that leaf color of the yellow and the red and the orange or or put in a strobe alanthea's persian shield for that bright purple contrast anything that speaks of an autumn color to you. Choose one or two of those and swap out the accents in your containers. It'll be like a whole new garden project for you. There's one plant that many people use on the edges of their window boxes pots couple plants actually the variegated vinca vine <hes> and the variegated ivy oftentimes people use those and and those are two plants that can be left in a window box or container and work in just beautifully and variegated. Ivy often looks great well into to the winter so with those plants. I'd probably leave them. Yeah exactly you leave those as your trailers and because they're a great framework for the rest of of your plants <hes> now here is something that i like to do. Ellen and i'll put a picture of this in our show notes. I like to empty out boxes or earns. I might leave that ivy or if i happen to have used snow princess alyssum on the edges of pots i'll leave that because that will stay great well into the fall but after i take out the majority of the summer plants i will take the small ornamental cabbages and kale's sales <hes> and chip them up slightly on their edges so that they are displaying their the tops of the plants outward yah a- and put them in that earn or that box and leave the center of the earn or box empty put soil back so that the soil covers covers the route balls of the cabbages kale so now i've got a boxer and earn that is lined with those pretty almost rose rose like cabbages kale's and then in the center i pile up assorted pumpkins or squash and you start with the biggest squash or biggest pumpkin and the ideal is to choose one. That's kind of flat on the top for the bottom and remove move the stem. If it has a stem and then you put a slightly smaller one on top of that and a slightly smaller one on top of that and you make in essence what is a pumpkin or or squash told them in the pot or the box had you've got the ed softened by the cabbages kale and and you've got those pretty pumpkins you can buy them in all colors now or yellow and white green yeah that gives you great height for the center of your container. I used to do something similar but a little different in window boxes in new york city because you don't want to have a lot of heightened the window oh boxes because the people inside still want to see out the window but if you're using trailer like the i._v. Or maybe even using that sort of lime green. Listen makia which because some yellowish color in it you can use some of the smaller pumpkins and gourds in that container to give you that fall look without without going really high so any way that you can work those those vegetables or fruits in. I think is a good idea and grasses also a combined very very nicely so many garden centers at this time of year sell small grasp plants that you can tuck in and those have a very nice fall feel deal and because they are such fine texture they contrast really nicely with the solidity of the cabbage in kale's or the solidity of the pumpkins and squash and what about ornamental peppers i mean you used to just be able to get those in reds and oranges but now you can get them in purples think about how beautiful beautiful purple the purple ornamental peppers would look mixed in with those cabbages and kale's you were mentioning that come in shades of pink and white. I mean that would be a gorgeous container right there. I'm getting and excited. I want to plant a full container now. Oh good good. Here's another idea l. In an i think for some reason i'm thinking you might like this idea and that it is at this time of year many garden centers sell small pots of charred and kale and parsley and edible plants that you can make a beautiful fall planter that you can also eat of course you are correct that does appeal to me greatly louis <hes> just think you could make a beautiful edible fall container and it's a win win win. The other thing that i would encourage people to do is is to think beyond some of the fall annuals and think about small evergreen shrubs for sprucing up full containers <hes> in many garden centers sell whether they are small ones that they bring in just at this time of year or they've got the small ones whether it's little boxwood little dwarf alberta spruce bruce small varieties of henault key fault cyprus for example <hes> there are all kinds of small evergreens that you can get and those are wonderful in fall containers because you can put those in particularly to a larger container plant your mom's or cabbages sir kale's or whatever fall flowers you like around it and then once the winter hits and and all of the colorful things die off off. You've still got the evergreens in their those evergreens will be great all winter long and then you can take him put them in the garden next spring yeah and if you you want a little bit of color in there with your evergreens you can stick in some really nice bows and berries. You might have some holly berries or some white birch branches so that that could be a really decorative container throughout the winter. Finally i want to give people an idea for a spend. No money foraged fall fix picks up and that is go out and you pick all the dried pods. We were talking about dried pods a minute ago right you drive. I taught you you pick up. Branches just like tree branches in quirky shape sort branches with different bark branches that have like it can on them. You cut all the branches either into all the same height. That's one way of doing it or have them be at a variety of heights i i you stick all the branches into your container and make that pleasing but then you fill in with the pods and the dried leaves chiefs at dried flowers whatever you have found that not only is appealing looking but says fall to you hopefully going for a variety of have colors and textures. I love that challenge and i'm already thinking about how i'm going to do that. I think pot of a dried arrangement like that outside outside. My front door would just be spectacular for fall through winter. It is spectacular fall through winter because when the snow falls on it if you're in an area where it snows looks grade or ice you can if you want during the darkest months of the year string some little lights in there yes oh i love that i ah that's some winter magic into it and as i say this is a forged for free fall fix up well. You can't beat that so if anybody wants to hashtag plant and post and show us your ideas is for gardens and container fall fix ups. We would love to see what you do our insider information segment today. We're going to be talking about quints and for those of you who would like a little behind the scenes. Look at how plant rama comes to u. C. l. writes up all the topic she sends it to me. We each do our research independently and we do not talk about it in advance advance because we want to be able to respond in the moment the same way that you do so she said quince and i'm thinking to myself does she mean true quince which is called sidonia ab- longa or does she mean flowering quince because she knows that as a forager i am very fond of the fruit of flowering quince and i really don't know which one she wanted to talk about today. Well i was actually thinking we talk about both ellen because i think people we'll do need to know. There are two okay great. They're perfect yes. They're the sidonia is the tree quinns right and i have not grown one of these but i desperately want to and i should be able to certainly <hes> in my climate so this is on my plant list just for next year. The tree quints one interesting thing about this is before the commercial development of powdered gelatins homemakers homemakers added the tree quince to jams and jellies and desserts because of the high pectin content of that f-r-o-t-h right and so it appeals to me in terms of sort of that history and the fact that you could use this for a vegan. He can form of pectin in if you needed to make something that wasn't using gelatin well if you're interested in history. Here's my favorite a little historical nugget about the true quints. Have you ever heard the myth of the golden apples in greek mythology the started yes started the trojan war the goddess discord came into mount olympus where all the gods and goddesses were sitting and she threw this golden apple on the floor and it was inscribed described saying for the fairest of all and everybody at all the goddesses up there were like clearly that's for me and each each one offered a bribe zeus in order to be awarded the golden apple aphrodite e one the apple and she ended up giving helen to paris in troy and that was the start of the whole war but the golden apple was a quince. It's a plant that's native to the mediterranean the fruit it can be as big as a baby's head and i'm not kidding and it's a very it's a popular orchard tree in santa fe. I have several friends with with quince trees and boy. Do i love to get that fruit fruit. It's fragrant and delicious and you're right loaded with paxton so i definitely that's on my must plant list and if you want to plant a quince tree know they are self fruitful meaning. You don't need two of them in order to pollinate so that's good news now when it comes however to flowering quince if you want fruit on those it is helpful to have more than one and in fact i have discovered elon glenn that it is really helpful to have more than one different varieties. I bought some years ago three texas scarlet quince and the reason i bought them as they all had fruit on them when they were in the nursery and i thought great these o._b. You know i'll get it quince end so i planted them and seven years later. I haven't seen a single fruit on these plants. Well two who lived died. One of them has lived and i was about ready to do it in but last year i purchased two other quinn's from a a you know a fruit company that are known quince bearing shrubs and i planted those in next to to the texas scarlet and this year guess which plant is loaded with quince. I'm gonna i'm gonna go with texas. Scarlet right and you would be a winner allen and in fact you will be a winner. Hopefully they will be ripe when you come out here later in september and that that would be great to us for our cocktail event for our cocktail event. We'll do something with quinn well. I'm i'm a big quince fan. Now we have to tell people not all flowering flowering quincy's produced fruit a lot of the newer hybrids especially with double and triple flowers have been bred specifically not to produce fruit because some crazy person enthused that fruit was a negative like people might be upset and not wanna pick it up. I say they're crazy. Why not get beautiful flowers and tasty fruit so i grow the cultivar nishiki which has a very pale almost white flour to it but i have a neighbor two houses down the street elite who grows texas scarlet so we both benefit from each other being there and we get very good cross pollination and very good fruit almost every every year. I've used it to make a looker. It makes great jammer jelly and it also makes what is known as a traditional quince dish and that is quince quince paste or membrane which is member does the spanish word for it. Quince paste is what the the english call it and you cook it down until it's really really stiff stiff and you can cut it and serve that with a piece of manchego cheese or a sharp cheddar and it's absolutely a delicious combination. I've had that and that is wonderful. Ah denver made it myself but who knows maybe this year i can. Yes yeah maybe we'll serve that at one of our events wonderful so check out the quinn's check them out for for fruit of course check them out for the flower. The flowering quince are pretty. I just know this about the flowering quince. This is not a neat and tidy shrimp. This is not outta shrub for those of you that like your shrubs nice even round you know a tamed plant because they kinda they sucker out to the besides and some of them are big and some of them are little and you know. This is not a plant maybe to put right in the front of your house enlists. That's the look you're going going for with kind of a loser look but for a formal landscape you wanna tuck. This plant may be in the back. Somewhere of course mine is right in the front of my house because you know i just love it to death. I think it's beautiful in all seasons so go rock the boat ellen today's letter comes from torey ellen and and tori writes well. You often say that there are no stupid question so let me ask this one. What does soil amendment mean. I loved the tori asked this question to you know what for for for every person who would send us a question like that. There are probably hundreds who are thinking right right. Yes yeah and i say bad on us for not thinking to define this before you know it's something we take for granted and we really need to make these terms accessible to everybody everybody. I was listening recently to a podcast about bernie may dolphin and turns out when bernie sanders family down and told them what was really going on his his his wife had a question which is what is a ponzi scheme. You know we tossed terms around all the time and not everybody but he knows what they mean. So soil amendment basically means adding something to your existing soil to improve whether it's nutrition or its its texture. That's right you could call a fertilizer soil amendment. Particularly organic fertilizers are often referred to as amending mending the soil changing the soil or adding to the soil. You can call lime or sulfur. <hes> that's a soil amendment. If you are amending your soil to adjust the ph either to make it more alkaline or more acidic and i think the most common term uh-huh usage of soil amendment is when we're talking about compost or or composted manure do what would you say that i would agree and that may because it does double double duty. I mean adding compost to your soil does improve the texture of it whether you have clay soil or sandy soil compost is an excellent amendment to improve the texture and the way the water flows through the soil and it also adds some nutritional value to the soil as well so yeah. I think compost is definitely the thing most people think of so when you're talking about soil amendment the whole place to start is what does my soil we need to either be healthier or more fertile or to hold onto moisture or you know you're. You're thinking about what your soil might need and then you sues the appropriate amendment to improve what you've already got yeah. That's the key find out what you need. What's missing from your soil. Don't just go willy nilly adding amendments if you don't even know what your plants need and what they're missing. If you have a question that we can address in a future podcast. Send it to us plant rama at g mail dot com and after you do that please go over to apple podcasts and leave us a review that helps ups all their people find us and we want to reach as many people as possible remember to grow great things protect wild places and play in the dirt yeah.

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