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October 15th: Weld County Commissioner Scott James

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October 15th: Weld County Commissioner Scott James

"Northern Colorado never stops neither do we. This is no co now presented by the Shanin Agency. Here's Tanner's swint. Thursday afternoon northern Colorado. Welcome in. This is no. Now live from the auto cushion specialist studios. Tanner Schwendt Ryan Kelly doing the production, we're happy to be with you here on this. Thursday. Thursday. that. The confirmation hearing for Amy Conybeare continues on. We'll have some highlights from earlier today as well as yesterday or we were off this was. There's a couple of good ones and am excited to walk us through that. The Senate confirmation hearing the vote is set for October twenty second now. So we are seven days away just a week away which sounds crazy that oct twenty second is already just a week away. But we will We will see. If, she's going to garner the votes to pass. I thought she had some pretty fine moments throughout this. There was times that she stumbled and I'll dive into that as well a little bit later on but we will find out what they have to say NBC is under fire. Why This is Mike Ocean wise NBC under fire. We'll get into that I've mentioned this a lot and. WE'RE GONNA DIE WE'RE GONNA we are going I've been saying we're going to take a deep dive into this for a couple days. Now, we're going to take a deep dive into why? dacoven numbers are where they are. And what it means because I know for a lot of people it's starting to starting get worrisome no business owners are starting to get a little word. We'll talk about that and when we talk about that, we'll also bring in Weld County Commissioner, Scott James as the rest of the state. Continues to increase where does Wolf County stand where our hospital standing we'll talk with Scott. Right around four thirty five about what is going on here in Weld County. Then we'll get to the headline that caught my eye but. Let's get to it. Let's get news for Northern Colorado. This first story was one that I wanted to follow up on. We talked about this on on Monday or Tuesday, and well, the arrest has been made the Fort Lupton man that was. A Colton Colton Clark was a wanted man for shooting that happened in Fort Lupton? He turned himself in Tuesday, morning at the Fort Lupton Police Department. He was then booked into the Weld County jail about two hours. Later, this is according to Trevor read out of the Greeley Tribune they release that on Monday they were searching for him and and again, Colin Clark has turned himself in detective security no bond arrest warrant for Clark who faces charges for attempted first degree murder, second degree, assault, menacing, and possession of a weapon by a previous offender as well as violating a mandatory protection order. Yeah. He's going to be in jail for a longtime Clark has a court date in this case. Eight fifteen am November twenty fifth so Colton Clark. Again turned himself in. So we put that out there earlier this week about if you had any information, you were to call nine one one at the time. Well, he has been Has Been turned in now and well, he is going to spend. Quite some time behind the bars. You want to chime in on the conversation. Feel free to call in nine, seven, zero, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, nine, seven, zero, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, or texts that Kfi. Text Line at three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six, any new textures all you have to do subscribe this text Kf k a, two, three, one, nine, nine, six, and. I. Promise. We won't be texting a little bit later on or anything like that but you just text and we'll be able to read read those texts and get your answers out on here. So obviously, yesterday was a Bizarro type day with the smoke that just billowed over northern Colorado. It was something straight out of an apocalyptic movie or TV show it was something that. When my alarm went off yesterday morning I was very confused because it was still dark outside it was something that we hadn't seen and with that comes a lot of. Speculation. And the speculation can range from well, did you see this here or this and and? Some of true some of not speculation as to how it started. That's up in the air last night. We know that there were wind gusts over one hundred and two miles per hour taking place we knew that. Love Linda the highway thirty, four between Loveland and ESTES. Park did get shut down. We knew the Horse Tooth was evacuated last night. We knew that this fire is inching closer and closer to horsehair excuse me to Fort Collins and it's starting to get a little worrisome for a lot of people. So this this wind-driven Wednesday is what they're calling this out of the Colorado and this is Eric. Larsen. Grew the fire to become the biggest wildfire in the state of Colorado ever. One hundred sixty four thousand acres as of this morning. that. Was a eclipse hundred and thirty nine, thousand Acre Pine Gulch fire, which was also this year as the state's largest both fires ignited this summer. It's just it's just nuts what has happened but wh- they asked the question about why did it start? What started it? And they dive in we know the camera peak is burned dozens of homes in Central Armor County Mountain. So talking about the structural damage right prior to Wednesday's flare. It burned an untold number of structures. So we're past this point and I was guilty of it. I was one that was saying look it's in a it's in this spot. It was okay. Whereas at here comes Labor Day. Labor Day was a disaster the wind blew it, and just exploded this fire. We were still okay there we knew where it was at. They have not been able to catch a break and now these number of structures that are starting to burn up it's getting a little worrisome. Prior to Wednesday's flare up fire officials confirmed that the fire had destroyed or damaged one hundred total structures including at least thirty three homes. Data's way up care peak burns forty one structures including eight homes in the latest run. So. You just. You. Know almost got half of all the structures that was burnt beforehand that got burnt in one day efforts to update that total will be delayed because, hey, they're still trying to put this bad boy out and it's not close to being out the fight against the fires been costly in other ways too. Speaking of money fighting the fire has caused. Eighty one point nine, million dollars to date. This. is according to the national. Interagency Fire Centers October Fifteenth Situation Report. So so far the only good news that I can present out of this. There hasn't been any deaths so far from this fire. But when we talk about this, it's The start of it has not. been very well documented. It started off to our exceeding August thirteenth in the Roosevelt National Forest It was an area between twelve thousand, one, hundred, twenty, seven, foot Karen Peak, and it's a popular popular recreation site beyond that. There's not much. We know Colton McDonald a thirty year old loveline resident resident who has airlifted from the burner in the fires early day said, he quote distinctly heard a gunshot discharge while he hiked near Blue Lake Pass about one PM August thirteenth about thirty minutes. Later McDonald's said he saw smoke from the area where the fire is believed to have ignited firefighters list the fires. Time of origin has approximately one forty, eight PM. That's one man right like that's not. Positive. This is not unusual to fear out with the start of a fire is. Normally takes. The, you know the back spot, the back burner. While the fire still burning especially when this fire has since moved on to become the biggest wildfire in Colorado history, the start of it hasn't been focused on yet. That's what a lot of fires the Molin fires the same way. So when we talk about things, this is something that we've heard a lot even at the national level California was set ablaze. From gender reveal party one of them was just arson. You hear lot of the Times. Hey. Climate Change. Is the reason for this. I'm not here to make stance on climate change I'm not smart enough to. All I'm saying is that when you hear somebody attribute a specific natural or a specific incident like a fire like the camera peak fire. To climate change do your research. Because we don't know. Could it have been a strike of lightning. Maybe could have been a gunshot maybe. These are not climate change. This is not climate change and to those who say. Yeah. But look how hot and how dry it was. Will. Yeah. But do you also want to take into effect her into account that they haven't been able to graze or clean out that part? Of the forest because it's so remote, do wanNA take into account. The fact that this was the smallest fire that Colorado had going on and other fires across the state were getting the attention of everybody else. Do we want to take into account that because of the remoteness of this fire and because of the age in which of the forest in which started The. Firefighters wanted to burn. So that it didn't explode. Do we take into account the wind the wind gusts in a series of unfortunate events that has led to where we are now? If you WANNA come out and say just because you've got ash on your car and I'm one of the people. On my car and then at the rain or the sprinkle hit last night Mike Mike vehicles a disaster. But if you're one of those people that claims this and says, well, this is just climate change in it's just ridiculous. Do your homework. Because we don't know we really don't. Are there things that humans do that can affect climate change he absolutely. You we absolutely have some sort of an impact. Are we the sole reason I don't believe so. Because Science says that we're not the sole reason because this earth has ebbs and flows with it. Could we be smarter about how we use things? Absolutely. But in general if someone comes and says, will you know climate change changes the reason that this started? Just double check them do your homework. Make sure you just don't bite for the first thing that is said. Because, a lot of times, it's not what you think. I would never get if you would ask me gave me a list of five to ten options about what started some of the wildfires. In California gender reveal wouldn't be on one of them and that's what it was like that was proven. Some just saying we're talking about what caused the camera peak fire. Let's just let's slower roll just a little bit. Okay. Let's slow down just a little bit because we still don't know. For. Seventeen were staying here. Don't worry Ryan. We're GONNA stay here we got one more story you want to chime in nine, seven, zero, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, nine, seven, zero, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, text that Cave Texan at three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six, and new textures you can subscribe texting Kfi. To that number, one of the stories that kind of got covered up yesterday because of this plume of smoke that was covering all of northern Colorado there was. A terrible crash in Fort Collins, one that injured twenty two people this story coming out of the Colorado and by sadie Swanson it was on timberline and harmony, and it closed that intersection for twelve hours yesterday. Yeah. Twelve hours of just sitting there. But there's still under they're still working to understand what caused the crash, but it was a motorhome that. Candidate, started it the driver, the motorhome suffered a medical event at the time of the crash so whether that was a heart attack or a stroke or something along those lines, we don't know here's a quote coming out of the Colorado again, by Sadie Swanson the quote is from the Fort Collins police chief Jeff swope swoboda excuse me saying let's see if we can get this. Pulled up. Here. I'm grateful for the rapid response of first responders who immediately took action carried caring for injured people rerouting traffic to protect those on scene stepping up to cover other emergency calls still happening around the city and working all night long to process the area Twelve hours that's just ridiculous. I mean, that is just one heck of a of A. Incident twenty two people injured. They're still trying to figure out anyone with information about the crash who has not yet spoken with please please contact officer drew Jer Jer Kofsky at nine, seven, zero, four, one, six, twenty, two, twenty, four, nine, seven, zero, four, one, six, twenty, two, twenty, four, seen some accidents that have stopped some things and closed it down but. Can't maybe nothing like this is about four fifteen. That was the motorhome that was traveling east on harmony talked about. And they they didn't stop. It looks like they driver of the motorhome. Some sort of a heart or health condition in total sixteen vehicles were involved and puzder. five-thirty crews extracted several people from vehicles twenty to the twenty two injured five were transported to nearby hospitals with to sustaining serious injuries. So that was something that did not get into the headlines yesterday in part because of the Cameron peak fire and continuing on now it's four twenty time want to say thanks to proactive physical therapy and sports medicine blood flow restriction therapy. It's complicated but at the base of it, it just means that your time away from doing the things that you love will be less if you're able to get this done because when you go in for that surgery whether you're a senior whether you're high school athlete whether you're youth sports advocate if you have an injury, he going get the surgery done blood flow restriction therapy insures that you don't lose as much of that muscle that mobility that movement all of that that goes along with it sucks like I said, I didn't have this when I was when I had my surgery. I it took me a long time to figure out how to run again and that I know that sounds really strange. But I broke three bones in my leg. It took some while to get back. It took a while to get back whereas okay. This is how that works. Hey, there's the mobility mobility's there. Then it's the confidence side and that's what's cool about proactive. Physical therapy. They don't get you back right physically get your back, right mentally eaten and Greeley online at Proactive Colorado Dot Com for twenty one the time let's take a break. We'll come back on inside amy? Coney Barrett how does she stack up find out on the other side is no co now presented by the Jeanine agencies on northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten Kfi am. Party northern. Colorado's. For. Thirteen ten KFI K. The block party Wednesdays from four to ten PM. In. Noko. Now presented by the Jeanine agencies I, M Tanner Schwinn. Ryan Kelly Duly. Production, work. So before we dive Amy Coney buried here, I'm sure you've seen or heard about NBC has been under fire today, and if this isn't the definition of canceled culture I don't know what the Hell is. It's ridiculous last night. Both. Vice former vice president, Joe Biden and current President Donald Trump held town hall forms that were aired on TV. Joe Biden was on ABC. At a certain time. And NBC held Donald Trump at the same time. This apparently is something that you shouldn't do ABC has been under fire. All Day because of this. It was a conflict between. NBC Universal. Which is where MSNBC? And that's so Phil. Griffin is his name. He's the head of MSNBC. Here disagreed with NBC News President Noah Oppenheim decision. To move to this. It's just ridiculous according to these sources. Each side thinks the other is ruining the others brain and this just ripped it. NS NBC has been criticized for starting to lean more laugh while NBC News tries their best according to this article out of politico dot com to stay down the middle. There is already people in. CAMP, calling for viewership boycott, from ABC personalities. Just doesn't make any sense to me. Here on Kfi. There are. Candidates there are. Different legislation pieces of amendments motions that are going forward. Vote Yes. On Three B. or whatever it is you know that are on the ballot. That I can guarantee you. Not. Everybody. In this station agrees with. But you know what we have to do is provide each candidate each. Amendment each proposition it's. Right, to as much access to the airwaves as anything else. This is what NBC News. said that they were doing. Last week. Joe Biden held a key held town hall on NBC at Eight PM. Did. You hear any uproar about that. No you didn't. But now you've got the people the canceled culture because you knew and I don't know if the ratings are out Ryan, could you look that up? Could you look up the ratings between Joe Biden on ABC last night and dump trump on NBC I'm sure they're not out yet. But they are just going after NBC. This is completely insane. We're rewarding trump's bad behavior and playing his game said a top source NBC universal. The fact is the shows how NBC always helps the trump brand. He was created here on the apprentice. He got a W. Two from here just like I do. Let me call. Let me throw the BS flag on this. Because I want twenty sixteen, I stayed up adult to eight. AM to watch the results. It was twenty fifteen right November twenty fifty. November twenty sixteen. Let me get that right November twenty six excuse me I y stayed up until two eight am to see the result of the presidential nomination. There were left leaning. News channels that called the race for president. Trump. Do you know who didn't Chuck Todd and company Couldn. ABC did not call the race I'm watching Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump, the phone and say. Congratulations. Her concession speech rate I'm watching that happen and yet. NBC wouldn't call the rates. So now here, four years later just because Donald Trump president donald trump is having. Town the same time as Joe Biden. Other, high level, another high level company official called the timing. Quote. A complete effing ing clown show. Are, you kidding me. What else is the debate was supposed to be on at that time? He didn't want to do a zoom townhall or zoom presidential debate. I wouldn't WANNA watch that. So what Joe Biden's can't figure it out a turn his MIC ON DONALD TRUMP gang can't get connected. These are seventy, four year old man. For Joe Biden. That's just bound to go wrong. So instead, they both hold these town hall meetings. And the town hall meeting was held on. NBC. Last week, he came out that through at least three of the people who are asking questions had already expressed their opinion and their view to vote for Joe Biden. Why isn't that being thrown out there? This cancel culture. This. Outrage I'm so mad. He shouldn't be. Grow Up. Life is a competition. The Fridge chime in nine, seven, zero, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, nine, seven, zero, three, five, three, thirteen, tended we find rather ratings than Iowa. Now, the ratings are out yet. It will be fascinating and I know that's what a lot of people are gonNA turn to what we're the ratings. Well I can tell you one thing donald trump always draws high ratings. Let's move onto this next topic. Judge Amy Conybeare. Another grueling day of confirmation hearing questions by senators from across the nation. This has just gone on in it does all the time. It's just been ridiculous. They set the vote for Tober Twenty-second. I watched quite a bit of it. Didn't learn a whole lot. There's a couple of times that I was very. Impressed by amy. Colbert the majority of the time I really was. I. Don't know anything about what she writes on loss don't don't. You can always assume right that. Whoever the presidential nominee or the president that that appoints the nominee you can kind of assume that they're leanings on things are gonna go with whatever the president's views are. In in listening to any coney buried if you've listened, you shut that bipartisan I am. You turned on that bipartisan I just. Watched and listened to her I don't think you could have told me. I really don't. If. You didn't know what senator was asking the question. You would have been like, well, this is I mean that's kind of an easy question. Not all the time, and then if you ask if you didn't know what Democratic senator was asking questions like why that's legislature piece why are they asking judge? But there was one moment that stood out for me. I don't play that clip for you. Good Morning Your honor morning senator. Cornyn. You know most of us have multiple notebooks, notes and books and things like that. In front of us, can you hold up what you're referring to an answering our questions? Is there anything on it? That letter that says United States Senate. That's impressive. The, Best I can understand the objections to your nomination or not to your qualifications your experience. Or training, but it's that you have. or You will violate your oath of office. I find that terribly insulting. They suggest that you can't be unbiased. In deciding a case, you haven't even participated in yet. I find that. Insulting as well. So what happened there is that they asked what notes are you using? She held up a blank notepad and I thought it was I mean that's that's great move she was literally answering. The questions from. People who would do anything to make sure that she wasn't confirmed. And she was doing it off the top of her head. She was impressive. Amy Coney Barrett cannot get attacked and did not get attacked because they can't like break cavanaugh did. Justice Cavanaugh went through hell to become a Supreme Court justice. For. Having a couple too many beers. One night. And they can't find that with amy conybeare four, thirty five now the time again, her confirmation hearing her confirmation vote coming up a week October twenty second. It's now set four thousand five. Let's get to the bottom of the hour news and Weather Center Dan Patrick. The whole show and Colin cowherd are on northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten K. F. K. Thirty. An welcome back into the auto collision specialist studios. Ham, Tanner's went this Noko now. Presented by the Jeanine. Agencies. Well, the talk of the State and continuing the talk of the nation when we're not yelling about politics where yelling about Cova nine, thousand, nine, hundred, we start to see a little bit of an uptick in numbers and one that has businesses and individuals worried as we started to wonder what will our governor do next and let's talk about more of a localized approach as we bring in. Now Weld County Commissioner Star, James Commissioner, are you starting to get a little bit worried about what our governor may put into place with the increased numbers of cove nineteen across the state? So I, you know how well county has and with the governor and the fact that we don't worry about it rosier improperly promulgated and and. and. Mandates that are just that the hand of Of A guy who would be king why frankly I we he is taking the steps that he needs to. Do that he feels necessary to take the control over in Colorado we feel. It's much more practical approach that we take. We communicate to the same information that the governor is communicating. We we make sure that our department of Public Health deals with it appropriately that they formed partnerships with businesses that they formed partnerships with organizations that they consult them through the process and the way the best deal with covert in their businesses, organizations and their homes, and then we allow the individual to make the decision you seen responses. To coverted and it's been interesting. You seen what what it all boils down to is either the belief in the power of the individual or the belief in the power of government I choose to believe in the individual. Will and this is something that You know it is making business owners nervous. Have you heard any information coming down from the office and is there anything that that governor polls could put in place that would change how Weld County is operating at the moment? Governor policy has not spoken to us once before he's written anyone of his seventy plus public health orders. Now, he's not consulted with anyone in our local governments. Anyway here's how he consults with county commissioners, local departments of public health it. It certainly hasn't been us. So could he do it? Yes he has done it before and he will again I understand on a downtown development authority call this morning The county was taken to task for our failure to apply for a variance but first of all those. All. Those rules were promulgated that you know the the governor's Dial Kobe platter or whatever it is. It has now all those rules that were were promulgated with the stroke of a pin. If you start going down that road and if you start playing by the rules of the game that haven't property been promulgated, you may get something a little bit more lenient the beginning but if you cross and arbitrary threshold that was written on a piece. Of Paper by the governor at his staff with you cross that for the negative. Then what happens and so that's why again we just we think it should be a conversation between the business owner and be and and their consumer. So can he do something? Yeah, and regrettably is there some teeth if he wants to exit there is in those that are are are regulated by the Department of Regulatory or a Department of Regulatory Affairs Your Door folks. He can't do that whether he does or not. I don't know. We'll see what it's been so far is levied and implied threats, but we haven't seen any true action because as we said before when you take that true action, it must be be based on probable cause and specific evidence based to the troop business that you WANNA take action. It's not enough to say, Oh, my goodness there's covert out there. You must prove that there's Kobe in there right and so so commissioner I, think you bring up an interesting point because I. I have been informed about what what had taken place. This morning of the meeting is this seeming to be one of the few instances that you have heard. I mean, obviously, you're you're an elected public officials you're going to hear criticisms all the time but is this one of the few that you've heard from business owners saying look way we would have applied with this. Then this is where we would have been or what is the response to how the commission has handled. Communication to business throughout cove. Nineteen By in large has been positive. Of course, we have had some naysayers I've I heard secondhand this morning that one individual says, this is hurting my business yet. It's an hour to get a chicken wing and and so I I don't know. Is it hyperbole? Hyperbole politics I don't know what I just as soon do is have a conversation with business owner connecting with every department of Health and develop a plan that is specific for Weld County which by the way is the four point one eight of positivity rate today in in test positivity rate. When the CDC says, we should go people though five were pacing ahead of the State's now in Weld County, it seems to me that the actions that we have taken in will county continue to address it well for well counting got a one-size-fits-all all deal continuing our conversation here with Weld County Commissioner Scott James and. Commissioner. What would I did not hear I've not been informed of what. Because I believe it was at Commissioner Marino this morning i did not hear what the response was and I don't WanNa play the the what if game but what is your response to anybody who may have expressed similar concerns on the front of how the Commission is handled cove nineteen? Do you just do you just talk about those stats he said I'm I'm happy to have that conversation with him. I'm happy to connect to the Weld Department of Public Health and Environment I'm happy to help them find a way to deal with Kobe in their organization and develop a plan and how they communicate with with their consumer. I certainly don't dismiss the concerns I, understand the concerns, I appreciate the concerns but at the same point in time if we truly plug into the data copen situation, you live by the sword and and I would I would rather keep it on a local level dealing with it in Weld County. Closest on we're best equipped to deal with it. and. It seems based off of that positively number that weld county has been handling it relatively well, and commissioner to numbers that we look at on this program at least. I'm a firm believer in cases are going to rise the more tests you do cases don't necessarily mean we need to panic the two numbers that I do strongly consider to. Be Very important throughout all of this is the positive rate which you just mentioned that four point one, eight percent it is it is below the state average what about hospitalizations because as of yesterday, the state was at three hundred seventeen that has the highest that we have seen since July. It is and it's of concern in Weld County I don't remember our number and we have new numbers yet we're past four blocks. We have new numbers right now the number this morning I believe I, remember seeing a sixty three I can't tell you for certain that in the twelve area hospitals that serve Weld County five point eight percent of their total adult beds are currently being occupied by Kobe patients. The narrative that we were given in the very beginning of this because cannot overrun our healthcare system with five point eight percent of adult beds being occupied by cove and patience I. Don't feel that were anywhere near overrun. Commissioner I don't know if you can answer this question, but you're not a scientist I'm not a scientist, but I wanNA talk about. I Want WanNa, talk about masks. And the fact that I bought in look when we were in July, the mask mandate went into effect whether I believed it should have been or the governor should be able to say that that's irrelevant. We saw big drop in the numbers win these mask went into effect. Now we're seeing the spike and from what I can tell and what I've heard, and what I've researched is that more people now are wearing masks than they were in July in our numbers are rising. So what does this spike and what does increase across the nation say about the effectiveness of of of masks. You answered the question before you. I I I'm not a scientist, and so again, I default to personal responsibility there's science on both sides of the issues if you feel that are better protecting yourself by wearing a mask please do so if you're a business and feel that you want to mandate a mask usage in your business by all means do so and I will respect that request. I won't do business with you. I mean it's pretty basic fundamental personal responsibility kinda thing. So regarding the mask issue if you WANNA wear one where I I don't I can't speak to what you just said. It seems like our cases are going up but also let's do this. Kids are going back to school at both you know the the the. Pre K. level, and in the post secondary level as well. They're outbreaks among those of us that are least susceptible to death from this particular disease, and so of course, we're GONNA have numbers rise the the governor talks a lot about test test test test test I. Agree with that because what you're trying to do is put more numbers denominator that drives your positivity rate down but. At the same time we need to have a personal responsibility commonsense approach to this regarding your question about masks. If you WANNA wear one, do if you own a business and want people wear one while they're and your place of business, you have the complete right to do that and I respect that or I won't come in your business how `bout personally commissioner wh what is your stance? I. Was running late to conversation with you because that was leading a copy shop where I was having a coffee with constituent I wore masks the copy shut asked me to wear a mask I. I do I do I. Wear One. Yeah. That a couple of MINICAR next of is I drive home right now I I will wear one if I'm not going to be in a crowd of people if I know I'm going be in a group of people that I don't know very well and I haven't been around I feel that's just again that's my prerogative you take. Decision. Matched with anything else in life should be applied with a certain amount of common sense. We'll county commissioner Scott James Joining the program commissioner and I appreciate you talking on that subject. I'm going to switch over to one that it's it's just a sensitive and hey, twenty, twenty on top of everything else is an election year and the conversations that I've had with the chairman. Mike Freeman was about the political dialogue amongst candidates you come from a communications background what are your thoughts on how some of these candidates from the local even all the way to the national to the presidential level have been conversing and the type of message that sends. Here the great thing about freedom of speech is you have the freedom to run your mouth. You also have the freedom to say the wrong things and KNBR be perceived the wrong way I know with the negative I know with many of the lies and much of the spin is not the way that I would run a campaign. It's not the way that I did two years ago, and if I decide to run again, it will not be the way. That I run a campaign I will speak more towards what I personally can bring to the table about my experience about my understanding of the issues about my understanding Weld County at edits people, I will not take up and slamming other candidate I will not try to bring negatives to the forefront I, think people tire of fat and I think political discourse needs to change in this country and and to sound overly combined with you. Let it begin with me. Well I I respect and I know that something that the commission has really wanted to do to is open those different channels of conversation between. Different residents of Weld County and the commission you guys have started some facebook lives that I know you've been doing well, how important is it for the commission as a whole in an election year and Cova deer in a probably the crazies year of I mean maybe not of all time we've had some craziness in the past but one of the craziest years ever, why is it so important for the commission to be staying up to date with with all of the residents of all county? We need to reach out in every way possible because we need to hear their concerns, we need to hear their their fears. We need their ideas we need understand where our constituents are at I. I try to be incredibly accessible s James at will go dot com, my email address nine, seven, four, hundred, forty, two, nine, is my desk I, welcome any and all conversation. You May WanNa yellow be tell me how wrong I am I appreciate that I understand that. Let's have that conversation Now more than ever we need to be talking and not silencing in our own social media holes with each other virtually. Commissioner I've greatly appreciate your time. This afternoon is there anything else that we haven't been able to on that you feel or listeners need to hear. There's there's so much good that we're doing the county so much that drives their county forward aside from the combat of Kuba that is taking that along with politics which. Somehow. magically combined have taken center stage this year. But when you take a look in the fact that we are doing a major event after twenty, two two are comprehensive plan that includes a first ever comprehensive land use Ma'am that involves the transportation plan that goes along with that we're we're redoing chapter twenty four, which is their subdivision code it. It creates more predictability and certainty when it comes to land use planning in and the county makes it more sophisticated in parts of the county like the part that I represent where it needs to be, and it has its flexibility in the parts of the county that say Commissioner Freeman represents. We have done so many great things for the county this year under the cover of Cova. Did it. It seems that we need to to deal with. Govan. Understand the translator represents with common sense but get forward with the business and people. Well, county is still a great place to live and they're still incredible opportunity ahead if we laid out our political swords and work together for the betterment of our town commissioner thank you so much for your time this afternoon, we'll get caught up real soon again but thank you. For, covering wide range of topics with me. A friend. Good to talk to you knew as well. That is well county commissioner. Scott James appreciate his time as always the tavern Saint Michel Square I was over there. Yesterday they've got the the Best Ruben you can find I know that. Brady whole. The whole show was even over there and had that as well. But really incredible food they've got a great adult beverages as well. If you need need to a reprieve from what's going on at twenty twenty, they've got some great beer on tap as well. This has been this is no co now presumably j nine agencies will wrap up the show on the side here northern Colorado voice thirteen, ten KFI. Here mornings with Gail we six to nine and northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI K. Very productive show hopefully Made. You think a little bit there. Amy Coney Barrett the confirmation vote will be coming up October twenty second. Lot of news camera peak fire. Hey if someone's going, throw it out there and say, well, it's this this this started we remember we still do not know as well, but big thanks to will county commissioner Scott James was a great conversation there. We will be back with you tomorrow at four o'clock. There's there's one story that I haven't been able to get. You talked about the Netflix documentary came out with Chris Watts. It, it's gone even crazier. I want to dive into that tomorrow you won't want to miss it. No Thursday night football tonight. So the whole show coming up next Farang Kelly. Now present Jane Agencies in northern Carla's voice t ten. KFI.

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