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As pressure mounts, Trump's ex-attorney turns aggressive

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As pressure mounts, Trump's ex-attorney turns aggressive

"We'll back to, him in a minute right now eighty two degrees on. Peachtree street Atlanta's most accurate and dependable forecast is coming up they, county deputies asking for the public's help and identifying a suspect. Posing, as one of them this sheriff's office. Says the suspect pulled over a seventeen year old girl Thursday night at the west McIntosh grant road intersection described as. A black, man in, his early thirties driving a dark. Colored vehicle with two flashing blue lights he came out of the car wearing dark sweats or workout clothes approach the teen girls car and tried to engage in conversation luckily she was able to safely drive away Cheryl Castro WSB account Hoon couple facing serious charges in the death. Of a woman's three year old son. The gbi I says, Twenty-six-year-old Olivia grooms and thirty two year old Robert elder have been arrested. On one count, of murder in the second degree and one count of child, cruelty grooms brought the little boy to the hospital. In late may, where he was pronounced dead short time later Breaking news I I this is. W SP twenty four hour continuing news new tension between President Trump and, his former attorney Michael Cohen Mr. Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Now saying that Cohen may have violated attorney client privilege and is, in great danger of being disbarred over his tapes of conversations. With, Trump weeks before the election ABC's Tara. Palmeri tells us Coen's team is firing back I just spoke to his attorney Lanny Davis who told me quote Mr. Giuliani seems, to be, confused he expressly waived attorney client. Privilege last week and repeatedly ended accurately as proven by the tape talked and talked about the recording forfeiting all confidentiality WFAN news time is seven oh two we now try to go back to Jay black in Cooperstown Have you just imagine any kind of small town parade that you've ever. Seen in the movies. Or on a painting well that's what we have here Cooperstown but instead. Of local war heroes chemistry you had the legends of baseball, making their way through, downtown Cooperstown this tiny little village and. We're, just bulbous away from seeing Chipper Jones because. Appearance here for the first time Tim Raines. Rolling biased. Right now, at a big f one fifty four pickup truck, we've seen Hank Aaron earlier at the chronicle on. We just. Saw Greg Maddux, Tom glavin. John Smoltz Bobby Cox Phil Niekro all the Atlanta Braves ladies that are enshrined in Cooperstown they've made their way here to taught of Atlanta Braves fans despite the. Fact there are six players getting probably about half the. People here are supporting Chipper Jones. He'll be inducted tomorrow we'll, have, live coverage starting eleven AM right. In front of the induction Chipper goes into the hall of fame at one thirty.

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