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Jamie Lee Returns

Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

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Jamie Lee Returns

"Hey everyone hi hello. Welcome to another episode of alice. Greg what are you doing here. Hey what do you mean what alison. Where'd you come from brag. I came from the world of childish. And i just wanna make sure that your listeners know that you're just is wonderful on the on the podcast you. What if they don't have kids donate donate them a lot of our listeners. Actually tell us they don't have kids. We talk about sex. We talk about all sorts of dirty stuff but also parenting. Yeah so the checkout childish new episodes every wednesday wherever you listen to podcasts best. Hey everyone hi hello. Welcome to another episode of alison. Rosen is your new best friend very very excited to be talking to my guest who i will bring in shortly but first i must talk to tony paxton and catch up on stuff. That may have happened since last time we talked. I dunno tony for me. A lot of stuff has happened. Yeah a hello. Welcome to the show. Thank you so much Yeah i i hope. Good things. I feel like a lot of things have happened. Sort of me but not necessarily not like things. Things have just done a lot. You know what i mean. I'm interested in the in the distinction between thing thing versus a thing you've done. Well i just mean like not necessarily anything. All that newsworthy. Yeah i know. I didn't invent anything. Yeah nothing crazy like that. Just you know got win out a few times sauce. Solid friends saw them the most people i've seen at once in a very long time yesterday. S she posted a photo of your adorable dog. Bentley looking all pooped out and you said that it. It was tiring for him. Yeah it was tiring for both of us like i. I had big plans of going out then last night. Because i was out in the afternoon and then i just got home and i was like no i can't Get an e. Keep easing my way back into normal life because it's suddenly exhausting. That's all. I wanna do this. I think we can't overestimate overestimate underestimate. We need to accurately estimate how how weird it is to reenter society. It's weird brings me to actually. I'm going to start with the less exciting thing tony. We talked about the millipedes in my bathroom. And when we had been from kevin and being on the show he let me know that he had millipedes as pets when he was young. He doesn't see why can't just live gently lift them up and just carry them outside. And i felt shamed. I felt like a monster. I felt bad. That i was thinking of massacring them stronger so i did carry one outside and then don't tell being but i did have the exterminator come and then since then i have continued to carry them outside because they're still here so and also share now to an array of silver fish. I feel like did the exterminator spray. Silver fish. i don't know what they did. But i've seen not one deceased insect. I've just seen more insects. But i want being and my millipedes listeners millipedes sympathetic and also millipedes listening my bathroom is a say. The perimeter of the house is not a safe space but the bathroom is a safe space. I now lift them up on a piece of toilet paper. And i carry them outside and i think i hope being happy yeah. You're you're nicer than me. I think. I don't know that. I go through all that. Although let me propose shamed by being. I think you would yeah. I don't know if you're carrying them outside and then you're still seeing them in the bathroom. Let me let me propose you put them in like some sort of box or something and then like drive across town with an and then release it there and see if they come back. I have wondered. Did i carry outside or do they carry one who's persistent came back and say okay. And then the other thing remember i told you marilyn rice cub invited me to coffee or a walk. It was my big like. Oh my god. I'm actually going to become friends with her. It wasn't just a bit on the show. We had our coffee date now. Daniel told me he doesn't think i should talk about it on the show because he thinks it comes off as thirsty. And i don't disagree but here's look the way this works is you. Befriend me you befriend all of us. So i've must bring the listeners along and let them know that it's really happened. We've really we got coffee. We sat outside. I went inside to cream my coffee. I forgot to put my mask on. They instantly were like. Do you have a mask. And then i felt weird and bad. And i wanted them to know. I believe in masks. I just forgot but also i'm vaccinated. I'm not an anti massacre. But anyway i feel like i feel like we might become real friends and thirsty or not. It's happening that's exciting. Thank you as we said. It's it's it's not easy to make friends bill gates so i understand my second friend in four years. He possibly possibly fewer in more. I don't know and you when you went to a birthday party and it was exhausting. Yes actually i. Apparently i just in my head added the word birthday in the email because their past guest and friend jeff dutton and Got there. And i'm like hey happy birthday. And he's like my birthday. It's like oh did i add that word and the apparently i did. Because here's why because otherwise. Why's everyone getting together to hang out in a park. They need a reason. I ill i think right now. That reason is we're vaccinated. Let's do something. I get that but still i feel like it makes sense that it would be a birthday. Yeah yeah interesting so a non birthday. Hang yeah it was nice though. It was while exhausting. I had a real nice time. Good kim tim. Cow packets was the. I love our friend tim. Capac is but i think tim cow is wife is in hawaii. Is that happening. I don't know she was not with him i can. I can confirm. She was not there. But i think she might be in hawaii based just on her social media. Though it's neither here nor there. I think it is time for us to get to the the the main event the reason we're all here very excited to welcome back to the show. Comedian actor writer producer. Host of the very popular. Netflix skews me host of the very popular netflix. Show the wedding coach. She also wrote a book called with dick euless She played allie on crashing and was a writer on crashing and also she's a writer for ted lasso. It is returning to the show. Her third appearance jamie lee. Oh my goodness great to be back. Welcome back you guys. Yeah this is so fun to see you to the last time you were on. So you're on a two thousand twelve and then maybe two thousand eighteen or nineteen. That feels right. Yeah yeah and we were marveling at how long it had been. So i'm glad that we've narrowed the gaps here but you had you were in development for the wedding coach and you couldn't even see. Yeah you couldn't even say you had asked the couple's you're talking about that. Oh we're talking about how as a the same casting people as queer eye in that made you feel good because you didn't want it to be like crazy reality show. Yes yes yes that's true you couldn't say where it was going to be airing but you said it was a streaming service. Oh that's right. I remember this now. Yeah yeah i had to be like very cagey and they're not that many streaming services these at that time there were even less so i'm sure people sort of deduced what i was talking about but look here. We are now and it's it exists. It is on our televisions. people are watching it. people are loving it. How's it feel. It feels great. I mean it's definitely it's a little. Surreal because this show in particular like we filmed it before the pandemic and it really was a hard production just logistically we had to cast the different couples and had never made a reality show before and that in and of itself is like just a really sort of bizarre thing to be a part of and like watch come together in some really great ways like i come from a scripted television background and like you really can't script reality like you can try. You can try to beat out. Something is going to go and come up with some kind of loose outline but like so many things come up in the moment that changed the course of like everything you thought the episode was gonna look like and i think it was a really good lesson for me in terms of like just relinquishing control. Because i link in scripted. You have a lot of control and then like in reality you have kind of non and so for me. I was like flipping out the whole mocking time. We were making it like truly just like losing my mind. Because i didn't understand that like this is sort of an organic thing. That just does come together in editing. You just have to like have some patience and some faith and so yeah. This is just a very long winded way of saying the fact that it's on netflix. Now i'm like. I just i cannot believe it like it finally happened because it was delayed and delayed. They didn't wanna post it netflix. Because they were like yeah watching wedding stuff during the pandemic. everyone's like sad about weddings because they're getting cancelled. So yeah it was actually hard. Original air date was supposed to be in november during election time. And i'm very grateful that didn't happen. Yeah just like quite tense. Time in history. So it's nice to like knock the associated with that right so let's explain that for people who might not be familiar but if you're not familiar go check it out because it is very. It's funny and it's very watchable like it's just it's so well done you sit down and then you'll like six episode with the whole season just went by it's flies it's an inspection and an operating candy. No totally agree. And i think everyone has such short attention spans. As like. it's it's nice to make something where you're like. I promised you can handle it. Whatever's going on in your life you can fit this in like it did. Takes up no brain space right and it's very. It's very feel good and and heartwarming. But so anyway you meet with couples who are in the process of planning their weddings. And you kind of help. Guide them to through the planning and then sort of help with any issues that come up and issues always come up and then you're there at the wedding and then you have a helper with you. Be it at after or a comedian. Yeah and that's a show. That is a show. Yeah yeah. I kind of win and when i pitched it i was like. Oh i kind of it to be like queer eye but for weddings With definitely like more of a blatant comedy bent to it because most of my plus ones as we call them on the show are comedians. But yeah i think the canadians are actually like a really good group of people to send into a wedding. Because we're so opinionated. And i think we have like a heightened ability with observation to a degree and i think that's like the kind of people you need to surround yourself with when you're going through something as emotional or stressful as wedding planning. I think it's just nice to have people who is in like the backs of their heads insides of their heads and like were just always like looking for things to pick apart and it's like kind of refreshing to have that person around you when you feel like you can't really be that person 'cause you're supposed to just be like enjoying it best time of your life like you know it's nice to have someone who's like okay. Come on the lake. let's cut the shit right. I famously too to some people my family. At least i did not have if you had attended. I had a very small wedding if you had a ten. The people who attended the wedding had not that anyone ever like bitches about a wedding but they were like. Oh my god that was like the most beautiful really really. You bitch about weddings okay. I bet it was special. Yes sol's awesome. It was it was really sweet and beautiful and meaningful and my husband had the best time and i. I love him so much. I'm so glad i'm married to him. The the way it all felt for me emotionally not the like actual vows part but the leading up to it and stuff and drama and stuff with the vendors and like i had a very unpleasant experience sure it was raised. I and i cried quite a bit after really. Oh that makes me so much other here for sure. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah one of the honestly. If i'm being completely one of the worst times in my life. Oh my god that makes me feel a thousand times better. Because i feel like i feel like i feel ungrateful and like some kind of princess. Now that i'm not deal writing letters in my head to our wedding planner letting her know things that upset about that. I never told her. Oh no you're not alone there. That's very very common. i. I have a friend. Who when she when her wedding ended she didn't really talk to me or any of her bridesmaids. No one could get a hold of her and yes. She just really liked sunk into a full on depression because she felt like her wedding planner. Sort of let her down. And she's spent all this money and she'd a really beautiful like proper new york city weddings. Hana money went into it so much attention to detail. She is such a like natural party. Planner type so she had such a clear vision for what she was going for. And so i do think her expectations were really high and i think she was setting herself up to fail to a degree but like the fact that she just kind of stopped talking to people in her life because of her wedding like that should real. So why then do we do it kind of left with that. And i know what you mean because on the other side of it. It's i never heard anyone say anything. Negative about weddings before the actual wedding but on the other side of it. I've heard from other people like mine. There were lots of things that upset me about mind like. Why did we do this to ourselves. Well it's you're kind of you're kind of stuck in a bad spot because i've played out both instances. I'm like okay. Let's say we don't like do all the things. Whatever that means decorations dealing with vendors planner. Lots of guests. Whatever that means for you like. Let's say you like strip it all away. We'll then even when you're stripping away planning goes into properly stripping something away like you're kind of stuck in this place where you're like. I could plan a lot for a small thing. Or i could plan for a thing that accommodates like more people in my life. And then everyone's together and then it kind of takes on this like family reunion vibe. Which sounds really great. Because then you kind get like a two for one like you see everybody and you get married like it's it's just there's really no great option and i think that's what's tough and unless you properly go to vegas and like do like elvis right pro. There's probably shit you have to deal with their who even knows books up years in advance and it's a pain in the ass to like spot there. I don't know because we kept are so small. I think a lot of people's feelings were hurt. And that's something that that's like. It's like i've got the rings of regret and like the second ring of regret is like oh. Was it worth it. No we should have whatever the getting into the wizard but now why why were you depressed after your wedding well. I don't think i was depressed immediately. After but i think that some of the wounds sort of have like carried on with me in ways that i just didn't expect i kind of thought that i think the narrative was always well. You're going to deal with a lot of turmoil in the lead up. But then after the day calms everything melts away. And you won't even think about it and that's not really true. I think for me it was more like. Oh wow i'm kind of blindsided by these pops of resentment. That i just was told wouldn't happen and i'm like but they did happen so yeah i think it wasn't so much a full on depression as it was just like. Oh yeah like. I was lied to like. That's actually not true. You do hang onto things that happened during your wedding process Yeah what about you a. Why was i depressed after. I was hurt by the way i was treated by some of my family and i didn't realize how much i had placed humongous expectations on them And i didn't have we didn't have we had like a best man in a maid of honor but we didn't have a bridal party because it was so small amd because i don't know if other people i mean actually the you know the very top of talking about making a new friend. I something about getting married in my late thirties. I just felt like i don't know who my quote unquote girls are that i would. Churn start if i feel disconnected from people from friends in a way and so i had a couple of my closest friends there. But i don't know something about doing it just it. No you mean another a became another factor to figure out who do we include in this wedding parties like rank your people today. See me the way. I see them are they as close to me is i it. It just is so uncomfortable right so uncomfortable even when you're even when you're bright in your twenties it's like oh man here we go. I have to like yeah. I have to come up with a hierarchy of who i care about by host Like it just so gross. So i ended up feeling very lonely. Getting ready and a lonely. I was like dealing with family drama. And i didn't feel like i had support and i know that my sister hearing this would be very hurt because she was trying her best. But it's like i mean it's it's complicated but i just felt very hurt and alone and then to walk down the aisle with all that kind of churning was just tough and i think afterwards it's just sort of like my feelings were hurt and i didn't know but my feelings were hurt but i also felt i feel like this is out of proportion to what happened so why not letting go and i just. I felt like disappoint in that regard like a disappointment to my husband because he had had a great day and it was very special to him. I mean and sars but that's not surprising to me and so here he is like this is supposed to be the time of our lives. And you're just crying all the time. And i'm like i know and so i very much relate to that thank you. Yeah that's really tough but was any of this triggering so anyway given my all my wedding stuff. Daniel was marveling at my ability to watch this show and not be triggered because i kind of avoid wedding content but i really either passed or this show is just so well done that. I really wasn't triggered at all. Where like where you triggered at all aching it. Yes god truly constantly. Yeah definitely. I mean i also think that the hard spot that i was in was in my heart of hearts like when i 'cause i dealt with six very different types of weddings people who are in different situations different cultural backgrounds like it was pretty diverse. Like emotionally physically. Everyone's experience is just very different and the one commonality was that at every wedding that i had to help with. I did have this feeling of. Why are we doing this. Why are they doing this. why are we. Why is anyone doing this. It's not that i'm anti commitment. I'm not anti marriage. I just was like there's something so flawed here that i'm feeling this way every at every single wedding i'm like interesting and it's so hard when you're they're trying to be supportive. This is a really important time to them. They've spent so much money. Like i really just wanted to be like. What can i do for you but in the back of my mind i wanted to give divisive like like. Maybe you should like. Maybe you shouldn't do it like like. Don't go through this like. Save your relationship doll and we did have one couple who ended up not getting married but i wanted to give that advice for kind of my anti wedding advice. You know but then. I'm like well jaime. You're making a fucking wedding show like so. It's this weird thing where i was trying to be as diplomatic as possible but also be honest and candid and say the things. No one's going to say but also you can't say so much that you're like scaring the people you're trying to help you know. I think that was hard for me is like what is that line between making. Sure your authentic and like making sure that you're helping these people in a real way but also like not weighing in so hard that it becomes about you right right. It's like i think about this though. I think if someone had said to me you know what just elope. You'll be happier. I was already so emotionally and financially invested. I would have been like no i have. I have to have this experience for myself to realize that. I wouldn't have believed them. My mom at one point was like what are you doing this for like. Who is this for. You even want to do this. And i was like yes i do. I really just like what you're saying. I was like. I have to go through this at this point. The train has left the station. And i am on that train. And i can't get off for many many many stops what you were saying earlier about the difference between reality and scripted. And how you just kind of had to like. You're freaking out the whole time it but you had to just let things happen. A moment that i think is so funny. The episode with john gabriel's where episode. Is it the john capers one. I think it is but at the very end of it when you're like no. I'm the only one who talks to camera it. No one talking again. Yeah we were. Oh man we were so drunk at that. Wedding was crazy so much drinking happening and making reality tv. It's like people literally are coming up to you giving drinks at all times. So i'm curious a yeah. I'm curious about the actual process from finding the people who want to have their wedding filmed to like were. They actually interviewed in their own homes because they all live in sparse stylish homes and then like what was the. What are the actual weddings. Like with a crew there. Yeah that's a great question. I think that will the interviews happen. The one where they're just talking to camera. That happens without me like we have a producer who just gets all the information out of them. And then i i i on separate days go in and actually like help them with planning emotional support and all those things. The camera crew at the weddings was probably was probably the hardest part. Actually not the weddings but in the bridal suite. That was really tough because these brides are getting ready. There's a lot of chaos everyone's cross talking bridesmaids or lego. Where's my shoe like. It's just like constant craziness. So i think that was the hardest part is like i couple moments in filming where i felt like i was in the way. I'm like. this is not helpful like this. I need to be here because we're making a tv show but like this is tough like these. People are actually getting ready for their wedding. So i think that was. That was hard. The other hilarious thing that i did not anticipate. Was that on the wedding day. Aside from bridal suite stuff. I was working so hard like there was so much to be done that no one was doing that. I forgot. i was on television. Like i was like. Oh i remember at one point. I'm like i'm just working at the wedding now. I'm working so people come to jamie new to change like if the put on a dress now and i'm like i have to. What get the fuck out of my way. I have to do so. It was funny in that way. Because unlike i'm actually very invested in immersed in this which i do think came through in the show which i'm happy about but like it was the facts like i mean. There were certain moments where like stuff was really about fall apart. And i was like literally no one else's handling nece like they think they think that i am an actual wedding planner like the family and stuff and i'm like no i'm not. I'm just like this person who comes in and like tries to shoulder some of the burden. Whatever that may be but like. I'm not an official anything. So i was kinda thrown into these like positions of authority because i think they just go like. Oh netflix's here jamie's here so that like that's so everyone just give her all the things to do. Were just here to hang out and right. Okay yeah no problem. And i was there for that reason but there are definitely some moments where i was like. I almost missed the wedding. Because i was so focused on fixing stuff up until the last minute and in terms of shooting the actual ceremony like yeah is does the ceremony from start to finish go as it normally would or are there reshoots of things it does. No you guys just like fly on the wall. Yes one hundred percent. We set up pretty early. They get the whole wedding. I mean they really filled the entire thing. Even some of the weddings were longer and they filmed this. Start to finish. yeah yeah. The nigerian wedding was so crazy and cool. I love that wedding. I like a performance. It wasn't performance and no it was it was. I was one of the coolest things i've done. Because yeah they enter dancing. And they're dancing like right in front of you and it's like so emotional like gabor's and i were like teary eyed watching. It was like it's the way i think. A lot of people sometimes get emotional when they see a musical or so. Guess there's just something like all of your senses are being played to which is like music and action and dancing and emotion. Like it was fully that i was like. I had chills from like emotional. I felt just watching people dance into a wedding. It was very funny. I'm someone who tears up at musicals. And i've never quite understood why you think that's what it is. 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Get ten percent off their first month of online therapy at dot com slash best friend. That's better help better. H e l p dot com slash. Best friend okay. So back to the wedding coach. How i'm wondering. How involved were you in editing producing casting like all the all the things. Yeah yeah as as involved as i guess i could be. I mean the casting is interesting casting. I definitely watched a bunch of casting videos but it there are so many factors that played into who got chosen a lot of it had to do with what is our production period and does their wedding fall within that. Or is it like one. Weddings here another weddings. Next year like there were certain weddings that i wanted to attend and i was like they actually just don't line up with win. Were shooting so that had to. That's what we had a rule them out. Another part of it is like background. Checks like there was one couple really interested in and yeah i mean it was just There was some stuff in the bride's past where i was like legally like we. We actually netflix will not approve them. So that was another thing that i learned. I was like. Oh apparently some of this fully out of our control so it really had to do with like making sure. The weddings felt different enough. Making sure the problems were clear enough that they needed help with the problems. Were not like the same problem in two episodes and you're also making sure they look different like i didn't want to have to sort of like backyard. Diy type weddings. Everyone's doing something different. So what. I don't know how much you can say about this. But i'm dying to know like what kinds of things would take someone out of the running in their background check. Well one person in particular has died had been married before to someone who was part of pretty like famous criminal case. Yeah yeah so like Was like accused of lots of terrible things. So she she had been or he had been it by. It was wait. Sorry did i say the sorry. I'm getting confused. It was the it was a dude. Okay dude who's being considered and his ex wife was very problematic I some yes. She was like part of a pretty well known trial. Like kind of a big case that has been in the news and stuff. She was being accused of lots of terrible things. So yeah so that was like and if it was sad because he's like getting remarried and so it's like he's like no. I'm not associated with but it's like well actually like you kind of are like in in terms of what netflix's is willing to accept is a liability like this. Just we can't we can't do this. So yeah ruled out because of potential litigation or just people would associate it would make it. This was both. I think it was fascinating. It was like they don't wanna be associated. They don't want our show to be associated with that abdel got it yeah audit and it's interesting one. They just say like they do a ton of true crime but get separated like we don't want this to be true crime. Yeah it makes sense and it also is such an interesting story. And it was a bummer. Because if we had used them. I would have wanted to talk about it like whoa. Wow what a you know you know. Second times. The charm like definitely. It's time to really rough. So i'd love to hear about it. There was also another one where it was like. This whole larry is wedding. It was like everything was winter. Themed and they going to have ice dancers and like my sculptures and like it was just super over the top. The girl was like a beauty queen and it was like the parents. Were like majorly like drug addict alcoholic. Lakes yeah so they were like it's not going to be great if we like them on camera and they do something like it's just again too much of a liability but and these are not my choices made for me right so it's just frustrating. Because i'm like oh that would have been like such a fun wedding to see and then it's like. Yeah but their families. Yeah it's gonna make it tough. Icecapades drug pricing. no also. That's that that was hard for me. Because i'm like but it's real like yeah totally israel like that's the point of the show and yeah it's funny. How like you want to showcase certain things and then everyone else is like no like you think. That's what you want to showcase. But it's actually not. And i'm like okay like i guess you know. I had to make some concessions and obviously i really had no choice in the matter they were they were forces about me being like no. That's so interesting. I think i would be inclined to be like you like but this weird tangent. But i mean. Did you re drug problems in your family of origin. We've talked about for the Do you think that was part of why you were like this is real. Let's yes yeah. I think so. I think that's right. Yeah i think. Also i just i really always kind of bumped on with with i love say bob like with cocaine but it's something has always bothered me like in watching reality. Tv there's always hard cuts and editing. Where i'm like wait like you left out a main. Yes detail i something. There's a huge leap in logic. I'm not sure. I'm supposed to suspend belief in not focus on that. Does all i can think about sale. I really don't like that. And i was really trying to like not do that with sometimes like with bravo shows. I wonder is part of the appeal. This nonsensical of jumping around thing. It's so elliptically like a riddle for your head it. Yes what is that. And it's like it's become so commonplace like oh these shows are so that. I think we're just supposed to be like. Did you see what will happen on housewives and put like we. None of us really saw. What happened edited in such fucking crazy way. We don't know what the actual story is. We just know like someone off the handle yes also always have these long pauses and you're like that is so clearly done with editing. I wanted a conversation. Just doesn't talk right in response to someone being like your fucking bitch. No-one just is quiet. Yes that's only in reality. Do you cut to someone like giving dead is to that person you're like that's just not you know. We missed so many things right. It just all ended up on the cutting room floor. Yes i always think that do. Yeah do you enjoy reality shows. It's not really my go-to love is blind. Was probably the only one that i watched like truly drooling over how much i loved it. Yeah i don't really watch them. I watched the first season of queer eye. When that premiered. I was like this is amazing. They are doing something with reality. Tv that i have not seen before and like it made me really curious and trying to pursue the unscripted space. 'cause i was like i feel like there's an opportunity here that would be really great if done correctly and yeah but i'm not like a big like ninety day fiance's i do like that show but i don't i don't just pop on reality. Tv i never watched bravo like yeah not really i think in my twenties i watched it more. What about you. I go in phases remember. I got into celebrity rehab and cart keeping up with the kardashians like way back in literary fair is so good. It really is such a good show. I no longer keep up with them. But i did and i would especially with celebrity rehab. I would always marvel at the way. I could watch an entire episode and it was kind of interesting but then in the last two minutes. I'm like oh. My god. I have to know what's going to happen next or i will die like just magically edited so that would have been probably in the early to mid two thousand. I think i remember. I had i had just started my blog. It was at the time it was my blog now has been transformed into my website. I was writing about those shows on there and then a little bit real housewives of new york same when that first came on i was very into it. I got very into vanderpump rules. Javer watch that one no. I never really watched it. Re- it's really. I mean i had a good is a weird. Yes it's really a watchable. I really enjoyed that then. I stopped then. I got back into that. And then what else. Oh i restoring. The pandemic got into below deck. That's what i hearing about. I really love below deck. I had heard about it a lot. And i don't know what i thought. I thought it was going to be like real housewives on a ship or something and it's really not especially. The first season reminds me sort of road rules at the beginning. Like it really is. it's not. It doesn't gin up drama beginning it. Didn't we really is following the experience of these people who work on a charter yacht. So a whole different world i am. I really enjoy it. It's kind of interesting. Yeah i feel like. I saw like one episode of that and i remember being like oh i could get into this. Yeah because that's that's a world. I just don't know anything about or yacht. Culture yacht staff. Like i think it'd be kind of cool to see have a window into that world a little bit. Same i like that too. It was like it wasn't just people hanging out being bitchy right. Speaking of i also enjoy the hills but it is like watching people actually have a skill and like the chef is very very funny and the chef changes but the beginning but but speaking of really good tv shows and tv show that i watched during the pandemic ted lasso. Oh yea you're a writer on what has that been like. Are you guys working on the next season right now. We are shooting the second season. So we've written the second season and yeah it's it's it's almost done shooting. I think that we go back for the third season. August is what i'm being told. Yeah it's been amazing. I mean first season when we were writing it It was like the best job i had ever had. I mean it really was like the best group of people. Bill lawrence's such an excellent boss. And like i'm just so. In all the way he conducts a room and he just keeps the morale really high and he just makes everyone treat each other like adults and like. It's just a really like a healthy place to work. Which i feel like you know. It's funny i i've heard of these shows that people love and then you hear like oh well. It's shocking that it turned out so great considering link the whole staff fucking hates each other stories but i feel like because we enjoyed each other so much. I do think that is why. The first season is Successful in the way it is like. I think that some of that came through because it really was like lightning in a bottle. Everyone really respects each other in like long. That's great yeah so yeah. I'm curious what the second season will look like because we wrote it on zoom. You know that's just a different just different but it's not writing the first season on soon. I think that's that's a lot harder when you don't really know what your show is yet and you have to do it over the computer. I think that's hard. But the one that i think of. When you mention a show where it's like it's amazing. It turned out that well because it was a toxic culture. And i don't think i'm telling stories out of school because oh probably heard this community. Oh that's a big one community modern family. Yeah yeah those are the two i think of the most. Have you ever been in that kind of environment. I had definitely been in environments that. We're talk sic that. I did not realize at the time. Exactly how toxic they were. Because honestly ted lassos. Set the bar really high for me now. I'm like it is possible to like. Be in a healthy writer. You're like you know what i mean. But yeah definitely moments right. I was like just like sort of classic things that come up for a lot of female writers. Like if i am loud my voice gets really high and then people don't wanna listen to you because that doesn't sound good you know it's like stuff like that where you get talk over. 'cause you're like not as loud as the men in the room like just physically can't do that with your voice so there's that or like you're the only woman in the room you know. Not enough diversity. It stuff like that that definitely encountered and at the time i hated it and looking back i hate it even more. So how did you get. How did you get the lasso job. How did that come about. I had auditioned for bill lawrence for a pilot and i tested for. It didn't get it the friends with him. And then he pulled me in to meet with jason when they were interviewing writers. And i went in kind of like i want. I definitely was excited to be meeting on it. But i didn't know anything about apple at the time this was like i think maybe the morning show was on. Maybe the morning show hadn't even premiered yet. So i was just a little like i don't really know what apple is. I don't know if it's like cool or like people are going to have it on their. Tv's like i just don't know if it's anything and the other part was just. I don't care about sports. And i am not a sports person in an i. You know if you're hiring me for that reason like you're going to be gravely disappointed and so that was kind of my angle. When i went in and was like. I just have to be honest with you like i don't know anything about soccer actually really liked soccer. Like if i had to watch sport it's one of the ones i can get into. I'm not really sure why. That is. Because i don't really like basketball and other team sports but there's something about soccer that i've always enjoyed so yeah but i was just like i'll help with like interpersonal relationships. And i definitely like the romcom girl. I can really like lean into that developing those relationships in the female characters and stuff. I i won't be able to add value on the soccer front and then they were like. Oh worry we have two people on staff who know everything you need to know about soccer. And i was like well great. I didn't hear anything for a while. And then i found out. I was getting an offer and i was like okay. I was definitely. I thought that bill was so awesome. I thought jason was awesome. But i i really knew nothing about the project. I'm like i kind of just went and being like this fun and then it ended up being such a great job that i almost didn't care if the show is going to be good i was like this is just such a healthy working environment. I love coming to work everyday. It's so rare to feel that way and yeah and then it ended up being this like huge success. And that's just very surprising to me. Like i had no. You don't know that when you're making it like right. I mean maybe there are shows where people are like. We're onto something guys like i don't. I don't know how you can have that kind of confidence that early before anything's aired. So so you auditioned for bill lawrence as an actor though right as an actor then he brought you in as a writer as a writer so he how did he that. So that's so cool that he knew that you have this year a writer as well. Yes yeah he knew. Because he knew i wrote on crashing enacted on crashing and. Yeah so he just brought me and he was like i think he he also knew my stand up a little bit so i think he was just kind of like i know she's he he really loves. Stand up so. I think he was really supportive in that way and most. That's not true not all well. A lot of the writers on staffer performers as well so he seems to understand that in foster that. I'm sure there are people who don't want to hire writer performers. Because they're like like are they going to try to get on the show like now that kind of thing but yeah he's definitely very understanding of like people having multiple passions within sort of the comedy umbrella. I'm passionate about. Why having a really healthy good looking lawn jamie okay. I love that segue. Look the last thing anyone wants. The last thing anyone needs is another complicated or toxic lawn product. Sunday is more than just a lawn care. Product is a custom lawn care plan with a variety of ways to help you grow beautiful lawn control. Weeds and remove pasts they take out all the guesswork and unwanted chemicals so you can grow beautiful on. That's better for people pets and the planet jamie. You're in new york. So i know this doesn't quite apply you there but it might apply to you in los angeles. 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Allison okay. I think now would be a time to tell you guys that i'm on patriot. Patriot dot com. Slash alison rosen weekly. Bonus episodes zoom parties. There's a level where the new reward. I've introduced where you can text me and i will text. We can be texting buddies in its. I've been doing it for a couple of weeks now. It is super fun. I hope. I hope everyone who is at that. Level is enjoying it as well. I think they are the feedback. I'm getting his pretty good. Page dot com slash. Alison rosen and. If you want a deal you can sign up for an annual subscription. Get twelve months for the price of ten. So two months free okay. I think we should do just me or everyone love. It is just everyone all right jamie. You said you had just mere everyone right. Yes okay okay. Here is my. Is it mirrors it just every week. Is it just me or is it everyone. Great okay. I know how to play I is it just me or is it normal to like have a running list of very strange baby names even though i don't have kids but i'm obsessed with coming up with what i would name my children. I think that's not if you think that's not do. I always had tons of names and then when it came time to actually like you know what my problem was. I always had girl names. I always grabbed my only have that names but a lotta my girl names her gender neutral but i do only girl names no offense to boys but yeah i'm not i mean i'm just telling you i don't have those names. I don't believe i'm not superstitious. I don't believe in anything but if you do that you are make. You're telling you whenever you're just going to have a boy. Yeah because i have two boys never got to use my girl names. Okay okay. yeah. I don't think that's just you but i don't know any do you do this. I don't do that. I mean it's a thing that's that's you know crossed my mind here and they're like maybe maybe by the i wouldn't say list or anything like that but i've definitely heard of of people do love and i love like i want. I want my kid to have the weirdest name like you know. People always made fun of like what a paltrow for naming her kid apple. Oh i'm i'm like i live for it. I live for apple. a live for moses. I live for blue ivy. Like i love coming up with like crazy baby names so or whatever that that i don't know if they're crazy but unusual unusual ause. You're going to you're going through with the you're going to give them a name that no one has ever heard. Oh yeah no. It's going to be weird. Yeah i'm not really sure where it comes from. I just have this. You know what i think it is. It's because jamie lee is actually a very common name. I've been told that my whole life. So i think there's part of me that's like i'm gonna come up with a name that is like so google lable like like you only have to type in the first three letters of their name and they're gonna come up like nickname iconic. Yeah i could be a name. It and honestly could what i was always surprised about is that i would hear of a name like the first time i thought of it. As like and this is this is years before. I had sure like the name. Olivia like And i'm like wait. It's sort of like. I did a double take the name like wait a minute. I actually really liked that name. And then just like bubbled up to the top of my list and i think for people who had kids around when i did. That name is one of the most popular. Oh yeah so. You like evelyn. Evelyn eve i really like eva. I like those homes love and avalon. Yeah it's very popular. Eleanor is very popular all same. Yes all these names. This is how much none of us are unique. Except for your child. Who's going to be just a force with but i think that's how much we're all like in the same cultural moment. Is this a name that strikes us as unusual rare and beautiful like everyone thinks that you can't bat weird. I know that's why i'm trying out. I'm trying to get ahead of it too. I'm doing all my due diligence to make sure that i'm actually picking names. That are not popular. That's smart onto right now. I mean i think if you did like jennifer kathy dot would be marcy then they're your unique because those are right. Yes totally totally. Yeah yeah if my kid was just named like sarah they'd be like whoa mic drop. Do you want to have kids. I don't think so. I think i do. I don't know. But i get nervous. Because i feel like my answer being i think so is like kind of troubling Like i feel like they're the the fuck. Yes people and i am like a little concerned. I'm not that. I'm definitely really nervous about it. I really like being able to have like a flexible schedule. In not that my schedule is flexible at all. But i like being able to like figure it out. Based on what i need to do and i just get nervous that if i have a kid i'm going end up like having cancel a bunch of shit and like it's just going to get really but then also you want to do that. That's that's what i have to remind myself is like yes. That's because like your like your priorities are changing in a good way. Like it's not a bad. I think that's just the stuff that i as a person without kids. I get really nervous about what that actually is gonna look like and i'm an array bad at it or something i don't think oh well i feel like you re do you know you wanted kids like forever. Yes but it wasn't this like mo. My biological clock is ticking. I never felt it tick. I never i never felt this yearning that you hear about her. I just always knew that. I would like to be a mom someday. I would like to be part of what my life looks like. Eventually like that that i never yes. I have to ask a follow up question this. Do you feel like meeting your husband and being in love with your husband. You're like oh. I would wanna have kids with him like i like. He makes it feel more real. Yes well. I think for him meeting me because he was a little bit on the fence before one point in his life he didn't want kids at all and then he had a health scare and like came out of that feeling. Like oh i think. I do want to have kids and then meeting me. He said that he he could. He could see it. He felt that. I would be a good mom and like he would wanna bring kids in the world with me for me. I always knew. I wanted to have kids but i was never with someone where i felt like. Yeah this makes sense but then amit just everything fell into place. But i think that i laboured under this idea that i want to accomplish certain amount. I want to get to a certain place in my career. I want everything to be lined up before. I have kids and then i have heard people say like just do it because it's never going to be the right time not to me personally. But that's just in general. I've heard that yeah. And i got to a point. Where just biologically. If i'm gonna do it. It's gotta be now sure you know it wasn't like i said i never really felt the biological clock tick in this way of either. Oh my god it's time like my name is ready for a baby to be anything like that. It wasn't like that it was just. I want to get pregnant and then you know so. I was invested in that process. Then i like needed it to work but that was even. That was less about having a kid like this thing that has been such is such a huge expense and so taxing it makes you inherently more invested in it right. You're like. I have actually put time and effort. Yes it wouldn't. Here's literally onto this. Yeah that being said. I'm so happy that i had my kids though. And just today. I was thinking. It's a really like one of my favorite things that i've done. I'm like my favorite facets of my life is being their mom even though i never. I didn't have the feelings that i thought i needed to have beforehand. It all worked out on this end i never. I never wish. I didn't have kids sometimes. I tossed it but yeah but then you're like it's for this thing that i really care about. Yeah do you not feel that way. Like actively is that like a feeling that you have after the factor and you have those moments where you're like. This is hard but it's worth it. I like this is hard. But i love them. Yeah and my god daniel. Can you please take over. Because i need to go take a nap. Because i'm losing my mind. Like i do not do well with not enough sleep. I mean either. That's add main fair. I a big sleep. I like like that's another thing. It's just like freedom. I'm like i like knowing what i need to go to sleep and making it happen like i'm just nervous about like transitioning from like jamie today. Not just about you anymore. Jamie and i think that the initial adjustment is hard. I was like how again sort of like a wedding. Like howard no and warned me that even though people had warned me that didn't i just i remember when we when we had a puppy. Thank you this has got to be harder than having a baby because with the baby they can't really move around but a puppy is mobile. I could not have been. I eat my words because with a puppy. It's not like every hour every couple of hours at your up that being said you know if you have childcare care can help you out. That makes a huge. We didn't know at the beginning but that makes a huge difference. Because all of a sudden you can take a nap and you can take a shower and all these things that you hadn't okay hadn't figured out how to do beforehand so yeah just like family or get or something like that and anne. Yeah yeah. I joke that. I joked that i was like when i have a baby and then i was like sorry when skyler has a baby because it's shot we literally it comes out of china like here can you. Can you handle this. I think it's funny. I think it's funny. Thanks yeah i think. I think you're good. I heard that also you have a hey go fuck yourself. I do okay. People who are like obsessed with going back to work in person and like being like a high can't wait to not be on zoom. Listen i get it like. Zoom is exhausting and it sucks to like sit at a computer and stare at a screen and like yeah you don't get to like give people hugs or whatever the fuck now like people who want to go back to work on zoom. Please go fuck yourselves because it is giving us so much freedom. We don't have to be stuck in traffic like yeah. There is just so much beauty and like rolling out of bed and then like get going to quote unquote going to work just being turning on your laptop like let us not forget the freedom that comes with that so hey people who are eager to get back to work in person. Go fuck yourselves okay. Hey excuse tony. Did you feel personally called out. Sure did get it. I mean i live alone to their. It's just me here. So i understand and also i do understand i get it. I'm just like yeah. I'm living in new york right now and everyone's like you're gonna have to go back to la fine. I love lots of friends there. I just. I'm just like i don't wanna like i don't wanna have to like move for work. I would love to just work where i want to work and get that too but yeah i'm just that's not where that yeah i feel it. I feel it i feel you. I just agreed to do and to be a guest on a podcast in person. ooh the first time this is my first time being a guest on a podcast in person in this entire time. I think they're just getting back to the studio. And i think you and i both i think we both were asked to do the same. Oh yeah probably And i'm like oh man. What am i gonna wear like. I barely have closed outside. I have them. But i just haven't put them on and so i know i know what you mean. I've pretty much just been relying on be presentable from like you know up as someone who has a problematic dairy air. Actually my butts fine. It's the fire. It's someone who. I'm pear-shaped. So i kind of enjoyed just having the top of the pair. Be the focus. No but the bottom of the pairs tastiest part of the pair. You're right it's the juiciest down there and wants to stem speaking of all of body stuff. I have to say. I was really listening to our most recent episode. And the fact that you're was it your grandma and your and yeah yeah like three hauled station. Yeah did a three way conversation when you were in high school to ask you what was up with all the weight you were gaining out like i wanted to fucking die listening to the that and then like listening to that was the reaction. I had on the episode as well. I just i feel so bad for you. It was so cruel. Yeah but you know. I will say like i have gotten to a place and i don't know if it's just trying to convince myself of this or if i actually feel this way but i really like don't diet anymore and i definitely still have the thoughts like you should be dieting. You should dieting. why aren't you dieting. But i really don't and i'm kind of i hope it sticks like outdid i achieve that i think i just hit a point where well i think a couple of things i think. That like lena dunham girls. I think that help just being like go. It's a female lead. Who doesn't look like every other female. Yeah that's good like we have some body diversity here. I think part of it is in instagram. Like some of the body positivity stuff in or whatever whatever supposed to call it positively. It's called body acceptance. I can't remember. i'm so sorry. I know i thought it was body. Positive is but then someone was telling me that that is not the the right term for it or it is but it's it's not anyway. He's calling body confidence. Maybe confidence movement anyways. Whatever i basically. Yeah i think some of that has helped. I also think that like. I'm i'm really active. I work out a lot. And i really enjoy working out so i'm kind of like i wanna work out and eat what i want and that feels like a balanced lifestyle to me. I'm thinking i'm too old to think about food all the time like i want to free up some of my brain space for other things and i just really need that one to get out of there like i want to be thinking of other things. So it's definitely an effort. It's not effortless. But yeah. I'm like i went out and had pizza last night and drank and i was like yeah. It's fine like this. This is what i should be doing like once like. I don't do that every night. I know you like balanced everything. But i do but i want to be able to like especially in new york city. Go out and like enjoy myself. It's really important to me right so good. Yeah yeah i know. I think age does play a role i when i lived in new york. I used to do this segment on channel four in the mornings called best. Bet where i would you know. Go on the news and talk about events happening in the city for time out new york and so it was it like six. Am on a saturday morning and so from midday. Friday to six am or two. When i was done i would eat nothing like a while and just i did it every friday at like. You're gonna notice. Like oh she. I i mean i not anytime film something. I'm like oh. I got to gear up one day before thing i'm talking about. I don't think i in the same way that i can't take a red eye anymore and i mean i could but i don't want to. I don't think i could do that anymore. No i think it's also making that choice to just all yourself and be like i'm not a red eye person. Yes sure we could all do. But no i don't i yeah i feel the same way. There's certain things that like happened in my twenties in now triggered by the my thirties. And i'm like. I just can't i can't do it anymore. Yeah all right. and then. Lastly we have a question that listeners have sent in on patriae on call cuckoo way as how much. Okay whitney see says what's a memorable concert or show you've attended. Oh love that question. Unmemorable concert or show i mean Probably the most memorable for me was. When i was in high school i went to see this band called rocket from the crypt and the venue that i was actually my parents venue. They had a problem with because my parents are in the music business they. They had a problem with their dance. whole license. and so One of the people who worked at the club came out on stage in front of the whole crowd and was like the band is gonna come on. You cannot move like you have to stand there because we have a problem with their dance license and if you literally move your body like you are dancing you will be thrown out this joke right and then no band came out and we just had to like stand their pencils like straight. Don't like tap your foot to the beat. Don't move just have to wash the show and so so insane. Yeah it was insane without miserable. The ban was so good. That yeah i mean. It's you like blue ball. You're like this is crazy. Who's not gonna move to these guys like. They weren't like fucking kenny g. They were like a blast. So yeah it was just really annoying. Anyway funny wow and then elissa van dyke says i'm currently obsessed with crashing and i've loved jamie for about a decade now. I a lot of a lot of feedback like that. You have a lot of fans among my people. Does she prefer stand up or acting in. Does she prefer writing or performing move. God i think my very favorite thing in the world is like my dream is to act in the thing. I wrote That feels like that's like my happy place would be that. But i think stand up is kind of in its own category. Like i'll never not love. Stand up. I don't think there's any other type of comedy that like really touches. Stand up in that way. So yeah i don't know if that's a good answer. Not but that's how i feel. Have you missed it this past year. Not really fucked up to say i. I miss parts of it i do miss. The thing was standard is like stand up. You get stand up so if you if you aren't doing it it's very easy to just be like i don't do that right now but then once you start doing it again you're like how did i ever not do this and I miss the social element of it. I also miss like working on jokes and thinking in those terms. But i think for the most part it freed up some time to think about other things that i wanted to do. Still within comedy. So there's a yeah. I think that i learned that about myself during the pandemic like i really like trying to like yeah just like want to make a tv show and get it made. Hopefully so those are the things that i'm like. Yeah i'm interested in. I wrote a movie. I'm trying to give me their stuff like that. So i'm like. I think that this is sort of allowed me to think about some of that stuff in a real way. 'cause rhymes no alternative. It was like that was all you could really think about. Are you disciplined as a writer. Like i mean or rather what i mean to say is like do you right at the same time every day. You have nuttier. I have very little structure but just get it done the thing. That's cool about living in new york. Right now is that l. a. doesn't open until one pm new york time So i can really use my mornings to like dick around real hard. Go on walks. Maybe go the gym for a little bit. Drink a coffee. Like i can just kinda like ease into my day and then like one to like eight pm. I feel like the window where it's like everyone's up you know and i kind of liked that you get two days in one which has been really nice is is new york unsafe feeling. I had mark norman on the show. Awhile ago he was saying that it was really rough. It had gotten really rough in the pandemic and i was surprised. The pandemic yes. That's what i'm waiting. Yeah yeah it was really bad at first now like great. I can't even envision that. Because i lived there for many years and it was safe the whole time i was there and so of course i heard stories of how it used to be but i never experienced it being roughly. What was it like well. I wasn't here for like the march april. Okay that the onset of the pandemic. I got here in december. Like the end of twenty twenty. So i don't know. I feel like it was better here than it was in l. a. because it really surged in la rona but. Yeah i don't know now it's like everyone's kind of like out in the streets rejoicing. Like everyone's gonna musical. So i'm loving it and the weather got really nice. So yeah well. We'll tell new york. I say hi. I missed so much. I will tell them. You say what. I want to remind you guys that an amazon. You might not know it. Because i like to play it cool. But i'm an amazon influence. Or i have an amazon store. You can shop my podcasting gear my makeup. My skin care stuff stuff for the home. I've got a corner daniels. Coroner where i put items that he uses in it that are barra saying but he does use them. Beano saline spray breathe right strips stuff. I've got my recommendations for kids and to get to there to peruse that amazon dot com slash shop slash. Alison rosen again. Amazon dot com slash shops slash and rosen. And if you like what you're hearing please make sure to subscribe follow leaving ice comment. Tell your friends et cetera and foam social media at alison rosen on twitter and instagram. Jamie thank you so much for coming on the show i know scheduling this little hard. So thank you so much for making time. Thank you guys for being so nice and accommodating to make it happen. I love the show so it's green blue towel. Everyone where they can find you. Plug anything you'd like. Oh well i have a show on netflix. Call the wedding coach. It is available right now. Also accept those are up on netflix. Where we live in the world you can access it and you can follow me on instagram at really jamie lee and on twitter at the jamie lee. Wonderful tony twitter and instagram. Tony faxed and my podcast bizarre albums. Every tuesday and the motion city soundtrack tour tickets are now on sale for twenty twenty two so come on out and see us to. What's your fingers crossed that they actually happen. That's right the tour is taking tony away from me. But that's okay just for a little bit. I know for a little bit just temporary. Thank you so much jamie listeners. Thank you for listening you so much. I love you you matter show but now we gotta go rosie bass

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