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"one pint dipper" Discussed on Trapping Today

"Where was a beaver house above a very short. Damn we found where filbert cassatt to traps for them. The beaver was living on newly cut. Wood and i saw where he had felt a large white birch lengthwise of the stream instead of as their usual custom toward the water. This evidently been evidently been done intentionally. So that as he cut them off you could roll the pieces. They being too heavy for him to drag in if they had been lying lengthwise after walking a mile or two further. We came to another small pond on the further side of which we could see the smoke. Filbert's camp approaching. We told billings go in. I and i remember phil brooks asking. What in the world cinema over there so quick after fair and myself slid down into the camp and received a hearty welcome as philbrick had been my partner in the fall of fifty-nine on cock cochran comic. His camp which had been built before the snow came was about seven feet by ten feet and intended for only one man one had to slide down in order to get into the door as the snow was four or five feet deep. It was a single camp. The back being made of split for and protected from fire by rocks and earth piled against it our whole outfit cooking tools consisted of one pint dipper and a very shallow plate in the corner next to the door. Philbrick had his cooking establishment. Here he had bartsch burke dish in which he mixed his flower his water. Being in another dish of birchbark he rolled out his bread. On a sheet of birchbark with a rolling pin made from a stick appealed maple. His food consisted entirely of meat bread and tea. He baked the bread and tinplate and friday's meeting in the same plate using a stick split stick for a handle. The place was not large enough to get ourselves enter snowshoes and at night we had to our snow shoes out of doors we had to lie in edgewise. Impasse the dogs over as using them for pillows. When filbert got supper we ate up the moose meat. He'd fried in a stint plate. So fast there was a good while before he got his turn..

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