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"oman daytona" Discussed on The Final Lap

"He's been pretty good yalta austin dylan also denny even has a daytona winning car in his living room that's right so that's pretty cool all right i'm gonna go uh the number three austin dillon i think that's a good way to go this week i think the three has a very good chance of returning to victory lane at daytona all right how about chase elliott don't know to on your list but he was pretty good in the seasonopening daytona five hundred eighty decent talladega believe until yet flipped over i was just going for some different okay fine don't defend yourself it's okay i am defend myself humbug also the guy with cucumber win joey logano i think that he needs wins badly now and this might be the week that it happens from henceforth encumbered win is now on this show a cucumber win he's no longer sliced bread he's cucumber boy that's right that doesn't sound very could no while as the driver this week who do you think it is kerry i don't care well think men who right i said yet they'll junior no but it is a junior ogle ricky stenhouse junior now okay i'm in a situation where i'm way behind in i know would have rail skimping doerner junior so i need to pick something different last place boy at cinema riot but he was first place boy telladega so he'll be first place again perhaps but those are completely different tracks not as different us and oman daytona couldn't be more different.

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