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"op arecibo church" Discussed on KMJ NOW

"It was always like a primary in a sense because there were like 17 or 18 different candidates in there for the Republican and for the Democratic Party, because in fact your correct there, the third place finisher Got got almost a million voters, Republican 978,000 and behind that was another Democrat. They got 323,000. If you had all the votes up, there were more Republican votes in the word Democrat votes, But, yeah, it will be a very close race for Ah, for both sides. They have already begun the Op Arecibo Church, and there is a big opposition research dump last night by the law Flor Camp on Warnock. Claiming a bunch of different things. You can read about it out there in the press. I'm not gonna go into them. But, yeah, I mean, the race is already underway, even though they haven't finished counting all the votes. They know who the two will be on the run off and it's going to be a nasty race. I am quite Sure about that. Remember even the earlier when she was running the WNBA team, you reference that they owned basically, you know, um, disassociated themselves author and says that while her husband and she do on the team, she has no active role in the team and that you know that she has no policy making and that they have, you know, basically no love for her and don't want to be affiliated with her at all. Of the two races. Which one do you think it's more likely to go to the Republican, which one to the Democrats? They're both probably going to be narrowly Republican. Umm produced should be running better than this. You shouldn't be having this much problem. But again, all stuff is getting the full backing of the DNC and then the Democratic Senate Progressive Democratic Senate Committee. Lawford is probably not the best candidate. But because of their influence their money and their position within the state of Georgia and the Georgia Party. She was able to pull this off. She was appointed to the seat and this is the runoff. The basically keep that seat. So she will probably pulled out against Warnock. But again, these are probably both get me like you said. Very close races that just kind of a lean a couple points Republican. They're probably going to be 49 51 52 48 type of races because again they will just be the two people voting in there. They're just two people running. There won't be any third party candidates or anybody else in the races. Having trump not be part of election night. Do you think that helps the Republicans Because so much of what we've seen, you know, people coming out and voting and people who are energized, but you look and A lot of people voted for Trump. Yes, a lot of people. Republicans in particular, though, didn't vote for Trump. But when you go and look at their ballots while they voted you the third party of her Biden they were pretty much straight. Republican ticket down the line. Does this help or hurt not having trump on top of a ticket that day? Well, I think what we're going to really help her herd is whether Trump shows up in campaigns in Georgia, and that's gonna be based upon how popular is the fact that he is currently losing the presidential race by about you know, 14,000 votes. We probably indicate they will not send him down there. And as you've mentioned, he kind of has checked out a lot of things. Now that it looks like he is going to lose the election, so you probably won't go down there and they may tell him not to. But then again, Kelly Lawford's Lula a lot closer to Trump. And she may decide she may ask him to come down to run. She may think is gonna help her. It'll you know, we'll find out when the results are in. But you know, when you're 50 50 in the state, you're acting. You're absolutely right, though There are a lot of people That voted against Trump or didn't or didn't vote in the presidential race and then voted straight Republican down the line. I mean, Trump is a polarizing figure. I've said for a long time. He's not Republican. He's not Democrat is Trump yet? And for a lot of Republicans, the resident rubs him the wrong way. And for a lot of people that aren't Republicans. They love trump. So you know, he really kind of tosses up.

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