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"one five bits" Discussed on MLB Gambling Podcast

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"one five bits" Discussed on MLB Gambling Podcast

"Going into this weekend. I think that probably had a domino effect on on the lock that are picked. Because i take and am eric. Lower for the brewers the night after all the night before one or the other. I'm with undestood. Sydney star in the store and i think they bought chart q. Four today but then rake lower. Because i picked up fantasy team over the weekend as well spent liquid on And all of a sudden three in the bullpen which baffled me some reason according to remember the we followed so the bruins won the game fairly comfortably the pick was eric lower who ends of relief. Breathe and not a. I'm not going to claim that. What in my loss was not that won't of these moon off. I need to start doing. We need to discuss to pick a little bit later on. Maybe these first five bits. Because i took james capriles auckland Night it was to go to a three nil open absolutely cruise. I think it was. Maybe monday or tuesday and there was quite a bit of talk about it. In the slack. Channel people like people interrupted by themselves on their own conclusion and there was three cruising and then language the against the padres too i in the bottom of the third and it was a little chopper. I think it was autumn fridge. In one of his worst games Little chopper which comes over the pitches head. The second baseman couldn't get it couldn't get the run row in time and then tattoos comes up next to all my On the game. Three two and then the first reliever that came in the game was a real petite gave up wounds of this seven pitches and they went down seven four so i seem to be on the on the wrong end of a lot of these. The selection was right. The processors right the result came wrong. But maybe like you say if i five phase five and in bed would have got that one over the line mooner. The padres padres put up five more in the bottom of the fifth. So yeah that was. The the the petites gave up those ask went for three two to five and then seven and that was the end. You just knew that after that error happened with frazier and show yeah in. That was coming up. This is going to be bad. And yet i i was watching the game and then i thought he was. The inning turned the tv off. And then i literally went into the other room and check the score and there you go to so aids. It's been just one of those things that if you know if you go i five innings or full game i mean cabrera and was doing really well but then you know those heirs that happened. They always always come back to bite..

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