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"omi plaza" Discussed on Tony the Movie Guy

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"omi plaza" Discussed on Tony the Movie Guy

"You says that the arrogance Dizon his arm bar man that was pretty intense played by what's his name, Sean bean who has. I think the most movie deaths actor apparently he dies in nearly everything came thrones all pretty gory. I'm almost done. And some of these are just fun, but then memorable to me William H Macy in boogie nights. Have you seen bugging? I have that seemingly haunts me. His wife is a porn star. She's always just banging dudes around and he just cracks. It's on like New Year's Eve, and he just he walked into a room. And as she has banging some dude again, and he walks out the camera follows him. He walks wiscon- pulls out something. Is he walks back to the room, shoots both of them walks to the big main celebration area where everyone celebrating looks at them smiles and then just blows his head off. So gnarly remember that. And then Pulp Fiction, Marvin, and the car. You know, Vincent Vega played by John Travolta accidentally. Shoots him. She everyone, Oprah bumper, something, dude, you shut Mervyn in the. The brains. Quinta, knock Winton Tarantino seven hill Jackson's Perm. He's got brains hermit. It's so ridiculous off the rails, but really funny as well. Okay. And then my last movie death scene, which I think is a good one. Close us on this very memorable which is hands grew up in that I seen because the way it's done and the look on God bless him. Alan Rickman 's face as he's falling off neck, OMI plaza in slow motion. He's just like foaling down and the looking his face is so weird and twisted overland Bill. I love that. Long. Very memorable. Yeah. It's such a long runway to that deaths. They fight back and forth for foot, you know, an hour and a Han tie movie. Yeah, it's brilliant during what was that? Macabre Nuff. I think that was good. We had some actions, some drama thrillers good amount of horror, and you guys can still make a, you know, some horror movie lists from that you go will. That was how Lueneburg episode, memorable movie death scenes everyone stay safe. This Halloween celebrate, have lots of fun and we'll see you guys next time. Goodnight. Good. Thanks again for listening to another new episode of Tony, the movie guide the podcast, my weekly reminders don't forget to write in review us on itunes vol's and all of our social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, at Tony. The movie guy also check out our go fund me in our patriarch pages and check out our website, Tony, the movie guy dot com. All the links are below in the show notes. Have a wonderful week and has happy and safe Halloween. Bye-bye.

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