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"one routine veterinary care assistant" Discussed on DV Radio

"Hey you know here's your situation. We're to go give you six months worth of de worming and heart worm and flea and tick and all that. And then she got back in to the and services and lists. I know she's got a job placement and working on housing assistance. And everything like that. So that's one of the stories. I love sharon. Y'all i've also met a marine skipped meals in order to make sure a service dog. It's not it's not okay now. Why not just have insurance coverage well you know. If you're a disabled veteran you got the va. They do not cover and you can go to the website. I'm not gonna bash the va bash away. I know they do. They do offer service dog assistance. But it's through the prosthetics department. Only for only eighty i programs programs and then the waitlist is about year and a half years and then even then you vet bills but you only get one routine veterinary care assistant so your dog eat something and has tested obstruction. You gotta bring a man for an emergency eight hundred dollar bill. You might be able to get the. Va to help. But they're not gonna do it. And if you're not a veteran and you got private insurance yeah if you have a disability and you have an oxygen tank or wheelchair or anything like that you filed Claim you pay your deductible. They'll even mail your new wheelchair parts through wheelchair. Well what happens when my dog breaks right on your own. I got hearing aids through the va about seven grand apiece and then lifetime batteries filters little plastic domes. That go on no questions asked. But damn me. If i say okay. Can you help me out on scout shots. They won't even think about. It is what it is Really hard you know. This is one of the reasons why tell people using a service dog is the hardest path aside for for ptsd and for other things too. I'm sure i'm sure that it's applicable in other situations with disabilities but for ptsd. One of the reasons that it's hard has nothing to do with your mental health with with training with your with your self evaluation. Anything that like that that has do with training. Doug it's just simply guess what there fucking expensive veterinary cheap. And they're only getting higher book. I've gone from one hundred pound malamute x rays. It's going to cost me seven hundred dollars to one. She's done hundred seventy pound mastiff and it's going to cost more than a thousand dollars just for her spaying once. She's old enough Now i i'm paying for pet insurance so that that's covered but what if something happened. I could no longer afford pet insurance. I answered yeah. I'm on disability. You're you're smart enough and your Prepared enough. i guess you'd say to to have the pet shirts but not look. I catered us insurance. I couldn't afford it when i first started with skater. I can't now. But i couldn't afford it then. So skiers doesn't have pet insurance. Thank god he's the healthiest dog. I've ever known ever. This dog literally has one issue in. Its from an injury..

seven hundred dollars eight hundred dollar six months hundred seventy pound one hundred pound one issue one One more than a thousand dollars first Doug eighty one routine veterinary care as one of the stories year and a half years seven grand once sharon