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"olivera nissi" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"The auto industry says when they fire up the assembly lines again there will be a lot of deals a month or two after the lockdown once the manufacturers feel that the industry is able to continue that the economy at least isn't going to go through another wave of lockdowns you're going to see a lot of incentives out there as the industry tries to kick start sales I just sign says there are deals now too but with so many out of work not many people are buying Gary Baumgarten fox news at least thirty people were killed in the deadliest wave of tornadoes in the last six years it struck states in the southeast you've heard of those concrete rooms people build for nuclear attacks or other disasters well one such Rome actually save some lives during the storm all that's left of Andrew Phillips house and moss southeast of Jackson is a small room with walls built from concrete blocks been using it as a closet but as the twist was bearing down on the roll home Sunday afternoon Phillips's wife and two young children ages two years and six months holed up in the concrete room it was that quick action that likely saved their lives in fact none of them were injured turns out the family have been living in the house only a few weeks Philip says the safe room was one of the since they purchased it Tom or Gotti fox news you may remember Olivera Nissi she's the ninety three year old Pennsylvania lady who put a sign in her window saying she needed beer but couldn't get any because of all the clothes stores well now she has some a hundred fifty bottles worth and she wants to share however they are not a good time.

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