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"one hundred sixty four thousand acres" Discussed on NoCo Now ? 1310 KFKA

"We knew the Horse Tooth was evacuated last night. We knew that this fire is inching closer and closer to horsehair excuse me to Fort Collins and it's starting to get a little worrisome for a lot of people. So this this wind-driven Wednesday is what they're calling this out of the Colorado and this is Eric. Larsen. Grew the fire to become the biggest wildfire in the state of Colorado ever. One hundred sixty four thousand acres as of this morning. that. Was a eclipse hundred and thirty nine, thousand Acre Pine Gulch fire, which was also this year as the state's largest both fires ignited this summer. It's just it's just nuts what has happened but wh- they asked the question about why did it start? What started it? And they dive in we know the camera peak is burned dozens of homes in Central Armor County Mountain. So talking about the structural damage right prior to Wednesday's flare. It burned an untold number of structures. So we're past this point and I was guilty of it. I was one that was saying look it's in a it's in this spot. It was okay. Whereas at here comes Labor Day. Labor Day was a disaster the wind blew it, and just exploded this fire. We were still okay there we knew where it was at. They have not been able to catch a break and now these number of structures that are starting to burn up it's getting a little worrisome. Prior to Wednesday's flare up fire officials confirmed that the fire had destroyed or damaged one hundred total structures including at least thirty three homes. Data's way up care peak burns forty one structures including eight homes in the latest run. So. You just. You. Know almost got half of all the structures that was burnt beforehand that got burnt in one day efforts to update that total will be delayed because, hey, they're still trying to put this bad boy out and it's not close to being out the fight against the fires been costly in other ways too..

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