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"ontario reno" Discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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"ontario reno" Discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

"You know, CIA. Up everything he could. We got the forty seven point and it was still not competitive, and it wasn't up to Ronald led the whole way. Yeah. It was it was like always about six seven. And then they would right away to three or go fine. I never felt, there's never a moment that game I felt Golden State was in control of it. I thought Toronto looked like the better team on that. You know what there's something to be said? Toronto was getting easier baskets like whenever I watch a football game watch the first two series. Who's moving the ball more easily that tells you that a winning line play. It doesn't matter exactly what's happening. But if a team is creating holes, they're winning up front and a team that went up front early generally wins because they want up front early late. The owner situation. I came down pretty strong on it. I'll go to right on the money spot on. And I'm I'm dead serious because I thought they should tell them out of the ownership circle and banned him from the arena. Now, some people said, you're living in the moment, he's not a horrible human. He had a horrible moment, but this is not real life. You said it earlier, it's a country club that you have to be voted in. It's not just I have more money than you. Gimme a team. It doesn't work like that. There's a lot of Silicon Valley money. They did not let in exactly did. So, so that's not that's not the basis on you being an owner. And this is the same Commissioner. And I think Adam silver has to look at himself seriously and say, wait a minute you force, Donald sterling to sell this team over words, whether you agree with them or not in his own home, that will record it illegally you forced him to sell his team. And now you're telling a guy who actually may physics. Conduct tack with a player in arena, Ontario Reno or tape in front of everybody and you just going to say, well, he was apologetic that should never be allowed because you got fans looking and if you'd come down hard on fans and you tell them people you do not touch players. You just don't do it. You got to do the same joy, brought this up earlier and I think it's an interesting point. Let's people are saying, I'm overreacting but. I do think you do have to be a little more protective of an NBA player, hockey guys are protected by glass football baseball players by walls and distance gulford by rope. And tennis, generally, you know, you you're up in this case, stands in the NBA, I can literally, I've talked to NBA players during the game. Sure. So I do think as a Commissioner if you air on the side of protecting the players physical being. I don't think I think that's the side you should always be anew should always be a little harsh when it comes down to physical contact, I supported the players in the mouse and the palace. I got the most hate mail I've ever received and I always said, folks, your in an arena during the Coliseum. And they're throwing things at you what I would be, I would literally be like I'm throwing punches. I'm fighting for my life. It's nine guys against sixteen thousand people. Right. I get that. But the only thing that in that situation that was spared. But because it was a bad deal. It was a bad deal because there was children and kids in the stands and there with chairs would be thrown amid minute. Could have really really been bad, and they were fortunate that nobody got seriously heard, but you can't enter the stands. I get it the throwing because you, you go up there. You just said it. There's nine of you and you enter the stand, you don't know what people now. And back then doing. No metal detectors. You didn't know what a guy had if he was packing. He or had a knife. You didn't so that nobody has to go through. So let's segue back to this, though. You think silver was to light. I think it was too light..

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