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"olivier burnham" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"The end of the summer that wind that problem greg robinson ended up as the left tackle the lions last night and i'm telling you watch allah olivier burnham was all over him he was made his life miserable last night and makati who had no problem calling out eli manning though might the interception we got the turnover defense that the ball way you know what happened fast warmoth oda should want the number to check the ball down and really happening room wide open open east thorough one hundred feet behind on the up really didn't like that delay of game on fourth engulfing the detroit two in the fourth sloppy quarterback play senator need to be on the safe there were going to get the ball art here here's the deal you know what i mean the kid gloves you've got to be off mean there are off i think that they're all you know them in the face here there you know you got to be manned by sticking their you know you want to play quarterback in the nfl it's a nasty nasty place it's you know after the game you know near tom brady and you're right and books about how beautiful you are is it's wonderful yet but it's a nasty nasty place in the middle of the game and you know you got to stand in there and you got to be a man you got his make the playoffs replay after play and you've got to be competitive it's a yours competitive at that position as any other position on the field at may not be handtohand combat like it is with the left tack on the defensive end but the quarterbacks gotta be competitive he's got to have fire he's got to have firing his gut and i know everybody loves i but i just don't i don't see that from the giants and their off i just don't see it we spent so much time this is alive.

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