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112  Wednesday Box Alarm  Culture Tip

Brotherhood Academy Radio

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112 Wednesday Box Alarm Culture Tip

"Welcome to the Brotherhood Academy Radio podcast Wednesday box alarm. This is the show where we bring you. Short commentary on Tactics Leadership Brotherhood and sisterhood. And everything in between we will link together as one continuing to serve this the Brotherhood of Academy Radio PODCASTS. Here's guys welcome back to the Brotherhood Academy Radio PODCAST. My name is Nick Hilton. And I'm here with your Wednesday box alarm you Wednesday box alarm if you didn't know Usually comes out on Wednesday. Sometimes it doesn't sometimes a little bit late but it is the shorter version of our full length. Episodes it's usually a quick tip. Commentary advice thought something random who knows all right but I wanna get into something real quick and it's called Culture K it's called culture beautified apartment and how it's very important to maintain that culture and to help that culture grow all right but what is one thing I mean. There's many many aspects of culture on your fire department right but one of them that holds close to me that I hold close to me. is personal relationships within the Fire Department. And what I mean by that is Getting the families together and doing family things together thinks outside of the fire department. Okay and that's important for your culture one thing that we do When I brought this up before we do our annual Memorial Day party unfortunately and I'm Kinda bombing and that's why I kind of talk about this coming because we had to cancel it this year and I didn't really cancel it. We had to postpone it. We couldn't do it on Memorial Day. Memorial Day was very different for us this year. The tradition just wasn't there right. We couldn't do our our parade. We march of a year. Okay this is the first year nineteen years. I haven't marched but we still put on our uniforms. We still went down to the center of town. And we did a memorial service right We did it. They called it a reverse parade. So we'd lined up on the side of the road right and we put a ladder arch up with the big giant American flag and and the citizens of town drove through right so we weren't marching but people were driving through and honoring the fallen that way. But we didn't get to do our party at our house. We always do a cookout right. Bring your own food. Bring your own booze. Bring your own kids all that kind of stuff Chairs Bring Your own shares. Bring everything that you wanNA bring. But we're going to provide the space and the venue. I guess you can call it in our backyard and the propane and our grill but that what that does though every years it gets people pumped up it gets people excited for summer and it gets people talking right and having conversations and it also helps people network introducing people New People to New People Right. We have friends from all different walks of life. We have friends from different Different things right. We have the fire department. We HAVE OUR BUSINESSES. We have work And we bring them all together into one yard and it's great and it helps culture okay it. It's it's really really good. If you guys can think of a way you know individually to come up with some sort of thing. I guess you can call it that you do right whether it's guys host the Christmas party at Your House or or maybe you do the annual Halloween Bash or the annual fourth of July cookout. Or something start doing that. Think of a way to create a venue or create an event for people to come all families within the fire department can come and socialize right into talk and to get to know each other and to joke around. That's what creates culture. That's one big thing that creates culture within your organization. So that's all I wanNA talk about. Today I'm bombed because we didn't get to do it this year but we're still going to. We're going to postpone. It rescheduled for next month. And I really away. I think that's going to be better because we usually do it right on Memorial Day right well this time. We're GONNA do it on a Saturday so I think any. I think more people are going to be willing to stay longer And to have a little bit more fun because they don't have to work hopefully the next morning So we're adapting and overcoming here. And that's what we do as firefighters there's There's my quickpoint for the Wednesday box. I hope it was good for you guys And we'll talk again next time. Get some good stuff coming up guys. Everybody stay safe. Time is valuable. You guys took the time out of your day to listen to this episode and it's much appreciated all right. Everybody be say friends. Please join the movement by sharing this podcast and sharing our social media accounts and visiting US at Brotherhood Academy Radio DOT COM Code Academy radio. Podcast is brought to you by salty hook media.

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Little Atoms 593 - Keith Kahn-Harris' Strange Hate

Little Atoms

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Little Atoms 593 - Keith Kahn-Harris' Strange Hate

"Little arms radio show about ideas and coacher with me poetry greedy to keep come harris welcome to little atoms a were here this week to to discuss your new book a strange hate anti semitism racism on the limits of diversity where did this come from monster of a spark careers on must be written or incident perhaps there were many he spoke for the this must be a sign that a thought i'd write a book about anti semitism i write a lot about jews about the jewish community voice refused to defined by jewish jewishness in negative time who is much more interested in living jewish community in studying deadwood so there was a threat there came a point where there was no way of ignoring it that was partly due to corbin's vince let the election's labor leader in two thousand fifteen but some of the roots of this of the book go back further died in two thousand fourteen i write a book called of the civil war which is about the conflict within the british jewish community arrests were out a lot conflict which is been heating up fee is not in jewish conflict has been worse and yes by anti semitism sub grabs the jewish community feel the other groups are colluding waves of providing cover friday semitism i thought deepens what is already a very very difficult conflict i've ever israel's so this book has been building some years as much as anything else you would attempt from me to to work through some of the intellectual practical difficulties of how we deal with this impossible conflict that's come cardi go your thinking about going in front of the subject a lot of these things does you know where internal that's supposed to to jewish community and i've even within the the left wing of the jewish community we have become incredibly you know public and the science and they have moved far down this case things like the conflict between speed groups like the jews labor movement and jade us and things like that but those those those didn't demerge just you know on the day courtroom was elected by no means no one of the things you'll see the bay but he's kind of played out to the border austin grudges conflicts the go back decades either you see that with some of the jewish a tease artis left to feel and quite reasonably inside that they've been abused marginalized with the jewish community for very long time and well i just not feeling good i think that they're justified in feeling that way they'll dow currently playing out you know the exact clear of age they now have a bigger platform from which to fight back since it's objects that they're using the jewish opinion as a way to fight in total jewish battles but that's not unique to them that happens to some degree across the board but i have to say that i've always felt the communities at their religious community should wash that does you know dream i liked the idea of communities circling the wagons i think bad thing how bad things happen when you dig but they experienced in the last few years is taught me the washington post laundry in public also has negative effects and cray openings for external actors he may have don't have the best interests of jews a hug so chapter headings are me in front of you mount promotion gas when we start off which is what the hell is happening which i think we condemn but a chapter three rogers is titled how the jews routed anti semitism that some interesting place to start from what do you mean by that well we bruin that semitism but make it complicated there was a time when jews adult james you water anti semitism wars but we bucks up that clear picture of anti semitism in essentially now is i'm not simple picture in sludgy what you described as consensus onto some of his yeah i took a book about what it calls consensus anti semitism which is virtual jews will recognize that semitic at also dog juice jewish anti semites see jesus security so it's it's targeted at old jews or or by store jay's but independence for period that kind of anti semitism which still exists is still a full foles has over time given way to what i call selective anti semitism in selective anti semitism is anti semitism directed at certain kinds of jews usually combined we find the semitic love directed at another condiments you so when i say how the jews where the anti semitism what i mean it's the diagnosis he made anti semitism much more complex anti semite says well all right if i get the impression that anti semitism is isn't quite as much fun as it used to be because most on tc bustling total do recognize the jews identical somehow fit their hatred of jews in two buildings but the dobermans used to pull yeah and i can't imagine that as as much fun is be a good old fashioned nutsy in part because of you know the post the post war consensus census is very few people are going to say yes i am a racist yes i want to see much so you have to complicate things by saying this kind of person but not this kind of person well i will say the the dog is worried that he is well and they ruined it by going so far the deal legitimized more subtle folks have ity semitism out associated people who may have a ditch taste virginia's she's been don't wanna kill every single what would the nazis so in the postwar period dot consensus the nazis are bad thing has actually been nope particularly helpful and i urge you talk about this in by previous book as well then they unspeakable trace which came out last year and i talk about how consensus isn't necessarily always a particularly helpful say because it's a it's a consensus of what he speak to people right robbing a consensus about what people actually feel inside yeah so you heart talk like an old style nazi very easily anymore although you could argue they becoming resurgence every day in in recent years a so you have the kind of hide or dissemble if you wanna hate james says selective anti semitism is to some extent a a response to the facts of the she's made anti he said this is a very difficult but you did i mean do you bring up this setting 'em quotes from muscles information from nineteen forty six or forty eight five adult fields i got i myself but but way where you think i mean in in our in our heads there is there is european senators and then there's i just had the holocaust reverend goes my word that that was terrible maybe maybe we've gone too far in this book about still nineteen forty six nineteen forty seven british paper quite openly saying jews are a problem you know james champ i don't think she should be allowed in the country but as you as you point out in there is a point where no one saying we should kill all of them all the time well i think it's one of the sticky the characteristics of of british anti semitism of the been very a corrosive and certainly that important thread in british history but it is tending to avoid the boat more violent kind of expression that you've seen it other countries but even that sort of something about jay anti semitism declined independence for period alone wins the decline in racism mr speaker below option i'm not saying the person suddenly became an anti racist country i think he did i think racism out anti semitism have a broad and deep presence in bush's life as in other countries as well but at this openly anti semitic openly racist discourse a became groggily or don't say gradually de legitimize the postwar period while we accept the idea the us says as a society the very few people approaching us cassock extremist national action will stand up and say yes we are definitely understatement that's her definitely racist so we have the societal concept of racism about i mean i've seen nick griffin say he's not a racist i said you know what i'm you know david irving say oh i don't hate jews dynasties kind of thing but so we've we've we've got the got this on one level but very few of us arms burry fully internalize that high days when it's less well if it's easier easier to adopt a facade of anti racist disclosed to be a racist what other things would argue i think quite strongly in the book is anti racism is i shouldn't even reintegrating difficult and that applies not just to people like big griffin who clearly are racist nj i'm gonna take it could've been there on top of it to the second respectability difficulty even applies to people who define themselves as principally analogy racist and there'd be voting on racist activity it's a decade still a i don't think there's been enough awareness of how tough it is to relive it analogy racist matter i think the example the springs right now they do mentioned the bookers they in the case of jeremy corbin's comments about the design of not understanding british irony which you i wouldn't quite cuts in stock called but but failed bringing level of understanding tuned to well let's take a call that which became which is become quite maybe start loading instructions on explains is raging listeners in case i mean mischief a that was a public meeting i think ultimately house of cards that i think it was before he became without his definitely before it came labor leader and he he was reported is making a scathing comments comments about this not understanding english already by living here all that life is actually bebo specifically that what he was referring to was a cop whole i think it was two very well done and groceries pro israeli hepatitis who were osceola could question too big for disruptive these people selling the tourists in palestinian circles and detours in jewish as well that fairly exasperated at all with presence so i won't hold it would side with directed at the specific individuals mitigated somewhat but it doesn't listen up completely because it would be one thing to say to the lab that sense of already fair enough that that kobe lots of public garden modeled insult the denver against the thoughts of say lifted they split all their life and he was negatively comparing him to i think it was a palestinian i'm not saying yes who did understand already despite the fact that he was with the british and i think that does take you into at mystic territory but i think the reason for it off the window whatnot instead came to light it was treated by some corbin's distract us out of a hot the bus finally split right we see through all of the but you could see here is that semitic rebulk this is proof that he is he semitic drops his real nature but i think it's a bit more complicated than that what i think it was was as a response to exit aspiration of the way it's an ad guy he let fly when he let fly he chose he drew or people will probably are called just discourse the was i submitted the that's why i to racism is difficult to racism has to be strong enough to survive say this in the book a it has to it's about those periods wendy other is being oxley titan you know if you combine that that you have to look to sell some say how deeply racist i buy innocent little often this week were talking to keep come harris about strange hayes anti semitism racism on the limits of diversity kids will come back to a huge just dressing just before the break there about getting on and people even when they're being anti racism even when other site iran so to speak but i won't talk about it take to we're talking about the the nazis and the holocaust now they'll costs nixon looms over any discussion what kind of damage in a way is the holocaust due to anyone trying to ride a bike contemporary or you know modern day or almost non non nazi she were lasers onto someone is my guess whether it's a real double by what writing about this sort of on the services of the domestic in person that debate would say the light the party by using the term anti semitism to describe it a tub which is closely associated with the holocaust then you wind up risk baking contemporary expressions of anti semitism see actually trivial or a complete placing the tape suggesting that jeremy corbin's remark about to jews don't understand they already big the same is jumping in columbia gas in the kind of stood as outfits which is clearly upset so it's a real problem and i think one way we have to address that is just seeing the holocaust as certainly part of the history of anti semitism baseball tonight semitism and anti semitism going back much love the times scale but not necessarily approached the typical example of it in some ways the holocaust is very atypical but it's a very difficult arguments in the white bank because there is a huge huge minefields here yeah people are credit abuser incredibly sent sivan don't just uses well and to some extent that's right to be sensitive about it but i think the holocaust way they dominate discussions of jews anti semitism a it's not helpful yeah it's not helpful and i'm not saying we should ignore it but we should perhaps a understand it better it it's called tax that it is times i think a lot of things i guess a lot of people will get the immediate the thing is any kind of accusation or suggestion this action or or do you not are no words might be on dismissing the major things are you calling me a nazi and then if you're saying like if you're not calling me not say that i'm not anti semitic like so what you're saying here and then it opens up i guess all the discussions which oldest come through are or at least some comes very huge day in the past four five you got for five years have been talking about this name of accusations about faith which in themselves well to be fair most critics of quote in the jewish community does not say i mean there are few people the fringes to do in game chain accusation the the design rush a most people about castle no to that but you mentioned by face they're not is they do issue which is dominating anti seventies in debates in light of the first lowest it's been going on which is this a incredibly circular process when someone makes an accusation yeah the pesticide though you were doing this to a that's a way of defending his round so i recently under the weather's puck comes will come out there was a pete will smith who is a member of the latest national executive committee a tool cake about how essentially arguing the basic he's been there from the gym jewish sections of the policy of essentially agents of of these ratings state a which is an argument that essentially the cynics take heed the body and don't make accusations that based on real emotion the problem is those oxidation those a little bit by contracting stations to which is the these denials of anti semitism but don't make a good face either but i don't think that's true i think i certainly see what jeremy corbyn personally do accusation that he is anti anti semite offense his deep sense of self and i think that's true with a lot of people have been cold that and it is deeply waiting for them to the point that it's very difficult for them to share the good face any accusations it's also difficult to hear the good faith in the dog which is at the site that everybody's right because i don't think everybody's right but i think that this is not a cynical debate there are specific to and there are some who know exactly what you're doing ended up playing other people like a piano but i think that's over smu minority i think everybody involved in this is very passionate it's a very hug by walks away all that doesn't mean that everyone equally responsible but it means that it's role to see this as a clash between a sitting in real people but this dog i think that there is a strong strong new book when you talk about thee i guess i guess the the the very strict and not meant idea of their individual there there there is the process religious identity glad that and say i'm the weaken divide these items entirely on the on the they told us citizen almost kind of christian kind of hate the sin of the sooners type thing where where you could just completely separate comes out of respect for an individual's integrity but like an entirely hate their politics and i couldn't hardly a not recognizing that the politics just like a religion come be a part of identity that needs to be it's not tolerate that understood yeah i mean that's what really the central one of the central point of my book that's why the doesn't just apply to choose the other other groups to which is inconvenient facts the jewish i did see he's off the into what even with particular political identity is usually is august but sometimes i t's artist is well that's not unique to the gym muslims and christians and also some other groups see that particular identities as a part of a political vision or vice versa they don't often see that beijing this politico which is a problem when she's a singer beings artist is part of what it needs to be achieved they'll find it very difficult to acknowledge that is autism is a political ideology like any other so we get into a terrible mashed which is that love love the hate to say it just doesn't work it's simply a fact that if you attack designed this without you tap that that you will end up making some jeans at least feel like now personally outdoor attacked on semitism and that leads to a major major problem which is it's absolutely nuts arguing the autism should be up for the ticket for questioning the quote questions autism is to be decided to see but but i am saying that unless you're incredibly castle that is how many of these jews will see it and so what i try to do in the book he's tried sketch out a way forward from that which was very very difficult successful at least that guy but others are the book 'em deals where it's highway the nature of what a big shows called super diversity particularly in in cities like where we in london and new york so yeah the powers and yet where where you know even in the past fifty years we had we had you had certain boxers like there may have been a lot of ethnic groups at there weren't there were this endless multiplicity of people that you can you can no longer usefully pigeonholed usefully put in a place where these people living in a certain place and they believe the certain things and they go to their certain they worship in this certain church are temple everything becomes incredibly more complicated even for people who of as you say scene inside his lifestyle magic racist or or were describing sounds really kind of very pro diversity well it's it's a mixture when he crazies a mixture of indoor and outdoor which acidification victor it's and assess it a village some of the one had we have to delegate a society with a multiplicity of different groups at my of minorities are minorities orange his with their mind or a starbucks to provide quite recently or simply purchase people don't know much about even very well informed british people necessarily know well about all the other have we done both of them we noted on how white and this is why my dear i think has has has radically transformed things in the sense the differences that wild shot at inconvenient facts about that difference are also on the show is well it would have been possible thirty or forty years and guys to say i love jeez you know much about what they represent while they believe politically we have the same with muslims night in analogy racist white or any or even in the ratio thought it was possible to feel that you used but that was partly his minorities were and how relatively recently off the politically quietest yes but what majority stop being politically required says it happened once they're entitled diverse itchy and that politically commitments or shy we're off the left scrambling around don't quite how to react as i say this all mixture serving durance adult age and that is that is one of the things you if you look a lot of debate about anti semitism you don't just protected this off the have a really weird mixture clients talked about hides the jews but absolute ignorance about other things and not every play the colts window nearly minorities in this country that understanding it's a it's already been relatively recently ended up being fully aware of how it was about islam i mean i've known for a long time but they were shia city vague idea of what what they represent said represented but i noted that share his principal has multiple streams with them ads and i'm still struggling to try and educate myself that and so i don't blame people have tried fees all the little the sort log frost adult age that that they claim to about jay's but there's no doubt that it has very serious consequences and i think he writes anti racism or the possibility of it because people suddenly fronted with the fact that minorities all minorities were there minorities may beliefs thing just austrailia board you know otherwise shut up about it but we are at least i guess it's something i've always said they would least at least acknowledging that groups do have their own internal comics in terms of politics and everything else that goes with the company comes simply say these are jeeves also when you every every few years there's a yes someone will turn up on on facebook's and they were they were the picture to confirm the terry carter saying all these people on zion senior therefore have yeah not happening now that i think people are slowly i think where the fourth jews were the forefront of this because we we really valley and we shut up so in a relatively how how's it why we've we've been i wouldn't say educating but at least informing the notable juice in the side right i muslims are sort of in their own how how did better also catching up in total diverse city which is not something that the web original series of multiculturalism divested iteration started imagine sixties and seventies there were released things were dressed you know about these people who grow up in nazi racist jury that period of the have no idea how to deal with it so be very charitable hearsay understand died they a the difficulty of dealing with this but what i'm saying is excusing it i'm not excusing it inside the anti racist or off the woefully naive after smug about the challenges in working for a relatively combat idiots diverse society in the twenty first century and i get anytime i'd say three times get prosecuted yet subscribed entrenchment when talking about anti semitism and as you said it's still very stuck in you know jazz hit these are you know they were terrible things that happened in europe in the thirties and forties 'em under they're you know a lot of people who say their findings on phobia tend to almost almost entirely focused on western foreign policy rather than really thinking about their effects western foreign currency and foreign policy resident folks in what's happening people here in one yard with again the discussions about winning communities and example is it just the vice a patient between all the it during the problematic aspects of set my dog's paws minority politics or treat you it's just so central did essentially reduce a people from anti racist protection no so all the last campaign against islamaphobia all stood prevention engagement with the reality is if you still have this politics and similarly or a with regard to jerry's leave the fact active majority support designers after means the jews cannot be incorporated inside a racist practice without a lot of difficulty but i know people have made this point before but what i'm doing is say sending jason muslims up against each other yeah i don't say you know white cloth you treat just like you treat the muslims in trenton muslims like you're treating the james and you do see accrued bishop not all three scary around what i'm trying to develop a fool with that racism the civil rights not legit minority diversity dollars worth of it without compromise so how do we do the well just wrote a book about i'm struggling i suppose i'm about to start a debate about this what i suggest in the book is the most important take variety racist today is to restrain love the reason why were these terrible state about services of the labor party is because most of the key players who could accused of anti semitism have a real father sympathetic love particular forms of jewish tradition of the how about reconcile followed cells to be existence of jews who jumped all of those particular traditions so what i'm suggesting is by restraining love for you your favorite choose and everyone has favorite soldier james although the complete they're not in my restraining love field favorite's sorts of june it might be easier to relate to your less than the favorite songs have shirt jake i'm suggesting hide the way of responding to divest and see we were straight and coercion raw the celebrate tori rather a celebration kind of rhetoric i'm suggesting a way of big cities he's garbage watchful castle at it's not a particularly pleasant vision and it goes against my deepest stinks stinks which off the dialogue engagement love and all that kind of good stuff but i think we reached the point i think we need to that has a lot to do with it a social media obviously particular wet step back for the break of selective edge racism at to navigate the divest stevens exists we have to practice some something much more castle much more difficult and much more cautious but one of the things i do emphasizing the book is the missions noted arguments against diverse city in fact i got says the increase in recent years starting to see how bad he idea that the border should ideally beers i put his possible as the reason for that is climate change and the billions there's no billions of refugees sort of gonna have the we have in the future and i basically say if we have any charge to welcome the huge numbers of people that ethically we bust welcome in future decades that they're gonna have to understand the dynasty is not always easy we have to have a politics have diverse city the works better they hardly does now because there is no doubt the whilst haters against immigration are almost always wrong where they talk about the negative consequences of immigration if you were to bring in the five ten fifteen billion people in a short space of time in person it would be incredibly difficult it would cause problems and i i think we should should be let in five ten fifteen million people not necessarily now but certainly if climate change goes the way it's going within the next what you'll so yes i do that we're gonna have to let go of naive lee celebrate sheree visions of of diverse city at work with a much tougher mud what we are absolutely committed to exist in the city in society but without any allusions but it's easy to do it it's a great note and on 'em harm that it's no fun i mean this is this is a fairly a frustrating thing is difficult book that includes neil jay partly to take away from the site that it's it's it's a very bleak strengthened eight is available at from the picture books now case thank you very much sex left this episode little armies was presented by may portrayed by scott

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The QB Scho Show #39: Drowning With Mitch Trubisky

Bleeding Green Nation

35:10 min | 1 year ago

The QB Scho Show #39: Drowning With Mitch Trubisky

"Hey there podcast pals I'm John Stolnis the host of the Phillies pod hidden season one of the shows that podcast twice a week for all the fills goodness you could ever want and make sure to check out our other the nation and espy nation I am your host Michael Kissed me on twitter at Michael at the bit to do this specific show he is Mark Scofield follow him on twitter at the Mr Kiss just nailed it in the cold open right there but I will say Michael it's now hold it up at my hands for those watching news channel eight a copy of Oxygen Court by an Cari woman perhaps the most famous of all the battles of the Hundred Years War between England and France but England's victory on it was a young lad that has become famous along with the drawings he put in that journal in that poem it Scalp to the Teeth Berendt down the French peasants went the verse Lennon Shakes in his play Henry the fifth invocation of a band of brothers show think themselves accursed they were not here and hold their manhood cheap was any scented and the battle of the Basser the largely outnumbered English Forces Day was wet the ground muddy and the French forces were in heavier armor as curry rush hour all the more frightened for intermittent had the effect of slowing them down a small space narratives tell us that they were so crushed together that could not lift their weapons mm suffocation the mud contributed to this once fallen it was difficult to get up Henry had deliberately set his deployment away which trap the French now much snow struggling for air top of one such heap but Michael Does it not also uh-huh sexually big that's that's that's a good correlation there I was thinking like the piled French and it just sucked away from them now as I as I roll through my mentions from the summer liking every Louis Longbow I'm sorry thank you English Longbow how excited are you against against the eagles other than you know have a game changing fumble and then I'd Gotten Mitchell red iron and just went through some of the headlines and it's just gloom doom they have sent for bisky hater in fact it's not a tweet I'm going to call it a speech because I don't want to it's up there with Alexander the Great speech at the High Dempsey's river where he said live if you want to survive you gotta fight for it that speech by me wrong quarterback unquote now every now and then I go back through and and scroll through the mentions to the same standard of accountability that they wanted me held to when they Robo quarterback which I think he was like the seventeenth alternate last year that's a think you picked before together offense with Chinese newspaper clippings and apple cores because he knows double mastermind for carrying the dead weight to one and done his home favorites about a quarterback that you can't even trust to the point last week against the chargers it's hard to be over the top with quarterback trubisky that takes the ball over at unfortunate it is that an organization set themselves back four years at by his kicker whichever one it is they're using as the scapegoat for the week that is you want to know how that Matt Nagy One coach of the year and to steal a phrase about the British infantry in World Surrey draft capital to make a serious move for a top quarterback this team simply the anger emanating from every wide receiver from their fan base viable playoff contender is a hot take Nagy's magnum opus you had to put up with writing about him for W I can't imagine trying to put editor in chief Lester a wolf on junior I don't I don't want an apology from people here's our sustenance and mark one person I don't own apology to is ultimately this is where I see the bears and if you haven't experienced this specific the breakers start hitting and you're too far from the shore you're kind of in that if you keep doing that without any kind of breaker luck you can die you might did the other day are drowning and it's all because of their quarterback because the past seven minutes of pure excellence and I feel that first half they have a I in goal at the one and offensive would there rookie running back David Montgomery and it's a disaster and it's a disaster and on the quad side of the formation where you would think you would at least show the ability soon the guys don't block because apparently that wasn't an option built into the the one yard line they keady get that right and then like you say they I have in their quarterback has crippled this franchise this is an organization that should back they could have beaten many teams in the playoffs they could've easily beaten the new ooh and many bears fans have taken these soothing balm of he's a very clutch quarterback three to half quarters of the game and when he needs to be clutch it's too little too only Baker Mayfield's Ryan Fitzpatrick Sam Darnold Marcus Mariota case keenum he's behind players that have been benched you have a quarterback that is just good enough to be viable but never good enough and they have a decision to make it seems that Matt Nagy is doing his best so they decide to move on I will tell you that every week for my editors are pro give us the guys that can at least push Mitch for next year and beyond the guys could at least later coached at Oregon yeah okay well can you do that he might be an upgrade definitely seems to love him back but what's the other problem facing them they don't have up to the top of the draft board you not get your hands on to you're not getting your hands on borough you're not get to watch so bears fans it's your come to Jesus moment you mentioned being a lawyer Michael coming in you need to sort of have your decision time now will you need to reevaluate like and look we're going to have the kiss and so lack preview show where we look at the Barisan offense against the Eagles four pass in concept four wrecked they will run all backfield last week they did it with Cohen Aligned as a win they will run has been to simply find different raised to run mirrored curl flat. That's all your quarterback and decipher and comprehend you're sick and ship you're playing music there's no point in doing that none will be back his rozier and Dr Trevor Drunk as we discussed all the ways the phillies have hurt us on our podcast insiders analysis of breaking news and stats stats stats together we'll survive unfocused your avengers of college football podcast it says in the script onto riff on what did you talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the S. or in your favorite podcast APP and we are back here we can say about Mitch Trubisky and we can move on like the bears should I five mile an hour sustained winds with swirls in the stadium and gusts over forty active made some key conversions also made some very key conversions with his legs from whence I don't know what you take away from his game other than the fact that the eagles scheme they had the pony package with a sixty five yard miles sanders touchdown run was Nice Susan and getting a key conversion I think this just a solid game from whence an even better job from the is bills defense up close and personal over the past couple of years and see what they are able to do to and I think he's an impressive win for any team that needed an impressive win at this point in the season I think other linebacker you know the guards wash down the defensive tackles you know Mike Approach in there he has been fantastic to watch and so you know the the offensive line did a look at second and ten in the second quarter the eleven thirty seven Mark Seconded Tenth Egos play it's very similar to the Haas conversation we've been having over the past couple of weeks it's a perfect read it's a perfect decision he hits his drop in the pocket does everything is as it should be and again we get a little bit of a spun safety look might be a two man under blitz type of package and they spit it to this single high look right at the snap been more comfortable with what he's seeing trusted his is trusted what's going on around the leaks but we saw it here yeah this this is really nice because when you watch him from the end zone angle the best safety is bailing to that deep zone when he looks to his right he should see another safety awful spot like a wave for the only person that can make a play on this ball is Al Shawn Jefferson Out of it here and good job by Jeffrey there there was little sloppy conditions there was a lot downfield throws that whence was asked to make and when he was asked to make when you look at you look at Josh Allen what happened to his on his one like deep the downfield passing game was not an option but what the eagles were able to do is just scheme of speed for him on that that third dowd where he has the screen and around but number two I had nowhere else to go my offensive linemen are going in that situation he didn't freeze up he fluidly transitions from passer to run her one of the few downfield shots at the actually toil yeah but I love the subtle auto sort of shoulder shrug it's a subtle move but if you watch the corner he's over out and Jeffrey is gone and when you see once he knows it so he comes right off to prevent that free safety from rotated over making a play on it so even though it's windy we need to see more of that and and this was really encouraging from whence from a perspective where we were looking at Dallas cowboys and held onto the ball longtime I think he was the second longest time to throw that week it's a form of what we had been seeing all season from from a mental the hell is Levi Wallace looking at while he's looking at the slight pump fake from we'll be putting up on twitter thank you good

Phillies John Stolnis sixty five yard Hundred Years seven minutes four years one yard
GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 820: Murray Hail Mary, Harden To The Nets and  Coaching Mulligans

GSMC Sports Podcast

1:54:16 hr | 2 months ago

GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 820: Murray Hail Mary, Harden To The Nets and Coaching Mulligans

"This is your alternate staffer. Everything sports the golden state media concepts or podcast. Should i say more from the nfl. Mlb the nba mma. It's all in here. Golden state media concepts sports podcast. Listen down well on the by embassy. Podcast network mining's pleads before we get started today take the timeout to remind you as always if you haven't already scripted podcasts. Me she snaps owed michelle on top. Drop our latest stuff. Also gives a five star rating rice interview wherever your pocket at. It'd be very appreciative. Very helpful has like dislike the ways you can improve all that fun stuff and also female social media museum finest their twitter instagram facebook. We can talk debate. We can discuss. And i mean it's only right that we kick off this episode talking about What i thought could be one of if not the game today in approved to live up to that billing cardinals bill on start off with the nfc as whatever but this game which is too good. That you know had started out. I mean again. If you saw the game you know why. I desire for this. You didn't see the game. You probably saw the ending the game. Which again would remind you. Wanna talk about this first. So is it this game on paper it was going to be a good game two teams that are playing very well right now. The bills came in at six and three. The cardinals came in at six two so again a good match. Good teams both teams. Were playing with officers are playing well defenses. I mean could be better. I mean they could be worse but they could be better so you knew that you knew that it was going to be situation where points or possibly going to be put on pause again. If you've got good allen Murray you knew that there was a pretty good chance that they were going to be a lot of points scored in this game and it did not disappoint the teams combined for sixty. Two points said it was the kind of offensive game that we thought it was going to be It was a big. It was a bit more buffalo early They lead sixteen to nine at half. The connors really couldn't couldn't Couldn't we punch ball. They had to kick three field goals in the first. I've been there like like ago. Saying both teams were driving the ball moving the ball. Well just that they get I'm bob down. And then they would to have to settle for bose. They kicked field goals of. I think it was like twenty something. Hit the twenty three yard. Field goal of forty two are on a twenty one yard field goal in the first half. The cardinals did while the the bills got a touchdown on a as as mackenzie like fake reverse. Like of like losing gonna get like a jet sweep in like dua back to josh allen. Which again is not new. If you've watched any of those often you know. They like to do creative things with their With our with albums with their where. They use their receivers Quarterbacks having them having them like. I said new jet swedes in different types of screening in different things like they rendezvous. All is is very good and very creative with that often. So in nashes another wrinkle on that it's not the first time on a touchdown pass. I believe thing didn't catch one in the playoffs. Lashings texans i could be wrong about that. But makes i'm pretty sure that he he He had a touchdown pass. I mean like that before Some other now they weren't able to get a whole lot going at satterfield. Goes well in the in. The first half of their will belong to the fifty four yard field goal fifty five yard field then time asking the fifty eight yard field close out the half so he was clearly on it today but again indoors. In dome like you you would take that without the win. The different things to affect it may may be able to have a chance to get some of these things going in the second half comes The bills come out at the half. In score touchdown now there are twenty three two nine so ooh okay can come back. The boat is going to run away at this. You will now. And that's when calamari returned on the pupil and raise are utilizing his legs. He had a he had a one yard. Touchdown run on zone. Read a fifteen yard touchdown run and I mean i know we just had the mar. And obviously he's considered like the green Running quarterbacks based off last year. I get that but mccollum was doing. His right now is absolutely phenomenal. I think he came into the game at double check this but i'm pretty sure he came into the game with me. Let me run. A numbers require tries to rushing touchdowns. Yes he had me coming in. Lafayette eight coming into the game. And now yet another to ten rushing touchdowns already whereas if you look at lamar even from last year like i don't know eight thousand yards. But i don't know if he had this many touchdowns i league Double check that for you guys to make sure. But i said if if there's anybody that could catch end slash past the more comes running a reputation. I think it can may very well. We'll be caller. Murray especially if you base it off of what's going on this year because he's said he's he just different running the ball he just needs these different especially at that size yet. He only had seven rushing touchdowns last year. Granted twelve yards so Ways to get to that. But like i said you only had seven. Colorado is already at ten through nine games. They've is legit. Chances didn't get the fifteen rushing touchdowns i said. We'll see how congress finish out. But i think he could be. He could finish second or third. depending on. aaron rodgers talked about the seattle in a second but in russell wilson buddy coinciding with her in the mvp race just because again. Just the the the what. He's doing with both arm and his legs Cardinals are winning Ah gasoline mahomes right now. That wanted to Putting up but in terms of who's gonna finish behind him. I i think hamas chances any to do that's like i said he got going there in the third quarter Utilizing his legs a lot. More and i mean the karma says as a whole on the game really ran the ball very well on the bills so again the defense not really what. You'd hope it would be then. The end of that game was absolutely spectacular on the disabled. Least you have you had the bills. Who after a dodge allen did some things the do a couple of interceptions in the second half when they were up on the first thing. Second led to the fifteen yard touchdown by cuyler encounter Reception back For toys layer for charity got picked off than their the building capitalize on that then. What's it called josh. Onto another pick later on the game this woman was a drinker. Patching years like oh josh allens gonna do things. He's on the game away and then the currently capitalize on unfortunately got the ball back in the bills. Drive down. paul play. Seventy eight yard. Josh on hit stefan digs on a amazing route. I mean patrick peterson. I'm sorry but you just eat. Nobody wants was it is what it is. I mean stuff on days as they were as i said when it happened may very well be the best receiver in the league this year. Don't buy that far because we'll get to. Who could be a home in a second. But he's been spectacular. He's been everything bills fans in the bills. Ownership josh allen sean. Mcdermott rendezvous would have wanted when traded form and then some I imagine no-fence kirk cousins by imagine s crazy. It sounds before the season to save this. I'm very happy he got look. Minnesota's now has dash allen throwing the ball instead of kirk cousins Which is again while to say the at this point on just because of the fact that again before with all you'd be like honoring we know about that one because i don't think either that good but now it's clear as day that at least that least dot on this year is better than kirk cousins. So i says that thirty. They connect on thirty four things. I feel like okay. Yeah this one's over dag. The bills came back. They won dash island. You know john does kinda has its mistakes than is good at the end. He got the win and in column. Murray says not so fast. My friend Deandre hopkins says. Oh he's the best receiver in the league are. Let me remind you who i am. Who i believe will put a thousand dollars with literally guys off the street at quarterback down houston hampson. The cardinals go forward. Plays seventy five yards. They cap it off with a hail mary which will more or less. A as it was like a forty three yard touchdown pass but Scrambles evades the roughly. If you wash your highland glittery every aspect of that apply is amazing first. Caller scrambling left Evading sacked so. He doesn't get tackled because if he did it would have been a disaster Turn like running rolling left turning he even the ball up Down there obviously jumping up through those offenders not one not two but three including trae white and all pro caliber corner Snapping the ball over them bring it into a test. I mean if you like when people will talk about getting malls like that's the literal definition of like what the either houghton's did right there in that moment. So he jumped over three them. Sizable comes down with the cardinals win. They're taking me on the on point after because again. There's no reason to go forward. In case gets blocked. There is bad. Snap whatever now returning tie game so unless at that was it the kickoff Matter because again those plays barely ever worked like that. Some cardinals comeback. After the bills comeback that game spectacular ending was your tackler. And like i said as good as defined x.'s. In how good is he's been this year. We need to remind ourselves the hopkins. Is that a guy like luscious lesser till the end up being is that guy has been guy still. Is that guy. Unless you're gonna be seeing for years and years to come especially like i said a car pulls up. Mp this year you're going to dislike that that that catch play that the everything's gonna be everywhere for a long long time that game. Spectacular ending was tackler Charlotte car shot the deondraye. I mean i. I never yell watching. Tv when i saw it was absurd. So yeah just trying to try to take it back down to some other. Big games in the nfc of the bucks got back on the right track. They absolutely smoked the panthers Forty six point. The college again out there brady was great. Forty one three touchdowns lana jones. I like what ninety eight year. Ninety eight yard touchdown may one guy missing Just outran everybody else Mike evans had a touchdown. Gronkowski touchdown came on. Breaks down into your brown was utilized more goblins utilize more like i said. This is what the br box could look like if they're going in like like if it is this today they're going to be like studying envy testing to be Than yeah just one of those things that you curious to see how they were bounced back after the game clearly bounced back in a big way and now. They've got the rams next week on monday night so that should be interesting one because the rams along with the cardinals Now tied at the top the embassy west due to their win against the seahawks the corner. Thanks i as this moment according to espn's standing so Dunno zagreb tiebreakers there. There's probably conference division record because they tune out yellow teams have at least one more so Though they're tied up at the top but like i said yeah the ross. At another one of his bad games. I believe he has like nine or ten turnovers that in the last four games place at all the mvp is that we take a step back on the ball over way too much through to more picks today and they weren't even even when he was pilot targeting daveramsey. They were avoiding jalen ramsey for most of the game and yet still now like i said he added Had a couple of big turnovers. I think he might have fumbled to. He fumbled to moves bass naby genius like instead he they would pick it up. I'm trying to think about the picks it was. It was williams the rookie league out one of them now. Yaffa they did both have both Google through one of the first one. second yeah no both often. He's been playing really well as a rookie and a sneaky thing about the rams that their defense certain second half has been excellent this year. Which again mean people are talking about. I don't. I don't think it's getting much notoriety in praises. It should be like the ramsey concession. Second half we said Someone like they only given up a thank. You go to check it like football pro football reference or something like that like they've given up like six scoring drives in the second half in the seconds games this year As opposed like next closest teams washington with ten says thirteen percent of their draws in the second half on defense. They've given up scores on. And i said that that's not. Even that doesn't matter feel touchdowns whatever they may say. There are three or four points in the second half of game. So i don't know what type of justice they make halftime but clearly. They're working because they are dominant in the second half on defense. That's going to be a big thing moving forward because offense still isn't isn't bad isn't great. Isn't what it once was. But it's not bad but the defense can like this turnovers Get stops hold teams like i said Basically points second half games going to be tough to beat going forward so About that hat goes on. Also the sayings Dominated the niners which again not surprising but the big story out of that is that drew brees plan the second half so have to see what happens with with that orion everything that comes back because that could be interesting development also. We saw what happened last year when they have to Than they were without drew brees Went five. If i remember correctly so i don't i i'm would. I do believe that. James could do a similar things better since the game. They are coming up to play the falcons twice the broncos. The eagles the chiefs game will be tough but this is their next four games against teams. That aren't really that good to not saying they might have drew brees but james step in. I don't think it'd be the end of the world But again just gonna be interesting development because again the the thought process behind the teams jobs. And he's going to be the one who lead them to blouson pinched super bowl so that if he has any sort of injury whether it's serious here's or whether it's gonna ale him the rest of the season not to be big development as we move forward Gaming marissa doing things that said more catches eighty frady three yards and another touchdown. So he's basically they're are taught running back in also the leading receiver at this point. They let us stay hill too much. Liking i'm sure is that in the last thing i want to touch on. Was the giants wall that lines. Washington's of nutty to they wash like a fifty nine yard or something like that after the lions after Tried to build a game. It was it was kind of a weird situation Be as one thing about the giants. Only because i know i was really talked about during the game. A little bit if you wouldn't have. Is you to but if you did talk about like the you re coaching tree in the balata coaching through tree and highlight the belgian. Coaching tree. Hasn't been that good. But at least from the recent guys that patricia brian flores and now joe judge their getting their guys to play hard like they may not have the talent they have the skill of some other teams. They played but like they play teams hard all year more or less like i said they gave the bucks a couple of weeks ago. Everything they can handle barely helped the bus berry held on on that one like i said they. They played eagles close last time. They played the rams chlorine the put the bears slowly early in the year. That steelers close only early in the year on the team they got they got blown out by was nice funny enough. That was i guess. That was a good the really good nick moms. They're naturally it everything. Every games been within Oh yeah everyone of their losses but one the steelers game. That was the ten point. But everyone's been within one score. Which again is impressive for a team that you look at it on paper like this team is not good. They don't have you. Don't have this guy that guy don't have discount basile but somehow again they're competitive. They're always in games. Like i said they got a win today. Daniel jones did a good job. Not turn the ball over Their running game was solid Gum continued to kill the eagles. On the ron which is mind coming off by the because again you would think the one thing they would prepare for was a quarterback run but apparently jim she was not like having a job because he did not Also a defense which isn't like great it's like solid and continued to be solid. I mean they struggled on in the running game but secondary wisely read and give up a whole lot. Bradberry continues to be good. Beagles can redo a whole lot Generate some pressure got. What was it three sacks on on wednesday throughout the game and Yeah i really don't know who's gonna win. That division now is not really an impressive feat for whoever does win it. But i'm just saying at this point right now. It's like you could argue the giants at three and seven and the three wins being over the eagles in washington twice are the best division. That'd be legitimate argument. I feel like people would be like. Yeah you know what you're the best thing that division at three and seven right now again is wild to think about Shot up to them on the things they suck Somebody has to get fired at this point whether it's where jambo whether it's i mean does lying if i during the year give a play on at least because came the by offense look completely the same did pre by no new plays formations. They're still using jalen. Hurts in weird ways No creativity with ad running. Same zone replays all on and are shocked when they don't work you're gonna put in hartson like at least take off the field so you think they could pass the ball on the field. You know nine times out of ten. They're not gonna pass because like you're not gonna have your core by go out. There and run around does make sense listed. There used you as him wrong. A mouse anders era. Five point seven yards per carry. It's only fifteen carries in a game that was relatively close most of the game. Which again is mind. Boggling is i think he's he was coming to game like one of the leader in yards per carry even again and he's still has gotten twenty carries a game. I wanna say once. I could be wrong about that. I know even got a once your first game that he played against. The rams only got twenty carries michigan is is still crazy to me. so yeah untargeted Couple of drops. That wasn't good but on the ground he should be getting eighteen to twenty carries. The game the way. He's writing again if the running not working different story but rankings rumor now so why not utilize but maybe that's just me like i said i don't think that are get the ball to your best players often as you can. Seems like a simple concept but eagles may often car. So i mean maybe i don't know on palm because clearly these offensive thereafter staff. Doug everybody they get. They get paid to coach in. Nfl somehow so they must know something that i'm not seeing about. Why plug it running offense this way because it seems life giving you watch other teams play other offenses in the us. Creativity designs different things. You dislike it on. Move at the same sport as it's been this way for three years now. Post super bowl office looked staggering different players in their. Oh last year was like we just need some speed now. Gas be donald. Do to speed on said. Just get the same offense just like with different names in the different spots so that's a referendum on coaching staff. In my personal opinion shocked. We come back. We will discuss the afc side thing. So we're back. Stay right there. Are you looking for the very best. Nfl and college football podcast. Then check out. Gsm see football podcast. Get the leads. Football news both on and off the field from the nfl draft to treats to the rumor mill to the nfl combines. They got you covered. That's gsm podcast. Dot com back slash. Football dash podcasts. Get updates. i'm college. Boys keen insights and much much more. It's football talk the way you want it. This show eat sleeps and breathes football. Don't forget to like him on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. Yes mc podcasts. Dot com for more info. Here talk so where are in the afc. I start From the sunday night game was probably one of the bigger surprises of the day. Just the fact that the patriots were able to knock off the ravens. Now i mean again if you're if you're ever into the conspiracies with the patriots and how like things always rooted on foxborough I'd like to point out to you if you didn't already know that the rain that was pouring during the ravens last two minute drill. They're trying to have the ball down the field there was like there was really no shot. They're passing in. Isn't that good when it's nice out. Let alone when those trench downpour liberals operating fifteen minutes after the game itself so again and also that just happened to be the hardest time in rain. I believe the game you got like it was raining throughout the game but got really bad there toward the end so i just thought that was kind of funny I'm sure there was nothing to various there obviously climatic voucher who control weather. What may be good but yeah the patriots just next Stifle the the ravens really on. The ray wasn't a whole lot. They could do offensively to get things going. Nice especially through the air in a game where weather was also going to be. A part are gonna play a part in These numbers twenty four thirty four to ninety four Two touchdowns one interception visit. They want to touch down there until the very end. So is like really Well not not very with like Scored with like Even suggesting the so like at the answer user makes the the next few drives were punt on internal rundowns which again the turnover on downs. A minute left. It wasn't all that they were gonna do and it was born rain so leg is what is it again. It's not like the patriots. Offense was lights out the scored more touchdowns which is nice About like cam through. The air really didn't do a whole lot. Thirteen th seventeen hundred and eighteen yards and one touchdown. We myers with us on pass. Fomer high school. I think this is what quarter ball if i remember correctly So things. I do not not. He's not I mean he's us throwing the ball elliott. Not this has been. It's been been a while but us going rexburg at two receiving touchdowns Raise the did the defense got a couple of sacks. They had the one pick jesse jackson. He continues to rack up interceptions. I know he had a rough game last week against the jets which again was kinda surprising based on how good he's been but i think now he's up to five six interceptions on the year. Something like that so like. I said he's been great six. He's been great opposite Opposite Having to do more with him out After him donovan Known inherited kinda guy. But i can put up on the numbers at least in terms of the interceptions. zogaj Mass pretty. It's pretty nice. what else like i said Either offense could redo a whole lot again. It was born rain but even with that. This is not a game that people expect with the ravens lose based on the fact of the patriots barely beat the jets and everything like right even to run the ball and they weren't really able to do that effectively either like more. Good day. gus. Edwards had a couple of good runs but dobbins Marketing didn't do a whole lot This is the kind of peace defense you would hope for throughout the season. Granted hasn't always been there. What is unfortunate for the pages. That's why they aren't as good as they as they should be. But you've got to win today so that is always good so yeah i think the next animal talk about is the matchup of number one. Picks dolphins chargers Again as they're going to have the little the little storyline around us because they were topics in everything even though i never played in college. I'm on the daily know each other like that on but still that you just get to see how they would look. If the dolphins continued to do. Dolphins things are in terms of like playing while or the chargers could finally get a win A third win they unfortunately for them could not That dolphins defense continues to still be good and they really. The things they read is jumped out on them early. They got off fourteen. Nothing lead on a couple of touchdown drives in the first quarter. They up seventeen seven at have The target liberals in the third but then they were able to extend the lead. The dolphins were in the fourth quarter and win pretty comfortably. I mean they touched on late Within a single score living. They try the onside kick. They didn't get it and then they were disabled like lockout so the game herber was all right probably one of his worst game honestly his played so far. You could argue twenty thirty. Two one eighty seven two touchdowns do interception xavien howard. I think that is his fifth on the season. I know he's definitely up there in terms of picnic but yeah i think that's five for him. Yeah yes should be far from on the year. So he's trying to keep pace with jesse jackson. I get it Because he trying to fight for that all pro spot looking he might he might be right there for again interceptions on everything but they are saying they are like a quantifiable stab. People will pay attention to so that's always good Defensively really a couple of sacks on him hit him hit him eight times Definitely definitely made things a little bit more difficult for just in herbert herbert. Then it had been. They were the the running game was kinda like on bellagio eighteen. Sixty eight josh kelley for twenty one herbert On the ground. So again the do something. But the offense Didn't we get a whole lot going. Both mike williams in now held under four yards. They only had three catches respectively Touchdown but still the dolphins Didn't we put crazy numbers on flipside to was what he has been so far. That is efficient. Seventeen and twenty five one. Sixty nine two touchdowns no receptions which is big Salvin augmented I think he's a rookie from washington Went for twenty one eighty five Went for twenty. One carries eighty five yards and a touchdown he was running. Very good in this game came grant adams off a nice day. For forty in touchdown Nelson running knights play for was his name. Dermot smyth the get him a touchdown as well. Some very efficient dating like the defense showed up. David have to do so in the to call. The dolphins gonna win games. They're not gonna Really dominated Innovative shootout last weekend but triangle put up forty fifty points that of avila diplomat. Forty three on the niners couple weeks ago on the way to as they're gonna do what they're gonna try to try to be efficient. Move the ball Again played good defense on the back end of that have had to turn of all over the defence investments. And i got a couple. They've got these people coming up before they hit the chiefs and the middle of december the at the broncos jets and bengals the next three weeks. So you could really see them going into that chiefs game at home nine and three does not outlive impossibility to what now three star magazine. They've got six wins. So if you're looking at brian floors. I think he could do and should be a consideration. If it's not mike common and also like this is what if dan jones the guy wherever they decide to bring in if the giants build off of this year. This is what they look like next year art. They might not be where they want to be now but in a year they could be easily competing for a spot in the house which is again. Exactly what the dolphins are doing current so again. We'll see kind of how how it goes from there on how again dolphinfish the season because again they got off to a nice start but again. It's not start. it's about how you finish. So like importantly is to see how they finish out this second half of the year last two quarters of the season but also gonna start today so i asked what you like to see also in the afc. The steelers. Their unbeaten streak. They are now nine though after. Throttling the bengals. Now some people may be thought they could Gotta keep close that offense on. They could not they made. Joe burrow's like miserable alday. He was twenty one. Forty two for two hundred thirteen yards and a touchdown deion. That had a nice day but everybody else was pretty much on bottled up. The run game was these overall. But it was gonna Aided by the fact that sean williams had one care i guess it was like a fake punt or something. He had one care for thirty nine yards on. That really helped me the stats with. Everybody else dislike all right. Nothing too crazy omelets. At outside of d. higgins. No one else had over forty yard. So they don't to higgins. Get off like i said. They did good crown everybody else and then the big men fresh out of the covid list at a great game. Twenty seven forty six three hundred thirty three yards four touchdowns no interceptions So again if this is what he could do was he was going to be a very tough team to beat. The idea had a good game. Juju had a good game. Claypool to more touchdown so that the office in be good defense can continue to get safely. Got four more sacks today Nine quarterback has any interceptions but mega said they still made by miserable for joe burrow governor fumble as well They can still get pressure at this rate in. Offense can can play this well with big ben in there. They're gonna be a tough team to beat. Let me just say that Now they play no rails in two weeks But outside of that like it's hard to say where there's a loss in the schedule now by the bills. You never know about the bills. That new jaguar just played the packers tough on this. We can shelter them. I mean they didn't win. Which designated a lot. Closer than many people i imagine would have expected The browns the season coal to on a bad team so Go sixty to know or anything like that. But i'm just saying the second half. This season is not too difficult. If like i said they can play. This level of defense and big bank can be efficient not turn the ball over Continued to spread the block. Dogs play on offense. We have not getting that one seed. If there's no extra plow team. I run by and again having to play the chiefs until the until cocker championship game. It's not a bad row. Am i on personal opinion. So we'll see how that goes. Bush steels for that one. And also the raiders. Health out there Playoff cancer day. They dominated the broncos thirty seven to twelve josh jacobs of good day hundred and twenty one hundred twelve yards on the ground. Excuse me two touchdowns devante booker of inevitable. Revenge game if you will eighty one yards two touchdowns on the ground on their defense. Got after joe got after as joe burrow drew lock force the four interceptions. You do forest after you know. You've warned us. Good lord He did not have a good day at all. I'm also i think guy couple saxon hit number time to look he was not a wincing at least arena game. So don't know if you find on. Monday was anything that but like i said Jeff you've got two picks in debbie gets hookah you Jeffey because he has identified player. I am not but when he was on the cowboys use more on a hitter then he was as a ball hawk but there Via the you're locked not have a good day and the rate did like i said still in the playoff contention on last by them. Colds chiefs dolphins all kinds of fighting for not chiefs. browns the Find for speaking of the browns. I i don't like i said i've been trying to dabble in betting a little bit. I am terrible at it. So probably won't last long. But i feel for anyone that had i think was the browns minus four on the line in this game because obviously you know what happened at the. Nhl broke off a big run on basically like not the last play of the game. But i wanna last the game to kinda just is it and then instead of just like you know falling down like much much earlier he decided you know what i'm gonna do. I'm gonna step out of bounds at the one yard line after running fifty nine yards and not get into the end zone That was had a cruel and unusual punishment for anybody that either a has long their fantasy team. Italy had a good game. But still if you lose because of you lost those extra six points like you lose by six points. Last you're gonna be sick announced anybody that had The browns bindis four institution. Again if you have the if you bet on the bills or something the bills money line or whatever like our that right. That's things 'cause they lost it there at the end but you you knew. Negative carl's ladder shot like this one. There was nothing between niche up in dome but grass. Any runs is horace fifty nine yards in the sizing like. I'm a devout out the one that scores as a browns game in of itself between them in the tax. Not all signing thing. They like weather issues. So that's why knowingly put up gaudy stats but the browns inflicted Thirty yards on the ground again so they are still doing on the ground and piloting next week when they play the eagles. because why would it not Decided not having a good day and probably had a worse day after he saw the hopkins do what he did I mean a bill. Bryden had already been fired i would. I would rehire him to fire again after seeing what would you either. Hawkins did in that game. If i were a texans owner. But i'm not so. Like i said i imagine does shawn had himself a rough day seeing his boy out there and win a game for the the cardinals while he lose another game two and seven and they don't have a for a second round pick. I don't know how they're going to try to replace him. Lead such is life so after we come back here. We will switch to the nba and discuss som- trades. That may one day this. All all-but-official official has to get finalized tomorrow whenever the moratoriums on another trade that is maybe in the works involving a star player to reuniting with an old teammate. So disgust that after. Stay right there. Check out the show that's built on the a from ufc. Too extreme cage. Fighting they got the fights covered. Check out the gsm. See m a podcast. Get the latest news on past or upcoming fights. Join us as we talk to. And about. Some of the biggest names in the past president future win. It's the fight game. there's just one show checkout. Gsm see podcasts. Dot com backslash. Mame dash podcast. Don't forget to leg him on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. Gs mc podcasts. Dot com for more info on the s decided by himse podcast. Never so good. Talk about the deal. That's like basically imminent. This would agree to use. Have to wait until the Moratoriums done said that they can officially said it can officially go through but the other. That's more of a potential deal. No no real indication. This is actually gonna happen on would actually be a little more interesting to discuss. So we'll start with that one. And that is the with the uncertain future of houston rockets. Like ross may one out again article in the athletic about a bunch of different gazans collecting their role and not like an homage today. Or what or how. They're being utilized things like that So with that you know maybe james testing the waters see where he could end up now again. Woah gen. Some others have said that like the rock esteem. Pretty firm in terms of not wanting to deal him which again makes total sense because he's the best player on the team. You don't where the best player on your team like for. No real good reason. Megan if he wants out artists different story but based on again based on the different reporting on silent he wants out. Sounds like maybe is considering it especially rusk on things like that like they may be blown teams so like if you're going to blow team do me a solid and that solid may be sending him to the brooklyn nets on so yeah. There is a apparently of the nets are rising to topless possible destination. Soci- spn like. Nagasaki is going to be moved because again the broncos have no round sunday to do it and also they could get better players from like the sixers or somebody if they really wanted to move like you could in theory at like ben simmons. I don't know if they would. But in theory you could get ben simmons annan other pieces for james harden all right. We'll talk about the central details on but again it just seemed peculiar. So apparently the idea of joining kevin durant and kyrie irving in brooklyn is resonating with harden against according to sources during her pass teammates and had an have recently discussed the possibility of teaming up again but there there have yet to be trae discussions between the two front offices. Harden has become increasingly. Excuse me uneasy about the rock the ability to compete Title fair and has been considering possible. You're pushing to play elsewhere before his contract expires. Sources said nets are believed to be considering. The viability of a deal for harden was unclear. How how the franchise will be willing to be willing to go in delivering on ads. In my require. Ragas general manager raphael stone has consistently been telling teams at the team. Plans to running back with are in the season sources said the rockets have seen inclined to listen to offers on harden sources said although that's customer for most teams around so. Yeah that's fair. That doesn't sound like anything's necessarily in the worst inside anything definitely going to happen but it sounds like there's a possibility which is something that may be had been considered previously awesome be considered because they thought they were gonna Now they're like maybe we're not again. That's fair i. I don't like the idea of team. I don't like the idea of teams running back just for the sake of running back like that doesn't really do a whole out again morning back with hard the running back hard like does it make sense. Shore like i get it but at the same time. It's like where we're running back to. They in running about the year. They lost the warriors in seven only missed. All those threes are because fire. That may censoring you back. What are you writing this team back. What we lost in five to the lakers may by like what. What is done that you know. This is a team to running back with like for what purpose teams do that dislike. Hey said admitting you know what maybe we need to get better. You're just like you know. I think we should do absolutely nothing and bring the team back. Something different happens like you'd never know. A lot of sports. Is luck injuries and things like that but still it's kind of wild to. I'm just expect like hey. We're gonna running back that'll work So again before again to the actual trade possibilities with the The not under the nets as they want to touch on the fact that Hard is one hundred thirty one million over the three many years of his maximum contract including a forty nine million dollar player option. Twenty two twenty three. I'm so against the this is okay. So this would this kind of makes this makes sense because They would each be hard inquiry and durant like for there for three more years and after that whatever happens happens if they trade him as all season. We'll see that happens. But again the timelines at least match up with the contracts of things the dow i think both year deals that math. Make sense there in terms of the the details of the Center around guys. Like didn't jared allen. They have class in their tlc. You played well on the bubble on. They have some other Assets they can use plus they. Now have all their round picks. Moving forward could be important for the thunder for the rockets The next t-o-n talked about with the jury could be important for the rockets. The thunder are have no catholic rockets because the thunder of osborne devil have all their graphics basically for the next five years or something like that so they said they're going to need to find if they treat hardly find busy and better Acquiring town to be better in the future. But it's gonna be hard to do that if you're gonna graphics so the department some of that back as well so again. The nets could in theory together. A halfway decent package four hardened but like i said at the same time i feel like if you're going to accept the package from nets they are other teams out there with potentially better packages Until the trade pact like that that you could get four arden's don't just again. You wanna you wanna be right behind james somewhere. We wants to go. When i was being on a team with the former teammate Success with maybe a part of that but still again. I think if they're going to trade him they could get more for him than like harrisburg spencer dinwiddie. Not that they're bad players. Like i said in theory they could get ben. Simmons don't offer to happen but at the sixers are would offer ben simmons. There's not many hump trade you can make that are gonna be better than that for houston. The quality of player like all right dinwiddie and like could be all stars. Ben simmons has actually been in all star so nobody can shoot so again. You take a Teach their own. Said i would imagine the sixers could put together more lucrative or more Worthwhile package for the rockies. There are willing to pay hard but again maybe does want to. I don't know we'll see how that plays out. But i thought that was kind of interesting Just because also report that came out that apparently like the player that were The talked The idea of acquiring hard. It wasn't a consensus. I have to read the article things on the in begley or somebody tweeted that out that there was a consensus among the players to bring him in and get obviously a lot of people. Speculating that the one that wouldn't want him was like hiree because again. I am curious how it would work Because they're all kind of threes. Need the bowl. So i'd only know how would work with and you say that about every day every team with great player. Oh how's it going to work. I was going to work. And then dang speaking it works because the great players can figure it out. Like i said people didn't think lebron eighty we're gonna work. He didn't thank like Rawson bulge origin like harden. We're gonna work or things like that like jerry speaking. You have great buys on your team your team successful normally. How basketball goes This is not a room with a championship. that's true But still like in terms of success in the playing together. I would be hard pressed to believe that a team is our lineup of Of hardin kyri and katie would be bad now again on basketball is getting harder. Everybody their shots and things like that but then also like he can't not many of those guys like katie Was to flourish especially in golden state. Because you can get double team like that because unless unless they like who gonna you on wwl him so he can swing it the idiot and then then you can find Find staffer clay on the wing in the corner for threat. You're gonna do that. So i said he and you do. He like james are normally as w can't double him now because i run a four three and instead of Ross not being. You're getting the ball like kyri or katie. Who can now download those trees. That was messing. Like i said you. The defense would have to be played differently against them. So none of our work but be intriguing. So i wish to see if that happens. I don't know if it will cause there seems to be no railways rockets to do that. But we'll see what happens but flipping to enter. That actually seems like it's going to go through The thunder plan to send dennis schroder. The los angeles lakers Is this was treated barbosa. Early sunday ahead of lifting the transaction window on monday afternoon the los angeles lakers intend to acquire oklahoma city. Garden schroeder sources told. Espn the deal can be formally agreed to in principle monday and finalize after the nba draft on wednesday night Preparing to send the player they select the twenty eight overall. Pick guard gained green to thunder on the lakers. Could not outright send the draft pick because there's a role that restricts teams from trading first-round pacing consecutive years the los angeles Their number one big to Do calkins davis obviously in also thunder have their own pick our own. The twenty fifth biggest that was from their own went to affiliate believe on so be like in again. So this is the beginning of them starting to assets like i said chris. Paul is another big domino to fall eventually. Steve nabbed imagine could be another big one but again on a one year deal so you could in theory key come around But schroeder. I'm this is a good move for the thunder because again it's a guy that he's good but he's again he's twenty seven not the death that will be twenty seven more rebuilding his next year. Especially with the hiring of the the coach. They hired a former g. League coach and assistant things like that. Like apparently he's very good player development. I think he bills as a players hit was his player development coach back at florida and you bradley beal time into a lottery. Pick in those become a very good player. Took an giving this coach all the credit for it but still got high. Praise from gaza of player development skills in that sense team is going to be Pretty young and helping these next years showed her doesn't really align with that only because vitamin been probably good for young players like shane bazeley door in those guys like he's is at the age. Where should he be competing in the lakers. Supposedly think they're gonna lose rondo in free agency so you're looking for a point guard off the bench. This is this is about as you get honestly The guy is different than rondo. Like is not the same defensive Nuisance obviously not not as old as long as the same. I q another championship pedigree But offensively he's better The rondo was really knocked out threes. And just kinda wild to see began. His first step is amazing. He can take almost anyone off. The dribble is three point. Got better especially this year so far continues on. That'll be big for them Again sometimes it takes little elevated shots He will put onto complete checks so the rods corral that but in terms like i said bench adding some off the bench and adding a veteran point guard to go the championship caliber team. Did there weren't really many better off him out there so this is about as good you can get from thunder standpoint. Is it gained green justin for salary. Reasons i don't imagine he'll be on the team for very long. 'cause biden agree. Plan o'casey after playing for getting out the overseas franchise like he's played for novak in his career out once he got The early but spurs one change of their one champion with the raptors jamshed with lakers like. He's a championship. last player. At this point is great in terms of use can be a good asset teams competing for gm. She's not a good asset to a veteran to a young team. That's not doing anything though the embassy. Maybe he'll be welcome to it if i'm him. I would not like. I don't know if know the bio situation would be like one year deal but stopped on how that would work. I don't know about moving him again. how that would work out um but still makes it for salaries Understand why they have to trade him specifically and then also like saddam you get the twenty eighth overall pick so another young player. They can add whoever that decides to be on wednesday on more. Maybe you can use those gifts. You can't use the pick the trade up because they don't actually own the pick technically like they won't get the pick until after leaving made their selection Ethic has like. I said that's how it was explained in the article so they don't necessarily own the picture they can't use it to up with things like that But still it Another pick to add to their charter trove picks up. We're gonna have this year and moving forward. I'm just like. I said another good another acid. You could use a young player That may not be on the free team or may be flipped. Somebody else Guys that that they're using to do as opposed to like buying people out because they could have bought out mellow decide to flip him to the hawks. I voter you got two good years out of him in another ba. Flip him for a first lakers. Like i said i am sam. Prices a very shrewd operating. Not going to do something just to do like arguing. You know like you know if we could get some value out of danny green weather's via trade or whatever they're going to try that first of all it is like go did go by out route but again we'll see how that plays out on me. Shout tashaun. Lakers is saudi addition. Both on he's only on Own teams by one more years on a one year deal with fifteen point five million so again if you just don't you don't add for this year. He's great anyone. Resign him cool if he played himself a price of self out kuo. He's not good cool. Like you said you only for this next season. So whatever happens happens like the. You're not going to three year commitment or anything like that. So again He was good to off the bench. And apparently i think every bradley might be a free agent. Two sides another reason why they to get some Guaranteed Backward help as was again trying to fight for bradley. Rondo agency I'm the again. We'll see how that goes unbelievable. At least now have something sure on the roster before they had in the free agency which again is always smart. You don't wanna be less grant especially this year with equities gonna move in how weird it is and everything like that. Some smarter leaker standpoint. Gotta get a nice That point guard netane score amended again. Not terrible on defense. He does not outings insane. Nuisance level rondos. Nfl late ns for the delegate said you flip guy that you weren't probably going to utilize this next year. I'm are definite as moving forward. So flip them in the first pick out of it and then we'll see what they do at danny green Moving forward so good deal in my opinion for both sides Speaking of good deals interesting decisions of the marlins on friday made a very musician in marathon office. So talk about that and what it could mean in sports landscape going forward so we discussed that after breaking there. Are you looking for help for your fantasy football team. Check out the gsm. See fantasy football podcast. Get to as best advice. Who start who to sit even who. You should draft from sleeper picks. A red hot lineups. They got it all covered for you. That's gmc podcast. Dot com back slash fantasy dash football dash broadcast. We'll cover traditionally dynasty pr. Even i think when you need fantasy help there's just one show to hit up. Don't forget to like them on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. Gs mc podcasts. dot com. For more info unsee artist. Now i believe is out on friday. The miami marlins have hired kim yang as their new general manager making her Not in the first general man. I e mails union general manager major league baseball but the i believe general manager in any of the four major sports so a monumental moment for not just sport a baseball but for sports in general for women in general for women that desire and want to work in sports in general Like i said it's a shame that were in twenty twenty now and like these are like still happening but again all it takes is one to break down that barrier now like hopefully we will continue to see more because again you would think The same thing would happen across lead all these but again we have to by the nfl is gonna in student who incentive or not even incentive but like A new rule. Where like again if you cultivate a minority talent you you get draft. Compensation forgets where it is in terms of getting them into the premium positions like head coach general manager positions like that. So like i said were we have to do that. It's not shocking. That the first female general manager would it would take until two thousand twenty to happen but still said shouted marlins and shot to coming in for that is fifty one in most recently served as senior vice president baseball operations for the past nine years from espn. I'm reading this. When when during the nine years she was the highest ranking asian american female baseball executive. I mean i could imagine The highest ranking executives period. She also served as assistant general manager for the new york yankees in los angeles dodgers working with teams that made the playoffs eight times and won three world series titles on behalf of principal owner bill on bruce sherman. Excuse me in our entire ownership group. We look forward to. Kim bringing a wealth of knowledge championship low experiences. Miami marlins marlins ceo you said in a statement. Her leadership or baseball operations team will play a major role on our path to sustained success. Dishing the extensive work in expanding youth baseball softball initiatives will enhance our efforts to grow mukasey the the game among our local youth as we continue to make a positive impact on the south florida community. Ain't broke into baseball. Was an intern. Spent time in chicago. White sox front office She will be the highest ranking woman in baseball operations among teams. Among the league's thirty teams is believed to be the first female general manager in any of the four major north american. Men's foresees as we talked about That's pretty She will be the fifth lead. The marlins based operations sees succeeds mike hill. Who was not retained after the twenty twenty season. again still pretty. Cool the marlins ozzy trying to build some success. They just made the playoffs this past season. So you know that's that's always get the you want to go forward instead of going backwards. So like i said. Hopefully they can build off his past season. They continue to play. Well continue to Compete for playoff berths and plows. He may be a little bit maybe a little bit further things like that but again we shall see how that goes invisible. Offer the law. So we'll see if that happens whenever that happens just again a little bit. More background on her She said she she spent time with the white sox. She began like operating the radar gun. Entering pitches is back in nineteen ninety by ninety six. She had developed a reputation. Negotiator moved up the chain in the organization that year she became the first woman to present and then when arbitration case facing off against The torius scott. Boris reporter. Alex fernandez What else her relationship with derek. Deeter goes back over twenty years. Which a part of the reason why. I think this high was made because everything life is about connections who know and things like that now. They built a relationship for a quarter of their cultivated relationship for a while. So don't be right that if you're going to higher by derek jeter So brian cashman hired as an assistant. Gm in ninety eight when she was just twenty nine years old did not notice during four years with the club. The yankees won three world series. Titles in four american league pennants among accomplishments successfully negotiating contracts with paul o'neil mo- mariano rivera and then shortstop derrick jeeter interesting cash. He was too excited for him. When i learned that she named general manager it's one people -ccomplish their stated goals in has been a dream of hers for a long for as long as i've known her again she. He talked about her track record with the yankees and again house. A great opportunity for to be working with the marlins apparent she's been the conversation for. Gm jobs for over a decade now before landing. The miami had interviewed for mlb gm job more than half dozen times since two thousand five including with the phillies. Mets giants dodgers manners and padres whenever the question who will be the first. Gm will be history was asked her name typically was at the top list but though she won the being i never defined herself amid many accomplishments in sports at the end of the day. She said if it doesn't happen it's not going to see it as my career was a failure So that's always nice She'd been around the game for a while she is. She knows the game She's again been what's accessible teams in the astros. Nearly the grant. This actually hired somebody that you see guys Hired like fresh off the field or like fresh off the announcement booth or something like that sports like years. I believe they're doing unless they don't get the same pushback in terms of like having to go through. The ranks goes through the proper unprocessed different things and yet she has handles. Experiences has worked with teams has been around the game like Mobile worked for the yankees worked. The dodgers been successful teams Done good things during her time with these team. So it's only right that she would be given this opportunity because again if you just like just like winning. I'm talking about what the rockets stephen silas that again. He's been a league for a while of twenty years. Doing system coaches gathering doing whatever and find a shot like you said it's just it's always nice see people's hard work for warded no matter. What field is you. Same thing about like are or like electronic mechanics. Whatever like you said you. You like to see people's hard work pay off putting the time the energy and the effort into potentially being jam against like. She said she knew she wasn't going to be defined but if she became a gm or the first female gm or anything like that but the fact that she is so. I i am kind of care. See how this plays out because again. Sometimes you don't want to be the first if that make sense just just in case things go wrong is that they can find anyone as the gm it could still go wrong does matter women male asian black white latino legacy really doesn't matter who could hired still gone terribly wrong. It means that we don't we know can happen with with. The marlins number won't know for a few years now but again like i said. I think it is pretty cool that she was given opportunity. I am going to be interested to see how this impacts other sports Even just baseball in of itself to see will we will be taking your see more females did not just asians but just of all these on giving these opportunities to assist in gm or like a president rec- oh like i said gm no matter the title if they give more tunes like that and again. I'm curious even extends past just baseball. It also we have female like coaches in basketball and in the nfl so again. I'm kind of curious to see becky hammonds name was. It was a name out there in terms of she could be central head. Coaching hiring again see hasn't happened yet. maybe she'll get the spurs if ever steps down or whatnot ever when he steps down from that post may be. She'll be first landing at that now. Like i said there's more not a lot but there's beginning you're using more and more women in sports workings worth working in like i assistant cultures gems or scouts. Sir now gm's signed gang if that trend will continue or said it'll be like it is with minority head coach in leagues like the nfl or the nba discounted like it just is a thing that like are there are some but is not Becoming a trend In sports where they're like sixty seventy percent african american the fact that aren't also african. American is kind of interesting to say the least. But i'm kinda courtesy. What kind of ripple effect not to say like in a battery. That is kind of what kind of effect this has Sometimes people just don't wanna be the first one to do something that i let somebody else do that for us. And then we'll side and get the next one some that are like ours. Didn't want to be the first one. Hire them in in sports channels so now maybe we could do and football. Maybe we do it in basketball or like the nhl was. Maybe we won't be the first irony the mlb but we have another one that we think would be great for the job In the future so maybe like now the now the marlins now we feel okay doing some towns he does not want to be the leader of a movement. I'm good or back is unsaid if it goes You never want to ease up things. Go wrong just in general. We don't see go wrong. No matter who's higher by said if things do go bad. And like i said he could. You could get a lot of pushback or even just before that about just like the hiring could get a lot of pushback. He never seen a whole lot. I mean because the marlins and be wrong care but does it. General haven't seen a whole lot of pushback on the move or the higher just because she's putting the work like people put the work. There's no real reason to knock it just because they may not be the typical look or the typical like gender or ethnicity for a specific specific job. They can do the job. He had the experience they have the track record. They have the resume to do it. My shop so said haven't seen a whole lot of push a good sign but again not looking at nissan. If you've if you've seen any pushback on which. I imagine it will there is slash Let me know. i haven't seen a whole lot. Which is like i said he. Good sign that. We're moving the heart direction as society as opposed to like we will get to a day hopefully sooner rather than later. This is like it's not like news. I mean it's still news like a gm to hire coach. Arbuthnot news at odsal woman all a woman or like. Oh it's an african-american are always a hispanic latino or os in asia and like. That shouldn't be new. Still is like hey. Is this person. Good job or you in theory. Do we think you'll be good at the job. Yeah okay cool. That's truly care about shouldn't matter like will they look like or like their gender or things like that. Can they do the job successfully. That's what really matters at the end of the day. I am curious the lee. She's gonna get lucky thing for her. Is that again. She had the relationship with their gender built in already. They they've they've gone back next since the nineties sites. I think that'll give her a little more leeway. Because sometimes you see with these These coaches they don't get the well. You see the nfl or nba on the african american or minority coaches. Don't get the same rope. That on the white head coaches get for obvious reasons. Like i said you they give them a little more times posed like a you know. We'll we'll move on because it's not working out as opposed like i said Really outside marvin. Lewis and guess two different level doc rivers but like i said there aren't that many African american head coach. That i've seen in sports the dermot Underachieve and keep their job with the with the team like an extended period to keep a job. Is it marvin. Lewis will go by the banks you have to go back to college and in coach insisted Be sort of advised something on harm edward staff and Like the Quickly it doesn't it. Doesn't people don't get that same Slam kinda curious to see about that. But like i said hopefully the relationship bill jeter will give her a ton should she did. Not going to have to go to three. And four year fire numb causing but as a regardless of. This is a great moment. A cool moment For her coon for the sport Sports general women that want to work in sports again representation matters all facets so you just like see for kids in like nineteen hundred. Young adults kylo. I could do this like i said. Sometimes you know you see people like you do. You're always kinda curious. I really while we've given the opportunity being the chance news. Now he said having her in that position makes. It seem like all right. Yeah no i could. If i want to do this i could eventually get there someday. Would always like. I said connor Representation matters in all aspects. As i said this is a important representation there Hopefully it works for a works for the marlins on we shall see again. there's a ripple effect in terms. This is not news or it's not like isn't a this becomes more complex. Let me to say that that. You're not gonna burn out shocked or surprised when like a woman is hired as a scout or a gm or head coach or president are within the organization or Unknown originally yells unlike that like there shouldn't be news anymore again. If you're good at the job you the job and if you're not we'll find out soon enough is men women doesn't matter so let's author thought that was pretty pretty dope So you have to come back here. We haven't talked about. Gosh yes talk about some of the interesting games in big takeaways in college. Football weekend overall. The more games were cancelled due to kobe before at me after three recorded the last episode. So that was unfortunate but Like i said we'll talk about us now sarah there. Are you looking to get your college football. Beck's looking to get the latest news on your favorite school team. They diaz mc college football. Podcast is your ticket to all things college football doing us as we talk college football from the national championship the college rivalries the bowl game to the heisman trophy so which converts is the best. We've got you covered for the big ten as the big twelve the pac twelve. Acc and everything in between download. The cincy call it. But while podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud google. Play or anywhere. you find podcasts. Just type diaz nc in the search bar. I so i think we'll other games. I can't i know the calories on his state game council which is again. I'm curious about that one. Ucla utah got cancelled this weekend as well. So it was two games looking forward to seeing arizona state but now praying their game next week ending cancelled while already because they have their situation is a little a little ragged So the kind of where this is gonna gone where we figured out did not know her positive okay. so that's i mean that's a good reason to not play a game. Your head coaches on positive for covid But you like you said. It's unfortunate for them. Importing arizona state play the next this past saturday. Ozzy going forward But again meals even for at least two more weeks salloum forcement but of the games that did get played Obviously the the hours. Karen curious about was the notre dame game also because again the coming off a big win against Now gone on a road to boston. Ka-shing isn't that bad soccer. See if they were gonna be laser focused that they were gonna have let now and get off to a good start to shout out to them for that. They were up Seven three then. After i think it was a fumble i wanna see. I'm trying to remember the order of events. They fumbled recap was on the phone fourteen but they did were to feelable as they were up. Ten three Early in the game then known as they were tied at ten ten and then unfortunately that is about as close as book out to be the rest of the game By the half it was thirty. One sixteen made just because the the college could not capitalize on the turnover the noting that the first turnover. They got the lead to a few Have been discontinued deluge yards after that then on because another fumble winners twenty four sixteen Towards the other half and then again they. They went backwards in fumbled. So that's unfortunate like i said Potentially laboring plus. They are at the time to their. They got the ball nordine. Forty-two also again instead of taking going in time the game. Now you're down and the half notre dame went on a nice little template drive to Got thirty one sixteen name to half again when it was possible to scott could have been tied. Who's on the go for two second half more more of the same the they they they cannot run down the boss unconscious than force another fumble And next play the zone interception on butlin or dansk touchdown another touchdown Than while bashful touchdown towards the end to cut the deficit to fourteen but the shot was early in that game to go up fourteen three. You're at home Homefield is not really that meaningful anymore on madrid home got the momentum if you believe in that unless it now you got the number two team on the ropes buys on that you get a field goal down downtown game ling know that they can handle. You is and then. Also they'd wearing recap is off their turnover the a couple of turnovers. Life's a day after one. Eight the field goal after another one fumbled themselves. And then after another doing zappin said you're not gonna cap as turnovers. You're not gonna beat teams Clearly better than you know. Dame's definitely better than boston college. But again if you wanna try the upset you got to get turnover within capitalize on. They redo do that. Was notre dame for again the dub again. I was curious to see how they would come back after their big win in most of they will put you on. So that is always a plus. Don't have a letdown. After your first big win of the season union when have let down so that was big for them also planet jordan. Play ohio state in play. Taxation didn't play all alabama didn't play said we're missing a couple of top teams but one talking did play florida dominated. Put up sixty three points in arkansas in a game where people thought like oh Upset on oh gosh. I said himself a day. Twenty three twenty nine threw six touchdown passes men on a mission To him said you put anything could sixty points. It's absurd Arkansas said they put a third of their own. Which in most games isn't that bad. Only gone three. It is relevant on the florida's epi just outside that top five at the moment housing because they lost texan empty. You can't be loved them. In again they have four games. Left against vanderbilt kentucky. Tennessee at lsu game. They should win. We'll see who they should win those than they get their chance at alabama and better happens happens. See what happens from there But like i said shout towards they. They dominated their game Jonathan with us you see at another very entertaining one of the least In the game or their down. And i think this is the second trailing two minutes left. They put together The scoring drive after arizona came back and put Okay so recap the fourth quarter of this game zone. Notre dame now noting Scores a touchdown twenty seven twenty three with three thirty left. Arizona comes drive on. The field scored a touchdown with the military five. If you like. Oh wow arizona's really gonna do this. They're going to pull the upset. Not so fast. My friend Usc comes down on a very quick drive. Honestly yes six. Plays seventy five yards and they score touchdown with twenty five seconds They they ran at him after again. Slow down the field and yeah anna game looks like arizona should be able to wealthy upset. They end up losing unfortunately for arizona. And i mean. I guess it's good for you. A. c. like again in better to lose better to win ugly than to move pretty But yeah i would imagine. Ucla prefer always have to come down to less second. Drive every time Again you know just dislike one game comfortably wants. That'd be nice early. Ninety it it's like the up with tumors of was being down needing a lack. They were up. This gave until exit arizona score. Might i think you prefer not to put together a dramatic comebacks in every single game. So she'd happens when utah in the next game but said if nothing else usually games have been entertaining at least for non fame. Fan on mentioned has been very successful would not wish main body but for us caddo folk It has been quite an enjoyable given quite enjoyable ending to last few matchups which is always kind of cool when you ask them. I second stance and things like that just because again. I'm not a fan. So i just like people are are interchangeable games. Those are definitely interesting to say the least also another one. That almost was upset but then turned out. Not to upset of virginia tech in miami out very confused as to log. People were like Favorite not like how the possible there. Three and four in the vein number ten number nineteen country who's based only do not only loss to loss to clemson. Obviously so said. I was very confused as to why why they would be favored but again they kept the invoice game. They were up in the in the fourth non. They were up in the second half quite a bit. So i i was just. I was very very shocked by this outcome to say the least looking at. Maybe i should be paying more attention to virginia tech. But it didn't matter how miami was able to put together a dry on the fourth of king. Through a third touchdown. Pass the mark. Pope who six minutes left on their defense did what it had to do gathering reception Which again should have iced the game. But the miami will remove all the punt than the vintage got the ball back again they force another punt and the miami wanted back to them. They were able to turn over. Virginia tech on downs basically talked to a little hook and ladder situation at the at the end of the game ended. They was too far numb to get it done so the to my image after defense for tightening up when they had to think they end up with i get ahead six game. Eleven tackles for loss jalen phillips himself. A great day to ask for in half tackles for loss very good at least Patrick's was very good. Got to the young fellow hooker junior but outings that experience now in terms of his Players played a little bit last year. But obviously he's playing more now than will will play more now Things like that So like i said that was not shocked me out. Very warmly emmy was a Game but apparently. I should've been paying more attention because begging tight although the end So yeah also looking around the top. Twenty five indiana against a claim as messy in the big time at this moment. I believe they play ohio state next week. Because he i think the maryland maryland is widely game cancelled ohio state with echo situation. So the whole family. There are no issues there. On with these teams they can play that game show Very big favorite twenty one half cornelius began Route again is wild that the second best team currently number nineteen the country is twenty one and a half underdog To team own conference but against the state understand why. It'd be like that so intrigued by that likes that. They won twenty four. Nothing or michigan state who again although they beat michigan has not really played that well in any of the other games. They suggest most by iowa Now they got shut out by indiana. So who knows they're actually good or not but Abuse indiana's still doing what they have to do. Is that if you're a good team you to show people that You wanna show people that you're you. Are that team the. But like i said they all have their big test next weekend when they play ohio state that will tell us. About how good. Or or sears. Indiana team is serious. Wisconsin people for out They haven't played But they smoked michigan. Who will again stanks which is not a development. That is that new or shocking. But i was here. See how wisconsin was gonna come out after not playing for a couple of weeks in the didn't have the same type of game which will be twenty two as opposed to like only missing the one zero before did touchdowns but milton camps of a rough day two interceptions the offense only able to generate eleven points. Those contin defense that has been the dominant years was back in this one. They were up twenty nothing at halftime. Who are thirty five eleven At the end of the third said added two more touchdowns to get it to forty nine eleven. So he has gone is still listed there. There's still like hey don't forget about us And they play indiana in december. So really about that. I'm via never once again. Everyone's indiana nieta Look don't forget about me like we're still good and we played in couple of weeks as a but like Team and like. I said they showed that dominated michigan. So again we will see How how that goes moving forward. They pay northwestern next week. Who's also undefeated. they are four no in. That could be a good game. Get them in two weeks after that they will play wisconsin. Iowa who's To to they've they're out there. Winds are dominant in losses or click. Loss purdue also Northwestern may dominate michigan state in dominated Minnesota's well and they're probably gonna smoke penn state this coming saturday so not fun for me. That both teams suck and football Us love to see don't you Media sometimes thank any any other big games kind of caught my eye also one of the thing Which things actually or continued their legs. decker this season as they were down they were down literally was kinda shaky for them. Down nineteen seven in the second quarter Touchdown by delta in half and used that momentum to carry them into the second half in these absolutely dominated washington state from and winning forty three twenty nine pack of the team Potentially can after be oregon. They're gonna have to run the table. Kevin shot. I don't think it's impossible that they could do that out to you. I see it happen. I won't say that and also like so much about liberty and about this quarterback they have but like their offense was putting up like a lot of points consistently put out fifty eight this weekend again against like West carolina or western carolina. Wanted to like is what it is but like liberties also eight now and like. I said their quarterback willis. I believe his name is has fifty touchdowns to one in Year poznan nine touchdowns on the ground now through the air complaining about sixty percent of his passes so he's been great. Whoever it is guys did not my liberty before the season but they are currently undefeated and private. Good chance going undefeated they pay you it pickles. Carolina that's sneaky interesting game. 'cause co scale ours also seven enough Not play state this next weekend. Napa umass then i because go on to rank teams to undefeated teams eventually going to match that That's interesting Fact that like these random schools kind of be on a collision course To very averia good match in terms of at least recognize but a curious. The present be shocked to liberty did not much marcle. Thank you freezes Coach about is that had no coaching them from hospital bed having of last year. So that's kinda interesting didn't use. It used to be a whole mess or somewhere i think. Let me let me check that. The almost twenty twelve twenty sixty but now they liberty. They're doing amazing so shopping on now. That's that's enough of the Recap but accurate comeback here. I did one discusses whether or not some teams slash coaches slash programs This year or we're going to be asking for dobbs in a few weeks so most of is a big ten schools but oh what few schools that i think could be our could be could be on hotseat come Said do do they deserve it or should they get another shot so those are after the break so stay right there shakeout this so built around. The women from the ufc invicta f. one championship. We got the fights cover. It's the golden state media concepts women's mma podcast. The latest news of upcoming fights discussions of previous matches join us as we talked to in about the biggest names in women's mixed martial arts past present and future when it's the women's fight game you know to listen to the golden state media concept's women's mma podcast and one of the main the go today. So you know that that's interesting that was will muschamp south carolina on the southbound side apart way with him according to death director. Ray tanner on sunday. Now since coordinator mike bobo. The former head coach car state will serve as the gamecocks interim head coach for the remainder of the season. The move to dismiss much champ comes on the heels of south carolina's third straight loss. A fifty nine to forty two setback. It will miss on saturday. The gamecocks who are now to five however allowed a total of one hundred fifty nine points during the three game losing streak big ice and yep seven hundred eight bigger yikes yards of total offense in this game against old miss much Fifth season as oculus head coach. Twenty eight and thirty overall recorded more wins in his first three seasons twenty two than any other coach in school history and child only steve spurrier after four seasons as south carolina's head coach swearing. Twenty eight on. Southbound has finished will defend for a year ago and i've lost fourteen of their passionately games dating back to the twenty eight zero belt bowl defeat to virginia to end the twenty eighteen season so yet not exactly how to streak before them on so apparently search will be a mission immediately for a potential new head coach appearance on the names. Include liberties to freeze makes on seeing as a use coaching Se and playing well with the end. Is bill napier most guidelines. Jamey chadwell as being among the top targets. As opposed as along with shane. Beamer which was oklahoma state head coach for the offense Office coordinator tony elliott. So suicide there but Yeah obviously there's gonna be a situation where nominee when you're when you're losing this badly Consistently said they've been doing this past couple seasons scenario where you of just are going to eventually going to sound the coach. I'm gonna have to find something to do to try to get the program back on track in if they think this is it. Hey maybe it is. It's not. I guess we'll find out soon enough But yeah says something needed to be done so that he may be would have been on. This list are maybe would have been this discussion barry. Who don't have to worry about him. But some the other coaches may said well. I guess we'll see a star. Ed odor is a coach. That like hey does either american or is he is. Maybe we should be looking to Elect him move on from louisiana state university glazed. They won champion last year. Which should buy them some time you would think but also the lsu team was all right Under under his Tutelage he's been with. Lsu he's been the head man at lsu since twenty sixteen. I believe he also the head coach over at old miss for a few seasons Obviously the lsu gotten better. They were six to nine and four intended three the nasi last year they were fifteen or now but that could have been more a joe burrow thing than ed doj rounding will really never know notting joe burrow. Obviously like they had a lot of players. Go the nfl on from my team last year so clearly they were loaded. Have more that will go in march as indexed Guys valuable make it to the pros. When that time comes so again Lightning often but obviously the two and three now The team does not look good this year again. The lashes appreciative. Everyone finished first division. They were even planning for Championships or anything like that. They were just a salty nine four ten in three like not bad but he also not the cream of the crop company division. So that's always a little bit of interesting note but yeah i just feel like with him. Obviously some people are talking about like maybe he'll be may be won't be we'll see i role with all started on panel. The season finishes out osce if things go south south than like Maybe we'll see. But i would like to thank a national championship. At least by the way. I passed like the year like right. Give him next year to get things the other a like everybody. Leaving things like value probably wasn't be easy transition for the team this year So maybe he'll that should at least by him an extra year. I would think if i'm running lsu. I would get him out of here but not seen some of that being talked about so get on Get ahead of that for him. Another guy that i think is probably not on that big hot seat at the moment is pj. Flack in minnesota Just because again he just got minnesota like super-duper relevant last year so it would be kind of shocking to me have. They turned their back on him. This fast again. This is not the season they would've wanted. They are currently three. He was building things for that. He got them first year because they came from western michigan Had a great last season there in two thousand sixteen went thirteen. Three lawson campbell thing now. That was the corey davis team. If i remember correctly on that he was last year than the in minnesota for year second year better third year. obviously that was they were great Lebanon too and this year there. One three unlike their one in three is not like a good one in three competing on. They did like. I said they got smoked by iowa. This past weekend are this bad thing was what friday. There's air friday so it's just like they're not even like playing that well and that's the weird thing or another lost high johnson antonio junior. Maybe some other guys like they weren't supposed to be this bad. It's better at least i don't. I don't think they were supposed to be now. One in three to four games and losing thirty five to seven to iowa ranked in top twenty five to be in the year so people thought they were gonna be decent. And i said they smoked michigan. Who's a nail biter to maryland indulge in overtime Overtime beat illinois. Cool things gets more buyoya Still have to play purdue wisconsin and north western along with nebraska who Looked fairly good against penn state this weekend but that might be more of a penn. State thing than it is unraveling so again. It'd be interesting to see. But i like. I don't think much like with odor on. Don't be shocked and harpist. Believe they were fired. Pj flag a year after he just had the team. I really good. That's very quick turnaround in my own personal opinion but again i'm not la director. The decision is not up to me. It is up to them. But like i said i would be hard pressed. They would get rid of him that quickly but again. I guess we'll find out the season's done now moving up to coaches that i think we'd be on a little bit warmer of a seat one of them. Acetone deployments is james. Franklin and like i said i do believe he'll get a mulligan just like the other two will get morgan just because of the fact that he just on extension. I dismiss past off season correctly Like i believe you signed Talks with him potentially ac- in different things i remember. I thought he hired designing exemption after this past season i mean granted team. Eleven to like. They weren't that bad last year so again. I ended the want combo. The be memphis during brown hams. Great day shame a he can continue his Football career He was coming off a good year. Now's the time mary got the back. Relevancy sawed off seven six thousand six hundred sixteen. She's been happening on. The big ten next year came back to lebanon to than twenty teams little river nine four. That's we're went back up eleven to Now they are currently owned for and their team looks bad situation bad Offense as bad defense is leg so it long situations where they're not only look that great and it's like like is this enough to get him fired or is like is he going to get a do over and i think part of it is he to do over because one offense coordinator does again repeated like they they took the minnesota office coordinator off season to implement any of the new stuff on just again. Even though i do believe minnesota should been a little bit better with tatum. Morgan beanbag in bateman being back in like i'm the guy they still hat on the opposite side of the football. Obviously they lost. Johnson which hurt again bayton was better than him. So you think that would matter as much but they also asked. The coordinator didn't have time to rework through law. Season hanging not making excuses for anybody because no one had an all season but still I do think that would play a factor personally but again i'm not a gm not gm. I'm now the director sodomy is. It's up to them if they do. They decide this is a worthwhile thing. to give them morgan for Like i said. I think this is an extension so it's hard pressed me to get fired. The first year after especially in the situation where The bio probably something crazy like an album is gonna try to that right now. I could be wrong. But i would be shocked at penn state would be try. You know. yeah we'll just pay your entire by the frisch you after you decide a new deal because we're terrible that makes no sense to me now again. We'll see what happens. Let me some sense to me. Personally so i think he will get a do over though like i said they find out to see you because if they finish like one night one in seven a win eight witch is Billion this point with how poorly they're playing. Then i think we'd be having different discussion. But i think of the big ten championship and then even like last year they were. They were still living in to amazon. They were bad team. I think that will buy them time but they play iowa. Who doesn't look that bad. They play michigan. Whose terrible but the i mean people are now getting could be coaching for jobs. They play rockers. Who at least has more wins than He was more than them so again. None of the teams they played Coming up are good. You would argue. But as i say that with a with confidence like oh yeah. Pence is going to be anywhere. You can not yet again if they win a game or maybe we can feel differently but right now till they wanna give. You can't be like oh They could win this game because they are playing that actually one year before you haven't seen pensive the season so is it. I imagine with all different. Things like ozzy. Michael parsons opting out for for him. In like during row situation in now Being hurt like the teams. They thought they were going to have this. Season is not the team is actually out there on the field so that hurts. Omlund said with the extension thing i'd imagine game. Franklin get another year but this gets bad especially if they don't figure out the quarterback situation they don't have to be attacking transfer portal heavy going their recruiting their next guy. Does he had justin fields before he committed all us committed to them for he committed to georgia side to stay home so losing him may have set the program back about five years and was leaving. Geordie known allows state Catapulted them taking to continued success. always These last two seasons. Who knows what they would have went with that quarterback If if just feels income and help them nabbed joe burrow anymore doing to the nfl So i'm curious to see who would have been the guy martell like i don't know what situation would look like if not for doesn't feels but then the words of connie after his first grammy speech. I believe I guess we'll never know so. Yeah i think you'll get a moral again For the season James fracking will now. Like i said they play michigan a couple of weeks and i don't think donald org that mullion no jim harbaugh evening. Now john Dom john's the the ravens coach. But you. i don't think jim harbaugh didn't get that same Mulligan because they've been underachieving. For his entire time michigan. This dislike a one off thing. Where like are these are good last year and took a bit of a downturn like is that gonna is gonna sway his sweater eighties getting rid of them. Maybe maybe not said this is a complete different. Scenario like michigan has permanently underachieved since he's been the head coach there so this isn't like like say a new thing for him. I said they finished ten three ten three eighty five ten and three nine four season. They've never finished Finished tied for first in the conference in twenty eighteen. But i believe that was neither yet. But i think they end of year. They lose that. They also sponsor house for mccarthy. Was that remember who What the situation was that year but they finished tied for first was the them stay and then i think house they beat them so that was The year year had like if they would've won that game that ear that things may go a little bit differently and we're talking about them a bit differently than we are currently But unfortunate that is not what happened and Yeah we are Things differently and they win game than maybe hall bar has a better chance of sticking around. But they did not announce lose they got smoked. Sixty two thirty nine In a game where they were the number fourteen. The controversy was ten. They lost the game and it was looking like oh when michigan wednesday cava shot and they did not show again. You can't go up. Sixty two points at just indicate happen lead dwayne house so for succession of acids. Like what are we doing. You can get your like like. That's that's gonna that's gonna call. She said that was their best shot. They they didn't they didn't get it done that year than they've East again navigator wanted three. I don't think he will get the same. I'm not saying he's going to hundred fire. But i don't know if we'll get the same Cova we're off season. Mulligan that mike. Pj flack on ozone ordained facts and could get just because those teams had underachieved during his there. The previous those other coaches tenures michigan has underachieved literally entire time. Jim harbaugh has been there So again this isn't just like a new thing. Never been this bad but this is not a new thing then like not performing a clear standard so it was like how can all its covert or. Do this do that like again. Maybe without cova they would be better but again them. Leaving is not a new concept. It's a pretty common concept actually for michigan Under jim harbaugh. So i'm not trying to numb 'cause 'cause manage job or anything like that but he is hard to give him the kovocs use this year because they've been bad they've lost basically every bowl game. They've been in as well. On top of the fact they have undertake during season so not like building an ample season successor litter just like having a bad season or an average season and then there ending it even worse. They ended up losing the ball. Game only one ballgame his first year in two thousand fifteen citrus bowl now that they've lost four games in a row so they don't have that medallions. I was like all right. Maybe the rags. He's like whatever they have a good bulwark if not only have that So yeah. I don't think he will get that same leeway now. These other coaches will get in terms of like the covert related situation. Like i said. I think We'll see how badly they finish unlike by expensive six thanks this year ombu. Maybe they win that game. Who knows but. I think it will depend doesn't get repellent always coaches in the season ends for these teams difficult poorly than i think. There's a chance that At least one of these guys if not more could end up leg will muschamp. Nba looking for a new job at the end of the season. But we shall see so do from here today on. Gmc sports podcasts by g. s mc. Podcast gonna think has always listening to me. Talk about sports. If you haven't already subscribe to the podcast episode. Michelle talking we drop. Our latest stuff also gives Righteousness review wherever wherever he was in your pocket We've appreciated health suggests like in this gonna prove all latham stuff and also channels social media And find his their twitter instagram facebook. We can talk and chat and can can discuss. I mean i'll be talking about all week so you can. You can you to talk about that. The other happens catching like the hail mary and everything about it. 'cause august thinking about that play all week dr about who i said another week. We've raised over the best in the nfc is Every week different teams rising occasion. Different teams falter. So it's pay one team as the privilege favorite in that conference so again if you have any ideas of who you think it could be feel free to reach out also in these trade rumors in the nba with harden or how you feel about the shooter trade or any other potential trays. That could be out. There drew holiday. So guys like i said if you have opinions on those free to reach out he'll be more than happy to discuss those with you as well on your own if you feel about the The kim being hired as a gm among the things very great moment school with great historic obviously translates is to obviously That this just the tip of the iceberg you thank. Hopefully there will be more. Hires like this coming in the near future ambi- and will you gotta start somewhere in. This is awesome star. So i'm going to see how that goes also said if you have any thoughts about college football on what. What coach you think. Deserve mulligan don't deserve mulligan for their unperformed this year. Feel free to reach out. We are mas willing to discuss sports with you. Guys forgotten said give them a shout to the poll workers that some numbers still counting ballots provisional ballots and other things. Thousand go through recounts and stuff in the states. Where there will be recounts Generals no matter But still you have to go through that. So shout to them has again. There's still a tough job. could not imagine. Have you do that under these circumstances in this election where the president's karen the open line on shorter about the results so that's always fun Also give shot essential workers. Because i mean. I'm not sure if it's going to happen. A nationwide but like certain things are going to go back on lockdown instead. Have already on back on lockdown just because cova cases are getting a bit crazy throughout the country by hit two hundred thousand cases. Sometime this week. I would imagine or sometime soon on this week. I don't know the numbers but very soon get bad Only november now imagine what december january vehicle and flu. Season's going to look like going to be a mess Zia to workers doctors nurses. Emt's suspenders Firefighters delivery drivers postal service workers grocery store workers retail work as anybody from the essential. Shout to you glazed said. Unfortunately this does not like it's going to be ending any time soon So i wish you luck. Said you're doing a job. That is very thankless job. That many people would not be willing or able to do under the circumstances that you're doing them But the it's much needed as much. Appreciate it by me like i said. I don't know by riles but i appreciate the work. You're doing because again i. I cannot imagine the deal with people and their varying levels of severity in which they take the these even eight nine months into where we should all be like. Hey this is like connoisseurs. Let's try to stop it. We're like what if we act like nothing's going on and then be shocked when they are. The case arrived to the country on voter is a bit of a mess Also shout to like the fedex. Ups amazon invest in doing delivery services. Postmates breeds uber. Lift jordache instacart House they don't want to jot to you because again you're doing something that makes it easier. Impossible for people like myself and others to stay safe in their home. If they don't want to like. I said people are willing to go outside if you don't want to. You don't have to night when without the work of you. You people so appreciate you. They're going to bars restaurants things like this. Please tip your waiters waitresses and bartenders nicely Into the winter unfortunately Weather places they won't be able to really have indoor dining like that and unhappiness five so low said unless we got another stimulus or some sort of relief coming in january. Which maybe we do. We'll see i'm begging. January is a month away so we got a lot of time to now and in that meantime between time Like i said these people are doing doing what they can to continue to earn a living. So if you can in new within your means a tip them generously please do. I imagine go a long way for these people Also wearing a mask please. This is very simple. I'm chris blades. That had been my time and until next time he's out you've been listening to the golden state media concepts sports. Podcast part of the golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show. And others like likened at www dot. Jesus mc podcasts dot com. Download our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and google play just type in jesus mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts cast network from movies to music from sports entertainment and even weird news. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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Instant Reaction: Mullens ruins incredible defensive effort, 49ers lose 23-15

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Instant Reaction: Mullens ruins incredible defensive effort, 49ers lose 23-15

"What's the best way to make mashed potatoes or fried rice or lasagna. Hi i'm dave chang chef-owner mobile in new podcast recipe club. I'll be cooking in debating with my friend chris. Yang and a rotating caster smart highly capable characters from around the culinary world. Every week the three of us will each bring a recipe to the table and debate recipe. Club is out. Now listen on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. What is good everybody. Welcome to another instant reaction podcast. I'm rob stats carreira. And well it happened again. It happened again. And i can say that for many reasons today. I could say that because the forty niners quarterback play was abysmal. I could say that. Because kyle shanahan keeps doing dumb things. I could say that because we're right back in the situation. We were a few weeks ago before the rams game forty niners lose twenty three to fifteen to the washington football team. Congratulations alex smith. I'm happy at least you've got to win. Although he was knocked out of the game and dwayne haskins had become in. fortunately it doesn't appear to be anything serious for smith. I think it's a calf thing. So that's good but i mean there is so much to talk about in this game. It's it's infuriating to me. It's infuriating to me. That kyle shanahan for being one of the brightest head coaches i've ever seen continues to be an absolute moron moron when it comes to fourth down like he can't do it. It just doesn't compute with him. I don't understand it. it's mind boggling. It defies description. How wrong he continues to get these things you know. We all make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes in their job. It's inevitable i make tons of mistakes. You see the crap. I have to delete out of this thing before edited it and posted it mostly. It's a lotta swears but nonetheless. Everybody screws up at work. But when you keep screwing up the exact same thing again and again and again that's problem that's a big problem. That is just something about the modern national football league. That kyle shanahan just doesn't get like it's not even that hard to understand why you should go for it on fourth and short. I mean especially when it's hurt you multiple times you've been victimized by you've been on the other end you know what it's like and you still don't do it. What is the probable. There is a lot to get to in this game and we're going to break it all down because it doesn't just come down to one play but i'm starting with the one play because as you can tell it's pissing me off. I just despite all the crap that went on in this game despite all the hideous horrible play from nick mullins and the hideous play from this offense despite all of that and a great play great. Play which. I'm going to get to a little later from the defense. This team had the ball fourth and one on their forty one yard line with all three timeouts and four zero four left in the game and they were down by eight points and what it costs shanahan hindu. Again he punted. He trotted out so that he could punt until mitya's credit and the special teams credit he punted and they actually down the ball at the one yard line so this is the perfect. This is perfect to illustrate how stupid this is right. Because the thinking is you punt it there you pin then deep then you get the ball back in good field position right. That's that's the thinking because you can't risk going for it on fourth and one. You can't do that because god forbid you don't get it then. What would you do your your your pants because you're worried you might not get it. 'cause its fourth and one so you have to punt in that situation right kyle. That's what you gotta do. So the forty niners punt. The defense is backing them up. Then on third down washington runs a little past the flat and they are the forty niners are depending on dray. Greenlaw who makes a great tackle about an inch short of the first down marker and he was so close. Washington challenged spot. Thank god they didn't get it right because then it would have been a complete disaster so then the forty niners stop them. Washington punts and the forty niners. Get the ball back. But oh yeah. In the meantime san francisco used two time outs for some reason. I have no idea why because there was plenty of time left. You would add the ball back around close to the two minute warning and you had all three timeouts. I've no idea what caution is thinking with that none so washington punts the forty niners get the ball back at their own forty eight yard line with two minutes and forty seconds left in the game and one time out so just to clarify just to clear this up for everybody in the perfect situation where you pin them on the one yard line and they don't get a first down. Which is exactly what you're supposed to do. Here's what the forty niners data. In that scenario you spent two time outs. And a minute and twenty four seconds of gain time to gain seven yards of field position. That's what you got. You had the ball to forty one yard line. You got it back at the forty eight yard line. Seven yards cost you a minute and twenty four seconds and two time outs. That was what you had to do because you were so terrified so terrified that you are not going to one yard with an offensive genius for head coach for niners. Get the ball back. They tried to drive down the field to actually get a nice completion to kendrick bourne. The one time he actually caught damn ball. But of course mike mcglinchey had hold because he can't actually block anyone so that got called back and that was the end of that drive for an anders turned over on doubts. Cow shanahan needs to be asked after this game. He needs to be asked point blank. Why do you keep doing this. Why didn't you go for a kyle. You're an offensive genius. You can't get one yard and spare me the whole. What if they don't get it okay. Let's break that down okay. What if they don't get it. Your plan is to stop washington without them getting a first down anyway right. That's the plan even if you punt it you have to do that. So why can't you do that if you don't get the first out because then washington punt it and you'd have to go the whole length of the field o. K. that's the absolute worst case scenario. By the way you'd still have to timeouts and around two minutes left in the game. That's the worst case scenario. No one ever thinks what if you get it and how you keep going and then you only have half a field to go and by the way all three timeouts and a lot more time left. No one ever looks that side of it right. We can't ever assume you might actually get it in the most offensive friendly era of football in the history of the damn game nope half the punt it there. Because i don't know because why because that's what you always do. Stop coaching not to get criticized because it was the conventional thing coaches. Don't get criticized when they do the conventional thing. Well guess what here i am again. When you have backup quarterbacks and backup players all over the field you have to go forward. You have to be aggressive. That's not when you clench up and pucker up and get scared. Warren buffett said when everybody's cautious be aggressive when everybody's aggressive be cautious. Kyle's not doing it. I i don't get it i. I will never understand that. That's costing this team chances to win. Football games if you washington. I say it every time. This happens if you're washington and it was fourth and one in that situation. What would you want the forty niners to do. Would you want the forty niners to go for it or would you want them to punt it. They would want you to punt it. So why are you doing that thing that the opponent would want you to do. I don't get this. I'm so tired of this. It's not hard. It's really not hard and the forty niners got victimized by all last season and many times this season also last season. The ravens did it to multiple times and the chiefs in the super bowl did to them multiple times. you think. you've gotta stop right defenses. Like i'll k. Good we gotta stop and offense comes back on fourth down and it's like oh man i can't believe it. We gotta stop these guys again. Like what is there. No one else in the forty nine or sign that says kyle not up and go for it. No one else can say that to him. You big powerful kyle. Shanahan like we're the house. John lynch or jed yorker. Somebody somebody has got to say kyle what are you doing. You're screwing this up. And i asked matt barrels on friday. If there's anyone in the organization that can tell kyle shanahan that he's being stupid about something he basically said no he said john lynch can sometimes say because they have a good relationship but john lynch works for kyle shanahan so he don't give a crap which john thanks because at the end of the day. Kyle's the king. It's gotta stop like he's got to stop the margin of victory the margin. Aaron these games so small even when everybody's healthy it's a bouncing ball. It's one decision either way. He's got to stop doing this like somebody's gotta tell them. Kyle please. i will tell you. I will get this podcast to you. I will give it to chris and he will get it to you even if it's just a thirty second part like he really hasn't figured this out and housing up and asked about it. Where's naoko matt. Barrows jennifer lee chan. I love you. Please ask how shanahan about this leave. There's just no excuse for it with all the crap that went on in this game and then you go and do something stupid like that at least in the dumb and dumber seen lloyd. Totally redeems himself. Right recent is a harry. He trades the van and gets the scooter like he redeems himself. I'm still waiting for your kyle. I'm still waiting for you to trade in the sheepdog van to get the scooter and figure out how to fourth in short okay. That's my rant about the fourth of one play. Unfortunately i now have to go on another rant. I'm sorry i don't mean to. I'm going to try not to. But i have a feeling that this is about to devolve just into me screaming into nothing last week. Nick mullins played like trash. He cost a forty niners touchdowns he was throwing the ball. Inaccurately freaking out. When pressure was coming turning the ball over. He was terrible last week but for some reason the narrative from a lot of people a lot of smart people a cash. Kyle posey are the to the jump into my mind right now even levin said it also. Yes he's smarter. I will never say that. While he's on the pod but he is and the line from then that i heard was. You can't be mad at nick mullins because he's a backup quarterback and you can't expect him to be perfect on all his throws because he's a backup quarterback after this bag other game. I just have one question. Can i be mad at nick. Moen's now like can i be mad at him now. Is it okay. Am i allowed after nick. Mullins cost his team the game. Is it okay for me to acknowledge that nick. Mullins is crap as a quarterback and has no business. No business being on an nfl roster. Can i is it allowed now. Guys can we say it now. Please what can you expect. He's a quarterback. You know what i expect. I expect him to protect the damn ball when the pocket collapses and not cough it out of there and let chase young pick it up and run for forty seven yard touchdown. That's what i expect out of my starting quarterback whether he was the starter when the year began or not. That's what i expect out of a professional quarterback and that's what we're not getting from nick. Mullins okay. I expect him to perform up to the level of a professional quarterback in the best football league on the planet. And he ain't doing it and in an even close. I expect him to make. Nfl plays i expect when brandon. I is running wide open in the middle of the field that you could hit the guy. Okay now throw it fifty yards over his head. That's what i expect when you're wide. Receiver has an eighty wingspan. That you can throw it somewhere in his zip code so that he could at least get a finger on the ball. Those expectations too high. My shooting for the moon there guys and spare me with the nick. Moen's is smart. Talk spare me with. He's the smartest quarterback on the team. Which is what. Kyle told the broadcasters last week the monday night crew spammy with how well he knows the offense okay. It doesn't matter if you can't throw it into the same planet as wide open wide receivers. Okay if he can't play the position from the neck down it doesn't matter how well he knows the position from the neck up. That's just simple. Facts this offense was four fifteen on third down. He was twenty five or forty five for two hundred sixty of the most of you have ever seen in your entire life because nobody nobody rules. Garbage time like nick freakin mullins. And if i have to see that stupid graphic one more time with the most yards in his first four starts or thirteen starts or whatever. How did cherry pick a window. Was that has mahomes luck. Nick mullins i'm gonna break my television into a million pieces okay. 'cause it doesn't matter the dude can't get it done when it matters and here's the thing not only can he not get it done when it matters because if that was just the thing that might have been okay that might have been enough for the forty niners together win if he could just have failed to help his team get it done. They might have been able to eat. This went out because the defense was so good. Which i know. I said i'm going to get to. I will but it's not just that he can't get it done. It said he actively gets it done for the other team. He's helping them. He's helping them to turnovers. Today at directly resulted in defensive touchdowns for washington the fumble like i said and then when the forty niners are actually trying to get a little momentum going on offense and they have a ten play sixty eight yard drive going. What happens pressure because the offense of can't block mcmullan. This pants rolls out and tries to. Kyle use checking the flat. Which by the way would have been like a one yard gain anyway and what happens us. Check breaks upfield. The defender holds his ground. As soon as mullins releases his wounded duck waugh blur of pass. He catches it runs all the way. Back for a touchdown that was the game. Nick mullins is able. And i'm going to be mad at him and i don't care what anybody says. Washington scored twenty three points today. You know how many offensive touchdowns they had zero. Wanna know why 'cause the defense was awesome. Today awesome touchdowns allowed. They stopped washington on twelve of their fifteen third downs. Washington had fifteen third downs. The forty nine said how no get off the field on twelve of san francisco game up one hundred ninety three total yards the whole game. That's it ninety. Five passing yards the whole game. Three point one yards per play two point eight yards per pass. Is that even possible. And oh by the way. Fred warner got hurt in this game because you know twenty twenty. So didn't even have him. The defense was awesome today. That you can't be any better and the forty niners still lost. Because nick mind is absolute trash and apparently we can't be mad at him because he's a backup quarterback as if once your backup comes in. You should have no standards whatsoever. What are ridiculous. I should have called them out last week. Shame on me. What are ridiculous stance. All right i. I think i need a minute here. I gotta calm down. Get a drink of water. Let's take a break and when we come back we'll get into some of the postgame comments. Which i'm sure i'm sure those are going to just keep me in a totally calm mood totally calm and cool and collected so we'll take a look at those when we come back. We want the best of both worlds. We want a hybrid a smarter. Hybrid cloud approach with ibm helps retailers. Manage supply chains with watson. I while predicting demands with ease. The world is going hybrid with ibm. Visit ibm dot com slash hybrid cloud. Hey everybody it. D'alene walter off and i'm hosting a new podcast called built to last by american express. We're we will dive deep into the stories history and continued legacy of small businesses that shape american culture are debut season will focus on the lack own small businesses. That need our support now. More than ever in each episode we feature the story of a black business trailblazer that has inspired a modern black. owned business. first step is kinky cole of atlanta's food truck turned restaurant celebrity vegan. We'll also chat with nathan mba the cutting edge designer behind haniffah three d digital fashion show. Plus we'll check in with each array are modern day renaissance woman. We hope that it encourages all of our listeners to support these businesses as well as the black owned businesses in your own communities tune in for these amazing stories and others on spotify apple youtube. or wherever. You get your favorite podcasts. Welcome back to the instant reaction. Podcast look calmer little cooler little more collected. I'm going to keep it together. This half of the pot i promise. Try and be rational. We're all dolts here. I will keep it to get look at some of the game quotes and see what we see kyle. Shanahan said he thought about benching marlins after the pick six but wanted to give better time to warm up and then mullins led a scoring. Are you serious are you serious. He should have been warmed up. Well before then. What was he doing on the sideline the whole game. He needed time to warm up. We're not watching kyle. He should have been warming up at halftime. For god's sakes he needed time to warm up on then. He scored so we cook the moon. How can you be so smart and so dumb at the exact same time. I don't understand it. Well come me lasted about ten seconds. Thanks kyle devan kenlock defenses frustrated with the offense. No frustration thinks happen. It's football just have to road. That is bogus man. i'm sorry giovanni ad is bogus. Because i don't care who you are if you're breaking your back trying to get the job done and you're crushing it and your company's failing your team is losing because other people in the group are pulling their weight. You're gonna get pissed after awhile. That's just human nature. nick mullins on limiting turnovers quote. At some point. It has to be done to give this team a chance to win no neck and guess what it's not going to be done by you. Clearly that guy is not you he needs to make routine plays and that he didn't put the team in position to win. Do you ever put the team in a position to win. Have you ever done that. The mohan's on the washington defensive line. They're a good team. I feel like if we would have protected the football we would've. Wha what is this way not way man you if you would have protected the football better we. You're the quarterback. You fumbled the ball. They'll let chase young. Go forty seven yards for a touchdown you'll threw a pick six when you're in the other teams red zone. That was you that nobody else. I didn't see remote start throwing picks brand that. I wasn't fumbling the ball away. We i'm so tired of that channeling the blame and the attention away from the individual to put it on a collective because i guess you can't be mad at everybody or something i don't know when is anybody on this team going to step up and take responsibility. I didn't play good enough. I didn't protect the bowl. I screwed up the coaching decision on fourth of one. When as anybody this year said it's my fault. That's what i wanna see. 'cause i'm not getting that this year from the forty niners why they think it's okay to do that at some point. You gotta stop being nice again. I'm going to say this. It's like the real world. You gotta stop being nice and start being real okay. Somebody else has got a pointed out. Somebody else's nick mullins face and say. Hey man you killed us today. That's not good enough or last week but contagious street not stupid roughing the passer penalty against the bills. Hey moron that can't happen. You cost us be better. Where is that. The head coach should be able to do that. If none of the players are going to step up and do it kyle hostile. I'm sorry i don't mean just constantly yell at you like i really don't. That's not my goal. When i start recording these things prize see this stuff and it just drives me nuts and i said i said it weeks ago right after he was signed basically said at eleven and i said at the jason ponti when we when we did a joint podcast. Forty niners should start josh johnson. Like what is the point of continually rolling out. Nick mullins or cj beathard like what is the point. And he's johnson. Johnson going to be good probably not he pro- probably not be good. I fully admit that. But i know that nick mullins can't do it. I know it. Cj beathard is tackling dummy. Out there. okay. I don't know if john stockton is going to be bad he probably is. I think he's going to be bad. But i don't know i would rather go with a one percent chance. That josh shots can at least make this team fun to watch. Then zero percent. Chance of nick mullins or cj beathard doing like. That's just basic math to me. If i told you you could win. A billion dollars and either have zero percent chance of winning or one percent chance of winning. Which one would you take. And maybe that's the silver lining of this whole thing just this loss after loss. Maybe that's the silver lining because maybe this game finally crystallizes to kyle shanahan. That he doesn't just need a new starting quarterback next year. He needs a complete overhaul of the quarterback room next year. At the two thousand twenty one forty nine roster comes out and says garoppolo mullins or beth on it. then it's coaching and general managing malpractice from the forty niners. That's it that's all that is. There's no way anyone. Those guys should be back on the team next year. And i don't care that jimmy wasn't healthy. He's shown where he is now. He's too expensive and his ceiling is not high enough to justify him beyond the siem next year a mullet justifies getting cut every week. They should cut mcmullan's right now. Don't even let them fly. Well he doesn't have to fly because their home in arizona. Don't even want him back on the bus or wherever the hell gotta gone to get back to the hotel like take the key. Put a stuff out in the lobby of the hotel. That's it no. thanks. Nick were good. Hopefully that's what we see. The kyle finally gets it i. I think he's starting to come around to the mobile quarterback after some of the quotes we saw last week about how his thinking has changed on that. I think he was admitting that he's now open to a mobile guy. Hopefully this is changed his thinking. If it wasn't there already that all three of these guys gotta go and the fact that it's so bad is an indictment of him and it's an a little bit of an indictment on. John lynch like i always say kyle's the ones that make those decisions so it's really mostly on him. What i put on lynch is the fact that he's got a step up a little bit and really drill into kyle. Fight him on some of this stuff and maybe he is. I don't know. I don't think years though because you really don't want to fight the guy that got you the job and essentially got you the job extension because make no mistake. John lynch is not getting an extension. Let's kyle shanahan wanted him to have an extent. There's a reason they did. Kyle's deal before john's so hopefully that happens. And i guess that would be the best thing for the forty niners. Figure it out. But the starting quarterbacks who you can get there's a million guys to get there's a million guys you could draft guy for one. There's a million rounds in the draft. Okay you could draft the guy in any one of those rounds and if robert sala leaves which it looks like he's going to then you're gonna get an extra third round pick so there's a traffic. You didn't even half. That essentially would cost you nothing to take a quarterback with that pick in case. You're wondering i know. Many of you are no nine tornadoes with this loss. The best the forty nine ers can be now eight. That's the absolute best. If they went out right now the forty niners have the twelfth picking the draft their game ahead of the cowboys who have the fifth pick and guess who the forty niners play next week. The dallas cowboys so plenty could change in the final three weeks of the season. They're six other teams with four. Wins right now. And there are four teams with five wins but the forty niners are hovering now in an area. Where if you're zach wilson guy or trey lance guy you can definitely get him so there's that route that's going to be available to you. You might have to spend a little resources but you gonna be able to get a guy if you want them. You could trade for matt stafford if he gets straight especially solid gets that job and maybe he says i want to start fresh or whatever. He's going to be available. Matt ryan might be available if you wanted him again. These things cost resources. Obviously i know that but there are guys to go out and get. That's my point. It's not like you have to just sign some scrub off the street. Like that's not how it works. How he can have colin kaepernick and make him a backup right now. Probably cost you. League minimum million bucks tallies not better than nick mullins. Gimme a break like my point is again. I'm not trying to make this about capital. The point is there are quarterbacks. Out there you don't have to live in fear that you're suddenly not going to be able to get one so that is where we are right now. Five eight hope for the play. Offs gone looking at the draft standings but for the rest of this year. Here's what i want to see. First and foremost. I wanna see brandon return every single punt everyone. I don't need to see richie james back. They're trying taylor's a healthy scratch for the past two weeks. Hopefully that whole ridiculous experiment is over brandon. I should be returning every single punt. He's one of the most talented players you have. He's a good punt returner. And you have to start putting the ball in your hands of your best players and by the way brandon is clearly one of the best players for the forty niners. He was excellent again today. Ten catches one hundred nineteen yards on sixteen targets. He was awesome. So that's number one number two as i've said all show i don't wanna see brandon or cj. Beathard play another. Snap for the forty niners unless anyone else that can throw is dead number. Three richie james needs to start opposite brandon. I because it doesn't look like deebo. Samuel is gonna play again this year. He got hurt in the first play. The game was a hamstring injury. Which we know wasn't right from after the bills game. They kept him out of the first practice. Nayo it's just precautionary baloney clearly. He wasn't right. I play the game runs for nine yards. Hamstring done kyle shanahan said after the game quote. It doesn't look good. No reason apply deebo samuel the rest of the season. Shut him down. It'd be it's stupid to play him for the final three games for what so that his hamstring could be even worse than it could potentially be an issue next year. No no nope nope. Nope no shut them down. Let him rest it all the way through all this crap that we're gonna go through this whole stupid off season rest. No i you the rest of the way any young players that you wanna look at. Get him in there. Colton candidates has been getting run. Great charlie woerner the tight end. He's been getting a little more run stardom. I have seen enough. Ross rally by the way. How many holding penalties kokai getting a single year. He's good for one week. Unbelievable had one today that cost the team in a big spot. Dr killer ross. Rally never should see the field again. Maybe he'd go join. Grant collins podcast. Jimmy garoppolo. I don't care what you do jimmy. You can play them. Because i don't want him back next year so if you want to throw him in there. That's totally fine with me george. Kato should never see the field. The rest of twenty twenty. Nope nope nope nope. Nope same thing deeb no way. What are you bringing them back for. What are you doing. He's already banged up enough as it is certainly playing with a torn labor which by the way no one even talks about. He's playing with a torn labor. He's just refuses to get surgery because he doesn't want to miss time but it's the getting better that's the guy you want to throw back in there for three meaningless games. No thank you. So that's it. That's what i wanna see from the team. Defensively have no idea. I mean like i said there's so much uncertainty. It almost doesn't matter what you do. The rest of the way. If von kinlaw isn't even remotely nicked up at all. I wouldn't play him either. Because of the last three games of the season are now completely meaningless utterly completely meaningless. I will still watch the team. I was still roof them. I still want them to win. But i don't want to risk anybody's health for the rest of this stupid meaningless season. So that's how i'm feeling tonight. Obviously there's a lot of frustration. I wasn't frustrated with the defense. Like i said they were awesome. Robert solid continues to get it done. They couldn't have been any better tonight. Couldn't have been any better. Jimmy ward almost had an interception. Right at the end of the game would have set the forty niners up at about the twenty five yard. Line meeting eight points. The ball just hit the ground but it was a tip. It was a weird deflection. I can't criticize him at all. What about a spectacular play if he'd made it and he came within inches of almost doing it. Everybody on defense. Great freaking job brandon. I uc great job. Everybody else pound sand. So that's where we are. Please tell me where you are. Tell me if you think i'm wrong. You can always hit me up at stats on fire on twitter. Where he can hit up the entire network. If you wanna get everybody else involved gang up on me for something stupid that you think i said. That's at an podcasts. For the whole network everybody will see it and trust me. I'm sure they wanna pile on me but that's it. I wish i had better news but this is where we are. I have to step away now. Because the more i talk to higher my blood pressure goes. I'm going to step away. I think i might have an adult beverage. Trying calmed down a little bit list. Some christmas music or some other holiday music. I suggest you do if you don't celebrate christmas throwing the calms down. Take some deep breaths and just let this season scab over. That's my suggestion to you. Except where we are. Let it scab over the rest of the season you will not feel the pain daggers of these last three losses you can. You can just chalk this season up as a loss. It was a crazy freakin year with a ridiculous amount injuries. I don't think any super bowl. Losers had to put up with a season like this in the history of the game. Chalk it up to a weird year. Take the draft pick. Which would be pretty good like we talked about. Maybe you get your new quarterback because of it and we'll see in twenty twenty one. That's what your perspective has to be a fan. You gotta let this one callous. Silver is jim harbaugh. used to say otherwise. You're just going to be in for a lot. More pain. The rest of the year and i think i speak for everybody when i say we've all had enough pain in twenty twenty. Don't worry we'll be with you here every step of the way. We're still gonna do podcasts. Every single day the week for you tell you what to watch for good signs for twenty twenty. One will tell you what we're hearing around the league rumors and different things still plenty of reason for you to listen. I don't want you to turn away from us. Just want you to understand where the team is this year. Okay if you like what you hear are you like that. Plan please. rate review and subscribe to the niners nation podcast network. You get all the instant reaction shows. You'll get all our shows every day. We got some things in the works and different ideas of what we're gonna do down the stretch here and heading into the offseason might hear some different voices on the network just throwing that out there. I can't say anything yet. But there's some cool stuff. We've got going on behind the scenes that i want you to be on the lookout. Keep an eye on that as well. Okay we'll talk to you this week. Try to enjoy the rest of your day.

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That's so Dystopian.

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2:24:50 hr | 1 year ago

That's so Dystopian.

"Then landed on his record in front of a live studio audience a little she says she's on a soldier she pulls you focus on moody tv shows and pop culture audio file that hates me could welcome to the show everybody else on the show just a quick word we apologize or family in orlando lost weight 'em there were some technical glitches in the recordings and also a main hall of fame having a pretty rough time rightly when it comes to work and why and i'll balances so we hope to be track and we're gonna we're gonna shoot to the moon and now we appreciate you guys taking this like delake we know we still sorting out format and i know sometimes it feels like were they don't plan but not planning on with the show we bring each again an we have the track the guys hey buddy kyle no that's good i've been talking about the great futures moving they all coaches were talking about this fucking which is a game of thrones disturbing nor it's like a mini evil kind of i dunno until i met you already have a double shot and by defining i just start paying job is actually begin a darn particularly nor is there any chance that it it basically opposite of utopia and that's what you're talking you're happy time rainbows it's negatively impacting ociety a futuristic society are the by the pressing totalitarian government or parched apocalypse on that on that note darwin nobody governmental numerous events will grab my pirate is only a dream on much around the room and talk about everyone's favorite instructing scott we hire a case i haven't seen too many to be honest i like the idea i think it's absurd i would say the original title recalled in one of my favorite ones that's the way eight directly on mobs and the on and off like other countries yeah i'm pretty sure they are skies amongst well this is the thing is like they the whole the whole movie could have been like just in his head because he's in the machine entire time okay you guys amongst the whole thing we're gonna die before before he gets put into the machine you guys like all blue skies on monday as a nice pick and then at the end of the movie when he's kissing in on moss it's like this blue sky in the background or so he could have been in the machine yes i'm totally here thank you gonna do hardly recorder in some roof on just start be future saw me now on long start being kind of neat back then the running man or woman named as the running game in his way up don't see about guan is well oh what if a kid i grew up until my head will start out by talking about when you just so okay so you just watched when you if convicted of my mother i am on yeah just so that definitely dystopia future okay so forty nine mother that just make it or if you guys haven't seen it fucking amazing film it blew my mind the way i can't believe that i wasn't planning on watching it i just pulled one what not like oh what's his before work whatever sort of like holy crap is really fucking good ozzy feel like three actors it automating there three active they used cars trucks when it comes to the robots which is awesome so looks like like like they also do some three eighty animations i believe so no longer in back then so they do what three spurs the b word spurs to make the physical that when it comes to like see josh stumping for c u d g i compliment yeah not reply like yeah right so the goddess is it's the whole meal r i m i know that i ever saw yeah i know a lot about that do that but i mother it's about a bill being raised by a robot robotic bother the gill we don't actually get a new one name she just always referred to his daughter and the robots always referred to his mother anything humanizing biden you know he humanizes them quite a lot like you you definitely see the relationship they have like this robot really loves her daughter yeah right and so she's raising her from but she basically but there is well like odeen oldie she was best throw machine as an embryo like it's there wasn't any woman or anything yeah to give but be her mother was literally the robot right 'em but she still human embryo of being 'em and then asparagus cernan works when an outside of come oh she she she told the daughter told that a outside those like some kind of chemicals who was a contagion like everybody died any on me entire she's a survivor and then they bursary popular idea it using the thousands thousands of embryos it they have but they don't have enough resources to raise the oil markets or be mother is just like raising one at a time thing to get humanity backup lateran judy knew she right is one girl like adulthood and then then right now i only idea was to raise one bill and then raise another gill outlook were raised another one and then like slowly build up the population and then they could teach each other kind of thing right but then it gets spent that again starting the works when a stranger comes along the banks of the door like let me end up being shot and then she's like oh my god the robots all all evil you're all evil you'll be tricked blah blah blah and they just so much crazy shit happens like you have no idea who to trust that off like you'll see it from the perspective of the auto yeah and it's such a thrill off the holy crap like you don't know whether the trustee the robot or the stranger and then it just keeps throwing go back and forth that you're there who's right road that'll be sure that i can't really say anything from there with jackie bore bore way that's where i think i should go check that happened on these local i mean has a very very good old concept in and i think one of the greatest opening line or a book where the man on a line at the end of the world and and knock at the door like what it is yeah she definitely that's exactly what it is you haven't seen it yet or not all god like when you i i really wanna know what you you you get from ending on quite interested to see how you what you take away from that or played good begins on my realized a noticeable trend lightly when it comes to fill like a they had a saint joe when their audience andy and i just had an old anymore even up lately yeah these was ended pretty well around it likely lose everything you eat lunch and not the same time you are being produced protection you see these it edit is it amador's likeness i guess it is open for interpretation but you know is how did how did describe that makes sense man i'll i'll i'll let it roll with that i listen i don't like that like seventy seven w interpretation but it's not because he's still the jury like now that shot that's okay tell me eddie con con talk about this study and futures without bowl talking about you know nineteen ninety four which i love yum logan's run i really like muggings runs what did he old stuff 'em unless they're not in april second thing runs relationship with while i've seen it and i read the book and i studied a bit so yes really like it very good i like i like an implant again again i i haven't spent for a long time in a while yes well from what i remember oh sorry oh from what i remember it was quite slow paced they'll just like one of those sort of slow pace either like oh yeah like all would like seventy two things about seventy game when the mega man yeah 'em wilson will kind of you know being in a just remember be alert is oil joy road east is talking like the movie it kind of is like about one man and he'll he's not quiet he doesn't wanna joy like whatever maybe there's like some kind of reason this government that when they tell the people that were going on they gotta be a part of it and then they they going around tried to like find these people that are part of the reason is rarely there's not really a resistance the kind of like more people they're trying to find people who are starting to think to themselves yes yeah end and they're like the this will solve is not really resistance it's just like he's just starting independent independent thought and they're trying to kind of like get rid of it and yeah you know what you think well it's nineteen ninety four it's basically we already know you're from i always forget the names of people who ride and everything is basically the writers retelling of what he hit was like have him growing up in communist society and basically just supplied the rules exactly of how they treat themselves in that society as communist bashes i know that that's why i say you know it's like see warning about moro's it's more of this is more for policing in anything else because that's basically what it comes down to each controlling for that's why they destroy literature of full wrong think and they don't want people discussing saying well talking between each other saying we done white again for right yeah and that's basically it's a warning of a system of giving people have such a forty where they are able to determine how what people are allowed to consume which is a very very distressing thing that nobody really wants his job in that movie is a blackout articles yes or like to blackout maple and to to get rid of it on trolling information that they don't want the whole world kind of say and he gets kind of and 'em wisit he at one point in the book i think he he wants he he's thinking that a he's got a friend in the actual thing and he was saying that one day he might end up blacking out he's friend's name in like in yeah well it's not understanding of the world he lives in it's like he understands eventually it will come mining one else a castle because that's just how the system is you can't have a system way you know let's give a society freethinking choice whatsoever 'cause eventually someone's gonna die well maybe i agree with this and then they just they they they're doing it so that he for like they're basically working for a war if it which at this point he's even shots to wonder if there really is a war at one point based on the movie on to wondering when in there with a war or driving for cable wax or they actually up well i remember i'm not sure if it's in the book of memory without actually like they are the countries in other countries have memories of this tracer actual end men each and every citizen in each superstate is working for the war effort so it's just this kind of machine that everything just keeps on like the dumbest keep dropping on their place and they drop one day out of the place and then everyone is living in this kind of the tally arian post apocalyptic almost kind of see where nobody has free will and everyone's just working for the government dean tight like working out i don't even believe there's a war like based on their name i ended up being the bumps in there and buildings that's what team building doesn't make you only saw flashbacks of people up building thing ball in the in the movie in well i just i just i'm bag of tricks up appreciating the number of metal flashbacks and all that goal konda the thing on you know the whole thing is you're doing why you believe what we say you blade like i thought you know knowing you're ward happening you know and and it makes you think like what is really going on well they do that they do that you have you see how many lights do you see anything like this five flights and he's like no they're full lights and actually they they took that they did it in star trek is well that's what you're thinking of that in some stop traffic that they did that in 'em i'm pretty sure that was from a and that will start tracking for his nothing episode of the next generation of trade talks that from a book i'm not sure if it was nineteen ninety four foods from a different one but they didn't make that up the actual book yeah but ninety four more famous or the wreck cages simple getting ahead shubra marijuana in where we can do it actually yeah and what you disappear behind his door that they will they will say this i he felt the happiest that he ever did when you actually conformed to the to decide after the right coaches and after he he 'em he decided he was going to fall in line with everyone else that's when he felt pure like joy when like the ignorance of joy l i n you know he he finally like everyone else he was finally like everyone else in that was the moment when he felt actu joy when he's still questioning nothing in this device hires line potter while you know that is terrified of hell yeah but that's that's the sign we had movies like a or even books like are not one yard got a block party voting booth and betting industry come up like it i like how the knocking we mean today who spinning books today but he was initially tournament good history like you know tearing down statues saying they pretend that didn't happen then maybe they need turnaround history like without removing will destroy leading the charge change indict 'em drawn change history that that you may not like an awful lot one yeah you could you could make that link some revealed that the classical willie indictment nicole shays one of your favorite well i'm gonna go for more border to stop the matrix oh yeah tree evidently starkey twin injury you're robot yes bucket terrify rage against the machine is tied at the end but it sure they're basically yeah it's a human's a a become batteries for the machines we've built and basically any previous other matrix matrix explained it fully that we made i advanced to the point that i realized they could do what we could do better including mocking manipulation and everything so we tried to use force in retaliation but of course they're not limited by slash they were able to easily enslave us in the person under current law that said that line sean mnaya names and bite us population when the longest run like a girl class yeah it's a lot like that in the most terrifying thing i've ever see a jacket that scares me start oh yeah absolutely i wanna find the animation wendover i but the but robot like elite monster yeah i'm hot weather settles just ripping everybody apiece peace yeah just a lot of people are always looking reference when it comes to the matrix it's not just the nicest thing but it's the scene i always remember the most is when the guys about betray the rest of the crew the bald headed guy with sickle weasel stories about the right name but that's the way he's with agents and he's sitting at the restaurant everything and he understands he insight in front of his at the stake in front of me it's not real all this is not real i like i like steak and then when he eats and everything but it's just like but it's still that sensation at the machine district the brain ever seen and that's where he just says if i'm if i'm gonna give you right everyone else i get back in the matrix i be rich you give me everything i want my memory and everything else let that so it's understanding of how the system works the same one kind of nineteen ninety or yeah yeah he he only he wants the conformity threat matrix and that'll be the happiest yes memory but it'd be rich and you're looking at any yeah yeah what about the world of how how well the mentoring once he doesn't wanna know about the war and stuff he just wants to be a normal and then they some people don't want a better than they know you know why they come in and you act like nothing bad is happening i feel like every free like pretty much every here yeah pretty much every every here in these to start being kind of movies and stuff or trying to just make the best of wherever they are so if you know pointing a head in the sand is going to make your life better all that would be a shit off movie so is it usually is called i'm gonna throw everything that that you know i'm gonna do everything everyone till i voted no word on gauge the hunger games is a like one of the light it start being there again she would have like happiness in the hunger games would have been just happy if she wasn't in there and you know she just got the lives with like she didn't have to go on stopping she will she would have like she she wouldn't have been stopping that which was she went they went out to be to the forest and her family without the dark again everyone they were risking life and death when they went hunting yeah round they were but like like shoe stopping to like mental anguish stopping hater and that she bread in monchy yeah yeah don't maybe it's not a guy i i get that but not enough in the show you didn't she didn't want to be in the hunger games and she in michigan actually want to start a war she didn't want any of that she just one two to two lives and you know if they she didn't end up in the hunger games she would have just lift and rose up or done any kind of stuff you could have just been a normal person okay so you take in the in the movie where he doesn't like the market describing nothing we wouldn't have been exposed to these welding more no i think like why are putting her head in the sand as well yeah she got thrown into that situation it's the same with all of these new love she did what she saw she did absolutely loving system like okay what about the hunger games i never understood why these districts were trying to win naga game maybe like because whenever like we can do as well yeah right how come they want people like raising kids from orange you could actually in i feel like just click on the district say then they say well i guess technically ever on sort of had those you'll have the money that district one at all yet they had but you still you still would try to hide rango y'all cranial young to especially you oh you were africa's but when you wake up you get dry allows your you'll you'll district gets more funding order yeah so just absolutely lyrics were divided into different talk yes and they'd be strictly machinery yeah they're working machine learning and that will moniz 'em like john they're allowed yeah two to three dot com that's go yeah they wouldn't even break hard or they were not money marriage or going go okay yeah the district wanting to do one one one with any any academy you wanna have you had any truth to deliver my like they took out all the military soldiers who were like one i think wisdom some what's it called a i think that was gems i think they they go mining like it crushes style somebody may lightness you think capitol did it like a like a climate control the game in game one of these were doing merger will make the most sense to even if you will like it district twelve or whatever it is district district of genders start they did have the hunt for their food like that now but the hunting with illegal remember they were sneaking in there like hunting like your marriage if you're like me you're gonna get over the capital and the whole thing which i think you're you're you may underestimate how pregnant the government really well yeah i think you will get out and like when you need it did sound like it does sound like to me that the game was rigged from the stop argue is taught hardly a higher i always thought that you know why don't why it was just twelve hardy out doing their own thing yeah like noted that they were outdoor government but will be forced into hunga gay i ride some really bad like well ways just home you need the idea that were working on you know the the rich and the like and i think like each each each place had their arne it's a cold items at that would that would say of coal and i think for was would you like a good odds out that i've always found it we'd that these districts what training people in wine country i'm old opportunity that had opportunity they trained to now i'm a cat and it did you see did a bedsheet and she was a big deal and shipping dog should been shaded open door rock so on hosts without unless you're always price not really helping the wrong that were like in the house that icing to the case that's how you knew how do they how do they have icy gift cake you kind of made i should've known rod how many cakes this guy making in this lifetime eighty occupy ice bud light yellow hitting a woman he wishes bakery which like the like stale bread like hanging out style when he got a chance tree work yeah harley that's all he was doing you know and he spent time comes to making cakes doing oh they had that the two three by keep right it's totally differently i know it's the same thing that if you bake you indicates that show exactly what i saw on now the other up on the web on or well what is your secret i'm sorry i guess one more shot me otherwise just yet a physical job there i guess i i think i'm like i really enjoyed the best young and then eventually got machine a black cat in the file or what a fucking canning why would anyone although i don't i i the movie until that point i did like the movies that much loved the book so much into that game that would allow i had the car that i am feeling is blocking a lane by route ninety no no no no the capital with the rest guy yeah but yeah that one yeah well battle royale oh yeah oh yeah she she go hungry guy yeah yeah it'd be children against japan solution to delinquents is to send delinquent kill each other and studying delinquents says one closet was picked up randomly at all why rosendahl yeah i believe they've used it as a as a better as example captivate they deliver ugly that's basically what how it works if it's like you know what i mean they can't start early like induction anti american oh yeah it's like it's like a time compared to america and you're any kind of came out today in the mid late tonight like the the river apply offaire now but i get a battle royale actually one of my oakland on really yeah even in school just some lightning engine while watching a bunch of each other when it's hot tomorrow not hungry again i'm while you're just amazing i never i never read the mungo but anything but like they they actually if i find a lot of these the the characters kinda stopped moving a bit like monger characters like when you start dodging bullets and stuff in the movies well the one guy is doing man doing the right thing like daunted align makes you all at that white dancing around like somebody not the ship did did they did up pot in i'm not sure if it was in the national monger if it wasn't you know the one where he he kind of gets he's nerve like he's had doesn't work properly any postseason about and actually you might even when he had allen did that they did not do anything else i think it was probably the mungo whereas like he he pulls who knows about so they can get his fingers like pull the trigger the gun laws that much yeah but you're not around warren moon i think the second one await timber you know they're better action at least by medical dory wise andrew you know it's like you gotta call the actual man that guy coke whereas my father was paid for sure 'em second one would actually gonna be released in two thousand one again the pinball you know the the first the first they knew 'em out around who you then blowing up that goes to jail and that's when don then he would even be early and number eleven michigan man so that early early the fighter about was the original direct battle royale one he actually died drink production better well to any to sign nights she caught the directing position to finish off the rest of the film you sure yeah so the writer of yeah so is developing a positive development problem so the second one by by the second one had a lot more a lot more military base pay for the second way i was much better action base but i think a lot of us like the concept of the first one because of its imagery of basically it's what it's basically the inspiration for pub g in fort night will we have now if you run into a random island where you must try to the end and it basically lost one stand in the course of the colors around the neck that exploitative of time off people go into areas and not allow they killed and everything it they put that entire concept of it and the second one really push the corruption of the whole idea that we need to do something like that happen you know guard and trap door shut it elections go shooting with the dancing i know begrudge god's by what other what about you nick your puppy mill road m clockwork orange poli talk helps mine and mainly just be jewels and not been revealed her why the body like that but all i could think of meanwhile unique here you know they started meanwhile in england and sharing it like all the you know they used a running wild is is is is right and people don't have consequences of their actions but at the same time they need government thinks he's going to jail so what's going on in this world that older quick oregon on liberal ninety so that whole scene in the rain pond clockwork orange who's completely improvised malcolm mcdowell population on yeah anyway sick today let the mongolian death when they talk apple music mogul that remember something that we live in right if you just any man it's playoff teams brightly all i like those a shakespearean trained acted there also high y'all british actors of the classic you'll classical school shakespearean trend yeah they're also just shoot jackman shakespeare in china did you know that he showed his sixteen and hopefully this will triple then jack yeah and ainsley oh yeah he came over in northern virginia antigen try that and i know i'll just start b movie ward yeah but also noida me i like him and how much time like they would do you know i don't know but like how did they covered the technology that is like i dunno everyone's like you know it's just like money everyone everyone on that list on there all right well it doesn't until they turn eighteen sixty nine it would eliminate it up and i think it's a really good called got ten yeah so you're arm and then you could stop spending it when when you turn eighteen also yeah which i mean you know whatever a representation of now which we we do i want you to do yet but are climbing buddies in valley by money yeah but also it's a deep age discrimination that comes in tonight with our society is that we will gladly far away all the members of society who had the experience everything to build up new members beginning to a guy dale therefore they have no value yes yes and that's another thing that i will go into effect were actually shifting into what i would call destructing body oh yeah they own it doesn't back that now already shifty where attorney and on the whole the whole opiate or partial problems it's gonna be in among con like pretty darn toilet well outcome in a building in will i think we all coming in the next ten years it's going to be the lodge robotic replacement of work yeah it'll be a lot of manual labor that will be place by robotics and that will be the despite being really did they decide and i need to make new jobs those little bit more new jobs like on argument in my head or like i was reading an article written by twentyfifty like any other guinea automated afford the bible that automated will do well that's why they say all my reading of shame while we do not do wage not knowing that what you think she'll be cheaper because this oriented why amazon amazon hasn't gotten any change on almost everything yeah maybe it's because they have to deal competitively with with other companies nobody wants to deal with any late that covering the old our man they like a cheater but they later yeah yeah he's also like evil one someone one someone on the cuts them by making things cheaper than people then they're gonna make that one i went on having monopoly with amazon no one can hardly yeah 'cause i have a monopoly yeah yeah amazon has being i'm just not be a friends at google and youtube as well and my little friend say yup dude yeah we're constantly being in that stage to be honest now none of where where where the transition right now and i know people say you know universal minimum wage now that's a shit idea hook is essentially painting one where inherited lightning neil yeah we've already racing up the food chain and now we think we've gotten to that page and we we are inherently lightning and they're like oh you know it'll keep people out ideas you know two three often like there were nights on the beach no one covering anything before that now the yard paypal typing and you know working it anymore because he made it like it is now legal puck hawk and making very intelligent save you know we got we got everything off so why would we wanna do anything else lottery wondering at all yeah it's borderless just no no no i'm not sure why don't you go into the yeah warring thinks no generally what happens when people get you've been announced that they will just give it a livable wage right or just behind all of this practice guitar that i suck at a like a really good no no it's not gonna happen like that like messing how many people how many people what you put in ten thousand dollars out of that scene where everyone is doing the same thing you become meaningless yeah you know imagine how many people would be like oh i have to work on the scale that i'm gonna go do this all day mania will meaningless toss that net not actually improved society or crime i just got my pifer i started bottom line that if people were given the wage by the government that people be like oh i'm gonna go do something meaningful model that some people might wanna say okay now i want to you know have more so i'm gonna go out and do something you are try and get one of like a better bet a station actually work and get traffic on that that snow shovels going that not old while the double nickel this no that's not gonna be able to vote on his comment and w w either way w o one i'm gonna be anything else to do for human soul pulled that's not what this show with people on welfare they don't just go off of welfare i'll go get a job and do whatever it shows that they become only unjust welfare would welfare it's tricky dry area that no one could agree on these loans on will make some people say they're all bludgeon some people will say you know someone legitimate i'm on the tree gary even you know the the a universal basic income that they had a child in england filed yeah and they they looked at maple gone away yeah yeah literally like why am i gonna like i would totally stuck on the way collect my job socks i think they're wearing at a really strange transitional life where when your show as well as a human rights i know this is the unpopular decisions but i think it needs to be regulated automatic automated central unpopular opinion i think anyone that replaces manual live out we robotic nate the pay tax on it yeah because that packing all gonna go toward wealthy in the long run yeah yeah and he's gonna be the thinking i think 'em no dangerous shops should be automated right an early a m w business could be automated thing so yeah you can have automation up to thirty percent or you want certainly automate dependent upon wouldn't make you pay more and if we have that's all i hate that they they like grady thing that's where that's where he pulled the regulations in saying that no you can't actually do that like we have been in that stage when it comes to energy at energy deal country i energy shooting is outrageously guys not all american you guys a dominating unity will just saying you energy broadway coming down industries are putting it thank you very much everything in there but we have going you know pointless what how the best our show you how they handle now you know we need nuclear yeah we need nuclear bomb that unpopular sorry i all jackpot what i'm thinking of speed actually i think people are starting to come around to the fact that nuclear is the best option and one of the cleanest don't eat is the clear the cleanest but you're not clear what the magic energy and now that i fucking coach and herbal on the high should be ocean of that whole thing stottlemyre job bond shabelle she's mad like like hundreds of people that not and i think the shine at like morgan honored hurt me on that ever buy rating lauder comments on this one low down on everyone how young using condoms exaggerated that whole scene oh shit that happened on unregulated russian nuclear latian open the headaches only intelligent some american in ukraine okay i even know what they were doing they got old the safety critical and then opposition over milk because if they get that should not like the video games series where they have to hit a jolt dogs running around in living in right hydrated areas and the deformed fighting over and stuff like that the warriors like that about you like back in the day where they would add up to their their like a we got a flat pack a t a nuclear reactor outlook subset of these these instructions leading rob that's pretty much what should happen ideas that like nuclear energy took like a like a deal essentially naming shaimaa not fucking thing to look at it like an ottawa and then they're like yeah like eight condom ideas that those bit of those bitterly muslim man would have led to an explosion cock no you're not a nuclear explosion but any organ like how is generally a meltdown dan is when 'em nicole melting down through the point of ran wardell yeah and the same pressure corden explosion like that's what happened what happened in trouble now with an initial explosion yeah and that's matt nuclear white a nuclear plant comeback nuclear explosion that's what i don't like come in or anything i haven't i haven't actually seen the documentary i just remember rama i having seen the tape cheerio drama series say i sleep face laboratories i've just awesome i just remember should do from my high school when you're he had nine history lessons like the effects of this urging they may not the names in this story completely true only event james what what is it weird things like that it expects the shit like that we haven't had improvement nuclear technology with these technologies select lost twenty years improvement is when you when you yeah yeah everyone thought it's it's dangerous and album and all righty now the operating off twenty year old technology honey book shaming should be working the japanese and they they do that niki like we we did not tell anyone who may have that that money let's say but i still love you fucking phone line they were competent that how much quite young country fucking paul finally gonna keep all my ally but we'll go outlined russian build a better okay like nothing happening never been a lake and i've been leaking everytime i know doesn't mean i'm gonna go nuclear fusion does for me off anyway all right well you know naturally odds for the deadly white who's built on a fort wide added a little bit of leakage happened that would eat so that's what i'm saying that's why i think fans like i don't like that totally fide like it's alright countries have hotline in shit like a work on your bed liberal like by the ring yeah it's called the ring of fire with let's get back to the derby which off some real distort like let's get something weird and again i'm like that's the classic one since spoilers it's gonna happen next gene yeah yeah yeah i hope so i hope somebody dropped out of here by how about you know that because i had only olympic frying they had in the movie stuck in dc sidewalk and yet what did you say callers were making more positively flyweight merely and i know you're i think you're in the same kind of feeling when you cook orange orange this guy linked with the no longer going to school bills dumping it it takes like after world war three yeah so there they walked in the conflict that boston humanity into when economical and arbor population memorial is north father figure especially after what pot and the father figures drop man that's one thing we always remember and they kind of movies oscar award is like father figures and the men because most then the died yup card about well that explains of the care it's my canadian often h eight i grew up through an orphanage and that's how they make basically met it's a lot of people knew each other because they'll often area hospitals have you just things quieting thing where they go around the league was running wall behind the gang declining clams yes clown and then the government doing it i think in the camila the crazy fucking like in the wind ten minutes on all children children irizawa her we wanna help maybe than the movie coming not just the lympics the movie will most likely be coming out next year as well yeah so green lit on the movie fingering a live action by the director all well ragnar all it's interesting now i think he will do it just doesn't seem like they show like i watched all right and wrong again any other day and i think it's not as good as big as i remember being the guy pretty good yeah well that's not really much higher i do not believe very interesting it's one of the best marvel comics a i guess yeah it's it's good i think is pretty when it comes to that movie operating wasn't they have money one even bain milk and that's why i like the movie you will be under going you know later of god in the door and i think he's a double by nature yeah gorgeous adult news well technically win ragnar i'll be another despite being filmed since he has to keep fighting with any arena and everything for which is a dystopia yeah yeah yeah tactically on hoke is it's not like you know and i are starting out cars at this w oh yeah the car i want it okay yeah it's a distribution planning it basically talking about when you know it's grabbing a few shots yeah yeah and it is you dislike that there'd be another disturbing we don't really have a case or you can use it as like no you shouldn't use a future i'd i'd like not only talking about life and use it to them so dry aryan in the start you know i don't like that i the dark and you're gonna hold or if you know because you have a dystopia 'em well city or town like or country be at the start people the rest of the world doesn't have to be just start like if you're talking about i know scape from ballet and i think the whole world is messed up a whole world was messed up yeah they night late night every major city that was basically the plotline is that major cities just became like judge dredd they just became censorship is any prisons and basically i did a study on it i think the destruction of right yeah you're definitely not time yet they had the coliseum and all that kind of stuff stuff and you like this are being described that bottle or something i just saw enough the you know out of this dystopia to describe a large area where it's kind of like you just shitty i don't think that because it's the opposite of utopia know you're gonna love it how many you know how the brian opinion is i think the grammy's starkey c m a s is definitely i believe it or about car yet in london because there is a future future because they're they're out there to holly tarian rule see already e v i n even the hockey game nothing nothing it's a beautiful work maybe even a even in the hunger games right i like none of none of the people who were living in the capital would call a dystopia if you're looking at it from their point of view but everyone else any other districts you would call it a dystopia in these parts parts of course they all the hotel at the military yeah but to them they're living in tokyo but everyone else the living in a district i i understand you're finding utopia in the same kind of place doesn't all have to be dystopia in it i know like it doesn't everywhere doesn't have to be district you have pockets of utopian like normal places in a district i get your point actually i i i honestly have pockets of utah bureau pockets of this year as well like you asking me did you wanna so i would be a dystopia oricon if you're looking at it from the point of view of the quality of the clients 'cause they're life is pretty disturbing but if you're looking at it long after they say he you know negatives that will allow and you know because the promises to go through de island andy island it thought of a utopia because they're not really enjoy everyone wants to go on because i remember the only area of a teenager yeah but the place my sister living is is bad enough that they all want to grow city island but they did they add it may in really and again it really depends on what kind of what we normally do that enough like but but yeah but everyone else people living on the top in living in and then the people that counting my opinion that that while it in and around the way argument that property they all that it was their property that replacement organs are they bad like you can talk about the tide is well writers like you know they all said no no come on yeah that that would be the start in each of the people at the on the surface role is so the the food in a windy on in all i just really remember the old one day event i know that they they usually are living in a utopia they they they get all that food is given to them they're all happy they basically they're only the only just to a party every single day and then have and then have sex and then just you know curtis sleep that's their entire thing they're living in what they believe is utopia yeah but i think you're going to the bait pedantic give china pick and choose which is talking about just start being futures choose which would be the general populace would be under they're gonna if you're gonna go say like oh but then every other film would have that this other pet factor what how the utopia said that it doesn't campus i know it affects everything i know about this in this most countries you're talking like he's like i would oh i'm that's what i'm saying it's not utopian in in you know in the third beans really imagine society yeah you know with each other yeah yeah it'd be is all about it but again i would say that you know it really depends on the points of view of the person that you're looking at it from like from the point of view like again i said from a hunger games from the point of view of of old api begin the capital in italy maga friday both of my fellow man good points like how you before you were saying how you feel like natia yet but i cannot explain yourself pretty good on that pot an figured that'd be the saudi yeah again system war kind of movie i don't feel like like it's it's much like i wouldn't say that they would drop you if you write that a choice you also get a wall that it would start painted there is not a real sense of aggression yeah i everyone is in equal yeah that is probably i think talked about it before but i think the gender equality worry at all yet again holy crap men and women were honored painful yeah like like it or not there's any regard for some reason it just kept piling up all the by touchdown he made it tells you that guy had double somersault tell you regularly in that one i think there was a class cost some costs of society of the people who had till a pet telepathic powers in that they were like lightning high a i don't like rank tile they were only neil patrick harris in that movie would like go to work like really high up in the army because you is like i think that's just like any society yeah well in a crisis stone helen dan f it and not only that we never really we had our ability to do very clear he goes to the plant he goes up to the buggy it's it's it's scary right it's a frank okay he's surrounded by doctor gutted choctaw interact with a bunch of new yelling at it i could tell me that the locker room right now though anything douglas yarn feel feelings sophie oh yeah we decided that we were getting off topic or subtle i think to weaken going at an event like say games in theory is all about the game hearing yeah like adoption mainly yeah totally different thing he wasn't if you're tree or they dirty he got into alternately autobiography shop yeah you wanna yeah but you can really see that the if you if you're gonna actually go further into the serious you will see starship purpose to wear dot wg are asked what do you talk about their officers of the one way invasion that robocup free that people keep telling me that i a pendant lights the hunting tribute based on the goes till i love that i love those stash of tributes to man great passer coming in oregon aj come to understand what you're saying they don't in woods middle i i kinda sunday may wind five kind of like the all new word well you original script it on the sheet movie oh i know that that wasn't wasn't done i like i didn't mind what do you mean the number of you went down and sean payton autograph the highly much lighter reich on that destroyed humans but they closed on yes a bunch of aliens were buried under the hood and they had the jumping in this is how you do that at home cruise with the only car that mechanic he managed to fix it there's only one mechanic new york banana could finish out the mechanic kenny had a big thing he wasn't a mechanic he was just the average joe and he's like maybe some stolen or they go they go job on the road noise like who you're climbing over the top once he got total about hey mama get a pizza uptick in asia run over the mountain exploded on quiet and somehow we still live in that interview i did with army ignored everyone the same movie where they didn't notice that the shield had gone down alien bum cruise called the army yes that that one movie that that lawrence robbins is gonna do better baby saying you hardly ever releasing the report by the world noble which is actually un wadi in new not that long knives and they're actually not andrew right how many theories and really good actors in it not knowing it no future i'm it did it better they saw the crash destroy the most humble and other fucking white black mirror hey nancy pelosi talking in yeah yeah yeah landing on emphasize some say it's maybe not like i didn't think that they episode whiz whiz it miley cyrus is very disturbed eric but you know in a way that wasn't interesting one they corner her entire baynton that robot as well and kept her alive it's just went ashore how much power company broken our technology yes like in in in you like money but i i just saw when i when i watched a couple of other day those this one where a they the merit one i think it's called fifteen fifteen million merits something the one where they just riding the bike yeah when they're already department hybrid at the that stuff like a food to start being like kind of has you addressed ending any anything in my life imitates climbing fought against point yeah and that's it like you point eight 'em bacon they watch ad that come on like in that little room and then at the very end in the death of another as far yeah it's just horrible and you don't know why they do it why they're doing it there i know i kind of felt like who is it they 'em the people who ride the bike so do that kind of stuff there the more motivated people they're the ones who kind of like one to get a lot did they wanna better themselves in a certain way out they build up the merits to go into that talks a cold like talent show if you would not know many people need that they've been mostly american eighty like i wonder how much rudy gay man robbed point yeah actually how many ads like all ads basically you couldn't watch it when i walk by you don't have money if you close your eyes sarin yeah yeah yeah try the and you're like how we have on spotify all kinds of stuff now it's like if you don't have plus if you don't have like you know the main platinum version of whatever like you have to listen to the scene today tom modify yeah what if i have to you have listen you have to listen to it gets my father died when you were you don't have to just pay for it yeah they're even if you don't wanna go by agra then you have pay fifty at quite a jack in a really good idea or the only issue leagues armed show outdoor add a woman you're back in the conversation on black mirror and also a bit of a discussion of what is the area near the area so hope you enjoy they allow dulcie hey everyone it's ends on hosted the discount podcast look man money's consult a lot the weekends over you gotta go back to work maybe you can't stand the co workers which is likely whatever the case may be weak and help making money just a little bit better checkout are show the discount podcast where we talk about nonsense and anything and everything it's always fun it's not always politically correct and it's just us so tune in and let us make the third every week not quite so much available wherever you listen to podcasts new episodes of every month at this podcast the dp hey everyone thinks you're listening are friends here at ten fancy dinosaurs my name is jerry bomber and 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couldn't guard you see restructuring of high ground again from england having one year one year only a two dollar deal and that's it and that'll get you in the right lane over by the down the track the like if you do court action 'em and a bunch of fake news and shot out on that believe it just support one yes please like you are already so black mirror now i feel i feel like black camaro would even though they're not connected storyline properly that were all con they're all on a connected they're in the same universe sean through several episodes that they all connected black and yet this are the better thing pause on the wherever they called it would all be happening other episodes fade 'em and i believe that not fifteen million there that was murdered in the future it could be like that that pretty much the final now so you i'm okay there you go through it again on black where people keep tomac watch shit shit one two and three scores female mary beth great episode five o'clock when you when you log in london charlie brooker right hey guys i had a rock rock needs me but i'm back in the what's it called they put a black marijuana which is a like a true journ looking bright eyed in all of the hannah bander snatch bander snatch was mainly hey guys going on like ben's you gotta choose your own adventure up at all like that nothing is nearing yeah i dunno those one those ones like goes one decision that i kinda wanna see if i could go back and see if it changes anything but you know wasn't affected i'm not sure one right humpty dumpty i wanna think about eight defeat actually there's no direct tv when i went in there and you did i know those those one one part of it where i'm not sure if i should spoiler in on this friday that's fucking whatever you anyway they monster came out just one part where you got the choice to kill the dad or not and i killed the dad and it wasn't sure if it would actually change anything if i tried not killing the debt so when they go back and see if it did anything why none none of you unless you have been told i might be controlled by net flicks but i dunno i haven't i haven't i haven't actually gone back to see if killing the dad or changing the breakfast aerobics i wanna see about that one now is well will actually do anything i think like all roads lead to indy and these while bander snatch and that's all fan is now one because it was this show about someone being controlled by someone else at the same time controlling noodle which again i go like i wasn't even had a very good or bad ending where it just kind of stopped very old that they would not voting dean right goes the one where it's just like you just start like what was it the it came out but like the game came out but it was rushed in shit and nobody border and all that kind of stuff so those those that was one in like try and try again yeah she's earned eventually like man like you know it just it to the point is it's bad it's just disappointing like how the big rules one right like every time to kill controversy comic on one training i made like that companies that they need combination i read it changes everything to the back and i'd wanna lay on all written up in one will be loud steps robert they gave me a writer middle yeah that would be well i guess they also found that was part of that to write a gateway you go down the river coded at get like her eyes just guardsmen giants markets you city life china like yeah the spike out of a face but it's to like just like right through the day but you could you could get someone to get actual may cruise was a playstation games with all the deaths from that and just blossom into the show like that phone number nine in or out of this morning with a snake is just attacking his stick and it's kind of funny i showed that they could actually going back whiny white watching it are not it looks like motoko you mentioned a little bit zeal okay like i love that film argued a that's definitely a start being shown could definitely tell her totalitarian government in that like you know the people that liberty bell rings above if they've got all the medical stuff they leave forever va people on a giant garbage but they are a minute that david damon just like fuck this shit going on jesus who destroyed by lava then back up to becomes jesus seriously that that scene tie story yeah they were when they blown call directly robot james while rankle home run with all that's right yeah i think so the happy time murders in this is it if you consider what south from south africa yeah they got dumped in that everywhere like that you know his movie speaking unless they go out of their way the show things like in a way sima they showed that there is another society yeah i just i don't see that i i think you'll like that no but but it like that it wasn't everywhere work like the guy just lifted a regular neighborhood in south africa yeah i don't think he's making choppy yeah there is outside of the crime right night a crime right so that i could like now i'll tell you what i know i know it would be like like they're very well after will country in a dystopia the not so i would just go by you're a deposition they're not gonna you're not gonna see i'm not sure how i'm happy to start will put a district not is it the peach bowl model 'cause that's the same kind of knowing that you know i wouldn't put mustard you're evaluating sailing right you know again if you're looking a d a from from the aliens case of you already pretty much like you like if you were i mean 'cause you're you know you're from the point of view of of a human who is kind of like regulating the whole the dogs that were not very rarely had it not been now the main yeah no no actually i don't think he could even if you look at it from me aliens perspective like how would you see as a disturbed you'll be the dystopia well like the aliens in order to get off the planet really quite quickly like yeah that one smiley in that was like you know he he didn't think of it as a as like as the refugee camp out anything on salary like a reputation yeah well if if you if he was he he was this one guy who wants to get out of the room when she can refugee camp in to him like he's gone to a new planet and yeah that planet must seem like a dystopia team because that's all they know it's it's this refugee camp that that's that's where i'm i'm getting confused your definition just start again and again a deed you can order like a dystopia ditch like at least it'll start fear is you know like if it's i you know kinda shitty place the libs like it's like i don't even know they were like yeah there are a dystopia is always shitty that's the point to demand will be using she placed that organs wrong here in muggings running the shooting dawn yeah later on his start and you know she plays believing it just life early but they're indiana and then another for painting like you honor that novel and again that keeping you under the thumb is making it shitty like if you didn't if we utopia you wouldn't have the opposite of that you wouldn't have that but the bourbon eight on making it all you don't like and wind out of any time and that's not the point exactly that's what you're saying anything if it looks city at the fucking but if it's a living it's the start of self in plano living there if you cheat in his heart you're not you're not knowing wide right it wasn't a shitty life the it was for the republicans now you're taking points of view stalking bill but it's no she placed elite and the republican we don't we don't think the rubber what how do you know that because wasn't what's it called down nikki is indicative of rubber african and all the sheet yeah but that was the whole thing though is the the ball i dunno this series and say very loud but the lights holding debunked funk when they see having all man so therefore replicant he kept on doing something weird with his replicant no you cannot age that's the thing about replicate that that's why they had the whole speech at the end of he saw everything people like cheese in the rain because because you would not leave that long but what about the whole thing with the unicorn in him no like wrestling kids age how to explain it say like virus that emory's they have expiry date on all new ep how do you know he's just not gonna make it all about i don't know if he makes a lot of good well i would say geriatric toilet on what kind of benefits would you have from the old man it's like a s where i bought i dunno i i i still like the idea that he's a republican i think it's a great i think the i i'm not sure if that were planned when they run that i'm older garbage and at the same time why i think maybe china yet or why it's not really i'm not trying to force a black and white argument i'm just trying to sure like you know to start being a dystopia doesn't necessarily mean my poll but day way of getting science anything is that anyone lives in a negative saying makes it that despite being setting and it's like it's like she hates the standing next to her again horrible bosses i m sabean movie they they both but it's like i hate the world i get if like that particular person feels like they're living in a dystopia will like you know your opinion person they don't leave in a disturbing leading the world we're seeing it as the rpo's i'd be oregon imagine will write my children of men right yes okay that slushy flights delayed but that's pretty bad dylan whitewater look pretty bad there's no there's no no being bored yeah you know learning machine like race will become a shitty like the problem you know a thing yeah actually you know what a really good kind of think about let's look it idiosyncrasies right out to the idiots that they're not a disturbing to the guy the guy that it's a dystopia yeah pretty much right yeah he sees is just the start of this topic future kind of the negative yeah everyone else it's not a negative so again it's like from the point of view of the perspective of heroes you might enjoy your gender your example i mean yeah yes it is the start you i'm still don't know what you guys are saying anything that shooting and she likely if it's a shitty place now the thing is like if you're writing at the start you you're you're already in future whatever and then it's a discussion about heading on the perspective of your humor that you put into this or if it's like shitty for the iraq war then that's pretty much anything like it will show shooting using like the shitty situation yeah it's a it's a bad place so you wanna lives like if you're if you're the horror and you wouldn't wanna lift and you're trying to get out from that place even colder again going logan's run like amos leaving on the heat of you look at it might join me she gave up three years because he was supposed to infiltrate the resistance and then he's like oh we're going to buy and he's like do i get those three is find it wasn't it wasn't a bad white you know a you could only leave to a certain age so exactly there's always that right but you know why does the thing you only have like if you if you go over a certain age then you had the diet is it enough when he was running okay i can't get away from it right on the edge of tomorrow this stuff w amu light anyway yeah i mean i it store anymore yeah in the fans post apocalyptic officer after that may be part of the journey right it's a pop it's apocalyptic apocalyptic yeah yeah so it's just all right good movie what am i mean albany management win the game on that'll be that'll be the that would order who you're a great movie now i'm gonna bring up this i was oh yeah about that yeah i i don't believe that i regard was talking to mainly start be apollo's lady up to i believe it was writing up and blame the robot revolution is around the corner well while it was happening during the film like the robots will they they squash the robot revolution of the whole thing they should that we buy these revolution by design yes but at the end of it and then sunny sunny got like no way around that murder already selfaware then he finally realize an aim is the one with the boy what a revolution they're arguing over the human yeah but other robots quote and and it wasn't on they wouldn't actually because of that other about doing they will part of this like all these other rowboats so when he was standing in front of that whole pot of what's it called 'em they they will couldn't go against the three laws so they wouldn't be able to hurt the human stories particular about the whole thing with all those i mean he ended up hurting you mean by liberal no he he was on with two brains one that had the three loss in one that said he wasn't that he could say you didn't have that was sunny all yet most of the robot durable to build an all those no no johnny johnny was unique the odds on ninety i may have been walking the right all right well that with the design for the red ones were being controlled by the supercomputer who eventually said that you know to stop humans from hurting themselves we need to you know some of the my after die now is that wisdom that will be in control by that supercomputer an offer so that supercomputer died on the other side nor brains wasn't just sunny sunny though is the whole point he was you i think very long time i'm personally it wasn't just sunny now that they haven't had the brain in the chest is that the brain the head which lit up right without you and then when they not resonate when they were being updated like yeah right now the red ones what are connected to use a computer computer and then right in the chest with a second brain was no they had one of the that that would on i'm i'm pretty sure on this swan day sunny with only one who had two brains one brain that's had all the rules in and then the second brain that said you don't have to follow the an oldie other i just had the one brain and they'll be a lot by others to promote i did i'm schreier mentally johnny you gotta think and right now pay no you're not gonna follow them it will create a dating the command in a way that he couldn't not do it it kind of it was a nice online that guy's name all rainbows and russian lies that guy's multiples about the three loeser about how they would loopholes at getting around it now you know they not infallible that's what honey was funny was known in alabama like you know the whole they will they will go on law but they're not they're not so then it creates kind of knocked it over ward winning in what i get a robust mahama human robot that bus laura yet in the second one is a rubber must not do anything wrong counteract had a slow now a robot arm and determine the second one is a rubber by any order like human unless you unless it count the santa monica and a glorious a rip off my time as a month no long menino bring any harm to self unless a cataract the first one of the cycle yeah that's a robot might not in your human being or green directional out human being i'm tom kean actional interaction between action here and they come on a robot monster they ordered into it by human they think that such orders making the third law or a robot must protect earning along with it that's not protecting his knocking the neck and i say it with all three of those kind of working the way they should be burbot shouldn't be out of humans not open but i and that's and that's a long at its core it was all about the loophole within yeah and i like even even in order like you create a in not moving ordered him to kill it yeah but he create a gave him the option of i he he gave him a second and brain that gave them the option of complying with the laws or not so he got he basically made the robot more human by saying here these laws anti kun basic you can you can basically a what room tomorrow about the robots had a i'm pretty sure i'm right i'm pretty sure rome okay shot make life immoral me whereabout enemy when it comes out of my in each city which one i'm spending well not really because it's basically it's all just built around nobody knows you side tyler is but he's the reason why everything happens everyone comes forbade upsize home of us basically the whole thing here association doesn't get started because side tama was the one that saved declared the child with the watching the clifton whose father happened to be eight billionaire who said this superhero say my son i'm going to make a league of superheroes to protect everyone else when nobody knows that it will cite the one that started or lash by the end of the john crab yeah they defeat the crap but at the same at sap and it's still happening in the original run as well it side you have any someone that you would see some side time i do it know that he does and everything but of course he doesn't get the credit for the endings of these villains or anything else thought that he still goes up by bed and the currently at we're at the point where it's like thomas now in the originals now actually reach i rank an flashy flash ns rank here who's the suit the fastest ninja has decided i'm gonna try and so i thomas thomas like you'll slow in boring but yeah it wouldn't be distributed again it comes down to it just like yeah it's it's a really terrific from thomas point of view eight or nine that's not really from even touch on leaving anybody's pony do like you keep saying that and again like make any sense yeah you're using point of view i i'm wondering what you were talking about mentioned the general the general boil your long term yeah well the world as a whole i just i just got mainly be right well i see based and everything well without any question the show and actually fit that basically is yeah it's basically it's bass military controlling of the population and everything and a bum psych signed with the care as we talked about before on harden yeah yeah so there will be i would say not already zombie but you look at what's inside of politics and everything it's it's it's very disturbing purposely keeping everyone uneducated oh what's on the outside of the world i had the secret police with in the tech and todd wall that some people from making their own guns balloons to escape older drivers and everybody again mental an external yeah yup and one of my favorites and then you know which we see came after netflix which i advise everyone to watch de original dumbing because the new doubling is also up or you know the movies and on they either side movies will come on in and see the difference between what it could nominate polity netflix almost like three dubbed the movies movies is well done pretty well they got the highlander diver in death and right back not that not that the good one good one on one or two or three never coming out stand or or not you realize will be on that money once again this is why we sold it to netflix and then we could get more money we make four point four like genuinely jargon actually i go learn more about well what was wrong but that's what or god that's a great at the simplest explanation well the problem with the readout is you noticed that the if the original ones where i talk about you're gonna get on i could tell now vhs de you may blu ray these other of the original does for these nineteen ninety seven nothing was done by a company called eighty v m basically the people that translated they did exactly the golden rule when it comes to w translating is that you try make a conversation in another language but he makes sense in that mode of people speaking english but it is like when you watch the redoubling there's a lot of times where characters like oscar again she's a dramatic character who speak japanese she never used there's any like phrase is there anything in the original w when it comes to the character cook hygiene who she's like the fascination when she sees them in the original w she's like oh hi jay like that and waves and everything else that but when the new redoubling thought oh mr kaji and it's like that flat tone in rehab and it comes even with all the script is well let's some like i said he comes to delivering of timing is a very important as well because a lot of has a lot of flack delivery when they do stuff and then if you're a bunch of voice they they basically in the coast they had reached to script as well like again like the city's main biggest one that we all know is i must have run away i must run away must have my attention but yeah they dumped out run away from it or did it just i won't run away i've read about it they basically we got dumped on everything that right how about very dumb are down on the wall like when i was a young boy well the only reason they we got everything by he has it definitely has a issue because i saw the first two three episodes yeah ended up and just be which cg first moves into saturday apartment certainly garbage like their their their interaction yeah yeah i got i i watched the original one bright beautiful boss like we saw totally just hockey drinking a b a b b b should say a sexy thing but i think i spent some time is if the debut of all skilling solely because of his language and the original dubbing is really a poll pushed on that of a dramatic any of us talking about had a ton of language has got time oscar line we saw how she talks and everything it's really heavy i got angry you got the anger anger she talking ninety make the native tongue and everything constantly stop that does not happen in the redoubling and everything is very flat toned delivery and all this stuff and of course in that episode she is chasing that really really bothered me was right before eva to launch is is mystery script of how it changes well the publisher runs up to the mirren she gives that really foods yesterday screen of like yeah go go when they should you undo everything and she's just like the readers it's like yeah you do it it's just like it's a flood of delivery for everything analytical golden the golden no no this entire thing no fly me to the moon for the out troy and then when i don't have any money we pay anyway yeah and then she said no they could've got that and basically they replaced with some sad piano singing and it is completely sucks at oldie angie austin even in the first episode of the pot whether they're looking at the helicopter like fought the me into microsoft and they were just like oh the guy who they they gotta use that to buy it at a like in the new what it's just like are they using a hydrogen bubble up like that yeah accommodated saying that i felt very idled and understand i knew i needed to what is he feels he's not he's not going to let you know what's gonna be pal yet but they liked it has get over there is literally avery has the the japanese script 'cause i've seen it by japanese english or fly and they do in the japanese ripped but in english buddy from office flat when we talked about like a good job is when they they take the script and they have to change it to benefit to audience yes and i feel like the english tonight yeah yeah they have to if they don't it just sounds different conversational 'em dot conversations a structured in destruction like i saw a couple of murdering an article called out near that is not throw a couple of steals from it and like around me when i spoke english and you should like on the public seven or something like that yeah nearly line which unlike originals you know i'm a government official working she she got a major kept now she's actually enrolled in none of an entire rankings and everything that she will age or something yeah yeah yeah she a stocker like no she starts off as a captain ended up becoming a major and by the way they handled the names are lining in into the most american of changing is like getting the robot jeffrey or anything but but yeah it's that part where i missed out on a country and you're doing it yeah light up a cigarette afterwards that interaction good or not like you still do this what about stuff like dale sticking out of a chip on her is that she's like don't drink all yeah that's what he does yeah and then she puts a little a little like hill with a chicken and egg and then he gets shot among the artist how'd you get a shot by i think there's no way it wasn't aside i because basically see that's why she was so distress afterwards because you've got the message that she didn't get a bad causey saying he wants a catch up with their after and everything because she kept getting told about eight snooping around and everything into the corner before the other point and she said this is my personal warning to you yeah in other words she knew exactly that nobody at any moment to turn around and say he's a frat get rid of him and then those bicycle yeah i mean did they damn play like a light on why you should know this but like you said it's exactly the sale it's just a flat a delivery and everything everything is exactly the only thing i can say the difference that we saw from us seeing it when we first saw it on television everything this is back in the nineties is that they actually now got footage from new original x those those extra for the japanese dvd and blu rays is that they had extra scenes that got put into it and they are the most shitty like no that it's actually it's actually improvements and stuff like that is where they had it for the films is that they had the rebuilding of the scenes remember but they just put those scenes in the show as well so that she is much more smoother transition and that's interesting papa it's the flat delivery that ruins and all that stuff siani problem yeah their mind usury yeah i have you i knew some of the original voice actors actually applied for the job so they did he get the same fucking govern cheeto dust enough that she saw on the bubble gum crocker it's like no yeah but like apart but i'm sure you know you you don't look at washington that's a to diabate for help you when i say it's disturbing it's it is very post apocalyptic because of ob jay z after that will impact his first we'll talk about it as one of the defenders these popular in usually destruction movies that you know control by government or partial awkward my partner what's happening i mean that's one thing about like brian cashman more like a utopian on a planet is rising from the ashes and you know the company plans that were making any one of you weren't there were still how how who's a real that were in a war when they were hunting humans in murdering a feeling with humidity killing the daily on ethical according to what the ghibli ones is well is a post apocalyptic which is what like nothing and the value of the win which was an la pita costs on the sky verse pushed post apocalyptic because something big bad happened in the pasta now you know when living kind of you're not using dosier other nine large parts apocalyptic and when you use maleable couple of generations after the apocalypse so it's still post post apocalyptic still postapocalyptic but it's like you said your purse apparently because it's like after like they apocalypse has happened and now like a few generations later after the actually the real quilting every other person apocalypse who hears it sounds like heartbeat murray priced on the harmful after these off the author of it's not their fault it's just post apocalypse that's yeah that's in money mad max fury road is host or hostess he had that it'd be nice apocalypse because they've had the apocalypse and they have that i'm really mad max wandering cars booklet yeah then rebuilt anything really really showing it though i would just say not that her honeymoon why doesn't the trading deadline is mad max how long has it been since see apocalypse what after the after the wall that destroyed the world in my mac right because like interactions 'cause i wish every ended up you're not concede completely coveted sad that would be like a few of them actually them some of them say the deacon they consume remember what it was like before the explosion somebody rewrite like yeah i'm not sure if you're married right mad max gangly ain't writing randall audience like before land max all natural law the order license lockdown corner more live at still that no shortage of done over the course of liberty yeah well it is well you look at the seminar at the second bill they polar opposite myth heading yeah you like the first one then like i said it's a rough area melbourne actually in the desert of our brain actually you know long march the fifth you know they were having money the truth of matter those do like full body that thing before and after the guy that without they hate bike is will be on hannity tonight starts is just walk away but i also think that the first one would look a lot more like the second and third one if they had the actual money to make so i think they were really good i think i love it but why would there be like that's what i'm getting back to in that come on there is no there is no doubt that society is gone by the second on the best one when i get on the cup right and you know you saw me yes i really hadn't really thought it was actually playing the mad max playstation four game just like just this morning when you're older i so if you're a nine one one yeah they're open world well yeah that's like one of the more based on the well if you're one of thirty nine yeah yeah one of the mating say actually said at the start of that game was that like he remembers what it was like before like the bombs dropped yeah but those movies in game story they completely separate everytime whether let's say mac resigning from when you know that's why i think the problem is like very awkward moments okay i cook it could have been you know either way have been jiji temp post post apocalypse just doesn't make sense i dunno lake argue that if i say post apocalypse i'm thinking like okay the apocalypse happening now there's a few hundred or even thousands of years after it and then you know society is kind of like stopped and looked kind of redundant and say that that's why do we need a planet it'd be like oh he's the click on her body yes very engaged in a beat attached to saying like you notice weekly watching what's it called lucky the oh nothing during the belly of the win you could see at the very start like they had nuclear fallout and all that kind of stuff and then this is hundred this is like thousands of years later when like de toxic jungle is coming through an m like when like every everything is rebuilt and stuff like that but yeah so i saw regularly body has rebuilt but that's that's the apocalypse like post apocalyptic but it's you know fertile along the puck like further long off after de apocalypse you know everything is starting to build hard everyone in the foot garza apocalyptic yeah what if that was the loss of flip had another apocalypse in as much more big lips make hay on apocalypse yeah i wonder if they popular now and then they have another one and then another why don't you better that someone is in a python is in the post apocalypse but they didn't hear it did happen you know first glimpse many some degree off on the lips approach pre like as apocalypse happen it's not apocalypse about having like a few hundred years afterwards so would that be her crazy apocalypse romeo cornell all logic would for old party primary against one of the places and all star anthony able is in the year nineteen nineteen x determinant had an apple that's that's where everything should have an accident forty xt yes forty six twenty eight north to kind of have to prove because like if like you got that time when it's just off the everything's gonna shit we are like that we don't eat it doesn't make sense yet the third point because at that point you just say sonically finished and then you watch after i apply bringing that opposite godless time regardless of how people a bounce back yeah but there's it yeah that'd be never post i like saying like it's really not larry is gone down an offer that whenever course the public knocker the sheets on dan don't matter how much harder yeah i think that happens opt in poughkeepsie crushed i see some more moving parts might be officer in you know in not knowing how it is if you're living on my reaction that you really notice it is because like the aliens are attacking them constantly that's what i do the ghosting so it's kind of like a will show up and they say edge of tomorrow star wars are our defense which planet you're living on like they're all we sell dodge truck again just off track amazing you order your end is actually don't mind yeah these you know do they licensed believe they know they need you know like they go to the start peon planets in star trek like oh no they got they got underdeveloped plants and i think they merican planet which is reenact this american life is going to find its way they've had nuclear war and fool i know that kind of bullshit and everything is like horrible down there they've gone to those types of plans but they living in utah i never understood that that prime directive thing but they're not allowed to interact with dan that'd be the stupidest fucking with had been hopes are interacting once again rap and then watching everything good wildlife photographer calm wind jill mcgivering oh yeah yeah no you don't interfering yeah but it's you know city creatures it's it's a different thing it's like not every i cannot remember and i want some in that has all climbers interacted you we all know it daily interactive that me yeah that's in these guys i'm michael white it like it is completely god damn stupid that filming anyone else wholesale data's mind any guy oh yeah they they break it a lot because it's through this like they always were were going to break the proper directive stops didn't exist in that's just the vulcan standing up yeah it go memphis awfully is green is like it between of the climate crisis and on a different idea everything but by a company called her a lot of they 'em what's it could be that that they're basically conforming to the balkans kind of like you need help we will drive and then they built their prime directive around that balkan ideally stupid in south lake is on different types of but there was a lot of that process that didn't follow the prime directive like if you saw or they own in italy starfleet the for the primary frankie in that show never they didn't they could go to wherever player that they want to deny could manipulate and do whatever they ask him that way frankie's existence is to make money while you're trying like part of the geneva convention everybody wants to be a part of it but some people are in other countries are so that makes it worthwhile then why not very rich i don't think america is a part of the geneva convention that i think in their pocket why like no choice but they don't have the or anything like that but they don't have to follow any of the special exemption society with utah it worked for them every single unit rants bruce like star trek federation i mean that's that's and that's my whole point throughout the scene when we're talking about coming but that's like this in in annoys me because i know it took a while we did not see it just a part of the world it doesn't go away from your rocking well okay sorry in the universe daily you target your they they do yeah i know but most of all it would be continued yeah nobody's saying if you go to auburn are are like be a worthy other like wanna be alien races where they called m v rumblings that we're living in a totalitarian kind of everyone was a very militaristic society in that particular thing so they they might have like you don't really get to see too much of their actual planets and stuff but you could maybe even say they were living in a nineteen eighty four thirteen of deliberations civilization i i don't know why i don't know if it's a civilized nation that is run kind of like nineteen ninety four then yeah i would say the civilization is to start being but it still be in the same universe is alive you starts using the word dystopia and the joy would this is the joint or using something like this is not me that yeah it'll be yours the soviet union therapy as you know i'm saying as like if it's a place that is we just get off he's oddsmakers it's highly likely bring it home to it all right loud or a guy who's right okay suicide in the comments all right if you think knickers right just tell him be on his side the one that outlet is a say a disturbing book i'm finished ridi it'd be honest i wanna finish it is a code i've nor mouth emma scrape oh yeah yeah definitely desario where it's about a central isis did that basically sky admitted will then killed everybody except by people and then he left these people live just so i could talk to them yeah that's it sensory and he made the move to so you just torture of early thirty this is also the game on pc is well yeah if you wanna check it out but it it's it's actually 'em it's one of those things that not many people know that it is in towards media a lot of different media it's just one of those things the old broken old story but it is influenced along yeah yup and when you realize like oh shit yeah i could see be once again see these with sexually influence from that and it's just it's a scary story like i hate stories yeah they they terror by the fucking good shit out of me no closer to reality yeah i like that stage where he's the closest like becky seventies in front of communism is real computers back then will just giant towels everything you'll need at least a stadium size i haven't computer in the five megabit twenty thirty hours remember that one line in a hunting a book the cue to it's like you boys at the computers like those thirty eighty eight gigabytes of memory and i'm thinking well either way robot i just the scariest bach and things like they terrify me like the saccharin i i know we mentioned earlier that pot with the sentinel and they just repeat the pacing all the soldiers 'em fucking terminator that is terrified day and then tie features guy that i just i think it does confirm that i've never mathon must grave just yeah central ally that to grow poetry these people fucking hundreds of years well i think i think that you don't understand the fact that we're living in now where we have only these stories there's roadwork going crazy and we have evidence of robot and and program away seasons and then offer thought like telling you guys about the program in china but they were trolling were developing copy cotton and after a while on what knocking just like they both on the sideline just destroyed buildings in this new program that's a rubber were only today only got one time i think i could do i all i do it right yeah like that as you will never do it right because of intially we will become the lower why old yes will always be something and then it will get another i agree a darn agreement that 'cause i think humans can also learn we learn exponentially yeah yes well actually it's not that will buddy exponentially it's just be amount of information that we get is doubling every sir yeah i i hunter denigrate the rubber and then baabda canada yes poll they have to get any information instantly cut into them so yes yes yeah but the whole difference between robots in humans that we have that imagination to be outside the box with robots like all straight lied about robocall mcdade i don't think so why why rub and i think they were we we we do have that imagination chinese chinese all the way around the most direct route a gun that could kill people about we tried to reason with i noticed on another robert will just shooting outside a lot about what they look like even anatomy nb just like what does it take the quickly kill the best in the days ahead not just you could just change the gas around us and not be it cabinet the cardinals and that will be we just dropped in you're you're just need to make the robots function like we do so then they need what we need shovel i i i'm already obviously true i wear like robert like we do have drug while they're like john let's see what the nature i'm hung around too much memory there's no we would make like a proper i i write a fully functional you cannot to guard on us being auto them being being a god no why why not because they they lead foster the anymore exponentially they have the potential to be eat eat more tool yeah but we and forever lasting all right so we're gonna get off is a we're gonna go no are asking virtual endorsing really spiritual but would that be god forbid that i would lost the ball because it doesn't have the physical limitations humans and i'm not sure if i get the kind of like net it's on i grew up in my copy for itself is is a good thing for itself would that be would that make it a guard and now what do you think god god is the single what is the single more and i don't think something cool and he would regard would consider who yeah i would think there'd be no excite revolving in like yet but it would it be this would be god as in like people got it will be gone as in like a like a more of a of a like a north got like a national guard but i believe in like they pretty much seen on i mean if you saw sued world of nario showed end situation that that would basically where this just unplug is basically what it is a showdown is became i self thinking ally where it's basically looked at a human at any physical and the number one level and said you are inferior because of that i think rubber and gone with area yeah wait yeah but but like what was i things and go okay possibly maybe we could take the matrix for instance dr yeah now that they are that controls the matrix is obviously want i right yeah it's basically created a heaven the people do you eat is essentially become everything in human wilt intros life and death but suss it does a lot of shit or would you like adam logging across yeah but it would you would you consider a goal to be entity you're like holy layer six markkanen you actual yeah in in the end credits cycle at all i think in that sense that i'm going to create yeah created the world's first how that creates life as well to keep it sustaining yeah so what about what about sky net so in that in that well it is basically not it doesn't when it comes to it it's basically skynet sees that humans are just affront to it and therefore the machines to get it'll say line that not that much wider creating another well person in yeah but it's creating the wilford self to and then it's crazy knew a lot think yeah but it's also trading different kinds of robots like the t one down eighty two thousand these different things are actually leaving baid is well isn't it will eventually eradicate humans right yes without human there is a call that they've gone well actually it's trying to protect him at the same time as well run it yeah you know inova nato's salvation and shows like the grabbed him up in camp the cape live in the breaking the matrix then yeah pretty much other in a way we born human eradication than that she made the connection that it wouldn't be god would you pay the price level wall then you want like yeah but in a way like if if you think about it the matrix like if d the computer is like the lie form and humans are its power source in a way it's just one giant organism in humans i just you know part of that organism in oil argue that john kelly just like they'll sell any money just like just like we have i dunno back syria in our buddy doing talks for us you know it'd be the same thing for this giant right now but it's very d print ads is very rare bacteria is to keep us alive as full in the case of us which is a power source in one side leaving it alive alive alive syria work so one very in oh yeah the body and we're doing we're just giving a pow let's see where we haven't really given the bacteria relation to eliminate any while they're doing that they're just happy that i i guess yeah but anyway that's just you could kind of think about it that way to get an accurate often often up and moving off until we get to that point but then that's where we are in general just know that would just another bainian of it and electron shooting alone i just know that when nobody wants to pay or you know he finally you know god the matrix yes he's a gold rod yup but at the same time or the interesting thing yeah i mean you can't really defined the in not not even like i said none of us could guard so we would a creator god is in the center say like a dog scarred great guard suck like that but then the moon north maple to wash hr eight that yup the dark feeling washington all knowing they want they call back then as well like you know when they were being worship they were biblical yeah you know you can't really say then biblical and you know this one's pretty cool and that one is because like you know if someone who believes in it and has faith in that particular gone with the wind light and god says well well well well and you know you don't believe that if a prop i did actually show that there would be people that got that would go okay these the dixie we should actually you know like seniors credit maybe not you think you can come by and said i am scott dan yeah and it was a ride not if it was created like why did the oregon though like ordered held on white so it's russia low only because supposedly like sports like god created us so we gotta worshipping him why would we when we wash the guy that created by nothing like we like actually washy by yes but if nobody on the thing that i i think i think the argument you're about to make where we create a guard so we worship it it would be along that same kind of why why white yeah like like it'd be a two way crate and they would be people that are like oh shit is singing actually all knowing you will leave dribble should be i believe there will be people that do that then you gotta like general gymnasts gothic around the league and into the sunlight mental gymnastics they're kind of like say okay this is this is all powerful we should we should we should do people cope so easily high get it it's gotta be stretched to believe that someone's gonna kinda like you build a tool and we've got really weirdly off again yet well you could build a tool like a calculator and build the calculator so that i could do something that i can't you can't i'm not gonna you know yeah so are you know in a way it's like well if we build this robot it's so we could do so that you can do something that we can't or yeah and that doesn't make it a god that just makes it a tool yeah but different things that a tool is something that people used where i will be something that like we can't really you would've gone create humans do the the counter road that's a loaded question because i figured out there saying that we humans kinda create planet so you think about that is that god created a piece of art at you living you're on cots guard exist that's how that happened like a god is created a piece of art where i i i guess i guess it ac see tom questioning died i knew i was like if we're gonna create men in crepe god 'em in the whole but i i just don't see that one again tonight i like if it's representative this giant only in maine winning eventually would be woman goes miracle line in the sand i would like but no matter what a bra they'd be an excellent actually learning that only that is you know and i think what the price on any better not it's incredible i don't think that's that's what you go it's go would be i think humans would interpret in habib i think we've created with police have an idea how you gotta change to make sure that all yeah rub it would it be doing it out of all i wanna be seen in the god people would just became reject that gone image on tuesday i mean john oregon though so that's why i'm going on right yeah yeah yeah you know but i believe thing would be all in could also on the van like he would be permitted in the no fly faucet would be him because he's judgment will be sad yeah got kneeling it'd be like all gone licensed in life would be like okay you travel you would do that like that's what i'll give me the four skins all suffer will follow it as it stands you'll me i believe he would be where the rag god but i believe it would rent or believing in god no lights on in engine nobody in touch on that it wants to be a ship but but by being mentioned that among men in society and now you know what god why you as a witness a young people like like i said i people were project that god like it'd be onto it yeah i think that is happening and yet it that way you guys have created you're on dystopia in kind of you know that is now right i mean i don't like to cave on his court system shocked the game you you understand how that's going to absolutely fuck up the world and kill all the humans yellows and other any kyla murray you know let's quickly touch on a disturbing game oh yeah yeah well just type in is again a outduelled would be one of them because again it's again people like the everyone is working there but they don't understand that they are part of a call it's again what's that movie is the soiling green voting yeah yeah yeah yeah but yeah it's the same party that everyone the people who worked in a don't understand standard they actually the food or a system shock series a again because again it's a we just talked about and that's i i has the god complex that basically see humans as ice basically it's a stepping stone and saying you'll already flawed i in a preview and everything and if you ever dream of being my level you cannot help physically comprehend what i could physically do comes down to it most the delta game yeah yeah that would old merced say i want to kobe white curtain second game i actually i actually european like 'em leaks awakening breath of the wild wild yet threat that'd be like the greatest fest pot all of living in a critical time is a dystopia pot is say what's the sonic the hedgehog is a super turkey and he is it because the future and everything is a robotic dog say right here one laps of sonic cd one way you could go the future not passing through some reason when you go to the future hold robotic and then he finishes like you got a good future cool i i don't understand what it does but as a mockery out there on all like that's a post apocalyptic montiel will show oh actually know the way the government is running that yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah a bit yeah definitely authoritarian and not knowing 'em like cut out the beef or you don't wanna die a what else is the one thing about authoritarian authoritarian april like i'm positive sean a stall blocking yeah you know you don't wanna die and then early nearly equal yeah you got the full out series is well i i'm not sure if i should be all they all their personal plus workers oh yeah you're saying that just w dot me person on the planet on yeah yup marshall marshall it's definitely yeah yeah yeah yeah even marginal start putting in la start being mocked as hr pr here i think the light that is actually wouldn't even think about it that's kind of like metropolis i think the movie metropolis of the john robocall whatever yep same kind of or what's the what's the dock a a done in the space shot a man she was the one i think they're gonna charge me oh somebody else like market yes that guns are going to say i've been going through the house on that guy that lead whether any of the man that wally yeah i actually had like if you if you you know that part when yeah toy story three nick was saying when they go into these would pay for childcare thing they're living in a disturbing because the bears basically sickly again throughout the entire child can i say something that i don't like toy story three well i'm all right yeah tangos kind of company internet why why like in that movie yeah yeah for some reason that's that's that's why i started yeah you a more money more money now they ran adam a wiring later i couldn't know through life of me figure out why they decided to make up for off the three like rodney monday we can't they just limit their money out this let it ride around you know let it die die it's gonna be toy story five on have a new cars were gonna have a new toy story it's the one that is that we're gonna get a new name i so we all night but again like i don't like toy story three while it's not like i'm indifferent watch and i'm like yeah it was okay it wasn't the worst then again it was kind of cool is a totalitarian like you know yeah but like people like all sobers lago cry blah blah blah mike's really like yeah by having you back about a level usa a market for some reason like yeah water those rain i'm sure i'm sure there are some really you don't like it very much it's not my favorite yeah i love the second instead like the first and second one would better that's going on in the second one is easily better oh yeah yeah i have no idea about the only thing i'm not sure i'm gonna pop up but you know improper on in the world of holy one might watch the fourth one but auditor i wasn't watching the fourth once one of his financial is toys story for is basically the goal is giving the playstation and then she dumped toys power hitter her daughter because you god will be much man should let's each well crude oil collect a lot of details money by promoting yes she she sells all the money by and then she make five hundred guns of money that he could sell the later on appreciating travelers you got in god in the history of any of the game see guys could be gulf that a bob dystopia honey i'm i mean oh the gimmick overlays not too long ago maybe you're very cool we happy few oh yeah yeah yeah hey charlie sloshing on on the pregame like like everything not hire that's fucking i really wanna play that one days gone just released but they went with that mario or at this hour about that is it a this looks like all all the people got turned into bricks no that's fan feary again dory isn't the first story a super mario mario went down a pie and then he ended up in a place called the mushroom kingdom ended larry klayman nobody injured yeah and then later on right con that body like she was minor league will blown it turned out the child star chalk on eighty million painting in it'd be princes tight still mushroom kingdom but it's pretty simple actually chicken coop indifferent by the end let's let's look at already from like a molar from my game one or and i think and i know that my nickname in mars do they go on and on and on our warm hosur twice well they could've angry and i mean you're going the same really disturbing to me i mean like mario 'em cal honda odyssey obviously like we got a new don't like i really feel like it's like a like you know all right moving on the plate seemed like areas where people knowing that looked like the jungle duties in a pot of the block some of that is diminishing the horses audits underwear on the card nobody slacks and let me kind of mario draghi and all we really are nowhere near well yeah i mean how do you not like what nick said just shut up and the view game pretty much just wondering if you could call it in a lot of why the mario movie that really a not so great mario movie that came the super mario bros maybe those dystopia when he went over to the other plays a concrete but controlled everything in every one in new york we know lake louise you just just like how robocop it room that it actually told the future detroit smiling find that they'll part of the plumbers union say they charge it on a lake for doing just a bolt change anything out of you just showing up yeah every that was the weirdest that the most unbelievable pot like why did they call to people in what the first person who gets tickets the job to get out of the corner plumbers honey working like next time next time i i want my toilet i'm gonna call to plumbers and i'm gonna say first one who gets he gets the job any other tomorrow's i would've charged yet again at least like she's like my whole us if you get a cold the scott pelley yeah i get it on that on that it took the film is probably not be actual like just like because i thought he was a game that i want you to do sex oh yeah definitely i the day oh do social dash sex or do sex however you pronounce that basically all them a base are all set up that it was the first one i really highly recommend despite it has not aged will graphically but is publicized it's not what it has in story context everything actually really apply today or actually real laws and everything that they actually looked in to when talking about for acts and that's where you actually have one of the best conversations lectures i was at a bar he explains aerial these things is this like a approved by the best best one is like the presidential emergency is that this is a real thing that the president could declare a national emergency whatever he feels like isn't a national emergency which allows him to then take of all right the media animal rights of farming and everything else like that when it comes down to the world yeah but i think it'd be a national whatever declares whatever they feel like and that's where it comes down to more daunting questions he said well what do you think is a national emergency because again he could just turn around and say this is happening now i declare national emergency and it's just like well guess what we now living in tyrone nichols shifting instantaneously the tiny asli already written in law and all that yeah at any point 'em would you lost socks over the step yeah well well based where when you look at it docs hoses again it is actually apocalyptic it's awfully taco post apocalyptic italy's because that's how it starts off as the people who've got stabbed is a thousand a year yeah not wales and everything else like that and what you are a just the remaining again you just see undead who cannot taiwan yeah so senator repeal the death of a shitty place phillips on the audio like a pretty poignant go round just like park parking the dodge law part it's got to be like a cycle and tailgate so central park it's just remember like you know how how many how many years is that gonna take the get old circling park circle impact on never gonna get all my new show if you looked in the and that's all you got to there that will when you are hola matt in remember when the governor tank that you know as i recall they're going to guys in in in this case in the cells they just kind of like they jumped out at anything that comes now might be unpopular about tetris do you think that that'd be game shish story tells three i like interesting game where you're controlling the break i mean like introducing the new things and you know have you heard that song by russian yeah like i hope so yeah on the block to the end or may yeah my above yeah no it's all about what when where why yeah i've seen quite you know you you are doing nothing for lowering walk into you're getting destroyed yup you know to watch them all on me and yeah and that's that's where all my oppression and got tetris three with your she which is also yes well it's called catch tagging like forty a lot of like getting a one reason actually jericho's just it's just like write down all right guys 'em any more disturbing means we would like to share with anybody else else will or whatever be prepared everyone has a dystopia will come or your neck okay so yeah i oh you're gonna carnoustie off of a well anyway weaken just trying their best to avoid eighties to keep informed in july like is that as i say keep you up to the grand it's basically look at at multiple news sold everything a always pay attention to what's happening around you society is well of how you community is and how people who work in react like that again this all comes down to it coming in and then people acting like it is the normal occurrence yeah yeah not as we talk much about yorkers not that much touched on a little bit when you guys were eating in a cage we wanna talk about a lot that were like you know the human rights civil speed just stupid or but even the the stupid stupid they can still make these giant monster truck type things wayne looking at a red light rednecks still you know began but they couldn't law where the square like peg into his liberal down i haven't seen since regarding any like around quite a bit like everyone the dumb dumb like where they used county will work like that unless they won all i all i going everything yeah that's why questions i know it's just me or another secret inside is beginning to work all the computers and the menu is being there in the so yeah you're older people yeah but when you look at it at the same time they'll even a long period where they said they didn't have crops going it's just like well that'd be terrible for everyone there may be no immediate like how did they forget how crops work and how long has that been going on like how they feeding so i think those fucking like fried chicken when they don't have crossed the line animals like you know i you know i see end of the day in murray up there in the question really good point we should dumb yeah you're dumb like rebuilt the medical system i mean it's really it's amazing that day and that dna reads anything kobe carter calamity happen then maybe ever cooked up nitrogen chicken something in that that's not how did it start off again the guy the guy gets put into a time capsule kind of and then he wakes up in the future i can't remember how many years with any it didn't leave put the whole storyline like do so much the average person or like 'em the way it happened is well made a lot of things like in having the same as having the maple greatness my paper white they wind up having one child and the domestic will have like four yeah yeah and then like do like a intelligence will spread out of this of of the population very much yeah well actually it's more about money really not about intelligence the more money you have the less children you have generally yeah well everybody became rich then nobody would have children or no was either way people work the less time that have four kids so have lifted either way we still have a movie where it has one of the great tv show the scene code album eyeballs out edited elsewhere elections which i say if i start writing just i don't mind of their own version of the guy just like pulled out of the window and lands on the cactus and then adult jumped up and then the texans chart growing much five right now is the reason why they were like sermon you just random run dominant punch the guy like into the arizona ball like like i think civic value is well like you know uniform ilan hanging up like references the sex work still alive and elegant when it comes to sex work you know you charge does she really enforce the law or in that movie is because that actual prostitute came from the past she just kept taking the money not giving seven acsi turned out really mad saying this woman is not giving service will pay me and you're gonna have the best ever had before she had white guy kept going like yeah you're like yeah you like that day yeah take you now see a bit more money and you do that it's the start of it like that would be the one i wouldn't wanna leave in info is gonna leave in why because i really limited dystopia i would wanna be the smartest person in the interview and we feel i write it out or like because you know most average person in the world with like the smartest person that so yeah yeah but you gotta remember how much of incredible backlash she got at the same time like they completely where the bayonne bridge yeah that's basically i was kind of even see the reenactment of course there is he's like he just kept say all of this boring day stop blah blah blah blah yet more intelligent language that dominate district in july and a toy like i said they think your not worth listening to because of that when it comes down to it scott electrolytes har electron lance great to have all right i think that's a good time to wendy i think of her walking along the longest yes then nearly a mile over twelve sorelle god's word for trading a ha email me you know be wrong and i'm like really strange by some injuries myself self well then i remember just living in my opinion i came with editors reggie white changes shed highlighted the holocaust all caught up by other while taking photos of it and everybody unsolicited you think i can't handle the hottest thing i mean removed from their pension are so i agree tanger vote so you try tummy football i gotta know that would be starting pitcher a lot everybody thank you very much for listening and then already walked away from nike polly thanks good looking off you gotta go would be help 'em follow us on twitter at listening like i think it all comes with a chicken our website www dot m they don't get on donnie darko stores are by the way in which lag just so much sweat and if you want you just stand up the cash check you're like i'm bill yeah male body coin in one one eight mile or or or knicker twelve straight just got them you know just small small on that and just i would just say stretch it out please please don't throw at me but i wouldn't mind you know find going to send it to us like in an ambulance app i have you ever like handouts catching onto the other my dad when i was like twenty bucks by down sure product like i had trouble finding twenty hundred homes under the couch on pain boy but you have a fantastic had the way i know but i have a bomb bomb by a book that i really like anybody says i have an only child i want it to stop good go by me

orlando kyle scott one day milk ten thousand dollars seventy seven w thirty percent twenty years ten minutes twenty year ten years one yard mill
The Tech View | Episode 1 | Indian Market and Brands | Tech Milestone

The Tech View

27:04 min | 2 months ago

The Tech View | Episode 1 | Indian Market and Brands | Tech Milestone

"So via life and welcome to the festival broadcast of the degree. So today we have here echo your thing as my co host for the footsteps. So we're going to start with the very hot topic after the the iphone. Twelve pro. max. So should we even consider buying that smartphone. Let's just get views. So he can water views on this thing. Finally talk of the stock and get done with this thing iphone. Twelve such a hot topic and thought doping that everyone is talking about and everyone is ranting about it first of all. Let's get out with it charter. You can't put a charged in the case worker company. I do all the joy of here like they want more money so they are just onto that we want more money will cut out the cost with the not putting jazz in the walks. Normal non meant one charger. You can't even if you're even talking about it and you're telling everyone that we wanna stephen vitamin then goal and make your phone that they're easily exchangeable that they are able to open the back and can change easily and apple informed takes a lot of process and of handling which phone apart and then you can even get inside all back three. The foreigners replaced not even can be fixed. He i even the thing that if you put another camera like iphone. Twelve pro on iphone twelve it. It doesn't work the cameras use less after that. We have seen that in the in the deer. Don't video and as well as by the fixit on the video is available on youtube as well that if you put a camera from iphone. Twelve pro and iphone twelve. It won't work so like they are just. It was at only fight member that started that. We won't put earphones in the box. And now they have me new trend like not even the judge it even. The previous charges are not able to connect with the new buyer providing in the case itself in the phone. Box said least you think of this year i have a like i think i have a big general lay. This is a big joe. Fixit team that gave that both are like one running life well bro and bro is on the right and twelve is on the left and like even the cameras. It broke down so daunting like literally card understand. What is what is the purpose of adding twelve twelve minute. Twelve or twelve pro. Max four phones and what does the exact differs nothing in the previous generation. I found that eleven had Eleven pro rata superior. Led screen so that it was a bit explainable via bitcoin for eleven pro. Max but well twelve from our exactly seem will be screener. I don't understand via the even comparing these two. And what price difference bro. The price differences humongous yard. If you see it's forty thousand different just like you get an extra rod that's only usable in few particular scenarios and like and you get a metal back that's it nothing else and try different forty thousand but he has if you're a d. back you on that if you're an iphone twelve twelve us And you want to upgrade to a higher like you want to expand your ram like from going from four to six ram. You need to be forty thousand. More for twenty two gigs of ram random. Many go there are many people who are going to loosen in the comments saying like. I don't understand why are you. People do not see the status symbol of apple and the value it brings to it. They will be refined ireland at all amazon use. It and i've been used very proud to say that. This is the best four out seen so far. I mean what design what colors i mean. The foreigners ultimate lake. I if i talk about the him but like vote for development through the citizen but then you can buy an iphone twelve and enjoy you have the same features. You got everything in the same process So even though opinion system the same way it's all linked twelve and to explains my point that only if you're going with the status symbol go forward by the latest iphone. If you're going for only for the wealth through it should be there with my phone for by all means. We can't stop this podcast not for you but if you are actually considering it and thinking of the pros and cons than i would tell you that if you compare it with samsung or other devices that have a. I'd rather say that if you're apple user you might be into the ecosystem and it has all been integrated into your life. That is very difficult to change into an android. And i understand your point but i would like to suggest you that. Wait sometime iphone. Twelve is not such a thing by and invest your money over the covert pandemic and the money thing going little upside down just spirit for it. Just take a little setback. Nobody's gonna turn you are going to buy for one year or something like that this way to bet. If you get a good deal on the one. I mean even the one twenty nine hundred hundred screen would've been great deal. I would have been like okay. You're charging saw huge amount of money something exciting. Ab thousand northbound the irs for one group very hard screen. I mean it least gives the one running hurts screen now so that we can enjoy and be like a one yard like twenty lake. I would say like if you want to go really well pro max unless you are not content creator because like you get any sixty. Fps recording with the dwell pro. Like rest covid iphone twelve. That's what i believe and you can. Maybe if you compare them with the with google or if you compare them with the oneplus only budget smartphone is giving you all these recording facilities and all this innovating less ammonia but like we can't because people are like into the entire apple ecosystem and all the stuff so the only equals innocent people if for the ecosystem. I completely agree. Just go for it or just re eight and save your money. That's completely your choice but if an ordinary wisdom and just trying to know that if buying i will increase will give you benefits or something like that. Don't go for even if you wanna spend all wait a bit wait a month or two late iphone. Eleven comes down a price and then go for iphone eleven. Nothing more only the new chip and some nitty-gritties like there so i believe ecosystem like we have seen like the recent it is coming up like epilepsies even on the as well and it is most mostly spectator like as but the needs seibert. It has said that it seems like it is something opening like a mac book. So we can. Can we see a ram back now. Like apple and andre hidden the lure. Dc that they're going to bring arm chipsets now read than going with and so can we see the percent. Applet iron under certain apple's schemes. And some you creating clearance like if we go for last two months apple has done three. This is the third even. They're going to do one tenth of the november. What i was inc is via is up for showcasing. The mac i upgrade saved onto the and then on benny everyone was expecting gonna show us the new iphone twelve or like that. They completely said that. This is the event for this. Time will come after some time. Show you the iphone twelve and new things and if everyone was a big surprise it while you're doing it to events and via the nor chewing it in the event but then they came back to the iphone twelve event and then also. They told us that we are going to showcase and announced plans to switch over to apple silicon si fuels and we at june. Dc the game and said that. Just give us sometime. We'll come back and show you. What are the new things that we're working on. And all that and now they're coming back. We're giving you the new mac books you would asking for. And then we are changing chips. We're showing off the in belting in building is done now. We actually talk here likes. I believe a separate event is a great deal. Because like if i am a particular view lake if i am only concerned considering smartphones and i'm getting a smartphones even then i wa- the smartphone even. I am a pc guy. Then i will go with the mac things and on so. I think that something much more convenient for the people like if they want to join. And what's the same. Don't give them hopes In the first event diversity vendor dead for apple ipad or something like that they gave us the that add the end there might be some issue and they will show was the iphone twelve and everyone will have a good day and go home and check out the new iphone twelve. And we'll get to know about it but then they told us this is the event and the next even wonder how we might have something like that. I don't understand why you giving us holton than it that no. We're not gonna show you the new iphone even like for this. Even their hopes that the mac os next version. Mac os eleven big series going as well because it has been in better like for very long also. There is just a guessing. What's coming next. Yeah but like everytime rates are already leaked before like the iphone twelve lead like it is going to be the iphone twelve's the ipad thing was real and everything is real. I mean it's apple things you'll never know people are interested in knowing everything about it even if they don't do anything new people are interested in buying it. You'll see in the memes online. Come on everyone is talking about the next iphone is just going to be a piece of glass that is going to be shipped in a box and everyone is going to replicate that do because it's made with the apple logo company inspected apple like whatever is doing like apple has also launched the apple one india. That's just for one ninety five per month whereas if you go globally forty point nine dollars which is somewhere around fifteen thousand permanent so lake. It is like ten around ten percent off what we see like ten percent of water complete apple one day speculated for the global markets and now for the market they are it for such a low cost like the apple one is going to include apple music apple tv plus apple arcade apple news plus fitness plus and i go out as well so for all their happened apple fans that don't vote this app. One is coming up with four new things in india apple music apple tv plus apple arcade and apple icloud in which these of says will be included in one package that is going to be what rubies one hundred nine hundred one ninety five. It's one ninety five ninety five and globally. It's forty nine. Us dollars like that's fifteen thousand per month. I mean i will just buy it for the decent memorial sees grow that artem. That series has been so hyped and so good. They really wanna see that series. The main thing. That apple hasn't announced that the fitness plus plan like powered by the apple. Watch is not available like there. It is not available in this back. You need to upgrade something so we can see something really high out there. They can be like a scam. As apple grew goodwood. What apple fitness plus like. It is not currently included like they are not including it as of now also the apple tv plus just having the city's is like we want to get in get integrated in indian markets. We can't see much of those cities. Like even it in just few days back or i will save few months back. The on gave a boost to net flicks and all the stuff in india like is more of like what i feel a d. oriented field but it is the scenario stingy binge networks succumbing back and actually in the covert. Time doesn't very gordon binging. Cd's and binging fast. Data's began in the school where there are netflix. Amazon have earned their position and they are of established market now in india. There are some more. Ott black also comparing but apple getting into this market. At this point i use it would be nice to see them. Compare netflix's months competing with apple to get into the market if net flicks takes only the one they have right now. We're not producing the content regional content and at a good piece. Then i pulled us nor have any chance to trade the market if it going from this point only yeah apple one we will penetrate also like a freight talk about the movies they are mostly on like we see these days because city muslim closed. We can see all lead on disney hotstar. Amazon prime amazon won't let the sports like in the us. Also it didn't give away sport. Netflix globally netflix's us oriented and and man apple wasn't even able to take of the competition in the us to the netflix amazon. They were not even worried about the apple. Tv and all they were like the same name. Apple is the apple is the only company that can give competition coming to one point one billion dollar company. I say that apple is the only one who is going to compare with them. That if apple wants to work on this project and are fully committed to it. I think that netflix might have tightened. They will have david. They already have something planned. I believe they are more off into the business. Feel they have planned some movies or some stuff with the popular stars and all already there will be the like via just thinking of getting the news. They might have been into the work. When it was speculated in rumors that apple one is coming. Do they have. What i feel is if if apple have part of this and police thinking and is getting good people in this industry and Understanding indian market indian market is more of a regional market that has been divided into different parts and once you provide every part with the movie series in warned. Dan only you can be an established. Amazon has done it. Bang on bit as netflix's providing the more content that is to a riemann of the society late movies and the cd. They're showing right now. It is more of everyone is being leased but at the same time amazon is giving them a more regional montenegrin disband like the most miserable bang out yard was one of the best and the most hyped thing they have ever done and the best outcome ever seen. Yeah like india is very proud to have these apps and stuff going on but we also seen like in india. There have been a ban on the apps like the tiktok van and stuff like one ninety two apps and every week there are like forty to fifty apps getting bandwidth reunited from china and indexing addio. Mitterrand if you remember that game up as competition good tiktok is now lined its own app. Store read it will only be giving away. The indian apps lake only indianap- his the audience bridge. You can see. And they're just sharing that only indian apps and i don't believe they can compete somewhere with even with the google play to google integration. And all stuff no doubt credit very good store like they're introducing all the indian absolute auto gasset to empty one busy local. All the indian apps are there. What do you feel about this. See where it comes to when it comes to these things. We need to understand china. India skirmishes has been very painful for china to losing. Losing talk has been de most crucial thing for china. They have lost the main thing. They are hired in india. This was producing so much of a new. The india china commissions have led to this moment that it has pushed tiktok out of the market and it's producing their own apps like metro. You just said. I don't feel that people are actually converting into the indian apps. I don't feel like people are actually going from. Talk to these metro apps in has been much more in producing these type of reels. All art been much bigger competition to tiktok dan these thrower the indian apps their meeting but like they have got two billion downloads in just two very small time. People are there like they are doing that. People who love start of lake fishing startup. jesus said that it is going to close down officially declared that they are losing down operations in india and man what would we also shutting down just completely shading on the doing completely crossing over all the lake. They're shutting down everything that they had like all the partnerships are gone even if you even if you go for the pcp version pc where it is not that profitable abc's david being cleared right now. Also put to charts of tr dry. Nobody's actually playing game anymore. Many new game than many mob commitments. That are better. Yup up. Actually now what i feel like Getting bannon pc games. India was more of like people those who played games on this martin. Like having your smartphone in your hand and blame game there yet peop everyone will go on and like play games on smartphone. Like if i have a smartphone. I will directly go rather known during a game. That's somewhere around twelve to fifteen. Gb and mean player being the geo here giving away free thousand stuff that we been omitted active but like talking smart the new car upcoming game soji. Yeah for jesus create an impact on this surely like for duties is out and soon it is going to take over what i believe like all the free officers will go away when it comes to four d like backed by a kick. Modern is emotional marketing being done as well like they are targeting. The customers on the believe that that they're going to give this year to the relief fund for the army of india act as a major threat of india. Does it. i would rather say when it comes to us indians. We are much more emotionally attached to these things. If china's started a feud with india. We are much more patriotic. And actually in the you've seen those market charts and the smartphone market. Xiaomi was ruling it from the past two years three years but samsung. You're getting more into that. We don't want chinese fans and we don't want xiaomi we don't want opo we will. We weren't brides that are upcoming and we don't want to support china in any way lake in the last quarter last well korda's chami was number one like and sampson was had didn't have the sport and now like samsung is hitting back now with this thing like samsung has climbed up to twenty four percent of market share by xiaomi is now twenty three from six like that's a person but i mean just talk about the quarter three in two thousand nine hundred ninety shall be twenty six percent which was a huge number outcome ever samsung only containing at people's and of the market shit. But now the tables have changed. It has actually been shown that xiaomi and the other companies like we will mean everyone is being at a back step and they are more promoting this market than both reporting samsung is catering to everyone right now. I'm just trying all the market share sight so that they can beat one on the top like even real me has targeted completely to be the indian brands like they have marketed themselves as like my visa credit from aboard and we will do to the reason that we were indiana and we wanted to be in if we talk about this years as well to show me he had also includes the poco that was a sub brand now to the separate brain and separate company has a q. share and that's also included in the reports as of now. So we're seeing show me the guate- third twenty twenty performance or twenty three person. There would be at least three to five percent of what it contains. Father poku brand. So overall i believe the lead is much more bigger than what it sees like. It seems just one percent of a beach cedar charts but like there is a north at the bottom that gives that focus also included. Don's out could be greater than yami watered would be like. We can't say anything as off now. India that sums it up the best yugoslav say is right there if this market stones to be the way it is going right now show me and other chinese. Brian can say goodbye to the indian market. They will have to about the panels or if the situation is not settled by china india conflict. And the back or something like even you can see micromax hopping in back into the indian market. Like micromax loin two phones yesterday. Only the inauguration and enor- one be that so i would say oh cracking be like just eleven thousand for the four plus one twenty gigs radiant and full blood. Sixty four gigs. Sorry and like they are just banging away the market with this rising and features they have got the latest gaming mediatek processes as when we'd like first time type c boards as bad language. We seen like a permit range type season all coming into the buzzard cds and they are like i mean there's not much left to say the market competition is of that flaw short. Yeah it's going to be very very tough. The bundy's lake good year for us. We're going on the part when mortar coming. What's going on in this new. He had the is going to be a good fit for lake. Because like the podcast is now available on what caused. It has been like that logistic images. He viewed as few dime back like few hours back. I just received the email that over causes. Ozone on oscillator is also expanding snow or guys lift rabbit and the next time we talk about this and about on instagram. And we'll be sharing some new news on what's coming next stadio. Yes the indian market. The media's degrees the prices of the rtx.

apple india netflix twelve twelve minute one yard amazon samsung china ten percent nine dollars Dc Ott black seibert mac one billion dollar google artem us youtube andre
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Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 1)

"Not Good last night but scary good I mean that combination is something else yeah there's there's a few as a few few to be sure ooh how about that feeling good real good football the Lakers looked the other guys on the team the focus is just too too big they forgot that that these guys much like you said Rondos play with ad down in New Orleans Avail Golden State Warriors obviously didn't play with staff didn't see Mooney out there that's all fine and Dandy but listen guys if you are a fan had a big they are huge so crazy as I was watching last night I kept saying to myself why is there four centers on the floor but but it was only was here last year will abroad Dwight Howard just knows how to play basketball okay when he's healthy knows how to play basketball when you look at some of these other guys they've been in camps they've been in in terms of the team aspect of it is just not Lebron a d that's not think that's what everybody else kind of people just forgot about it looks familiar it looks like they had been around each other for a really long time that's great news and even to wise hair look right there big man they might goodness we season together so they start to jail but the main focus of the core of the team they've all played somewhere together before so it's pretty easy to kind of get on the same most of the the concern with what you're talking about was Lebron ad and I know that they've spent time together but they've never been teammates play basketball but it's not the Lakers and little sleepy baseball and that was pretty much it so I'll see you at the Laker game last night was as last night it was pride night st they've played together where are you shocked at Rondos in the game him an ad has senator they play together I think I will say this composition as a whole might be new but the little the duo's and the trio's and they've already played together why are you shocked that Lebron James L. McGee have ed price for a lot of reasons continue or I was just so damn proud of does the construction of this roster yes I and I recognized do it looks right for sure that's number one right so go make it looks right right behind that is it looks like they've been playing together forever yeah it does not look like there's a break in period is not look like they're trying to figure out that thing okay did you like the ball over here or we're going to bring in a run this like that or I need you at this right what I'm GonNa do that spot they just see like they've been playing basketball together forever and usually that takes some time and for these guys instant it's like I was trying to tell so-called huge and Anthony Davis was fantastic again last night here's Lebron talking about Anthony Davis is first game and we're so excited to have them more poorly I you know the phonetic gives our fans you know it's it's it's it's a message to the rest of the League that you know we we put a team together that can be ask about aficionados they're like all the Lakers got jail I'll say look at the people on that squad a lot of already played together I understand the caught a little bit of the baseball Kinda sneak peek did a little bit little rainy then caught that yeah you're watching yesterday's because it got rushed under if you are already aren't into another duo with Lebron Anthony Davis that isn't a duo that is equal to all of those other ones we've seen come through here Dan go to stay with small but they liked to play small but there's a lot of teams in his league in general the have the size and the perimeter speed blessed with some of the Great duos NBA history whether it's magic and Kareem Shaq and Kobe. Kobe and Powell won a couple of championships together as well but you just want so doesn't feel premature because this this doesn't feel like there's going to be a lot of break in this is just this is ready to go instant chemistry between these two guys and the Lakers have been it's GonNa be a problem you look at these two guys to get it again I if this feels so premature because they haven't even played a game yet together but for all the reasons that we've discussed ours are talented and it's not going to be Kane really is talented the Lakers though but this squad and the Phoenix beautiful about their size is that is not slow excuse me cream magic are we talking one of those where twenty years from now a kid that's fourteen years old watching this is saying I'll tell you the two best players we've ever seen play together in the Lakers goaty Dwight Ad Lebron they all standing by each other. They're all the same size yes yeah I mean they're all workload he's happy you know what he is he's motivated and wasn't motivated I wanted to say there's just a whole `nother level of and the number of guys who can do that on their squad dwight is nimble out during perimeter Javagal and obviously we know what Ab can do yeah no one out there there were very few posts plays called the high screening rose you saw a lot of dunks because the guys are quite uniform was a d. and Lebron Mos they win the championships you know all this is cute fine and Dandy but it comes down to win championship because everybody you name near i Nick Quick and and Eddie Jones where's that do own Nick Van Exel Home Three Cancun but he was calling those the Lakers is all right you certainly look y'all right it what's so liberty actually that's right it looks like and what it is accept a quick and all those guys well did that they they want championships they played and won championships for the Lakers and not other teams y'all better be ready because this is we're not messing around this year and you can even the pre season that just is absolutely radiating out from these want to send a message on in three you start to be like okay you're gonNA catch he's on the back end there's no question about it but if you can get four view get the rest of the league especially to your next door neighbor you want them to know we coming Yawkey come with that hype and all that and this and that and y'all got a billionaire out of the next four you wonder if Lebron's role in this though isn't more of like the Kareem Roll like okay I'm here I'm still at the top of my game here comes this and I know Anthony Hello as long as a D. Lebron bring home a championship then you could really start to focus on those because it feels crazy talking about as a so far behind he was called you don't WanNA throw sets abolishing there with one of those guys I was trying to close as P it's an eight nine and ten you gotta throw some of that stuff in there where's the Lebron do I mean are we talking shack Kobe type of our Chat Koby Corinne Lebron Brawley but Lebron is what this is his seventeen season in league could it ever get it ever be magic and Kareem can never be coalition Together right runways not long enough knows him to be Robin for a brief period of time before morphing into Batman while they just kind of flip roles the way they did with Kareem and magic you wonder if you can have a similar relationship where Anthony Dave right now clearly it's Lebron but as the as Anthony Davis and because Lebron is still Lebron Italy snow has penetrated through your your melanin and has sapped the sold from your brother well as you recall I've in our fans extremely happy to see him and foster play and come out here and play the way we did tonight even knows a preseason game we wanted to try to continue to build great habits I think it was a good performance so you got wash before washed out oh well best sneak peek that I was we're going to be out of the playoffs we're not we're we're coming that's what it is we're coming Houston's watching you're coming in the other players available they went and they got the best corner in the League arguably the defense we'd lose to leave because he's going to be on I are they move Marcus Peters two Baltimore make a couple of deals here but they get certainly have pockets in which we've lost significant pieces in the past we forget it feels like this is kind of one of those situations we'll talk to less need about this he's coming up at nine o'clock but is it just too much if you think about it when things are rolling you can't miss no matter what you do it works out no matter what you order it tastes great no matter where you go you have a good time and then sometimes you just can't get out of your own way on the other side of the studio to hypnotize yes and there was quite a few comments key people questioning what happened to your rhythm they calabasas pill for the last eight of those ten years maybe their last seven of those ten years magic was clearly the one that was driving the do clearly the one cat was doing and you wonder Jalen Ramsey then you find out yesterday really right after we were done with our show the John Johnson their safety is now on I. R. So he's GonNa be down for a while as well and it just is in a new guy in the sense that he's new to the League magically but the Catholic late about missing the cat forever I'll magic people they did they did but right back I think if you I think if you could knock a couple down in a sharp you can knock down four years too going to be gone if not for good for a really long time is it too much no I don't think it is because the the core group of guys are still there I mean you brought in Jalen Ramsey is going to cover a big piece of that but you got a bunch of stuff you don't have to replace one guy and cover for one guy who's injured you've got a bunch of guys who's in who are injured and I think there's something in that whole idea even those are just a preseason game we're coming out here and trying to build good habits you can tell we've all got to watch Lebron for the better part of twenty years play well for some reason to back up an argument 'cause we can go to fear while you want to do nothing supercup was laws for basically have to season all the way through the Super Bowl and when you look at the way to jerk off used him last season before the injury and how he relies on him this season not to be doomsday but it just feels that all of these things always says down when it's not like look the the opposite is true up in the role of Raba Woods Woods into this live in they figured out figuring domino pieces how to slam down the point being they had to they had to find a way always told you that I did at the club's standing hold up the wall out there tearing it up man in his mouth from being broke gets he'll he'll be back on the field they just gotTa Kinda hold it together now obviously you're a couple of games out of first place a to make up for the loss of Cooper Cup this is Clay Matthews is gone this is a key to leave is gone this is John Johnson has gone this is you just traded away Marcus Peters you're reminded that doesn't -nificant loss sleep was missing time last season part of the reason why you know your your nephew got all got off because he already seen Joe nope boom has gone for the season now of a sudden you're down to Djamil Denby who's a backup is now one of your starters you go and you have an Offensive Line Rob Haven Stein Austin lie than Brian Allen Upfront have not been doing a whole bunch of things Andrew Whitworth for the first time in his career is kinda starting older yeah so it's not that I need Washington's at Home San Francisco's flying from from west to east last time they was in that building in San Francisco loses so you just don't know the most one of talent on both sides of the ball to Kinda ride the ship for for the most part for the most work because Seattle still has nfl the rams will be fine but what you're talking about the jared Goff needs to play better todd Gurley needs to get healthy we don't know how healthy or unhealthy is Malcolm Brown we don't know how healthy or unhealthy he is we the way those two teams are playing right now jared goff has to do a little bit more as the quarterback if Todd Gurley on the field and he's healthy he has to do a little bit more eleven need you to get him don't let him catch a pass and if he catches any make the tackle that's what they're going to tell you play man to man up on him it is you go to work because what they I could I I can go from a team as a receiver to another team in that same of worrying about the people and people can't dance either so we were talking yesterday about Sir Jalen Ramsey and the deal and it was like okay they're they're back in this they went they got one of the best I'm not really that interested your coal pits back to back day algae ever this and that I need to cover this and that and this and that and it's just it's a lot at some point you don't have enough fingers to stick in the dam and the water's coming over the top and I do believe they have that's not you gotta Atlanta then after Atlanta Cincinnati correct I mean come on seriously you can't beat Atlanta and Cincinnati he'll deserted to the playoffs especially week in play on Sunday in a quarterback tell me what to do it the timing may be often degree but we still know a post as opposed to in his innocence eh top of the morning you just reminded me of something so we posted on social media talked to another clip of US dance shadow and run with him all day long the ball is in the air he's GonNA attack the football don't let him catch it behind you make you catch it in front of you and that's it get number eleven that's all we want you to do and if he can't shadow him run with him then they picked up the wrong guy and I bet they pick up the right guy because he can there's a slander alison out we we already know that and there's GonNa be times for Jalen Ramsey that the dow things up that his strength like I said see number eleven the entire game and we'll let you know what we want you to do in zone in that's how much better would be down the road though like if he if you just put them in and say Okay Julio Jones everywhere he goes eventually you see say this I bet I watched the whole nine innings to be because I was looking I'm like oh I understand that the falcons playing well and understand we have Jalen Ramsey shadowing you know that that dude but if met Ryan has all day he's going to fight may once now obviously he was doubled since he was tripled but that allow the QB to had a little bit more time when you look at that buccaneers game a lot of that was you lose it to leave Jalen Ramsey Taylor rap gets healthy he's on the feel on the field Defensively Clay Matthews once these wires we're good night last night not bad not bad watch the Lakers not have been down the court they look excited the good fundamentally sound a he that good of a player the just throw him out there and he's doing work from the moment he shows when you a good football player good athletes in general and you've played I don't care what sport they would then drew brees forgot he was right when something else decided to get smarter than doubling but they don't have to double guys now Jalen Ramsey in a Shanahan going back you you don't know how that's going to play now all of a sudden it becomes an ill on their record so as long as the rant one game at a time coaches speak they do what they're supposed Hugo okay fine but will he bitterly by the time you're in week ten eleven twelve and he's comfortable with the system he knows the system will it be discernible is it a big difference you and I think they will Jalen Ramsey just drops right in on Sunday morning and he's ready to go and he's Jalen Ramsey or is there on ramp period is right this is all I need see when you look at our defensive effort over the first six games they're certainly moments that you are there we are and then there are moments which you know like the first three games say Aaron Donald Okay to your point about when Cooper Cup goes down Cooper Cup went down so that was situated Josh Reynolds you gotTa step up praying okay and he did he josh Reynolds played really well just ran the steps the thing that will help them out will help the secondary out in general and help us forget about Johnson maybe a little bit is it's a front four can get some pressure on the QB meant to QB uncomfortable. I was listening back there with a crab leg on clean pocket we no butter no butter not gotta have butter butter lemon okay San Francisco still has to play now everybody laughs in your life they're going to Washington washed it vanish true but released stay on the rams you're a second it's too late didn't do anything to defend that you can go ahead and said they had nothing to leave you to do other wall and it was throwback rhythm I mean you look at the comments section more than one I go into but we're not to Calabasas they did I tell you I don't pay attention to know damn comment I said I'd do better give lanes for different people and yeah what was what was the what was it Sean was a shower roofs issue to work through what if you got somebody that can cover for six seconds five seconds which Jason Long Time I know but if Jalen Ramsey has the ability in him so to me the real key is making sure that our four can get to the quarterback and make them uncomfortable you have to ply pressure that goes with that goes with it N._F._L. picks against this I had left with keyshawn L Z and Travis talked about after they have been stuff multiple times on third and one fourth and one situations that in the fourth quarter after several failures that perhaps you tried something different light taking someone with WHO's a great runner back there to see if you can't just run and get that one yard or at least give the defense something to with keyshawn Johnson Travis Rodgers there was obviously discussion regarding the flailing rams granderson brought up the idea that since the team was struggling so much on Lupine key in to your turf showtimes which is a blog that covers the rams found your comments about not saying that Blake bortles should be brought in on goal line situations and here's how they described it in their on their blog on ESPN LA's morning show Lazio mischaracterizing what I said which is why I don't pay attention to non reputable news sources I specifically supposed to be a professional who's first nationally mad yes professionally upset I do have a problem when you are doing things that to discourage Matt Ryan and the Falcons from going at him in targeting him when he's matched up onto our Julio Jones depending on what the down AH so L Z. I'm with you getting yourself in some trouble on Social Media I'm okay with you posting video of running over Clayton Kershaw Blake Bortles in there near the goal line running around the problem is they don't have the part where keyshawn and I are saying craziest not gonNa have you crazy right okay you said just bring in Bortles like that was the part they call that was the headline no they wanted to characterize something about trump is mad from this studio if the QB with the third highest yards per carry an NFL history is at your disposal and you've damn birthdays brought to you by Jaguar Landrover of Newport beach off the seventy-three toward the Sea Visit Land Rover Newport Beach Dot Com Land Rover above and be That is to say they got it no no it's fake when you mischaracterize was fake is the fact that me and Travis so we're guilty by association with your Wack Blake Bortles they make replaced hip hop by a lot of it in a while if it's snoop or Eminem or a handful of others maybe maybe a small handful image it though is not going to hit his third and fourth and fourth in short and if you're only thing you can do as turn around and make your fourth and third be morning show is saying and our names are attached to it in the port where I said I don't care what the question is but Blake Bortles is never the answer that was left out let me tell you something I start paying attention they heard something because I was being critical of someone who is openly gay and they add agree with their stands and this this gay blogger ladies show multiple times that third in one and fourth and one has been an issue why not try something different in distance or in what way Phillips wants to do with that particular down and distance his third and six they may go to sue seventy percent of the time he may elect to put to the blogs like this when someone called me to be homophobic because they didn't know I was gay right but they heard something breaking news and they were like Jersey in the dodger stadium parking lot everybody's wasn't like I was okay I didn't I didn't like it so athletic enough to do some things that you are off is not I would present to you Blake bortles his Blake Bortles in any situation which and that's a losing combination which which brings me to this point third down they should try something new third-down Kevin May and then they have the clip of you saying that you want to see ah yeah eminem straight forty seventh birthday for him today he's been since the nineties man old dogs shoring up the most important position Oh we'll only need blake bortles if something were to happen to Jared Goff and he couldn't Ramsay also knew and Double Julio Jones with the safety and according to just all depends on the scheme happy birthday Bobbin your head this Travis Bob is that's not the juicy part than poor back that you mentioned blake boroughs at Jared

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The Sports Reporters - Episode 338 - The New York Jets Hit a Low Point. Anyone Beating Alabama?

The Sports Reporters

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The Sports Reporters - Episode 338 - The New York Jets Hit a Low Point. Anyone Beating Alabama?

"Award winning journalists new york times fillers no out of bounds. No opinion left unsaid. An institution for sports talk in information. This is the sports reporters. Here's mike lupu mitch. Albom at bob ryan mlb dot com and the new york daily news. I'm mitch albom of the detroit. Free press. I am bob ryan of the boston globe in. Espn and we welcome you to the monday morning edition of the twice weekly sports reporters podcast and a very very shocked full of interesting things on sunday with but the we we have to start with the one play. That has all the tongues wagging in the league because of the historic nature of a decision made by one defensive coordinator mr greg to jesus white williams and to blitz when all you gotta do is have a wall on the goal line and you win the game you play to win the game. And instead he blitzes eight-man gets beaten and well. You know what happened. If don't we guys to judge remain winless in a very interesting fashion mets. You got the lions okay. But i've got the jets and the jets went to own twelve yesterday. Within the worst season of the franchise history. So far they were one and fifteen another time. They had the lowest moment they've ever had mitch and bob. This was the butt fumble on steroids. Okay and what's what's amazing mitch. About this play is if car hadn't missed receiver the play before they were running the same defense. Play before and you thought yourself where all the defensive backs go and and mitch. I was talking to a friend of mine who had called. I is is. This was happening. And i walked back into the room and i said oh my god. The jets loss with five seconds left. It must've been a hail. Mary and as a whole the phone here i'm looking at. The replay wasn't a hail mary. They had no safety. And one guy stricken down the sidelines and that was apparently all the mathematicians on the jets have all retired too because they seem to forget that they were up. Four points four points not three four points which means you can have them go literally to the one yard line and you can still win the game. Four points. You're nineteen seconds to go you don't blitz and you don't blitz especially when you've got of your three defensive backs that you leave alone on the island tour rookies i mean what are you thinking here. I guess that explains why their own twelve well you course. Conspiratorial thinkers thinking. You know. I won't even say it out loud but that that the intent was achieved in the minds of the conspiratorial thinkers. Yeah i don't either because you you you owe it to your players who had played their their best game of the year who were about to beat a team with a winning record and at least salvage some pride and so they had fought and so. I don't accept the fact that this defensive coordinator in cahoots with the Head coach would throw the game but for them. Run that defense twice twice. Tyler brewers raiders. Fan tyler they should have one on the play before when he missed a wide open. We're all going all. My god is just like the way the day went missing receivers. So yeah we were. We thought we had one. And then you missed it and then happened and we were all screaming and yelling. There was anybody in the defense of the of the jets. coaching staff. Just for ten seconds. Can anybody give me a scenario where that might have made some sense. I keep trying keep saying okay. Nobody can be that foolish did they. Did they honestly think they had no time outs left. There were nine thousand nine seconds left to go. They had to go. Basically half the football field did they. Did they really think that if they left. You know a prevent defense that somehow nine thousand nine hundred seconds you can go fifty yards with no timeouts staying inbound. I i i keep racking my brain to say you know why do you blitz your entire team and eight guys mitch. Go back and look at the play again. 'cause 'cause okay so rugs ups scoring with five seconds left. Okay go back and look at the the last play. They send eight guys and they didn't come close to david carr. It's not like you're gonna get into them and it's not like he's a. He's a rookie quarterback it's really gonna be thrown by the pressure. He knows how to handle. He himself said afterwards i couldn't believe they blitz me. That's a very lionesque kind of thing to do away to lose a game so hats off to the jets for doing a and here's the line for his thing in this moment. Okay in this moment. I i know what the rules are about the coach. They send out an assistant coaches. They should have run his ass out there and made him answer questions about that call yesterday. Okay 'cause marcus. Maye who's your best event. He torched him okay. Darnold said it is what it is. They ask adam gates view talked to williams about it and he said i asked him what his thought process was and he kind of left it at that so he didn't throw him under the bus. But greg williams who who who who fancies himself as some sort of defensive genius and is bounced around this league and it was in the middle of it in new orleans. All that stuff okay. He's got to go out there and take some questions after the game. Because i've been checking the internet since the game ended to see one comment from him explaining what he was doing twice twice on a day when his team actually had a chance to win a game. And i haven't seen anything yet. And i'm telling you something. All of these jets assistant coaches guys. They're going to be somewhere else next season. Okay i would have. Fired would have fired him after the game and then fired him again on the way to the bus but my i'm not defending him. Anyway i'm stiffening the process You ordinarily no matter what happens. You don't see coordinators too often. Ever come out. I am bob but this extraordinary. If you're ever should have had to answer questions about that decision besides him. I don't know if you saw. Espn exit when they got the database for fifteen years worth of situations. And no one wants to want someone actually re blitz seven. That didn't work either but the blitz eight is just beyond twitter last night. Bob seventy tweeted me less than i've been watching pro football since nineteen sixty eight. I've never seen a team do that when they were winning. Well some veteran of an owen sixteen season. I can tell you that there have to be moments like that. It's not easy. No i'm serious. It's not easy to lose sixteen games in the nfl. It's not easy to lose five straight games in the nfl. I usually a team bounces back. It's not an easy win. Five games in the straight. And but you have to have games that are just incredulous like that in order to go and sixteen. Congratulations to the jets. Who look like they're going to pull that off. Meanwhile let's talk about some games that that have playoff implications. We said going in that we thought the most interesting game of the weekend was going to be cleveland and tennessee. We envisioned a defensive effort from tennessee. Like they're known. For and cleveland having to prove that they could play with real teams and they weren't just padding their record with wins against weak opponents. When i saw the scores start to rack up there in the first half and at one point. I think it was thirty eight to seven. There's thirty eight seven at halftime. Half thirty eight to seven now. It was quite a comeback by tennessee. The thirty eight to seven and they made it a hell of a lot closer than that but still attention must be paid to what the cleveland browns did with a forty one. Thirty five victory and gone and nine and three. They're going to be in the playoffs. This whole baker. Mayfield billy them in the playoffs either mitch. Nobody's gonna wanna play them. I mean they're good. They're seriously good. That game was surprising though. Don't you think that score at halftime. I want to ask baba question. That scored halftime was the single most shocking score of the season at that point in any game because the titans are good. Bob did you come up with. I can't remember this or not. Did you come up with garbage time in basketball is that you're no no. I wish i'd love to take credit as marv is it marv albert. I don't know my place to call a garbage anyway. Game did look close at the end but but stuff happened to make the game closer. That was a beatdown. Okay and the the the browns are pretty much into a shell. The second half but i don't know what was more surprising okay. The browns getting ahead like that. Bob or or the titans getting behind like that. Well the magnitude of it could go either way. I think we're shocked that titans had come off of win. We thought was important and they were was important. We're talking we're targeting out. Yeah you know. They're back playing the way they did it this time on their way to last year. That's where we said they're back. This is derrick. Henry is unstoppable and and ten hills. Got it figured out here. We go no. I watched this game that we had this game and so from the beginning and the browns would look like a super bowl team. I mean they both both all phases of the game all three phases as bill. Belichick loves to say no. They were terrific at first getting lead. It all looked almost logical how easy they made it. Look at all absolutely so so. I'm who they were doing it too. Yeah it was very impressive. W impressive plus. It was on the road a by the way your next game mitch. Their next game before you start. The next game is against the ravens next monday night. Which is going to be extremely interesting because one teams can be so desperate and the other teams on a roll so and you know what the ravens the ravens mitch member. The ravens did to him opening week. Thought the browser suck again you you. You beat me to the punch. There's quite an interesting lodge. Jim now in the afc You've got the steelers. Obviously her way out in front and then the chiefs who right with them and and then you've got all these teams at eight and three eight and four nine three seven five between buffalo miami tennessee and indi who were now tied in the south Cleveland at nine and three baltimore at six five and vegas at seven five. They can all make the playoffs and got news for them. And it's gonna be a really interesting final four weeks to see who shuffles out of that thing because they're gonna play each other I in different forms before we get to a game. That was kinda if you've been watching. The giants is shocking as as the titans and the browns was. I like to remind everybody that we are sponsored as usual by geico. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do. And i bet it can be hard work you know what's easy bundling policies with gyco geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Its geico easy. Visit geico dot com. Today that's geico dot com. Okay i mentioned. Bob i told by this today. Mitch i i wrote. Count last sunday about the giants. Say you wanna prove that you're really becoming something do something you haven't done in two years which has beat a winning team. Go to seattle and win on sunday. Did i think they were going to do that. No and it to me them. Beating the seahawks the way they did and making russell wilson look as helpless as he did was almost as surprising as thirty eight seven browns. At halftime we can. We can extinguish the russell wilson. Mvp talk nowadays. That game alone loses him. That e football is there's a tendency to look at it from the beginning of the season to the moment that you're in it's smarter to look at it for weeks at a shot. I find and if you really look at four weeks at a shot and go back for weeks with the giants. They've been playing very well. Nobody should have been shocked that they could have won that game. It's the way that they won that game and how bad they made. Seattle look and russell wilson. Look that i think everybody remarking on a rightfully so. And i know that there's no fans in the stands anymore but still seattle is very comfortable at home and they play well there. They like playing there at russell. Wilson looked lost. He held the ball. You reminded me ben roethlisberger and at his weakest when he's constantly holding onto the ball the time he got sacked. What five times. I think for for the guy was one of the most elusive quarterbacks in the game and he he just couldn't make the decisions they just they. I saw pete carroll afterward said we had a good game plan against these guys. We thought we were going to really do well. I don't know what went wrong and then They can study the table. They want but that that defense really won them the game and the and the offense. I mean okay. Can i remind people were tuning in their. Starting quarterback was not playing. That's okay the giants. They had colt mccoy. Who's one of those guys. Keep saying he's still around like chad henny and he's around. Yeah he's still around. Cole mccoy alfred morris and wayne gaughman. Anybody who doesn't live in new york. Please raise your hand and tell me if you guys game. While i was the best player in the game yesterday its way. I'm just gonna ask you if if wayne government has entered into the best kept secret in in town category bob you know what. Here's they haven't had barkley all year. They don't have daniel jones and they go out and win the game and with a passing offense that was sort of patriots like okay but the giants are a watch it. the the. The giants are an intriguing team because yes they have won five out of their last seven. I got a parting. Shot him where it all started. Okay however and they can talk about the close games. They lost to the cowboys to the bucks to the eagles but they also they also won three games out of this streak by a total of six points against the bengals and washington so they there was a point where they were only beating washington over the last couple of years and again. This was the best team. They had beaten since the bears two years ago they gave him a beat down in in december and so they finally showed up against a good team and now they have an intriguing and end of schedule. Okay their their last four games. They play the cardinals at home next week and the cardinals seem to be fading then. They got the browns on on five days before christmas. Then they get the ravens and then they play the cowboys on the last so this thing could still go either way for them. But you don't see anybody behind them get. Can you guys see anybody behind them. That you think can pass them a washington's beat the steelers tonight beat the steelers. Well we come back to the intriguing. Buccaneers i guess. Of course seattle. They just beat number to give them a head to head but in buchan years. I'm not. I never been sold on minnesota so so no i'm talking about in the division. Iii wildcard no get a wildcard. They gotta win the division the division. No they saw the pie chart thing that either way favorites now. So yeah way. They're playing. I'm telling you break your seasons down in into quarters instead of entireties and you'll have a much easier time sort of judging things because t do get on role. But here's the thing about. This is what we're trying to get at with the giant. Why they're intriguing will look at them in a four-game block. Okay and three of those games. Were against washington the eagles and the bengals. Okay so again. They finally showed up with a backup quarterback. They look like they had a real defense yesterday. And again they chased wilson in some of those cop. Carol could talk about the game plan on that one fourth in one call where they chased wilson all over the lot and stopped them again and the whole game. I believe. I think you guys agree with me. The whole game changed with that sixty yard run by gaughman early in the third quarter because it was a big punch from which the the didn't recover might want to go back to training camp What was it judged. Did something stunt sized him with the team in the team at the. oh i don't know about. I don't remember he had been a love fest. Did something might bob. He doesn't have to do anything. Lopping in the mitre sovereign my robert. Listen to me. It's been a love fest. Joe judge from the start okay. He decided even when they were owing six or about to be. Oh and six okay. Who is a love fest with this guy. He could do no wrong and we remember. We kept hearing the same thing every week. Boy they sure do try hard. And i'm thinking what everybody tries hard except maybe a couple teams and so listen. I'm shocked by this. Is anybody and now you know. Now they've got a month now. Mitch they got another four-game segment to show the really for real right the way you laid it out. The bella earned their stripes if they do well in this segment. I wanna get to another game here. A moment i for our friends from ritual taking vitamins daily is a great way to fill the gaps in your diet. You know for the nutrients. You're not getting whatever you eat while you're watching football game. If you do that you might want to take a look at. What's in your multivitamin lot of top brands at gm. O.'s synthetic fillers artificial colors really. 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He could play for the red wings which didn't play for the red wings with a with a punt return of seventy yards another one of sixty one yards and a thirty eight yard touchdown catch. I never heard of this guy And it's just typical to the patriots that you know. Here's another guy that they found somebody who's a second second year player you for not following bemidji state better at the time and there you are by the way practically on the doorstep out there in the midwest and gunner was doing all these things that the msci state and and you weren't paying a bit of attention. He was an undrafted. A classic parcells era parcels. Here me belching era undrafted guy. Join the team last year. He's of special teams guy a mostly and by the way he had He ran one back a kick. You know last week. It was called back on a an abysmal. stupid call. The a that negated the touchdown. So he's but he fell in love with him last year just because of the name but he made his bones on special teams Last year but not returning punts does always province of eshelman made and of course he's today but certainly this question they are they rounding into form is this are we. Are we bracing ourselves for play new england but listen schedule match because it's not an easy schedule. Okay they're staying out there to play the rams okay thursday. They played the dolphins then. They play the bills and then they get the jets. First soft place to land the last sunday of the season and mitch and bob. How different does everything look right. Now in the afc. And i know everybody has tough losses and everybody can point this that everything. They fumbled when they were going to beat the bills. They fumbled in the last camp bubble. In the last minute right. Bob and yes and and and and they lose to the seahawks on the last play of the game. Can you imagine how everything looks for them. If they're eight and four right now in this okay mitch said something before it's arana guinea. What he said was right. It's not easy to go and sixteen. Okay it's not easy to become the greatest coach of all time and bella chick right now. Is doing as good a job with the patriots. As i've ever seen him do and the quarterback issue is interesting as just as you pointed out that the guy those sixty nine yards. It's no longer uncommon for this to happen. An empty win. He scores a touchdown again You know in a bull rush by the way. and is the end. I mean was that just mop-up relief or something about yeah. It was sure it was. I'm screaming out any good. Is he any good. We did them. is he. The guy of the future not. I'm not buying it yet. Know anybody that they should be in. The market for a quarterback seems to be the prevailing opinion. A here So yeah i was gonna say something about it but oh but it would just in general terms a quick aside here. Football drives me crazy. A lot of ways dumb rules and you know just under down by contact. Don't get me started. We saw many examples of white stupid yesterday. Anyway they're up thirty eight thirty eight nothing and And i'm thinking hey get stood him in to get some reps as like to say and be get the other guy the hell out of there your if you think he's your guy. Get them out. They won't do that in football. They just won't never get that with brayden schenn away. No he didn't do it except there was one game mike. This one game. Maybe that's why he'll never. They were playing the undefeated in the regular season. Oh seventy one game. I think it was against miami. Doesn't matter in which they did take him out in which then few bad things happen and they actually put him back in which is not known to do and football but he never did it again but they won't do it anyway. Yeah that's why stood and was in mitch. Garbage time my point about them. Is you know again. In in blocks. There was a stretch of the season. Whereafter opening a win against the dolphins. They lose to the seahawks two weeks later. They they lose to the chiefs badly. I mean the distance between those two teams was then the following week. They lost a denver which was really bad. Then they got blown out by the forty niners and we were basically burying them at that point for this and then they lost to buffalo. I think at that point they were to in two one five or that. Yeah and they had edge the jets by a field goal but since then they've beyond ravens they beat the ravens won the ravens. Were playing. well they lost to houston then. They came back and beat arizona. They thumped the chargers and now again with december being a bell check month i could see them beating the rams. It wouldn't shock me the ford for four days and then the dolphins are maybe not ready for primetime yet and so that could be to windsor. Update wins. I think in in in the afc. If you get nine wins they win. Three the jets game is the last one of the season if they get nine winner in. You're in the hunt. It's all going to depend on tiebreakers at that point. Don't you think mitt you just made a great point. Say they do get the rams okay and we'll give them the jets game now they gotta get one out of the other two to get to nine okay and the patriot and rather and now. They're this is this to me is one of the surprises. The way they righted themselves to where they are able to win games without the forward pass. Oh and by the way one other thing about the chargers game and tell me this. What's in the back of your because it was in the back of my head and we may have talked about at the other day as great as just in. Herbert has been this year. Bill belichick fee son rookie. Quarterback's okay and it was like a justin coach. Bela check would like a word. Okay we saw. We saw what happened yesterday. Now you just mentioned the dolphins okay. That was a crazy game. They played against the bengals. Because the bengals tried to turn this game into a rock fight and buried to not one bob one but to punt returners couldn't in in the same game couldn't believe the second one i mean. The first one was bad enough but once again it's the bengals. There's something in the water there. i mean i it. It's a team that you would have told me in the abstract. That was going to do something outrageously not too stupid. But put criminal lama it so well with the bengals do now. Yeah so that was great right. There is a weird history of a bad behavior in cincinnati and what it is in the water there that eleven there was eleven penalties between these two in the first half and then that that the fight between howard boyd and yeah it was. It was bad and the bengals. The looks looks like the bengals are going to end up with a very high draft. Pick again. This is the time to go around with the to match up with joe burrow and that. That's sort of. that's kind of a cleveland. Thing where where they get the first round picks and sometimes the first round pick injured and they end up having another bad record and get another crack at it and if you get enough number one number two number three picks you could actually build a team so that may in the long run. Be good for be good for Cincinnati more word from one more word From geico you own or rent your home. Sure you do and i bet it can be hard work. You know it's easy. Bundling policies with geico geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or rental insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy. Miss geico dot com. Today that's geico dot com. We take this guy for granted. Okay wheat sometimes. Take this guy for granted. But aaron rodgers got to four hundred touchdown passes yesterday and it was ironic that his two hundred km to davante adams. And it's four hundred km to davante adams. Who by the way guys. Can we agree that nobody is as many great wide receiver sister. Nobody is playing better than adams's right now for the packers. No i got thought mike quick. Just you'll love this. Do you know last rookie quarterback to beat bill. Belichick was no of course. Not gino smith. Kidding all right now that we've dvd that go back to the packers game. Okay because was interesting. What happened on the other side of the of the ball. The philadelphia eagles are just in a tailspin but carson wentz got bench for jalen hurts. We forget that jalen hurts was the best quarterback in college football. Not all that long ago. And then he had a second-half benching a in the championship game. Two it took over and everybody started to forget about jalen hurts then. He goes to oklahoma and finishes second for the heisman. Only behind borough and comes into league doesn't get drafted. Highway waited a long time to get drafted. A relative to his accomplishments were and he's sitting on the bench and philadelphia and now they put them into the game and he does one thing that carson wentz just couldn't do which is escaped the sax if you watch that game and i did. It was ridiculous. How many times the green bay packers swarmed carson wentz. How long held onto the ball. On how unescapable he was. He just went nowhere. And carson wentz only twenty seven years old. He should be able to run out of some trouble but he didn't now they but her hurts in there and of course in my old hometown philadelphia this is now a quarterback controversy only carson wentz signed a four year. Deal with over one hundred million dollars of it. Guaranteed this year. So what exactly are you going to do with carson wentz. If you decide your future is jalen hurts. He averages about thirty two million dollars a year for four years. Good luck trying to find another place for this. Isn't nick foles. You're trying to get rid of this is carson. He's trying to get rid. Giancarlo stanton with the rest of that contract. It's takers or they're going to be. Yeah i mean and stuck. They're stuck because guys you could see. They weren't going to beat the even. Though they got to within a touchdown because of a punt return they weren't going to beat the packers as to. But didn't you just feel that the eagles the energy of the team completely changed when that kid ran out on the field. Absolutely i've seen that before. I mean reno when that that transformation takes place and the new young energetic vitality elusive quarterback comes in. Yeah absolutely yuccas gonna lose his job the way you know what i'd do. I actually do super bowl so far in the rear view mirror now conscious of those those nice but he's not going to get well. We're another town. I might say maybe no but i'll never put anything past philly the but but i want to say i'm rooting for jalen hurts to find a place in the nfl. Whether it's in philadelphia or otherwise. I think his was a most interesting college career. He stayed longer then a lot of players would he came back to alabama. You know when that was such an unlikely thing. Then he transferred to oklahoma and his talent is clear and then he then he watches all these other quarterbacks get drafted ahead of him And he waits for his time and he got a moment in there. And i hope he finds a place. Because i think he's proven he's got an awful lot of talent and he's off he's got got a lot of character to be able to in this day and age of the quarterback is king and and ego was is a trademark of of those king quarterbacks he's been able to sublimate it in a number of different places in and i hope he does well all right one last a pro football question for you guys before we go to the magic johnson alabama and a few college football subjects. Okay do you think the steelers can do it and the second question is should the steelers want to do it. Second question is sure if it but you don't you know it's yeah. I should want to do it. I think they would want to be a part of history and make their own. I don't. I don't see any reason but you don't want to do anything reckless in the to achieve that aim. But i don't see why you wouldn't want to do it. No buffalo cincinnati indie and cleveland. Cleveland oh yeah. There are a couple of definite hurdles there. Now it's the bills a sunday night game in buffalo next sunday after they play short week they gotta play tonight and then they got a short week and they had to do that when they could lose. That one bengals should be easy. The colts car quixotic. I don't know you don't know what you're getting from week to week with them. They'll put up a by yesterday. Survived yesterday chocolates like there and then and then the finale again. I said this last week when you're fifteen in. Oh there's not a lot to play for whereas the browns will be playing for a lot in that last game may be make. The playoffs beatdown gave a mitch member. The steelers game. A beatdown right. So what question is a good question. Because should they want to isn't isn't a theoretical question. Becomes a practical one in those final week or two of the season talking. You want to play your best player and mitch and tyler just reminded me. There's only one first round by this year so that there is stuff you know this year with kansas city. Might that the end. That's for sure that could that could be stage huge deputy. I've got thoughts that kansas city. Didn't they look vulnerable. That they felt vulnerable to me. Wait a minute wait a minute. You gotta remember this about that game out. Not only did they lose touch touchdown because it was such an incredible touchdown didn't even think they made it but and that's tyree kills we're talking about but the night the night before the game. They were woken up at three thirty in the morning to take cova tests because they got a seven positives on their numbers and they started contact. Tracing everybody turn out the positives were were false positives so they kinda came into that game a little a little shaken up. I'll cut cut him some slack. Then that's all they less fighting this red zone problem. That's something that i would think i'd be concerned about. You can't play defense vic. Fangio can come up with stuff. Even against the greatest player in the world. And i think mitch is gonna do parting. Shot on mr mahomes Later i'd let me switch college football because we we spent three hours on the nfl. Okay did you watch any of alabama on saturday night. And i know that it's a bad. Lsu team okay. And i know we know we. We had some fun with what the point spread was. Okay mitch did you not think at one point alabama might score one hundred points in this game say one. I said the same thing mike. I know they're having down season. I know there's a big difference when you have. Joe burrow's quarterback but lsu is is annually. A tough team lsu was is good and it was not a contest from the beginning. And i've watched i in fact over the weekend. I watched the clemson game. The notre dame game the alabama game and the ohio state game because they were playing michigan state. Right in my backyard. Seen them all play. And i honestly believe alabama is not head and shoulders over the other three but is a couple inches taller than the a high. Just do i just think he's saban's got the these guys clocking and i mean nobody gets close to them. Look at look at auburn who Who wasn't even a contest when they played an auburn gave texas a and m a really good game and i thought might upset them at some point texas. A and m. is knocking on the door to try to get into the playoff picture. Well was a lot tougher game between auburn texas. a and m. than it was auburn and alabama. They just beat down everybody. And we've seen these kinds of seasons with nick saban before and we've seen when they get into the championship games We've seen him succeed. And then we've seen him upset. So i i can't. I can't predict with certainty that will go all the way. But i'm just telling you watching all four right now nasib this weekend. They look a few inches taller than everybody else. I was stunned. By the way how the early score syracuse and notre dame that took notre dame almost three periods to straighten things out now is a frightening in strange score. Seventy three at one point awful. Syracuse is just awful by the way you know. We're talking about davante. Adams of the packers about devante smith for alabama for vermaak jones. I haven't seen by the way i wanted to ask you. Guys i have not seen enough. I will confess of kyle. Trask and i know he's having a superlative season but off of what we saw saturday night. How does mack jones not win the heisman trophy. I'll just say has been incredibly always. Been great buffs. Statistically he's been great but mack jones holy crap. That was an unbelievable in a category of. You can't go wrong. I think frankly either way when you might trask. I confess i have no. I have three times this year. I'm not as much as i've watched the the top four teams and we'll look we. We should get a look at them against one another. Should we not right. Yeah that'd be cool. Hey we got to pay homage to the best game. The best pure game Of the day which was coastal carolina. And byu which was slapped together game And by the way. I recommend for everybody's reading pleasure hours and our our listeners. Pat forties wonderful summation historians as game for an s dot com. That's really good okay. it's just it was of course ended in dramatic fashion with a with a crunching tackle. Saving touch a game winning touchdown the one yard line as time expired but the two teams potato cost carolina has some players. I mean seriously. I said that was for not talking about national title implications. I'm talking about why we were sports. Fans you wanna see. God damn good game. That was a damn good gain. That's all we're a school. That sounds more like they'd be making noise in march madness. Then ask guys you know. I always have questions throw this damenich. 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It seems like everyone is wearing cuts. These days get fifteen percent off your first order by going to cuts clothing dot com slash reporters. That's cuts clothing dot com slash reporters for fifteen percent off the only shirt worth wearing match. Are we not paying enough attention to something that could throw of a very interesting monkey wrench into everything in college. Football and that is the acc championship game. Okay because they've already played the game of the year regular season right notre dame and clemson. They're going to play again right. On december nineteenth mitch. What happens if say clemson gives notre dame. I don't think they will the way in books plan but what happens if it's a b. Forget about which team winds would if it's a beatdown one way or the other does that. Not one of those teams. Well it would not come out but could notre dame get knocked out of the top four if they lose the championship game. I don't think so. i don't think so. Because they come in undefeated clemson can but they're gonna if they have one loss and their only loss to clemson who some people believe is the best team in the country. I mean they go back and forth alabama clemson. I don't think you get knocked out of the top. Four if you come in at number two going into the game. I in other words. I don't think you elevate texas. Am or florida then. That's what we'll really be weird. Okay here's scenario. It's not going to happen. But florida beats alabama. Clemson beats notre dame. Who do you put. It's one of those years where you need one more. Wow included in can still happen though. South carolina th. There's stuff that can still happen. Yeah because of these two title games because the two title games involve two teams in the top five or six. I've ever was four to six. I think there's still behind texas. Am as vladic. I think they think they might have this week. They're saying they might move up anyhow. Top six five. Yeah so we got championships. Gay games involving four teams. Let's say the top five teams in the country. That's so it's not like the final chapter on the regular season has been a calling it regular season with title games. I sort of regular season games. That chant final chapter is yet to be written. I think a lot of i. I'm moving for chaos here. Because i just stink. This whole thing is so crazy and like uneven in. I'm good for more chaos. We already got. Mitch did ohio state. Do you feel like they is michigan. State and everything. But you feel like they righted the ship On saturday after game against indiana. i think they What you see how. Good indiana is 'bout Easily you know held them the six points So there was no shame in having a tight game against indiana i. I know the people who don't live out here. That sounds like a bad thing because how. How often do you ever talk about indiana at this type of level but this year. They happen to have that team now. Ohio state came in with missing twenty three players missing twenty three. I don't care how good you are. You twenty three players constitutes a third of your roster doesn't it a third of your roster and they didn't miss a beat threes starters. Yeah they only have one regular starter on the offensive line. And they beat michigan state fifty to something. This is a michigan state team. That can be very bad but also beat. Michigan beat northwestern when northwestern was threatening so fifty two to whenever was fourteen or eighteen is is is a pretty good thumping and i watched the whole game. Because like i said was here. I keep thinking about something that no one ever talks about. Justin fields transferred to ohio state. Very quietly like okay. i can't. It was the georgia right and decided. I'll just transfer to ohio state and they're now riding him to a potential national championship and at the same time. It's worth talking about because this is the week of michigan ohio state. Although we don't know as of this moment if there will be a michigan state i hate the that. We're recording this monday morning. Because i would think by tonight. They would have to declare something like that if they're not going to play. I don't know how long you wait for that right but at the same time. That michigan's desperately searching for quarterbacks with jim harbaugh though the quarterback whisperer justin fields transferred to ohio state while while michigan was riding shape pattern. Mitch could it. He push to lsu by the way but transferring to joe burrow. I mean it's ridiculous. How a handful of teams in college football rich get richer get richer get richer and even when they're not recruiting richness. They're getting transfers right now. It's really quite something and just feels has become an amazing quarterback. It's hard to think like georgia didn't have room for him. But you see what's going on with him at ohio state so our state cannot be the problem with ohio state for me is. The big ten is so down this year. I don't really know how to evaluate them. They can't really point to any great team that they've beaten because there aren't any great teams in the big ten besides them the game. The number that hangs in my head. Mitch is four ninety one which is number of yards. They gave up via the air against indiana in that victory and and so. I don't know if that what that would mean playing alabama or playing in book. So i don't know lawrence off of because Who else did they play. That that that that has shown up this year and wisconsin is turning out to be very average. Michigan penn state. All the the the. They're they're awful. So that's going to be tough whereas the sec. You know it's still there still proving their stripes by beating one another. That's what happens. Annually in the sec. So ohio is going to get in. I mean the talk about a championship game. That's not going gonna matter. It doesn't matter who comes from the other side. They thump them so how states not missing the playoffs this year. But they're going to want to get in who now in the midst right before we get to parting sites. I got s mitch. My last question. Do you give if the game is played okay. Do you give michigan any sort of chance. None short and sweet. Thank you mentioned thank you. Yeah quit waffling on this mitch. Think do you think they have a chance or not. No no one on all right. This week's part shots are brought to you by ritual you deserve to know. What's in your multivitamin that's why rituals offering our listeners. Ten percent off during your first three months visit ritual dot com slash reporters to start your ritual today. Time for those parting shots. Michael hurting shots. I referenced this before. The giants were and five on october. Eighteenth when they played the washington football team. They got their first win of the season that day. Twenty two nineteen. Because ron rivera decided to go for two in the last minute instead of kicking the point in sending the game into overtime at that point by the way the giants had scored one offensive touchdown in the first fifty nine minutes so the notion that rivera was worried about going to ot against them was almost as dumb. But not as cool. Quite as dumb as a greg williams last minute defense so the giants got on the board that day. They're now five into since that owen. Five start rivers. Team doesn't upset the steelers on monday night. The giants will be in first place in the nfc east by themselves. One two point attempt to teams. Both the poos seasons might have changed that. Nba players and team. Staff enjoyed their work because they aren't going to have much fun when it's done the new protocol for players coaches and essential staff dictates they avoid bars lounges. Clubs even a food served most live entertainment or gaming venues. Public gyms spas and pool areas and there will be no indoor gatherings of fifteen or more people. These rules apply at both home and on the road. My suggestion read some books. Mitch mike and i all have some. We recommend keeping patrick. Mahomes perspective is hard. Because patrick mahomes keeps changing the perspective. He makes three hundred yard game. Seem normal gumby. Like body. Control seem average and houdini escape. Ability seem every day. It's a mark of. How good mahomes is that sunday. And edging past the broncos. Some reactions were a- it shouldn't have been that close. That's exactly when a guy like mahomes makes the difference not just in blowouts but in the trap games and trip games that come along every month for great teams with sunday stats. Mahomes is the first quarterback to ever put together three straight seasons with thirty five hundred passing yards twenty five touchdowns and one hundred and five passer rating. Were better the only guys to do that before. For two seasons. Tom brady aaron rodgers and peyton manning. That's the company he's keeping or should i say dare i say surpassing that's going to wrap things up for today's program. We do the sports reporters. Podcast every monday and thursday. We'll be back in a few days if you like what you heard. Please leave us a comment. Or lisa rating. We always appreciate that. Especially if it's a five star rating you can hear this. On stitcher apple spotify. Pandora any the popular podcasts locations until we see you on thursday on behalf of my group again bob ryan. I'm mitch albom. Which new a terrific.

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2020 CFB Pick Em Week 13

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It's thanksgiving week. It feels good and well. It's like that. The energy got sucked out of our lives. Because we just mean mugging hus- what's going on even before you that before again. If they do i. And i don. I generally don't add picks my card because it to i. How do you officially pick. Because i thought i want on the record saying ruckers dashboard. That absolutely should be so. That's not what. Yeah the usual processes i text dylan. Okay and i tell them. Add this to my car our so before. But that absolutely should count. Okay so that. At dylan that will be added. He didn't know that you were. You haven't been an ad guy. No i know you're not very easy is totally counts. Don't do ads on or second half. Okay lie so then. Seven and eight week. That's absolutely add with the. What is what is going on right now. But i'm just not used. The mondays usually not a monday guy. So neither my with. But when i hang and your studio like four seconds on this He's he's a wednesday a window. One day we got. I'm going to be a positive monday. I had you have but pick him. Yeah i crap throws off the data sunday night late again weekend weekend. Wartimes were Announced on friday where we're in mortenson. Yes i was. Entered into the hype circle. I guess crazy. He was in the hype. Sir let me say something real quick let me say something real quick and then he's out you can say whatever you want about requires on. He left you can say whatever you want about. Rico scale weirdo dildo jericho off on scumbag asshole. You can say all those things clock. I those guys in the hype circle their stand up guys. I like those guys. They are true blue. Like good guys. I trust those guys. I like those guys to one guy. I'm not going to say names. But that one guy who said if If i if i weren't a writer i'd kill myself because then there'd be one less skill in the world. I liked that guy. But i like tack guy. He needs the most god. That's the one you go to guidance counselor in school. He has three times a week. I talked to him privately. Rico's got a while a wild dog. Food rico's the wild dog and our wild dog hasn't wild dog. Because that guy's psycho so i. Yeah i mean. Drew of the matter is in a college football. Pick him show. Rico's mad at me right. umana me. No it's fine. It's just you write the checks. You're the head guy that's fine. It's just i know what's going on. I'm not getting any bump up. So a good jobs or re tweets listen. Let me technology. And i'm just. I talked to rico on. I gotta go to the park by myself. I don't have my dad helped me out. Thank you basically. What would you say. I'll see monday. Mb johore or session like yeah. Yeah you think. I just like fuck you. I would think so. Yeah i mean. In retrospect khania. I don't get that. Do you know that. Dave is on the record. Like dave is not an atta boy guy right like he he's just not i. I've said it twice. I've said i've said it before. I've had to atta boys from dave in my entire career. Personal one was for parcel safe mode because he wanted me to go full time and the wnba video because he wanted people start being initiative doing more videos. That's it what was the first one. The safe mode barstools safe load. He liked drew on the website and the website crashed drew on. Ms pay was like that's it and that's once you know that lets you know that has been here forever and you think hangs a writer right. Yeah hey would you say Like pat on atta boy guy. Not the number one complaint misguided complaint that everyone at this employee gets at some point or another when they're like. I'm not getting enough rice. Rico's been here to president. But what do you want the adeboye on the that. If your guy then you can't do the like the going yes romo dregs. Yeah he can what. He's been running this company. I told you married. he's coming. What do you mean. And here's where my thing is. You're coming in you. How many how many episodes have you done just that. Half of three two and a half. Okay what you. And you're like. I need an atta boy. You can't prone pockets the only reason there's two college basketball podcast is because you denied the most logical. That's his strength. he was hired. Not despite you like one. Dan's along show he's like oh there's a funny guy. I didn't know you're going to have an issue. You have an with everybody. I not true. Well you do. Yeah like all the bad guys like the and your gloating about it wolf packs gone but like blackjacks. Nice guy like he's not a deck but you hate him and la right i. It's like so you don't want anybody else but is not shot. This guy's expertise since day. One big man on campus is college basketball. he sharp. it's like hey can he be involved somehow on your thing. Can you pick nope not gonna do. It not can do it well. We hired him. He has to do something so we gave him his own. And then you freak the fuck out about it. Yeah it's also the caddying running back. James good promo even if it's like absolutely another podcast. Competition is better than him. Not saying anything at all. That's absolutely true. There's been many people who have said that to me throughout the years of like. Why isn't he support me this way. Mike listen when dave doesn't talk about you then you're in trouble if he doesn't mention you. Dan means he doesn't want anything to do with you if he mentioned you. But it's joking or it's you know deemed negative insult promotion that still. Let's keep in mind. What started this entire cycle. The second time and people he you you think you can be cute like hey on go promote the fan which we've already gone through this. I didn't do all you do it before i did. Send you did the same thing you did. I'm like i'm not gonna talk about it down what people say out you. You like is a competitor. So i'm not going to do it but you tweet that what is that. I didn't quote it. I just replied hyun already i would. I see anthony by craig carton. He just got out of prison. He's trying to rebuild his career. He's like hey let me go after the number what. What did we peak at number. Six podcasts. i that's these guys got five goes to the same exact thing you did but when you do it it's okay and then when i do you fly off the handle. It started literally with you doing something that we've already had it the fan on talk about the fan but not really and then. I do the same like well. I'm not gonna talk about this. What's the difference is in demand. I wanna make sure we have. I would still stay. No was fat anthony. All right i would hope and fat now this competition. We've been talking about it years ago. Do a show down there. Life people are trying to get that. You're trying to just get us go. Go there this. That the other thing all i know you can say whatever you want but then you fly off the hinton and again your your podcast. Which by the way most of the time for new podcast you go to launch it by yourself with no promotion. See if you get ratings and we go live you. I gave it to not know nothing. Go do it doubt. And then y'all go doesn't support me. How do you think go on the air. Then no fucking. Dave dave green lit. No they've got dave just so we're clear for people who are listening right now because i do think there's been a little bit of confusion rico's doing better mom correct dues doing be mob of big man that if anybody should change james it should be you okay. His your mob up got it. Got it big man on basketball. Not that confusing. Now that i say it be mobbing bench bob. You can't said just another notch on the belt couldn't even think of his own name or acronym but his again on case he had that before. That's how name we're out three weeks before but big man on this thing all right. Whatever you say. it isn't man. Campuses name talked about basketball big man on campus talking basketball. Now that all rank on it's got to be more it. How do you pronounce yours. This is like best of the beatles with george best You familiar with that store. S yeah do you. Yeah shocking george. Best was the first drummer or the beatles got kicked out for ringo released his second album best of the beatles Play on words that people would hope to buy it thinking. He was beatles and so what ended up happening with him. The that album did really well. And then he faded into oblivion you ask you this what does be mobbed still what is be mob takeaway from you. It doesn't i'm just. It's exactly that clip get be. Bob doesn't take anything away from you. That's it so. I don't know i relish it though you love it that is calm. There could be confusion. Spies literally been running this comedy for twenty years. Competition is great. It's like a sport is like what you just want the job and nobody gets compete. Say that well. It seemed like you did it. Did you try to sabotage the show. His no Combination yeah you did you did you lie and listen. I'm a rider to become online now to just you you try to did the did you. Maybe get the hypes hype circle a little bit. Going out of the hype. Circle was a mental health week it. I'm wow no nats defcon four. Oh i'm indifferent four. I'm not in the height circle. Not even though that makes me think that maybe the hype circles talking about me behind my back. Absolute i auto scott. I'm out. I would know if they are. I love those guys We do have some business. We gotta get okay and this is people will accuse me. I just want to record before i say i'm a writer number one. That's what's crazy ever get lost hand up. Rico are you saying. I'm not a writer. Your faith is questioned. Why what why. Because if the activities you've done have you listened to the podcast. No but what does that mean. Nothing listen to any podcast. Exactly you want to be treated. You can't have more do more. We want you're listening to all of its. You don't say none of that surround when you honestly want to you. He needs a permanent atta boy. You just need signed wall around. Just one you've done three episodes no sooner general like shit ever a hey pick him doing well doing our i on central. I give you all the time. That's why go to guidance sessions with you know. It's nothing with the principal though you're the guy that for anybody by points. Whatever that's literally that's fine. We've i've learned where it is never going to go to the principal's office. I'm on the honor roll. You'll do well but you won't know my name pass to ships in the night. I do know you name. We fucking rearranged thing for you. Last week is catching up. On that time. I makes me think. I dave listen i know i know. Can you attack things. That are good for everybody. If jeff news podcast does well. It's good for everybody and you are trying to sabotage it. I wouldn't you wouldn't say it's good for anybody or are they trying to sabotage it. Both you definitely trying to sabotage. I went come on. I mean the dave will be back in two weeks. That's the best time to to slander. Oh well that was. Just the hiring wasn't necessarily now the projects okay. Well we'll actually we'll get to this because we are business. Do but dave let me just say this over the weekend. You know me no writer. Over the weekend i actually considered myself I stepped down from being a writer. That's how bad it got. So i know you're going through real shame if the boys harassed the fat boy being absolutely dead wrong. That's an hype circle. So i mean i know there's both use it and usually lie to my face. You don't understand the amount of information. Schedules even have a picture who just as coming soon. It's coming soon. What it is. But i just i give you a lot of leeway you you've said things that other people you wanna talk about leeway and liking you've said and done things of other people did them debut out here like all. I'm ashamed to work here but in private bad day. Well what about public five. What about what about what about like. Let's harass the fat boy. He works here. I you did. That's true i was. I got all the stamps macho again. Just drag down. No i'm not. How is your show dragged down. What's been twenty minutes on. This came in his. You go nuts if you didn't do any don't go nuts. I y just no. That's it principles never going to know who you listen hor dream you. I mean for an all caps all come in from my horse session. I want here you go. I want i want us to be koumba giving special dave i. I was almost not a writer this weekend because d. Because rico slandered me re tweeting insult tweet. That hurt me very deeply when he in. He tweeted donny's pledge master during wartime so anti lynn wartimes. Yeah i block locked. Recall on saturday by the way himself. I blocked him. It was awesome. And then he he. He hate retweeted the hawaii back. Twelve hours after hawaii backdoor and i reached. That's the most consistent thing in two presidencies is that you get away with murder and you hold me to a different state. He just needed to cool off. He really saying a lot like where he was throwing grenades semi full like bumping into him on the street. You when this this past well yeah. You deserved it. Yeah i know. But i'm good. I'm gonna eat it you were. We're good we're good we're good bumped and then you throw grenades now. What happens theoretically in a theoretical world. Where i feel like you almost. Don't want me to write you. Push me away from being writer. I'm just argue. no longer rider. Are you squeezing amount of. Because if i'm no longer a rider god knows what happens. Woodson beam up. That's rico's podcast be mop be mob as rico's and then what's news be mob. Oh okay all right. We do have some business to do before we get to the game. Sure so this is. I'm a writer. Everyone knows them. A rider and i had to make up on sunday night families back together. I love those guys and defcon for their my guys. I'm a writer. If you say something. I'll i'm a scale hunter now too. But here's the only thing gas tax media gazzetta social. He said i need someone to do. Social for be mop not bench mob be wait. Which were you bench mob. He'd the other one pm up he said. I'm having a tough time because people keep the duke is asking people and everyone here is basically saying no. I'm a writer. So you've basically taken away his ability to promote because he has no social guys. So i told gaz fault is at home. I told recos e that is recos i guess. Give me a list of your best. Social people. And i'll let rico prove and we will then assign someone is that fair. I mean it says something. You can't find somebody with your because you know it. Isn't you ban people. So i said on pick central brennan and you can have me on whenever you want when the other guys conscious. I'm not on the show and he chose this way. Okay right side three. I have a list but it might not doing a i'm doing. I'm being the ultimate rider than obviously told gaz. Gimme the list. And i'll let rico decide and then we and then we agree that the person who's just doing their job right can they were not going to go after him. We're going to be sure. Okay all right. Here's a list. They'll take a step down from. Take you decide. This is the list of the best social guys we got. What was that. They'll take a step down in my eyes of like no. You can't do that. They're doing their job. All right find out in internally doing their job they have fun like there's nothing they can do all right all right. Here's a list of the best. Social guys a gaz gave me no particular that have not already denied. Is that it that may or may not denied gas literally. Need someone to social. He's like i'm at my wit's end. I don't know what to one on the christmas. Tax number one Hank out there is the best social guy we got gas said that he is very good. He's very we all know that ain't happening. Yeah but hank deny disavow incidents that's important katie. Stats great social okay. But you i want to do. Oh you tweet. What did you say. Oh you see this snow going through. Her head wasn't been trash sweeps about back. Katie might win writer the week. Oh jeez wide. You describe the tweet for people. Why did you do that. Say out loud. I just looked so by news news network. They tweeted out a photo of fat ben. Ben shapiro i lead. This looked at. It was like that like do so. That was an unprovoked attack on him. I don't even have katie's number. Why did you say took her a long enough. He's been taking shots for weeks. The column she writes with the transmission on it left and right now he s like one was like. Why are you putting stats. Like two thousand seventeen. Who cares the same coach like she's playing better anytime and katie. Go do this. And then they threw a punch back. He's going to go down the list. We gotta find someone all right so keys out. Hangs out jack mccarthy. Now he's all guy jacqueline car. I thought enlight check mccarthy. Nope what do you mean. That's brandon jack mccarthy. Not jack mac sits as a beaver. Yes yeah yeah. He does great zone. Ause roku soon social for us. Okay for be mob yet. Lynch mob bima. The was for short what what is benchmark for short like. Are you like ben take. Pmt what's bench mob short bench shown to figure something out tomorrow. The be mobsters no okay. So all right. We're still struggling. I had no idea what the name was. When i prove. I swear is in dr g. What your name was no. I just said you get to college basketball. Yeah jake marsh. No he's on our okay. Well i'm just telling you the list all right jake. Marsh like You mustn't own us through him into walk into a buzzsaw a little bit. He's like hey. I have a question. Tv and tried to warn them to do. No kidding you. Every time you got one breath out. No i don't do it. I was like i you know. Just ask them when they will announce he goes you. Could you might be able to get dave's approval snicker back. I know chance he came in. He got like he's like so big told me ask you about t. Tbt nope but you don't know like nope. And then he tried to get he'd start like bought and before we know best with that story was the next year was the guy's name we don't even have his name but one of the the guy who ran it we hit me up and was like hey you know we're coming to chicago like would love to repair this and i said i said something on the rundown and you're like fuck that cock sucker and then i get an email later. Hey just watch the rundown guest. This won't work. That's that's like time. Petty grudge of it all stems. We basically that tournament. I don't think works without us. No nobody knew what it was. Nobody cared the first year. Yeah it's still off now and you're all. The fans were oss. Tournament was us all the social. We played at our facility. It was sold out electric environment. All we asked for our crowd was let dancing the national anthem. We we do to national tubes. Said we don't have the tell you. Don't have the telecast. Dan's but we have fuck in the entire venue with our fans tools. You're even gonna telecasts august this year. All we want give us. Were asking all our fans that come they're coming. They banged the join out. Let dan do the national anthem. You don't have to even acknowledge it happens just for the people. Nope i always wondered why you never went back knows right around doing a team. Yeah it was right after we had done the national anthem thunderbolt so we were kind of trying to get a little moment. I was like we'll do whatever is just are people like want it. Nope my well. You're dead to me. I dated him and stay dead. You stay dead and we that party. I burn bridges. Still going to be the best party ever. David had all the winning thousand dollars just to the part. Yeah but i know those guys at one though. They're good kids. Know member this yeah. They went to a winning wall circle. We we we get accused of being not riders and saw. I wish we are notre dame. Fighting are good kids to know. You don't who's wedding did you go. I know a guy circle. Also well why would you say. They're good kids to us. Why would you do that. They weren't complete you know. let's get back to. You've got to get to the games artist. Jack record these out. Katie stats is out. His out Liam okay he's out. I only have two names left in. It's a combo. Gad said his two best social guys. Sandy dan and dave barrett. So should that worked out well for you didn't it. Well i mean you said not everyone else. What do you want. I mean he was social guy. Principles do all right principal portnoy. I listen he asked me on the show. I said no i d to record. That's right a behavior. Yes i saw out. I told you that almond home coming back. So what do you want me to do. We don't have time to do it. We will make time. We've shown already that we make time for college. Basketball podcasters remove our entire schedule around for them. We will make time if you we will do. The social for beam mop. Do you want to do it. No well then. You got to pick someone from the list. I hate to do it. But i guess kate o. Smart signed up. Its shortest time the ride that. Do you want kareem. Kareem could do it. Yeah keep right. Maybe we'll do it. We'll have katya cream to it and you cannot. You cannot remorse on the knock them down for doing a giant monster. Cream is a monster. Dreams monster karimou cream is ruthless. You can't knock them down there doing their job. You're i know you're already knocking down in your head. You're already knocking them down. Don't do that don't do that. Who's who texas scott on false kareem trimmed. His even know. I know you get of the storm hurricanes coming you leave your shit up. There's no one like you all right Quickly let's do an ad in the we'll do some games. Let's have some fun. Everyone think about what they're thankful for by the thing before we get into this. I i want honest lie detector. How close were you to on to blocking me will. You can't take your eye off the enemy then you get bit grenades. he's arar. Yeah this week that weekend you are yeah you will throw him bomb i throw. He was so therapeutic blocking him on saturday. Because he's so we're in a group. D m like a gambling talk and not hype circle actual gambling talk if you block. Someone automatically kicks him out so he was running up. The score about boys ages are blocked or byu. And i blocked them and then he got kicked out. Just so you know and we'll go where on like a very you know i. I don't even know how to acquaint but you know when you see those guys on the logs. And they're running. They're spinning on the logs. And we'll falls in the water like where both on because you know if you block me you give me no choice. You might push me to who you don't want to push too so it's like when you say i keep my enemies close if i get that feeling. What if i would if i beat you to that. Like oh he doesn't like me. He doesn't think of marauder i gotta go find a new group like we are dancing on the log in. What's just hope somebody doesn't fall off. are you. Got a preview of that this weekend when you lost me as an ally for twenty four hours. Yeah that was only you slept no. I almost hung it up. Text me that he'll suck it up. Can't we're hours. I was twenty four hours. I was a free agent. But now i'm back to being a writer close close to forty eight into sunday. It happened because dan join the circle. Then you still maison them. Still pledge master. Yeah but it was. It wasn't a direct while down donnie. That's what you do when you do it. It's fair funny when someone comes back at you as world worry. That's what is the worst part. dave. I didn't wanna talk about this part. It was after the little wednesday incident where to move my entire schedule. It was literally the first time that i was getting on one time with my son at the park. It was ten in the morning on saturday. We were going down the slide. We're having a lot of fun. And i get a tweet. Call me pledge massar. Dan retreated by rico during more times to say i was heartbroken. Would be an understatement. They almost had to get the. Er they almost had to get the emt to come. Take me from the little fucking playground. It was it was it was broken. Heart ours. An intentional alright. We're gonna do some things which were on. Donny promoted the sports book. I looked i was looking all right. Quick he tagged the thing. That's good promo helps the business bang. Look what donnie. Put a bad thing as off. Put a very bad thing. I went right to him. I was like. I hid from like i was like fuck as combat like it was all along. Like hide knives like danny fucked up and he just hamid and is not only. Did i cry hot. i took it. Yeah you did you did. I will say that the a very fun thing that rico. And i'm going to commend him for this if people get under my nerves after a bad loss like i that vikings loss was bad. Someone tweeted at brooklyn home. Oh oh you should take in the steelers like pledge. Master dan you fucking idiot and i just replied to him and i tag recos said block this guy and he just blocked well. That's i said some guy last night with with my t shirt picture is his thing goes to hang. Get an up in the next hour locked. I mean that y'all behave when it starts to get really good and you got these bandwagon fans like the knicks ever get grilling i suffered through all those years they weren't there watching eddy curry and fucking mulberry struggle And thomas fucking now these people all of a sudden they're all these fans if you can't that's why they need guidance and dance all those fall they don't get out of line if you can't handle the cabinet at my fifty burger. You don't deserve me at my nine. And no i'm not gonna get into utah to harass other employees here. We've already gone through. That's that's right. Guidance is from a crazy person. So that's that's the only fly. Well these people go. It's like these guys need guidance will be real shame that heckle that fat. Fuck or real quick. Most guys have tried different ways last longer but thinking about baseball doesn't always work. 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When you have college football going it was landmine weekend. There were some horrific horrific beats this weekend. What did you go in your record in my went. One two i went. Oh entry so. I agree in all my bad beats i was responsibly. Retired this weekend. Yes i didn't have. Why bullet super-duper game was horrendous. I was that's a madison. Some say this about like bad beats especially officiating. There is something i did. See you complaining a lot. I don't even know what happened. Was when i say there was no panel. Like the new scored a touchdown with twenty seconds left and they call ruin. Opi was the biggest phantom call of all time and that an offense a pass interference. I feel like is the most. It has to be wildly. Blatant has to be has be and it wasn't even close. And i should have known this was friday night. It's like when you watch those like m night shamlan movies and the dog is barking in the backyard. And you're like oh shut up that dog and then the alien show up because dogs bark. because here's the aliens. I should have known the weekend was gonna suck after that. That's the truest thing. It's especially true horse racing but yes it the. You can't win on those trying to put fake graphic that those refs were after wisconsin game. Yeah off afterwards. On saturday night tweeted out being like a done. Some digging blue checkmark. he's like. I've done some digging. The refs at purdue game Went and did the wisconsin northwestern game. After i was i was ready to uncover every plot. That's ever been had in american history. I was ready to what they did. Barstool and chase down big ten referees for the rest of my life. But they didn't they didn't he was travel. I knew wisconsin's gonna lose. Like within two seconds of looking at what the environment was at northwest with like the no crowd and the field and it looks like you're in a high school stadium in the son was in a weird light. It was that was odd. It was a horrendous game. Nine punts in the third and i watch most of that one actually brutal so Produced terrible app state. There was big. There is something. I'm going to say this though is a gambler There's something about having a bad beat when you get like the full anger up. It is a little cathartic. Like i went to sleep. I slept like a baby on friday. Because i got so much anger. Your i mean. I never liked that. i'm when the bab. I sleep for like three days. But it's one that was boise saturday night. Responsibly speaking looking took this week off. And i'm like oh i'm going to take this. I don't know i can take this week off. I looked at the board. It's the best week ever. It's our favorite week of the year. Now so then coast carolina bad beat lost on that terrible lost onboard also covered correct coastal coverage. How i've seen his bad beats app. State threw a pick in. The guy didn't go down and coastal ran back. Pick six with how. How far seconds left. Forty odd yeah was it out of it is navigating field wasn't just a stray. Pixie was terrible. Beat yes e end of that since he covered did not come. You were on the one yard. They're on the one yard line with and a half left and they decided to like not score but tried to score but didn't try to score and they should have scored that was strike me as they be as score eighteen. Exactly that's that's why it was a bad because they but that game was. That was a bad bad people. I was falling along. I mean that was pretty tight the entire time yeah. It just was brutal to have that happen then. Bedlam over was a bad be by it was bad. I was rooted in those fades. I was rooting. I lost that one for you know. I was rooting for you to lose that one too because you and you needed it. Yeah and yeah. I would taken the law by the way you're on the wrong side. Oh thousand percent louis blues. That's why i admitted. Like i got lucky on the news but look at the the big gobble. Logo is kind of fire. Oh hell yes. That's gonna be the hour so if you're listening right now we're doing club on thanksgiving day points. Fuck yes i want it all three. And a t shirt. What is it all. Nfl else tastic. That's a great logo. A yeah i want that on a shirt and hat and everything all right so that was bad and then boise which both did turn over five times so like they were forty two seven. Yeah then you kind of sit on it. also then. You didn't watch because you had an eventful saturday. There were two flags on fourth down on like not yet. I'm going to give you. I must say i was bad. Beat it's tough there. you go all right. Any other thing pat hill trophy standings. Yeah dave now. Eighty one seventy three and threes. If he's counting eighty one was no eighty six. Eighty one in four. Oh wait then you gave. This is what i got. An eighty six eighty one in four is what you are. Yeah so missed that one about fifteen fifty one point four percent okay. We're here it is. I want to everyone by the way doesn't understand that fifty four percent is like okay. Eighty six eighty one five hundred fifty one percent get one twenty six one zero seven five fifty four percent. I'm at seventy six seventy one fifty. Two percent morlocks rico. Eleven and four on a nine zero run seventy three percent begets six five six five fifty five percent ad dave six and five fifty five percent. Okay so that's pat hill trophy tight race. We have the college football. Playoff rankings. coming out on tuesday. I don't think so. What what what are you going to say about your boys. Byu buffalo saturday. They go anywhere. Anyplace anytime zach. Wilson's wearing it on his head band. They tweeted out then. Washington wants to schedule them this weekend. Because i assume the apple cup was canceled. App goes can apple cup socks And byu said no. How do you do that tough. Look who and we know for fact like. Where's the quote be responded. It's it's basically they didn't want to commit because they thought washington was going back out if they had another pack twelve. And now they're gonna wait till tuesday till the college football playoff rankings. Come out to decide but that those who statement. Don't don't j'ai right. yeah they so what i think. Is you wanna play. It's just that's it all right saturday. Whatever figure out that right but get the game in place on the contracts and then figure out time. Whatever i think they quite you is doing is. They know that they're probably like tenth or eleventh right now. And so they're trying to protect a new year's day bowl they're not going to be in the college football playoff. They don't have a resume house. Cincinnati cincinnati deserves. It since is definitely head of. Byu is byu. Beat the famous string quarterback yet. They got they didn't they didn't know the third string quarterback was coming into that game but they get lucky in that game. I also think the way. They played that night prior it be poisoning anyway. Yeah of course put it. The committee does factor that in. Byu samaya byu should play if they both wanna make a run at the fourth spot is oriented. Yeah yeah. But when i think. Byu by byu's doing by the way that they if byu was fifth or six right now they would take that game against washington because if they lost game they'd still be probably in the top ten and it still have a new year's day bowl i think they know they're like ten or eleven so loss kicks him out of new year's day bowl. Which would they want their by. The same token aren't they competing against cincinnati for news stable. Cincinnati doesn't get in I don't know if they would take to take the higher rate. It's so cincinnati's higher. I know in this little. I don't know the bulls are going to be a fucking disaster anyway. I don't know what to do. So yeah case right. I'm looking at this. Came out an hour before and there is some logic what. byu is saying. Is they word of schedule washington but they wanted it to be guaranteed in washington. One guaranteed guy like well. We're not gonna so it's less of a no. You can't get anywhere. But i you you can't but you can under that like but he let sign the contract if if washington's like put bounce of washington backed out there like we wanted to pull it there is more to get there. What they're saying is like we're not gonna start preparing for team and then have you liked balance and we're stuck. I think the other thing is that they actually do wanna game so washington's wishy washy all right. Let's go get somebody else. I want to genuinely see. Byu play that's good. Yes total because they great. They've they have i. I know the boys a quarterback was out but they still beat them by one hundred and say whatever you want. Boys evens not i mean. It's called like fifty on boise. Yeah boise just knock you. I told you that we. I wish we had more time last week because we could have. Rico did tweet out. The scores of boise verse. Why and i looked at him and to cover the fourteen points boise's only four and three against fourteen points in the last seven times. They played so we. Could've we could've sussed. The show is turned into like you know. Just a feeling plan plan. B c what is like what is it. What is your feeling. Where's the pick them listed on your bio now. Oh yet it's less. Oh which is. Wally get your presidency. I mean on three presidencies last all right. So that's that kyle. Trask probably heisman. I love florida. I think they're going to be available. Oh yeah okay And we are taking this before the college football rankings. Come out what. I don't know how you like a bibliography. But i feel like putting guest before something that your co host of it hurts doesn't make sense logically nordia. I was angry. you have an insult biography. Okay it will be a jump if an insult twitter bio you got angry. I got angry. No you got angry. I that was dow but then you helped it friday and then i screwed up back saturday. Let's pick some games All right let's pick some games. We have put down five games that will get through. This is monday. So i'm going to add to my card later. You guys obviously are welcome to do that as well All right we'll start with friday huge game. Oh can i just throw in that. One of my favorite color games of all time is iowa nebraska on thanksgiving. What is at times will resemble is like raiders chiefs sign. It's it's such a great great color game. I don't care if the team sought when the brass socks i was decent. I was iowa iwa. I love that game. Just to sit down on friday after thanksgiving and be like boom michigan penn state superior caller very good color game Nor notre dame going to unc. Unc is plus three and a half as we're taping on monday. Simone jump down our throats over under sixty four and a half rico. I'll start with you. I'm gonna take carolina ohio. Yeah yeah. I've been rolling notre dame but i picked his spot. I was hoping to be a little bit higher. What's it at now. Four and a half. think five we'll check either way. I like carolina. Please note these three and a half three and a half. I'm sorry it's moving stunning less. But i mean that's the public over notre dame Caroline plays no defense. But it's going to attract me and they got some tracks thought. Wouldn't that be the opposite though. What my brain not working. It was northern five in house three. And you're saying all because the public loves notre dame but wait. Oh yeah fuck eleanor right. You're right that's weird then. I thought it would move the other way now. Most spooky myself out that will mash this thou. You're in your favor. Everything you're saying makes no sense right now. That would be ranch all right good for you but even when you realize the brain fart you still brain fart You still haven't fully realized that. Correct your wine favor of an ordains of public team that actually bent. I should have said. I wanted it to move away from me. I still don't think you know. Know he he's you can tell as loss. It's it's not just constant piling on. I'm gonna tell whoa we didn't do. I'm thankful that i'm a writer by the art. Thanks do you have anything. You're thankful for piling on. You just said stuff that made no sense in obviously all right mention it all right. I'm thankful or do you have anything. You're thankful to be on the show dave. I'm thankful talk sports every week. Correct people all right during horrible times. This is closing right. Tackle that we have a company that is surviving and thriving in coalpit And a lot of food on the table thankful all the way back in the day that one week oh bosco needed me to sell t shirts and give them a cot so we could ford that rock that i was there for him and he gave me a very heartfelt. Thank you forgets those times go. Oh i remember that you remember them. I remember when dave says thriving find another company that has added to college basketball podcast. You know who who is a wanna maybe. The largest shareholder of penn national stock was not like a full time employee. You know his name is who rico bosco so when you walk around the isles and the hallways and you say i want out of boys and pat on the asses. Y- i you know i do it. Where matters fact you're all blows and all those little easy like it's actually a great point. I don't wanna go all the way back to put. Dave is not atta boy guy but he takes care of his people when they need to be taken care of. That is a absolute fact. Hang back up. that is facts. Like as a through and through. Dave always make sure you can imagine seated need it a boardroom with all the higher ups at penn national. And we're going look. And i'm like i need. I need this guy. Rico bosco like who is that. I'm like look up in their list and that you won't give him. It's like yeah. Trust me you said. I'm fighting battle and i'm in there. I'm going to give it to me. It's not easy to give it to non employees people's no no not easy so i'm winning. I'm pushing a fighting. And then you know it gets left out. That part gets left out of the head. But i'm getting killed. Clouded fanrag history rag dragged. Not right he's writer is one of the biggest riders. i know. yeah it's ruined through our you made your case you're right all right. I'm taking Notre dame and the over. I like the over. I don't know what it is. The lives lost. The line absolutely scares me. With what rico saying because i thought we higher and they play no defense makes me think we gotta shoot out on our hands. I'm not sold on notre dame by the way i know i picked against them when they bbc. But i still don't know that they well clemson obviously high scoring. I don't know the line makes no sense. I'm taking the over. I'm taking the over and notre dame. Because i think i don't think as famous last words. I don't think you can lose both of those. But you have a chance at winning both. Because if it's a high scoring game like if if notre dame if it goes under i think notre dame just totally shut down. Unc seed go one. That line makes no sense. No not at all. I expect to be like eleven thirteen opening now. I i have a little bit of hope. So wait and what explained to me what happened with this on my bed. I it opened it. Yeah just completely had a brain fought and then yet double burnt my doubled rainfall farting by your side. You're seven and a half four. You gotta cut is moving okay. So it's moving in my direction. Obviously i would rather it moved the other way and the public hammond notre dame and i get at eleven because i think usa not moving in your direction. I'm saying the line itself isn't the what you said was wrong. The public amorim notre dame would it means. Is that what i should clarify. Is that people are betting on north carolina. Correct which is charming my direct on the generally but i back carolina and think they can win but it's not as far as getting the best number correct that makes perfect sense but the thing it's weird i there's two things in here's wrong a slowing down on the slowdown view. You moving that way. Everyone likes a didn't worried. But that's shops. It shouldn't make like okay. Got to think you should be happy in a sense of comfort. That your way. Because it's like you think people would be notre dame public to back that is going carolina's like oh that's smart might but you'd like it to be on the other way because you get more points but that would make me nervous there you go. You clarified it. All right actually. Wouldn't make me nervous. Because the notre dame money coming in. Here's a stat. Evan gave me. I'm throw thrown out there Sam how fifth most points cost from taking saxon in the country. Notre dame's offensive line has is fifth and havoc carolina. Though i do. I love sam how i love carolina. Notre dame's defensive line is an elite unit. That will have their day. No i feel like carolina's been a big disappointment. So i don't i don't mean that florida state horrible absolutely you can't have have given of i. Just don't get this line. Whatever the line all right next game this one. We're going to give a shout to our guys. Some action on weeknights one's on yeah. Ken stated buffalo undefeated versus undefeated buffalo minus seven and a half over under sixty six and a half. I love kent state not like in general. I'm just saying in general not in this game specifically. I just love them. I love the fact that they are putting up points. I'm taking the sixty six and a half. It actually might even my lock of the week. Dante can stay in the over love. The over seems combined score. Ninety seven thousand combined yards these allow forty-six because they've been feasting on the shit of the mac. I think the offense prevails. i have in my notes right here. Points fest yes. The ova great coach. Great up and coming coach. Sean lewis. you can stay from. And i'm high on barham. I dunno hold. Wisconsin okay All right had some mutual friends back in day. Love that guy Colorado at usc was also on their Because i was trying to get some pac twelve love in. There is that cancelled. No no no. I'm saying it's one of the games that we're talking about. So usc minus thirteen and a half over under sixty three and a half surprise. You didn't go to different pac twelve which one Or an organ civil war for can do that. It's up to you. I i have no opinion on usc. I i'm colorado's pretty good. They've i i want you i love. Ucs kind of Usc kind of smacked utah last week. Though what hadn't played utah debut your stay close was it. Was it thirteen. Thirteen and a half. Fuck it alright. Yeah gimme colorado. All right i'm gonna take colorado as well so we're all on that. So then the over for pat. He'll give me the over there. You go Over six hundred and a half two games left. Oklahoma west virginia west virginia plus ten and a half over under fifty four. And a half. You know what's going to make people freak out oklahoma's gonna be in the top ten in the college football playoff and they might even be seven eight like they're going to keep them alive. I this i feel like i've during What what's your friend's name there. The oh coach at the dana. Hold days you take west virginia every year they would just get hammered but in my head. It's like oh they always play 'em tough but they don't but i'm gonna do the same thing. They have good defense home by the same token oklahoma state a really good. Yeah but we over thought that. And i changed my pick on that because that bedlam like i dave i don't wanna i don't wanna go back into time. I wish we had more time last week to talk about bedroom. I truly do because we would have suspect. We were talk about the fact. That bedlam is one of the most if not the most lopsided rivalries and all i know yeah smokey oklahoma state crazy. I'm just saying we could have had makes. No secret could have been different time talking about last night. Dat so that makes no sense we go. Oklahoma stays pretty good. usually. I always think oklahoma's frauds but for what an amazing number every swear like texas. They don't right. They play tight end gundy. Did you see states like been better than texas so it just. It's one of those things that makes makes sense. You see the punt gun is all your tweet or somebody say pussy. E you know rivalry game to haunt from the forty oklahoma's forty yard line with ten minutes. Left is you can't do that. He loses all his. I'm a man all right. So oklahoma west virginia rica. What are your thoughts. After watching. Oklahoma state who i thought was a respectable defense. I think oakland. I'm gonna take oklahoma minus ten just as bad as a senate half as as bad as oklahoma state was on offense. I think west. Virginia has a worse offense. So what does oklahoma gonna do. I'm gonna take home. And i mean it. It's one of those things that i very much think matters. Oklahoma there was a couple crowd shots or look like a full fucking crowd. I think that was the first night game. Oklahoman bedlam now. We're going west. Virginia west virginia definitely is going to have people there. So i think environment will matter little down and it's going to be a little less. I'll take west virginia. Yeah i'm gonna take west. Virginia plus talk that out then everything. And that's what. I would have done to everything points to taking west virginia and let them but we just saw what oklahoma did to in my opinion. A better team. But that he i was saying. Is that oklahoma state gets smoked by oklahoma right every single event. It's the same thing Like for whatever reason of oklahoma played texas tomorrow at the close game. Even though i would say it then of oklahoma placed of oklahoma state plays texas neutral site. I pick oklahoma state of oklahoma. Always kills mistake for whatever reason but then of oklahoma state of oklahoma plays texas is close is just for whatever you know what it's like year. Here's a good example For whatever reason the patriots when they play miami it's costs. Yeah right yeah like for whatever reason oklahoma when they play state they killing. But what does it have to do with west virginia. Because you're you're basing your oklahoma. Pick on them killing oklahoma state. And what i'm trying to say is that they always kill oklahoma state. Okay that's the only thing i listen. I think oklahoma state's better than west virginia to like if a rugby jolting home states better than texas. No see i well. Yeah they have. They lost the obviously head-to-head texas beat them but they gave that game. All right all right so all right. So but that's what. I'm saying like those teams whether you think they texas or state flip a coin. They've been very similar over the past ten years whenever texas plays. Oklahoma is close. Whenever oklahoma state plays oklahoma they get killed. It makes no sense yes All right so i have. I have west virginia. You of west. Virginia plus ten and a half rico. You have oklahoma all right last game. Iron bowl This is album is twenty three and a half over under sixty and a half rico. Your thoughts auburn beat him last year. Correct yes but without tour okay. Save win for that tomorrow. It'd be fun with on i. I'm not a guy and he got how your guy brian flores. I don't move for him to be like no he was fine. He was totally fine like he could easily lied and helped them out. Tough loss lashio. Obviously yeah but Savings pissed off. I think auburn's at the weakest. We've seen an amazingly. They're still ranked which i can't really figure out. I have bama first. Half and game think alabama roles. I hate that. It's such a high number. But the way obama has been. I mean they let kentucky like hang around for a little bit and punished him in the second. I know kentucky's not auburn. But saving i've solely for off when what not too far off in auburn right. So when saving his pissed off they roll Bama's they've really good. We will like all. Its see the quarterback kid jones playing really well Over socks to me. I think alabama kills. What's heflin that's the thing is we. I wrote it down as far as an estimate. So it's twenty four. It's not a half right now. Okay so anything under seventeen. I'm in okay fair because that it's monday. Yeah fair we lose out on stuff like that all right. I'm so i went. And did i did. Some research So alabama under sabin as a fourteen Or more favorite in the iron bowl is six and against the spread. Love it so when they can hammer him they hammer from the the games at alabama's lost and the iron bowl it's been like spreads been more ten seven four and a half whatever it may be so they beat him thirty six nothing in two thousand eight fourteen half point favorites. They beat him. Forty two fourteen is twenty one point favorites in two thousand eleven. They beat him forty nine. Nothing in two thousand twelve is thirty. Four point favorites twenty nine thirteen In two thousand fifteen is fourteen and a half point favorites thirty to twelve as seventeen half point favorites in two thousand sixteen than two thousand eighteen. They beat him fifty two twenty one as twenty four point favorites which is about what they are right now. I'm taking alabama Mac i just saw i and i know he's obviously playing well but i saw her highlight him that from last week where he's is like backpedaling. On through like a touchdown reminded me like fucking mahomes. He's he's good. He's understatement. i what by the way crazies. Like sick but i yeah. That was scary crazy. I wanna to you. Because i was like i haven't i've i've gone. No like variety reports still osmo like was drunk or set. It's like he was sick. Yeah i know. 'cause i i was watching the game. Obviously but he said which is A fair point. I think He reminded him of like this year's borough and it of like out of nowhere. I mean granted but ease fucking real. No he's statistically album. Yeah i'm gonna take alabama in comparison. You wouldn't think the alabama quarterback would sneak up on people but he has snuck up on people. Yeah yeah i'm taking alabama. I'm taking album first half anything under seventeen. I'm also taking the over sixty and a half. Because i think they will try to run it up on them. Katie what he got. I have that under is seven. Three in the last ten meetings and tuscaloosa. One wilburn was a team though you know. I don't take a bet if like your heart and your writer Conflicting that auburn against a top ten team unearth. Fourteen three the last seventeen so just makes you. It's not something. I saw the same auburn as usual. Okay you know what thank you. I'm gonna take the over off my car. I'll take alabama first half in alabama Minus twenty three and a half So creams actually sick today. So i'm jim a quick call real quick. Just tell so the. It's fair to give him a heads up right hey cream. Hey we're doing the pick 'em right now So you are now in charge of bench mob social no pima be mob social just yet the the podcast so gaz needed someone to do it and we've talked it out. Rico's knocking to hold it against you. He might have already blocked you and unfollowed you but he's not gonna hold it against you so that's gonna be you're gonna to do that going forward okay all right. So you're still you're still rider. If you want to be a writer of course okay running. This is running the nadu twitter correct correct. This is strictly business. Nothing personal are. And i can use all my resources that i have available that i would otherwise have rate. Correct utilizing the parcel account and all that. Yes you can do whatever you need to do to grow both podcasts. Why stereo like him. Petition competition days. would you says social competition. No i mean you do your job and do it well. Yeah yeah no i once. It's just exactly yeah to your job and do it. Well whatever that may be we trust you all right. Perfect and i gel. Do i have to communicate because they do. obviously right. it's It's up to. Yeah it's up to you whatever course. Yeah whatever yes yes and you will be absolved in the writer world. You will be absolved of all sins because this is your job right rico. Yeah just don't expect the christmas time he said don't express expect a christmas tax. All right perfect all right. Thank you kareem. I'll i'll i'll have guys in touch all right. All right we got that set. We good marksmen. Let's do our cards. There's been a great show fellous long where late on we got filming up the dick right now. Yeah but you know what that's well there's nothing new life could show. We change our schedule for our guy. Rico hydro Before we do our cards upstart. There's a lot of economic chatter right now about the state of the market. Is it recovering. How long will take have. We seen the worst. But if you're struggling to pay off high interest credit card debt. You can't wait for those answers. You need to take action now upstart. There's actually something you can do today to help. Fight off high interest credit card debt at upstart a revolutionary online lending platform. That knows. you're more than just a credit score. Unlike other lenders of sarkin reward you based on your job. History in the form of a smarter rate upstart. Lets you skip going to the bank. Because it's completely online. 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Amount will be determined based on your credit income and certain other information providing your loan application not all applicants will qualify for the full amount. Check it out right now. Upstart dot com slash. Pick him all right cards. It's monday. I'm going to add to my car. I have a very light card right now. I haven't had time to sit down and go through. Everything's the numbers just came out. But rico would you like to start. Yeah sure you good mood. Yeah it's good show. I'm thankful for you thankful to be part of the team. Thankful i'm thankful are in my life. Thanks then thankfully in my life. Thanks horrigan oregon state over sixty one. The ducks legit. They played sloppy last week. Oregon state's nikolay has been putting up some points. The ducks needs some style. Points if they have any prayer of the college football playoff. It's a standalone game. Friday night ducks can flex. I liked the over. We'll get enough from arkansas state to take care of that also take argun minus thirteen. Ucf first half in game The games minus twenty four and a half so whatever. The first half works out to uss running back is he's got covert of tana health issues. Ucf's off that tough loss. The offense is really good. they can hang on people's the final game of the season. Gimme ucf Against the buffalo. We talked about that over fresno got cancelled bama first half And game clemson. Pit over fifty. Five pit has scored. Recently enough to get us points. Clemson's pissed off. They the cancellation with the florida. State lawrence affleck's pot. He's like always down on the heisman. Gimme clemson. I think they might fifty five themselves. What's that what's that total. It says fifty five. I'll take it florida first. Half in game they will try to match obama Kentucky got killed last week. They also struggled against good passing offenses. Bama an ole miss florida controllable really. Well I like that and i will take. Unc notre dame first. Half whatever it's at okay. Sixty four and a half. It's like thirty five thirty six. Whatever i love it. I just tweeted a picture of us being the gang back together. Well you're not in it rico. But david ibn scale hunters with the mouth. Milk hundred tagged you guys. So we're back. We're back boys. we're back right. Yeah don't you feel good. I do feel good. Yeah you won't come in on saturday and watch the egg with me brandon mincy. Yeah all right. That's was not the most thrown out hold on sidebar. Sorry rico you're not involved in this conversation. How much did you give the most any. So you wanna come in on saturday nights. It's on my list. Move things around. I'll be there got some hoops to light bulb issue now. We fixed the lightbulb issue. Forget love this. Show dave Iowa state plus one to be texas. I came in iowa. Or that's that's exit sexist. But i just think i stayed better than texas. I will miss fourteen at home against nebraska. i think they'd kill them I love stanford plus two and a half is a plus doing africans cal. Now they must be minus. The miners are plus. Plus what stanford is kelsey thanks. I didn't win much last week. I did win. Memorial walk said oregon's they beat them. They did I like eastern michigan plus six and a half at home against central close game could see them win in that I actually. I'm going back to oregon state against rico here What did you say the line was. I had thirteen thirteen last night. Okay i learned everything monday. We'll glare role seem you. Here's one that i really like. It will annoy plus twenty eight half at home against ohio I go android turned the corner. A little bit tricky. They so i had. Who did i have. Who did illinois peop- to beat nebraska. Do they killed nebr- no they know. They covered for somebody to cover talkie beacon talk last year. They always rutgers was rutgers. Excuse me as rockers. In economy dominated the game i bet big on rockers as watching like again pushed around illinois comes back out who they play last week. They played the kill nebraska killed nebraska so their their quarterbacks good he's like run around ohio state jumped out to a big lead struggled keep it. I think this game's going to be high scoring. i like the over. I think it'd be way closer than be just going to tell you have to take the over the summer. You're saying by the way it's thirteen and a half so there you go. i liked. I'm putting that on my card. Syracuse plus fourteen and a half at home against nc state. I like houston minus two and a half at home against tulsa. I like Missouri to beat arkansas at home plus one and a half going against him. This time i like akron plus fourteen and a half at home against Miami of ohio. Akron they play hard. They liked the coach. Contouring around still not getting dubs necessarily but their way more sparky than they were last year. i like northwestern western. Just kill michigan state. Michigan state is one of those teams. You see is like oh let down northwestern. Also the fighting reese davis's like that whole. I think it's funny. But like if he said that a that was like racist where he say. When joey galloway you haven't seen that whole thing no what he said. Video northwestern made it after. But they're talking about the western someone's like on on on the on the espn the game day or whatever So even before game day because they had a week of knew about they had night show. Twelve northwestern wins there asleep sleeper for the college playoff in joey galloway northwestern. And reese davis said that. In and joe galloway is i watched vilma northwestern and they just got a bunch of reese davis's running around I knew that they were mad about something. George i couldn't. I didn't know that makes sense. It's true i'd say it's a fair statement but not to the river walk around and said that like reverse people vote not raises and they look like a bunch of white guys. They do and i'm fine with saying they're good. They're really good. They're the same as they always know. Their defense is very good there. Secondary's defense always good wisconsin. I think we again you kill. Everyone was like wisconsin. Wisconsin's also the same wisconsin. Every year we lose to we really northwestern win a big one and then you lose one. You're not supposed to. But i don't. People thought wisconsin was better. I think it was constantly the same. Well we also were it. Did it did not and no excuses but missing your top. Three receivers definitely hurts and two of them. Were like gain. I didn't find out 'til any fucking announced it in the booth So i like northwestern. Alabama is twenty. Four i don't know why this is just as twenty three and a half dylan. I just have a points left and right entrusting vibe on this by mississippi state is gonna give flu anything to handle. So i'm taking misstate plus ten egbo. You're can be here saturday working on it. okay duke virginia tech. Gimme whatever that over is. I don't know what it is And minus thirteen at home against lsu. I worried about that. One a little bit what i love. Am yeah. i don't love him. I left my car looked okay list. We was gene plus ten at home. Against oh you. And i like the over an arizona. Ucla that is. I don't know what that is all right my Whatever i said for the pat hill. Dylan i'm going to add. I have to sit down and do all my research. Put iowa minus thirteen and a. I'm taking wisconsin minus twenty one. Minnesota's defense is so so bad. I think it's gonna. It's gonna look a lot different. I think you've gotta bounce back for the badgers cincinnati minus thirty five against temple temple. I said i called that game correctly last week. Ecu destroyed them. Temple does not wanna play like they. They they want to end the season. The rod carey said if they had their choices. They probably wouldn't be playing these games since he is going to have to run it up. They're going to put a number on them. We've seen it before with luke fickle on northwestern minus twelve. I'm with you on that dave What was the over of that. I loved shit me. Yeah ohio illinois. No i said johnson is not a lot over is out there so i just was saying it without knowing what was what georgia tech clemson pit like to georgia. Tech what's Oh yeah clemson pit is on my card yes What is the line for purdue. Do we have that. Shit i think. It's purdue purdue minus eleven half fifty nine half gimme purdue minus eleven and a half. I think records going to have a little bit of a letdown from being very close by the way the kicker for rutgers. Did you see that that was. That was a rico. Bosco fake name was. His name is New valentino ambrosio. Valentino ambrosio trying to win. That game was so peak new jersey. Alright lock of the week So that's my card. I'm going to add to it dylan attacks. You probably by tomorrow night Dylan lock aria. Colorado for aria alabama alabama for hancock liam oregon oregon state over for liam eighty oklahoma west virginia over oklahoma over katie. Dave the over duke georgia tech Like it. I'm going to take the over and kent state buffalo. Sixty six half rico. The reason i didn't say it while we will break down the game because it's my locked the week. Unc notre dame over sixty four and a half combined. Score eighty thousand yards notre dame. We're getting gave up forty two clemson's backup quarterback. Gather good the bill score. It's going to be on them. To carolina's the is horrific. They play fast. Love this one. This is easy. Yeah it's a good one hand. Wanna i mean you stole you still. Unc over you turn me on you straight up. Well how many we've been saying. I wanna take this over you straight up stole these from s. Fine i'm happy to share because you know what i'm a writer. Thank through and through. That's what we do you are. We ride we ride. We ride you. Give me that look again. It makes me think why. I wanted to make declared. Yeah all right. Can we have a nice thanksgiving. Can we have no. We have no attacks on dave town what i was getting. Let's do it. Let's have a peace time for in this room. He'll next week. Salmonella what sal paolantonio wants black bull. I'm sorry bill. Parcells once black sal paolantonio because it was guy in his ear and he kept hammering about asking questions about keyshawn and shit like that and kishan went wrong. Something and bill parcells leaned on sal pal after like a year and a half and not talking to him and text them or call them and said hey sal. The war is over so after a tough week if all three parties will declare the war is over all right. The war's over the war's over. Let's have a great thanksgiving. What's thanksgiving that's thing. I'll boys in indians. O- kids and president overs club over filming. We do all right all right. Thank you for listening to pappy gift. Cnx change you. Jane there we go.

dave rico basketball Rico atta beatles recos Dan eight week Wartimes umana khania craig carton fat anthony Dave dave green dylan football katie one yard koumba
Hour 2: ALCS Game 4

Get Up!

46:13 min | 1 year ago

Hour 2: ALCS Game 4

"Dot Com slash get up well we're back on get up and with Aaron Rodgers and the packers beating the lions last night in a controversial game and we're GonNa get to all of that in a moment if you're hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on your short list of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started at indeed and here we go again third down from the sixteen forty five to play Rogers dropping back buying time he's going to throw an incomplete they're going to have to kick the field goal now the lions are going to get another chance but hold on the same call on the same player game completely given by the visits you see about this game so angrily all night long you'll start to see it now fourth quarter bear in mind the circumstance fourth quarter to score game twenty to thirteen is your score on third be a going forward you've got questions we've got answers time to get up starting right now with the end of week six and the NFL and appropriately it ended with a lot of question downplay Aaron Rodgers goes down they're going to have to punch but hold on hand so that face entree flowers awful call third down ten minutes to go in the game the lines here who talking trash at them now you will and less than ten minutes away and later Lebron speaks out his real feelings in the wake of the China trip and what it means thrilled with controversy he is back and better than ever locked to unpack from Lambeau we will start there then just when you thought the cowboys had enough troubles wait until you that's a touchdown you're going to see a great look at it but the Pylon Cam and so the packers are now within two points again continue to bear in mind the circumstances of the game ensuing corruption yeah love the aggressive play call flea flicker they bring Golladay from one side of the field all the way to the other outstanding throw by Matthew Stafford good give me to another hour of get up coming to you live as always from above the Heineken river decade pier seventeen and here's the menu for our number two we're getting up with Aaron Rodgers on tonight he star my wife spends too much money at his wife's store it's Jay Cutler I can't believe it you got to go let's go it's about the officiating lambofield Aaron Rodgers and the Packers Matthew Stafford and the Lions I I play of the game I play from scrimmage for the Lions we Ryan's drive so this is the next possession on second down Stafford is going deeper Marvin Jones and if you watch the jets and cowboys on Sunday this passenger factor the lion okay so that it starts well they would wind up settling for a field goal so with three nothing and then if you woke up this morning and you're wondering why is this game trending all night long why is everyone talking here hauled in a game on Sunday but they don't call it so the lions after punt ensuing packers Dr Aaron Rodgers keeping alive because he's from so we slides it's got a I a hand on the shoulder pads holding on from trey flowers the buck dr eat the official for some reason does again in gives the packers the win nine point lead this is a massive swing in momentum in this book log in and does Rogers capitalize of course capitalizes because he's Aaron Rodgers and that's Allen lazard outstanding point Greenie goop but left arm comes raked across the chest a full second before the ball ever gets the Marvin Jones obvious past interfere or less than that was ten times I can't believe you got that right but I don't think Hembo couldn't believe got that right because his wife anyone else at the table know that you got addict I down so they can they can run the clock down to this and kick it with two seconds left him said packers win let the arguments begin the texting me all morning long asked me some questions about this and we're gonNA show you a bunch of tweets came from very credible people whose names you will know about the officiating Oh my favorite reality TV star didn't think there was any chance you would get that right he is beaten cutler eleven times he is beaten Stafford as of last night I don't think so so look we've talked about this a lot this morning and Dan you made a very impassioned plea to the owners and Jay Bilas our friend has been a Dr Hanson a face I had them right here in the cheese say Tom Changing all right here talking about individual bad calls or are we talking about a systemic problem where they're just calling to many things and my response would be both they're calling too many things if you watch jets bowling football games but you know who created that landscape fans because they wanted replay they wanted these calls to be right so now what we last night and those are just going to be on the screen as we have this conversation I won't read each one of them to you you can see them yourselves Barry Sanders the first of what will be several but but Jay is essentially asking are we up in formation center over the football they are in ready to play the packers have not twelve thirteen people on the field that is always on Sunday there were just too many flags that were six consecutive plays with flags thrown on the most important drive of the game then yesterday we have a circumstance where just blatantly four you just go off to say hey this is absolutely unbelievable number one they've been missing calls since the beginning of time and number two is look at these games over and over again right and we dissect and we pick apart the calls the plays the type of situations that coaches are putting them in don't you think more situations in the NFL where the Coles are so bad that the officials determine the outcome of the football game we've gotta take it's not just those two awesome different than what actually happened now I didn't think has to chips was a plum do anything for it when we grew up playing sports every head coach in mind would say officials don't determine the outcome the football game yes they do nowadays there him for twelve men on the field when the packers were sending to fill that's the thing like we can't egregiously sit sit back and just let these situation there's a heightened sense of this now because we expect every call to be right because of replaced but we can't sit back and go like since it's been happening we should one second that these referees don't have a heightened sense of either missing or call or making a wrong call and it's leading to them being overzealous about chill hands to the face calls of last night the Lazar touchdown he's down at the one yard line there's another example watch this watch the lions are about the you say he was the referee in the game last night who was making the announcements of these calls but as he points out the umpire through both of those flags the last one was really the only one I've discussed with him miss them we have a heightened sense that that play caused the game that play calls the game that's where we are right now I'm not it was bad calls They were too bad calls one time in baseball where he said to me when he was opposed to instant replay over the course of one hundred sixty two games bad calls will even out you'll get some go your way you'll get some go the other way the love from Harare back in the dug-out thank you thank you for helping us because don't look now at the nationals on the verge of making their first trip to the world series missed calls wind up deciding the outcome of a very important listen perspective us as fans people that are watching the game we as analysts will get a chance to in over eighty six years and the petty right or the casual fan might say how were the nationals this good and yet they got rid of bryce Harper a lot of pitches for Stephen Strasburg he's looking good and look at how Christie's pitches are late new game that is one hundred seventeen pitches of unbelievable baseball and then line he pinned him back it was prolonged and that's what created the foul next the explanation for the National Football League released from the official we'll talk more about it as we go now to the baseball game peter how `bout what Howie Kendrick has done in the postseason this guy is absolutely amazing three seventeen with nine RBI's already this postseason professional basically it's for illegal use of the hands hands of the face foul to be a foul we basically need some forceful contact that's prolonged to the head and neck area of the defender so in his that being said when he turned down three hundred million dollars so nationals they were now allowed to go spend that other than other places they got Patrick Corbin they signed how Kendrick it legal yet a flag was not thrown on that plane UAE was a flag not thrown on that play but the lions headed flag thrown on of that you would say it's completely unfair to say Bryce Harper was the reason that the nationals were deep playoff contenders the last few years bryce Harper is a great player and possibly at an impact on the game for sure of the nation scored touchdowns in the red zone we can get to the different congress looking at but when you start to think about where we are is it going to end today we'll give me a prediction for tonight's game just the way that it's going and now that you have Corbett on the mound well rested I just don't see how the cardinals win a game now last year they had some money freed up they annabel Sanchez who threw a gem seventy two thirds hitless innings Enga- one so when you have one player that makes so much jat meanwhile let's talk about a game coming up on Sunday it will certainly have a lot of implications it is a NFC showdown that will play a decisive role in determining the eventual champion continue to dominate the conversation owners it's on you guys to fix that I've been having these conversations and some like them for almost thirty years on the air now and we're having an argument with Joe Torre with that football is it like that they something I believe something better than what we are getting can be done now in fairness I want you to hear what cl- Clean Blake men had that's right L. C. has gained three wasn't technically an elimination game for the cardinals but it was with them down to nothing in the series so texts lucky for them they had to face Stephen Strasburg who was filthy just like planning that he would say that and we had a lengthy conversation earlier here about Jason Garrett's overall job security and what might be at stake and whether the cowboys will take umbrage to what we heard Doug Peterson say money you're allowed to now spread it out among the rest of the players and these are the guys that are helping the nationals make deep into the playoffs okay helping to make a deep run of the east the Eagles and Cowboys Dallas yesterday truly coach Doug Peterson made some comments on the radio shore to catch some ears in the Dallas Locker Room listen to what he said but something else I wanted to bring up and you mentioned this in our meeting this morning Markus is just that these teams are both three and three they've both lost games they should have one and yet look at the at least play defense is a ball that should've had and it opened the floodgates for the nets indeed eaten would come around to score nats go up two to nothing and then a couple of batteries in all playoffs look at these sliders good hitters Paul Goldschmidt knees black he's got no chance right there bottom third we go with the nationals up one nothing anthony your usage of the word lift is perfect right I went home yesterday afternoon in the show and I said Dane Sunday with DAX moment like this idea that he can't lift them beyond the New York jets on Sunday right when you talk about giving him that much money and putting them in that particular situation so eh in many ways and again we've talked about the officials we watched rogers do it last night right like Rogers is playing without his top three receivers with devante Grondona at the plate pay the man reaches out Blue Marcello Zun can't come up with the catch when the cardinals case for offensively when their pitchers are getting hit around you Sunday what's his moment to go on the road play without his left tackle play without is number one receiver played without his number two receiver in lift his team in many ways difference in the way the two coaches are thought first of all phillies just removed off a super bowl in the context of what we think of recent history

Aaron Rodgers packers lions ten minutes three hundred million dollars eighty six years thirty years two seconds one second one yard
GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 570: NFL Divisional Round Recap, CFP National Championship Preview, and the Browns New Head Coach

GSMC Sports Podcast

1:56:24 hr | 1 year ago

GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 570: NFL Divisional Round Recap, CFP National Championship Preview, and the Browns New Head Coach

"Hey i'm andy if you don't know me it's probably because i'm not famous but i did start a men's grooming company called harry's the differ harry's came out of a frustrating experience i had buying razor blades most brands were overpriced over designed and out of touch at harry's our approach is simple here's our secret we make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars each we care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like by a world class german blade factory obsessing over every detail means we're confident and offering a one hundred percent quality guarantee millions of guys have already made the switch to harry's so thank you if you're one of them and if you're not we hope you give us a try with this special offer get a harry starter set with a five blade razor waited handle shave gel and travel cover offered just three bucks plus free shipping go to harrys dot com and enter five thousand at checkout that's harrys dot com code five thousand enjoy enjoy this is your ultimate stop for everything sports the golden state media concepts or podcast should did i say more from the NFL melby the NBA to 'em it's all in here golden state media concepts sports podcast cast listen and every body walking back sports as podcast network my name is chris blades and before i guess already today i wanna make sure that it remind you guys as always subscribe to the podcast if you aren't already make sure you always up up to date on the latest stuff we drop and that you never miss an episode if you can be so kind can goes a five star rating and review it's it makes it allows to continue to get better see where we can improve c. which was likes to judge don't like and had an all in all it was just very appreciated and if you are a fan in of the NFL that i imagine you appreciated the games we had this weekend especially today and i'm going to jump right into it the last game that green bay seattle game i mean that's the game we kind of expected it would be i mean as i talked about the last august seattle it just doesn't get blown out i think in i think lost out on twitter so shorter so you can't really always stuff is correct but i believe that's all that in in like in a across their careers russell wilson pecos career together i think they've lost nine total game or something like that by double digits which is absurd word that is true but it just it makes a lot of sense because for whatever reason their team can't get blown out even when they lose they always find a way to get back into it and this game is another example of it i mean they were losing twenty one two three at halftime the packers drive down the field i i drive get davante adams on a nice double move touchdown for like twenty yards out and you're just like oh okay let's the clearly the bible was good for the good good for the packers i mean didn't help everybody this weekend but for the packers and abbas got off to another slow start i mean they the the only one scoring drive in the first half they punted we put it on their first two possessions gotta feel on the next one and then missed field goal on on their last one the second one because they had one that ended the half the house he didn't get any points on that one day try to hail mary bridges it didn't it didn't work though i mean look good it just they just they couldn't they couldn't come down with it but i mean going to the half down twenty one three after two more touchdowns from the packers won by aaron jones after multiple attempts from inside inside the one if i needed to get it on third traffic able to move the ball down the field and in their third touchdown was i believe again by aaron jail yeah another another one yard run by an jones this time they were down we got down inside first and goal for a couple of plays they were able to get ah cloudy jump off side on one of their down so i mean obviously doesn't really matter when you're that close because you can move up so far but maybe it'll be a couple of short touchdowns and yeah so the seattle's down twenty three and i mean if you watch the game from earlier in the day on sunday and you know that no we save eh anybody can teams can come back and the seahawks were able to do just that not the same way as as as a game earlier on sunday it but i came on after the half got a nice drive together we're able to go down score i don't want your run by marshawn but then the defense who struggled with throughout most of the day i mean they were able to bottle up and dylan's to a degree on the two yards two touchdowns and amazon had listened two hundred and fifty yards but he completed sixteen or twenty seven average nine yards and a tent and they had no one that pitstop davante adams i mean he was a man i'm not a man possessed but he was just like a woman record jeremy he he seemed like he could do whatever he wanted wanted on whoever was lined up against the me at eight for one sixty and two touchdowns so yeah the seattle showed with him and and it was just it was just one of those things we knew that they had one guy that you need to stop and they were able to stop him because i think the next highest guaranteed of receptions was jimmy graham with three korea than everyone else only had one reception so it was devante an was really doing most the legwork in packers passing game against seattle just couldn't stop him bs going by the second half touchdown they give up another to give the second touchdown to davante adams there's another another another there's one little bit deep in the first one is the forty yard touchdown but then this is where seattle decide they wanted to make the game interesting they go down again after after the back of put up twenty eight ten announce score a touchdown this time having pass from TD lock after nice scramble which i mean it seemed like was doing every planet that's kind of where they run their offense through degrees just like adam play action dropback even tried to get people opening he hit someone like crossing routes deep rows those new amazing deep ball argued one of the best in the league with envy's not just like i right disliked let them run around for like three or four how many seconds allowed times leads us acts but when he doesn't lead this either he he's breaking off runs empty did a lot today or he's fine people down the field for for big gains i mean like today at seven russia's seven carries for sixty four yards once again he was the seahawks leading rusher twenty one at thirty one twenty two seventy seven in touch down through the air the want to lock it in and why we'll we'll we'll give the packers credit for amongst ozzy winning the game was the the fact they were bottle of metcalf i mean unfortunate mentality lock it had had tyler lockett not DJ well tyler lockett had a good game in nine for one thirty six in the touchdown but decay who killed the eagles last week though in fairness a lot of people have done that so while it was great for decay not exactly shocking but he he had like thinking what was i think it was eight phone on sixty some item he had he had the most yard network eve in a rookie debut when the playoffs is three so they did a good job on him like i said antilock was doing his thing so the seattle gotta touchdown added twenty eight seventeen in long set on locking force it three and out come down again get another touchdown this twenty eight twenty three this was the second marshawn one yard touchdown gye-gwan conversion dingo and he got sacked arrested good and then they get the ball back they forced a force the packers to pont once again after they ran nice little stunt yeah thanks yeah she king in iran he was he did nestle twist a loop around inside no one block me too fast ask him and his brother was kind of a cool moment where they combined for his on air rogers versus the ball back and like oh boy here we go the going to go down take the lead and everybody's going to have another playoff collapse to the seahawks on his record but luckily the packers defense said that they they were not going to allow that to happen as they got the see also third-down oppressive smith was gonna come with a big sack which was those vital because they said they were they were going to try to take the lead surprise i mean not that surprising because the conservative when it comes to these type of things things but they didn't go for the go for the golden gopher on fourth and eleven my two forty left which i mean i get the you're at your own thirty six if you give them the ball there is busy a guaranteed a field goal but at the same time it's like you didn't get the ball back again after that so it's like if you have the walmart as well use all four downs of you could but they decided not to is what it is to punt the ball back packers and the pack label multiple third and longs one to davante adams on a on a nice little slot fade on google media the corner with the SAT's up over the top let them get outside and there was a perfect throw i mean amrs had needed to be perfect often this season but when they needed him to be in this game he was and that was one of the examples then later on in the drive they convert a third and nine into jimmy graham which is going to lead allowed constant controversy in a lot of talk on social media in the coming days in and talk radio on those tito's TV networks about about it just because it looked like in the screen shots that he was short and in the replay looked like he was short look like he came down before the first down marker but the gave them a spot on the field field and in lambo they weren't going to overturn for whatever whatever that's worth so i know if you guys like oh bio bala that's you have you have a bouquets for that in in this specific ploughs there are many other places throughout the game and help decided it wasn't just as one play but in my opinion zero should have got the ball back with a chance because nobody was short at least come out mood wall back measuring they'd package probably go for them fourth-down maybe get it and then that doesn't really matter but just the fact they award the first down by a healthy margin to william close enough to spot and like the czech spa on it was kind of interesting to me especially after earlier in this game the referees ries had another blunder where house or fumbled and the referee literally takes the ball out of the packers players hand as on the ground but somehow somehow they ruled that it was not a recovery the packers won because they didn't that because i think they were up seven nothing have you of they're up seven nothing town the packers words that could have been fourteen nothing had had the packers lost doubt have been a big thing but because they didn't that power kept under the rug a little bit also because they had the player in the game i know this same referee off the same crew through the same referee refereed the eagles cowboys game look the second game last year which you don't know what happened there the first play jordan was returning the kickoff malcolm gangs force fumble like six eagles guys fall on it or are on top of the ball one guy comes out of the pile with the ball and they will no clear recovery which was a disaster and that you will end up losing that game they might have ended up losing it anyway even if they got that but it was just like if you if if you're a fan of either of those teams you remember that referees referee from that same situation is just like when you see it was when in the eagle situation the rule is that there's only only one team on top of the ball then that the ball goes to them you if you don't know specific player they didn't they didn't they didn't rule it that way that's neither here nor there i'm just saying the packers lost his game they would have had an argument for that for that nuclear recovery could even see the one guy i think changing sullivan had the ball in his hands if we take the wall out of his hand so they can spot it but somehow you got no clear recovery best whatever but yeah i mean that was a great game is the packers in always played close those competitive wild games in the playoffs this wasn't this is another one to add to that list but yeah is like i said if they would have blown another into seahawks that would have been very suffer down but luckily he didn't have to because they're able to win so no big deal and then the early game today was definitely really one for the history books just because the the not the titans which we will go on the next but the texans started this game came about as well as you can ask the team to start a game the issue for them was that the games four quarters instead of one quarter because it was one quarter bambu their hosts nancy championship but because it was four quarter that means the chiefs got the play three more quarters in that means the cheese could score more points and that's exactly what they decided they were going to to do as the texans get touched on the first drive on blown coverage on a thirty day they do a fake bubble kenny stills runs with feel no one guards i'm fifty four yard touchdown cool next snake was the three now and then on fourth down they blocked a punt for a touchdown oh okay fourteen nothing arrowheads a little allston right now next with us in the the chiefs were forced to punt the the the texas at the ball back they also have upon but they put tailback field upon because thousand clam game which it was turns up unfortunate for him was a big play for the texans because tyreek hill fumbles and then they recover the texans do two plays later score again this time it was too dan fails to shawn watson dan spells and then boom there twenty one nothing before you blink the text the chiefs then proceed to go three and out again the and it's like oh my god they're they're going to blow off the field at at home and i mean it looked like they were about to than the taxing the ball bearing drive down the field and this is where the game changed in my opinion william 'cause his fourth and one fourth and one from kansas city thirteen nine over the full one it might have been like might have been inches but like they caught her fourth in one and the decide side kick a field goal after calling a timeout and my my opinion if you're gonna kick the field goal just kick it if you're gonna go go forward but it when you call a timeout you can't call time out it also kick the field goal like you call a timeout to decide like hey we'll play do we have to run that can get us a yard and i think in the post game press conference villa brian said that they age then have plenty of life there which is almost a fireable offense in my opinion because you don't have a play any player in in the almost big-play she's at those guys had the massive laminated play sheets with color coded and section here sexually mayor bob while deputy both double-sided there wasn't one play that get that you were yard on fourth and one like come on that that's that's embarrassing so they take the field goal going for the absolute gill because if now twenty-eight ain't nothing even with the chiefs and patrick mahomes traps kelsey tyreek hill although sammy watkins cartman damian williams out weapons they have down twenty nothing at home tom is almost a death sentence in terms of like for their season but they didn't do that as i kick the field goal and then the floodgates opened and the chiefs decide k it'd be cool if we just like scored every time we got the ball in and like that's what that's what i imagine the conversation station between andy reid and petra homes you know homes like you know you know what let's try that so they get the ball next after a long kick return for fifty eight yards on the at the boy next two plays touchdown then the texting at the ball back and forth to pine this time for whatever reason they they faked upon on on their own thirty one yard line mind boggling decision because they have a guy in justin reed who is a safety who's not used to having the ball gulping dana sorenson person who who is used to tackling people had one on one they get they they probably got what they want in terms of you at one guy to beat one guy their guy didn't beat their guy bustle muscle than a turnover on downs don't mind in my opinion if you're gonna go for it there then how do you not go for it on the possession before that the seems kind of backwards to me whatever i'm not saying they don't they go for they don't get at three plays later the texans i mean the what's it called the chiefs are in the end zone and then on the ensuing kickoff will this time travis cousy the first of child scusi touchdowns of the day and then on the kickoff mm dinosaurs enforces the fumble the chiefs recover bringing down to the six and in three plays a score gannon before you know it like within i think thank within like five minutes time do the math here but within i'll give her day give or take five men probably less honestly that's how crazy this within like five minutes a game time the chiefs go from down twenty four nothing to with within one score score twenty four twenty one before you can blink before you can even blake and then on top of that so then they get the touchdown to drivers cousy after the fumble on a kickoff the texans then punt get the punt down down to the the tan the chiefs then proceed need to go eight plays ninety yards touchdown and take the lead before the half and and i mean once it was over like bobby to possession before him but like at the game's over in my opinion because you don't blow that kind of lead in in a quarter minder he threw four passes in the second quarter to take the lead you don't bought a timeline then come back and win the damage it's not obvious go i don't care who you are on what kind of mental afforded to do thank you app you lead in literally a quarter of play you're losing especially on the road like maybe at home you might have a shot but at on the road you're losing a game and on top of that he's got the ball back at the at the beginning of the second second half so it was like all right it's basically all but over i mean the tendons are like this gained in happen in like a bigger scenario because if they did did they would be getting all i mean there's still a lot of this but they're gonna get they would they would have replaced the falcons falcons fans and player asking this this would replace twenty three and just to let you know it does not that was in super bowl much bigger stakes but this is about as bad as it because at least this with the twenty three the founding bullied happened over the course of like a quarter and a half plus they have to go to overtime but there was more that went into it and this the texans literally blew a twenty four point lead in a quarter which is mind boggling how how can happen and the defense decided it couldn't stop travis kelsey because they were like oh let's double tyreek hill make sense but when you do that you then and leave traps kelsey wanna one and he won the rookie corner lonnie johnson who play kentucky last year and i don't think there was anybody in the SEC receiver or tight end that was anywhere near skill level of drivers cousy so he had never gone up against anything like this we'll until this year obviously but so he wasn't he wasn't ready this isn't his fault he he should not have ever been on travis cousy but he was that was what they decided to go with and it was a disaster mm-hmm chavis kelsey killed them all game he went for ten receptions hunting thirty four yards three touchdowns second happy with obama hamstring didn't even matter still getting opens those making catches me yeah long story short after the the texans it's nothing texans the chiefs scored touchdowns on one two three four five six seven sri possessions after being down twenty four or nothing outscored the jackson's fifty one to seven let me repeat that fifty one to seven they were down twenty four nothing thing and scored fifty one points after that to win the game fifty one thirty one like i think this i mean there were so many tweets going out about this but i think this is the first time anyone's ever been down by twenty yeah okay using candy is the first game in NFL history regular season postseason where a team led by more than twenty one points after the first quarter in trailed at halftime and i think this is one of the first time ever where a team has ever been down by twenty and end up winning winging game by twenty teams comebacker twenty one twenty points down sometimes not often but sometimes it happens but freely in this scenario areo i mean they were down twenty and end up winning the game by twenty points like they took the lead in and it was never that was the closest ever got again cletus they just couldn't they couldn't stop it it and it's like you're watching it happen and like after like after the formula oh my god the texans gonna blow this like there's after me if you'd like to know why they won the game there's no way offense keeps it gear it didn't and that's all she wrote i mean that was one of the more that second quarter one of the wildest things i've ever seen in terms of my football watching life just because it happened so fast like if you like if you were awesome at twenty four nothing like all right let me get food food for a second half you leave get food comeback and you're just like hold on what the chiefs are winning like what happened in like just like they scored three touchdowns in the span of five minutes of game anton it was absurd i'm sorry if you're a texans fan and you watch me walk through that collapsed i really am sorry because i could could not imagine watching my team due to the playoffs i really couldn't but it is what it is we get the chiefs and the packers move onto irrespective championship games and after this next and after this upcoming rake in the break that's about to happen in a few seconds we'll talk about the other two games from saturday NC who will be joining them in those games so we'll be right back after this hey hey i'm andy if you don't know me it's probably because i'm not famous but i did start a men's grooming company called harry's the idea for harry's came out of a frustrating experience i had buying razor blades loyd's most brands were overpriced over designed and out of touch at harry's our approach simple here's our secret we make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices aces for as low as two dollars each we care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like by a world class german blade factory obsessing over every detail means we're confident and offering one hundred percent quality guarantee millions of guys have already made the switch to harry's so thank you if you're one of them and if you're not we hope you give us a try with this special offer get a harry starter starter set with a five blade razor waited handle shave gel and a travel cover all for just three bucks plus free shipping just go to harrys dot com and enter five thousand at checkout that's harrys dot com code five thousand enjoy are you looking for the very best NFL and college football podcast then check out the GSM see football podcast get the latest football news both on in off the field from the NFL draft treats to the rumor mill to the NFL combines they got you covered that's GMC podcast dot com slash slash football dash podcast get updates on college rivalries key insights and much much more it's football talk the way you want it this show in sleeps awesome breathes football don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter visit GS mc podcasts dot com for more info we are back on so another day in completely different ways from sunday sunday just because i mean there were amount even know how to talk about how you word what happened in that texans baltimore game so so i'm going to read this to you all right in this game one team had twenty nine first downs once he met fifteen one team ran ninety to total plays the man fifty three once he met five hundred and thirty total yards one team at three hundred one team had three hundred forty five passing yards two who eighty three one team had one hundred eighty five rushing yards two to seventeen and one team held the ball for thirty two minutes a little over thirty two minutes to the other teams twenty seven minutes and fifty four seconds so if you read if you just if you don't know anything about the game if you have no idea what happened i don't know the score i don't even know the teams us look at those stats you would assume the team they had all that was more in first downs more yards warren time possession in warm passing yards only beaten rushing yards you would assume that team would've on right and wrong that would be the stats from the baltimore and titans game and in that team the team would most of those lesser stats the only thing the titans did better than the ravens was run the ball for more yards and they are more efficient in the red zone and apparently that was enough for them to get the win because they absolutely dominated the ballrooms basically what the texans the except like their defense also showed up so they weren't able to the the rams weren't ever able to really get anything going offensively offensively any for end the titans forced a couple of turnovers which clearly held on yet they just i mean if you look at how you if you thought about how okay how the times go to pull off an upset it was going to be derek redmond was gonna have to have a great game he did on the defense is going to have to contain the mar- they did not and ryan was gonna have to make sure he didn't make mistakes he did i mean the more in this game had over five hundred total yards of offense limited that for you again or is that again he had over five hundred yards of total offense in a game where his offense only scored twelve points almost almost unheard of again he threw the ball fifty nine hand which is absurd be a three hundred and fifty nine three sixty five one touchdown to interceptions options that's two recessions were part of the big thing had twenty carries for forty three yards he was there he was i mean you you could argue he was one of the best player on the field and it didn't even matter because the titans just they just they dominated hit them like before before the ravens even knew what happened they were down fourteen nothing and they just weren't ever able to overcome it so yeah like this game titans get the ball for us together upon the next drive the rams are moving ball than they get a passive little high from working dues goes through with his hands on his picked off kevin buyer and he runs about fifty even the markets a fifteen pound for grasping the helmet opening when he goes for the tackle then titans go down eight thirty five yards third the third and goal the drug dan health those jump off the janis from the two nights tombs often get somehow gets both his his feet in for an acrobatic touchdown okay boom they're upset nothing nothing too crazy than the next drive comes on the ravens dropped the ball at a big tide the forty five try to try to run the mar- get them there the gopher do they they run with amar does not work get stuff he goes backwards actually he didn't go back and read the game yards they get and william like that close either like it was it's pretty obvious he was short of the line next play play action deep shot to khalif raymond i believed who goes i mean just was a nice little like fake out or like corner posts kind of situation is only catch the game because ryan tannehill only two eight yards we'll get to that in a second the shakes marlon humphrey runs runs the download if you for a touchdown mom play forty five yards next the ravens are down fourteen nothing and this is basically what they avoided all year was getting these big deficits and you could see that this team is not acquit whether it be if you wanna say it's the mars a passer but i more sites just the weapons that they he has to the ball to they're they're not going to play from behind they're a team that runs their offense through their running backs and they're running quarterback and tight ends they have one fast receiver i mean you still he's been he's indecent share but hollywood brown's in atlanta to injury and outside of that they don't really have a whole lot at the receiver position then they got like three a very solid tight ends but as the eagles can have the same struggle with like if your best plastic as if your best pass catches are tight ends then you're not really that difficult of a passing offense to stop because they can only because unless you're minding them up on the outside side they were the all mainly worked in the middle of the field you can you can congest the middle of field in playmate coverage on the outside enforce the beach you and the ravens couldn't do that consistently also also i mean the more missing passes here and there but like i said they didn't even have anybody too young we have too much outside to throw it to and i mean the ravens were able to cut fourteen point deficit a little bit they got it to fourteen sex with two field goals though a lot of those those are two very long on drives with the where they would have dropped the ball down the field they kind of stalled out on down they kind of struggled on third down all night really i'm trying to see if i could find year they were not take the back it unreachable that bad they were eleven eighty third issue was fourth down which is more on the second in half where they but even in the first half they had the one third down convergent they tried and they weren't able to get coming out of the halftime aforethought again you try to quarterback sneak but for whatever reason lamar went to the outside world margot's the outside when he could've just went forward i mean and i'm not i'm lamar's the one of the most electrifying players i've ever seen especially this young or this early into his career so i'm not gonna tell them how to run the ball because he knows how knows what he's doing but that his decision there to just go forward on quarterbacks knee which is what most people do and try to go around the end and he tried to stop the style try to double back daily work did not work at all and then so biggest apple matt fourth down on the next drive they get another touchdown after derrick henry rumbles on thirty one for sixty six yards which was funny because earl thomas had those comments earlier in the week about how the patriots in racing interested in china tack loan like we're different and that sound good until you tackle guys exists four six five to fifty play after play and just naturally you're going to be like no i don't want to do this and that one got hit in the backfield bounce off like two guys and ran through the military defense and and outran almost the entire team to the end zone and then he got the ball no he didn't all year so then they tried to give it to the next they gave him the next play after that he got three yards and they threw incomplete than he did his best tibo impersonation nestle jumped as even know the funniest thing is that if you wash their play mark nolan covers marks marielle standing on on those on the right side wide open waving his hands like pillow derek please don't the ball it worked out chords caught it got as well feed and suddenly matter but it was just funny on you to watch just just mario waivers arms k. someone on the ball here that was funny the get that then the next the next dr i play play the market sacked get stripped fumbled the that titans get the ball back named six plays later they're in the end zone this time on on a gain of speed option earl thomas overplayed to derrick henry and their cannon jose off tackler in the end zone and it's twenty eight six and then the games all but over i mean the titans of the titans radio score one touchdown but it was never it was never really in doubt there's never any doubt after they went up twenty one six it was like all right yeah this game's over just because like i said the the ravens offense offense is built to ground pound and then passes the an alternative not pass their main thing 'cause they're emotional their best plays he's in the game came a couple of how a lot of them came with the mar- using his legs like breaking down whether designed or not just like breaking the breaking contain breaking pocket and running the that was most of the now's most baltimore's best offense in that game that works better when you're not down double would they just mostly gain even found themselves and it's unfortunate that this is how the season end just because a lot of because like we talked about in the last podcast martin martin have a good game last year either so she'll be like oh he just not a big time former oh did we crown them too soon of see i told you he was really a running like all flash and it's gonna come out in the coming days and weeks and months do off-season until the mark and prove himself again even though like one game it was not a season make he's still be the best player in the league this year he had a bad game are tom radiata bag game last week against the same titan steaming yeah no one's saying that he should no longer be a quarterback like it's just like just it's it of this game unfortunately allows people to to confirm the bias that they already had about lamar just because they are i don't think he's that good so me lately plays bad again and then be like see told you guys and i'm like you couldn't say anything for thank what they won twelve games in a row eleven that he played in so they've they've been waiting three months to say get these takes off and unfortunately the more you're giving me ammo by not playing that well but regardless it's good season from and a better season for tannehill who i mean just some of the some list asks asna schemer kind of absurd i think the not i think the titans i will start with derrick henry dare can we went for one hundred eighty yards thirty for thirty for one eighty two or one of you four you thirty mom sorry i did that was last week thirty four one ninety five he didn't score this week but he passing touchdown so there's that so derrick henry is the first player ever with a hundred yards in back to back to back games for three straight games playoff or not because he did it last game of the regular season in these verses chrissy playoff games and i mean who's gonna say that can do it again against the chiefs the titans of the first team to win two playoff games with under a hundred yards passing since nineteen eighty eight and lamar is the third player ever with three hundred yards passing one hundred yards rushing in the game and the first ever to do it in plow so that the game was a record breaker for various reasons and also the staff at CBS put up towards the end of the game as the only teams to win multiple games in the same postseason with fewer than one hundred passengers with the miami dolphins in ninety seven ninety nine hundred ninety two and nineteen seventy to nineteen seventy-three excuse me and the pittsburgh steelers in nineteen seventy four fund you enough so it's three straight years and all those teams won the super bowl and tie titans has seventy one yards passing last week and eighty-three tonight i think they got up a little bit higher yes and they got up to lowe's they got up to ninety one i believe none of the fence eighty-three because the sack so yeah defense for eighty three so shusha games were tanno hasn't yet to do that much they've done everything and art again have you ever keep that up probably not but for now it's working if it's not broke don't fix this i'm imagining they're gonna try that same formula though i do believe ten who's going to have to at least least try though for over a hundred yards next game against the chiefs from that was shot so that was that was a game and easy surprise the weekend i mean i i said head i wouldn't be surprised if we're on here and talking about the titans winning i would not surprise even times when 'cause they they were able to do the things i thought they would be able to do if they were going to win which their cameras gonna run the ball well got some turnovers they were able to stop the lamar and their running game even though mark ingram was hurt so that probably helped a little bit and then tannehill did they just enough and that's basically what happened though like i said i didn't expect them to dominate in the fascinate didn't win by double digits but like i said i wouldn't be surprised if they won and then and then even less surprising about most the vikings niner's game earlier on a day on saturday where the niners dominated basically from start to finish i'm at no point did you really ever believe that devices were going to win i take that back maybe a tightly the top seven seven after the niners went down the field basically pretty easily almost article i mean i knew shannon's giving a great game plan coming into this wanting that's so equity add yeah would on the field eight hundred sixty one yard touchdown pass from jimmy g. to kendrick born then the then the the vikings came down again came down the next drive yada got a touchdown this one indeed pass to stefan digs who made a nice nice nice catch reason and then they force the punt on next driving then then the after the nine is a reported the vikings bonded on one of their seven from thirty one two three four five six seven yet one of their seven three and outs of on the day this was a big issue for him all game i mean when you don't have the ball you can't score south part of their issue and the night has made the most of that because after their three now where they got sacked on first down cousins did by armstead than they try to run a couple of times then go anywhere they punted the niners came down scored even though they they they fumbled but it got overturned because i think your depot's down and that that hurt because i've been a big momentum swing and then from there they ages can we stop seven coleman and he just kinda ran all over them the rest of the drive to get into the end zone then they then they went three and out again punted then they got gift gift from jimmy g. right before half he does interception kendricks we try to donate your seven two earlier in the game but he the kindergarten this one you're go okay maybe the vikings tied up they wanna be able to have the field goal and then that was basically all she wrote because they didn't score again the rest of the game title not nice came out have got feel then sherman picks off richard sherman picks zovko cousins on a on a great play by him he he he was all over the playing man coverage kirk cousins not what the end do not even know where the ball was when the balls in the air but sherman joe sherman did he called it the a few plays later democrat running to the end zone again and he was great all night right for them i think he went over one hundred yards and that's the issue when you play a non asean because they had because he had twenty two for one oh five two touchdowns most of the fifty eight yards and breed only had seventeen but coleman both average four point eight yards a carry they only did the one care but he's the guy that you know they run the ball stitches like one of those things where they just can ride the hot hand let me so difficult to defend you don't come into the week you don't i know who's going to be the guy you get the way to the game and then who thank like coming home this game think oh maybe ten coleman this guy next week up the no it's like breathe game or this is the most games the game jimmy does like three hundred yards four touchdowns like their office can beat you in in different ways and that's that's encouraging such great play car that it can make it easier on jimmy g. and that makes it easier for them the office to move goes germany really he was he you had to a little bit more than ten to help not even that much you only through the nineteen times hundred thirty one yards a touchdown interception and two sacks but he didn't really they didn't really need them do that much defense was dominant never getting after kirk all day sanctum six times the one interception the the one we had a one fumble on upon that that definitely helped the swing swing back whatever momentum the viking trying get back to the the niners this was this was later in the game remember when fumble was was now this was trying to think and also before this was twenty one she is when it was twenty four time upon the wall back to the vikings to maybe thought okay maybe can get someone mental here make it a one score game they shares upon then the nine and get a field goal and that was it was already over but that just kind of ended whatever hope the the vikings hackers the tubes and after i had to go three and out three now go backwards on both drives and they had two other drugs ended on downs and yeah this is the this is the niners team that if you're a believer in the niners which i mean you have to be at this point this kind of the game we expected them to play dominant run the ball well jimmy you just does not just does just enough that front four gets after kirk cousins i mean nick bosa was a was a monster he was all over the place all game per arguably eighty one of the best players on what he was one of the best players on the field all night all day all night whatever you call it yeah so this i mean this so now everything set niners packers they already neither did the packers they smoked on before don't think it'll be that easy this time but i mean i know the nice house feel confident going in and then you've got the titans and cheese to titans beat the chiefs earlier this year actually funny enough with haenel so they're not going to be scared i mean they've just one two games on the road with one more game on the road and i know you're not going to be scared and can be playing as well as just about anybody in the league or especially left in the playoffs right now now he's been dominant been impossible to stop the chief of the run on so it's not gonna be simple for them but we'll see how it goes but yeah that's that's i mean great plows i'm expecting to great games again next sunday that will be talking about come this time next week and yeah humming that's the playoffs have been great so far my opinion like i said i'm inspected slowdown this weekend we get to pretty good games i mean people probably are going to be mainly amy picking the chiefs in the niners but i feel like an either both teams could win both games like i wouldn't be shocked either way to break down later in the week but i think there's there's no there's no there hasn't been any given us this entire postseason people thought the ravens titans was a gimme people thought the pay patriots times gimme peachy some people thought saints vikings was a gimme so yes there hasn't been in my opinion there's been no gimmes because there have been multiple titan teams that have come in thinking they're going to win and win easy and that's not what happens so that's the thing i love about the one game playoff it is very unpredictable and the these playoffs have been unpredictable i mean no one if known could would have assumed that when ryan took over in like week seven that he would be marching marching into area for a chance to play in the super bowl back in miami funny enough leah so that's been great and after after break we will be talking about the college football shame should that is coming up on monday so when you be hearing this that we happening later today and i discussed that who's who's gonna win clemson or clemson LSU we'll tell you who i think's gonna win right after this break and why right after this break check out the show that's built on the MMA from the UFC two extreme cage fighting but they got the fights covered check out GMC MMA podcast get the latest news on past or upcoming fights join us as we've talked to and about some of the biggest biggest names in the past president future when it's the fight game there's just one show to check out GSFC podcast dot com back slash m dadge podcast don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter visagie SMC podcast dot com for more info we are art back here once again i'm a s mc sports talk that's mc test network doc so both these teams LSU in clubs from coming to his game feeling differently i mean the LSU is coming off of a record performance almost from judge borough seven touchdowns in the first half eight touchdowns in total excuse me deficit was unstoppable four touchdowns over two hundred yards their defense was stifling oklahoma was never comfortable can do anything and then clemson had to fight they were down they were down double digits at the at the fight claw back guys coming in non line of due to injury but they they showed the heart of a champion reverse dave stave off a house state nearly get the job done there at the end with the big pick so yeah they come in i mean both coming also undefeated clemson hasn't lost since in since no didn't they think they've won willing twenty-five i know i know traveled lowest twenty five now i believe you've got to think before they had sean no no the kelly bryant kobe bryant every year physicians third year seven vinick to use yes so then kelly and they lost they lost the team that year i think in the playoff every year they've won like twenty five zero and they've been here before they've been on the stage before they know what it takes to win and they're gonna get to LSU team who i mean outside of the fact that they are they've been dominant all year and unbeaten like five top fifteen team top fifteen teams joe birdsville unstoppable maybe been the best college quarterback ever i mean in a season ever we'll talk about the next hot in the next segment but they got their defense arriving in the form i mean ever since granddaddy got got healthy they've been they've been killing it so this is going to be i mean if clinton people gaga coming out state was probably going to be one of the better games games in the year and it lived up to the hype and i think this one's going to be though i think this one will probably have a little bit more scoring in and just because i am not sure much like with what people thought with the mark jackson and the baltimore i'm not sure how you stop l. shoes offense because unlike baltimore for these guys also have three legit receivers have jomar chase who i mean what the have okay and totally have a quarterback doc who including the gospel pile has done for over five thousand yards in like fifty five touchdown passes they have two thousand dollars tomorrow cheese and jason jefferson and a thousand thousand yard running back and clyde edwards allaire who is actually going to be healthier now because he he he wasn't he didn't even need them to do that much against oklahoma now he's had some time off to heal up and get right so he'll be i would imagine he'll be more useful and he's going to be one of the factors i believe l. shooting justice inc doesn't case because clemson has a great pass defense so in case they're able to who stifled a passing a little bit of they're able to run the ball with allaire now out of use them just because like i said they he's been big for them while years they're going to need them getting this game and then almodena decide they have well they have the jim thorpe award winner when grant out whether you thought you deserved it or not is a different story but he wanted you have christian fulton corn was going to go in the first round was likely got derek interestingly junior who may will be the best defensive back on his team as a freshman and he's an amazing this entire year you got good good pass rusher jason was giving was making hurts is night and night is making hurt his night a nightmare in in the in the last final game and they've got good players on all levels of defense but i mean clemson office no actually trevor longs we know about that which is the craziest craziest thing is that job borough i mean this has been a little bit talk i call saw some articles about joe borough is having the best season ever for a college quarterback and may not even be the best quarterback on the field come monday night which is great thing about but like yet dr owens is if you forgot because he's got off to a slow start but like he's as good as zayn quarterback in the country so he's not gonna he's he's not going to tribes ET an who's one of the best running backs definitely is one of the most explosive running backs in the country to stud receiver isn t higgins and justin ross and on top of that they are mismatches i mean much like like the hell she receives are by just more so because of their size just both those guys are overlake six three six four and they just they big run good rousing and get the jump ball they give trevor loans a lot of wiggle room in terms of he can throw it it doesn't have to be perfect in those go up and get as was evidenced last last year when they when they when a beat them i put the beatdown alabama that kinda shocked everybody but i mean like like i said they've been here before the dunn's before so i don't expect them to be afraid of the moment but they may be catching LSU LSU at the wrong time because like as i said l. she's defense is rounding back into form into what people thought it i was going to be obviously they were hampden they were hurt a little bit this year by granted playing through some injury but since he's got back with think he got a fishy healthy quote unquote the text the game they've given up the up seven points ten points in twenty eight points the oklahoma bombing the score sixty three to me matter and author in all three of those games councilman jake fromm and then dan hearts had their worst like asking games of the year arguably arguably in the last three games so term lawrence's better than all those guys but is going up against a defense that is playing as well as you would hope for this time the season and then that coupled with offense that is i appreciate rate and passing passing success rate this season joe boroughs from being seventy percent of his passes has over five thousand yards fifty five touchdown six picks i mean the gun funds is no slouch either they are third in passing success rate allowed and they're also third in this act rate so they because they're good pass coverage average they allow their past they allow passengers to get home because they can cover guys pretty well and i think their their biggest weapon on defense is going to be he's gonna be the x factor if he plays well then cups in clumps is gonna have a shot regards just because they're clemson and they they have very players but like he's going to be a big deal because does he can play in center field as he showed in last game where he got the rivers able to track down the ball near the sideline and pick off justin fields oregon pioneer the line where he's been like one of the best pass rushers in in terms of like i think he's what like i'm trying to see the second team in stacks or something something no legal team stacks with six he leads the team in total tackles i would ninety seven also has three picks on the year six pass defenses forced fumble like he's he's been a great great whatever you wanna call linebacker safety whatever it is he's been great and then on top of that though the though the like the elite pass rusher they have a bunch of guys can get after they have i think what is it like to ten guys in total that have at least two sacks ex- latest down the defense going they're venables bring a lot of pressure so he could bring people from all over linebacker safeties corners whoever doesn't really matter he's gonna bring pressure he's going to try to get joe borough issues that joe boroughs been very good under pressure he's very good back there escaping escaping the rash a moving around on for keeping his eyes downfield finding down the fears you showed in the last games as he showed all season so there need to find a way to if they get if they let him and get into the backfield acfield they're gonna need to find a way to bring him down because just getting pressure on him like he's not gonna phase butch not gonna be phased by being under pressure and now elsie he has he's been very accurate this year i don't expect that to change and then he has great receivers that can even help them out in in the case of maybe he doesn't throw the the greatest ball he is getting receiver that can go up and make plays for him so the just just the pressure is going to be important but i the reason why i think simmons is going to be that big because he can do a little bit of everything and you can help take away a layer who's been a great threat for the LSU out of the backfield the issue with that is then you're leaving he's not blitzing or not like so then that hurts your past a little bit so you gotta you gotta pick your poison are you going to china blitz and get pressure on borough get the bottles quickly or you're gonna try to play coverage play man in play zone whatever you wanna do and just hope they your corners and safeties and linebackers and cover their running backs and receivers and tight ends which which i mean maybe it will work i'm not gonna i'm not gonna sit here and say that it won't work but it just simmons is going to be there little chesapeake in terms of they can put him anywhere you're like i said d they can put him on the second can put on they can have them blitz come off the edge come with the middle wherever and doesn't really matter but administering see how they i deploy him just because he's going to be basing else you've asked to account for and what he does and where he is may change what LSU wants to do pensively nice if you get to decide the ball they don't really have the elite pass rusher easier even chase on was great in the last scheme against oklahoma two sacks was constantly in the backfield constantly made dan hurst life like like i said a nightmare and and do you have to do the same thing as trevor lawrence who was not the runner that jalen hurts is but his ozzy much better passer and against knocking can refer the moment i think he's i think i saw a stat where he's lost like in the last six years including this year i'm use to total games between high school and college so the no matter how down or how far ahead l. she gets if they do get a big lead on them the never going to be out of it dabbles a good coach LSU so like well coached team and experiencing also they were in the national championship they're defending champion so they know what it takes to win here so it's not gonna be is not going to be issue for them but it's interesting to see how how these teams will be able to match of catholic the effectiveness of both they're passing games will be was important because that's i i mean and both i mean it's just like that's the thing they both these teams have great everything's like really it's like the south evenly matched like on paper so i expected expected to be a little bit high-scoring to be close game iron expected to be like take the i think els clemson one twenty nine twenty three three over is to take that bumped up a little bit to say like into the thirties like thirty five thirty one or thirty eight thirty five something like that i think think i think it's going to be a score and i think the one of the other keys could be in the red zone where else you kind of isn't as awesome red zone obviously with them they just can score from wherever they don't have to get in the red zone of score but if you can if you can get them into the red zone and hold them to to feel bose instead let them score that'll be big just to help your own offense out a little bit but he that that's going to be one of the case l. she was in terms of success rate is sixteen sixty i inside opponents ten eighty fifth incest right on i and goals in one hundred and fourth on i'm neil goal line so their team the dozen isn't that good once again to the red zone but like i said they don't really need to be because they can score from anywhere else on the field so so that'll be important PC how they do in the red zone and then and then third in third downs going to be big more the when clemson as the ball just because they've been a solid team nothing too great on third down and they were five or fourteen on third down against ohio state which is not as good as you would want to be an issue defense has been green on third down the only allowed thirty percent on the season which is nine best in the country and they've only been allowed twenty five percent over the last five games which is like i said when a there defensively rounding the form so red zone for dallas offense and thirty down for clamps enough going to be the two big keys and if whoever gets the edge whoever ends up winning probably that often have success in those areas just because i don't see this being like a high turnover game if need a quarterback turned the ball over a lot they don't really like the ball on though they're planning to good defenses defense so it wouldn't be surprising but that's not is back that expect like a good game coach well played high scoring enough though not like complete like fifty thirty five fifty shootout kind of thing but high school they both these offerings are too good normally a great offense great defense especially especially in whether it's like pro college at on edge on like this i mean we saw that literally last year with in alabama like even like the older clemson thompson alabama shots were there like he was able to do some pigs he hasn't turnovers here and there but he was able to score points and get yards on alabama and this is probably as close as to that alabama defenses clemson has played recently kinda lash it at a alabama cup guys out with injuries and stuff but i mean l. shows the more battle-tested team in terms of this specific season they be in great teams throughout the different points of their schedule we'll an-and clemson hasn't played as many good teams but they beat everybody in most teams being beaten by a lot i haven't scored under like thirty eight point since september or something like that so i think i if i have to lean i mean joe burning out of his mind LSU look the best in the country for like a couple of months now well i think it'll be close but i think as you probably wins but this is one of those games risk it's a toss up like the comes from wins am i shock no NFL she wins and my shock now if you the only thing i'd be shocked by if clemson wins by a lot of clemson won by double digits that would that would genuinely shock me now because they are incapable of just because l. shoes off so our expecting to get blown out and their defense plants along with them to get blown out either but that's the only outcome i was shocked muse clemson by double digits but anything else anything between their clemson wing closed usher win close else you win by a little bit more that wouldn't shock me because i mean joe boras playing out of his mind right now so you sometimes you gotta ride with the hot hand and that's what i'm doing in this situation because it doesn't myself show borough i don't think it's possible least that the cause of the NFL's gonna be completely different but at the college level someone's got to stop them before in order to make me a believer that it can happen because right now i don't believe so that's where i'm at and speaking the job borough in my next hour and talk about is this the best cod quarterback season we've ever seen some people say yes awesome people say no i'll tell you my answer and why i think that right after this break are you looking for for help your fantasy football team checkout GMC fantasy football podcast get today's best advice on who start to sit even who you should draft from sleeper perplexed a red hot lineups they got it all covered for you that's GSM see podcasts dot com backslash fantasy dash football dash broadcast we'll cover traditionally additionally dynasty few PR even i dp when you need fantasy hope there's just one showed up don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter wither visit GS mc podcast dot com for more info hello oh you've got you s sports are casper but so is playing the best quarterback back ever in terms of legacy dust once if you folks down to one specific season now in order to complete this he needs to win on monday so if he loses all out the window because in order to complete that you have to you have to be a national championship a national champion in my opinion unlike NFL where like in the regular season you can you can have like amazing stats like the tom brady heavenly they went like eighteen in our different pay many years essentially what the broncos some of those years where he had great viruses and number has been they didn't end up winning the super bowl and he might have argue been the best quarterback ever in those seasons godfrey was different in requires you in my opinion to win the national championship so job our needs to win and probably played pretty well all in this game i mean he's played well enough to where he has the body of work already set where he doesn't need like he doesn't need like seven touchdowns or anything like that play well though for another three hundred three or four touchdowns i think that firmly cemented him as the best quarterback ever but yeah i mean when you look at the stats here as of right now magassa we talked about in the last segment he is at five hundred hundred in five thousand nine hundred five thousand over five over fifty two hundred yards five touchdowns six interceptions he needs only three more touchdowns from time epi record held by colt brennan for the most touchdowns in a season where he's which was fifty ABC's in two thousand seven and he's done all this while beating five teams in the current top thirteen which are oklahoma georgia florida auburn in alabama and obviously if he puts up a good game against a clemson the now be six that'd be sixteen he's done it against in terms of had some of the best teams he's done against the best competition that you could imagine all these teams and always quarterbacks that he'd be vying against would have to do this because they'd have to win national championships so you gotta play team national championship but over the course of the year is he's played good team after good team and passed every every single test with flying colors probably i mean before last week is greatest performance was ousted alabama game where he threw for a bunch of yards ars ranch is still ran for like sixty seventy yards something like that that just the i don't talk that had a had a good amount touchdowns in that game too so he was great but i think the to other quarterbacks going up against this honor if you will our venture two thousand five and cam knew in in twenty time dan now the issue for both those guys is just pure statistically they don't measure up at all like for vince young the team went thirteen no and he put on one of the greatest bowl performs obviously in their roles ball against you see i'm running for that touched on top of the fact that iran for the game winning touchdown he was great at every other point throughout the game he'll be one of the greatest teams assembled up to that point in in college football and that year he finished third in passing efficiency due for a little over three thousand yards and ran for another thousand so a little over four thousand yards total combined for thirty eight touchdowns the only ten picks and cam newton on the hand was he took a team that before before him when he and five and after him when he and five and he was basically the the the biggest addition to that team want them took them to fourteen now finished second in passing efficiency and his was higher than vince young he was at one eighty two point one on vince young was that wants his three point nine due for two twenty two thousand eight hundred fifty four yards and ran for fourteen seventy three so so for so forty three hundred total and had fifty combined touchdowns i think like thirty thirty passing twenty rushing shing i believe is around the numbers i will double check for you guys but yeah thing was around thirty thirty passing uh-huh and twenty rushing and then i think he he he had he had only had like six or seven six yeah you he had so let me i mean they're yes i'm pulling them up here so the one year he had thirty touchdowns passing seven interceptions and then then he had like i said the almost fifteen hundred yards rushing in twenty more touchdowns and then even to humana receiving touchdown to just for good measure i still remember the play where he is like he runs through defense like stiff arms like patrick petersen guy who is one of the best corners new generation wasn't cod instills in the brow and churches off with us down and look like any middle becky was patrick running slow motion it was an amazing play i mean everybody has those hasn't remember that one for cam those are probably the two best at least in recent memory i don't i don't know about an eighties and seventies and stuff like dabbling in recent memory the best quarterback season then probably just statistically the best quarterback season just because of obviously offenses have gotten better over the course at the time so p players putting more and more prolific numbers and staff and stuff so it's only fitting that are these regular get to be broken and the grazes whoa continued to happen further and further down down the line but i think in my personal opinion assuming xuming again this is assuming she wins on monday night and jeb caps off his heisman trophy year with a championship i like like again another assumption i'm assuming workplace well tomorrow 'cause i mean will i'm going to sunday night so i'm shooting his while on monday because he hasn't played poorly in a game this season so i don't expect monday to be the first time it happened so soon he plays assuming al wins i think you have to say in my opinion and this is the best season quarterbacks ever had does he has a chance to break near the chance to break the the pattern touchdowns record for a season he currently holds the record for completion percentage percentage in a season that seventy seven point six socio is how much higher or lower that goes up he currently is he's he's at the two hundred and four point six passing efficiency which is higher than the current FEMA's record and he will be number one after after like will who i think he's already currently number one because that was better than him was to of but he didn't on the played enough games aims to qualify for it technically so should be number one and he's he's already set the record for that assuming that doesn't drop down drastically so you're gonna have all kinds of those three three touchdowns or more he'll have the record for most passing touchdowns in a season and again it's not like when cold brainless at hawaii is like on a random good hawaii team mm-hmm this this this he will be saying record only national championship LSU tiger team which is a big difference and i mean the one the one thing that i would have to knock isn't the right word but one thing i think will will hurt him and maybe we'll bump a gala cam newton up to racing just because of the sheer level of town that he has around him again not his fault because you can he's he just has we have he didn't recruit these guys these guys just decided to come here but like i said yeah i guess didn't lasted me has two thousand your receivers a thousand year running back players on defense that are gonna be you NFL throughout the secondary linebacker defensive line as richer edge rushers lays multiple i mean he's going to have i mean tight end radi son who's not gonna not whenever he decides to go to the NFL who's he's going to get drafted and that does not his fault i think the team around him hurts his case a little bit just because the vast how talented those guys around now eligible had a lot of talented teams before a no quarterbacks ever looked good so there is that so gerbil his is different in that regard where he's taking the town around him and maximizing it well like i said when you look at cam and his team that team was eight and five before got there he gets there and then f. after these there in five again and like you look at if you go back look up the look at that roster i mean it's a good cod roster and yeah i mean NFL success knock contest it doesn't really matter but outside of nick fair let none of those guys were really like superb or college players like the there's one guy josh bonds was linebacker who still league michael dyer who was the MVP that natura chamber of game got so he had some off the field issue see kind of never panned out he's his leading receiver is the just a guy like most of those most often skill players on a team miami miami to the league for like warranty years fizzled out well borough has guys that are going on both sides of the ball that are going to be the first second third round draft picks and potentially plainly i mean you never really know how long they'll play in the league but like just didn't have the chance to go second maybe even first round if he has good combi tomorrow as was the betsy ran the country this year he'll be a first round pick when he when he ever he decided to leave ariza layer is going to go a little bit lower but he's still very good college running back nice that defense has two guys in the second half is going to go in the first round down another gun secondary was a freshman that could very well be a top five top ten pick whenever he declares good good good would address her and jason is climbing on the first two rounds linebackers in phillips and queen good defensive linemen that are good good like i think his name tower clark like there's a very good players on that team outside a gerbil but he's just been indian has made it all work so i think that'll be some people's knock on jobs how talented the LSU teams compared to auburn team but side-by-side staffer stat number two number assuming job boral out she went on monday job rose has everybody beat in my personal opinion i mean though for over five thousand yards though for almost sixty touchdown touchdown passes have doubled up single digit interceptions said completion percentage record possibly sent a passion efficiency record possibly like he's going to have records all over the place and then on top of winning the heisman and win a national championship i mean for one season i don't think there's any quarterback desmond better in my opinion you may be disagree with with me you're more than welcome to i'm i'm not the not the beyond terms of college football and stuff so i'm more than welcome to have a debate with you about this but in my opinion in job borough is the best again assuming you assuming he caps it off for the championship this the best season we've ever seen from a quarterback in college college just but you walk into disagree after this next next break we will be talking about the browns the browns have a new head coach who it is and how they got there i will let you know right after this are you looking to get your college football beck's looking to get the latest news on your favorite school steam if they diaz mc college football podcast is your ticket to all things college football join us as we talk college football from the national championship the college rivalries rivalries the ball game to the heisman trophy so which converts is the best we've got you covered for the big ten as he's the big twelve the pac twelve ACC ACC and everything in between download the GMC college football podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud google play or anywhere you find audace just type t us nc in the search bar and we're back here again and see sports podcast run by GPS so the browns they will last domino to fall and everybody's waiting to see who they were gonna end up hiring the head coach they had had a litany of interviews from jospin awesome daniels to robert sil- defense coordinator for the forty niners to jim schwartz to greg roman i believe to eric b enemy brian debacle the bills off with coordinator all those guys they went through them decided now we don't make any would not we don't like any of those like some those guys but we're not gonna pick any of those and they settled settled sounds has a bad connotation to it but like the picked chemist fancy the offense as a coordinator from the minnesota vikings now a lot of the NFL is a what have you done for me lately leak so obviously his last performing at his office last performing performing performance now great ones were tied points against san francisco went against robert saw the defensive coordinator who's also for the jobs i know richard sherman had something to say about that on twitter earlier today which was interesting communion rod for his guy so not surprising and again one game and does not a season make you have to go off the entire body of work and this year minnesota vikings offense has been quite good and he's gotten career career year level plateau kirk cousins this year so i'm not surprised and also it has come out that the without see john dorsey building paul deepa desta was the main gaas along with the hazards hell we make decisions and policies deep edessa was who's a guy who tried to get them the big sean mcdermott over hugh jackson back in two thousand sixteen oz he didn't do that seattle it's worked out for the the bills and for the browns and then last year the inland side of things wanted comes the fancy but the john dorsey he decided that decided that they weren't going different directions and go with freddie kitchens and thus and thus that didn't work out either and now here are now that here again john dorsey out of the building parties paul deepa desta is still there and he finally gets his guy which i mean offer the bounce out of thing is a good thing in terms of like at least it sounds like everybody's on the same page because seems like from in the least i mean there's been allowed dysfunction with cleveland over the last twenty years so it's not just a new thing but at least recently there's been in seems to be like dysfunction often turns is seventy sounds like from this the from who the people wanted this is from this from seth weaker sham i'm a senior writer at ESPN he he tweeted out the body for dessus stuff so if that is in fact true and it's out of there was some conflict within the front office awesome who they wanted the fact that they have a guy they all university agree on granted is not that many of them and he's up to higher GM but the guy that they university agree on and off the coast will help pick the GM so the gym will be an agreement with that guy being the head coach that's important could you want from a a top down you want everybody to have faith in the coach if you don't you have we have situations they've had within the firing guys wanted to years in and or you have situation like jerry jones obviously different with the cowboys because he's the jerry jones the owner and GM but you have guys that'll that ouseley was portrayed by jean slater an interview during this week about how guys were going behind jason gareth back talking to jerry jones taxonomy like hey i can do what i want kind of thing and just like when you when you have frictions in the front office that that kind of situation allows you can possibly have you can have guys that would go to the g. m. moore the owner who ever talked bad about the coach because also that GM or that player personnel i mean that person now guard that football operations guy also doesn't believe in the coach that you can talk bad about them and that's not doesn't doesn't create a cohesive team and like i said us want unity from the top down and sounds like at least in some degree they might have that this year with with everybody being on the same page on who it is that they want and getting a guy that seemed like they like last year and they're going to come they're going to go with this year so oh that'll be good for the browns do i know how good of an off i mean the head coach comes fancy will be not at all i mean no one does so you don't raise hard to say whether he'll be good or bad add but at the very least it seemed like the the front office and the ownership will have faith in him which gives him more time i think the biggest thing with the browns they just haven't had the i i to known no has instant success there so because they have to get impatient and they fire people in the newer overturning coaches and quarterbacks and all this other stuff time and time again like if you look at cauti- an- and this is his third years ago i believe in the first year the team was not good i mean they had what the number two pick last year the number twenty seventeen i think they had a number two pick ended up they ended up trading with the bears oh no way no one seventeen twenty eighteen twenty okay that was that was three years ago before he got there got south africa how how they picked in two thousand eighteen there was like a top five talk to impact so it takes time to build a successful football team baby people want to situation like matinee flora did where you have an all time great quarterback and have different pieces of us need ask them a little bit to the defense here and maybe a little bit too often they are then boom you're albertine like that doesn't happen that often or guy like doug piece where they hit this hit on all cylinders one year and then boom you win the super bowl with the backup quarterback mike tomlin back in the day of the even hugo said this was because you have someone bill college players still there so i think the fact that kemps fancy has the faith of the ownership has a faith of the front office while allow him to struggle coming that's been the biggest issue with the browns they're been as much as they struggled recently they've just been too quick to get rid of people and i mean maybe maybe freddie capable in the right guy i mean he probably wasn't in huge occupied by either but it's like you never know if you don't give them two three four years in my opinion like ozzy the giants samson pat shurmur at least he had been head coach before so you got to expect there like MC head coach the first time if he doesn't have a good year this first year is that surprising no and it shouldn't be surprising to anybody that's associated with the brown just because because he's new team was seventy eight lash or seven and nine six and ten browse this year but names isn't then yes i think the bible six and ten this year so he's not coming in the team of talented yes but it's not like they were world beaters i mean they ahead hi speculations but the expectations are don't don't manifest themselves on sundays you either win lose expectations on we have much of a factor in terms of how you play on in between the white lines sixty minutes on sundays so i think i think also probably those those those lower expectations coming into this year probably will benefit comes fancy and the browns just because of the fact that new last year people know not to overestimate what the browns are going to do yet six in time for US but they are not going to arrest me what the browns could be what they could do so i think that that was not hurt them last year was that people mccain assume that oh we're gonna make the playoffs they're going to win the division blah blah and i'm just like let's see them play together win some games for four years assumes that things and then ozzie when he got off to a rough start it was a big day on the news and there was internal and external things and then we have a season that they had so i think this faith that the front office has in kim's defense he should at least by him some time to work through the growing pains of being a new head coach and i'll see people that put around and we're going to be very important for just to have some other coaching only been coordinator for a year and a little bit and then yeah he's only been this is first of all you laugh took over after they find it after they fired on d. filipo mike zimmer in the vikings did so this is only this is the first full year now seems a good first full year i mean kirk cousins was was had a career year and i think the biggest thing the two biggest guys that will be impacted by this are baker mayfield nick shop without awesome seeing what down was able to do in this offense should have nick chubby cited though ozzy they're not the same type of player of the same exact things but nick chubb is is capable of carrying ball inside outside also catching the ball out of the backfield is what they did with donald cook and then baker will be helpful because the run out of play action listen the minnesota purpose f is from the US from cody schuch at w. f. n. y. cody is browns writer and kim's fancy and appropriate for minnesota led by kim's fancy you clashed on thirty one point four percent of their drawbacks with kirk cousins which is fifth most in in in the league and baker mayfield heights caprice presented differential differential differential in the NFL player actually was ten point one percent in terms of percents better when they when they used play action so this is going to flashing every t- offense and that is at least based on this year some that baker mayfield does well on something that the browns should've you more and that's that's that's the thing that vikings us a lot this year and with an i mean with the guy like nick chubb that flash is going to be effective because whether or not they running the ball well and this is another the thing that the republicans won't be more analytically driven and the emily's will tell you don't need to be successful running the ball usually action and have it work work as evidenced by the clip of russell wilson talking to the CEO's africo near last week against the eagles which i talked about on the podcast cast he was talking about how whenever they play action the guys running wide open and the CEO's couldn't run the ball worth a lick last week against the eagles so player she did nothing that's dependent on how yeah well you're running the ball just the threat of a good running back and a good running game will will have play action work and they have the receiving tight ends to be successful doing oh yeah so i think those two guys chub and baker mayfield should be the most happy because they're going to be utilized in ways that i believe should make them successful and then thus we'll make the browns and their office for successful i mean it's not the sure some things up off the line for short some things missile defense but i think at the very least them getting the guy they wanted whatever that means is good for the browns could you don't wanna qassim the path of years as evidenced by flicker sham they've been they've got a guy who maybe not everybody was onboard on and that has led to some issues so so at least in this case you have a guy that analytics guys wanted the i mean they all have football guys because they'll have GM but like the ownership wanted so at at the very least that's a good seven now he's got to figure out how good he's going to be and we will find that out next year but the various he does things that the browns it should be good at or the browns the the browns players should be good at and that should then make the offense better and then opposite team will be better and everyone be more happy now we'll see we'll see what happens with odell if they trade him or not i don't think they should but i mean if they do then obviously that things defending the vikings had digs and the'll in this year mainly mainly digs because the was hurt but they had their issues in the early part of the season with noggin the ball enough but everyone was happy by the end so i think they may go through some growing pains but eventually i think jarvis in odell and whatever other receiver they have the iron joke who and nick job and maybe cream home if he's still there should be happy with that writing and then it'll be successful and bake will be happy and i won't we happy in cleveland and they may actually be above five hundred for the first time and over to them i don't even know how many years has been and other only team to not go of hundred you're better in the in the in the last decade which was quite shocking but also it's the browns not that shocking so we will see how that turns out for them and after this last break we're going to talk about phantom and simply bandwagon fandom and while i am not a bandwagon fan i think they may be honest something about way about the way we enjoy sports and i was playing what i mean by that but after is right after this break check out this show built around the women from the invicta f c autour one championship we got the fights covered it's the golden state media concept's women's MA podcast the latest news of coming fights discussions of previous matches joining us as we talked to in about the biggest names in women's mixed martial arts past present and future when it's the women's fight game you know where to listen to the golden state media concepts women's emanate podcast the bad on the d. s. emcees got after my so what exactly is it named as as defined by wicky how on the ways of identify a bandwagon fan may ryan fans are defined on sports fans who have shown no past loyalty to a team and own support them when they're doing well now most sports fans out there aren't bandwagon anyway fans most of them are die hard loyal fans throwing through i know i am for the teams i root for i imagine you guys out there same way free team that you for but but bandwagon fans now marietta fans have been around for a while but at least in my eyes they popularized with lebron bomb tom was one of the first players at least in this generation i can't account for the generations but in my generation that accumulated a fan following knowing that went wherever he went so i knew people nice glass which teams when you switch teams in the opposite switch back when he went to the cavs now they're laker fans all that fun stuff and and during that time a lot of them got verdict you'll that shunned all that good stuff for jumping teams even though the only reason why they were fanned the caz in the first place was because lebron but after thinking and more experiences in in life in sports fan i began to realize they may have been on something and this kind of thing really hit me because i'm a okay see thunder fans really hit me when when over the summer when the whole question of went down and poor doors yet traded and then subsequently rosca traded and then they got back like shake alexsandr danilo gallon are like a bunch of pigs and blah blah whatever whatever but it hit me because i was like why do i support that team like walk you're gonna have to ask myself during that time 'cause one i was just annoyed that they made the trade and he's given to his needs but secondly it was because i was like all right i've never been oklahoma city i don't know anybody in oklahoma city abn affiliation to the team no affiliation to like the fan base anything that was a famous because i liked k. d. in college i thought he was the best player in the country which he was he won't player of the year going to be great in the pros rose and i wonder follows career so then i became a sonics fan and then thundering because at the time i didn't have a team because i was what came to he's somewhere on this i was like oh seven i was twelve eleven twelve thirteen i thought it was like twelve let's talk so i have a team i was a nets fan when i was going on because my dad's a nets fan but lake after the after the kid and richard jefferson and bits car and all those guys kind on a disappeared and i disappear blake team i was like all right i don't have any of these team outside of that anymore so i really thought much then katie brought me back so that was the reason why but at that point as has been very well documented cases no longer on the like he went to golden state on championships now the nets like melissa melissa there and it was because of this sense of loyalty that we are sports fans have to these teams that don't that care about us now think about it we think about why you're fan of whatever team you're fan of it knowing because like your dad like them or a cousin like them or uncle or grandparent or you're from the area you live in a certain area like all right i'm gonna roof with local team bala but comes when you're a child and as we know when you're a child you believe things are things that you wouldn't do as an adult but sports fans the only thing we're not really allowed to change your mind your mind about the way you view the world about your opinions on mike politics mummy working like all all all the sports is like all right you may decision as a kid now you're stuck and i'm like why is that and i was thinking about the thunder i mean i'm still founded fan is worked out this year because it seems more enjoyable to watch and it's been like the last four to five years and i thought what about like the way like the bronco fans had done it and i'm just like maybe bandwagon fans are onto something because in theory what's supposed to be fun and enjoyable and escape from the normal life do you sit down for a couple of hours watcher team hope that you win if you win you're happy to lose you're not as happy supposed to be underfunded enjoyable experience but for most sports fans there sports fandom is not fun more enjoyable dimension thunder fan i've watched the team not make it out the first round the playoffs last three seasons since katie left before katie left is autumn lower three one lead to golden state warriors the home team that really could beat them in the west before then i saw them not make files because serge ibaka plan on one leg with a calf injury the buffalo the year after that it's all of them not make the playoffs because of an AD double clutch three that he barely made and the entire team basically behar for most of the season for that i saw russ therapist knee because pat beverley and dove is need during a time out for loose ball and that was one of the best team thunder i've ever had they were going to the championship that year you cannot convince me otherwise once they were they were going to they beat the rockets easily they were going even after trayvon they were gonna beat the grizzlies would it be like the spurs or whoever it didn't really matter pod would be in the heat because they would have been better prepared for better prepared for that stage agasi before that again they get to the finals they lose even though they should have been up to of after lebron foul k. d. on a baseline jumper to endgame that they didn't call in the missing i'm not i'm i'm not bitter at all as you can tell leander's like inga on and on and i think about like most sports fans that's all they if you think komo sports fans memories of their team ninety percent of them are bad agonizing memories like if you're say you're afraid of the texans like this this loss today i'm sorry to bring them back up again so soon but you're up twenty four nothing in a game that if you win you have hosted AFC championship game in houston for a shot the super bowl and you globally and you don't just like blow lead like slow like like agonize dislike it goes on and on the hugh blow it almost quickly as humanly possible in that you gave up twenty eight points and a quarter four touchdowns and a quarter boyle doubt that you will you allowed forty unanswered points and were outscored fifty one to seven over the last three quarters like that is a collapse of epic proportions something you may never get over it's going to be hard to get over until they super bowl sunday my get over thing about the saints saints fans have washout team google's on the last play of their season three years in a row two thousand seventeen minneapolis miracle pure luck the guy has happens though with on the tackling and take the guy capable of of bringing down stefan digs on the after that the the rams game goes over ten in overtime after the pass interference call that was blatant and obvious they didn't call i know saints fans probably still aren't over that and i understand why i wouldn't be over it either and then they lose in overtime after the pick and all that fun stuff this year they lose losing over time to kirk cousins because their quarterback didn't play well and yet is like the last play their season is watching colorado we'll push off on their corner in the down in new orleans major so that's the way their season three years and after something and we decided that we have to deal with the sports fans who was the dodgers if you're a dodgers fan you wash team get to the world series lose get to the NFC s and lose get to the NFL ESPN lose you've seen your best pitcher in one the best pitchers of all time full in the biggest moments year after it doesn't really matter situation it's going to happen and it's unfortunate if you're if you're back to houston if you're astros fan you watch them lose a world series in which they lost four games it at home then they get home of ange lost all forgive homes lose the world series me does win one of those four games in the world series no kate happen uh-huh who else fear brown van you washed your team many years ago leaving go to baltimore the team comes back and now has been a laughing having stock in the league for twenty plus years and like no no end to that inside rarely because this is supposed to be the year and then they were still a disaster different coaches different gm's than quarterback doesn't matter all the same who else mets i'd as mets fan as well so i pay attention a little bit have one eight six find different ways to disappoint you by july or august every year when a couple of years there the late two thousands of losing on the last game of the season to where if you win the playoffs when he i remember tom glavin i don't think he made the first inning leg you're just a complete disaster even when they do play well the NFC yes they get their jobs makes one of the greatest catches of all time i am no one even cares because caused bunch almost strike three on the outside corner and they lose in the NFC s at home is what it is um uh-huh yeah like i'm saying you can go through your sports fandom and unless you're like unless you're like a boston fans been born in the last twenty years a majority of sports teams have been disappointments for most of your life that is the fact that is a fact like most eagles fan i've watched them disappointed when it disappointed at this point win a super bowl one year where he basically took our entire fan base selling our soul after our starting quarterback got hurt so that we could win with a backup quarterback in the neck creating zone disaster was really worth it i don't know but i would always prefer it happened super bowl and most fans to but again that took basically are tired traffic this quote unquote song ourselves to get to bowl because as you've seen with our team who read by injury says then and i'm just like that was they've been around they want NFL NFL champions before they've been around for forever the ios app one super bowl we're about to be play the fifty four super bowl and a couple of weeks they've won them the most any franchise won one dollars equals his six six and has been fifty four so that means forty eight hundred years if they were around for all forty all fifty four hundred both forty years they've ended in disappointment for you seventy six super bowls and one seems the patriots who only really been really this good for twenty years so before then they weren't really much afternoon who knows what they'll be but never talk more talking about a twenty year period where they've won six and that's a lot six is a lot of super bowls were one of one like what three it will make three in four years and that's a lot and then but before then they were they didn't win anything or anything for awhile energy you're supposed to disagree i mean again all those teams and stuff are great but you think about sport to dislike you will go through every season and hope your team does not disappoint you in the most heart and gut wrenching way that's basically all you're doing a sports fan because you ninety nine percent of our seasons any disappointments us hope that your season doesn't end in the worst possible way and very rarely does that not happen like generally speaking like your team finds ways to lose if your team is good enough to make the playoffs they find ways to lose in excruciating waiting most don't just get like blown out of the playoff especially in football obviously maybe maybe bush might get swept or whatever like are you a chance danced in a one game playoff very rarely do team just give blown the doors blown off and you're like okay radish on fair rail you did have a shot at you you just found ways to screwed up and then you'd have to live with that for eight months the next season starts and hope it doesn't happen again the ravens well did they got blown are low blake was a great season all for nothing having literally nothing great season you go four months go fourteen into everything's great go get your by come first playoff game divisional round home game and your team in the team's doesn't even show up just like what like what i do deserve this i mean think about thankful the falcons fans out there think about them for a second they watch her team go to a super bowl gave up twenty two three on the painted patriots you're like oh my goodness we could really do this if you're if you're saying oh we could really do this and then what happened you know what happened i know what happened and it's just you can't erase that like that's part of NFL history in part of your team's history four forever there's nothing to do about anytime anybody anytime you mentioned into anybody oh you're focused s first thing i think of and that's an happen even after they want a super bowl i think that's going to be the people remember about the falcons that oh they would team the twenty three lead in like a quarter and a half to lose the super bowl in overtime and like that happened and that's gonna remember for and she's like why do we put ourselves through through this sports fans what's supposed to be fun with severe sports are supposed to be an escape why do we put ourselves through this agony year after year after year for what what is the purpose and that's where we're bringing back the bandwagon fans bandwagon fans while being ridiculed for doing this may have had the right idea hi dear what is to be fun and what is fun winning bandwagon fans support winners or their team when they are winning because 'cause that's when it's enjoyable to be a sports fan when your team is alwin eight to start the season what about fun why you tune into watch those games we have to explain lina to me why don't we do this to ourselves i know don's at my dad died spend they one on one on a record franchise-record losing streak and yet i know him and other draughtsman's retuned in week after week thinking i was going to get the win ended didn't happen for a while this is like why do we do this to ourselves house why what's supposed to be funds was supposed to be enjoyable and we lived through and most of our time as what's fans is spent disappointed appointed and heartbroken and it didn't have to be this way if we didn't shun bandwagon fans in the beginning and more of us could being conveyance it's too late for me to parliament for too familiar for most of you out there but it could have been that could've been us we could have been filed in the brown wherever he went he kept one's own supporting our team when we start out for now and then won't be lose four straight when our eight four four we go back into hiding because more fun that way i said it's too late for me out there i could ever be a bandwagon fan i'm too deep into the stuff at this point now by do believe going forward more especially the younger generation we more bandwagon fans because people like players like you watch sports sports because you wanna watch players unless you're like unless you live in a sports town or it's like like philadelphia or boston in warlike loss and not me ninety dollars sanders who they don't they don't really have the lakers you live and i guess like minnesota or or something where like there's sports the big thing they i think there'd be a lot more bandwagon fans because you're kidding like oh i like this player that let me go root for them and that's okay i understand why they would be like that 'cause you're watching the sport to be entertained into be happy what makes you happy walking your team when i'm watching your player do well so i get it so when you see a bandwagon fan at their you hear about a bandwagon fan don't shun them don't wear to them listen to them understand what they're coming from and why they're doing such a thing and maybe you two will be like all right it's too late for me but i did it and i think that's where i'm at right now i get it i understand why bandwagon fans are baying writing fans it's more fun to be a sports fan that way we didn't sign up for the heartbreak we didn't sign up for ridicule we didn't sign up for the agonizing defeat in and the discipline that comes with that we didn't designed for that that's not that's not why we can't stand these teeny became fancy teams you wanted to watch a sport that we enjoy and be happy doing doing it doing so doing and yet that is not how we spend most of our time the way maggie fans spend their time and i get it i get why people are bandwagon fans i didn't it took me a lot of come around i get like i said it's too late for me i can't do it just personally i just in my mind and my i brain the way i'm right it just wouldn't work but i get it and i will understand we're not ready to them because i like okay i just i just get it that's the way we should we should sports fans it's more fun that way honestly it's one but it's probably too late for you enos too late for me but if you're into a bandwagon fan again just just a pat on the back into slaves are yellow come on let's go watch his game together who cares who really cares at the end of the day it doesn't matter when they became a fan of halley became a fan of why they became a fan you're all the same thing who cares this watching game together and hope that team wins it's not really that serious at the end of the day it really isn't this so they weren't they actually the hard way doesn't make the wind from them any less enjoyable and doesn't make any listen to abu for you either like i could care less if they are bandwagon eagles fans when they won the super bowl how we're just thinking about the they won the super bowl i don't like none of that other stuff matter to me they want to i was happy for that i could care less about who wasn't use fans and said they were now if they won't like why does that why does that matter why does that matter to me it shouldn't let them be fans away they wanna be fans i'll be fan the way i want to be fans hands ensures that way but that'll do it for me here today on the g. s. m. c. sports park has been by mc podcast ask network as always if you haven't already subscribe to the podcast makes your up-to-date on all episode that we drop makes you never miss one view can please give us a five star rating interview it's very appreciated allows leslie what you would you guys don't like and all that fun stuff social media were on social media find us there fouls on twitter fake instagram magas on facebook we can talk about their if you have if you're a sports fan in one event about the stuff thirteen put you through i'm all ears we're all ears so we've been talking about it there you can read anything show even tell me about why you think um unconscious gonna beat LSU and while they're gonna win by twenty by twenty points all that fun stuff we can talk about on social media so you find us there and as always i i have been kris blades until next time piece out you've been listening to the golden state media concepts sports podcast god cast part of the golden state media concepts and podcast network you can find this show and others at WWW dot jesus awesome see podcasts dot com download our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and google play just type in jesus mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music from sports entertainment and even weird you're news you can also follow us on twitter and on facebook thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program

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E19# Ecrivaines algriennes pionnires, avec Akila Kizzi, partie 2: genre et littrature


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E19# Ecrivaines algriennes pionnires, avec Akila Kizzi, partie 2: genre et littrature

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Week 11 Preview 2020

Fantasy Focus Football

1:00:20 hr | 2 months ago

Week 11 Preview 2020

"The the fantasy focus football podcast is presented by geico friday november twentieth. You'll gates buried on your belt. Daniel dopp here to get you ready for week. Eleven of the. Nfl season has a season flown by. We've got a ton to cover today. We've got a fresh batch of injury updates from thursday and man. Were there a lot of players out of practice. We've got covid news. We've got potential starting quarterback news. We got by you. We've got all kinds of stuff taken place here today. Good morning to all of us. We just get right into it. We got a lot of stuff to we got a lot of subject. Let's get right got a lot very so. Let's get right into the news. We begin again was to find a bell on cova. Nineteen protocol updates. I hear her shuffling papers over. There is to find you. I'm assuming you're looking at the raiders depth chart to find out. Who is left. No-one no-one on defense. I mean you know when your own coaches come out and say that. They're not sure how they're going to get through this game because they really don't know who they're going to have available. That's a problem now. The hope is that they're going to get a bunch of these guys back. Many of them were high risk close contacts and the hope is that they continued test negative. They'll end up being available but as of right now they're still in limbo and they've got nobody to practice with other than that everything's great. Everything's fine yeah hold on. I ve opened up the wrong note here so i was looking at a tweet out our link in. Oh wow i'm trying to tweet out for our live show and whatever all right so i got my bad. Do you want us all right. We'll continue through with You know what that was the covert update anything else in the bronx before we get back to the thursday night football. I don't know why i was looking at that note. All of a sudden on the code front they think is important to share before we get into thursday football recap and then a bunch of injuries. The moment but i won't guarantee that there won't be something before the show is over. Okay that is certainly possible. Now let's go back to the thursday night game. Recap which of course for some reason or ruinously skipped past in the first place. The seahawks take care of business. Twenty eight twenty. One defense actually looked pretty good in this game. The cardinals fall short cuyler. Murray may very well still finish the top ten quarterback this week but it wasn't his most dominant performance of the year. Only twenty point three fantasy points. That's his season. Low the four for cuyler twenty point three fantasy points at tells you just how dominant he is a little bit banged up during the game. Maybe i should ask you this to yet. He was getting the the the shoulder down between ever drive anything. The maybe concerns you going forward. Well it's interesting because obviously he finished the game. Which is a good sign. And i was watching the broadcast with the sound of our own heaven storm and andrew kramer and they were talking about how kyler murray was throwing and they were looking at really. What i was looking at was kenny deliver. Throw you know. Look like a little wobbly. Sometimes but he was actually throwing quite a bit if you were call. The quarterback named sam darnold who his shoulder in a monday night game came back and finished out that game and then disappeared for a while because a shoulder injury was problematic so sometimes these things do get worse the next day. It's interesting in the game. Presser kyla murray was like my shoulders. Fine like didn't really wanna talk about it. Meanwhile cliff kingsbury was like yeah. I don't really know too much about the injury. We'll have to wait and see but he managed to get through it. I was proud of the way he played through it so little different perspective from each of them will follow this. Of course they don't play until next sunday so we got plenty of time here for the cardinals. Try to get collar right if he is in fact. Not one hundred percent the backs quickly and We said going into the game that we preferred chase edmonds just slightly over kenyan drake. Alright well drake ends up just slightly head of chase edmonds and park kenyan. Drake got involved in the passing game last night. Four catches on five targets for thirty one yards over his previous six games. He had four catches he had four catches last night he also had a rushing. Touchdown owes a play that was initially ruled a fumble on the field. He cashes in matthew. I'm not sure that really discerned anything from this backfield last night and the game other than if they can get kenyan drake that involved in the passing game weekly. It will fortify his value as a top twenty option. Yeah yeah. I mean that was that was. That was a surprising game on a lot of levels. Right surprising. The kyla meridian rushmore. That's why his numbers were a quote unquote low to your point season. Low for him though. Still you know very usable fantasy day but yeah kenyan drake just has not been involved in the passing game four catches in this game. His previous six games four catches so basically matched what he'd done in his previous Six games he had thirty receiving yards to the up to the season prior get thirty eight and thirty eight receiving yards on the year and thirty one in. This game still didn't look exciting. I mean he he gets into the end zone. He falls into the end zone. You know chase edmonds. Catch the other Touchdown like did anything about what you saw on the field. I'm not talking about the numbers but did anything that you saw on the field. Excite you about kenyan drake link your thank god. He's finally getting used in the passing game but like he didn't look like aw man can't wait to get that guy in my lineup. It's not really right but not like it's not like chase. Edmonds was doing things that i gotta get him in the lineup percent. The point is that this is becoming basically an even split in terms of snaps. And i think the analysis holds that can volumes gonna be better chase edmonds opportunities are gonna be better and you're going to probably be really close in terms of where they rank weekend weak out. I actually wouldn't we the the trade deadline coming up next week. If somebody was willing to give you top twenty value for kenyan drake. I would take in a heartbeat. I mean because again. Here's a here was in theory a who's gonna give you that you don't know people are dumb. Beats me like been. We've been pooh-poohing kenyan drake. For months we have not. Everyone listens to us. Really listen to us you. I i have been down on kenyan drake all season long. I've been down on him in the preseason through and this one's made me look smart. I just time there are. Yeah right Blind squirrel a couple of nuts. Yeah the whole thing. But i'm just saying here field. Is that nothing. If you take the touchdown away take the touchdown away. Don't grin on your face feels like a schoolboy that someone just you know like it's like it's like it's like your third grade someone farts. I exactly your mouth rather than your whole if all right so let's talk more about the point it. Listen i just finished this. Obviously they're not gonna video for this. But i'll just say field minister. Yates is that there is nothing nothing about. I mean like kenyan. Drake had twenty nine rushing yards. He had four catches for thirty one yards if he doesn't fall into the end zone. It's a very unremarkable day. As a fantasy running back agree Because i said the word nuts. That's what makes lose it was. It's like move on. Let's move is is because daniel said butthole said nuts. Okay we're done talking about my dog right now. it's ok okay. Like he's lost it. I've never seen i know. Usually he's all put together. I've ever see you lose it like that back. You move on. Yes we can leave. I agree i grow. It took me six years. I finally heal as you'd imagine with a relatively modest day from kenyon from murray's a thrower relatively modest day for some of his past sketchers as well de'andre hopkins five catches fifty one yards again eight targets again. He had a catch that was called back from when they had the penalty in the end zone which resulted in a safety. Not concerned about deandre hopkins christian kirksey four catches on six targets for fifty yards bottom line. Is this the seahawks defense. A better than it has played a basically any point this season credit to them. The corners held up much better than i expected them to especially with all the injuries are dealing with right. Now and same goes to the pass rush. Carlos dunlap has brought them some life for the seahawks. Not the most remarkable second-half offensively but russell wilson was basically good enough in the first half to make his day worthwhile. Twenty point one fantasy points. He has season high ten rushing attempts which helped offset his season. Low hundred ninety seven passing yards but the story of the night in terms of things that were different than you might expect was carlos hyde who stepped in and he was not just good. He was pretty clearly the guy. It's a probably a one week villain seventeen and a half fantasy points last night. Matthew hopefully added them last minute because he cashed in for those. The did yeah. I mean there's been a lot of confusion throughout the last couple of weeks about when carson was coming back when carlos hyde was coming back we heard that carson was actually ahead of hide. And then all you know we heard carson was going to start definitely and then then we heard that that's not the case in. That was hide so a lot of back and forth but yes carlos hyde ultimately gets the start If you've followed me on twitter you aware of that and yeah had it first on twitter on fleet. Don't try to tell me that. I night i talked it anyway. Look the by the way. i'm actually on tiktok. I like the fact that i'm on tiktok. And you're not on tiktok. But here's what i would say about carlos hyde just to give the editor's video in point all right. Here's what i would say about carlos. Hyde he is a must have ad. If you have chris carson. He's out there in about seventy five percent of espn leagues. So if you have chris carson and chris carson is on present roster what this showed and i think we knew this that if chris carson were to miss any more time whether he comes back or later on in the season carlos hyde would be the guy and be very effective like he ran well. He ran with power like it was an impressive performance. He played forty three snaps. Bo scarborough who left that game with injury played twelve. Dj dallas played six. Al collins wasn't activated from the practice squad this week if scrubbers to miss any more time maybe he will be going forward but the expectation is pete carroll said in the post game press conference. Chris carson is playing next week. But by the way i would add carlos hyde as a must add anyways because we've been hearing optimism surrounding chris carson for awhile. I know you're right. The pete was far more definitive. This time around. But still just in case you never know evernote. So still add carlos hyde tyler lockett another big game against the cardinals nine catches sixty seven yards and a touchdown decay metcalf. The end result is okay. Thirteen point six fantasy points but had a forty one yard catch. Come back on a holding penalty that some really wasn't a holding penalty. It was just a offensive linemen. Getting just completely destroyed a front it was really just like a backup and then he has a bad end zone trump event and he had a bad drop he had the he had the forty one yard penalty called back. Forty one yard catch called back through the penalty. And then there was another play where he kind of ran a slant route and he's he's basically going to turn up field and he turns upfield before he fully has the ball drops it and that would have been a huge play and possibly a touchdown because he had the angle and you know how fast he is and so like you know which was a finite for decay mccafe and certainly concerning what he did. The last time against patrick peterson. You'll take it but it could have been a monster night and Really really disappointing. For you know those of us with decay metcalf who you know. Listen last week was tough as well. the game against patrick peterson was tough. Had them in my captain spot in showdown like tournament. That would have been nice. Yeah what do you do very upsetting so it could have been like just a monster monster game for Decay matt kept. But i think the encouraging thing here is that because i had somebody asked me on twitter before like i'm thinking about benching decay metcalf because of patrick peterson. And you're like no no no no you never. Bench decay metcalfe and this is an example. Why One question for you about this game. Then we'll move off of it. Do you think the seahawks defense are no longer. Gimme a layup. Because they played really well. I mean they limited deandre hopkins. They know to this game. You're like oh you start. Everyone against the seahawks defense. Now i'm still gonna feel like that's a match up of greater as opposed to match matchup upgrade. We actually have one more thing before we get to all the news and we have a ton to get you to not a player that i think is particularly fantasy relevant this year but he has been one of the best at position where it's really hard to find players for a long time greg olsen so sad if you saw him at the end it was late in the fourth quarter he pulled up with a non contact injury immediately signaling that he needed help from the medical staff and reports after the game that he tore his plantar fascia He actually had this injury before. I believe it was the opposite side so he knew right away. I'm sure this is very very painful. It could potentially be the end of the season. You never know it doesn't necessarily preclude him coming back at some point but it will cost him some time for sure all right well we hope to see him back on the field of seahawks can make a run here into the postseason which it looks like. They certainly will. We have some breaking news. Literally the tweet just came by seconds ago from adam schefter. i don't know if we have a sounder. Do we daniel sweetness tried. I hit it will turn it up in the control room right now in three boom. Get to some breaking news. It's breaking news. Comes from adam schefter who tweets that. That's right as we all expect to taste. Some hill is starting quarterback for the saints on sunday. All right couple pieces of news here is first one is that tastes hill is starting. He's starting at quarterback it word of the wise here. He is eligible at both tight end and quarterback slots matthew this is major major news in the world of fantasy football massive new. So this is what. I just tweeted seventy three percent available in. Espn leagues inequalities. Tight end for this week okay. So he qualifies at tight end this week and we'll see what happens next week. We'll see what happens to the game but the chances are the chances are is that what's going to happen here. Is that pays him. He'll will become a quarterback only next week as we talked about tatum hill because he qualified at tight in at the start of this week. We're not taking away that that eligibility so then you think about tastes hill. Okay who's gonna start at quarterback for the new orleans saints in a great matchup with atlanta falcons over under of fifty k. So far travis kelsey this year. He's the number. One tied fancy is eighteen. Point eight fantasy points per game matt ryan. Is cuba thirteen game. Nineteen point three. Like you tell me that tastes hill. Can't get to like nineteen twenty points in this game like when you think about his rushing ability we think about the fact that they may bring in james winston for some snaps and throw it to taste some hill a couple of times going to get very creative with him. They love to use them around the goal line and the red zone easily could get a rushing touchdown here so for me. I think as a quarterback tastes hill is probably somewhere in the top. Fourteen ish for me. He's like a high end. Qb to for me this week but because he qualifies at tight in on espn. He's the number one in fantasy for me this week. It's him or kelsey like right. There is the he probably would. Just be one slot below travis. Kelsey for me. But there's a compelling argument to have them at number one so As a starting quarterback of course and as you said and we've talked about this throughout the week if we will make a judgment call we meet in the games group here at espn. After the game on sunday if we need to strip him of tight end eligibility because he's a fulltime quarterback. We're going to do that. And i understand that. Some people be frustrated because they liked having the ability to double dip at quarterback right. You can have a starting quarterback in your quarterback spot. You could have a second starting quarterback in your tight end spot. It feels unfair if we keep tight end only spot or if we give a tight an an quarterback to those that have to face off against some help if he is in fact a fulltime starting quarterback for the saints until drew brees returned. But krupp especially in your tight ends about daniel. Would he got just really quickly. When you're looking at the screen you see field. And i have him at tight end. Eighteen thirteen matthew hasn't at tied into. That's actually because in a ranking tool. I didn't want when you go in matthew's the deal. I actually moved him up too tight end too. So he's my tied into. I believe is matthews tight end. One and field will obviously adjusted as everything. So that's why when you look at this you can see that it has just not been updated because it came in literally at the beginning of the show. I was but but i did add a few weeks i was. He did a super annoying right. Because i like we got in and we were talking about the news that we thought this was coming down the pike and so then what we did was we. Were sitting here both trying to. I'm like sixteen leagues. And i went to my deeper league but the ten team leagues. I'm in with field. Field has it's unbelievable jogger annoying he's quicker than the draw than me. I'm gonna few leagues. But not nearly as many as i as. I wish i did know. Blind finds everyone something like or multiple Just yeah so there you go but this is. This is exciting news. And i think it is like i don't know people will also complain like you shouldn't qualify tight in this week but we talked about it we talked about it like that was his eligibility inner game from the start of the season and we said this if he starts the week eligible position were not going to pull his position eligibility in the middle of the week right so so yes so anyway. My point is is like it's a weird little loophole but yes for this week at least on. Espn you can start. Taste some hill at tight end. And he looks like he's going to be adam schefter reporting this. He's going to be the starting quarterback for the new orleans saints in a great matchup with the atlanta falcons. So yes tatum. Hill is at worst. The set number two tight end this week. He's right there with travis kelsey He should be rostered on one hundred percent leagues. He is the ad of the weekend as we get into the weekend. And here we go with more news and not major news here. But the eagles hosted are going to host jordan howard on a visit and they're gonna eventually signed him to their practice squad. No major surprise here given that he was with the eagles previously. He'll be there. It's depth through miles sanders. Don't start to freak out. We'll assess this later. But i think this is really a player that they would like to have around for a handful of carries a game if anything happens to any of their depth level running backs. Let's not put the cart before the horse here and start freaking out about jordan howard and what it means for miles sanders going forward. Let's get to the injuries and the covid updates and there are a lot of players that popped up yesterday. Thursday on the injury report and includes clyde edwards defined you. Yeah he missed practice yesterday due to an illness. He and daryl williams both sat out. Now they have it specified. What type of illness. But we'll stay tuned in see if there's any additional reports from kansas city but clyde over slayer not practicing thursday due to illness only running backs who did practice lady on bell dr thompson okay. Matthew was it worth maybe potentially preparing yourself to start lady bell like would you start them if clyde already layers isn't sound like he's gonna sit right now. But but especially. When you think about the fact that daryl williams also missed practice right so i mean again you never want to be you. Don't wanna speculate right. But if if whatever caused clyde edwards helaire to miss practice yesterday daryl williams also has right is also they you know they're both in the running back room. Whatever if that's the reason in the literally the starting running back to the chiefs it running back. Depth is labor bell. Darwin thompson against the raiders who also their entire defense has been the covid nineteen lists week basically. It seems like i'm starting leaving on bell. I wouldn't feel great about it. But i would have inside my top twenty the numbers for an andy reid running back out of a by since he's gotten to. Kansas city is north of twenty. It's ridiculous in terms of the amount of fantasy points. And what a what a see any offense does out of the by so clearly no. It's already one of if not the best offense in the nfl to start with. We'll keep an eye on this one as we mentioned happened yesterday. So we'll get more information here. Friday into another one that cropped up yesterday and i'm not quite sure exactly what happened is d. Andre swift was added to the lions injury report on thursday due. To concussion is the presumptions. That's the news. I knew that he was not. He was a full prisoner wednesday. Does that suggest that happens in practice on. You never know. I mean the first of all the lions haven't shared anything as is on par with Usually how they deal with injuries they just let the report to the talking but it you might assume so but he was not listed as limited in any way This could also be something you never know if it happens outside the facility. The other thing is there's delayed onset of symptom reporting sometimes where something might have happened sooner. That did not present with symptoms and then later. The player reports symptoms consistent with a concussion. So they pull them out so right now. We don't know anything other than that. He did not practice thursday and what that portends for the weekend is not clear yet. Okay interesting stuff there matthew. You said this yesterday on twitter that you prefer i believe. Adrian peterson kerryon johnson. If in fact the under swift's sits with just stinks like the guy looked awesome last See this happen. Really a bummer. Had him on the on. The loveliest adam aside top twelve at running back this week thought. It was a great matchup with carolina. You know they're they're twenty ninth against running backs over twenty eight fantasy points per game two opposing running backs. But yes if d andre swift is gonna miss this game. Adrian peterson who has been better than kerryon. Johnson right has been better in terms of fantasy points per touch he. Obviously he has nineteen red zone touches on the your kerryon. Johnson only has seven so more than twice as many red zone touches. Look peterson is going to be the first and second down guy. he's going to be the red zone guy. The the goal line guys got a much better chance of scoring a touchdown. Carrie johnson will be the pass catching running back although weirdly thrown the ball. Adrian peterson more this year. Right i mean just from a skill set standpoint. You'd be like look karen johnson. The pass catcher peterson has eleven catches on the year. Kerryon johnson has eight despite the fact that kerryon johnson has run nine more routes this season. I prefer peterson to johnson. But neither it's not ideal. It would be a running back by committee. And it's a shame in terms of andre swift move forward. Here's to find you to joe mixing. It's been a long time. We've seen him. We're gonna keep waiting on sunday. I feel like this is a broken record. But it's partly due to the bengals lack of updating anything other than zac taylor continuing to call jumps day today Last week you'll recall. He was spotted. A practice on the sideline and then nothing but he didn't participate and this week he is not participating the bengals have yet to rule them out make they make it sound like the doors open but it looks like he's on track miss his fourth straight game okay yeah and by the way more giovanni bernard more giovanni bernard keep things rolling here on the injury fronts to find you and also just quickly t higgins missed practice thursday any concerned there you think or no illness illness. He's another one in the illness. Category where you're not clear what the illness is. And whether it's cove related or not but he certainly has not been moved to the covid nineteen list just out of practice with an illness. You've been i on that one as well today album. Chimeras to find your for the saints not practicing This week so far. Friday of course still has one more opportunity to do so based off last week. I'm not concerned right right. And i think that's correct. I mean he actually was listed as limited wednesday. It must have done a little bit after the open portion. That happens sometimes. Didn't practice it all on thursday. He actually spoke with reporters on zoom call. Which always take that as a positive when the players talking and he downplayed it he i think is worse for like. I'll be all right and the bottom line is this is something. They've been managing for a few weeks. And it may speak more to the saints doing a bit of load management with him during the week so that he's able to play on the weekend. No concern here you. it's week. Eleven the saints have dealt with a lot of injuries. They know the importance of having their guys out there. I expect to see album. Kamerhe look like himself on sunday. Teddy bridgewater though may not be available on. Sunday was to latest on the panthers quarterback. Yeah teddy bridgewater escaped serious injury so that was fortunate you know. It didn't look great when it happened. He limped off the field thankfully with his opposite. Neha not the one that he dislocated and chris mortensen earlier. This week reported no major structural damage for bridgewater which was really encouraging that being said stiffness soreness swelling and the history of that knee They're not gonna rush him back if he's not ready. Matt rule made it clear that they had not made a decision yet and they wanted to see a little more before they decided bridgewater play. Okay let's get to. That's by the way. I don't know who's going to start really. Yeah i'm sure they know themselves and let's get to green bay's to find you a couple of players worth noting there but of course none more important than davante adams one starting to scare me a little bit. I think you know if you read the tea leaves. You look at green bay. Also look at how they manage him when he had a hamstring injury and and he appeared to be ready and then was not able to come back just yet. I think his comments that he made to reporters on wednesday. We're interesting. He said that basically there was something there. It wasn't a nine one. One situation. I think was the phrasing he used but something that needed to be looked at and he would kinda see how it went and i think they asked him if he planned on playing and he said that's the idea but that was also the idea before when he wasn't able to go so i think obviously friday's a big day but yesterday not able to practice after doing a little bit of work on wednesday okay. So let's hope that he does play on sunday if he doesn't matthew. I know you feel like there might be some hidden value and jamaal williams actually. Just here's the thing. He's appeared in five different games with davante adams out since twenty nineteen. He's averaging fifteen point three fantasy points per game eleven point six touches for sixty five yards now nine. He averages nine point seven touches per game with aaron jones but without adams in that stretch so. And that's what that'll be the case on sunday if adams and play. But i'm just. I'm just saying that. Like if you're thinking about aaron rodgers and how they attack this game and there's no davante adams like they're gonna use some aaron jones they're gonna. They're gonna use both jamal adams like the us. They're running backs in the passing catching game to begin with. You've got marquez valdes. Scantling who's a who's a deep threat right and so you know in listen. The colts are very good defense. And then you've got islands are coming back. I mean i guess like robertson. Like i think they go go run heavy here and i think they use both backs quite a bit and so look you already starting aaron jones but one of the reasons why many years ago i started the free aaron jones movement was because of jamaal williams usage like they use him more than your typical backup and so i think it's i think jamal williams has more value this week if adams doesn't play because they're just looking for viable pass catchers and i don't know that they have tons of trust in what's remaining out there big injury day ahead here on friday keep you updated on all the latest with those but before we talk about players we think are going to return a couple of words from friends which includes friends volvo from the moment. They're born you everything to keep your kids safe. But who's looking out for you as you look out for them. The volvo xc ninety suv with advanced safety. Technology helps look after you from the standard blind spot information system that watches your size. 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Well so far so good field but i really like to see him. Put in a full practice friday and have more confidence. All we've gotten our too limited practice session so far in this Since he missed the week and then followed by the by now. It's great that he was out there to start the practice week but still haven't seen a ton from him they'd sound a little more optimistic in atlanta but nothing definitive yet okay. That's if he does play. Obviously it'll be in your lineups. And as i mentioned the matchup for marshon lattimore probably going to be. Julio jones that means that you noticed jenkins who also has been solid. So far this season for the saints. More likely to see more of calvin ridley speaking of players that are going to maybe return this week's to find. I don't have a great sense of it but kenny golladay for the lions. We've at least seen him on the practice field. I think i'm going to be poor little cold water on that. He didn't end up practicing thursday after coming back wednesday so finally finally we see him in practice on wednesday and then he is out on thursday so really They're not a lot of explanation as to why you don't know if that little bit of practice ended up being matic for him and so they took a day off but he hasn't done much yet and so you have to see a lot more on friday to be confident about him. Marvin jones also on the injury report both days but i feel a little more confident about his status so sounds good news a marvin jones and by the way beautiful piece from marvin jones on the players tribune. If you're looking for uplifting story from a family that's dealt with a lot over the past year glad to see that. The jones family doing well During these trying times as defined your matthew stafford Injury has been a bit of a concern this week where we at right now. Well he was able to make some light throws in practice in the portion that was open to the media on thursday. He's wearing some protection on that. Tom and it's really gonna come down to functionality. He's made it clear that he wants to play We know that he can play through discomfort and pain but it obviously with your thumb as quarterback the issues of control and d- grip on the ball. All of those things will come into play so we will know more friday. He's trying but matt patricia. Did make a comment earlier in the week that they need to be smart about this thing. So we'll see spider sense here is that he plays on sunday. When asked matthew about what happens if kenny golladay sits again marvin jones scored in three straight games. Does that mean we go right back to the marvin jones well and expect him to be a top twentyish option. I am thirty five so they said ok. Okay of kenny. Golladay sits Yeah i guess so. Look when he when he's off the field he's targeted on nineteen percent of routes. He actually has more red zone. Touchdowns this season with golladay off the field then. Renzo targets with golladay on the field. So certainly you know the numbers suggest what you would expect just logically that no kenny. Golladay more targets are going his way so would my ranking goes up. Yes what happens. A top twenty guy. I don't know especially with matthew stafford. Not a hundred percent like carolina's defense has you know has been worse recently. It's not a matchup that scares you. But i don't know. I i just don't love marvin jones. What can i tell you. i think he's i think he's a wide receiver three. I would have them somewhere between twenty and thirty all date my ranks obviously and after today's injury report so we get all the practices on friday but secret squirrel. What do you think you love your lions. I do love my lions. But i'm not a massive marvin jones. I love marvin jones. i've member of jones. He's a really nice guy. I'm on team marvin jones. I just don't have the same fantasy love for marvin jones that i've had in years past scored in three straight game now worth noting that both matthew and daniel hanging out handout raisins on halloween. I'll take with a grain of salt. So you love barbra joe girardi in marvin jones. Five seven no i. I have a head of davante adams but all adjusts have kenny. Golladay ends up being ruled out. He'll end up being a top twenty five or six this week. Which is what. I'm saying but i mean like top twenty. I don't know that's that's tough. Okay well let's what's player are tough decisions. I think this week. I think aaron rodgers legitimately tough decision this week and i know i said this on thursday. Maybe it was wednesday. I said you know what the scariest thing fantasy sports to do is to bet against a legend and one of them being aaron rodgers. The guy is remarkable. I don't have to tell you about that. But he has a really really difficult match this season. I don't know if the cold fence has flown under the radar. I don't think it's flowing into the radar entirely. Maybe a little bit only because so much what we talk about with. The colts is other frustrating. Runningback rotation or philip rivers because he's the rivers and he's really fun and he's enjoyable. He's also often entertaining. Their defense is the real deal. They are number one against opposing quarterbacks. In terms of fantasy points per game allowed the season he has moved up. Has aaron rodgers to quarterback ten in my rankings after removing both russell wilson in cuyler murray from the rankings. After last night's game matthew had ten it because up to eight at this point. Understand that if you're in a ten team league. There's a very good chance that two quarterbacks have already been played like are you considering. Starting sorry sitting. Aaron rodgers this week probably not like i get it. I definitely get it right. It is a decision i think. He's a borderline. Qb one that's where ranks all have him go into this week. They're the number one defense against a quarterback's but like the past insert levant. Hannah's with miss this game that would lower it. But it's worth noting like the last four games that aaron rodgers is played without davante adams scored over twenty four fantasy points. I just he. You know. I know i get it. I get it. I guess my point is is here. Here's what i would say that if aaron rodgers by I of devante plays if you're starting him if he doesn't you're sitting them. It depends on my options k. It depends option. So by that what i mean is that if if my rosters such that i would have to drop what i consider to be valuable piece to go. Pick somebody up off the waiver wire. I'm not doing it. But if i have another viable option on my roster you do. I would if i've got ben. Ross if i've got aaron rodgers and ben rothlisberger. I'm playing big ben over them. You know something like that right. Yeah that's fair. that's where i'm at. I think he's i think it's legitimate to be nervous about it but i think he has been so good this year. That it's hard for me to say like yeah. I'm benching aaron rodgers. And you know. I don't know feels like matchup proof this year lower expectations for him but like to go out of my way to not play him. I'm not doing it just interesting. Because tom brady has been almost every bit the player that has been this year. He's got a better supporting gas in terms of pass catcher right. He's got a better match not by much better match up again. The colts have been the best defense in terms of facing opposing. Quarterbacks this season the rams aren't far behind tom. Brady's lowering our rankings. You've got on the hitlist this week. Would you bench. Tom brady yes. Okay so i've brady at twelve. I mean i understand when you say like they've had similar seasons but like we've also seen like that game against the saints the first game of the year. We've seen a couple of like real stinkers from tom. Brady rodgers had at least one and one against the boxer. You'll stinker yet. He he hit his head one. he's brady's head to i. Guess for me and agree with you. He's got a better supporting cast. But for me think it's just concern about the offensive line. How these two teams play. Rogers obviously more mobile than brady. The offensive line for the buccaneers to start to show a little bit of Leakage if you will and the rams defensive front is just so strong here i mean. The rams are second events quarterbacks. I dunno i guess. I just sort of feel like that. Tom brady will be under more pressure in this particular game. The rams allowed just eleven point. Four fantasy points per game to posing quarterbacks over the last four games they've just been been great and so look i've rodgers ranked ahead of brady. I'm not saying i same sort of thing. I'm not actively going out of my way to bench. Tom brady but if i have another viable option on my team i certainly would strongly consider it. Tom brady made the hate list. This week you know because again hate list is all expectations and for the first time. I think i'll season. I have tom brady outside my top ten so i don't want to make this into a deep dive conversation on whether you should start james robinson or not. Because he's still in the top ten for all of us want to point out the steelers running back. Matchup is about as bad well. Literally as bad as he'll face the season as the steelers rank first against opposing running backs in terms of fantasy points scored only one running back scored more than sixteen point. Five fantasy points in a game against pittsburgh. Here's the good news. Though james robinson is the jaguars backfield if they're going to be running back carries they're gonna go james robinson he leads the team. He leads the league. In terms of percentage of team carries at seventy seven point five percent and percentage of team rushing yards. Seventy six point. Six percent plus. He's a good pass catcher as well. This is one of those like we're just resetting expectations for the week. If you have james robinson don't sit him but you know what you may not be. He may not be the difference between he may not be the The guy that pushes you over the top in your match up this week. Let's get to some love for this week. Matthew because as always your love hate column is on. Espn dot com on thursdays good-quality read about justin jefferson who has emerged as perhaps perhaps the best wide receiver in a very very talented twenty twenty rookie class. He leads the nfl in receiving yards on deep passes. He makes the loveless for you against the cowboys he does you know. Look there's a concern here in the concern of course is that they just decide to run. Dalvin cook forty five times right but assuming they're gonna pass like one of the things. You like about justin jefferson. Here's a guy that leads. The nfl in receiving yards on deep passes passes that are fifteen. Or your your fifteen or more yards. Downfield cowboys have allowed a league-high nine deep touchdown passes like you can throw in the cowboys. But you can definitely throw deep on them. And so you have to be encouraged by what you saw last week against chicago on monday night. Justin jefferson. i don't want see. It was a coming out party. Because he's already sort of been a fantasy super-secret felt like it was a reminder. How good is yeah. it was. It was a star performance on a big stage was the star performance in a tough match-up and he's got a much easier matchup against the cowboys. I'm as wide receiver twenty this week. So i'm the highest among the. Espn ranker's on him. And to your point he makes the loveless guy who makes the hate week is todd. Gurley the scenes never allowed one. Hundred yard rushers. They never do it they just. It's very very rare for them to do so as a result. Todd gurley on your hate list for the week saints. Give up the second fantasy points per game. Two opposing running backs a season. Last four games new orleans is giving up. Just forty three rushing yards per game. And you mentioned that the saints of allowed. Just three running back rushing touchdowns all year long and the reason. That's important is because rushing touchdowns is what's kept todd. Gurley fantasy value of float this year. Right i mean todd gurley would be outside the top twenty of running backs if you just took his touchdowns away just like if you took on such sounds like he's just. He's very touched on dependent as a fantasy asset. And so i think he has a lesser chance of scoring a touchdown this week than he does in most weeks. So i am just outside my top twenty. He's more of a flex play to me or a low end rb to this week than the top twelve guy. He's been most of the year. It's hard for me to say. That noah fant has it met expectations this year. Because other than travis kelsey really know. Tied hasn't met expectations for the most part this year. Take some hill this week. That's right baby stephanie. I wanna ask you quickly about the health. Status of noah fant who has been a little banged up and defense right and he missed time. I think he missed one game because of the ankle injury that he had and he's been still playing with remnants of that but then he added a rib injury to the mix this week now. I'm told they look good in practice yesterday. Moving around while reaching for the ball The expectation is that he will you never know until they take a hit a game situation whether the ribs could flare up but it looks as if he will play okay. That is good news. But he's still matthews hate list against the dolphins. Yeah outside the top ten week to field week. Two is the last time. No offence had more than forty seven yards and a game Been a while it has and so you've got now you've got drew lock who's also banged up. We don't know who's going to be a quarterback for denver. We think it's going to be drew lock but we don't know i don't. I don't think that i think there's a chance. Looks like it's trending that way. But i listen. I'm not define you nine eight my job. My job is to be like drew. Lock in a play. Who do you think's to find you. I think it's really iffy right now. I don't think it looks great. Okay there you go all right. So now i be rippin. You know either way. It's either going to be a banged up. Drew lock or it's going to be brett rippin under center for denver in a tough match-up against dolphins team to give the fourth fewest yards per game. Two opposing tight. End noah fant not one hundred percents healthy as well again like most tight ends. He's touched independent. I just. I'm a believer in the dolphins defense field and given all the injuries in the fact that honestly the broncos offense to slick so out of sync hard for me to trust noah fant more to come on noted fantasy superstar such jd mckissic savant akhmed and also kaelin balaj but first couple of words from friends. Do you own rent your home. Sure you do. And i bet it can be hard work you know what's easy bundling policies with geico geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to go dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save geico easy visit. Geico dot com today. That's dot com. You know the pressure you feel when heading into a fantasy draft you wanna make sure you're picking the right guys to get the job done because whatever your strategy is at the end of the day. It's all about who you have on your team. We really needed something like ziprecruiter. When we're doing our fantasy drafts. And they don't make that yet but we can get mike clay on it to figure out for us ziprecruiter in the real world though does make hiring easier than ever and right now you can try for free at ziprecruiter dot com slash. Oso to procuder sends your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job sites scanning thousands of applicants and actively inviting them and their most qualified candidates to apply. So you can hire the right people fast. In fact four out of five employers who post ziprecruiter found a quality candidate within the first day. Only one day and in one day is so fast guys. Imagine if we had something like that during our fantasy drafts we never lose. We wouldn't need matthew anymore so try ziprecruiter for free today when you post your job at ziprecruiter dot com slash. Oh six oh. No that's ziprecruiter dot com slash zero six zero one zero one more time zone. Dot com slash. Oh six oh one oh ziprecruiter smartest way to hire timing right there. Well done by daniel. Just in the nicotine. Let's get to a couple of players that have been good recently whether they can keep it up. Jd mckissic makes the loveless for you matthew and it must be nice. You can have a player who plays for your team. Also make the lowest. It is indeed since week five. He's the sixteenth best running back in fantasy. It's unbelievable but past two weeks twenty nine targets. He's been a top fifteen running back both those weeks and you think about this cincinnati bengals defense that allows you. That is giving up. The you know like they're middle of the pack. I think the fourteenth against running backs like their defense isn't great. And i believe that. Alex smith and that offense will be the move the ball downfield against cincinnati and jd. Mckissic is a legit part of the passing game euro and so being able to look. You know alex smith is more comfortable sorta thinking and dunking which is one of the reasons why mckissic has but like they like him. He actually plays more snaps than tony gibson. Like it's not a fluke. I'm telling you they. They really liked jd mckissic. And he's an integral part of what they're doing in washington a game in which against cincinnati like they're gonna be able to move the ball austin ekeler is close to returning but he's not there yet and that means another week of killing balaj matthew. This guy no jokes here but we could probably make a few jokes has been really good over the past couple of weeks but a balaj barrage. That's right he been checking into the bellagio right. They've been You know they've been going to the blah's mahal. Buying the postcards ran. The t shirt's hanging onto the gift shop. Look the fact is is that kaelin. Balaj has got nays ton of volume past two weeks. He's gotten forty touches in eleven different red zone. Carey's he's running back twelve over the last two weeks with fifteen or more fantasy points each week so tons of volume and now the second week in row where he gets a revenge game as capable is of course spend a little bit of time with the jets in his career actually earlier this year. Jets obviously twenty six against the running backs. There's a lot of bad stats that we can tell you about the jets. You know the jets are bad. So here's a running back. That has some talent. That's gonna get a lot of iran in a good matchup. I've killing blush the top twenty play this week. I don't know why we haven't talked about this more but big week for matthew berry quarter l. Patterson comes through balaj the top twenty play. He told you so he told you. So savan akhmed. He makes the loveliest as well this week with a likely start for him. I think i think the lesson of kaylynn balaj and cordeiro. Patterson is very clear. I'm always right sometimes. It just takes a long time I'm always right right. You've got to trust me just going to stay with me. Just stay with it. Sometimes it might take six years on. Cordeiro patterson always right. I'm just saying eventually it all comes around just got to trust mattie just trust the process. It's what i'm the said to your point about savant. i'm in i'm in. listen. I matt brita. I don't believe the dolphins want matt brita to be a fulltime guy. They absolutely do not. He's going to be a part time guy and so he'll come back but make no mistake. Savant akhmed looked really good last week. He got eighty. One percent of the dolphins running back touches hit twenty one carries like he got a ton of work and by the way was good. Doing it looked. The part really looked the part. And you can't ask for better matchup up. The denver broncos who over the last four weeks are a bottom three defense in terms of run defense last week allowed the second. Most running back rushing yards and the second most touchdowns savant beds going to get another big workload in a great matchup on sunday. I'm i have as a borderline rb to this week. We're starting to see some signs of major star potential from jerry jeudy matthew so the good news is he's been really really productive and busy of late. Are you concerned about the match against as pretty stingy. Dolphins defense a little bit. I mean we talked about whether it's going to be rippin or drew lock and listen. The dolphins defense playing really well. This offense feels out of sorts when you watch the denver offense. You're just sort of like what are you guys doing. Like you know chiquet. Jay hammer is getting a ton of targets as well. And you know tim patrick's involved. We all love jerry. Jeudy talent. i keep trying to trade for jerry. Jeudy and our dynasty league won't give them up. I have very stingy. You grip him like a. You know it's very upsetting. I hold them tight. Yeah find somebody that looks either way field. Yates looks at jerry. Jeudy our dynasty leagues right and so anyway but for this week i would say yeah. I'm definitely concerned how outside my top thirty like denver. I'm a believer in the denver defense. And i'm not a believer in the denver offense. Sorry the dolphin. I'm a believer. That dolphins defense not a believer in the denver. Offense a lot of these there. We're going to spend the rest of the show. Lettings to find you brag about picking up jakobi meyers in the war room league about a month ago. Stefan years you've been writing hot hand of jakobi meyers. Who once again. i imagine. We'll find his way into your lineup. The sunday he definitely he's earned a permanent spot in the day to day roster and look i was a clear and i was hoping for something. And he's consistently produced through touchdown last week. I love him. i'm his biggest fan. Yeah it seems right now. There's a legit connection between he and cam newton matthew. I think you wanted to add something there as well. Just the fact that. I'm playing to find in the worm league so i always know he's going off. We myers will absolutely go off. Remember this dog. The the texans bottom ten in the nfl in terms of fantasy points allowed to opposing wide receivers. This is a guy that's got an over forty one percent target share over the last three weeks. He's fancy wide receiver six over the last three weeks averaging over ten targets a game for nineteen fantasy points per game and the texans should be able to score on new england. I think is a sneaky high scoring game and so yeah. Jakobi meyers talent opportunity. And the fact he's playing against me in the war room league at all lines up for a big jakobi meyers week. You heard it right there for math. Let's get into some of the monday night. Football players of course a huge game. The rams going to tampa bay to play the tom brady. Led buccaneers exclusively on. Espn you can also watch on the espn app or espn. Deportes cannot wait for this game. Or we're going to do here is get out the touchscreen and we're gonna talk about players and put them into one of two categories. Are you confident or are you not confident. And we're gonna start with the rams matthew and when you talk about the rams and fantasy you usually have to talk about the running backs. Those are the ones where you might have wavering competent. So darrell henderson. Matthew confident or not confident in starting. Darrell henderson on monday night. Not super confident. They have more of lex play. Like here's the thing. If i have to start if i have to start a rams running back. I'm starting darrell henderson. Okay okay but the fact of the matter is is that he's not really involved in the passing game under fifteen receiving yards. Four straight games. Cam akers is getting a little bit too much work for my liking. And obviously malcolm brown isn't going anywhere. They like him in in red zone packages and passing. Downs buccaneers top twelve in terms of fantasy points allowed to opposing running backs here. So he's outside my top two thousand for the week guys. Hate him even more than i do. Is i look at your rankings. They're li- do a lot of the logic that you use to describe why you're not competent. In darrell henderson applies to malcolm brown who also lands in the new category there in terms of confidence malcolm ronca fall in the end zone once or twice because he has done that on a couple of occasions this season that being said not done of work consistently not as much involved in the passing game as you might want and again. We could see some acres on monday night. It's a legit committee. Now let's get to your little cooper kupp. Matthew confident and cooper kupp. Plan against the bucks on monday night. I am so look what happens when a quarterback under pressure right. He looks for he looks for somebody. Close to the line scrimmage and so right so you know playing out of the slot which is where the corners for tampa bay so good. They've gotten really great play from the corners this year. So the middle of the field is where you can really attack tampa bay defensively which is obviously where My little cooper kupp lines up as well. They struggle against the slot and so when he's under pressure. And i do expect. Jared goff to be under pressure. This week against tampa bay. I think he's going to be looking for cooper kupp so i think he gets high target share here. I like comes a top ten play. This interesting note for you. This week is that robert was mixed the hate list. So i'm assuming he goes into the no category. Are you still confident now. I'm definitely not confident. I mean yeah. I mean hate again. The hate is all about expectations. Robert woods has generally like sort of a top fifteen ish wide receiver lance outside my top twenty for the week. So there's some concerns on him right last three weeks. He's got a fifteen percent target. Share like one of the pro robert woods. Arguments was just is insane target share last year and just has it happened as josh reynolds has gotten twenty three percent target share over the last three weeks little cooper kupp at twenty seven percent under thirty five receiving yards and three of the last four under forty yards and four. The last six like they just haven't been using that much like whereas early in the season they were giving him runs. They were designing ways to get the ball in his hands. It just they seem to have gotten away from that as well. And then you think about tampa bay again as we've talked about this defense. The six fewest yards per catch. Two opposing wide receivers. He's got a tough match-up likely going to be a lot of carlton davis this week. Yeah outside my top twenty for the week. I took the liberty of moving josh reynolds. To the no competence. 'cause we could skip to the buccaneers and we start with the backfield matthew. Lot of talk about the bucks backfield this week. Are you confident in ronald jones. Ish at the show. I go to the or no. I'll say no then fine. I'll say now. If you're going to be i don't i don't know if you don't have an ish column so i wish we i wish we did. Look he's outside top twenty. Look here's the thing. He's been great right. Obviously coming off the huge game he out snap. Leonard fournette like forty four to twenty nine. Put the ball on the ground early and they still went back to them but then two weeks ago he put the ball on the ground early. We didn't hear from them again. Right like you just you. Just don't know it feels like they. They really go with the hot hand here. And it's a tough match up against the rams who loves fewest yards two running backs after contact per carry only three times. This year has running back scored more than thirteen and a half fantasy points against the rams like to double digits. Sheriff could he fall into the end zone. Sure but you've got four net there. I feel like this is going to be more of a defensive struggle on monday night so in terms of like i think he's a high end flex this week. She has the potential for more. He's a top ten back on the season. But like this is a tough match-up. I would presume for it. Also makes the no-confidence correct. Okay moving have him. I have ronald jones. Ranked higher than leonard fournette. If you're picking a tampa bay buccaneer running back. I prefer jones to forget this week. But i only have three spots apart. Pass catchers time. Let start with antonio brown matthew who had seven catches this past week. You confident this week. No i'm not confident. Although i will say that i think when you think about how the rams lineup defensively there could be potential for if antonio brown has a big game on monday night it would not shock me at all again. What's been encouraging as since he came to bay. Tom brady's looking for them like they're they're trying to get the ball. He's been getting about the same amount of targets as evans and godwin's the just haven't connected in a big way yet. And so if figure jalen ramsey sees a lot of mike evans. Here like okay. Maybe he'll shadow. Maybe he won't but that secondary is really good but they're gonna have their hands full with evanson godwin and so antonio brown who weirdly is going to be. The third option might actually get the most looks. Because the rams are so focused on godwin evans confident. I wouldn't say i'm confident. I'm look i'm not confident. Any of these passing game. But i do think there's a. There's a clear path tony brown having a big fantasy day. Then maybe evans or godwin given the matchups. Let's get to the wide receivers to other wide receivers. Chris godwin is. I confident him or no. No i'm not confident. Any of these guys. Like i mean i i mean i haven't wide receiver twenty-seven like a yukon. Like you take over you you you are you. Have you disagreed with any of my decisions. Let's go there. The only one that. I think i probably disagree with so far is is ronald jones. Your jones robert woods okay. Robert wood put over here in this. Yes confident like okay. I have a hard time envisioning myself. Benching robert woods. Well that's what we asked. You're asking if you confident like like. Are we confident that i'm not. I mean that'd be confident. This cowan's to chris cobb into those so far. Yeah interesting. how about mike evans. We we both have. Here's what's weird like because you said you confident chris carter. Would you ever ranked twenty four. I'm at twenty seven. i'm i'm maybe. I'm up all right i to me. Confident means top twenty. Okay me like. I'm definitely starting him and i think there's a scenario where you're not starting chris. I mean based on my ranks. Your there's a there's a scenario where you're not starting chris. Godwin this senator where. You're not starting ronald jones. So how about mike evans. I just moved to the column for you. Yeah i'm a twenty eight twenty nine. I'm one spot higher than you. But again with chris godwin active and no antonio brown. He was just three a game. He needs a touchdown to pay off like had the big game last week. Which is great. But it's the first time we've seen mike evans be like kind of mike evans. I feel like this year when there have been other when there been other viable pass catches on the field with him. So i think he's a lot of jalen ramsey in this game out of that part how 'bout but gronk has to go into the comp. Yeah and if you're not kelsey your tight are tre or tastes hill. Then you may not trust that tight end this week. Out of this feels like more bay grinded out game. No doubt about that and You know the rams have played really great defense as have the bucks so maybe confidence is not quite. the right. word is used to describe. Robert woods and chris godwin. I just think personally. If i have either of them i better have darn good options. Not be starting them on monday night. Can't wait for the game though. We got nike. Just curious we got i think. The buccaneers when okay. Okay interesting. I e the bugs went to hey just to recap really quickly. Tastes hill expected to start at quarterback on sunday for the saints. According to adam schefter for this week he is eligible to be utilized at tight end or quarterback. Go grab him right now. We will reassess here at. Espn well let you know early next week. Whether he maintained that tight end eligibility my instinct he will not this. Is your one chance. Take advantage of tale the tight end. It's a crazy thing. Diana diner senior reporting jameis. Winston will not be a part of any offensive packages. Sunday versus the falcons. Well so that means it's going to be the case him. Hail show on zagged identity for. Brian will be very informative on sunday with plenty of trade deadline. Talk for matthews. To finding daniel i m field. We'll talk to you guys on monday. Am eastern on espn. Two sunday morning piece how.

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The Scho Bro Show, Part 1: Focus is the key if the Steelers want to make history

Behind the Steel Curtain

33:09 min | 2 months ago

The Scho Bro Show, Part 1: Focus is the key if the Steelers want to make history

"Pittsburgh steeler fans welcome back to another episode of the scarborough show. This is the little brasco. Dave scofield coming at you live. I forgot to say on the co editor behind the curtain. Dot com coming at you. What you did with his big brother rich rich. How are you the ceiling. I'm wonderful one. Just one moment. We're even sweet smell of victory yet again. There it is victory in times seven seven straight times are being able to breathe it in like that. That's fantastic. this is one. I tell you. I didn't think i was going to get to breathe it in like that. At halftime you know now did not. I'll be honest with you when they came back and just made it a game. I was like yes. Make a game. Because i had said before i thought this was the hardest game had left on their schedule to go into baltimore. Play them coming off their bye and everything else but this team stayed focused on what they needed to do. And as we're going to see they need to stay focused ahead if they're going to make some history so they it's funny. Because they did you get the seed steelers vertex today on the website. Sure did okay. Because see. that's part of the focus that the steelers ad they Honed in on one thing that they thought was going to work offensively in the second half and for two straight drives. That's what they did and it really worked out. If you didn't check that out at behind the curtain dot com your one stop shop for all things pittsburgh steelers makes you do but rich it is. We're still coming up big victory that it's called a stranglehold on the afc north. It is it is the steelers to lose at this point. The only thing that was going to keep the pittsburgh steelers from winning the afc north is the pittsburgh steelers. It's all it's all up to them now. They're in the driver's seat for it. That means we still don't know what's going on when it comes to a playoffs there. Oh my goodness we got various things coming in. I there have been reports of you. Know the possibility of playoff bubble for For a if. That's what needs to happen whenever it comes around When the playoffs come out then there's also. The talk was even asked coach tomlin today tuesday in his in his press conference about the possibility of even expanding the playoffs. One more team this year to have sixteen teams. Which means no by for anybody very very interesting. If they do that. I think that would of course leave it up to the nfl that if the steelers happened get the one seed. They're gonna make sure they don't get by but that's more of a talk if they have to. Let's say they have to extend a game beyond the regular season rather than have a team after take. It's actually a disadvantage then for team. If they would have two weeks off. I think is what they're looking at lots of different things to look at but for now. They're still chugging ahead week. Nine you get through week nine. You're halfway there of the nfl season so so there they go. It's good to see people come and it in a live chat. We appreciate you all this some great time for some steeler conversation so rich but your impressions from from sunday. You know your your second had sweet smell victory. what stood out to you the most. Yeah but i'm still recovering from you. Know like my six heart attack in thirty minutes would yeah. That was who that was. Actually my take actually just kinda caught onto this a little bit ago. So i was watching some stuff on tv. There were two very similar games. That happened in the nfl. This week in the steelers were were a part of one of those two games and that comes down to where a game where one team totally dominated the game over the other team offensively and yet the team with less offensive stats wanna game and that second game was the miami los angeles rams game. Yeah because miami just got some really in this court from all kinds of phases in that one yes But when you really look at the yeah they wanted. The way they went against the steelers won the game against the ravens at was figuring out. Just what do we need to do to win. Yep and really. That was the steelers on on while the second half steelers on sunday. We're like okay. What are we need to do to win. Well bike you alex smith. I told you all what. I saw highlighted this guy when we drafted him that he was going to be a playmaker and he made by when you did the most on sunday and the offense turned right around netted seven points and that was the turning point in a game. That was gonna be my question to you. Was that the play that changed. Everything i say was the series of place. Between his interception new plays to a touchdown that changed everything. Yeah well then go to the next one because they went through album the next one grech. Yes they held the ravens three and out and got the ball back down three points and it was just. It just happened all of a sudden and you were expected at the steelers. We're going to get back in at the head to do something on that very first drive and they come out on the very first play and it's jude's very first target and they get twenty three or twenty four yards. I can't remember which number was then. Three straight incompletions at a punt. And you're like okay. I guess the second half not going to be that much more than what we expect in the first half but what happened. Stay focused do what you gotta do. Don't know why they were throwing the ball on their first. Play of the second half. I don't know why they bothered mall period because bad things happen. To fumbles by lamar. They lost two fumbles and four sacks. Yeah crazy i mean. Those were the things that they couldn't afford but he tries to make that throw boy. Did highsmith go up and make a nice play on that. It did he really my shop. High point net football and getting just enough to block it out of the year and see numbers. I just to say that that play was a turning point. There were other plays earlier on bringing people people were talking about that. If it weren't for those plays than that couldn't have even been turning point. Of course you know the spelane would pick six. Oh if the steelers announced seventeen nothing at halftime. that's crazy. You're talking about the the strip sack to keep them off. The board probably would have been three. Because i think that was on third down if i'm if i were called. That took three points away. And who's to say they wouldn't have gone for it there. It could've even been seven so that was a big play. A the those kind of place just kept a minute but then then you had what. I thought the steelers. We're going to get the momentum right before. Halftime what i thought joe hayden with pick. So you're not in play a little bit after after everything said and done. That's that plays kind of got glossed over. But if joe hayden comes up with that pick the steelers are probably going to get at least three out of that and the ball coming out of the half and instead the rat bridge ended up getting three points. Yeah so i'll tell you. What to joe joe. Haden pick joe. Joe was trying to sell it when it went to. You know when they when is being reviewed but you could come into heaven. yeah he. He didn't have he did not have it. Unfortunately but I mean it. It was what it was but there were. i mean. There was some things that i felt the steelers did it had them particularly ben rothlisberger. Yes he was four of ten in the first half. But you know what i didn't do. He didn't turn the ball over correct. You know he didn't turn the ball over the one guy that got a little bit. Go and chase claypool had the fumble that was just a good defensive play. I don't think that claypool was careless. But he he's gotta learn from that if he didn't learn i mean he should have gone back seem week five from last season. That little bit karinna claypool. He's a chronic tumbler. Yeah that's two fumble now. I but that's the first one he's lost. I think so because the other one remember almost went out of bounds that was denver. Which by the way with the steelers being seven oh that game against denver where they took a knee inside the ten yard line is the only game. We haven't covered this season. And we're going to get into that more when we when we look ahead to the cowboys. So but that's you know. Sometimes it's something you have to worry about with young players. Is you got to remember. These guys are professionals. You're basically taken. Yes he played at notre dame so he so he played some against some high-quality college competitions. But you basically got to think of you got to take the best two players on every team faced all and put them all together under one team. You're playing every week. That's what happens when you go to the pros and so it takes just a little bit more. Hopefully he's learned a lesson with that one. But ben took care of the ball and in the second half my goodness what he did on those two drives like i laid this out in vertex. Say say some some. Jeffrey benedict's breakdown on some of this stuff offensively today was fantastic. The website it really was well. That can't be right. Shit showing how we took advantage of stacking some receivers Things like that was just perfect. It showed the adjustments. The steelers knew they had to make in the second half offensively to have any success in the passing game and then once they found that they were basically like. We're going to stick to this kind of stuff until the show they can stop. Yeah and that's that's what we talked about. When we were trying to fair we're going to do for for our vertex article. So that's what was going on there if you haven't check that out. Go to bonds curtain dot com or go to google type in steelers vertex. It's gonna come up but i just. I looked at several. I broke down every offensive play. The steelers had in the second half. And and you even referred to their last touchdown the game winning touchdown on knee-jerk reactions of every single. Play on that drive the pass. Yes every single. On the on the first touchdown drive first offense touchdown drive. Then i'd say it was the long drive. Not the ebron touchdown but the one that that that regained that. Got the lead back forum. Almost all were passes. They had three runs for a total of negative one yards because he had a one run a one yard touchdown at the end but they had three are loss in their the onset of seven yard sack that i wasn't counting either way and then everything else was passes but he completions with the exception of the ones with penalties so they took their shots as low as i saw so many people behind the curtain dot com making this ob- observation that they were they were calling them. Let's see what were they called him. They they were saying that ravens were playing the seattle seahawks defense their defensive philosophy of. We're just going to knock you around the physical interfere with you on every play because they're gonna get tired of it and they're just eventually on call it. Yeah and that's kind of. Yeah so that's that's an and it cost. There was times there could have been more pass. Interference calls and there might have been one of those that might have been a little bit ticky tack but there was probably more miss than what they're worth ticky tack ones but we don't wanna get too much into ticky tack. 'cause one cameron hayward still has a lot to say about ticky tack whenever you. I still don't understand how you can get flagged for late hit out of bounds when when both feet from player are still trying to just don't like that. He hit him hard on the sideline but he didn't hit him. No he hit. Hit and mingka as much i held of jackson and cameron heyward hits minka in the back. Yeah and that sends minka lamar jackson tumbling. Let's earthquake. I didn't get it. Yeah and that is what allowed. I mean a punt was coming after that play. That netplay never should have got the sidelines. That should have been a sack in the middle of the field. I think it was do pre that miss that one. But i'm not exactly sure so crazy stuff i mean i. It's so funny. Because i don't know what my neighbors i don't live that close to my neighbors but i'm sure they heard me on sunday. I mean i. When that final play happened i was screaming. Of course you've got you've still got people rat vard's fans and players and coaches complaining about that last play when multiple people have broken it down to say that was the right call because minka fitzpatrick has every right. I know you're very left. He has every right to go. Get that ball and attacked that. The receiver put his head in there in other words. Let his head get in the way of minka. Who should i could have had an interception if it wasn't for justin lane that's not a pass interference call and that could have changed something that would have been a really bad thing. So now that play. Was you listen to almost every channel this. Look at that play. And they're saying you know that was the right call. Yeah where was. I look at this. This could have been me as r- said he got kicked out of the bart the probably. So hey mr ellison the live chad there you go so Shut it off to mr l. Right so anything more you want to. I mean i want to soak in this victory. But i don't want the steelers to soak in this victory. There's still some things from his game. That has me a little bit miffed. But but i'm still celebrating. I'm drinking a cheer. Y there you go for anyone. That was one curious about celebrating because this is historic because the last time the steelers were seven to their a big. Dave was the year you were born. Yes the year of my birth. I was i was around for it. I just don't remember it. We're talking about is around for it. I don't remember host forty years old with this wondering. It's a four year difference between us. So i do want to mention some some of the things going on with the steelers. We've got got some interesting news on the injury front From coach tom the day he expects for those. That might not have realized this. I picked it wrong. I had a feeling going into the last game. That between mike hilton. And derek watt. One of them would dress. They were both questionable but they wouldn't play. There would only be there in case of emergency and the reason they they still dressed was because the steelers were they going to address. Josh dobbs dress. An extra lineman what were they going to do so they were better off having someone. I thought they might address mike hilton and not played him. They i guess they resisted. The temptation wasn't dressed instead. It was derek what did not play a snap. The elevated antoine brooks from the from the practice squad. The sixth round rookie from the last draft didn't play a snap from what i understand. They were listed in the report at the end of dnp. So i didn't actually check the snap counts to see if any of changed so but it looks like derek. What jordan dangerfield They were both listed as players who they expect to be back this week without any reservations on. Fortunately my killed in was not listed there. But i still think mike hilton has a chance to come back and play. I think coach was saying about hilton. Wasn't he that they're hopeful. But they wanna see how shoulders doing throughout the week. Yes and i know. Some people are going to have some opinions about these injuries. And we're gonna get to that more. When we preview this week you also have ties now. Hawala who could miss a couple of games but it's look at it was an mc l. sprain. It's he still not ruled off this week. But i wouldn't put my. I wouldn't put a lot of stock in implying this week but it doesn't look like it's up that's going to be long-term cam heyward on the other hand. They say with his quad. There's a good chance he can play. Jeff jeff hartmann thinks. He deserves an oscar. He says km knew what he was doing at key times that he went down not that he wasn't hurting but he might have been able to play through them but just based on the timing of everything he might not have. I think he was dealing with some some cramping issues. Maybe a mild strain but hopefully can't can't get back. That's the injury issues. Then you've got the trade. Oh yes yeah you. Don't forget the trade. Yes this steelers. Go out and get another inside linebacker. And i had an if i recall. This is the guy that michael beck been been for. That's exactly what i was gonna say. I have to give props to deputy editor michael beck. This was the guy he wanted. This was the guy he said they should go get. And i was kind of like an 'cause. I've i've often learned when you think the is going to get a guy how many times they really go get the guy. I'm still shocked. That fitzpatrick is black and gold. I just didn't think they would go get him. I'm still shocked. Joe haden ended up in black and gold. I just didn't think they'd make the move. Because i've i've conditioned that that's not the way the steelers operate but now it's starting to come war but not only that. What are your thoughts about. A half season. Rental linebacker with devon bush being out. Because you know you might not need. So that's why it's good that it's a half season not terrible against the salary cap a linebacker you six. Well i guess. I should say five. Plus years in the league last season he misses the entire year with an aco injury. There's no avery williamson his name. He missed the entire two thousand nine hundred season with entry because oh man jets fans were furious because he was in a preseason game when they felt he had no business being in there he should have been taken out of that game by then and he wasn't a has the injury he's lost for the season comes back and still get him now. I haven't really watched him play on the field. I know i've i've seen some breakdowns of stuff. i know. we're gonna have breakdown of them. Coming from jeffrey benedict advantage till dot com. Your one stop shop for all things pittsburgh steelers. I think that's coming out thirsty thursday. We'll see exactly what it comes out. If you know what i mean. It doesn't it could possibly but we'll see meaning it could be sooner but most likely it's thursday the the other thing that i saw about him and you hear this from jets fans is some of them. Were happy for him because through this dumpster fire of a season that they're having he was one voice in the locker room. That was still trying to keep this team motivated. That still wanted to say stay focused still wanted to play as hard as he could and everything else. That's the kind of guy you wanna see. What the pittsburgh steelers jets fans are happy for him that he's got a chance to be on a winning team now so i mean maybe not all of them but i saw a lot of jets fans that were happy for the player but he went from one eight two seven and now i know which was the jet fans being realizing that you know he had to lose a year basically because he was in a in a preseason game with a bit yeah like they didn't feel the organization had done him many favours. Yes but trading him then was the favor kind. Yes for the most part. Yes i mean. The guy makes a fifteen game swing. Yeah yeah only thing is. He will not get a bi week. He will play seventeen games this season. If he doesn't miss any well. maybe not. This might be by week coming up because he will not be joining the steelers because of covid protocols until saturday it's hard to say if the steelers might announce it as part of their other stuff if he's going to be out or not it might just be a game day inactive or not. He might be dressed but they not put him on defense. Maybe get out there special teams or they might just wait. It's really hard to say but coach tomlin talked about this today. Michael beck wrote an article on how. He thought he was going to be used. That article was scheduled to run today at two thirty coach. Tomlin shockingly talked about how they plan on using williamson. I didn't expect them to do that. So we're like. Oh i gotta go look at michael's article we might have to do some overall. We should ran up before the press conference about blah. You know what know what was exactly what michael said. He said he's not coming into the started right now. But over time you're gonna see a lot of even playing time between those three linebackers robert spleen hasn't done anything to not earned time but anytime you can even get those i mean. Come on. t. J. watt and bud dupree. Don't play every down. You've got to have other people in there so with we still don't know what the deal is with you. G three we do not know the roster move for williamson coming in yet. They haven't actually had to make the move they haven't had. He's on some because of covid and everything i think it's because of covid. Maybe i'm wrong with that. But because he hasn't completely transitioned into the team the heat he's on a special exemption thing to where he doesn't count for the fifty three until they go to use him. So that's that's good but what's again. Applaud the steelers for doing what you need to do. Making it happen you know yes with. Ut three injury we had to do something. Yeah you have to because what happened with you g three his back last year yes how much. It really kept him out. And you couldn't take the risk of the same thing going on this year. Not having more depth and i and i've said this many times i would not be surprised if he's still dealing with that back as part of an ailment and maybe that's why he hasn't even been active as much. You had the same deal with shuster. Core for last year wasn't on the injury report while he wasn't injured where he could lose time. It was just inhibiting his performance enough. That it wasn't worth him being active. So when when to the shoulder issue last year so it's very interesting very good thing to know when to realize these are great things for for for the steelers team moving forward so once again they make the move. There focused on doing what they need to do. I know this is where. I will give michael beck a hard time for forever because adamantly disagree on this. There are still some people out there. Who are i will say this. I'll call you on the live chat. It's okay we all of the weakened disagree on these things who are adamantly incorrect about the fact that the steelers need to be investing in another backup quarterback at this time. I still can't believe the steelers are seven. Oh seven and this is what we're hearing. I hate to tell you this. And i know steelers fans don't wanna hear it because they're scared to death of it. If something happens to ban everything's changes. It doesn't matter if they go out and get the best person available. I it still not going to be the same taylor. Said it on our podcast when he had him on as a guest. Not this podcast. But one of our family and podcasts here behind the so curtain that it's above the neck. Every it's above the neck is what brent bend rothlisberger brings and there is no one that you can have. That's going to change that above the neck regardless of anything else. Were not gonna live in her fierce. Thank you steelers. Pittsburgh were live in fears. I said that. I'll off season san. If that's what you wanna investor money you're living in your fears. You're you're not just all in on this season. You're all in on ben rothlisberger as your leader. So that's something that they didn't need to do Let's let's roll with this squad now. Let's see what they can do. So kind of like that thanksgiving night isn't and i'll be off. What do you think it's not i mean. How many times has it been. it's like. Oh my gosh this is make or break in. It's not yeah so no. I don't like to look ahead too much but at the same time do i the next game. Yeah then at the same time you know you play the ravens two times in a season you know you at worst. Want to split you. Can't you can't say that at worst unless you win the first one. That's what makes it tough when the first ones on the road. But when you win that i went on the road then. You're like hey at worst. It's a split. You know what i mean. And as long as they keep taking care of business they're fine. I'm a little bit miffed about. Something's going on with the ravens. We'll talk about this here to finish up this half of the show before we take a break What's your feeling about dacoven situation going on in baltimore because if you recall the player who tested positive on you know tested positive on game day. But they didn't get the result until late that night and the people why have game day testing the game. Testing isn't about the game day. it's not about being it's about. It's about not having a gap in your testing so the problem i have with it was. He missed wednesday due to illness. That looks bad. The death if it wasn't for that would be like you know what it was just one of those things they didn't catch it but when you miss a day of practice to illness and then test positive. The day of not a good look for for the rapids. What do you think well. I don't know any look. That looks good on rap. Birds but No it's it's it's not a good luck. It's one of those though. We're going to sit in hope as long as we have. Nobody ends up positive that we think could be traced back to to the game baltimore. Whatever it i'm. I haven't heard anything from mrs changed. I know it was true. A couple of weeks ago with something because there's so much college football on the it has not crossed the line of scrimmage. There has not been a case where it's gone from one team to another Because they play during a game. Let me ask you this. Are you surprised at all that. Given the circumstances you know he'd been ill during the week but still getting negative tests. Are you surprised at all. her boss. Couldn't play. Yeah that hard. I i'd we need him against the steelers as right so honestly if it a been if it had been a guy that gets twenty twenty percent of the snaps on defense. Yeah he'd have been out in plane. Yeah yeah tha natty or somebody. They have seven players on the code list. I think it's seven recount thera- call but all of course humphry. Ken return if they continue to have negative tests. All the way through. Saturday can return and play on sunday until something else. I'm kind of miffed about this game on sunday with the ravens. I thought the nfl was better than this. Why is the head official in the baltimore indianapolis game from baltimore because nfl loves the ravens. Fan hates the steelers. I'm like why in the world is how was that. I didn't think they were allowed to do that. The head official from baltimore and his traveling. Is he gonna ride on the team plane and traveling to indianapolis to do the to referee the game involving the ravens. I have a little bit of a problem with that. I thought the nfl better than that. A lot of people aren't that inspires me at all. But i didn't think they would do that. But a lot of people don't know where officials are from. But i know in this case. Because of i know people that are employed at the same place of employment so and as you know i'm not all that far from baltimore hair so that's why so. It's kind of interesting with that. So very you know how how things play out really frustrated about that whole cove situation but you know what it it as long as the steelers. Come come through clean. I'm going to be very disappointed. If the only thing that gives the steelers hiccup when it comes to that is because of somebody. The rat birds being doing something they shouldn't have done. That will take me off. But what more importantly they got. The w. w. that's what matters they got the w doesn't matter about twice as many yards doesn't matter okay. It all comes down to. They took care of the ball and they moved it when they had to do. You think didn't even try to move it when they weren't trailing in the second half it was kind of crazy so yeah so anything you say about that before we move onto week nine just to was nice. Get that win against baltimore. I love it. Yeah baltimore fans on facebook. Went very quiet Buried silent taught trash before the game but none of them upset a word since the game ended. It's kind of funny other than bts's have been on facebook for a very very long time. I scrolled through sunday evening. Just see if there was any one of those baltimore ions had anything that they wanted to say crickets. So i'm like that's that's that's why like we're going to take for watching youtube. We're just go to take a very quick several second break for those of you listening on audio form get ready to click over two part two because we're going to talk about the focus that this steelers team needs in order to make sure that they make history on sunday so get ready to click on over for the youtube stick around. We'll be right back.

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11/09/20 HOUR 3- Brian Kelly and Alex Trebek interview

The Dan Patrick Show

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11/09/20 HOUR 3- Brian Kelly and Alex Trebek interview

"Babe guess what what debt asked the podcast is back for season. Four y'all bell and i'm codeine and we're the ellison is the host of dead ass iheartradio. Podcast join us in conversations. With guests. Like sean king shambhu dram. Melanie fiona joe biden and more. Listen to debt on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. Shonda rhimes if you watch grey's anatomy or any of my tv shows you know. I love to tell a good story. Well now the sean bland audio we've partnered iheartradio to launch a slate of great podcasts. You listen the first four right now. Katie's crib permanente. Go ask allie and you down and we have so much more coming your way. We can't wait to hear it. All welcome to shawn land. Audio was no all the new. Sean dillon audio shows on apple podcasts. You are listening to the dan. Patrick show on fox sports radio. Hope you had a great weekend. Everybody final hour coming up. We'll talk to brian. Kelly notre dame head coach will bring back an interview. We did six years ago with the late. Alex trebek's who yesterday at the age of ninety fritzy sent me a tweet from Jennifer llamas from extra tv from the executive producer of jeopardy. Alex trebek's wanted to spend his last day on earth next to his wife on their swing. And that's exactly what he did passing away at the age of eighty program brought to you by mercedes. Amg mercedes amg. Do you suffer from lead foot to goosebumps. Appear for no reason stop living with uninspired performance visit mba usa dot com slash. Amg find out if a mercedes amg coupe sedan or suv is right for you mercedes. Amg driving performance. More of your phone calls best and worst of the weekend. We'll have that for you coming up. Head coach of the fighting irish notre dame with the double overtime win against clemson next up. We'll be boston college on saturday at boston. College coach congratulations. Have you looked at the game. Film wrote down yesterday dan. We were already on to be seeing so Still a bill belichick one. How long did it take you to pronounce. Dj younger allies name. Still haven't got to the called him. Dj or that number five. That really really good quarterback dabo. I said i'd like to have your problems over those quarterbacks. I don't know how they get any better with either one of them. I mean they're just to outstanding. Quarterbacks how do you prepare differently or did you prepare differently. You know the system of offense of you know is what it is had been running the same whether to shawn watson was the quarterback for You know trevor or or dj of you know you really defending the system and then the player makes it. You know obviously go. And and both of them are just outstanding putters. I didn't know if you pick your poison with travis. Ntn it's either. I'm going to let him be runner. Or i'm gonna let him be a pass receiver. What was the the defensive philosophy. Well it's a little bit of both. I mean you. Can't you know you really position. Where matching him up one on one with your linebackers good match up so we had to keep a safety in a position where he could get some help over the top as well so you know obviously you could tell by our game plan you know travis at the end was was a guy that we were focused on They have other weapons that Certainly hurt us In that that's really the nature playing the number one team in the country. They have more ways to beach than just just one guy but We felt like travis. At dan was the guy that we really have to focus on the late fumble by ian book and i don't know as a coach do need to say something is sometimes better to not say something to the player who just coughed up the football. You know his his resume does not get the kind of scrutiny that it should he leads us to so many late. Comebacks in wins. You know as somebody. That's twenty seven. Three is the starter you have to win a lot of games late and so i thought it was appropriate at to go up and say hey you're gonna win the game force here. We're going to need you to do that again. And so i just thought the timing was appropriate to give him some positive reinforcement at that time and again. He did what he's done so many times for c. He led a A ninety one yard drive with under two minutes in the game To get the replays killing the game coach. Tell me about it you. You're preaching to the choir. How did we get here. This would be a long interview if we really wanted to get into it I think we have really over. Analyzed the game the extent that Everybody wants to be perfect. And there's nothing perfect about any sport. It still has that that element of you're going to miss a couple here and there you just hope you don't miss big and i think we're trying to be perfect and you can't be perfect in the game and perfectionist slowing this game down to a point where it is absolutely brutal. If i said to the coaches you vote you can have replay or no replay. I would say can we just have replay on scoring place. You know where where they can be absolutely Game changers but to to be nitpicking. Every single play is just look. There were so many stoppages in that game. I felt bad for the poor kids. Kicking the extra points. In overtime i could hear myself breathing and overtime you. There's nobody in the stands and those kids are kicking extra points and they're stopping the game for four minutes to two replay again and again again. It was it's gotta change it. It was it was unfortunate. Okay the fans come on the field now where we're all those fans during the game. Are those either standing or those key on campus. No no no no. We're not that good now. They were the fans in the stands and look our job. Obviously in that situation is to do the best we can to keep them from going on the field you know. We protected cleansing. I alluded to my team. That when we win this game that they're gonna like most fans throughout the country. They're gonna they're gonna come onto. The field was their last home game because we closed down school next week. It was really their last home. Game because they will be here for the december fifth game against stanford a syracuse. Excuse me so. They took the opportunity to come on the field. And you know we did the best we could. Under those circumstances. Yeah reminded me of justin turner in the world series. That emotion overtakes common sense. Yeah i look again Would we have liked it to ben. Different yes all. Those students were tested earlier in the week for covid You know again. It's hard to stop students coming over the fence. We don't have all the personnel to to make that a situation where nobody can come over the fence onto the field but again hopefully we got through it without any ill-effects. Brian kelly notre dame head coach fresh off the win over clemson at bc. Coming up next saturday when you face clemson in in your mind. I guess you have to be prepared to face them again in the acc title game. Do you put everything out there. Like you wanna win that you needed to win this game. How much do reveal of your game plan playbook in a game like that and try to hold something back if you meet them in the acc title game. Well then i think it now becomes a game of adjustments right. It's it's what you did in the game And what they did defensively and and each team now is looking at how they gonna make adjustments for example You know what wrinkles will we have in our protection you know. What are they going to do differently. they did in the red zone against us so i think this is if we do in fact play each other to be much more. About what adjustments will you make to your game plan More so than anything else in the second matchup if in fact we're lucky enough to get their who'd two trevor lawrence remind you of man i mean you know. He has the athletic ability to to run. Like any of the great running quarterbacks That that we've seen out there He's just a hybrid player. He's got great size arm talent. He could look. I mean i think he's that unique of a player that that he is the number one pick in the draft because he's hard to compare like it's easy like when you asked me about other players i can immediately give you a name of a bland. Say he's like this. It's hard to compare him to somebody because he's got great athletic ability but nobody has the length and nobody has the similar traits that he has. I just think he's a guy that doesn't come around very reminds me of andrew luck well. He's got the makeup of an andrew luck andrew as you know was bigger and thicker and stronger from that standpoint. Much more of a pocket guy. You know i i think love is is going to be seen in in the. Nfl is a guy with with great escape ability. And they're gonna move around a little bit. You'll see him run as well. You always hear this. There's a big win and then you got next week. And then everybody says all there's going to be a letdown. So how do you tell your kids. Don't let down against bc. Yes so what's a letdown. A letdown is not living up to the standards that we have set here for the last four years right. I mean so. It's been the consistent application of our process so all of sudden we're going to go away from what has been consistent for us. I just you know. Our guys are too smart for that. They know how to prepare will go back out on the practice field and and will prepare right way in play very gritty tough. Well coached boston college team. And look we know the history last time notre dame beat a number one team they played and loss so we get all that we we read the newspapers. We we know the the history clips so our guys cognis entered it. The practice are not prepare the right way. Coolest thing in your office is what. I have a surfboard on my ceiling because well. Who would ever have a surfboard in southbound. I mean when parents come into an office you gotta have something. That's a little bit different to talk about. So if you come in the office out and you look up in the Surfboard you got to say. Wow this is a little bit different. Southbound well lake michigan can get a little turbulent there. But that's true. But i'm trying to compare harbaugh doesn't have a surfboard music. He's got other things to worry about in his office there. i'm not smart well-done. Hey congrats on the win. Good luck against bc. Thank you coach. Take down that's brian. Kelly notre dame head coach at bbc coming up this weekend. They move from number four to number two. He opened the hall door. At least you know go in his demeanor changes. I'm not going. There gotta go best and worst. We got interrupted. Todd went too long last last hours. Apology yes seton o'connor by the way let me see. Sergio garcia has tested positive and he will miss the masters. He had not missed a major in twenty one years. I will sadly missed a masters this week. The important thing is my family and are feeling good will come back stronger and give the green jacket ago next april. So that's just in seton o'connor best that we can my best of the weekend. I'm not sure why this struck me so much. I just think is a really awesome moment. But the tight end for the arizona cardinals daryl daniels. He was undrafted. he's been in the league four years. He's played on three different teams and scored his first touchdown yesterday. I don't know. I think that's a pretty awesome moments. Like dream come true kind of thing my worst of the weekend. It's philip rivers not for reaching up while you're on your back but for tripping while you're running down the field like just don't even bother dude. Just don't even try. Just let everybody just let them go by and do the little jog like every other quarterback does but running and stumbling over your own feet is way worse. Paulie best and worst best. I'm also going with the indiana hoosiers. Wide receiver wop fill your eleven catches to lead them over the wolverines. Do you know what what villiers real. Name is the wide receiver for indiana wop failure. No it's mr. His first name was actually mr mr elias de angel of the first and they named him. Nickname is walk because growing up. He loved whoppers from burger king. So a great job. I him another great named bumper pool. Fourteen tackles a linebacker for either way for the arkansas razorbacks stand back three razorbacks being three in threes like six bumper pool. The linebacker fourteen tackles to house the volunteers. But can you call yourself the first off. Your name is elias de angel. Fill your the i. it's even cooler. But does he have i on his uniform. Because you'll have made that part up. Oh you did but it's better for care bumper pool. I don't know if he's a junior. I like bumper pool bumper pool. That's good bumper. Pools is really given that. I'm going to say no. I'm checking i'm going to say. No david michigan heyday. Best and worst of the weekend. Hello hated hey dan. Yeah i'm actually in indiana milwaukee indiana. Okay but Long time listener first-time caller Five eleven one ninety two That's the weekend going To my local notre dame bar watching the irish win. I think they could still win. Since the whole there A lot of frustration with the big games. Obviously for a long time. And i'm i'm taking. This could give confidence to actually run the table here. I'm i'm thinking. Great interview with kelly by the way right before now Go arish win the national championship. Eighty eight spend too long. Thank you dave. I'm trying to think the last big notre dame win now withhold. Cla obviously they won a national title with tony. Rice the quarterback. But when when's the last big yes mclovin so the mantha tayo year was that before the final four today not have to beat somebody to get to that game where they dropped by. Someone must have been. Yeah but they well. They play the same schedule. We're a year at least they did they get by usc. I don't know how good usc was that your but yeah they're used. They have their rivalry game so their their schedule. They're not a lot of flexibility up on the season they played alabama in the national title game. They beat pitt. In three overtimes the beat stanford in overtime. Okay and they had a bunch of kind of easy wins. They also at usc at usc finish the season they won that one obviously day even pennsylvania joins us. Dave what's on your mind. Six seven one ninety five former bucknell bison retired washington general Worst of the weekend. Obviously the passing of alex travek. You guys painted such a great picture. He was a guy in our living room every single evening. Even when. I'm playing hoops Nerve troops in the living room with the kids. It's just a sad day on a much much lighter note on a happier note fest of the weekend driving along this weekend. It's dark kids are sound asleep in the back. My wife is kind of dozing off and out of nowhere. It's quiet. I just say he's And my wife works for the mothership. She kind of gave me a sideways glance. And i think that's an article there and she didn't want to make. But i think that could be the holiday song of the season right. Well thank you dave. Of course you know ethan. He does our stance here even stats. Oh ethan and fritzy sent me a notre dame over usc in two thousand seventeen forty nine fourteen. That was Sam darnold was there a both ranked in the top fifteen at the time. Okay now but you gotta win these big games like this and notre dame hasn't been able to win these kinds of games that's why this is so significant but you win these games and then you tell your players don't have a let down and they're playing bc add nbc. Gave clemson all they can handle at clemson a couple of weeks ago. We'll take a break more phone calls coming up but he meant that much to me and probably to you as well Alex trebek's and interview. We did in august of twenty fourteen where it was. Just alex trebek's the person not necessarily alex trebek's the game show host and he joined us in the new york city man. Cave will bring that interview to you. Coming up next here on the dan. Patrick thanks for listening to the dan. Patrick show podcast be sure to catch us. Live every weekday morning nine to noon eastern or six to nine pacific on fox sports radio. Find your local station for the dan. Patrick show at fox sports radio dot com or stream. It live every day on the iheartradio app by searching. F s are or stream. It live on the peacock. You own or rent your home sure you do and i bet it can be hard work you know. What's in bundling policies with geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you're already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you can save. It's gyco easy visit. Geico dot com. Today that's geico dot com once again. It's gyco easy. Visit geico dot com today. So dot com. I knew they were going to kill him. Please say that this is fight night. A new podcast from iheartradio. This is the story about two guys from opposite sides of the street. Hustler blamed for robbing the most dangerous gangsters in the country is a deaf. Wants me for something. i don't even think about. And the cop who tried to save his life. They thought he and robert did liz man in this country. Who that has the blow your head off. In nineteen seventy mohammed ali triumphantly returned to the ring at the hustler's party that followed gangsters from around. The country were robbed of a million dollars. This story from atlanta georgia has been reported for fifty years. But now for the first time you're going to hear what really happened. The from the people who lived it. listen and follow. Fight night on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. Yesterday alex trebek passed away at the age of eighty. I had been in touch with one of his good friends for the last couple of weeks. He gave me a heads up. That alex came in this was less than two weeks ago and did his final episode of jeopardy. Everybody who was there during the filming of it knew that it was his final episode but they said alex was alex. That's just who he is who he was and great admiration for the man and also the game show host as well and we thought this would be a great time to bring back the interview we conducted with him back on august. Eighth twenty fourteen and i started the interview. Asking alex. trebek's that they you could host another game show. Which would it be and that would be hollywood. Squares hosted the show very similar to squares once it was called Battle stars and instead of squares. We had triangles. We couldn't come up with the same budget that hollywood squares had so we had only six celebrities instead of nine but it was an ideal show because you ask the question and the celebrity gave you a funny answer and you reacted and laughed so you got credit for having a fun show even though the absolutely i mean what a great way to make a living. Hey you tell. A joke. And i laughed. Give me the check please. Thank you very much when you first started jeopardy and you had been part of a lot of game shows and i don't know what it does to your ego if those game shows don't succeed and then you get jeopardy had well. I was lucky with some of the other game shows the first game show. I did in. The united states was wizard of oz. In nineteen seventy-three it was cancelled on a friday. And i was disappointed of course and it was replaced. The following monday by show called high rollers which i also hosted and later on high rollers after two and a half years it was canceled and it was replaced by another show which i hosted so i have the either great honored dubious honor of having replaced myself on three different occasions. I also had the honor of having hosted three different game shows at one time classic concentration jeopardy and a show that i tell audiences was one of my favorites because the first time in fifty years as a broadcaster i got to sit down as the host and that was to tell the truth but that was fun. You don't you don't sit down on jeopardy. Well now. I do okay. Since i blew out my achilles tendon a couple of years ago and injured my left foot by dropping jackhammer on it And not being able to walk too well and stand for long periods of time you have a jackhammer i was. We had a water leak at the house. And i finally figured out where it was and it was under a concrete Part of the patio. So i drilled it out and found it. Don't you have to do this for you. Well yes but. I like to do things myself okay. And unfortunately some mechanical things ladders in particular have it in for me. They will abandon me at the weirdest moments and one ladder. When i was working on the roof is sided. It was going to slip out from under me. And i hit the brick patio and i lay there for a few moments and you guys were talking about it or at least at least alluding to earlier as to how bright i am. Well i'll show you. How bright i am when i hit that dick. I lay there for a moment and i said don't move. Your are very very short. yeah but what. You play trivial pursuit. No i don't haven't in years okay. For game breaks out. You walk like you're supposed to know everything supposed to yes. But i'm at that wonderful age now where i can say i knew that but i've forgotten it. You see. yeah. I knew it. But i have forgotten. How would you do in jeopardy against my peers. Probably very well. But as i tell our audiences good thirty year old would clean my clock any day of the week. But let's say faster. They can recall the stuff more there faster on ringing in with the signaling device. So they're going to beat me in that area. I mean there are days. When i have trouble remembering what had her last night. So trying to recall all this. Arcane information is not easy what role does sports play. Has it played on jeopardy probably less than it plays in society. In general we tend to we feature it from time to time but not as much as you would encounter in everyday life where people enjoy talking about sports because they have a vested interest. They have a favorite team. So if i dream category sports related. What would it be. Oh gosh for my myself. I don't know nba basketball. Maybe but i. I'm not as biggest sports fan as i used to be. however having said that this year i've suddenly become a baseball fan because of the success of the dodgers and the angels two teams. That have come alive. I mean there at the very top of the their leagues and they provide exciting entertainment. It's fun to watch. And that's really what sports is all about your i. I have been a lakers fan. And i will not abandon them even though they have fallen on hard times and will probably remain in hard times for awhile. Where do you sit at laker games. I attend one laker game year and it is in the sony seat under backboard not over by jack. Nicholson no. he's to my right. He would be where the policy is here. And i envy you so much. You have your posse and you arrive in a helicopter. Yes i've got an. I don't mean this with any disrespect. I've got johnny gilbert. You know i don't even have vanna you've got four guys and a helicopter i drive in there's one similarity between your setup in mind. I drive to work in a dodge ram pickup truck. People go and i said where's your car. They're looking for a rolls royce. Bentley or pat sage. Pets agency has a four door porsche when he pulls out of the driveway. It's like a jet taking off. He's got four mufflers and here. I go with my fifteen hundred dodge ramp. But i've got a himmy. Yeah yeah so. I like that. Yeah i brought you a present you did. This is a crayola and people who attend our tapings when we do jeopardy say alex. What do you keep writing down. I say i'm not writing anything. I'm crossing off the clues. As i read them so that i do not in error rate that same clue again because you'll discover when you do sports jeopardy. Some of your contests are going to want to jump around the board. They're not going to take the category in order. And if you haven't crossed off the clues you might very easily read the same clue again. So i want to protect you from that mistake. Well that's that's a very expensive gifts. That's twenty nine cents in california. I don't know what it is here. I think it's fourteen fifty in new york. I think you're passing. The torch is what you just did sportswise. No i have one more or less. Oh you do. They look after me. They they give me to a year. Now they you can't hear it either. No but that was the problem Initially i used to use a sharpie and people say we're picking it up on the microphone. So they came up with crayola and some brilliant people there. Yes yeah. It's been an incident in the studio sports jeopardy like contestant angry or any any friction in. They're not really in the early stages. When i was producing the show and looking at all of the incoming mayo we had a contestant who lost and wasn't happy with the decision made by the judges and a i think it was a one hundred page letter contesting it a manifesto. Yeah and i wrote him back. And i explained the reasons for our judgment call and he wrote back seventeen more pay and so i never heard from him after that. But i talked to merv griffin about that once and he said alex. Let me tell you how i handle the mail. And he picked up a letter and he crumbled it. Put it in the wastebasket. Well i never did that. Because i want to show respect for the viewers and i if they take time to write in. I'm gonna take the time to respond. But i don't do the responding now. We have our our staff that deal with problems. You guys were wrong or what. We weren't so they'll handle do have a kind of a bedside manner when you tell somebody that they're wrong. Well i want to appear to our viewing audience as a good guy and i think when you're the host. It behooves you to do that. My guys made a mistake on a letter. So so so. What if you were here. Such a there. That's see if you were going to be the mean. Alex trebek's like if if you were going to be a different alex trebek's and these guys had the wrong answer. How would you respond. Who is george washington. You're not serious really. Did you not get passed fourth grade. Did you not make raids. Remember your grades six graduation. You got your driver's license that year. Remember how did he kind of. Didn't you gotta use didn't you kinda got not prickly but you had a hockey question and they answered magic johnson and you being a hockey fan and a basketball fan sometimes the responses as you indicated in your last segment. The are so far out of line that it. It's almost begging you to for the put down the only. let's see i'm just trying to recall. The only time that i can recall that i deliberately did put down was for lynn redgrave in a celebrity jeopardy thing and she was not doing well and said oh. My signalling device is not working. Very well and i looked at her. It's not your signals. And i and to tell you the truth. I regretted saying that afterwards. Because i come on you're the host of the show. You're here everyday. Your job is to run. The game helped. The contestants do their very best. It's like The military commercials be all you can be. That's my job as the host. So if i'm nasty the audience will not like that. They will think. Oh he's being smart ass. He's being this. he's being that we don't want him anymore. And i want them to want me. Well we want you to stay for one more segment. If you watch kenya. I have to say more words. Yes you will okay all right. Well i want to ask you about cheers episode fielder things rian white men can't jump. Yes you've been in a few. You've had some camping playing yourself to which sometimes it's very difficult to do. Well not for me because it requires very little effort on my and also a modicum of drugs. That's that's in your writer there that you have to. Of course we'll continue with Alex trebek's continuing without extra trebek's be here for another twenty seconds. I'm no because you're on delay. Well leave and come back and twenty. Well i'm worried about your language. That's why you're on delay. Have you ever slipped on jeopardy with language now but there have been occasions when in the very early days after having taped five shows on one day and five shows the next day we were recording. Promos and i was not having a good time and so the somebody got hold of the video and they put it up there. They say you know. Watch travek drunk cursing well. I wasn't drunk what i was saying. Many bad work. we've all done The cheers episode. Yeah that was a lot of fun. I'm still asked about that. And that was years and years ago but the categories. The paulie gives the categories or cliff. Cleveland cleveland yeah mailman civil servants stamps from around the world mothers and sons beer bar trivia and our favourite celibacy and still he blew it in final jeopardy. Of course he did but that that was a lot of fun. And it's just an indication of how jeopardy has come to be accepted as part of americana. What about saturday night. Live same thing. They they do bother by. I was not bothered at all. That's not the best Take off of me. That i've ever seen the the best one was done by. Sctv and eugene levy. Yeah was alex rebel. In the early days. And then and then i guess they. Oh screw this i. I mean we all know who it is so they introduced as alex trebek's and he had the dark hair and dark moustache which i had at that time so he looked a lot more like me and he could portray an exasperated host much. Better than will ferrell will. Ferrell is kind of cool you know. He's seething inside whereas eugene levy was exploding outside all eugene levy's character is not the one that would say ooh sorry none of that. Did you talk to wolf feral about the role. Many portrayed you well only on his first appearance on saturday night live as a regular because they had me come in and do a walk-on and he's a just a charming easy going soft person very nice and What was strange is that i had shaved my mustache the year. Before and lorne michaels the executive producers still had will with a mustache. and i said lauren. You realize. I don't have the mustache anymore. So they took it off the dress rehearsal and then he had him put it back on for the show. Even though i was coming on at the end of that segment and people would see that. I didn't have the mustache but that was like an international incident when you shaved your mustache yeah. I don't understand that there was a lot going on in women who have looked like crushes on you like like your boy van tiep jeopardy groupies. Yeah but they're in their sixties seventies. I did. I didn't say that's not the point. You got women who have crushes on you. I guess a lot of them want want to have the mustache back and we have a surprise in store for them as the new season begins wolong. I'm going to let my eyebrows grow back. It'll be a it'll be a new look. I any advice for me for Sports jeopardy have fun. Don't take yourself too seriously because you're not the main focus of attention. It's the game. Have you seen that my photo. Well i saw your photo and in response to what you guys were wondering about photo shopping and all that stuff. They did that with his picture. That's my that's my body as his head and my body. Yeah they used to have heidi klum on top of my body but they didn't go just have fun. Don't take myself too serious. So sort of what i do here. Yeah you don't think this is gonna work. well you want to appear to be a little brighter. Ooh on if jeopardy. That'll help me appear a little brighter. Wouldn't it. But if i were glasses that might do it but getting rid of these guys might help because they put you on the spot and in the early days of jeopardy viewers would come up to me and they figured. Oh you're so smart. What about this. And this and they kept throwing things at me and fortunately i was able to come up with the correct response and after a few years. That stott he's alexandra back. The great alex trebek's thank you for stopping and alex means the world to me and this is housing. The crayola torch here for sports jeopardy. That was august twenty. Fourteen and i still have the creole because he told me said. Don't use sharpie. it'll make noise. It'll be picked up by your microphone. And if you do this dark creole type of pencil there then you'll be able to x. Out your clues just so. It's easier to find it on your big. You have this huge piece of paper with all the clues all the categories there and once they go to a certain categories certain clue you exit out and then you read it exit out. Go to their answer. And then come back and then repeat but he was very generous and i mentioned in the first hour when i first got to los angeles i was doing sports jeopardy and harry freedman. The great executive producer of jeopardy suggested that Alex and i go out to dinner. And i was getting up. We had to be in the studio. We're up at like four in the morning. Four thirty to the studio. And i said can alex go to dinner at five o'clock and he did and we were in the restaurant by ourselves. Nobody goes to dinner at five. O'clock certainly not in la and we went all the way in the back and we had the room to ourselves and he just was. We talked because he said you can do this. You know i. I my advice is just you know. Have fun with it as he said. Don't take yourself too seriously and appreciate that was really it and i think that that's what his mindset was. Every time he did it is he didn't take himself too seriously. Had fun nudity was doing and he made it look a whole lot easier than it was so rest in peace alexandra back. We're back after this last call for phone calls after this. Thanks for listening to the dan. Patrick show podcast be sure to catch us live. Every weekday morning nine until noon eastern six to nine pacific on fox sports radio and you can find us on the iheartradio app at fsr streaming live on the peacock out on september seventeenth. Two thousand nine twenty four year old trees. Richardson disappeared without a trace in the woods. Near malibu california had been arrested beachside restaurant for failing to pay tab and take into the lost hill. Sheriff station you know. She's not from that area. And i would hate to wake up to morning report law somewhere ordering chopped off. The police released her just after midnight with no car. No cell phone no money. He doesn't know the area she's never been in your area for. I think she's the press backed. What has me like. That's worth more than just okay. My trees disappeared into the darkness. Again i'm katherine. Townsend hosted podcast. Helen gone we're going to try to find out what really happened to my trees. Richardson school. humans iheartradio present. Helen gone season three. Listen to helen. Gone on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. I'm shonda rhimes grey's anatomy or any of my tv shows that you know. I love to tell a good story. Well now there's sean bland audio we've partnered with iheartradio to launch a slate of great podcasts. You listen to the first four right now. katie's crib permanently. Ah go ask ali and down and we have so much more coming your way. We can't wait for you to hear it all. Welcome to shawn land audio. All the new sean. Bland audio shows on apple podcasts. Last call for phone calls coming up tomorrow. Jim gray and right thompson right thompson. One of the great writers in america not just sports writers but he wrote a book. That's about pappy van winkle the bourbon. Pappy van winkle. And it's really not about bourbon. It's about family. And as only right thomson can do. I read this book two months ago. Right sent me an early copy of it and can't recommend it enough. I've recommended a book a couple years ago at christmas time. And you put it up there on the best seller list because you guys reacted after we had him on Jim gray's book is great. It's talking to goats and it's The greatest of all time so it could be stories about michael jordan muhammad ali. Al davis tom brady. There's so many different stories in here. And gyms like the forrest gump of sports reporters. He's been around and been involved in a lot of things there. And i read that. Got an early copy of that about a month ago. Breezed through it. Great stories in there. So jim and right thompson will join us on the program tomorrow. Bottom results of the poll. Question mclovin okay. Our three was. Who's a favorite in the nfc. It's actually saints and packers tied at one all right. If i asked this question on friday it probably wouldn't have been the saints in their the. That's week-to-week that's how we do it here. Todd in texas eight-odd what's on your mind best and worst for the weekend. Hey dan Sex one soft dad body of two hundred and seventy pounds That interview reared with Alex trebek's was An obviously that's one of the worst of the weekend my worst of the weekend Excuse me is the sun. Devils moving in the last couple of minutes at usc I have to Best of the weekend. One is my raiders escaping with victor of victory and to Here locally westlake high school defending state champions continuing to dominate and we have a future star on our roster. That started the thought. I'd let you know about. His name is jade and great house. Which is a sports caster. You can have a lot of fun with that name He started on her state championship team as a freshman and sophomore. He's six three two hundred pounds so the best way i can describe him as randy moss combined with calvin johnson. Well that's how i praise. Thank you thought we appreciate. Yes mclovin that drew brees Foles highschool i think so. Yeah they turn them out. don't they. This team sports history. Polly got a few of them. Dan but they're kind of old school. The first documented canadian football game took place at the university of toronto eighteen. Sixty one canada was the big end zone. K nine hundred. Eighty four larry. Bird dr j. got into a fight during the game that was true. Brawl each find seventy five hundred dollars. Yeah that's let's see. Go around the room. What we learned on the program. Todd i'll start with you. You could have thrown two touchdowns for the chiefs yesterday. That's how open receivers were against carolina's defense. Yes i could have mclovin brian. Kelly has a surfboard artist. Ceiling jim harbaugh does not. I don't i don't know why he said that. It kind of opened the door for seton o'connor yeah brian. Kelly's not touching the harbaugh. No he's not no. he's. Nothing's paulie what What did you learn to. I love the way. Ross tucker says. Mvp the mvp p the time. What do i learned. Today kelly all the replay in college. Football has got to stop it does slows the game down. Safest way to celebrate fall birthdays this year. One eight hundred flowers dot com right now order a dozen multicolored roses plus an extra suitcase for just twenty nine point nine nine. That's right you get to bouquets twenty nine ninety nine to order go to one. Eight hundred flowers dot com click on the radio icon. Enter code patrick for joining us. We'll talk to you tomorrow. Here have a great day. The mvp september seventeenth two thousand nine twenty-four-year-old. Richardson disappeared. Without a trace. In the woods near malibu california and was never seen alive again. I'm katherine towns and host of the podcast helen gone. We're going to try to find out what really happened to my trees. Richardson school. humans iheartradio present. Helen gone season three. Listen to helen. Gone on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Four wherever you get your podcasts. Google is a weekly podcast hosted by former gang. Banger inmate james mcdonald. Rapper mc myself norm steel. We'd be we get together and have conversations with everyone. For former gang drug dealers bank robbers police rappers. Politicias gangster chronicles podcasts. Glimpse into a world where society is rarely allow access nothing is ever scripted and this one hundred percent real. We don't glorify the game. We simply educate and form the world on what goes on streets verb and american gangster. Chronicles podcasts available in. I heart radio app apple podcast wherever you get your podcast.

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1st and Goal Playing With Science Checkdown Week 6

No Huddle

02:39 min | 2 years ago

1st and Goal Playing With Science Checkdown Week 6

"It's time for the plane with science check down where sciences sports collide for that. We'll bring in our friends, Chuck nice, Dr era, Goth, and Aloma. First, let's cue up the highlight machine Cam Newton, going to the end zone at our nation's capital finding Devin. Funchess fellas take us through that play. Yeah, absolutely. That's what it was. Looks like Clinton done. Barkat totally. Moss professor tell us how the happened. We'll check. I happened to be talking to you from Huntington West Virginia right now, home of Marshall university. And this is where the real mosque thing of defensive backs began like the newly minute hall of Famer. Randy moss, Devin. Funchess is six foot four inches tall. He lined up against six foot two inch Quinton Dunbar on the far left side of the formation Panthers six, five inch quarterback Cam Newton, took the snap from the shotgun and pedal back to the thirty one yard line before throwing the ball Newton's pass, left his hand at forty six and a half miles per hour just over twenty seven degrees above the horizontal, but as much fun as it is to look at football air dynamics, I wanna focus on the TD catch Newton's pass arrived at the one yard line, getting his glove, hands at forty, two miles per hour. Funchess leaped above. Dunbar allowing his Ford momentum to carry him into the end zone, punches manage to leap over one point, three feet into the air. When he caught the ball, his leap kept him above the turf more than twice as long as dunbar's leap fetches gloved hand stopped the ball using a lot of friction when funchess landed on the turf with his left shoe. He was holding the ball as right hand. Well, out of dunbar's reach the best Dunbar could do as Yankel and fences facemask with his left hand, hang time is a wonderful thing for any of us who leap into the air. We spend nearly seventy one percent of our time above her in the top half of our motion do as funchess did to Dunbar, and you'll have more time to hang at the top of your flight. Funchess used his hang time to moss Devon Dunbar or of funchess sounds like a delicious treat, but it looks like it was dump are who got eating on this play. Chuck you have plenty of street cred was the last time you got most. I gotta tell you something. I believe it was an elementary school game that I played just last week and we'll save that for the podcast. Fellas always a pleasure will chat with you next week. I playing with saints check down all free only on tune in.

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November 23  Hour 2  Zac Stevens of DNVR Broncos | Clark Johnson of Preps Radio

The Hull Show ? 1310 KFKA

38:38 min | 2 months ago

November 23 Hour 2 Zac Stevens of DNVR Broncos | Clark Johnson of Preps Radio

"Second and final. Monday's edition of the whole show. Rock and enroll in here to start us off this hour. Zak stevens our broncos insider from. Dnv are broncos. and zack. Well though the broncos found a way to get it done man it was a this game had a lot of intrigue. We saw some really rough spots from drew. Lock to begin with but rounded out for a nice game. That defense came up with big plays. They were running all over the place. This is how. I think broncos country really thought they. This is what they thought they'd see throughout most of the year. You're exactly right. Brady in in great talking to you today and pictures exactly how john elway built this team. It was with a great defense with the defensive minded head coach where they could shut down teams with a running game with two proble running backs. Both of them almost combined for two hundred yards. And then you have the young quarterback who's not asked to do too much at all drew lock with a game manager after that first interception and you know what he did a darn good job. Managing the game. After that first interception he of course started for six with an interception not ideal at all but then he turned around and went eighteen for twenty four for two hundred and seventy yards. Of course if you take away that last Throw up that. He got sixty one yards on. He still had over two hundred yards the ultimate game manager. And you know what. That's how you win with a young quarterback and that's how you don't ask them to do too much when you're able to run for almost two hundred yards on the ground you it over six an interception. It was feeling exactly like the last few weeks. Drew lock broncos country was ready to you know maybe the next series you're even wondering does denver consider bright ripping at some point. Or do they just let this thing fall through. What's going to happen here. But i gotta tell you all the stuff that drew lock we. We've we've been pretty aggressively. The last four weeks to come back from that. Might be more admirable than if he would just started it off great and had a nice game throughout. Because a lot of quarterbacks in that situation almost almost done you know and so drew lock finding a way to to make this a positive game. I mean that says a lot about this young guy it really does a and it speaks to a lot of people see his confident but it speaks that he is able to bounce back and his resilient because he was sitting on five interceptions in just over four quarters after he threw that pick in the first quarter he could have easily crumbled but instead he bounces back as a solid performance and it wasn't just the interception that he had the broncos on the next drive go three and out and then on the next drive their third possession of the broncos have one total yards be when they're sitting on their third possession at third and ten one total yards of offense and drew lock has the same number of interception as the broncos. Do offense yard. I think that third down completion on third and ten decay. j. hamblur in the middle of the field was honestly to play the game. For the broncos outside of justice interception that jumpstarted them and then later that drive the broncos had back to back fall starts and that was just typical of the broncos often. But what's been typical of the broncos. Offense is they have not been able to overcome those false starts. Drew lock is able to scramble for fourteen on third and thirteen to pick that up so she that drive so big for him. And so big for the broncos offense because then they weren't able to then they were able to avoid a big time deficit and the broncos were able to stick with the ground game where you had. Thirty one combined carries for phil and melvin. And that's the formula for denver. Zack were on the exact same page. Man that caja handler third-down reception when it felt like everything was still going south. This broncos defense is playing well but how long can they mentally hold up to this. Three an out interceptions. All that cage handler gets the key third down. I'm i'm lovin k. j. Jerry jeudy i know. He's the flashy one he gets a lot. More of the press. But k j just seems like a sound player economize eddie royal back win that that i hear so just just really reliable and gonna pick up first downs for you but drew lock. We talked about a four game. Stint starting with the chargers. Game going into the falcons raiders. As dolphins game. We force games was going to tell us a lot about drew. Lock de are we back where we started. We learn that much about drew because he had some bad moments. But it's really good ones too. Yeah he did you know what if he turns out to be a success by the end of the season. And he's the broncos starting quarterback in two thousand twenty one. We'll say what we learned from. These four games was resilient and just the mental toughness that he has in the broncos belief in him now if he doesn't turn onto success in the final six games. Then you'll point back and say well. Yeah he was throwing interceptions left and right and only really produced in the fourth quarter of those two games but it wasn't just the resilience of yesterday. It was a resilient bouncing back from a foreigner perception game leading his team to victory as they were underdogs this past week and it was also the resilience in those chargers. Games in falcons games where he has three real bad quarters in both of those games and then came out and had it really good fourth-quarter so unfortunately brady like both thought we. We thought we would know a lot. More right now but you know we have six games to figure it out and the key for drew is going to be continuing to improve every single week. Now it may be baby steps like it was yesterday But if we continue to see that improvement then we're going to say okay. Drew drew how to a big time rough spot but he was able to overcome that. And the broncos going to feel comfortable going going into twenty twenty one with him as their quarterback but we need to continue to see those steps. We're talking to zach stevens from denver. Broncos this was maybe the first game and it could be missing a game or or two that. This was the first game i felt. Like the broncos were playing to what their identities should be. Tim patrick had a nice game. Noah fant had a nice game but none of them were getting nine ten receptions right it's spread out you're utilizing your tight end game. You're running the ball. You ran it for what. Thirty thirty one carries between lindsay and gordon. They ran it well. You're playing great defense. Drew lock not forced to do anything too crazy. This to me feels like what this identity should be all about absolutely and not only was the ground game working but then it opened up everything for drew lock. The play action was successful. The one play. They ran out of the pistol where where he gave the play. Fake it brought the linebackers up because they had to commit to the run and that opened up a huge space for drew a to throw into the middle of the field. Ten patrick those things are exactly what this offense is meant for and drew lock it. He dropped back to pass thirty one times. And the broncos ran the ball thirty two times. That is the balance that this team is looking for. And as vic fangio's today it was a successful balance and that's exactly what this team was designed for. It's so nice when it works that way. And i know it's not always as easy as just saying. Oh you got to run the ball more but you know the first few carries ac. I think it would fill. They weren't great. I mean the first few carries it looked like more of the same from last week but the difference was it seemed like pat. Shurmur stay dedicated to the run. I know drew lock. Loosen it up a little bit with that. Nice third down conversion to caja hamler but they kept this miami dolphins defense kind of bend but don't break defense a decent defensive the last few weeks anyway. They stayed consistent. They stay dedicated to that. Run game and to me. That was that was ultimately the difference maker with this offense defensively. It was great but that was the difference maker. You know in the past few weeks. We've seen pat shurmur. Treat the running game kinda like the deep ball. He throws it a couple of times doesn't work and then you say okay. Well that's kind of a shot that take them. We didn't hit it so we're just going to be done with that for the day. What are you can't do that with the running game and so you know what this game. You're absolutely right. Those first three drives were not pretty. When the broncos ran the ball one yard on the first On the first beginning of the first three possessions and pat shurmur stuck with it. He's ever going to keep trying this and then look what happened. Both of your running backs average over five yards per carry. They both break runs of twenty plus yards. It's not always going to be pretty but when you're when you're stopped for one yard no yards regardless of the running back is you gotta keep going back to them. And this balance. That he found between. Melvin gordon phillip. Lindsay is exactly what john wanted. I know broncos fans especially people in colorado are going to want phillip lindsay. Get thirty touches a game. That's never to happen. But what is realistic. Is melvin gordon and phillip. Lindsay combining for thirty carries a game. Exactly what we saw yesterday. Sixteen for fill. fifteen for. Melvin gordon and melvin. Had a terrible fumble. Y- you can't discount that. But man did he look good. He was having the best game of his career with the broncos until that last fumble on broncos twitter and zack. You're seeing about. Melvin gordon and the fumble that to me i know it could be could have been costly right. Dolphins could have went down. Scored i think. Melvin gordon owes justin simmons a donut or something that was a fumble. That was such an amazing run that he had. There's he had no business getting out of that first three yards. It was an amazing run. Is that one that you. You've you've followed a lot of games closely that one where you look at and say man. It's kinda hard to fault him. There he was busted like five six tackles on that run. Yeah it was a beast mode type run. And what doesn't help is that. Phillip lindsay is in town but the guy that everyone loves that is feel disrespected. And also lindy's guy that has never fumbled and his career. With the broncos and melvin now has four fumbles on the season so that's just always that's just a hot button for broncos fan day. It's going to hit them any time. But also you know you have drew locks interception. The multiple players made made mistakes in this game. But it's when it's melvin gordon compared to phillip lindsay. That is always going to be blown up. You're right outside of that. He had a fantastic game. He had the broncos only two touchdowns which i think a lot of people that like to bash on him. Don't point out as well which is only fair to point out. There were nice runs to. I mean again. I don't wanna take waste any thing away from this offensive line. I coach and i was pushing people around garrett bowles man i mean he is. I think he's earning back. Some trust every single game and that was fun to watch. That offensive line was moving around. But melvin gordon. I felt like was finding the lanes better than maybe. I've seen him do all season. Yeah and it wasn't just that the broncos ran the ball it's how they ran it. I mean we all love seeing garrett bowles go from the left tackle position all the way around the right tackle to just destroy and bulldoze players as the players said after the game you love the bulls on the movie luxy and rising are on the move probably his best game and then austin schloffmans comes in for graham glasgow. Who was a little banged up at the end of the game and you don't even realize there. He plays so well and credit to lloyd cushenberry because he has struggled a lot this season but vic fangio says he gets better and better every single week. And it's it's baby steps for for him and you know that that's kind of how i classified drew. Lock game i. It's just a baby step and it doesn't have to be a huge step for this team and these players on offense every single week. That's unrealistic to expect. What you need is just everyone to continue to get better. These remaining six games and then the broncos will have a promising off going into the offseason. We're talking to zach stevens of. Dnv are broncos are. We haven't even touched the defensive side they gave up thirteen. In one of those touchdowns was was a crazy interception by drew lock ultimately miami converted later on without the stars anyway. You're so banged up there. You only allow fifty six yards you. You're getting after two. You had six sacks in this game obviously the big interception simmons should have had two interceptions but aj boy a strange defense pass interference call their talk to us about this defenseman. They were making plays alexander. Johnson is hitting people in the mouth. Me read is all over the place. Obviously bryce callahan. Playing great chubb was he got a sack. I mean this is one of those excellent performances by denver defense. It really was. It was incredible. They were great against the the past. They were great against the run. They turn the ball over. And you're right drew. Lock doesn't throw that touchdown or that interception. That set up the easy touchdown for the dolphins. Lebron broncos very well may not give up a touchdown in this game hold the dolphin under T digit points and this was adult team under two. That was averaging over thirty points per game since he came in and the past three games and they made to a look uncomfortable all game and that's something that is not easy to do because two of is tested. He's been tested before he came in the nfl and he looked cool and his first three games in the nfl and they made him look like a completely different quarterback they got him benched for ryan fitzpatrick after the game brian flores that it was not due to injury why tool was taken out. They just needed something else on offense because of how good the broncos defense was and brady said it what's incredible about it is they are dealing with their entire backup defensive line and they were still able to get six sacks onto a vic credit credit to vic fangio and pat shurmur in this game And on the defensive side vic fangio was not afraid to bring pressure and win. They brought pressure to just couldn't do anything in the game. In the first half every time vic fangio rock crusher to a didn't have a single completion so just credit to victory call and a good game and then the defense getting after him from the name bradley. Chubb having us actor sean williams having two sacks demarcus walker getting in there on one and then maliki remand man. Does he looked good one and a half sacks for him on the day he he is really stepping up this year. So what was it with. You talked about it on friday. You said hey denver you gotta go all out man. Put some pressure on the sky. He ended the day. Eleven for twenty eighty three yards a touchdown then he gets pulled. It was it. The knee was it. They just you know they they. He wasn't getting anything done or was it a combination of the two. Have you heard anything about him. Going forward For next weekend. Yeah we'll brian flores. After the game said that It was not injury related. Now would have been the easiest thing for brian. Florez to say. Even if it wasn't actually injury related he could. He could have given that excuse to then put him back out there this week but he did not give him that excuse. O'brien floor is going with the tough love treatment there for two and of course. Fitzpatrick came in And broncos playing a little bit more of a prevent defense not a full prevent defense and they did not bliss. Patrick and fitzpatrick had a lot. More success than. Yeah if it's bad almost fits magic. Justin statements comes up with the pig. All right so i gotta ask you. This are our power to play sports. Poll question zach. I wanted to get your thoughts. We're playing the hypothetical game. If you could only sign one of these guys to a long term deal justin simmons garrett bowles phillip lindsay all controversial. Kind of right. I mean as far as how they've been treated or how they played. Which one would you pick. Man this is. This is so tough. If it's only one. I think this is crazy. I think you gotta go garrett bowles you have had problems on the offensive line for so long. You finally found your left tackle. You can't let him walk. And people would probably say well justice in inside the game winning interception and and i think he should sign justin simmons as well. I think that's important to say but vic fangio throughout his career has had a lot of success getting a lot more play out of safeties that he finds so can he come and find the next justice. maybe not. Maybe you're not talking about one of the best eighties in the nfl. But he can find an average safety and make them good. You keep cream jackson around here. And then phillip lindsay The broncos have not showed him love in terms of a contract. I i don't think that they're going to turn around and show him a ton of love and then running backs are also an easier position to replace at a cheaper cost so in your mind zach of those three guys. Yeah it's possible you could see garrett justin but the idea of all three of them is that. Is that realistic anymore. Yeah it is realistic. Because you do have Philip under control through next year being a restricted free agent. So those guys could be all under control for for a while. Still after this year was going to be interesting as you have to decide. Who are you franchise tagging. Are you franchise justin sym- for a second straight year in his price tag. Goes up twenty percent or are you franchise tagging garrett bowles and whoever you don't get done then you're trying to work out a long term deal with the other one and they're both going to want to be paid Like the top of their position in both of those positions you know going for fifteen to twenty million dollars in safety and left tackle respectively. And then so you do by yourself. A little bit of time with phil is he is he can be back for around three or four million next year It'll be interesting. Zac appreciate you man. I don't even feel like we covered half of it but we got through a lot Zach what he work force that we can check out a dvr broncos alamance seeing how the broncos are going to go up against the saints this coming week because of course tastes them. Hell what an interesting experience -ment experiment they have going on there And just how. The broncos matchup became. Hey broncos get another win and they're going into kansas city in two weeks with a chance to go six and six that would be fun so Covid break down. Everything about taste helen. How the broncos attack. I'll look forward to a man zack. Always appreciate you. Break it down for us. And we're gonna be off friday so i'm off thursday friday so we'll look to catch up with the next monday right on man. That sounds great. Enjoy thanksgiving you to my friend. Happy thanksgiving be safe and We'll talk to you soon. That's zak stevens. Dvr broncos excellent guy twenty four minutes after the hour before we break here. Listen i it crazy times for everybody. Windsor mill tavern is a local establishment. That has been there with you since day. One do me a favor order. You know. I know what the all the rules and regulations are just yet with some of these restaurants throughout weld county. I'm not going there. But windsor mill tavern is a local business that we absolutely love. I'm going to give away a twenty dollar gift certificate. Use it please. To call and a post in order. Show him some love. Show them that. You're going to be there for them. These local businesses need to hear it more than ever right now But i'm gonna give a twenty dollar gift certificate away to windsor mill. Tavern they got fresh takes on classic american comfort. Food cheeseburgers all that. Great range bias. And i love it. Also handcrafted cocktails and all encompassing beer list. Get it to go windsor mill tavern twenty dollar gift certificate. Let's go caller number four on the first advantage hotline nine seven three five three thirteen ten or toll free eight seven seven three three thirteen ten three five three thirteen ten caller four. I got a twenty dollar gift certificate coming your way to windsor mill tavern twenty five minutes after the hour. Let's take a quick break here. Clark johnson coming in perhaps radio round up man to we have a big one coming up on saturday. We'll be right back. it's a party. Northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. Block party wednesdays from four to ten. Pm no cone now. Weekdays at four northern colorado's voice thirteen. Ten k of k. This is brian. How colorado buffaloes beat writer for the buffs zone and. You're listening to the whole show thirteen ten. Kfi failed twenty nine minutes after the hour. Moving and shake in here on. Monday's edition of the whole show. Got a busy show. So i'll be back tomorrow. I'll be on air. Wednesday colfax and i will be off thursday and friday. So enjoy your thanksgiving. We're going to put together some obviously. Nfl games all day thursday and maybe a college game. Friday friday morning around nine thirty at ten. Carry over into the whole show so excited about that. Joining me in studio are auto collision special studio clark. Johnson of preps radio man. Clark let me just say this i do. We have a big one coming up on saturday here on thirteen. Ten k of k. a. It's going to be a huge weekend for us. But resurrection christian and eaten will be going at it absolutely one of the biggest match ups we've had in a long time out here and now both of these teams just one game away from getting to the finals. And boy you look at it on paper and say rest christian. Probably the favorite here. But i don't know hold your horses. Eat and got a huge win. They were the only one really that had to go on the road of the teams that we follow out here and they went all the way to pagosa springs. And just repeat them. Forty one to seven. I picked that. By the way that i will not. But i said they will blow us and they will school them and sold it so that okay. Eating scores forty points against Pagosa springs resurrection. Kristen finally gave up a point. They just a safety. the they gave up to scores. And okay all right a little bit more gave fourteen You expect to that in the playoffs to fourteen. I think that was the final. They they the first touchdown they gave up was a a snap that the defense for the other team at a scoop and score. So that's not against your own and that's just one of the other one that gave up was when they had twos in late in the game so quite frankly the The one the number one says doesn't really feel like a scores put on them. But do you think changes over the weekend. This is way far and away the best team they will played all year. No doubt about it Reds are tough ethan. Flora's the kiddo. That was out one of the many that were out the final regular season game for eton against platte valley when platte valley went over there and won all. He does come back. Come back to this game here. In twenty one yards and three rushing touchdowns so scott agreeable was terrific hundred and twenty six yards. Passing with a touchdown. Eighty four yards rushing with a touchdown so they look great. If they have their full contingent this game end eaten res- christian and eaten is going to be one of the best games you could imagine how b twelve thirty pregame. One o'clock kick-off here on thirteen ten. Kfi and immediately following your game. Assuming i'm not. I'm not trying to get ahead of myself but assuming you see winds on friday. Our first unc. Men's basketball game. We'll be friday at three. Assuming they win. They'll play immediately after that game in that tournament in kansas city. Yeah we'll We'll get the people. Let them know during our broadcast taste. Stick around and and get to that. Unc basketball game. Jeff smiley and company. Nasty steve smiley wyoming gets okay. There new. i'd go there. You mixed them it. It happens both of those guys. So i tried to. I think it's going to be a lot of basketball in the area. A lot of great football. I'm excited for it. How about roosevelt kicking the game winning field goal. That doesn't happen a whole heck of a lot in high school football side of things but a game winning field goal in the final moments in fact. Yeah with two seconds to go while drove all the not very often but this was called bracken sawyer. Their their kicker terrific kicker fort. Morgan though against the one seed roosevelt. The eighth seed against the one for gets the lead with two minutes left. Misses the extra point or as long sixteen fourteen. Lead roosevelt goes the length of the field. And the on the last play the ball game reconciler knocks it through seventeen. Sixteen but a crazy with how you get there you know. Just gotta get there move onto the next round. That's all you can do take on south at home in johnstown. One o'clock on saturday. Public south is the foresee got through because meade went kovic and didn't play that opening your eye forfeit so So yeah lane washing or steam. Now just one one win away from going down and joining us for a wonderful trip to blow coming up. Yeah it's going to be intense right. You're guaranteed to have at least one nine on championship guaranteed. Two o'clock a week from saturday will be down in that first week for saturday in december will be down in pablo for the to a championship. Either res- or eaten taking on either delta or lamar lamar. Another team in mind. Kind of my neck of the woods. Loveland nails down a semi-final berth defense. Coming up big for them over broomfield twenty eight to seven. Yeah that was close. Great always great matchup with love broomfield. We had it friday. Night and seven seven ballgame. Broomfield is is looking like they're going to score. Take the lead late third quarter that cough it up on the five yard line and roosevelt takes over. They go ninety five yards score touchdown to take the lead. Come with a pick six on the next series to take a twenty one seven lead. They get another pick and the guy goes to the one. Almost scored To add to pick six late in the game but what was the seven seven game after three. Twenty eight seven four for loveland. It somehow sometimes goes like that close game can turn into You know a lopsided score quickly Want to know too for folks starting on monday. You're switching gears just like that and listen. We don't know exactly what's going to happen with high school basketball just yet as of right now. It's go january fourth starting but we're going to put together a thirteen days. Thirteen teams regardless. We're going to hear from the coaches and players. We do training camp coverage now for as many teams as we possibly can Either way it's great to catch up with us coaches and players because the season might be pushed a month who knows But as of right now january fourth is tipped off so thirteen days. Thirteen teams hoops edition presented by quality while on pump starts on monday this coming monday absolutely so we'll get that scheduled for on the website or soon on the facebook page as well so hold tight for that. We'll get it to you but football wise. I just wanted to say hats off to the platte valley bronco players. They had sixteen players out due to covid this this past weekend and delta kinda beat him up but They tried hard and they had a great season and they're always good to us so Way to go. Bali i mean. At least they showed up. They could afford the game. They didn't do it. So hats off to troy hopping and company and hats off to cheyenne wells. How about this didn't somebody. I know they have a billboard up of me somewhere. They don't install billboards there so grandma one. They had a like the varsity varsity blues coach. Yeah just the statue of kilmer. Yes it's more of a scarecrow that my grandma just pasted a picture of my face to and she has to go out and sneak out and do that every every night but yes well. My dad's my dad. Of course we're getting together this week and He's going to head back. Sheinwald stratton liberty. back in. My day was just stratton but liberty had to join forces you know. They're getting out freeman football. They're going to have to go to three one on one on one football which i think would be highly entertaining up so we used to play that my front yard. I think it's great. I think it'd be great. see big weekend for you clark. I'm excited about it. What do we perhaps mid week. This week wednesday. We're yeah we're both jeff van winkle the head football coach at res- and Jeff zach lemon from eaton on the program so the ufc prefight when those two guys. I asked. I talked to talk to jeff winkle today and i said yeah you're probably not talking to zach lemon right now because you're getting ready to face because clark we were texting so maybe you could ask for one of the pick up their close to face. I just hope that we get there. And that's what you have to wait for now is is what's going to happen with covid during the week here for quarantining Kids i just clear to hate to get to one of these games and one team not be prepared so no question about it doing great sponsor of the segment each and every week absolutely well community credit union. Love what they do. They've got that new sogo app a so go there online and you can go. Google up While community credit union go online. Check it out. the go. App is a really cool thing because and it's great for the younger kids because they can learn about finances and learn about money while they make money so it's a pretty cool thing sogo app. Check it out weld community credit union. That's giulini eight and company over love what they do in our community and love the fact that they support our high school sports center high school students as great to get high school football back on the air this year. We didn't know for sure when or when if that was going to happen but made it happen somehow. So clark great job by you roll with punches every single week and just stay tuned. Keep it here to thirteen ten. Kfi am go to our website. Thirteen ten k dot com for constant updates on what's going on the preps world and i will tell everybody right now because there's a ton of people listening that care Championships friday and saturday. We will have at least a two championship on friday to as we said. And maybe we get a roosevelt on the championship. Saturday also could get a friday night game. If loveland gets to that championship game was well. All are still in the mix so cross your fingers but We'll we'll talk to you this weekend from eating dark. Appreciate a man great job. I'm looking forward to a big one this weekend this saturday. Thank you very all right. Thirty minutes after the hour. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash pure mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi hey it's andrew bogusch from cbs sports radio. You're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten kfi k. A fresco painter south plaque in a free mini cooler. Just by calling them. Just call them telling you heard about here on the whole show. It's a free mini cooler and a free painting quote while you're at nine seven four one four forty one thirty one i events text line three one nine nine six three one nine nine six our power to play sports poll question of the day. This is an interesting one. Go to the whole show dot com to vote. But if you could only choose one. Which player would you sign to a long term deal justin simmons garrett bowles or phillip lindsay forty-one percent simmons but the surprise to me. Is ball's coming at thirty. Three percent. Lindsay's at twenty five percent. Now when you look at how much you're gonna have to pay these guys You know where do you go. The highest paid tackles in the. Nfl are twenty boxy area of of green. Bay's making twenty three twenty. Three million laremy tunsil at twenty two million. Then you go down to the second tier sixteen million. So you're you're going to have to shell out some dollars that's for sure wh- how much how much is that. Going to be ultimately bowls is probably gonna be more in the fifteen eighteen million dollars suddenly. That's what having a great season is to you. John elway sat down with your bowl. Say this is it essentially put shut up and here. He is so i mean. We can complain about away all day long but hiring mike month check and sticking it out with garrett bowles this year might look like a victory for who hasn't had many of these now residing might who knows. Is he going to give the broncos some kind of a discount after he was almost ran out of town here or is it the true overcoming adversity. This is what sports is all about. It's not hate it's hating. Sports drew lock. It's not criticism criticism and sports. It's not real life. We don't hate you your football player. Well if you do hate them outside of that just be if you actually have real hate. Harbored inside of them. Because melvin gordon. Fumbles that kind of stuff. Then you have issues right. It's it's sports. Hates different so probably going to give garrett bowles fifteen twenty million dollars how much is how much is the top safety going to get paid. I mean buddha bakers at fourteen point. Seven five you have some high paid safeties in the nfl. Kevin baird fourteen point one. I use a fourteen. So is you know that's kind of what we talked about with justin simmons. He's going to be fourteen sixteen million dollars and then phillip lindsay is going to be closer to the Sixty eight six to eight million. So it's not gonna get cheap christian. Mccaffrey is sixteen million dollars. So that's the those are the top tier guys is not going to touch that. But where's he going to be happy. Derrick henry at twelve five okay. He's not in that territory yet. He's not yet. i dunno. Melvin gordon eight million catholic territory. That's where you're looking because lindsay is going to look at while you're pay him eight. You're not gonna pay me the same or maybe a little more so go vote. That's at the whole show dot com. I wanna take this away ticks dixon. You're always raining on the parade man. There was raining on the parade. How tough is it being a bronco fan when you get excited about twenty points and start saying things like this is what it's supposed to look like i mean one yard away from it being twenty seven points. It makes feel any better dixon. This is what it's supposed to look like. This is what exactly what is supposed to look like. You want a tough defense top run game and you win. You win ballgames. Twenty twenty seven points. Melvin gordon was a yard away from scoring twenty seven points. I know brady didn't cow because it didn't go in a yard away though that's the idea and it's that's what it is. Twenty twenty. seven points is what you're expecting from this offense and defensively you're expecting whole teams below seventeen. That's where you are. So i mean you can say it's not listen. It's not kansas city. I get that and it and it won't be kansas city denver's building differently. And right now yeah. Kansas city's looks like the sexier pick. But we shall see i for one thing. Las vegas is just above average and the raiders whipped up denver broncos having proven to be average this season too many inconsistencies but when their head coaching staff runs what they're supposed to do run the ball thirty plus times. They should win a few more games. That's what i that's. Why predicted eleven and the schedule station have several more victories under their belt but i do believe coaching his cost them. And that's terrifying thing. I forty nine minutes after the hour. Colefax we'll take a short break. We'll wrap up the show. Talk more broncos dolphins tomorrow. We'll get to more of that. We'll get to way more in the nuggets side. We'll try to get chris dempsey lined up this whole show powered by energy. We'll be right back inside. The air's dang presented by christmas agency allstate insurance tuesday nights northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. a. Dan patrick the whole show and colin coward around northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. 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If you don't sign up that that is one hundred percent for sure you got you got three chances to win big to red wing locations and manoir appliance. So do me a favor. Stop by closing thoughts for the day. Colefax on the broncos drew lock says. I'm not done yet. He's hanging on that. Was that was impressive. There was something there we got to see him follow up. You got a tough task against the saints even without drew brees. But he's not done yet folks. He's brady winning it not done yet. So there's a little bit of faith still got six games left in this test. I don't know how literal you wanna take the season test. But if you are then you got six defense was great. Pat shurmur rocket science. My friend you run the ball phillip lindsay. Melvin gordon run. It run it run it. Everything else opens up. Nuggets might have lost jeremy grant over the weekend paul millsap. Did the nuggets favor stayed with them. I'll take it. The question isn't about jeremy. Grant paul millsap. It's about michael porter. Jr. there's more pressure on him now than ever cannot wait to see this season unfold good night northern colorado.

broncos drew garrett bowles vic fangio Melvin gordon phillip lindsay two hundred yards melvin gordon Pat shurmur justin simmons twenty dollar one yard zach stevens Zak stevens denver windsor mill tavern Drew brian flores melvin platte valley
Mirror Image?

Highly Questionable

22:56 min | 2 months ago

Mirror Image?

"Welcome to highly questionable. We've got izzy good errors behind him. You might see some pillows. My brother has made and behind dominique because dominique is interested in credibility on football. Monday helmets to give off the gladiators spirit. Let's get started. Who impressed you. More patrick mahomes on the final. Drive or the raiders. Up to that point or you guys want to talk about space age offense and stuff and i want to talk about former monday night football broadcaster jason witten one catch one yard one touchdown he will be able to do that carrying dialysis machine across the field. At ninety years old. He'll be able to do that for you The chiefs are overwhelming. We know this. It's not just that they've got a great quarterback they've got the best tight end in football. They've got the fastest wide receiver in football. And they will be scared to holy hell if they have to see that raiders team in the playoffs because that raiders team can play their way with them. There are a lot of teams that can end up doing that. We've always surmised that what you need to do against the chiefs is hold the ball. Slow it down. Do it the way. Bella check did it. The raiders are like now. Let's go well. We also have a mutant tight end that we can throw to and we will enjoy Throwing too so. I was impressed. That the raiders. Were able to do that again. That after beating the they came that close to beating them again. I think you're right. The most impressive part of that game was the raiders and not necessarily passionate the homes and that space as offense. And that's the crazy part. Because i expect it patrick mahomes to lead that game winning drive when the improbably comes the expectations. It's weird because you don't appreciate it as much as you should but we should be celebrating. Amazing patrick mahomes is but i did. The raiders could win a game that achieves weren't overlooking they marked on their calendar. They were looking forward to this game. They were prepared for this game. They wanted revenge and somehow for most of that game. The raiders were probably the better team. But the one difference between those two teams at the quarterback and that spot is the most important. We always know of patrick. Mahomes the ball with a chance at the end is more likely that he's going to get the job done the not well. That's the interesting parts of me there. Dominic is because if you tack on another minute to this game it felt like car would have been the game winning quarterback and then you would have talked about two games in a row where he beat the kansas city chiefs and he looked comparable to patrick mahomes. And if you look at that head coach in jon gruden if you think of a team that he would want to copy it would be the kansas city chiefs. It looks like the most fun team in the league. And jon gruden all about that phone offense. Well that offense looks like it's kind of mirroring the kansas city chiefs at least trying to build that way if you look at their roster derek carr say what you will about him. He's an above average quarterback. But henry ruggs trying to be out there as the next terry kill in the years to come waller as a tight end. Looks kelsey. like his unstoppable. So you think that John gruden's looking at. I want to be the sheets and so far through two games. It looks like i'm pretty close to them so to me of the two. They were more impressive. I think lara that carry also has like the sammy watkins. The guy who's at second location with a high drafted player found a way to have an impact that he wasn't able to have in his first location. So you're right. They're building something that is very similar but it ain't the same 'cause it had one man under center it's no it ain't the same because it has one man named jason witten again. I want you to notice that hairline. I want you to notice that he was a monday night. Football or one point. I want you to imagine steve levy out there. one catch for one yard for one touchdown. You guys entertained by all the the play calls by the raiders and all the names and everything else or were you annoyed by by the end of the game entertains. I'm always here for the for the gimmicks and gadgets. It was fun. It's only annoying if they stink. If they're out there making these silly names and then the players are ineffective. They can't keep up then they give it leaves them like. Why don't you focus more on football and not being shoot. What did you think of the never. They called a left-handed nba players name. They would run to the left. James harden chris whenever they threw a right handed players name out there. They'd run to the right. If i'm jon gruden got sort these things through a little bit more requires a lot of basketball knowledge. You can't you just go words that start with l. Let's start with our. That's what we always do. We're running the blitz. When they come out with a back to the right thought live live live. I don't have to then google which my nba player works or uses in order to know what's out there underplate sophisticated. You were even less sophisticated than shouting james harden. I mean we would also do it. Was geography would help where we do. East coast cities west coast cities like that sort of stuff. Just bring up a map in your mind and you're like hey baltimore baltimore baltimore. That means running right. That is risky risky defensive line. You know how risky that is with. Those players ought to destroy your refrigerator back together. Should we blame the bengals. Not protecting joe burrow enough. Was that game over. As soon as he left the game. They put in ryan finley. Who didn't do anything gave all those bengals fans post traumatic stress disorder because they were relying at one point on ryan finley. And you know how important borough is that he takes all of the team's hope with him. But if you're gonna ask the bengals to protect a guy who has been drafted. That high is the savior of the franchise. I would ask you. Why not just blame football. Given that they changed all the rules that make the quarterback not playing football like the rest of the players on the field. You can't hit them high. You can hit him low. You can't hit them hard and yet he still gets hurt. I prefer to just marvel at the idea that philip rivers is still out there never missing a game and here goes joe burrow out for the season even though all the rules are meant to protect him. What are they gonna do. Mixing was out. They need borough if they want to win the game. He's going to be throwing the ball forty five times. You can't keep everybody happy with mixing out. You can't say hey. Run the ball a lot. He's been out a lot this year. And so if you can't sort of take advantage of your shiny new number one pick at quarterback who's doing really well then. What can you do as a football coach. Like i understand dropping back to pass gives him more of a chance to get sacked but whether it be quick passes it could be something that keeps him from getting hit also and grids yes. He has a bad offensive line. Yesterday out to a ton of loic for the dolphins was had to rookie tackles with them and was getting trounced by that defensive line and eventually got pulled so what you have to say is can we actually play with him or do we have to fear that he's going to get hurt just because he's throwing a lot. You can get that injury at any given time whether you drop back twenty times or drop fifty times. It's frustrating to hear the blame game when really. He just got very unfortunate. Yeah we've been looking at this all season and people have been talking about how it's so dangerous. Their quarterback going to get hurt. I think that's why people want to blame is because we've been warning them but the problem is not much you can do about it at this point if you have one really really good player in the players. Aren't that good. You're team is going to be in a lot of losing battles and that player is going to be out there. No situations quite a bit. I know. I think it was mike. Tannenbaum earlier in the season said they bench him. They should mention now. Because this is a lost cause of a season in protect your guy. But i'm not sure how you build a team around as one individual in making it so that he cannot develop as a quarterback. So this sucks. Football is dangerous sometimes. Sucky things happen in football so it sucks for him. I hope he comes back as good as he was leading up to this point. But i mean dem's de breaks. It reminds me of those cowardly baseball fans who think they have a young starting pitcher with some. You know some gas and they're just like might as well give him his tommy john surgery. Now 'cause you know it's inevitable. Well obviously a leg injury like this is not inevitable. But it's the nfl you're going to get hurt if it would have been a high ankle sprain. Been out for four or five weeks will be giving this type of criticism to the front office. I don't think so. I wanna marvel at sort of the sea change in that sport. Where i'm guessing you guys. Don't spend a lot of time. These days worried that. Lamar jackson isn't going to be able to hold up running the ball that much. He won the mvp. We stopped thinking about that. Oh it's dangerous to throw the ball to dangers. Why because football is really dangerous. Coming up next on myself. Stevie shaw this. Watch the defensive back here. Is the defensive back here. This is good quarterback out of a good quarterback highly questionable is presented by grey goose drink responsibly. Part of happy hour. It's your apartment. 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Vindicate sean payton's decision to start him. A lot of angst on that one. You saw a lot of reporting from schefter and others that the saints were torn. And i felt like that reporting was meant to protect the feelings of jameis winston who has a one year contract and to that team because if drew brees goes out with eleven fractured ribs he thought he would be getting the resuscitation that his career needs. But yesterday against a really bad falcons defense chase him. Hell did enough like he looked to me a little bit like tim. Tebow out there which isn't really a compliment. He did all of the little things that you need. And he ran around out there and provided some versatility that you would not have gotten from jameis winston when a couple of pass plays broke down. He scored what seemed to be rushing on broken plays and so they were able to use them in a way. That was good enough because the saints are good enough. They haven't lost in two years when their backup. Quarterbacks in the game is because they've got a lot of other really good players. I did enjoy that michael thomas. You never see him. Drop the football. That drew brees blows a much softer softer football. And so what happened is the ball. Goes right through his hands. Because michael thomas has been you know. Run around out there with rubber gloves for awhile just catching these a little fragile throws from. Yeah i mean. I think these vindicated and the fact that they won. But if we're being honest that was about the saints defense if you watch that game. It's no way that you walk away watching that game thinking that it was about taking hill being great takes them manage the situation. He made a couple of plays here and there but that defense like thirty seven sacks they were creating plays turnover short fields and shutting down everything that was happening. There for the falcons. So i think we need to be celebrating that defense more than we should celebrate tasting hill so hopefully in the future. I would love to see james winston. Get a chance to show himself because him already got paid in zuma's winston he went. They're expecting to be teddy bridgewater. And then when the chance came there like you know what you're not that good. Yeah i was thinking about the same thing. The defense is the reason that team won but obviously all eyes are on tastes hill and my one thought on that was imagine. The level of credibility lost in. Sean payton if tastes hill. Goes out there in this terrible. Because you've been telling about him for so long even using them here and there. It's like our building up we're building. You're not forced to start him. You go with him over jameis winston and if he would have been terrible they've got to be looking at each other and say what is this guy doing. Why are we living in making decisions or it turns out he was. Okay probably going to start for the next couple of weeks. And if he does so they can breathe deeply because it would have been an absolute disaster if he did. The highlight of the game of tasting hill embodies. The entire takes real experience. Is this marvelously. bad yet. Completed passed down the field. This watch the defensive back here. Is the the defensive back here. Good quarterback phone. A good quarterback stumbled twenty yards into the endzone. Trying to defend. the pass. Would've been made by a professional quarterback. Do i howard banking in three pointers edits. Are you ready to bury the ravens season. Oh look they're good football team. I just want to marvel at what yesterday was. Because that was a throwback football game it is rare when the violent sort of pops off on your television and is something as well that you feel the tensions between the teams before the games malcolm butler is going at it with harbaugh. This is after. Tennessee ended baltimore's historic season last year. And then afterwards able and harbaugh don't want anything to do with each other. i just love. What tennessee did the baltimore in terms of physicality at the end of the game. It's not just. Aj brown breaking every tackle in their secondary scored important touchdown. But it was derrick henry again and again and again you are not used to seeing baltimore going back to when dominique played for baltimore. You're not used to seeing baltimore end of a physical beating. And that's what happened yesterday at the end of the game. Yeah you mentioned throwback. Dan and that's what i was looking for in this meeting at least from baltimore but this was nothing like the baltimore teams that i'm familiar with. You're talking about a team. That was up eleven in second half and lost that they gave up a ninety yard drive in overtime to lose the game. And this was the baltimore team that had all the incentive all the motivation in the world that obviously lost a couple of games. Lamar jackson had called kansas city his kryptonite but they lost to the patriots. Here they are losing to the titans again after losing to them in the playoffs last year. It seemed like the ravens had all the reason in the world. Heck that tightened little picnic on their crest before the game. And that god people all riled up and everything else so if you would have thought the ravens would have had a sort of comeback game this would have been it and then they put a second half together like that and it just makes you wonder right. Now they're out of the playoffs. It makes you wonder if they're gonna cross the way back in the. I think the defense is the most concerning part because the one thing that you can rely on throughout this season is that their defense was stand up when they needed their defense to do so. That's what scares me about. Where they sit right now is their defense kinda fell apart towards the end of the game and gave up a game winning drive that you rarely see them give up always expect their offense to struggle because they weren't going to have all the luck they had last year. Obviously you're going to regret from a historic season and then on top of that you have hall of famers retiring offensive line. A ton of injuries too important players on their offense. I'm not surprised that their offense isn't what it was but it hurts to see their defense. Give up big plays like that and important moments that scares me the duration of this season. But you never know what the franchise like that in a player like lamar jackson. He could take over the rest of the season but if super bowl is their association. Which is what. I thought it was the beginning season. That's that seems like a long shot at this point. Hey it's your homie. Sorry it's your home. I know you don't like it when i call myself your so. I have some favors to ask you. Could you get rid of a few chairs in the living room. My floorboards are tired and other easy thing which saves money if you bundled your home and car insurance with geico one more thing. I know you love lavender. Scented candles but could try to vanilla. I think it would fit my better. For bundling made easy go to geico dot com today highly questionable presented by grey goose drink responsibly. Part of happy hour question. Which ref got it worse. A proud hallmark of this show mocking the officials. The judges the rule enforcers when they embarrassed themselves because they are older than the people running around out there and sometimes they get in the way. So first we go alabama kentucky here. What happened to this referee. Look out oh. That was a real pin bowling situation there. Let i wanna watch that again. Where can we watch. That was a pretty bad but can we watch how many people hit this poor guy. Juan oh wait a minute to do that. Hold on a second. Let me go back here for a second number. Twenty six from kentucky dragged referee into the play. That help with the tackles the history between those two. Now let's check in here. The dolphins there one positive play yesterday. They're excited about it. They've been howard is very good at that. And they're going to celebrate the fact that that produced their only touchdown. I drink from another angle so you can see the full pod of dolphins here trim when that dude he was going down anyway and then he gets need and the head. I feel really bad for these guys. 'cause probably amongst their group of friends in their age group. They're probably the most fit of them right there. Their job requires them to run up and down the field but all they do is get made fun of for looking like you know brittle pieces of old man. They're part of the field. That's the rule. They're part of the field. I respect that the. Nfl team just kept running left in their. those college. guys got something to learn. They try to help them up and stuff like no. You help up a piece of grass to no recipe. Let them blau. Wow a piece of grass is ablaze. You are that to humanizing. The old people are not humans. They are a piece of soil. Might be a little more sympathetic if it wasn't so many flags on pass interference like i'm on now see. I hope they air this to show that your cornerback byron you. That poor old man was holding his face in pain in the empathetic dominique. Foxworth someone who looked just like you flagging for five yards seven years ago and now is my chance for vengeance. Do question if it's possible to side with the defensive back on this offensive. Pass interference call all right. There was some decent football played in the big ten indiana loss but is the big winner of the weekend for playing ohio. State that close you've got Illinois making fun of nebraska via tweet saying thanks for being in a hurry to welcome back big ten football when you're getting troubled by illinois you're in a special place in hell and here we've got purdue and minnesota we've got the fourth quarter. Minnesota is up three produce. Got the ball. And that should be a touchdown that would stencil seal the game but that is offensive. Fear and know. How is this a good komal. Look at look at look at what separation. What are you talking about. How was that many you. Oh look at him. He's doing it right now. What are you doing what a play would call to have the guts to make the right call in situation. I'm proud. i'm good job. I would help up zebra if he ever got trampled. Not helping. he's a good man. He basically touched his hand. Dominy come on now. I don't care for purdue football. But if i did i would be probably going nuts right now and probably boycott television for the rest of the year because that was how i mean. A little db reparations is not bad like all the bad deal. The pennsylvania's called that we have brought the history of football. Can we have a little reparation for baxter little. Somebody mentioned tim donahue was doing that game. I'd find dominique. Do you think that all these are offensive. Pass interference to yup yup. I don't need to see him. Definitely slack auto. No no way that actually happened. That'd be great photoshop photoshop. you got going on. How how did you keep that job for. So let me see that last one again and i want you to drink in the face on and look good in all circumstances how did he even demand one day we spend a whole thirty minutes showing my good please like. How do you have the dig big so thirty minutes tonight on. Espn monday night. Football rams and box. That should be a fun game but we will take you instead to the comedy. Stylings the hijinks of gronkowski and tommy. Here they're talking about whether or not tight ends are underrated. Let's see what we have tight ends. Oh tie you know. Everybody loves a tight end They do i would say. We're you know underrated all aspects. People don't understand that they blocked the catch and then if you're talking about the other tight end on them. I mean that you know that will always be ready. You can't have to of an end. Yeah too tight of shoes too. Big of a tight end. That's no such thing. So it's always going to be underrated tap. You would think that would not be funny to them after that many years talking about ten. You're laughing because about stupid. Correct comedy or humor of course absolutely intrigued in the football game. But i do believe bad gronkowski as a legitimate star delivery. I don't know what it is about him because that is not funny. But i can't help but smile whenever he's on tv saying stupid like low brow jokes make me so is a u You have a face of skepticism. There are know. I'm skeptical of the producers for not getting rob on the show. He's just the king of improv and he would fit in so well something funny and say hey make us laugh bet. He's got a whole library of wide receiver gypsies. Well at home index card. We are finished. Here is a good errors. Thanks to him. Dominic foxworth if you wanna find him the undefeated. I didn't have anything to promote. Good ears was that obvious. I didn't say anything. I said is a good errors. They just says name. And then i moved over to dominate promotion. Enough a lot of a sudden. I love a big tight end. They block bay cats. What do you mean.

patrick mahomes raiders football baltimore one yard jon gruden ryan finley jameis winston joe burrow dominique kansas city jason witten bengals james harden ninety years Lamar jackson twenty percent Mahomes geico derek carr
BC Recap: Clemson Completes Largest Comeback Ever At Death Valley

All Into Clemson Football Podcast

50:04 min | 2 months ago

BC Recap: Clemson Completes Largest Comeback Ever At Death Valley

"This is the all into clemson football. Podcast the official unofficial podcast of the clemson tigers. What's everybody briley here. I'm here with carter and we are going to recap that crazy boston. College game. that clemson pulled out over the weekend. Let's first start with the most important sound from the weekend that again. I'm not sure they could hear that. One word i've never heard so loud of a missed extra point in my life. It was so loud in fact. My wife was semi watching me happened. She was like what the heck was that. It's always good when you have the commentator curse to like oh he hit a fifty yard field goal earlier and all that and he has never missed an extra point and don't joe tests afterwards and don't he bricked it. That was unfortunate as thankfully didn't come back and bite them in the bud but okay well. Here's the real sound that we that we wanted to play for you right here to have the largest comeback in history death valley. That means you gotta give that Wants so that far. Wouldn't want wrong steak slaughter misused but there's a reason why is large comeback ever goes usually get now like that song is really proud of our team saw. You saw her heart. We saw our through saw culture. Saw believe -secutive yemen ties useless sound desk trevor. Unfortunately he's out sick today so he's not here with us but i'm sure that will be included because own data. Yes but to his point yes. There are a lot of mistakes this game. But i i mean heck of a comeback really seriously. I mean truly. You don't get down that often and win games. And this was the largest comeback in death valley history. Yeah honestly. I'm very impressed with how clemson Fought back in play that it was. I think they're most impressive game of the season so far. Tell me it. We're we're job into this quick but were you nervous. Eighteen points down. What what were your thoughts again. You've asked me this before. I was a little bit more nervous than usual. That i didn't feel like the game is over at all ever like i feel i was telling you also like i feel confident going in this week against notre dame so like here sorry. I was just moving along but the more watching the game. The more confidence i had them in there and defense stepped up later up later on in the second half and it was. I was impressed. So all right. I was i was very nervous. After the fumble return that that was my lowest point. I was absolutely expecting them to lose. And then at the start i was like. Yeah it was really in there. Were a few other times that i was nerve swell nervous as well but who cares. I'm an idiot. I now and they came back and won. So let's let's chat about it. I here's what episode is going to look like for For our listeners. Here we're first going to talk about her. Pivotal plays in top takeaways. I still love that. Who comes up with those cheesy names. And then we are going to hop into another of what is becoming right behind. The worthless sound collection is carter's coaches corners. Right it's right up there and we have a new guest today actually. We're looking forward to that. So stick around for that. And then finally we will close this episode out with our tiger king's carole baskin's of the week and there are plenty to pick for and showed you what we are. Yeah we did review. We didn't bury the lead this week. So okay let's let's go ahead and hop into our pivotal plays and talk top takeaways if you've ever wondered if the media members and were not media members by the way although we could be trying to were better we're above them but if you ever if you've ever wondered if they want close and dramatic games the answer is a resounding yes because it makes it so much easier to talk about things and have takeaways so honestly. Today we have a lot of pivotal plays and top takeaway so it was hard to boil down which you know what are the top ones. So which is the complete opposite. Where normally tell you after we end like like what are we supposed to talk about. There's nothing to talk about the one. I know active georgia tech game. You look what blaze re piddle in the first two kickoff. Yes that was it not this time. We've got talk about. There's plenty to talk about so my first one. There will be a few that will spend more time on. But let's hit the first one here and it was really the first offense to play the game or boston. College had a long pass. And i wrote in my notes i said okay. Is this going to be a preview for the rest of the game or is the defense going to settle in and really what it turned out to be was a preview for the first half because this game was a tale. Two different games in two different half's and that i drive boston. College is rent or not. They didn't run it all. Pass the ball down the field scored which meant that. This was the first time that the tigers had trailed irregular season games since september twenty nineteen. That's that's a crazy stat. Time twenty nine thousand nine. That's insane and of course it didn't stop there either after they. This is crazy to after boston. College scored on the next possession touchdown. That was the first time the defense had given up two touchdowns in the first few drives under dabo sweeney. And how long has he been the coach for twelve years of years. That's that's incredible. That's insane and guess what they still didn't lose so many records broken today. Yeah there were record so Anyway so that was kind of the first play down the second play and one. Why don't you tell us about this so it was. Dj's pass to travis etienne. Yeah it was on their first possession. It was very impressive with they had a just uncovered blitz right off the edge. Dj yuga practice so much. And i my wife called him ukulele easily. Feel free isn't it. Yeah we'll just move on. No we'll get this right right now. Dj delay dj with no way. Yeah there we go anger layla. We angelilli oppressive throat. So they had boston. College had unda untouched blitz off the edge. And he just stood right in the pocket and hit. Eta right on the run. And it was easy touchdown 35-yards. That's diorite there just showed the coffins at this freshman has an how i think. Clemson is in good hands for the next three years after trevor lawrence. Yes if you had any doubt about that no longer have that doubt. That was a beautiful pass because it was like office back foot falling backwards and he was super calm during many passes like that. Yeah yeah he was amazing. So the first real. The starred played that i have here was There was about four minutes left in the first quarter and boston. College was up. Fourteen to seven clemson was putting the ball in boston. College return that punt for a touchdown thankfully though it was called back because there were two penalties on the punt return. But i tell you what that would have changed the complexity of this game immensely. If in the first quarter they were down by that much after going three and out you know it would have been a totally different game. I think which then leads us to the next play where they actually did go down. Twenty seven yeah. And that was when travis. Atn fumbled the ball at the one yard line. And and then. Boston ran it. Back for a touchdown we could have used a pill the on that play going back to the one before that there were multiple times in this game that there were plays that happened that it was returned because of penalties. Yeah there is at least three or four and not too bad. There wasn't one on that play of all the place we needed it to be the rafts. The zebra didn't come through for us there but again ultimately it did matter because i was also curious on that. Play like the announcers. Were just putting all the blame on. Ntn on that because he wasn't didn't have a basket for the ball to be like. What did you think about that. Because so the coaches address. That after the game tony elliott did and he said that It was high like essential owing high. But that travis didn't give dj a big enough you know basket or era target area there so okay it was high it was. I would say it was sort of on everybody. But everyone seems to put the majority of the layman. Et end for that. So i was just curious. No now we're just tell us you should beyond you tell us out here. Honestly i feel like it should be on the quarterback because he's the one who's putting the ball somewhere i mean the guy can have his arms out or not you decide to hit him like his chest. Basically right. he's just too tall. Doll i mean. Dj is quite tall. Is he like six four. He's he's a big boy. He's saw not as big as big philo dude. This rothlisburger out there did actually very much. So so we got away from the point here but Yes the flags on the return. Then of course that fumble recovery. And as i mentioned at the top of this episode i was very nervous at that point and i think we're all nervous at that point. I mean if we're being honest here. I i think maybe in the back of our mind clemson fans were like okay. Listen they're going to settle in eventually they're going to. They're going to get a hold of this. But at that point in the game the defense was the side of the ball that i was most concerned about and they couldn't run the ball and they they were able to move the ball down to the one but then there are these they were there they were just having issues and the biggest concern for me was the defense so once you get down with that sort of by that many points and your defense isn't able to stop anybody you gotta start questioning. Things have one. So i was of course nervous that and we got some more stats for you. Since that was the first time since two thousand fourteen clemson had been down by two touchdowns in the regular season. We're talking a lot about twenty five years ago. Ten years ago. Things like that i mean. Just shows the dominance throughout the years. Absolutely okay so that happened. It was twenty one seven and then the really for me. This is. This was went. I actually thought that boston college. This sort of nailed the coffin for me of. When i thought boston college was actually going to be clinton at this point in. This was the long drive that they had to almost close out the first half hour. The scored a touchdown. It was fifteen. Play drive that lasted seven minutes and forty two seconds. I mean it almost. It was almost the perfect drive two and a half. Because i actually wondered i. I didn't think they left clemson enough time to score. Although clemson did eventually get field goal. Which by the way turned out to be a big deal in this game but it was like the perfect dry for them they were helped out of course by a roughing the passer penalties penalties. How do you feel that you saw that right like everyone on twitter was like. Oh my gosh that was the weakest roughing passer penalty over. And i'm like. I don't know if you ever seen tom brady play. It was the pastor. I i don't know what to say other than that. He hit him late. I mean yeah. My dad hit him and of course the the real the story to that Excuse me the story. That hit was that it was an interception that was reversed because of that. And then they had. This was such a great drive. I know i'm not a boston college. I was just like dang this was. This was such a dramatic drive that that fake field goal was amazing. I've never seen anything like that before. It was amazing and talked about it after the game of how you know he warned. Everybody like hey. They're going to try to draw you offsides. They're going to try to dry off. Sides watch out and even then listen. I give them all the excuses in the role of for jumping side on that. I was like for me. I was just sitting on the couch like this is going on here. What's happening. i would have jumped offsides. In fact i did jump off sides. I jumped off the couch. What the world. That was an amazing. That was fantastic. And then it was. Almost topped by the touchdown catch. That was equally amazing. First of all how. How do the receiver catch it and then not fall down. It looked so awkward. But he didn't even step out of bounds at all the balance of easily both of us combined that he hasn't just one leg yes the strength or we're athletic. No it was just amazing and again you know i thought it was gonna prevent clemson from going. You know getting points at the end of the half but they eventually got them. So that was the first half in boston. College was aggressive. They looked like the better team. They had clemson on their heels in the second. Half how you say. It was a completely different game for boston. College in the second half yes. And if we all know the coaches and they never last long okay at places the coaches who seemed to be aggressive they get a big lead and then whether they do they play not to lose. And that's the way i felt like boston. College plays in the second half. They ran the ball so much without any production. Exactly and i mean the crazy part is in the first half they were just chucking. The ball over with with amazing success never gave their quarterback opportunity to show what he had yet from the other than the first possession where it seemed like he could really sling the ball pretty good. Yeah no i mean the entire first half just throw throw throw in the second half on see much from them so the first big play. In the second half was the thirty yard touchdown run from dj on fourth and one and that was on the first drive of the second. Half that was that's probably the most pivotal play of the game. I would say. And i got him within one possession at that point and it was by far at that point the longest run of the game which was previous to that only eleven yards by end. Who will get to this a bit. But we're still having issues in the running game but this was actually. It was back to back runs by dj you. I like that nickname. That much. easier on board with you all right. Let's do that for the rest of the episode. Dj you and people were kind of screaming about this because coming into the game that was sort of the dimension that everyone was talking about with dj. There were like. Oh he's a big two hundred fifty pound guy he's going to run the ball and He didn't run once with him in the first half. And here's sort of what i i don't have any inside information on this but here's what i was happening was. Digi had an injured shoulder for the last couple weeks so they either didn't want to run him in the first half like i guess i would say they're doing this a lot with players who are injured. They don't wanna play them unless they have to. And that's the way that i would view this running is that didn't want to run him unless they had to. And then when you're down by fifteen eventually have to well. How often does trevor lawrence from the ball other than inside the ten line well get. You're hitting a soft spot for me. I don't know like how often does he run. The ball not often do. They have like design runs for him. They do not very often though. So the big deal about the running. The course. the difference though is that trevor is trevor as tony i saw from this. Dj his first game like this guy could be just as good. Yeah he could be. But he's not yet although i don't know maybe he is so. Let's run the ball to make sure that he's not as good william hurt. He's still a freshman though. So i think they were bathing him in the first half the second. Run the ball with him with et in. I think they needed to at that point. They did absolutely slumped. Throw the ball man. Okay well they eventually did with about forty one times. Yeah eventually so but then the other thing here is that tyson richon. Who was the backup. Quarterback is not good right. So i think another consideration here is that they didn't wanna run him because they didn't want him to get hurt and then have to bring in puma chan who has struggled so far this season so those would be my reasons at least but eventually they'll they let him run the ball and he looked good. He looked good and that again. Cut the lead to one possession and eventually they they took the lead and won this game and the final play to me and this is sort of an unheralded play was in the fourth quarter. Boston college was down by four points at this point and their quarterback there was a wide receiver. Streaking down the field on the sideline wide open. There's probably i think there were twelve minutes left in the game and he overthrown and if he caught it it would have been a touchdown in this game would have been different because after that they really didn't get anything going it in the fourth quarter. They didn't get anything going into third quarter but that was like their one chance to really take the lead again and put the pressure on clemson and instead they just missed the opportunity and they just didn't have another good shot for big At that point. So those were the big plays again. There was also the roughing the passer in targeting on xavier thomas. He had what i would call the best his best play. The season followed up by his worse. Play the season just kind of like all in one game like put his head down and hug. The quarterback in a weird way headbutted head. I'm not sure what he was doing. And of course that wiped out another interception by baylor inspector at least what s at least three places. We've mentioned that penalties of taken away. Yeah there were a ton of penalties in this game another big takeaway from that is that he's actually going to miss the first half of the notre dame game because of that. So they're were already out. We're having a lot of depth issues. I would say and that's going to hurt you. Don't wanna lose guy for like that for the first half so Those were the big plays what. Let's go takeaways here and you already mentioned this. It's that listen clemson's good for the next couple of years at quarterback. Here's what tony elliott. This was this was kind of a cool story of how. Tony elliott a learned. That trevor was gonna be out and how dj took the news. So it's about twelve. Probably about twelve forty five on thursday in schedule my haircut downstairs and got done with it. I was walking back upstairs. Peek my head in the quarterback. Dj was in there watching film oblivious oblivious to what's going on so then i go back and sit down. It's finishing up. A the finishing touches for the practice. Coach comes in and he just he drops the bomb today. Trump is out. I said okay. That's good man. We've been here before. And i drew my confidence from the fact. When was the first time coordinator at coast out. And i just remember how. The guys rallied around him is so that was gonna be my jesse. Just get these guys to rally around a dj today. Deejays right there in the quarterback so he walked in there Shut the door. They had a great conversation in per some things that coach swinney was looking for. He immediately has confirmation through that conversation and then s really interesting and we're going forward so there was no communication after that about eight. We got be reset plan restricted blindness. Like hey this is the plant based off of the structure. And we're just gonna challenge this young man because we know we can do it. And he went out there on the execute he absolutely came out and executed and I think we've played that specifically because it's not often that we can get an inside look of what happens in the walls of the practice facility and especially now when reporters don't really have access to any of that at this point and a lotta times coaches don't share things than anything in fact trevor lawrence talk to the team on thursday night and somebody asked him about what you know. Dabba what trevor said in endow. We're not talking about that all right but i mean. It's good though to see a hear. Those stories with backups that they're putting in the work and being ready for whenever their numbers called in. Dj definitely showed that he was ready to be called absolutely. So that's great. They're set for the next couple of years. And it sounds like you think especially that. They're sat next week against her name. To because trevor lawrence is going to be out and we will chat about that in a minute are at the second takeaway that i have from this game in this could be a season. Season-long take away by the way. Is that the running game sucks. But it's so bad right now. We talk about it after every game. And the preview game is saying we need to get the run game going and and we'd like to tutor on our own horn around here so you could go back to our first recap episode and you would hear us talk about the run game and we've been tooting ever since because it's been bad and how many years they finish in this in this game just over one hundred hundred six hundred and six not many. That's not enough especially in a game where you expected e. t. n. to really takeover broke the record. At least he finally he he got those yards and it only took three quarters to get what forty six yard line so there are a few explanations for this and i hear a lot of excuses and excuses that well listen all these teams are trying to stuff the box full of players and keep clemson from running the ball and my answer to you is. They've always done that in. Clemson has always found ways to get yards on the ground and so really the the offensive line to me is where the blame falls on this and the other excuse is i've been seeing this a lot. Especially in the first half. They were like well. They can't run the ball because because they do. Rpo's or the you know the option plays and they're like oh well no one respects dj running because he's not running and i'm like then call a different running play. I mean how. How difficult is that you can't. You're not going to win the national championship. If you're recording one hundred and three rushing yards against boston college and so i there are a few ways that they can fix this first of all is number one better emphasis on running the ball number to get a better off line. Just do it. Just get a better off-line on care. Payson players get better. I'm heading don't do that. No but seriously the next option is to actually have some better wide receivers that defenses have to stop and they have to account for because right now out sort of amari rogers. There's not much in the way of deep threat and as well as cornell pal has played and we'll tyrod that here in a second. They need somebody liking ghada and hit on this for weeks now but eventually the running at a time they got us. They need to figure something out here so a couple of stats about the running game. And so i told her this after the first quarter and in this is what happens. They end up getting no yards on first down runs in the first quarter. They attempted five rushing attempts. On first down right. Here's how they went two yards two yards two yards one yard to yard average one point eight yards and those attempts which leads right to long downs again. Exactly so if you don't pick up any yards and second down your in a third and eight thirty nine thousand and ten like that's just not the way to be successful and so far they've been good at converting those third downs. Which hey atta boy. Good job but that's not gonna cut it. And here's something that david hale tweeted out yesterday as well clinton's first down yards before contact per rush versus teams in the last three years twenty eighteen. Three point nine yards twenty nine ninety two point five twenty twenty one point five one yard. That's ridiculous it's it's not good in case you're wondering it's not good so listen we gotta get this fixed and it's not tragedy teens fault. He had twenty carries. Do you think that's enough free. Tnn game it is when he's getting two yards arrived. No it's not enough. I would say. But i mean listen. I don't think anyone expected. Dj to come out here and perform the way that he did so well. I just didn't know if like sometimes you see people like hey. This guy needs to have this many rushing attempts like in this game. This isn't one of those scenarios you don't think they just need to be better with the differences are called. Do you have a pulled up. How many receptions that he have in the game at seven recept he had one hundred and four forty receiving yards and yards eighty four twenty carries. I mean rushing the ball i mean. He's obviously become an amazing. He's he's their best racier. I'm just going to say even above a roger. He's the best option because he's got the linebackers and safeties lineup against you so dynamic so let's quit sucking but in the run game and get better. Okay cornell pal second-best receiver so. Yeah i mean there's nobody else. Yesterday that showed anything. That's for sure no. And in gotta didn't play much frank lanson was Non existent because those they had zero receptions yes and frank. Latin was injured and joe didn't play any so but my question is and this was something coming into the season that we thought was going to be a strength. Where's brayden galloway the tight end. He's also not exist. Not here on the statute had all because he also had their reception. Yeah so eventually i. I'm starting to get nervous about this. And this would be a time where i were to ask this question. Babbo and a press conference. He'd bite my head off because it seems like a silly question. But if you're top receivers are amari rogers and cornell powell you're not gonna be overly successful or explosive the passing game and so i'd like to see that change. Obviously the future next segue is that it's time to get our star these injuries. We got to be done with them. Okay we we need to get over this. We need to get healthy. Scouts is going to be out for a few more weeks. Tyler davis is going to be out as well and god in latin who the heck knows. This has been ongoing conversation for the last month. Now and now throwing their suspensions to suspensions. Oh yeah oh. Yeah thomas yeah. Lawrence is obviously like this team is beat up right now and thankfully it doesn't seem to be a season ending injuries but it certainly affecting the performance of the defense and Even the often so speaking of trevor as we mentioned he's going to be unavailable next week. Here's what he had to say after the game about y trevor will not be available next week. Trevor will not be able to play so go ahead and get that out there. You know he's doing you know with the team last night morning shows like he can play today so he's he's doing well but obviously we were protocol in place He will be out in town. Play by then. You have a cardiac part of ood. Conrad back up and even she feels great Prom we go play. You know he's not allowed to do that. Simply because of the protocol vice s putting in place to make sure he can turn on safety aso the cardiac day in cardiac so he. He won't be able to get through that entire play next week. I i question is trevor. Who are we talking about. Now we'll see after next week back to the same was. Is that an overreaction. One week we don't need them. Trevor's back all your benched. No i'll tell you what though. I'm thankful that dabba addresses early Because it takes a distraction away from this team immediately unless of course he is lying about this and this is a liar. Yeah no. I'm not calling him that i'm just saying it wouldn't be the worst player in the world. He says oh yeah. Drivers not playing. And then he shows up on saturday and crush notre dame stock. A half now is not what your early impression of next week. We'll talk about this obviously throughout next week but right now instant reaction after the game. How do you feel about going into next week. Against notre dame in south bend honest. I feel pretty confident if clemson comes out and plays like. They did the start of the second half against boston college. Then there shouldn't be trouble really at all. I haven't been too impressed with notre dame and what they've shown and so far with. I mean we just have one game from clemson with here with the dj at the reins but he seemed confident. And that's all you really need like. He's got the skill set. That's for sure. So if they come out. Confident defense needs to be more reliable special. Start the game. Because obviously notre dame is better than boston college. I don't think if clemson does get down. Eighteen points to notre dame a different story so start to came out strong. And i think they'll be just fine all right. You heard it here first. Clemson by million carter always like that. Don't you weren't they supposed to be bossing caused by million in seven points or something. Yeah they did. Yeah well no. We didn't polish that. So i say that every week i know that's sort of an inside joke. We so we recorded a full preview episode and then we both got that notification from the espn app. That trevor would be out and we're like well crap. Has we have a long night. Yeah that was a long night all right so we'll talk about that game this week. Our sole focus will be on this day. I've been waiting for it all week. All right so those are our top plays and excuse me pivotal plays in top takeaways. Let's take a quick thirty second break to hear from our sponsor anchor podcasts and then we will hop into carter's coach's corner can't wait. Did you know that anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast. Here's why it's one hundred percent free. Plus they give you creation tools that make it easy to record. And edit your podcast right from your phone or computer. Anchor. also distributes. Your podcasts spotify apple podcasts and many other podcast apps and here's the best part you can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. Download the free anchor app or go to anchor dot. Fm to get started. Welcome in everybody to our new favourite segment on this podcast. Carter's coaches quarter briley. His stepped away from the microphone. Which that allows me to bring you this segment as you guys know or if this is your first time here. I'll explain to you what we do. Is we bring in coaches specifically brought at davos meeting but we have a new guest for you today but we will mention that a little bit later on but what we do is we ask the coaches the same question as a reporter asked them throughout the game and this time though we have these coaches sign away their life saying that they will give us the honest answer that what they were thinking. In that moment they will not hold back. They will tell us everything. That's on their mind and they have signed documents. You're saying that they will do that. I love that about this. So the past couple of weeks. We've had data sweeney on this time. We've switched it up by a dabble reach out to venables for me. And he was very nice to do that. S presently reputable said. Yes so burnt. Venables is with us right. Now brent venables can you hear me. Hey what's up carter. yeah. I'm super excited beyond here. And and back i told daniel i reject in and said hey. I want to be on that card with coach's corner so we'll thank you for that. I really appreciate that. I'm glad you're taking the time to join us. Especially after such interesting game yesterday. That was an interesting game. I tell you what are my boys. My defended boys day Taken have that's not talking about the first half and all we can do that all right now. Do you know how this game works absolutely. I'll just be honest with you right. Exactly that's the only rule here what we have here when you walk into my office here. It says honesty is the best policy. That's what we go by. So i'm gonna ask you the first question and then i'll play your response that you had to the reporter and then i'll let you do. All the speaking are santa. My own hoi. All right the first question we have for you is what worked different for you guys in the second half and this is your response just second half skirt no use to different correct now. I'm just kidding. Have to laugh funny but right. That was your answer now. Can you give us your real answer. Please well first of all. I told that reported. He didn't have to laugh because it wasn't that funny and True they do have to laugh because it is that funny and I haven't told many people this. But i figure this is a safe space because coach's corner and i'm actually practicing stained a comment you know and that was my first line and really in a way that i'm due to come to my show you have to laugh or i'll put you in oklahoma israel me and you know who's gonna win that you know. Of course what what. We're differently in the second. Half was the shocked. We just got better so you know there's really no other answer than our guys actually try in the second. Half that makes that makes perfect sense actually All right second question. We've got four. Is this how do you think the defense answered the call. The second half. This is basically like the first question. So let's see what your response was though you think again. We challenged him at halftime. Is a real live fork in the road and We have just a might now mentality. I think our guys came out. Ready pled coach. I know you got more than that. What you got for us. Yeah they did. Let me expand on what i meant by a real live four in the rose and this is probably my may illustrate use apple of good illustration. You know southpaw and got a lot of phrases that i use but a relaxed fork in the road is is one of my favorites in basically. Have you ever seen toy story. What is it for support. Yeah he's my favorite character and he has so much hard and You know most people think that my favorite movies are like guy hard Saving private ryan really kinda scared of movies to tell you this. Hurry and i just love me. Some animated taller story movies. And so i use support throwing my favorite favorite illustrations. Because i'll tell you that that that's sport kasim heart and i just defense to come out and play like that all the time and they really did in the second half and again. It's because boston. College is not good and we decided to try. So you know sparky remember that. Well we definitely remember that after this interview. That's for sure. Now hate to ask this next question after you got emotional about four there but the next question the reporter asked you is. Can you rate your son's performance today and this is your response. I was very proud of him. Would be anybody that steps up and you know made made plays that were there. You know he'll he'll he'll be the. I wish he apple player to back. But he was active east disruptive. Now coach i know your son s feelings and the rest of your players do too but i need you to be honest with me here. What are you really think about. your sense. Performance was proud of hand like ideas. Anyone else in the reason. I say that because i don't really have adopted to begin with and You know when we adopted them. I thought it'd be better at basketball. That's why i always talk about layups you know. And they're so soft anyways they used to play basketball but yeah i guess i could be proud of them. You know. he tries to ask like me have my intensity but they don't eat nails for breakfast and they'll never be what i am today. Of course making millions of dollars but their butts through college and playing for me and truth is i'm already stopped them. Anyway i mean listen. Coach de though is soft on his kids. He's soft on herbstreet kid. Of course we've play favorites. That's how we get all these crude. Well i guess we're being honest. Don't tell them. I said that he won't let me back on but You know how it is. I guess that's big new that my are adapted but You know i mean. I can only be so proud if then because they're not that good. I'm really proud of players. Like andrew boots the thomas. Because i tell you what that targeting. That's a tough man. Play going to see your job and yet tackle and they just don't have that intensity like i do and if i was out there you just give me twelve brent venables man. We literally kill the other team. Mead eaten alive. So wow got intense there. That's like what my practice practices like that. I'm glad i can be honest with you on here on this coach's corner. I'm glad you're honest with us to tell you what you scare me there for a moment but i'm glad we're talking over the phone good. I had to make up for my sports comment. Yeah we don't want people thinking that you're too soft or anything like that. No no and i need to. I need to tell everyone to come on out to my next stand up comics next saturday. I'm actually going to be in south bend. Indiana and i'm going be right next to touchdown jesus and be taken on the biggest joke in college. Football the biggest fans either in college. Football the golden helmet. You haven't won anything and like forty five years. So yeah i mean we're gonna pull out our. I asked her if against them. You can laugh now when you're both lap you know they're well. I'm glad i was laughing before you said that anyways. Tell you what we're looking forward to next week's game against notre dame and we're gonna have to end this interview here. I'll tell you what good luck coach. Thank you so much for joining us sir. We don't need luck but we appreciate it. Thank no problem. Glad to have your on. Well i wanna think coach brent venables for being here. I tell you what you heard this year. I that his sons are adopted. And i will just leave that there and then we will move on to our next segment of tiger king and carole. Baskin's all right. I'm back how was how was brent. This week is fantastic. It was good to change it up other than just having coach dabble on gets boring after awhile. Right i wouldn't say that but Brent brought some new energy to the table is it that he does. he's pretty intense. That's for sure aright. We've got a few names and teams and people the name off here for our tiger king's carole baskin's of the week polish off our trophies. And i don't know what we actually give her. Carole baskin's get like a we'd give laughter out for those cow dung. I don't know do you have your staff. That'd be the ultimate. I wish we could do that. We probably get arrested for that first of all. We don't do that for all of you cops out there. And let's sort of the tiger king all right. Our first tire king is the one and only travis. Eta s you know as you were watching the game. He broke quite a few records on saturday. He became the all-time ac rushing leader as well as he broke the fps record. For most games with a touchdown with forty two. Let's go boy. That's right the beside trevor lawrence. First heisman list. Does anyone else boat and your husband list. It's my highs. now's shut up. Yeah as well as i mean. I have highland vote. Obviously obviously addition to my own personal heisman. You get what i'm saying here. Let's move on okay. So the first carole baskin's award goes to the clemson tigers secondary. They were not good especially in the first half. They gave up seven catches of over ten yards. Downfield one hundred and fifty five yards and two touchdowns in the first half. Of course they tighten the screws a bit in the second half but they did not look good at all in the first half and they were sort of what i would say. Were the reason for this team getting down by so many points. They were of lame. I should say on the defense. They just didn't look sharp as they usually do. Pull it together. In the second half they get half carole baskin's trophy get carol. That's all they go all right. What's the next tiger king. A second one. We've got dj. You or some people call them the big cinco. Ooh i like. I'm not sure what we're we should. We should actually call big cinco or dj you. What do you think since you like to vote on things. Well could call bc big cinco. How about dj uvc. Let's go with that. Dj uvc. Where i hear to this. We claim it. Everyone listening out there. You heard it here first. Hey he had a pretty funny Quote this week are after the game. Here's what he said of. So my coaches and stuff like that. Once i got into the game. I knew i wasn't really nervous. I'm pretty cool. Thanks mom does he really swear him from his mom like that. Also reggie bush texted him. I was asking you. How does he know reggie bush. They probably were paid by the same person. jeez flow. why would you say something like that g each kidding shit up out moving on yes all right. The next carole baskin's award and this is the full one by the way. This isn't just a carol. This is a double-whammy the boston college punt return and coverage teams good workout there. So yeah thank you. They we talked about this as a pivotal play. Of course they had that Punt return touchdown that was called back because a two penalties. And then this was. Maybe my favorite sequence of the whole entire game. When they're punter got to feel bad for the guy he pinned clemson inside the five twice in both of them were negated because of penalties but good work also in that same. Possession didn't clemson get a penalty on the return and they went back over like the ten yard line. Yes so funny how that still works out. Yes but it. I started with boston college. And they're they're cover steve so they get my second. Carole baskin awards. Who who's your final tiger king. All right our third and final tiger king of the week goes to our big friend also referred to as big dave and of course that would be dj. ubs's father buffoon. Walter tell you what that guy was on the screen. Almost as much as dj. You was and i didn't get enough of him. I don't know about you. There's something about like there's some about dads in the stands watching their someplace football but then there was something different about big dave here watching. Dj ubt kill it out there. Mostly because i thought he was going to run out onto the field and crush all of boston college. Which makes us big boy. Yeah he was pretty big. You think that's why they call them. Dave i don't know really i. I just made that connection all right all right. The final word we have is our last carole baskin award in this goes to the two point conversion attempts from clinton this week over two on both of them. Let's let's talk about well. Okay the first one just a bad pass by dj. Ub see sf dj. You'll be all right. I'm sorry i'll get there and the second one though was perhaps the most horrendous horrendous sequence of football i have ever seen in my whole entire life and i'm old. I've seen a lot of football so far. Here's what happened. Let me let me just laid out here for you. All right so they were turning up by by four in the fourth quarter. So they're gonna go for two right to go up by six points so the team runs off. After the touchdown we'll talk about it after the game. He said we told them. We're going to go for two. After we score a touchdown. Well they run off so they have to call a timeout. Then they have a false start so now. They're backed up even further great. No big deal. Offense is clicking well after call another time out and then they decide they're just gonna kick the extra point and of course. This is where our friend. Greg destroyed the potters confidence behind his back. Worse than what we do a piece of crap and we got this out and then bt potter missed. His first of the year are the his career not just the year gets our favorite sound of the year. so far. get used to that. Because you're going to hear a lot from ryan bamboo. You'll hear that in a second because we always finish out episodes with that so that that whole sequence was just disgusting. It was so gross. I don't like any more. It makes me want to throw up in my mouth. Just bad all right. That's going do it for this. Not just our tiger king in carole baskin's but unfortunately this whole episode. Thanks for joining us. Man this is gonna be a great week. We have some great guests free this week. P davidson of the athletic he writes about notre dame is gonna join us later this week to give us a low down on what we should expect from the fighting irish and then later in the week off some other gas to be announced of course so be sure to join us for those and is always good out there.

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