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"olivia lan" Discussed on AM 970 The Answer

"Three words on Facebook that you can find out about all it's all of our comings and goings way. Have a Facebook page now. How come nobody told me we have a Facebook page he and tell us about the Facebook page. How's that work? It's big. It's just, you know, if you're on Facebook, you go toe Auto lab radio. It's three words because there's a bunch of other like auto lab related stuff. But it's not us Auto Lab radio on Facebook and like the page, and then you can see a whole bunch of stuff and we'll have all of our contact information up there. You can ask questions at any time. 24 7 In addition to our phone number and everything else, But But we're there for you and well, you'll actually maybe even see pictures of us. It might be scary, but I When I signed on here, I said no pictures. No, but and I hear like on Facebook. You can do all kinds of like live stuff to write like you can do. We could do like extra life seminars on different things Nicole could talk about, like, do a thing on leasing. Or we could, uh, Jeff could do something on trans mystery bonus content. Bonus content. I liked that I liked. So how do you What is it? How do you do it? Because I'm really slow with this stuff. Auto Lab one. If you are on Facebook, or even if you're not just go toe auto lab radio. It's three words. Search for auto lab radio, and you'll see our logo with the little microphone and stuff and then you'll be able to Just like it and you'll be posted on everything that people definitely have to like it right? We want him to like it so that we can, like, build our phone. Yeah. Please. Like us The point in going there If you're not gonna like it. Wait, you have to come is Twitter and, uh, Instagram also really okay. 2021 u know it, Z? Yes, we're here. Yeah, and we're putting up and I believe we're building Ah, like this Awesome, incredible Web page, too, so people will be able to find us there. But the Facebook thing is it right Or don't lab radio Auto Lab radio big shout out to Olivia Lan for putting that together for us. She's working hard. Nice. Something very nice together. You guys will see it soon. Let me ask you something. So think what people really I think what people could really expect is it is another way to really connect with us, And that's really why part of the reason why we really wanted to be on Facebook because it any time we can respond. We'll be monitoring the page people who can ask us questions you can post their, you know, put up pictures of your car. Tell us what you guys are up to. How you're buying experiences because we need to know that we can better serve you what you really want to know. So I'm really excited to have the Facebook page there and I'm really looking forward to doing deep dives into You know your questions and tips and giving tips in great greater lengths. You know, I think that we all could. I think everybody out there could really benefit from what we're gonna be doing on there. It's gonna be really exciting. You guys so go there. Jump. Go, go, go. Lab radio aut. Elaborate Can people send us videos of whatever their car was doing? They can. Yeah, that's great and then and interactive weight of us because you know a lot of times. People are waiting like it's great. The 21st century does have some advantages, right? I mean, you with all these things people would wait on, you know, they'd be calling and they'd be waiting and waiting, and we never get to him right. And it's a shame. But now with Facebook they can will always get they can always get to us right. And, uh and we could be answered. They won't have to hum the noise that the car is making. Just send us the real Thing on video. How will this Willis Facebook thing? I mean it. Forgive me. I'm you know, I'm almost 65 years old. So can I reveal my age like, would this Facebook thing even reach? Oh, well, you know what, Um, it would wouldn't reach all the way over to Suffolk, England. Like what would even Robert Erskine be able of participants? This is worldwide baby, huh? They have Facebook over there. Well, yeah, not only will I be able to participate and see, I'll be able to even show you how not to do on oil and filter change on a Morris Minor 1000 very good at a guys. I'll tell you what they revealed just to just to be like real time. Here, Um Frank, One of our listeners actually just posted a picture of his car like a pretty awesome Camaro on our Facebook page. I'm just looking at it right now. So that's very, very interactive. Little transitional Ram at Trans Am Raymond exam people, Frank will get a prize Facebook. He gets a prize. He will get a prize. We'll We'll figure out what that is later, but right now Speaking of real time we have some real time callers. Um, let's have the whole call this hold on for just a minute. While we hear Robert Erskine's report for the week, Robin What have you got for us today? Something some new car company. Yeah, a very small new car company. Um, This is really great news that that's coming up from Europe. We're talking about a company called Still Antis. Which means from Latin to Brighton with stars. So what are we talking about? This is the birth of the world's fourth largest automotive manufacturer. Had with 14 car brands. Still antisense set to become like Tesler. I think the new interrupter on the block of the automotive industry. Now I'm not talking about, you know, wacky, zany cars that are gonna come pouring out of factories all across Europe. I'm talking about a company, which has just announced its perfect marriage with fit Chrysler automobiles on this is the marriage between the P ece and citrine group that we've been following for quite some time. Now this group has relaunched itself as still antis on in a nutshell. What is this really all about? Well, key toe. What This organization is going to do, I think is very, very exciting. It's going to allow each of the 14 unique groups. To be themselves to draw upon their own people. Drawer upon their engineers, their designers. They're mechanics. They're technicians. They're organizer's. Each of the 14 groups, which we're going to hear about in the coming weeks are all going to be allowed to be given their own head and to develop their own identity, And this is a special exciting As we're talking about the real take up off electric vehicles, and all of that entails..

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