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"one twenty two gb" Discussed on Omnibus

"The genes to have some dads jeans to have more daughters no but that animals who are in stressful situations are more likely to have a female that may wonder what what's the evolutionary advantage of that why think adding more males to the population maybe destabilizes yeah i think if you have if you have all female children and inbreeding isn't a concern of yours you can continue the population more readily than if you have a bunch of boys who are just fighting for dominance and trying to because it's much it takes much longer i mean a a boy pygmy hippopotamus can impregnate a lot of different females in short amount of time but a female bottomless can only have a baby a year even when they're really cooking like hanan until i don't actually know what the station area they have offices but i bet it's long it's yeah it's a couple hundred days so now the vast majority of pygmy hippopotamuses in captivity are the science of bill hanna and mattel there it from billy and one or more gumdrops that's right and what happened to billy well along what's what's hippopotamuses lifespan i don't even know so billy was born some indeterminate time in the twenties and lived until nineteen fifty five key outlive cooler g outlived coolidge he lived edison he outlived henry ford probably dorothy parker he did i think well wait a minute how long dorothy parker live this is important allah she probably drank a little less no she lived in nineteen sixty seven hippo in a cold cold grave but you know what billy had a lot more children than dorothy parker let left in the world and i don't recall her leading any great jokes billy the hippo died so who gets the last laugh now dorothy and that concludes billy the pygmy hippo entry one twenty two gb four zero to four certificate number four seven one five nine in the omnibus listeners we hope that pygmy hippos are not extinct in your time but that social media is in our day we were avid practitioners of the art form to discredit yes me to give the gift of light knowledge of the world and john to complain about nothing shops and that's super mad at various different companies including most recently i yelled at lift a yelled at lift because they're app was sending notifications on my phone that i didn't request this is the modern version of the just the old person writing crackpot letters to his local paper so mad at the power company what happened to hi and lois not as a joke really targeted to a very small segment of our listenership dear jiffy lube no so you could find complaining about all kinds of brands at ken jennings john roderick and are important economic project was at omnibus project on facebook instagram and twitter we answered email from all interested parties at omnibus project at how stuff works dot com and we supported the doings of like minded into future ling's at a facebook fan group called future that's right of listeners wherever you fall on the political spectrum do not at me but also i'm sure in the future there there will be just as we have posited there will be a utopian future and the future conservatives and liberals will come back together probably not in the center but on the opposite side where radicals and reactionaries meet in the in the middle we just glowing show about a republican president maybe we're going to bring about this new golden age that's right maybe we are the nixon's go to china maybe this is the only enter the of us at the national review will review seventy years from now people will instead of the nixon goes to china metaphor people will talk about the trump goes to north korea metaphor and they and they will say only omnibus could go to coolidge the second rehabilitation of calvin coolidge in our modern age we have no idea whether this show will be our last or whether we will do tens of thousands of these shows but if this is our last show we hope that what am i even trying to say if this is our last show we hope it isn't if we there's probably not going to be an appendix or an index because we died shortly after recording this is our last show i've never gonna pay off my debt i'm going to die owing the banks a lot of money but hopefully like the fight club bill yeah you're just gonna imagine jiffy lube after jiffy lube just collapsing as.

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