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"one forty four ad" Discussed on Free audio sermons: Get free audio sermons and free audio Bible studies!

Free audio sermons: Get free audio sermons and free audio Bible studies!

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"one forty four ad" Discussed on Free audio sermons: Get free audio sermons and free audio Bible studies!

"Far as the books go get the books or someone says. We'll get the dogs. If you knew that you had dogs than you would understand. Why yes. Those are dogs that i will get. These are the books or someone says You had a gathering in some ways the plates where you do understand that there is that collection of plates or there are some dogs. There's some books whatever that might be so then you talks about the book. He understood that there was also a collection their old testament. Thus we have some information about cannon. Then they'll have sometimes tried to make their own cannon. History is replete with several examples of that you find for example accepting the apocrypha eagles catholic books which we are not going to be able to get to tonight when people except those books they are trying to bring in books which were not part of god's cannon if you have something else being done in there have been multiple examples of this. People have sometimes rejected a bible book. It's been proven to be a bible book a book which was inspired by god. And people said. I don't want that look. We don't have that up here yet. But martin luther remember which he didn't have great appreciation for called a rights. Draw your pistol. It was james. So i don't think we would say that. He rejected that book but certainly is he thought about books that really merited a lot of attention held in high regard. That was not one that that he saw in those waves So accepting a book which did not designed to be accepted rejecting the book when you look at the samaritans. They had their own cannon. They looked at the books of genesis through deuteronomy and they said we believe that these books are from god however and. That's we find that last year they did not believe that everything in genesis deuteronomy was from god. They had what you might call an edited version. I have not personally seen this. But i have found over the years. Preachers have dealt with people sometimes. Who in a bible study for example. They're being asked about a certain passage purchases says well let's turn over to mark chapter sixteen and the person says that is not my bible says well sure it is no. It's not. Well yeah let me show you where it is so they turn over there and then all the sudden you can see some tear marks the person. The person actually tore it out well. They've not rejected the whole book of mark but in that particular case they did reject at least a chapter or they rejected a page from the book of mark. And that's not exactly making your own cannon but that is in the same basic ballpark so it said that people have done that but if a book or they did not like certain bible books they will do that when you look at matthew chapter twenty two verses eight for example we find that the sad jesse's. They did not accept the resurrection so there were some things there in the old testament that they also did not accept now that might be shocking to that they were people who were that will educated people who were influential jews that were not willing to accept everything as far as gods inspired old testament books but as i said before the stuff that we're talking about generally these are not new problems. Jesus in luke chapter twenty four hundred forty four want to have that passage jesus hints at an old testament canon. He indicates and he doesn't give book by book. Whoa but it does give you an indication that the old testament a specific grouping and he points to the fact that in that grouping there were books that god did design for the jews to have books that were inspired anybody there and want to read that for chapter twenty four hundred forty four all right maxine. The words which has found that all be written off. Thank you how many divisions does jesus offer for the old testament he says there is the law and there are the prophets and there are the psalms anything else a threefold division. Now you can go back and try to plug different books into those but jesus does give you a basic division there and that is information Pointing to canton now. It is true that we have more information about the new testament. Canon the old testament. I don't know that that's the problem because the old testament were under that testament and that's that's important. We want to make sure that that is reliable. But our focus is really on the new testament. There were strong incentives to determine canonists city in other words. Says you go back and you look at the first christians all the way up for about the first four hundred years of christianity different circumstances for that four hundred year period costs people to sometimes have some really strong incentives to figure out whether or not a book was from god or a book was not from god and sometimes today just as questions if you'd then a member of the church for very long you've probably been simaba classes whether it was taught by me or someone else. There was a question that came up. And you think oh. I've heard this question brought up before and this question has been discussed before and we didn't have agreement on it the last twenty two times and we're probably not going to have agreement on it today. Anybody ever been in a situation. We'll good league one day you will and when you start looking at the discussions that zimbabwe believing people had there was that discussion. Should we accept this book as canonical or should we not. One of the problems was there. Were some people running around. Who were hero. Ticks when we look at our daytime we got sacks. We have people seeing all kinds of things and sometimes those things are not just wrong. Sometimes those things are very wrong and just like now the megaphone that the people had way back when was in some respects not as loud as what we have today with the internet and other tools that allow people to put some information out in into the public domain quite easily but there were some people who were very very influential and he'll have some people out there now bear in mind. We're talking about people who are here. Dick's people who are expressing some views which are completely contrary to the truth completely. False as far as what's right is some people out there for example. Let's say that they're they're telling people. The book genes is not inspired. When that is false is not going to be a problem. What happens if they say. There's only one account of jesus life if god gave four. Is that a problem now. Somebody has that you and the hold the privately. That may not be such a big deal. But when someone has that view and they began to spread that far and wide and perhaps they began to amass followers. Now what he have. You're trying to convert the unsafe. That's about battle over here but now you're trying to put out the fires that are being promoted by this heretic and by his followers and your problems are just mushrooming so for the hair tech's important to put some of these guys down by saying look there is a canon of scripture. Marsin comes along about one forty four ad so he's about one hundred years little over one hundred years hundred and ten years after the establishment of the church and you can find some information about him online. He's an interesting character. He was someone and there are still people today who express views like he had me when he would say the god of the old testament was not the god of the new testament is was that the god of the old testament was mean. The testament was the nick of the god of the old testament was an angry gone. But when we flip over to the new testament we have in his mind a different guy. We have a god who is nice. We have a god who is loving. We have a god who is peaceful. We have a god who is merciful. We have a god that you want to follow but if you earned an old testament that god was not so much you think there's anybody in the world that believes that today. We still have people now. They might believe that a different reason but this is not a new view. If you were to go back and talk to marching. You'd find that. He believed that only. Paul taught the true gospel. Would you have a problem with it. A.

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