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"one game town" Discussed on The Strategists

"I've told the joke you're gonna make you have a conversation by yourself which would be corey. Let's talk about the the. Mvp for a second. What would you be telling them. What would you be telling them right now. Terms of advice related to this current situation. Is it something i maybe. The theme here is victory laps. Do they take victory lap on this. Do they does money get money or do they need to be a bit humble a bit quiet. Like what would your tone and strategic sort of positioning them. Be right now. Because seven straight seven months of polling in first place now lapping in fundraising. Do they wanna be out ahead or are you kind of tempering them bit. What sort of advice given right now. Well i think that there is a lot of reason why you want to be the fundraising leader and wanna point to that fundraising strength and most of it ties to that third party conversation. If there is kind of a risk to a returned notley government right. Now it's two years. There's lots of risks but one of the risks is that somebody says well either of these parties is doing it for me. So i'm gonna go and try to build another party but by showing that you're in pole position and as long as nobody fs this up. Then this government will be change. That's gonna be very appealing to a certain section of albertans that said you don't wanna give the sense that you have so much money. You're like you know that. Brad stevens de the mvp provincial secretaries like scrooge mcduck just swimming around and had just So it's yet it's good is money. It tells us an awful lot about the fact that albert frustrated with this government they are. They're letting us know that through their spending here. But i don't kid yourself. They control the government that gives them a huge communications advantage. Don't kid yourself. They have all of their friends with with dark money. That's going to be flooding into this election. Just look at last election when all of the used car dealerships pool together to push against the mvp. They they're in the lead even if it looks like they're halfway behind us because they have access to all of this money. Perhaps you go so far as even to say somewhat unscrupulous money and we have got to be three times as good as them to be in the game with them. And you've gotta create that sense of sweat on the back of people's next like that's great where at one point two million. It's great that only six hundred thousand came in relatively. We're doing fine in that sense but this isn't just about albertans. This is about all of the levers. They feel totally comfortable polling. That they shouldn't pull corey. would you. would you characterize that as embracing an underdog status. It's cliche of like your five votes. Behind but i think in fundraising. You've gotta give the sense that it's not enough owns. Yes we have this money but it's not enough so you are trying to give two messages at the same time one is kind of the. There's really only one game town message but the other one is but it's still not enough. We need more. This is not going to be enough to do it. Because it's it's tough to unseat the government especially a government that's willing to use the power of government. Carter finish off here. What advice would you be. given to. the end. ep as they as a soak in their fundraising numbers..

Brad stevens two years two million Carter six hundred thousand five votes two messages seven months one one point first place three times one game town much notley seven straight third albert mvp second