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"one deceased insect" Discussed on Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

03:12 min | 4 months ago

"one deceased insect" Discussed on Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

"To another episode of alison. Rosen is your new best friend very very excited to be talking to my guest who i will bring in shortly but first i must talk to tony paxton and catch up on stuff. That may have happened since last time we talked. I dunno tony for me. A lot of stuff has happened. Yeah a hello. Welcome to the show. Thank you so much Yeah i i hope. Good things. I feel like a lot of things have happened. Sort of me but not necessarily not like things. Things have just done a lot. You know what i mean. I'm interested in the in the distinction between thing thing versus a thing you've done. Well i just mean like not necessarily anything. All that newsworthy. Yeah i know. I didn't invent anything. Yeah nothing crazy like that. Just you know got win out a few times sauce. Solid friends saw them the most people i've seen at once in a very long time yesterday. S she posted a photo of your adorable dog. Bentley looking all pooped out and you said that it. It was tiring for him. Yeah it was tiring for both of us like i. I had big plans of going out then last night. Because i was out in the afternoon and then i just got home and i was like no i can't Get an e. Keep easing my way back into normal life because it's suddenly exhausting. That's all. I wanna do this. I think we can't overestimate overestimate underestimate. We need to accurately estimate how how weird it is to reenter society. It's weird brings me to actually. I'm going to start with the less exciting thing tony. We talked about the millipedes in my bathroom. And when we had been from kevin and being on the show he let me know that he had millipedes as pets when he was young. He doesn't see why can't just live gently lift them up and just carry them outside. And i felt shamed. I felt like a monster. I felt bad. That i was thinking of massacring them stronger so i did carry one outside and then don't tell being but i did have the exterminator come and then since then i have continued to carry them outside because they're still here so and also share now to an array of silver fish. I feel like did the exterminator spray. Silver fish. i don't know what they did. But i've seen not one deceased insect. I've just seen more insects. But i want being and my millipedes listeners millipedes sympathetic and also millipedes listening my bathroom is a say. The perimeter of the house is not a safe space but the bathroom is a safe space. I now lift them up on a piece of toilet paper. And i carry them outside and i think i hope being happy yeah. You're you're nicer than me. I think. I don't know that. I go through all that..

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