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"one two one percent" Discussed on KNST AM 790

"Seven ninety two sons most stimulating talk three things I think you need to know number one Pima county gets its first coronavirus swine virus whatever they want to call it right first case here's the great part a person's already recovered so by the time you know about it they're already recovered you're still at home there in unincorporated Pima county they were at they were aware of a people apparently have in this community spread so they're they're okay and I'm no not just because kids aren't really affected by this you don't really see a reason to actually close schools will get and all that is second second thing I think you need to know markets up five hundred eighteen points right now because the trump administration is I thinking about the president announces targeted tax relief cutting taxes to stimulate the economy to help people that are being affected with their jobs and businesses and industries as well often the one virus there's a story I don't know it's fake news or not came out just a half an hour ago C. N. B. C. White House is far from ready to roll out specific economic proposals of course unnamed officials we're stunned by trump's claim that he had an economic plan knew that was news to everyone on the inside the official said this smells like fake news from CNBC third thing I think you need to know Bernie Sanders announced he would not have shut the border he would not have restricted flights from people from place where people have the one virus he said Xena phobic to do that granted of course Dr Anthony Fauci said the fact the president did that it shows that he saved us a lot of hurt three things I think you need to know so by the way really quick on Denny McCarthy I find very interesting that that he's the only one you have Martha make silent who hasn't said anything about mark Kelly being a gun grabber have you noticed that she took advantage of him you know being forced to support Bernie Sanders but other than that it's only Dana Carvey talking about how poor the second amendment is and how mark Kelly is supported by guys like Mike Bloomberg is supported by gun grabbers he's a gun grabbers wife wants to grab guns that's what they want to do he has made a career after being an astronaut about grabbing guns and Martha make silent isn't saying a word about it miss red flag laws not saying a word and in stadium takes data card did actually say it look I don't know what's going to happen but after trump one in twenty sixteen anything can happen and I know Kelli ward hill where the support of grass roots and stuff like that it's not the same Kelly's campaign is not the same as Daniel Kelly is not Daniel Daniels not Kelly it's two totally different people and I think it's a much different feeling okay it's a much different feeling so mark is in trouble okay she's in big trouble and they're still trying to convince people don Dale's really not going away he's taken away hi and they just want that's what they do they just want people to believe it's the only care about and want to believe now let's get to the Wuhan virus okay there's some things I want you to hear as the media continues to freak you out as if they're all going to die I'm yesterday the press covers the coronavirus update and again is it proper to call coronavirus covert nineteen because there's different strains of the coronavirus whatever okay I want you to hear this story above there if if you don't mind thank there is a there's person up on the podium yesterday with the president admiral Brett your war I believe how you pronounce his name if I'm wrong it is what it is is the Assistant Secretary of health and health and Human Services and listen to what he says about the mortality rates of coal read nineteen one virus listen we are still very early in understanding and all the evidence isn't there so I wanna cabbie out that but to set a gore us and foundation the typical mortality rate for seasonal flu Kay is about zero point one percent or zero point one five percent the best estimates now of the overall mortality rate for Kobe nineteen is somewhere between two point one percent and one percent wide range that's lower than you heard probably in many reports what hang on so yeah we're three point four yeah that guy and M. S. N. B. C. say eighty percent of us will survive point one two one percent hang on why is this why is it number one is because many people don't get sick and don't get tested so probably for this is reflects the overseas experience of probably for every case there at least two or three cases that are not in the denominator wow I just want to sort of scale that that it's certainly could be higher than normal flu it probably is but it's not a likely in the range of two to three percent so our best modeling again you had a number of research problem and I I want you to understand that that only the people who are really sick or have symptoms come in and get tested so based on is is based on the models we have right now we estimate the mortality as point one to one percent it is likely not in the range of two to three percent that's it one one to one percent yes that's true the Clintons are still responsible allegedly for more deaths than the covert nineteen that's the fact so you're not getting this information other places you do it's just not happening I all you do is get freaked out by people I mean that that's that's it you just get freaked out and again in Pima county this person has completely recovered this coronavirus patient is completely recovered they're still in isolation at home they're being monitored but they were never that severely ill they were covered when people are worried about kids want this to one forty get real quick bobbing with this guy is with the IBM can help departments I believe is in charge would only give his exact title I I honestly forgot what his exact title was hi all I know is he's got a pony tail and that's what friends I see or the health department director Bob England he stood there with the Regina Romero and her best friend is supervisor Dick the tapper ileus yeah these two geniuses up there okay got listen to this year ago England says the data right now shows children are less impacted by the corona virus than adults and says a county wide school closure would most likely not be needed that's not like the flu I'm a little surprised by that but I'll take it because that makes it possible for us to not even give closing schools a second thought there you go okay got nine INEC that's great news this is phenomenal news and I can play this enough we'll have more burning in the next hour but one forty four real quick Bernie last night fox news town hall and he's probably going to lose I mean it all looks that way they're not gonna let Bernie Sanders be the nominee of the Democratic Party but they're they're they're complete disaster listen to this what took place last night here we go if you had to would you close down the borders I mean what you don't want to do right now we have a president who has propagated up xenophobic anti immigrant sentiment area home before he was elected what we need to do is see how but scientists take a hard look at what we need to do they're all communities where the virus is spreading what does that mean it may mean self quarantining it may be not having public assemblies up but let's not go back to the same old thing isn't it interesting but a president who has been demagoguing and demonizing immigrants the first thing that you could think about is closing down of the the board up also we need scientists to tell us the appropriate approach not a political hello okay all rights yet doctrine to be found she said trump really saved us a lot of hurt by restricting airline travel there's Bernie he even was up damn it is president solo money would still be alive and the borders will be wide open and the airline travel would not stop so more more people could actually come here with cove in nineteen the Wuhan virus is this your Democrat party what do you expect right ridiculous I. eight eight zero can S. 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