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"opd moody" Discussed on Popgram Podcast

"No no we don't know Johnny Depp released. Because let's let this not hold on hold on. We need to choose. I was very judiciary alleged because because a lot of newspapers little media I'm not actually reporting not ripple than articles no peanut anything. They just looking at factual stuff. So let's be very. I know I know according to what I have researched way online everywhere actually everywhere now johnny. Depp no listen. I'm saying facts here. Progressives did did he say he released. She released the tapes. He say yes. Okay too. I think so the media I think he actually let me tell you why because the reason why not also commission is because people are going. Oh it could be fixed. Could be this. It could be that so. I think we should go with allegedly released tapes journey Deborah legislatives. Even though it's very strong that he did allegedly released tapes. Because there's more comics nine. He released the tapes. Because of the fact. That's PLA mission. Vizier for this of this fifty million dollars for missions. By the way she countersuit writes fairly. Recently I think she got the suit. November of Two Thousand Sixteen December. Taking something like that and then allegedly released tapes. This tapes seem to be according to what I've read according to depths people. What's the what they've used? Trees attrition period between Johnny Depp and number heard Dunia period. That's the courts did not want them to talk into each other now. Interesting thing about this was that there isn't he? He's people allegedly released tapes because amber heard was the one who broke the court's order. Is that what the time slots went against the cost of the uncalled dip? Right and then recorded conversation. The conversation I've listened to the whole thing girl one composition. I and it's a couple of compositions if we released sue so one was released on the first of January and the second was this three days afterwards. The first one is an hour long second thirty minutes long. Roughly an hour half of this podcast OPD Moody's product. They want to read. What other people say? No units listen to what people what they said. These will listen to our.

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