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10 Trivia Questions on Chicago

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10 Trivia Questions on Chicago

"It's thirteen questions on Chicago trivia with my friends MO and Brenda Martinez. From patriot. This is trivia with buds. Be and welcome to another episode of the trivia with buds podcast. I'm your host. Ryan buds. Thanks for checking out my show, if you like trivia, you're in the right place, and maybe you stumbled across this show on your travel to and from the big geek bowl in Las Vegas this past weekend. Shout out to my friend, Russ to wall and his trivia army that won the big first place there at the ball. I just recently even found out what the geek bowl was. So check it out just Google geek bowl, Las Vegas. You'll find a bunch of pictures, and and posts and all kinds of stuff about the event, and I'm definitely going to try and go next year. It's basically like this giant geeks who drink trivia tournament, and there's like thousands of dollars in prizes, and that goes to charity. So a lot of good stuff happening there and Russ free to wall who is a patriots scribe to this show and a pal of mine over on Facebook. Now, he won so congrats I'm gonna have him on the show soon to kind of talk about how. All went down and how the questions were. So if you like that kind of thing get ready for Russ also today, get ready for some Chicago trivia, I got ten questions for married. Couple Mohan Brenda Martinez who are patriot subscribers of this show and are just a ton of fun. They are very active over in the discord app chat. And if you donate a dollar more on patriot dot com slash trivial buds, you could join us over there. And all of our trivia banter. These two are tons of fun and brenda's big reader and mow is a big Chicago tour guide kind of guy. And he writes a lot of trivia questions for company in Chicago as well. So lots of good stuff in this one. It's a it's a long twenty minute episode a little bit longer than our episodes as of late. But I think you will enjoy it. We're going to jump to those ten questions with Brendan MO right now. Here we go. Sitting here on a phone call with my two pals in Chicago, where I understand it about thirteen degrees, which I feel pretty good about because it's probably like sixty here in California. I'm talking to Martinez and Brennan Martinez. What's up guys? Hey, thanks for being on the show. You guys have been big supporters of mind for a while. So I just wanted to thank you over the phone for joining on the patriot very early on. And it's very rare and very cool that both of you live in one household but subscribe separately to the patriots. Thank you so much. Waltz really cool. Very quiet now MO MO Uehara trivia host is well, right or you just write trivia for trivia who's just writing used to host. Now, I'm just a s two years. Just rining kind of hearts, go out and hose. Yeah. Man. I know all about it. What are your favorite kind of rounds to write like what's unique one you came up with recently that you had fun coming up with. Looking to sleep. But my favorites are the audio rounds. Yeah. Like that was like I would write actually around on Chicago bands on while back. Just like our artists where I'll play about fifteen seconds of of clip animate ethnic the artist song guys. Tears of got like metal covers of songs. I love that. And so when you're preparing that for the company, you work for the hosts that you work for are, you cutting all those tracks and make an audio files and all that stuff or you just give them the idea of it. And then they have to figure out all that. Are literally just check our point presentations and resent up in like a bunch of Mars. So. What we had in all of its clipped and everything picture cruise or set off ages happily play it. It helps them if they obviously read a little bit for look through it before that. So we're not going be blind Scheuer. That's a good way. Doing it. Very cool and Brenda are you a host or more of just a trivia connoisseur. I just really like show. Yeah. I definitely not much hosting. Did you know meet under any trivial circumstances? Funny when you say. Very trivia base. But. Yeah. Go into that. Right. There are in each. There was a Barak east Chicago nam on that. I was owning. And she was one over rental, and we kind of met there. This Osama generous drunk. That's the serve a lot of good relationships. I think. We'll stay. With them. We wish. Wow. That's amazing. That's awesome tonight. You got a family together. And you guys are raising a daughter named Annabelle. Who's also the name of my daughter spelled a little differently. But we have that in common. That's pretty cool. Right. And how old is your animal? Eight eight years old. Okay. So they're about four years apart. She my daughter will say the other day. I said she goes, what are you doing? I go I'm sending some stuff to my friends, and they go they have a daughter Nate man about and she goes another Annabel, I got a meter. We got we got to set that up. So that'll be cool. Quick side story about e Chicago that just popped in my head. I opened for a clown. When I did a lot of stand up in the mid west in his name was I don't know. I don't know grumpy the clown or frumpy the clown. He's like a real alcoholic drunk clown. I can't think of his name of top of my head. But it was at a a bar that you could smoke in east Chicago in probably two thousand seven and. It was pretty wild. What I'm trying to say is I wish I would've met my future wife there as well. That you can say that the clowns lane was homey, the clown. Oh, yeah. You gotta watch out. Because he don't play that guys. We're going to jump into some questions more requested this topic. He said what about some Chicago trivia since we're all kind of from Chicago. And I said, let's do it. So we are going to do ten questions on Chicago. And you guys are gonna battle in this. This'll be a good old fashioned battle of the spouses today, and we'll ask ten questions, and you're going to buzz in with Chicago related word. I thought this one would be fun being because of the giant metal beam in one part. Okay. Okay. So when you know, the answer, you gotta wait for the whole thing to be ready. You're going to buzz in with the word being whoever gets more right out of the ten will be crowned champion, and I will send you a little something extra in the rewards for March something Chicago related. That's what I'll find find something cool. There you go. All right. Any questions before we begin? Really? Here we go. This is question. Number one for Chicago trivia buzzed in with the words, being the world's Columbian exposition was a world's fair held in Chicago for may until October in what year. Ooh. That was very close. But I'm gonna say Brenda Brenda was a little louder. So I'm gonna say Brennan. Eighteen ninety three eighteen ninety three. Nice job that guy. What's his name h h Holmes? He was murdering all kinds of people. Yep. He's they're making a movie Hulu series with leader. Capri. Oh, did you see that? What ten years? Yeah. But I think actually I think I think who bought it. So it's Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, and I think it's a ten episode series. So that'll be interesting. Yeah. Yeah. That's what I hear your big reader. What is the last? Good book you read. The man was last cool book you read. Oh, you on the Netflix series you from Netflix? I was like you read my book. I don't have a book. Not yet. I have this cool idea for a book you guys want to hear it. So it'd be like a trivia book. So each chapter would have a trivia quiz. But there'd be a story about something that happened to me in my life that then goes into trivia on a subject. So for example, like I just did a show at the LA Lakers that was kind of super random, and it was like under these very weird circumstances. So I was like, oh, I could tell that story in the book. And then at the end of the chapter there's like ten question quiz on the Lakers. So it gives you if you're trivia fan reason to play the trivia. But also like this interesting story that kind of goes with it. What are your thoughts on that? Getting odd cast with like originally too because you always stories lead into what you're. Yeah. Yeah. I wish I did that it's hard to do that every single day. And when I when I do able to do it now, I'm like man that was a pretty good one. But it's harder especially with time and stuff to always find a way to kind of tie it together. But I do need to try and do that more often. So yeah, there you go. All right. Good job brenda's up one point. Here's question number two. Which of these sitcoms did not take place in Chicago was at family matters Keenan in cal- Samantha who or Caroline in the city. Brenda. Setting. It was Carolina city. Nice job. It was that was a sitcom that took place in Manhattan. And it started Leah Thompson as cartoonist all the other three shows were Chicago-based, which I didn't realize I didn't realize Keenan Cal was Chicago until I looked it up. There. You know Cal. Up through. Carolina. Shitty. Does some it's like cartoonist in Manhattan. I could have just made that up right? Then. The girl from Howard, the duck moves to Manhattan. Here's number three. What celebrity couple had a baby named Chicago January eighteenth two thousand eighteen. I wanna say. Okay. Yep. Came in Konya nice job Kim and Kanye west or Kim Kardashian. And Kanye west either way, you got it nailed it. Are you a fan of either them? There you go. That's good. That's why we're friends. All right. Number four what Chicago landmark sits at six hundred East Grand in features on one hundred ninety six foot tall ride eight Brenda. His navy period. You know, the ride. Yes. But fair fairus wheel. Have you been on that? Anytime too many times I have a wife who's scared of ferris wheels. Which is a weird thing she doesn't mind heights, but she hates ferris wheels. I don't know why. 'cause it's actually on clothes accord. It was like a traditional. Oh, yeah. Maybe she would. That's a good point. I wonder if she would like the Vegas one, right? That's enclosed. There's a bar on one of them and stuff. That that'd be pretty sweet. All right. It is three to one Mon needs more points to catch up. Here's number five movie. The break-up takes place in Chicago who were the male and female leads of the film. Brenda. Oh god. What is a? Three seconds. Just be his unresisted phase on rested is the perfect word for this. All right. Mojo for the steel. Jennifer Aniston had it's nice job mo- comes in. And now it's two to three well done. All right. That was I think I was I think I tried to be an extra movie there were a lot of movies around two thousand five that I was an extra in dark Knight or not dark Knight, Batman, begins and. Stranger than fiction with will Ferrell. And I think the long shots which was with KiKi Palmer and ice cube. I think those were all movies that I was I was in or I tried to get in. I'm definitely in stranger things, you could see me for a second. Which is a great movie have you ever seen that movie? Stranger than fiction will Farrell. It's about a guy starts hearing, a narrator narrate his life like a book, you'd love it Brenda as reader. It's pretty cool. But I watched it when those there you go that's that is the curse of certain movies. That are good. You're like, I know this is probably good. But then you fall asleep. And it's kinda like you can't ever enjoy the rest of your life. I've done that plenty of times. Yes. Do. So at some point you can check out the show on called. Easy. Okay. And I don't know if there is on what I think it was two years ago going stuff like three or by the one of the first three episodes of that season. I I actually did a whole big with our work lying at the at the trawling company that we work for everything. And I ended up being an extra that along the couple's co workers, and my one of my coworkers ashes featured in that show following Kim Brown his life as comedian Amazon as a trolley running room, but not so what's his name? His name is not or just call them. That's so funny. 'cause I pretty sure I have a comedian friend named Brian Christopher who was a bartender on the show easy. If it's the same show is it about just like live like bars and living in Chicago like nightlife kind of things. Hookups the episode that is caused by. Info and funnily enough actually still getting residuals off of that. Amazing. Oh, and you didn't have lines. And you're still getting some some love. Oh, you did. But we don't ask questions writing plane tourists were the assing on talking at the US Open like okay since we had this were getting patients after like, oh my God. I've actually made it now. That's awesome. It's all about those residuals. If you get one line, I remember I opened for a comedian like twelve years ago who his name was Jaideep. I think and he was in barbershop one and he had like one line. He like comes into get a haircut or something. And he made I remember him telling me he's got fifteen thousand dollars to be in the movie, and then like every time the movie got sold to DVD or two TBS to air or like all the different things that happen to a movie he would get like half of what he originally got paid. So like he got like fifteen thousand and seven thousand five hundred thirty three hundred two thousand and it kept going down, but he made money on that one little line for like ten years. It's pretty cool. If anyone you think about that, you're like one line in a movie that people may or may not remember or might get cut out. But they still pay you for all that stuff. And it's like, then you think of like an actor being in one thing where they say a million lines. And then the, you know, like something like the Simpsons how many times the Simpsons airs. And if you're getting half of what you got paid for one episode. It's insane. It's crazy. And that's why people do it. Here. We got this is number six what Frank Sinatra song starts off with the line. Now, this could only happen to a guy like me. Brenda. I kind of Tom my kind of town. She's got four points to most to that is the Frank Sinatra song you guys Frank Sinatra fans like that's gonna couple of others. The with. I like love and marriage for married with children. That's fun which I didn't realize I didn't realize it was Frank Sinatra until like last year. I was playing it. And I was like, oh, yeah. How did I not realize his voice? Pretty cool can use it just like that big band. Kruger's been timing. It. Sure was sure was here's number seven. How many miles is driving Chicago to L A if you literally type that into Google maps the closest without going over. We'll get the point. So you can each guests. So driving. If you just put Chicago to LA, no specific place, just Chicago to Los Angeles in Google maps. What is the the mileage that comes up have Mogo? I. Or under or eight two thousand four hundred forty eight and Brenda I'm gonna gonna win one miles. One hundred and seventy eight two thousand one hundred seventy eight. Okay. So two thousand four hundred forty eight thousand one hundred seventy eight it was two thousand fourteen when I did it just a few minutes ago. So Brenda has one because you guys both went over. But she was a little closer. So yes. Justice pretty spot on bursting that are action two years least. Released this road trick. Out to earth zone portion of that way. We actually traveling along route six oh nice. We have a picture at the big where it was a mid point. Cafe I think it's like emperor thinks. Dick sign. LA one thousand small amounts this way thousand miles like state people that was. That's awesome. So, you know, based on this that would be like one thousand seven miles this way in one thousand seven miles way. That's cool. That's cool that you guys were so close with guessing because of that trip honestly thought it was like tenth and India the nine. Oh, interesting. Yeah, I'm sure you know, whatever I looked up. I didn't look into it too much. So I'm sure yours might be even a little bit more accurate than mine. But nice job. We're on question. Eight we got three left multi get all three of these. You will be tied. Here we go number eight, everyone knows the windy city. But Chicago is also known as the city of big blank. Let's say MO shoulders the shoulders. Yes refers to. Sorry. Do you know what that refers to? Actually, I don't think I do from what I found. It says Chicago was called hog butcher for the world because of its huge meat-processing industry that book the jungle examined in the early nineteen hundreds which is a great book. That's Brandi every that one I have not who the jungle. It's real good. Check that out the jungle I to read in college. So they called it. They called it the city of big shoulders or broad shoulders because of its importance to the nation in terms of just a meat packing. Yeah. I guess I guess like like, you know, like, they're standing with their shoulders out. Like, we do all this work with meat. I guess I don't know or unless they are literally talking about like, cutting the shoulders shoulders of meat from different animals, and that really sure it wasn't super clear, but that was number eight. Yes. She in the stockyards like our office located right in the heart stockyards, what was should not guards. Now, you make little poster hanging up, and you can claim that as your own you say, you you look at. All right. Here's number nine. We got two left to could tie his wife number nine what game sequel pre grand theft auto that players getting out of their car to explore and started off at storyline and the bar and Chicago's. Oh, jeez. And it's like excited of this. And it's. Any guesses? They're taking it over pre grant Dodd got to get out of your car to explore. It was the first game. I think of its kind to do that. We're to just the driver. It is correct driver to. That's what I was. Nice job four to five. He could actually Ty. I didn't think he's gonna pull it off who's great driver too. I remember my brother Scott renting that game over and over again and always always having late fees on it and. I just actually a couple hours ago sold my PlayStation four to a guy on Facebook marketplace because I only really play the switch now because I don't have that much time. And if I do I want something more casual and the PlayStation four, which is sitting there. So I sold it to this guy for two hundred twenty bucks. I feel pretty good about it. Pretty solid you'll Pearl upper yet a PS four like now, I don't think I think I got it with a TV package than I gave the TV to my father in law. And I think the whole package was like four fifty. So I don't feel like I lost too much money for having it for almost three years. So. Yeah. There you go. Exactly. All right. It's four to five will this end in Brenda win or tie between lovers number ten. What Chicago hot dog ingredient is also found in a Bloody Mary or Caesar cocktail. Only say say. For emperors. That would be incorrect. Brenda guest. Mary what Chicago hot dog ingredient is also found in a Bloody Mary or a Caesar cocktail, which are very similar. It'll here. It is not a pickle spirit with celery, salt, celery salt. Yeah. That's what I was looking for so Brenda is the winner by one point nice job brand. She she I wouldn't say dominated. But it was a pretty close battle the whole time. Nice job guys. You did very well. I mean, there's ten questions you only between the two of you only miss that last one some good jobs. Very cool. Anything you guys wanna plug before we take off? I know what you want. Yeah. There's I don't. Looking glenn. Be on Twitter and was the other thing, Instagram Snapchat. What kids do now? Audio. What's your what's your handle on there? Artsy? That's right. Mora cartel MOR. I see a RTL very cool. Any last questions? I think you said you had a couple of Chicago questions for me anything off the top of your head. Yeah. We were trying to figure some nobody can ask you. If you can let's do like three of those. I'll say if I'm going to say I can guarantee I can answer one out of three how about that. Okay. Okay. Fun. Okay. Simple. I spent a one it is the longest continuously running street in Chicago. Longest continuously running street in Chicago. That's a tough question. I actually have no idea. I have a lot of guesses. Okay. My I guess is Cicero. Not even close. Okay. More east. Okay. A little more east lake shore drive's. I'll get no. That's all. Might be knowing close to right between them depending over your city. Exactly. Polaski? Little close. All right. What was it western? Yes. That would make sense. Okay. I could if I had ten guesses definitely would've got it. All right. I'm zero for three. Let's see if I can get the second one. That's a good question. Brindamour she on this one on Chicago. The only public sculpture by this twentieth century artist. Not no sculptures the only sculpture by this twentieth century artist. Only sculpture. Rearms twentieth. Century artists. I'm going to say. Devon, Devon sour from casper. I don't really guess good. It's bro. One might stay on Mishel. God. Jim Belushi, John John Belushi. I figured that would clear of movie which clean into ocher. I got. No, I'm so I'm drawn a blank on this one. What do you got? Okay. L? The kid you slide down it. It is my parents never took me into the city. They were scared of it. So I don't even know what you're talking about. Okay. What is public have to do is blues? Brothers. Gotcha. Okay. That's a movie. I have not close watched. I've only seen it like in passing and on TV like on cable and stuff. But that is great question. And I feel very very salty even celery salty for not getting. All right. What's the third one? I got a nail this one. Think of good one to these are like hard negative. Yeah. Yeah. That is a really. So procreate Louis what Bill being a now resides at the site of where the great fire started. Ooh. I definitely have read this somewhere. What building is where the great Chicago fire started. Is it a skyscraper? Or like, a smaller thing. To the hands. But I began the question with appropriate. Okay. Five of the great Chicago. Okay. So something hot or fiery. Is it a chapel lay? Let's see something something appropriate Lee where the Chicago fire started no idea the Hancock building. So wait. That. It would be the fire academy fire academy. The Chicago fire academy is where the fire started. Well, that's that's what's there now virtually far, but at that site, they put all the fire captains, which is super appropriate things fire star there. Now, we train our firefighters. There is the perfect little piece of trivia to end this episode nice job mall and Brennan stumping me times three to. I dunno. Start your own trivia podcast. I guess you guys have to do it. Now. We don't want to take away from you. It's just a year. Thanks so much guys. That means the world, thanks for listening. And thanks for being part of this episode you too and thanks so much for your patronage and support over the years. I appreciate it. We enjoy listening to you. Cool. Thank you, check out the book. I sent you. Did you get your did? You get your book yet? I have. Objected every day wondering when it's arrive. I'll let you know, I'm gonna I'm gonna give you guys a little heads up. So the first book, I got was this like Pulp Fiction kind of crime story, which I like to read and had a cool cover, and I'm like this'll be a good one. So I bought the books, and I happen to read the first chapter before I sent it and it had one of the most explicit sex scenes. I've ever read anything. So I was like I cannot send this to people that I don't know super. So I returned the book, and I got a new book and the new book, it sounds more interesting than the other book, but what was happening on this page was so. Risk gay. I was like I can't I cannot be the guy who set this book to people. It was like it was like fifty shades of grey like very like dark, and I was like oh my God. Like, I showed it to my wife. I go. I can't send this. Boy. She goes, no, you need to return. Those. So I'll tell you. I'll I'll I'll send I'll send you the name of that book. If you wanna check it out if you're into that kind of thing just send us like screens. Yeah. We'll we'll see how it goes. But this new one should be good. So I can't wait to crack it open and get a little discussion going over on the dischord app chat. You guys are very active on their so thanks for always type stuff in and getting people chatrooms. All right, cool. Thanks, guys. This episode will go up tomorrow. And I'm looking forward to to have you on again, very soon. Thank you. All right. Take it easy guys. Boom there. It was ten questions for me in three bonus ones for Moen Brenda that completely stumped me. How did you do on those questions? Did you know those last three of you, did I think you're a real smarty pants because I had no idea from I guess you tell that even though I'm from Chicago. I'm very Chicago suburban when it comes to knowing anything about the city proper. But hey, maybe you are from the suburbs or the city as well. And you got a kick out of this episode if you did leave an itunes review that very cool via to help us get up in those charts leaving ice five Starsky review for us. Let us know what you like about the show, which you like about listening to it every single day. And if you are brand new to the show hit subscribe on your phone. So you get those new episodes every single day, lots of fun stuff coming up just around the corner, including these topics from patriot subscribers who for five dollars or more get to pick a topic. I do every single month, my friend Sarah covets wants to do the wizard of Oz. Mo- wants to team titans. Go for his. Daughter animal, dead wrestlers and little shop of horrors, the nineteen eighty six movie or musical, Luke. Mckay wants to George Costanza, Scott pilgrim in scrubs, and my friend. Jess whitener wants to do March celebrity birthdays and power puff girls. So many cool things coming up in the month of March and finishing up some topics from the end of February. So get ready for that. And again, if you want to shape their show towards topics you dig donate five dollars more on patriots dot com slash trivia with buds broad trivia needs. Go to trivial buds dot com click around and let me know what you need not be happy to help you out. And lastly, if you're brand new to the world of trivia, maybe you're looking to start your own trivia nights, or you just need some insight on what to buy to do a podcast or anything like that feel free to drop me a line anytime. Ryan buds gmaiLcom happy to help you out free of charge. Not looking for anything except for you to succeed in whatever you're doing. That's pop culture and fun. Thanks for listening. Thanks for telling a friend. We'll see tomorrow for more trivia with buds. Cheers.

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