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"oliver york strand" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"Lifts it down the ice. This an icing? Yep. My name out of a couple of those more than a couple. Actually, here today, those ambitious passes when they miss, you gotta face up back in your own end. A lot of that, too, is it's like we pointed out that first period missions that you've got a lot of Columbus players up in that neutral zone, trying to make sure that that Long past doesn't expect evade everybody, and that's what really helps missing. Johnson and General Johnson wins another Data left went to warn Slips to Sara Lee as a lean to the red line, dumps it in the lining in a line change here is Dean Cook in buying the Columbus debt. Saddling up the middle. Right side. Fidel's Otto. It's notarized past caught up by Hedman. Quick Counter left when Janni Gord flicks it in Pursuing his Matthew Joseph in the right corner. Couldn't get it away, though. From Dell's Otto, there was a fine play by Del Zotto. All of Dean. Cooking It center bounces it in by the lighting it Men rattles Furuta. Pope to Barkley. Good row. Her head and just out of his reach available deflected out to center. But here in York Strand back to the light again, a little feed is going to be cut off by Barkley. Good road. Reverse it around to the far side and Hedman. Oh, bad past the middle. Cut up by taxi. A taxi is immediately checked by good row, but he keeps it down Low from York Strand Left Corner York Strand as general opened by the debt. Boone Jenner a little feet in front block, the techs say picks it up lightning scrambling on the shift. Here is New York Strand of the Left point, Oliver York Strand. CenterPoint Right Circle Open his Nash. He shoots a vassal ask you with the glove in the old sod. Was not particularly well executed by the lightning in the road in but Kosowski gives saving the whistle minute 40 left in the period. 32 blue jackets. Play in the defensive zone is like night and day. Columbus is very solid, very solid. There's own lighting a running around like they have nowhere to go. They just have not been able to defend in their zone very well. There's been so many open shots and Like Columbus doesn't have a pot of gold scores. Nasties out for the feast of against Cirelli. Left a vassal Lasky one by Sara Lee. Circuits have lead. Stephen Stamp goes out to center ice of the right wing. Backhands it in. Pursuing his point on Gawronski, who stamp just got tripped as he also taste the fuck No Colin Jones, who tripped and Lawrence Key will step clear for Robinson, a feat of middle blocked by circuit Javadi pops it back in with a buck 21 left in the period. Re to Columbus. Fuck is played by Jones for Robinson. He clears to center McDonough hammers it back in. He fell and he can get to the park in the four check here. Warren ski behind the net on his feet up the middle, though. Was handled by Riley. Nah, she clears the center..

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