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"olivier roosting" Discussed on Kar Dishin' It : All Things Kardashian

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"olivier roosting" Discussed on Kar Dishin' It : All Things Kardashian

"We'll keep working on ourselves Thanks for helping US and In the meantime we'll keep it moving seeking of. We'll just power through Kylie because we're on the topic. So she turned twenty three. This past week Kylie's twenty third birthday and she flew everybody on Little Kylie Air privately aims to Turks Keiko's and they all stayed at a massive compound that was rented. Not actually tons of photos to be honest. Feels like you know compared to other trips that Kylie in the family have taken that they didn't post tons but certainly stunning I think rob posted it was like the greatest of his life. Hakin one before I know rob going is like crazy. You know he's in the mix when he's joining the family trips Ah honestly thank God rob is getting in the mix because I'm so tired of all of them off. No, it is like good timing to just like please give me a breather. Full. Circle on Courtney now to. Some Bikini picks and you know pincus very funny though because he's like in the pool with Trista and just looking like he's like think I'd Khloe got me a new brother. When my sisters Mary someone. So I can have a body to play with. Rob We're happy for you. I'm happy that. You interest in were able to get back together The biggest reveal all. Interested. In whatever Turks and Caicos Pictures Kylie posts pick has a picture where she is in this like really stunning Belmont Dress It's like Orange and blues and yellows this like incredible dress. And so she. She tagged a Boma Bauman creative director, their longtime friend Olivier roosting. I never know if I say it right you said, thank you my love at Olivier rooting for the most perfect be day dress. and. Then this this clothing designer Michael Costello who I think was made his name from project runway Tha. And thank you he. He commented Thank you alleviate for the perfect day dress and thank you to the no name designers who tirelessly around the clock on custom looks who she won't tag mentioned or at Dot Dot dot unless it's paid, he continued and thank you to the Glam team who always gets tag no matter what this post has nothing to do with me. Kylie. Only wear something for me once a year and I'm lucky if I get a decent pick to post no shade to any of her team who styles her it no shame to the Glam team even though you know you cannot wait to follow me and dragged me for Phil. It's sad. The designers work so so so hard on these opportunities to address these gorgeous popular women and they only tag the major high end designers. But forget about the other ones. This has nothing to do with my brand, but it definitely has a lot to do with the L. A. Designers why not tag at least one not all the time but maybe once in a while. So he called her Oh, like if you're getting like Whitey who need free stuff, not only are these free stuff, but then you're not even like. Like like give a credit like what's what does it hurt I? That's what strange to me I mean there must maybe it literally is like part of contracts and deals and it's like me change that then I agree on that need the money like it does the thing I'd also Livy, bomb on doesn't need the tag you know like A I guess maybe she to be connected to ball mon thing like exact. That's her. Nothing will ever make her feel secure enough to not need to attach herself to respected individuals. Especially, this family has such a like Relationship with fashion because they you know up until like Kim became the crossover into legitimate fashion world they were all you know kind of jokes. In the eyes of the fashion world, and so you can tell that they really cling especially to Beaumont and like anything custom and it's like we watch them to your point constantly need us to know that they are like darlings of the fashion world. I don't think that's true. But certainly, they are great for press. The opposite of like those like young actresses who are like I'm just a dirk far like. Just like you. Do not want us to think they are that. We're just like them. That is the that is so like. The headline of like the Car Jenner's in twenty twenty. It's like we're not like you think you for nothing like you and you won't never know what this is like. You will never fly on planes that say, Kylie error with special little customized embroidered gift bags and baskets to Turks and Caicos for twenty-three-year-old billionaires. Birthday party. Yeah ever. As not, you're not in your fortune. Cards. But speaking of flying there we got some first photos. I. One. Khloe? Interested. Not really that juicy honest. But Paparazzi photos of Khloe with this guy. Really. kind of severe sticks straight Brown. Bob Julia. Has Center parted of. A Bob and there's these airport picks of the two of them leaving and one of them has them like cozied up basically like his hand is like on her thigh. That's the news. Good for them whatever right guys we've been. I mean we're reporting on it because we. got. A report on it but. I was like looking through because I have a flicker of hope this week. Before. We get into all the. Stuff. Next right? Yes. So I had a flicker of hope but I thought I took a screen shot and cannot find it because in Kim Kardashian West her inner stories she posted someone else's tweet in Forgive me I just cannot remember all the details it was something about like protests for voter should remember what should take a look at what's happening right now and think about that for this election essentially like calling out people who voted for Jill Stein or write INS or whatever. kind of feels like a Dang against both her husband and Donald. Trump feels like. shh like. Like almost an endorsement of Biden. Yes. I mean there is a part of me. That's like. Yeah that's exactly how how I read it to. She had no commentary on it but just a broken heart like like essentially was blaming. Full full picture. But the tweet was like someone like making a comment that protests voting is why we're in the situation we are today with all these people dying and all these like. Lena civil rights issues and and she just wrote heart and I was like Oh whoa. Big Not. Big statement right it's a he if your husband is running for president as a an. Percent Doll journeys. Just won't stop is a hundred percent a protest vote. There's no question that news running as a protest vote that like yeah I, that's an important statement to bury in the middle of like other. You know it's like that does feel like she's sending like smoke signals being like. Foyer I. Just. Do you want to jump into this. There's so much of it. I don't even know that I fully understand all the stuff like the the fraud stuff also, I, just sent you a picture just because this poor cat is nurse is being nursed upon by these giant kittens. Well. She ran away she saved herself. She's like she literally just rolled over on her back and gave up when they were trying to nurse. Talk about them on the body I did write that I mentioned today I mean before I've mentioned that I have three Farrell. It's sitting up. So, apparently when Kanye was kicked off the ballot in, is it Michigan where twice? Or? Off to open up the article. Sorry, guys. Can I pause for one second All right we had technical difficulties. We'll see how that works out. Right. We'll see what happens. see. So it seems as if. Our Kanye West. Could be facing election fraud charges possibly. Two states have thrown out his petition to get on the ballot because he had invalid signatures meaning that he paid someone to go get signatures and our company or whatever and. They may not be, yeah may not be valid. So Illinois and what other state was at maybe also new. Jersey. So. Is that right? Yeah I think. So Yeah new New Jersey Division, of elections. Ahead of the July twenty seven deadline they have found hundreds of suspicious signatures. Guys come on honestly great good, and then we have kind gay meeting with jared Kushner this one really. This yeah. This really moves into his own. That's just like now I've. You know heard like What's his name John Bolton and Michael Cohen and a few other people say that After trump jared Kushner has the most power in the White House. Him To be meeting to advise someone on running an election it. It just feels very corrupt right?.

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