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No Code No Problem

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"one nine dollar" Discussed on No Code No Problem

"Link and my linked in link in in the foot of the page on a random person reached out to me on lincoln in my diem saying hey i tried to pay for up. But i'm getting this notification and they sent me a screen shot whereas tripe was returning like A four hundred era or something like that saying a five hundred era saying hey These artists api keys. That wo- somebody was actually going to pay for this. I did know so. That was the first book a phone. I'm that was just it being in public. And i quickly changed the api keys. And i said hey try again and that was my first nine dollars ninety nine i it was. It blew my mind you know. Yeah that's amazing. So you got your first customer then through linked in. Yeah so. I'd love to hear like kind of your story. In how that that grew. I imagine you then went onto make more than ten dollars a month and kind of avenues. You through to get that right so as soon as i got that i ten dollars. I started talking on bolted on twitter. I'm prisons were. Were like whoa. I can't believe i did this with. Gpt's three on the literally the main question they were asking his whole. Did you do it. And i think i got like two hundred dollars. M are right in the first pla A minutes just talking on bulletin because persons were just inquisitive. So what what would happen is i would give them like three tries to completion are some retention and then after that you'll be prompted to pee on persons. Were just really inquisitive. I'm paying nine ninety nine. Just find a what they could do it right and eventually added a feature where you could Ask questions as well. You would get a good answer as what i summarize. Long-form text like maybe a short article or a blog post on it would would give you a continuation of the blog posts are generate more texts..

lincoln twitter
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Daily Tech News Show

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"one nine dollar" Discussed on Daily Tech News Show

"Pods will remain in apple's lineup. Google one added a new cloud storage tier offering five terabytes of storage for twenty four dollars. Ninety nine cents a month or two hundred forty nine dollars ninety nine cents a year. This fills a gap between google ones. Nine dollars ninety nine cents two terabyte plan and forty nine dollars. Ninety nine cents. Ten terabyte tear. Youtube sent a season desist letter to the owners of the discord music rhythm which lets users play music from youtube videos. The bottle shut down. That september fifteenth company sent a similar season desist to the makers of groovy about last month which shut down on august thirtieth judge yvonne gonzalez. Rogers ruled that epic breached. Its contract with apple. When implemented its own alternative payment system in fortnight saying the company could not be found to be a monopolist or engaging anticompetitive conduct. Epic is appealing that decision. However in a separate ruling judge rogers issued a permanent injunction against apple saying that ios apps must be allowed to direct users to payment options beyond those offered by apple this injunction goes into effect december. Ninth and finally apple warned that iphones can be damaged by long-term direct exposure to high amplitude vibrations within certain frequency ranges like those generated by high powered motorcycles. According to a new support document. These vibrations can damage the camera's optical image stabilization and closed loop autofocus apple recommends not attaching phones directly to a motorcycle. Chassis or handlebars. Remember from our discussion of the tech news of the day subscribed to new show kick new show dot com can find joe notes and links to all these headlines there as well listening. We'll talk to you next time. And from all of us here at daily tech headlines remember bay super sparkly day. This message comes from pager. Duty to be ready for anything in a world of digital everything teams need pager duty. Their digital operations management platform is the best way to control urgent mission critical work and keep digital services always on pager duty can be set up in minutes and combines the power of machine automation with human action giving teams more time to create better digital experiences for your customers learn more at pager duty dot com..

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"one nine dollar" Discussed on Breaking Beauty Podcast

"Ny that's hashtag a. l. u. i s. a. n. y. Now back to the show. I wanna talk to you about makeup but i. I have to reveal a little bit of disappointment. Because i was dying to get in. The maybelline fit me tinted moisturizer. And such high hopes. You know i'm always recommending mailing actually said we should get their product developer on the show. Because it's so good. I know people love the foundation so i had high hopes it was honestly terrible katie. It was so dry. It did not blend an accentuated. My pores i was like maybelline. How could you so i did. try though. The new maybelline express duo. It's a two in one nine dollars. Us twelve dollars canadian. They're six shades. So it's two in one so one side is the powder Your mench used that second and the first side is a waxy pencil and it's one of those elongated sort of crony pencils. So that's what's you can draw in the lines and then you use the powder to kind of set it and fill in even more and what i love about. It is that first of all. I love anything with the powder. I think that's the best way to look like. You have natural browse second of all when i brushed it up after with my little toothbrush looking wont from iconic london. It did not spread. You know how sometimes you do get the powder all you have to wipe it. Didn't it's like set instantly. I love that. But i think their marketing is ridiculous. They say that it's their fastest brow. Pencil ever y. I don't know you have to use to product like it's a two in one they also say ophthalmologist tested and suitable for contact wears. Am i going to stick this thing in my i come on maybelline. It's come on this and other things to put on the packaging yet that's But you browsed. You look really natural in really really good speaking of things that are ophthalmologist tested. I'm going to talk to you about the strive..

maybelline katie Us london
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Radio Fajri 99.3FM

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"one nine dollar" Discussed on Radio Fajri 99.3FM

"A woven up. i had that an dave ramsey. Follow the one nine dollars off on. The mona was set up at sticky one needed and then was took up. Connie unselfish sticky joel offering metals. Those the work velarde. Your sticky had nealon dosa paul meaning the medals. To why noah fant the needle hub will a. I had Agnes evil today. The only song neka boras nipping a in iran.

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Jogo Bonito

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"one nine dollar" Discussed on Jogo Bonito

"The night game against little league may just stop sala. Monon community myself much So i think should consumed going to see. I can potentially malacca replacement being legal. Ty- heinsohn or gun. So betsy if new situations jerry probably wants to miss. Because he doesn't run outside. Yeah reason as it doesn't fit now probably joe. Hough is nice so being under study identified. We're going to get with goalkeeping Longtime long term replacement. But jimmy tonight one nine dollar dollar. It's all about shot stopping. You will see. It's it's bout commanding your box. It's about talking and communicates jill defenders. And i don't know if he does that. Alternate ignorance really to say no just just because he makes a few good saves and all. Could you probably read the multiple goalkeeping. But there's no that's not reason enough so got to be the being in squatting a slight the whole thing about all of that right. That should be in england team because we loaded them because he's very good at going forward until to me. There's nothing good bathrooms. I know how less arrived. Yes why is the one that wanted. Ain't been cut. Learning the chef. Shula.

Shula Ty- heinsohn tonight jerry jimmy one nine dollar dollar gun england jill Monon
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The Business of Sports With Andrew Brandt

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"one nine dollar" Discussed on The Business of Sports With Andrew Brandt

"The eighth biggest issue in the business sports is right up my alley in the nfl quarterback contracts. We started the year with someone that. I still shake my head at this contract ryan. Tannehill was basically kicked out of miami. dolphins is a revelation with the tennessee. Titans signs of deal for ninety one nine dollars over three years like one hundred ten over four hundred eighteen. Believe over four massive deal ryan tannehill. More than a camera could have imagined. That's a thirty million dollars a year the true average about three three years and that's massive Now we have to compare to to deal that i've criticized at. It's been hard for me to criticized like the agent. I like the player. Of course patrick mahomes. It's a ten year deal could be up to four hundred fifty. Maybe five hundred nine dollars. That's funny money me. I don't understand this contract. Understand the length giving his whole career the best player in football over without an opportunity to renegotiate. And i certainly don't understand signing deal with this low early money. Ten million bonus so making ten million. This year of quarterbacks are making more than that without new deals and sixty three million over three years that the same money that teddy bridgewater guide. And of course ryan tannehill got ninety one million so thirty million more money for ryan tannehill over the important part of the early years now. This does patrick. Mahomes get more money later. Sure but if he was a free agent he get more than the more. It's getting later. Of course you were even if he has down years kamal. I don't understand the home loans deal. I don't know how he couldn't leverage the more than that in terms of the type of deal and speaking of not doing a deal dak prescott playing franchise tag gets hurt. But i think he's fine. And if he does another franchise tag on. Mike thirty six next year. Thirty one this year. That's sixty seven over to compare again mahomes who's making sixty three overthrew And then we'll have to deal with quarterback contract issues in the future with the Topic jor of carson wentz. Who in my opinion and a bit virgo about this. The teen cannot will not trae or cut him so he will be an eagle either a backup b. They're competing for the job. Or maybe they give him a certain job again. We'll see what happens with that number nine on the businesses sports issues for two thousand twenty. That would be the sale of a professional football league name. The xfl xfl started to great fanfare in twenty twenty had a couple good weeks and then course covert hit and like i said those with lesser resources couldn't do much about it in they head to fold and they did. And then you have all kinds of d'etre tests with oliver luck commissioner. Suing vince mcmahon. Bits man suing oliver luck. All that's going on and they were sold to a back jury cardinal as part of With a gun name the rock and his former wife but which shocked me is the total value that transaction twenty. I'm sorry fifteen million dollars two million dollars for sports league for football make for one that had a tv contract. Okay we'll just shows you. How limited the asset is when. You're selling it for fifteen dollars. I mean the rock makes that we'd like three days of work on a movie. So there we go okay and my final story of the business. Sports in twenty twenty is back to college sports we talk about with name image likeness. This is the real tragedy up. Covert in my opinion. Yes there have been tons of cancellations college football in college basketball. The two primary revenue sports. That is the tip of the iceberg. That means nothing. 'cause football will be fine in the big time. Big time teams college basketball will be fine fine but the massive disruption to the rest of college sports is what i see as one of the biggest issues of the year in the business sports. Hundreds of teams cut not just their season from code but cut. Now we're talking about largely non revenue sports like picking big big sport wrestling lacrosse. Soccer baseball swimming and diving stanford myo mater cutting eleven sports with a five billion dollars. Whatever how many billion down at stanford has you have. Sports being cut all over the place. You have women's basketball right now. After playing a few games cut do basketball as you were. My son is the manager for the men's team. They just cut. The women stopped cova so this is the disruption in college sports. The people don't talk about people are up in arms about. Oh they gotta cancel this game or you can't play his bowl game. The team didn't get enough games to qualify for the comfortable championship. Those are big publicity issues. They don't really get to the heart of the problem for cova. Like i said with the xfl others those those with the least resources on the most affected and that has happened in spades in college football so last issue in business. Business of sports is the college impact. The disruption of college sports the yang and the two revenue sports college football and college. Men's basketball those are tennis. Shoes and businesses sports podcasts branch rants top ten issues of the twenty twenty years. It's been a tough year but it's win white. We're always looking for we're looking. I wish everyone a happy and healthy and safe new year. I hope i brought you inside information Entertainment now man and knowledge you know in my third chapter my career for schefter agents second chapter team trying to give back and this is one of the ways that tried to get back through my writing through teaching through here and i have a newsletter. Sign up go to andrew dash sprint dot com. Thanks for follow me on twitter and brad. Thanks to ryan the producer. Super producers have brent apple podcast writings and comments always appreciate it. I'll be back next week. And twenty twenty one another edition of business of sports that i like bed. That's really firm. I mean something a little softer than that rest. Easy to the sleep number three sixty smart. You can both the gesture coffers with your sleep. Number setting really helped me fall asleep faster. Yes jelly warm. Okay but can help keep us asleep it senses your movements and automatically adjust to keep you comfortable sleepnumber proven quality sleep. Is life changing sleep. Don't miss our new year special. The queen sleep number. Three sixty two smart bit is only ninety. Nine plus special financing only for a limited time to learn more go to sleepnumber dot com special financing subject to credit approval minimum monthly payments required. See store for details. This episode is sponsored by schwann's dot com. What are you having for dinner tonight. Good question schwann's home. Delivery has the solution for you. Stock up your freezer with high quality frozen foods like premium meats insides delicious ready made meals ice cream and more no subscriptions no memberships just a friendly yellow truck. That's been delivering food for almost seventy years listeners. Of this show get a special deal get twenty percents off your first order with code yum. Twenty checkout schwann's dot com backslash yum for details..

ryan tannehill football xfl Tannehill patrick mahomes teddy bridgewater Mahomes dak prescott Mike thirty basketball carson wentz oliver luck Titans trae cova
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"one nine dollar" Discussed on Fantasy Football Today Podcast

"He gave up like a hundred eighty seven yards in this game. They went after him. Yeah mike jkat come angles. We don't need to be telling people that well what happened. So keep that in mind for whoever starting at quarterback for the for washington next week rothlisberger shawn watson and kirk cousins round. Out your top five days. It's brady way ahead of the pack dalton rothlisberger watson and cousins bunched in there. I think i don't think anybody saw adult and having a huge game or rothlisberger having huge game and if you were watching rothlisberger play in the first half you definitely did not think he would end up as a top five fancy quarterback but he really did get it going. The steelers offense did uncover. Oh we can throw it a little bit dp. He talked about it already. I hope they keep it up. They could also be if they can really get their offense back on track and we'll see if one half of football can lead to that but if they can get their offense back. They're going to be a tough team in the playoffs. Assuming that tj watts okay. I know that he got banged up in the game. If they don't have what am but debris than i don't know what their pass rushes gonna look like well. Dave i want you to know. I made to lineups for the sunday million on fan duel and one of them had andy dalton and the other one. My late lineup had andy. Don't one of them. Was the cleveland browns stack. So which one man all about ohio. There my my late game slate. I should actually check on this. I had sanders. I had dalton stacked with gallup and lamb. Oh damn yeah he might be retiring well. It's the afternoon slate. It's not the main slate so no no million was one okay. Why one nine dollars All right tonya. Five running backs top by wrestler. Who's jeff wilson. I'm trying to think of the sunday guys. are jeff. wilson's going to be up there. How about alvin kamara. How did he do. He scored fifty two points at nine. Fifty five the saturday guys went crazy. Chimera gaskin wilson. I almost feel like. I just didn't do justice to alvin. America's it was two days ago. But oh my gosh hundred. Fifty five yards and six touchdowns..

rothlisberger mike jkat shawn watson dalton rothlisberger watson kirk cousins tj watts steelers washington andy dalton cleveland browns football Dave gallup andy dalton sanders alvin kamara jeff wilson
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"one nine dollar" Discussed on Energy Thinks with Tisha Schuller

"Weird pandemic thing we have in common. Here's my conversation with chris chris. Welcome thank you for joining me. On the energy things podcast. It's so great to have you here. Thanks it's good to. It's good to talk to you again. it's been wa. It has been a while so just a couple of weeks ago we had hurricane. Laura one of the things i i talk a lot about in my work is the importance of civic leadership of our industry of our industry leaders and I was delighted to learn about shamir's one million dollar donation to the storm's relief efforts. I let me just ask how the chenier team is doing. And also maybe tell us a little bit about about what inspired you to participate in that way. Well thanks that question so you don't. While many of my co workers some of them did have severe damage to homes into their neighborhoods and this impact impacted employees. And you know the the people who worked with the company First of all you know. I'm really thankful that we're able to account for no one hundred center employs. Every single employee was safe from. That's that's job number one. Whether in a hurricane or really operations make sure that we send every hope employed home safe every day You can't operate. Success was a company that does not averse party in order to protect our employee base. We shut down the sabine pass elite for the first time ever. Its first time. We've done that since it's been operational and then to continue to serve as customer that towards. I think we're really proud to be able to restart out was the second largest Leeann the world restarted it in a lover week so nama we keep employees safe but now we you know really proud is operated team. They terrific job building operating maintaining these facilities. That kind of shows no call coming maniacal focus our ceo and everyone had to near has on this idea of operational excellence of safety may seeing the same sort of thing in response to to covid new we've set up temporary housing Debris services early on to make sure that our workers on cider are safe and the thr- able to to to keep doing their jobs but we're also able to make sure we're working with them in isolation to to make sure that they're those all times whether they're onside or offside So that's you know that kind of leans into our focused You mentioned are are one nine dollar donation hurricane laura so again. You know proudest work for a company that has type of commitment to to seven community We have the supply. Dr deteriorate recently with houston astros. We feel.

chris Laura houston energy things first time couple of weeks ago laura one million dollar one First one nine dollar second largest one hundred center single employee seven community
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SI Boxing with Chris Mannix

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"one nine dollar" Discussed on SI Boxing with Chris Mannix

"Join me. Now on the show, she is a two time Olympic gold medalist, a three division world champion the best women's boxer in the world today, and perhaps the greatest women's boxer of all time. She is Clarisa Shields Clarisa what's going on? Just, training waiting on my next fight date for real. That's. How has this pandemic treated you? How have you been affected by all of it? A little different ice like I got is big one hundred ninety pounds. I'm down to one hundred seventy? Thank God that. I've been able to spend a lot of time with my family. I've never had a vacation ever in my life, but this has been somewhat of a vacation. So getting up that high and wait I mean, how did you feel about that? I didn't like like my body kind of looked the same but I spelt. Slower kind of feel sick all molecules like I don't like being that big and but you know you rest arrested out even though I was that big 'cause my body hadn't much changed. In seeing likely bet on my stomach I'm like, okay on packs are gone. You not looking also just love just little bigger than I finally got scale on this one nine dollars, oh my God. So when I seen the skillset one ninety out like yet finally get back to work. So start back training. And I trained people online. I was doing one on one sessions, people in boxing and fitness in that kind of helped me back on track to eat a healthy in. The Gallon of water a day and that to the running in boxing nominated you off twenty pounds in the last three weeks. So a more good so far. Good good. I WanNa ask you about your career, but the news of this past week is was Celia break. WHO'S The undisputed welterweight champion someone that you've talked about fighting in the past the recent past. She loses goes down to Jessica. mccaskill loses titles in that fight. What what was your reaction to what you saw with breakups mccaskill?.

Clarisa Shields Clarisa Jessica. mccaskill boxing Olympic Celia
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Newsradio 970 WFLA

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"one nine dollar" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"There's a war for that you start watching G. as you'd like I guess yes P. N. eight the Ocho which goes from a movie I can't is Idiocracy some movie made fun of ESPN and called in the future they would have a channel called ESPN eight the Ocho is dodgeball okay that's I'm getting here and we're going to this movie does finally got the job they had all these bizarre random sports on it so now they have no sports so there's no real at eight the Ocho yes yes William really and it's it's really amazing what I'm going to bring back the approved of business problems that is talking about juggling died well things the park thing look ESPN was the king of the hill and the cable industry yeah they charge more it was only them and fox news they charged more for your cable companies than anybody else I don't remember what it was when it was nine box boxer nine one nine dollars for ESPN's so that's good Razi that's a rosy tone nine dollars for every subscriber to every cable company went to ESPN if ESPN collapses this is why the cable industry is trying to say to sue them and say you're not providing there's the your service because they want out of those nine dollar contracts because the cable industry is collapsing yeah so the this is this is a real example of how this whole thing comes undone and the longer we wait all of it collapses and again it is a reason why propping up old industry doesn't ever work it's a natural thing to have creative destruction yeah and what's happening right now is everybody's trying to prop up all of these things that haven't worked for a while because of new technology because of diverse disruptive services and what are they doing they're all running to the government and the high tech to say protect us protect us protect us this is what made America different we didn't protect to those industries that were failing look at what's happening with our financial system we've propped it up now twice we didn't know eight we're doing it again and each time those sick industries are getting worse you can't just do it it it's it's a it's a beer you're prescribing your prescribing Sentinel for cats cancer patient every time we bail these companies out we're giving them Fenton all they're sick they're dying and instead of letting the treatment work we just given federal Senate back to work it's it's it's insanity it's truly insanity I will say though in the case of ESPN when they've got something as strong as Dodge ball juggling you know you can't you can't you can't if you don't I know when that's on because I've got a lot of family maybe that would be the one thing that we can all agree on and actually watch all right Pat thank you so much you can find Pat gray unleashed wherever you get your podcasts or he takes a live right before this program every day on the blaze radio network R. H. R. med tremble in fear everybody it's time metaverse be scared mother's day is just days away and you must not get it wrong especially what is what what what all day here's what day is father's day next week in this coming week I think it is Amin no it can't be it's the tenth so I'm aware that the next one right it's a next Sunday my gosh it's all yeah you're in trouble you must use an expletive or the beginning of it yes my man that's not good it's not good now there is hope in the form of the best in skin care from Chamonix now from now until mother's day you get the classic Jen you sell for bags puffiness and jawline treatment at a discount never offered before.

G. Idiocracy ESPN P. N.
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WGN Radio

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"one nine dollar" Discussed on WGN Radio

"That's the Whistler from July second nineteen forty five with deadly innocent and bill Forman was her there and has the Whistler served on CBS hope you enjoy that all right you ready for part two of this five part yours truly Johnny dollar episode I'm really loving this five part series it had rained right weekend the Lamar matter here's part two from March twenty seventh nineteen fifty six starring Bob Bailey from Hollywood it's time now for Canada thanks just a moment please LOL McCracken universal just want the oral Johnny are you still didn't get much done sure did and I'm getting ready to leave us some better right now and the company of a beautiful charming lovely K. charming lovely girl named Bonnie Lamar okay now what do you that's right dumb is Renee Lamar's daughter you know of others died telegram for her arrive at the same time I received yours no she doesn't know yet did you think it might be murder and every weekday night Bob Bailey in the transcribed adventures of the man with the action packed expense account America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator because truly Johnny dollar expense accounts submitted by special investigator Johnny dollar to the universal chessmen bureau Hartford Connecticut attention Mr Patrick McCracken following is an accounting of expenditures during my investigation of the Lamar matter all was it murder expense account item one I'm calling in item one pad because it's really the first tab on the Lamar case it's expensive here in Ohio were charged against the jolly Roger case expenses for the vacation you promised me and I'm now so rudely interrupted I am one nine dollars sixty cents for that long distance call to Pat McCracken in Hartford some medication same as I was trying to say I tell me something bad as a claim already been filed on Lamar's million and a half dollar policy one how do you know about his death so quickly and both insurance.

investigator Roger Connecticut Johnny Hartford Pat McCracken Ohio Mr Patrick McCracken Johnny dollar bill Forman America Bob Bailey murder Bonnie Lamar Canada Hollywood CBS
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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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"one nine dollar" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Fall for that stuff. It's probably an empty box three dollars. Do I hear for your bidding on limits rebounds may contain beautiful? Go Watch all right. May contain a binder at ice cream. Six dollars six dollars For probably about eighty dollars eight dollars I was just after all. It's for a good cause. That's okay eight. Dollars is bitten by the man with the boy on his back or eight dollars. Lie Your another made seven dollars. I'm sorry sir. See the bidding. And only one way. Do I hear nine on both sides? The base three bucks bathe contain him. Earl necklace all worried may contain a delicious marshmallow fund Sunday. No thanks fighting nine dollars. One nine dollars nine fifty. Thank goodness when I am. I wonder who the poor sucker is chance school. I was just thinking. We'd feel awfully silly. If it turned out to be something real valuable all. Harriet bleed here. Ten lease folks must be somebody here crazy enough to and all his hard I saw how about. I'll sell to the first person so enough to save ten dollars ten dollars. I.

Harriet Earl
"one nine  dollar" Discussed on KTOK


10:34 min | 2 years ago

"one nine dollar" Discussed on KTOK

"Over now let's hash out the day's events this is the drive with Lee Mathews good afternoon good evening peak of the week here on newsradio one thousand Katie okay week it'll be here before you know it recapping some of the things were already talking about here on newsradio one thousand Katie okay which this half hour brought to my new castle casino feel the luck when you walk into new castles newly expanded gaming floor with approximately three thousand electronic games to play new castle casino I forty four exits one old seven talking a little bit about your thoughts if any of the impeachment hearing today and some of the reaction that we've received you know we again you can watch all day and you're not gonna come out of there with any more information you're not gonna come out of there with anything new you're not gonna come out of there probably with any changed mind and I still think those who have made up their mind made up their mind in those who haven't are going to be even more put off by the whole thing I see the Folgers company has changed tactics with their holiday advertising they finally got rid of that creepy brother sister fall holiday commercials that they were running they've been running for the past fifteen years it was just they don't the brother and sister in that just looked a little too longingly at each other we still little too weird for me am I wrong because at the end of the commercial expect them after she says you're my present this year now get those fine bunch of years up in the shower yeah big silly that's what I expected her to say but if you want to see the new batch of Folgers feels I've got those posted in my game and you have a sister yeah I did I never looked offices never lose my sister that way yeah the nav bar berry Williamson has talked over the years and we're still in this first book was written that he and the morning McCormick apply Marcia yet very Williams who played who played Greg Greg yes they they started dating the final season of the show and that there were scenes were you could tell they were day were kinda and I do and they were they were they were running this is the scene ended their running back to the dressing rooms yes together so yes you got that whole vibe off Maureen McCormick still and she's still got it yes please and she's still got it hello very Williams the other this by about a year ago has got a got a new act in Branson yeah and he married a woman from Oklahoma City yeah yeah so it did this year they did the whole out the the house that was the exterior shot for the show they win a remodeled it and inside and they had a big push November fourth all I think I saw that yeah yeah they remodeled the house in the because they were going to tear it down I thought yes sell anyway that so that's anyway but if you want to see the commercials are gonna posted came to get a comment on my Facebook and Twitter feed where you can communicate with me on many things if you like a Florida couple thought that they had a great bargain on a baby Einstein baby bouncer that they found that good will retails on Amazon by the way for about ninety nine dollars well the one of the good will appear to be in on open box and we just nine ninety nine data cut I'll bet is the lead the league as couldn't pass up that deal so she said sure I'll take it she on the father to be bought the bouncer and brought it home open it up and inside was a Mossberg seven seven fifteen T. semi automatic rifle complete with you know a phone case and everything so it was pretty evident who ever owned that box previously notice the box with the perfect dimensions for the rifle in the phone box and was complete with magazines a cleaning kit then all the accessories that were needed for this rifle Albert is what I believe is said it was a shock to us but it was also hilarious and we're glad it came into safe hands because all of our husbands our military they contacted police who came by and check their ID's and told them they could keep the gun the next day authorities change their mind and ask them to turn over the weapon while they investigate the incidents Albert is horribly guests shared the story on Facebook posted a video showing the fully assembled gun and how it fit into the baby bouncer box perfectly when you go to a good will for a baby shower gift thinking that you've got a good deal on a bouncer you might need to double check if you ask me I say they they have an exceptional deal I'm not all that I would call the police you know what I want to call the police because I'm thinking you ever owned that rifle took the time to notice same dimensions as the box of my rifle fits in yeah it wouldn't surprise me if the guy was not some sort of special forces or secret service or CIA because I've been reading a lot of books by ex CIA officers and that's the number one thing they teach you in C. I. A. school hide things in plain sight I was at the spy museum in Washington DC a couple months ago I got Mike again and the love cannon a item that allows him to hide things yes in plain sight of that yes it is it's a it's an everyday item that everybody sees and knows and even if you picked it up and look at it it would look like what you think it is yeah and so that's all this was that's all this is Rachel wonder why when they're seventy Doris came back around maybe they and the word of the chain and came back said anything I would miss said it I said well there's keepers one nine dollar rifle is mine baby they were they were they were military family the husbands were military therefore they had reported and they thought that we need to keep it and then they ran up flight pulled these unique I don't doesn't yeah we're going to need that you know special agent Jim is on reprimand for losing it well the and your serial numbers been filed down for some reason I don't know why anyway we'll go I'm getting all kinds of comments on that we'll get to in just a minute I want to get to a Michael Bauer who's on the line on newsradio one thousand Katie okay Michael the hearing began today and it seemed to me to be nothing but a civics lesson or American history lesson depending on how you look at it okay so what happened was you have a transfer that goes between the house intelligence committee who's sort of responsible for this impeachment inquiry also included the foreign affairs committee in the oversight committee those three committees we're conducting the investigation the peach for the president trump they wrote up their report they all agreed that this report based upon party lines Democrats agreed to have the majority all agreed that this is something that they needed to send over to the house Judiciary Committee in the Judiciary Committee from there will begin looking at this report to determine if there are any charges of impeachment that should be brought up against president trump so if there was some sort of concern over whether or not this report was entirely in whole or there were also there inaccuracies or anything in that then you would have seen a a vote that would have cost the the the the turning over of that information to the house for the purpose of either clarification or getting more information whatever maybe but unified Democrats versus Republicans in the majority going to Democrats Democrats that voted this thing through it is now in the lap of the Judiciary Committee and they will probably beginning tonight or tomorrow begin looking at that report and trying to determine if they see anything in that report that with what is requisite to file impeachment charges against president trump okay so but not that nothing has already been predetermined dates it's basically we've taken all the information from the inquiry and all those concerned in the inquiry and that has been submitted but yeah yeah okay so they very throughout the entirety of the report very little do they use the phrase impeachment as in you know we think this is an impeachable offense none of the time in the report do they mention that they talk about the offenses but they leave that up to the house Judiciary Committee to feel as if they see some sort of it at but in of impeachment where the card charges against president trump's on I love the language of that that they use in a lot of this I mean the they still don't make any to me specific charges against the president other than he acted this way he acted that way and and I don't know that acting actually committing the high crime or misdemeanor is impeachable yeah and I think about something that they're going to have to battle with here I think about something that you know they will point to the fact that they are able to get first hand information because of the White House and executive branches stonewalling them and not allowing those people that would have that information to come testify that that is a part of what they're obstruction of Congress charges are they listed in this report but mainly the big charge that they brought out in this report yesterday that would drop was that the impeachment inquiry found the president trump personally in acting through agents within and outside the US government solicited the interference of a foreign government Ukraine to benefit his reelection though the acting part means that they not the legalese term indicating that they have on some level indications that the president did something through its actions and those of the actions that they're pointing to but again through all of that they still have to make that case more importantly right now there's sort of this this clarification that has to happen in that the transfer of all this to the house Judiciary the house Judiciary can look at this report and go well it's very well written a lot of details a lot of information here from witnesses but we still don't necessarily see anything here that we can charge the president with in regards to impeachment that could very well happen now it's not likely but it could very well happen that that's the case certainly if you look at all of the things that are included in this report you may get one or two that the house bill they can actually substantially cry in the in the case in the Senate which is what they would have to do going forward that they would be actually able to on some level prosecute if they don't feel they can prosecute they may come back and say we've got no charges or we've got one charge or we've got thirteen charges depending on what they see in that report well today there was a lot of focus from legal experts that this and look to me as though they were advising the committee about what the constitution says and what it doesn't say about impeachable offenses but the the the members of the I'm I I buy gather they've already made up their mind they don't I don't know that they care about the legal advice that was given today I don't necessarily know that that legal advice was for the people inside Congress I think that was more for impeachment one on one level for the people watching at home that was to let people at home know that there is here the reintroduction to.

Lee Mathews Katie ninety nine dollars one nine dollar fifteen years
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"You're the first generation who require the air conditioning in every classroom. you want TV in every room in your classes all computerized you spend all day and I don't really have a chronic devices more than ever you don't walk or ride bikes to school if you arrive in caravans of private because the choke suburban rides and was in rush hour traffic the biggest consumers of manufactured goods into an update perfectly good expensive luxury items despite trendy your retirement comes to like the devices Furthermore the people driving your purchase of the same people who insist on. in fighting the population growth through immigration which increases the rate the energy manufacturing on trial for the more people we have them all far through bush land we clear. the more of the environment this is Troy hello this. which appeared on. Rogers. switch off your devices and read a book like a sandwich. I manufactured fast food not none of this will happen because the pieces your selfish badly educated virtue signalling little **** inspired by the adults around you who crave the feeling of having a noble coals one nine dollars themselves in western luxury an unprecedented quality of life the piece ends by sign white cap grow up and shut up until you're sure of the facts before protesters. man. I clean up on aisle three so we're gonna need alright folks we got all of today's stupidity on the way car shield is a great program that we honestly I don't know why you haven't signed up for it if you.

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"The Agassi knows English. Show with me your host Agostino Zinger. This is episode number two one nine dollars Huda survey. How's it going? How's it <music> Mo- foes God damn? It's been awhile. It's been a hot hot minute. I've been a couple of weeks. It'd be free weeks precisely so what is happening in my life so which is a Kurd update you on so many things to get through burlesque from the very beginning because do well what hydrate restaurant Milwaukee as you can. Tell what you buy the video I am sweating like an absolute pig is absolutely baking here in London absolutely baking. I don't know what the temperatures in the moment actually double check and see what the temperatures are in good old London because it is mad it is mad. It is currently how many degrees right now is currently for free degrees. Holy Shit is for free degrees right right now according to BBC wherever the wonder I'm absolutely melting supposedly on Thursday. It's GONNA be thirty seven degrees. Oh my God and applied to run outside in the morning when it's that hot because I'm about winning the yeah it's been bacon. It's been hot aw it's been amazing. Wherever I'm GonNa Complain Think London complain about a waiver she'd just get shot in the face instantly because we usually most summers are a flip of a coin? What web is going to be? We have no idea we companies anything that we can really predict kind of a little bit so is carnival. Kinda was only time when suddenly the weather in London becomes belly manageable right becomes okay. Usually outside of Carnival is walking a flip of a coin his days in the week where it's really warm but then you stuck talk at work you hate in your life and you congress. You're at work and stuff when the weekend comes along. It's really horrible wherever or not because they're tired so usually so when we haven't we got this right way. It's going to be just back to back to back Sun Right. I'm looking here on the Weber report. It says we're GonNa have what is going to be twenty. Three degrees today affect on Wednesday seven Thursday twenty seven on Friday and it's going to rain on Saturday is going to be studying in the Sunday. That's the perfect weekend because what it means on Friday GonNa have clouds. If you're going to go on a Friday night it'll be cloudy with Oh because you have to go out hang out. Do your thing where t shirts where where a tea shea tastes still unknown. Saturday rain included calm down relax recovery a hangover and on Sunday again Columbia road flower market but to take more than goes. Wherever you know do your thing whether you may be done but honestly that is an amazing wherever I am so happy but yet it's been melting and I knew was really warm because again? I'm not the biggest. I'm not sure <hes> <hes>. I don't know whether it's whether web checking horoscopes right. There's got to be a particular kind of person that doesn't really whoever might phone at zero. I'm in most I I have ever Atma smarts up so it's not not you know there's no excuse it really but I really tend to check you out. Just tend to kind of go by my parents by realized you every day because I was running back from work formerly could work as a story I was I was running back from work and I've worked grammar sewage area so usually I like to run back home on Monday. I don't know why a little bit of a kick up. The US man is usually a better day ever modes about Monday hashtag Monday evasion tweet on Hashtag on twitter and people use North Dakota site themselves up for the working week because they hate what they're doing but you know I love like I said to you before. Previously I don't care about days Samir irrelevant each days of blessing east as a gift. We only have one opportunity to live on this great pride in that we know could earth. We are not aware of our <hes> reality. We don't know if we're living in reality AUCOIN ZILLOW must we're not sure if impending doom is gonNA strike us every ton so why not enjoy it and look forward to all the days so because of that I like to kick start my day by end it well L. by going on a big four and a half mile run from all the way to traffic which is a pretty good distance and most of its straight not many winding Rosa Everson busy because you know ten rush hour stuff like that but the money is gone. I wore war. I bought this new training talk from direct a little great so caramel top allow under armor sort of like a muscle shirt so thing and a pair of socks some software Maho Goalpara had a long sleeved shirt on some short I some compression suck by thingies some ankle socks wherever I was going to do my thing and I realize all absolutely bacon and he's wheezing right obviously I've got the old asthma going on now and I'm not sure you guys since I've lost shipped in. I got diagnosed with sports relate as much so now I have to carry this low in Halo around with me. I have to use it basically four times a day two puffs and then I think next week or the fifth fifth as a fifth what would they is going to be a little know the week after next. I'm Ju to go into to get to get checkup at at my local hotels to make sure your system's running okay but I knew that was the case. You know a few months ago I remember running outside in the morning before work and I remember kind of nearly collapsed in because my chest was caving into itself I was wheezing are really our breath and I I was having a heart attack. Due to external factors says extracurricular extracurricular activities but luckily I wasn't having attack it was mostly respiratory. I was using. I could hear my TESCO and then you want us. This is the puck privacy would know that I've had some nasal issues back in the day but now I think I better than I did voice. I'm very easily narrow hooked by sun'll better than I did before but if I don't know what can you do get a fill chain my voice but a cont you know let's got live where I have so yeah. I assume esteem that something was wrong with me but then finally finally after much prodding and poke it finally what the DP and yeah. I was told that you know I have asthma. I was told to breathe into some like little kitchen. Roy Moore's writing instrument. It's not going Aro- it's got a little gauge age. You meant to blow into it. Comes shows you how much kind of respiratory functions you have in your ever choices them and the guy that was doing the G._p.. Bisky any bloods are looking to ease you blew into an Arrow certain right to the end right you gave it to our kind of weight like according to way up and I didn't again. It was just a just just below halfway prophetic say obviously you you could tell my breathing is away should be at a moment the acid so far. The inhaler is working very well for me. I'm lucky I didn't really back in the day. I didn't really give identity reporting school members those fenway you couldn't carry this have having braces having shit shoes of a nightmare for you but luckily I didn't take this avenue. One school had heinous no kind of comments coming my way you know. I don't know these things are a little bit cooler when you're ordering like embraces so you can fix your teeth. People are a bit more forgiving about it a bit forgiving nowadays. I'm not sure if you know as a year old. If I got braces people look at me where I don't show up I think by la who will get it right. I'm there's always the option of getting visit Lionel getting your whole getting the whole rich kid treatment and a massive Roberta for me. No chump is but if you wanted to do it that way every nor cares finger braces inhalers the same so anyway. I've been running a lot. I really really hot because I need diet again a they run back on Monday and yet it's been amazing though I really love running that that one I can't wait until I lose a few more pounds. I can run up topless this shit look amazing. People run topless around London. It's not the same as the L._A.. Suffers it right away especially <hes> community they love to run outside and semi-naked topless and enjoying themselves. I think London you tend to get bevere weird. Look when you run that mostly because a tabs right I know from my area in canning town douse like the standard the uniform of like you know the solve Slesinger Lonsdale re book wearing she taught him cheat Tottenham West Damn Taboo people and some may not attack guys kind of guys. I like on the edge joining the B._N._p.. Right but they're not they're not really that braving <hes> kind of mixed race doors but hey hugo. Those are the ones that always walk around my area like topless that was it. That was the main topless brigade right Dan Andy John. You know those kind of you know. Oh absolutely psychos doing that. You know the kind of guy the kind of like middle aged men who would legitimately fi- seventeen year old because they just don't give a shit. There's no like there is no adult and child for that. Anyone could get anytime you want. You want what mood at Pico keeping funny so you might be topless. Men Isn't the best but nowadays you know like I said I've running along Mylan highstreet. I was also reading alone. Both saw those guys running down the street topless this stuff running in expressing expressing the true Mexico Lindsey and I can't loosen pounds I can do about losing pounds. I'm down to two free now. Man Lost Ten pounds ten Buchan pounds to two free. I feel fucking awesome conway into it to get just below. Two Twenty to twenty is when I start to see some notable differences and why look like I thought my childhood bit bigger thoughtful my jackets failure would lose some t shirts hang a bit better. My chest looks a bit better. My my shoulders obviously looking good because pump weights and shit that big of my Hitler route but under two twenty s start to see some differences and then assume the twenty comes this is the Cascading Hill blew it just keeps falling off so I can't wait to get out to get under two twenty two one nine two eight two one eight hundred seven and if routine now and basically a timber galway's to get to ten if I get to to jog your fucking amazing day kind of doing racist because I think that might be a good thing to do might do arrays now or the end of the month. Maybe next week right. I'd Sunday run and see where I mess right because you know running is quite is predicated on running. A lot of cardiovascular capabilities come into question but also is very is predicated on what you weigh right the you are quickly. We run a stronger you. You're the easier if your body to hold your way as you're running along the street. ranker's running can take quite low Al View <hes> stumping address on the ground bumble even with the right technique. You can't take Alavi so having a truck. Chipping away to order non essential way is better to go by so it'd be a good way for me to judge where I am fitness wise by running a race now when I'm like you know in the low twenties right or maybe when I get to twenty exactly and running a race again when I get that to ten and then running again when I get to two hundred again when it gets one nine thousand nine again one eight five one eighty emissions of a day that I know when I when I was I was a pitcher here somewhere. There's a picture of Adel. Let me get actually get up.

London Agostino Zinger Agassi Milwaukee US ZILLOW North Dakota BBC Maho Goalpara Chipping Weber la twitter Mylan Samir Alavi galway TESCO Adel Roy Moore
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"According to Chiemsee sports, he was rushed to the hospital this morning in Atlanta. The seventy year old legend was taken initially to the emergency room to be treated. There aren't any specifics made available publicly available at this time, but teams sports said they were told the situation is very serious. No comment from flares camp. At this time he had a medical scare of a couple of years ago where he was placed into a medically induced coma for about eleven days. He had a ruptured intestine. He was in critical condition. And it was it was pretty scary, but he pulled through married his longtime girlfriend later on. And now he's he was in Atlanta, but now he's back in the hospital. So that I mean good grief. That's, that's not good. Not good at all. Jeff Koons is artwork sold for ninety one point one million dollars a record for a living artist the sculpture by American artist. Jeff Koons sold yesterday at an auction organized by Christie's in New York. It's literally just a stainless steel casting of an inflatable rabbit, and it's ninety one million dollars over ninety one nine dollars. They literally it was like it's an inflatable. Robert covered in stainless steel that's ninety one million dollars. It's the anti David, he said, referring to Michael Angelo's rat masterpiece. It's the end of sculpture. It can't go any further away from David still being figurative and traditional sculpture. They say it's the most one of the, the chairman of post war, and contemporary art at Christie's said that it's the most the rabbit piece by Koons is the most important piece by him. And one of the most important sculptures of the second half of the twentieth century. Okay. That's, that's on, like, it's literally, it's like an actual, inflatable looks like a steal inflatable rabbit just saying, so the F, why some so much of this, this conceptualization as opposed to, I think actual, you know, artistic, I don't know. I have I have opinions and Trump is at forty five percent approval. According to the latest, Rasmussen reports stay with us a lot more in store. Don't go anywhere. In today's political climate, liberal, tears are so plentiful, not only can you drink liberal tears in coffee form. But you can also find liberal tears and bacon, scented gun oil, liberal, tears bacon, scented, gun oil is not a novelty, and it is for serious gun care..

Jeff Koons Atlanta David Christie Chiemsee flares camp chairman Rasmussen Trump New York Robert Michael Angelo ninety one million dollars ninety one nine dollars one million dollars forty five percent seventy year eleven days
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"Portfolio without. Rolled-over several company into. Company company, and what I like to do is wrong with the Dan plant. I looked at the allocation model a. And between fifty five to sixty five. All this money is in an IRA. And currently fifty eight. And the question I have is looking at that allocation model I'm trying to plug in the fun. And I started let me know what my thought process started looking at the Bislett and then abroad. And the first thing I looked at the yellow the. That were highlighted in yellow finds it highlighted blue. Bugging in those funds and. Does that sound like the right approach to go with with the barrow? Well, I think it definitely is the right approach. I I would just caution you when you're putting money if it's not on the by list, don't buy it. So don't buy anything off the broad list. Only off the bye list. But I like the idea of of getting some of those foundational stocks. That's the yellow these are stocks that these are companies that are just good solid super solid. Very large. Good good companies that I call them foundational stocks because they're kind of companies you put in there, and you never sell them. You just you know, you feel very confident that over seven ten year period, they're going to do. Well, and they use keep them in there. So I like the idea starting with some of those might be on the bias. I think that's a great idea. Blue our income stocks. It doesn't mean you can't add them. You certainly can the reason why they're highlighted in blue is because they for people that are using the income model, which you wouldn't use you shouldn't use which are not using. But the income asset allocation model that just kind of gives them a heads up of what to look for. So I have stocks that produce good dividends on the list. But they're not highlighted in blue because for one reason or another I don't consider them. Strong enough or consistent enough or whatever it might be from an income perspective. So, but it's okay to have those in there because I have some like on the material side that industrial side that are both that are blue and foundation or the lettering might be yellow and highlighting on it is blue. It's hard to see that yellow. But that's that's fine. And I'll have a problem with that. So I think you're on the right track. Keep going slow if you need something to fill your sector, and there's nothing on the by list. Just wait it out. Don't go off the broad list. Just keep that money. You know, sit in the money market account until something shows up and then start to fill that gradually tried to, you know, work towards the next couple of years of having two or three maybe even four different. Companies in every sector so with that in mind dole by if you have five percent in energy don't put off five percent of your energy position in one stock. If there's only one on the list, so just to give you some fundamentals air about that. Okay. Question here on your preferred let. At eight twenty four. Sample. Doc in buy and do you have to hold the first time? So so the preferreds are primarily for income that they're for people that are using the income, and yes, you buy and you never sell them. There's only two ways that you could take a loss on your preferred is you tried you sell when it's down or they go bankrupt. That's that's it. At some point in time. They're going to get called now. Some of them have a state is called date. Doesn't mean they're getting caught on that date. They may not get caught for ten years. And they might be have a call date of next year. It's just there continuously callable you could buy today, and they could they call it tomorrow. So it really is kind of a meaningless date. But nonetheless. There continuously callable, but they may never get called. I mean, I had a preferred utility stock in my IRA som- some years ago and. It was paying significant dividend because it was old back when interest rates were high and they. Thirteen years never got called. And so all the gain. I was getting on. It was from the income was producing. But never got called the end, frankly at the price that it was paying. I wouldn't. I didn't care if it ever got callers opening never would. But. So they're not something you you're not going to sell them. You're not going to take profit on them. You're not going to sell them. You buy them. You put them in the portfolio. That's the end of it. And when they're called you'll notice you don't have many more, and you've got all the money now sitting in your money market account. So they get caught at twenty five dollars. The preferred always gets called at the par value. So if you pay twenty three and it gets called tomorrow, you're going to get twenty five if if you pay twenty six and it gets called Tamar you're going to get twenty five so twenty five dollars a share. So sometimes it's the par value fifty sometimes seventy five sometimes it's one hundred but generally most of the ones on my list are are twenty five. And you can only buy into these. If you look into taking it come out. Yeah. There's no reason to own those. There's no reason for somebody that is looking to grow their portfolio. There's no reason to do that. I just read an article this morning. The Wall Street Journal Kalkin about what's happening to prefer in Europe. And. But they were they were talking about it. Now, maybe Europe's differ. Maybe people do. So do it a lot different there? There are people. I know there's partners of ours that own because they like it because it's just kind of conservative position. There's nothing wrong with that. But I just I I I don't want anybody to expect. To make money from it in any other way. But the five percent that it's paying every year. So you can look at it say, well, you know, what I know. I'm going to get five percent every year that is true. But I I don't want to be a look at it and say because if you're if you're buying it for that reason, then you're going to tend to panic when it goes down, the nineteen dollars a share, and you're going to be thinking. Oh my gosh. I got stuck and you're going to call me. And I'm going to say, what do you have any for income, you're going and you're going to say, no. And I'm going to say well shame on you. Don't call me. You should know got it. So I'm just giving you just giving you a heads up. I'm looking out into the future. But if you buy it for income, and you say, oh my gosh. It's down to one nine dollars a share. I'm going to say who cares? You're still getting your income. And it's not gonna change because you bought it for income to supplement your income. You're taking that income every time it it. It's paid and you're making that income no matter what that share price is. And worst cases, they never call it for the next couple of years, and you're getting all this income, and it does get. Get called you're going to get twenty five. So. That's why I kinda give you the heads up on that. Yeah. Maybe. Not a good comparison. But it would be like a step better than like say a ladder CD approach. You mean for for conservative like cash you want? Well, the need that cash future say ten years. I mean, I guess it would be better. It's safer. It's never going to go down in value. So the ten years from now. You know, you're going to have your your when you're wanna get rid of it, you get to dictate when you get rid of it because you're gonna get your principle back, plus whatever interests you've earned so from that perspective. It would be better. Yes. It would be better than than preferreds preferred prefers are pain a little bit more, but ten years from now, you might still own that preferred, and it might be nineteen dollars a share. So now, you're faced with why I need the money. I'm going to have to sell it. I wouldn't want you to do that. Gotcha. Lost money in ten years. No, you wouldn't have lost money even in nineteen because for ten years you've been getting the income. So I'm just saying from from a safety perspective. The CD's would be better. Very helpful Dan feedback. Alright james. Thank you for your partnership, you art. I will. I wish you all the best. God bless. Folks,.

Europe Bislett preferreds Dan james The Wall Street Journal ten years five percent twenty five dollars nineteen dollars one nine dollars Thirteen years seven ten year
Man arrested after attempting to steal truck, with 2-year-old inside

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Man arrested after attempting to steal truck, with 2-year-old inside

"Payment comes as separate company performance bonuses are also paid today they are thieving over three point one nine dollars across the fate of washington where their performance faith earth wait they had a great with quieter in total employees in our state taking up six point one million dollars in bonuses police said robertson need help finding a suspect in to hit and run crashes left three people hurt italy believe david knox was speeding and weaved into a construction zone qazi to separate crashes involving seven cars on tuesday offered say when he crashed into a tree he ran away leaving a passenger in his car a man was arrested after he tried to steal a truck with a toddler inside and the child's mother clinging to the vehicle conscripted drew with more from bremerton that when we notice demand running down the street getting side her truck domain tried to pull the man out but he slapped in header the woman's twoyearold boy sleeping inside the truck the man threatened to kill them as he tried to drive away but crashed into a retaining wall with the woman clinging on the side when the truck stop that's when the suspect later identified as dish on jackson took off the rwadan instances where this could've gone horribly wrong bremerton police sergeant eran hilton says bike officers chased jackson as he tried to steal another vehicle he couldn't get inside so we started running again eventually jackson ran into both home a few blocks away who was threatening lewis's scared patricia rose was home when jackson came in through her front door he said he needed a drink water heaters hard aguirre for him once he got him outside once outside jackson was arrested he told police he was high on space christian drew komo news.

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