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"onassis scott" Discussed on Ali on the Run Show

"In kennebunkport so kennebunkport. Really cute portland the lobster roll at of anti-death is so good bryan and i stopped there on our way up to acadia up to bar harbour. I took a bite. We were sitting. We ate outside like on a curb not at the restaurant. We got our food to go. And i took a bite of this lobster roll. And they're not cheap lobster rolls and like half of the lobster fell out onto the ground. And i honestly thought he was going to divorce me up. He didn't which is like so cool. We're still married and I just have to be a little bit more responsible with my lobster roll eating so i work on that. Okay so those are a few favorite spots in maine maine is is absolutely wonderful. Got to tell you about new hampshire. So new hampshire. That is where we live. I would recommend the white mountains mount washington. Obviously that's our biggest one. We're we're very proud of that. But franconia notch is awesome. There's so many great hikes along the river. Driving the kanga mangoes. Oh my gosh. Do that in the fall. Do any of these in the fall. And you'll be thrilled because the foliage cannot be beat So white mountains of new hampshire If you come up for the summer lake. Winnipeg sake is a big draw. I'm not a huge winnipeg sake fan. I prefer lake sunapee. It's a little more chill a little bit more my speed Those are some options and come to hopkinton and go to cooled hill apple orchard. Obviously massachusetts if you've not been to boston. I mean boston is just so historic. It's boston like i. i've really come to love it. The boston public garden in the boston. Common is great walking. The freedom trail is great Walking on newbury street. Go see where the boston marathon finish line is. Take a duck boat tour. Gopher or run along the charles river Go to the north end and get some really good italian food. So that's fine My brother and his family live near salem. And i'm not a big halloween person. Or i don't know. I'm not like super into the salem witch trials. Which are the people. That are super into the salem. Which trials but salem is a very cool town so if you're going to be if you're going to make the trip and you're going to be in the boston area planning to go to salem because it's it's pretty cool i will say and you know. I'm not super into those witch trials. brian my husband is born was born in rhode. Island has a lot of family there so He will recommend rhode island in. Its little you can see the whole thing in a day. Oh i didn't recommend see this is going to get hard. I didn't recommend cape cod We're not a big cape cod family. But because it always feels like a lot to get out there but cape cod in massachusetts great. Oh and portsmouth new hampshire very cute. We'll see coast town. My favorite place in rhode island is newport. I love newport rhode island i love the mansions. I love running along the cliff. Walk you can see where. Jfk and jacqueline kennedy. Onassis scott married Newport just just really cool. Good food great seafood. Yeah i'll give you that as my Rhode island recommendation guests. Them dell's frozen lemonade. Of course Vermont my favorite vermont. Place to go is burlington. I love burlington vermont. That i've always said if not for winter i would live in burlington vermont. One of my favorite cities in the whole world Stowe is great going up to smugglers. Notch is great just so family friendly so much. Good stuff if you're outdoorsy and connecticut. I went to college in connecticut. Go to quinnipiac university hike sleeping giant park What can i tell you to do in connecticut. I mean there's a lot of just really nice. Towns like greenwich is is beautiful places in connecticut. Look like they straight out of a like new england. Storybook or postcard So yeah could go to quinnipiac. Go to sidestreet grill. Get the buffalo wings. Those are those are big. I worked there in college so I could go on and on. But i guess those are my top recommendations nothing to off the beaten path there. I know those are all like the most popular tourist attractions but they are for a reason. So and hey if you come up to new hampshire labor day weekend go to the hopkinton state there. We are like famous for that. We used to get the day off school because people parked in the school parking lot to go to the fair so just throwing it out there and let me know what you decide. I'd love to hear high alley. This is great calling from washington state. I'm planning on doing a half marathon. And every state. And i have no idea what to do on the east coast. I wanted to know if you had an excellent recommendation of a half marathon. That i care off it. Thank you so much. Hope to hear your answer. Oh this one's easy. So many new england questions today The new england half marathon. I believe this is on october seventeenth. Because it's the day after anne's birthday Last year i ran it as a time. Trial style race. It starts in. My town runs to concord new hampshire. So it starts at gold apple orchard my favorite one of my favorite places in the world and it runs to the state house in concord. It is a lot of downhill few uphills. But it's beautiful. It's in the fall. The foliage is great. Last year the weather could not have been better. It's put on millennium running big fan of theirs and this year. I'm hoping to run it if my stomach can cooperate. But if i'm not feeling for running. I will probably be announcing it. So that is officially my new hometown race. You know my hometown race used to be the new york city marathon now. My hometown race is the new england half marathon and i am very proud to recommend not the manchester city. Half marathon is in november which is also great. Unfortunately it is the same weekend as the new york city marathon. So i will not be there this year because i will be in new york city but that is also a really great race. They have a marathon option. They have a really option. It's beautiful part of it is on a trail but not technical trail you can. You can run a pr on this course until but you totally could my marathon. Pr is from that race. So new england half marathon and manchester city half marathon or marathon. Both you can find millennium running dot com. Give them a little plug there and come on those. I mean. there's so many more. There's like the covered bridges half marathon. There's the newport half marathon in rhode island so there's no shortage of new england races but come to new hampshire and i say run the new england half marathon in october. Let me know if you do. We'll hang out alley. This is humiliate. I have all for. Here's i was a dancer. I would hope so make issues so just sell appreciate all your content and everything that you put out in the world. I am running my first marathon in november. And i wanted to know if there was anything that you would suggest. i'm working with the coach. Just biggish stakes that you made on your first race or something that you would have done differently Thank you so much. I just really appreciate you loved. Have.

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