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The Investigation Into Dr. Paolo Macchiarini

Dr. Death: Miracle Man

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The Investigation Into Dr. Paolo Macchiarini

"Paolo shared his ultimate vision using stem cells to regrow or repair. The body's organs. This incredible idea that i hadn't thought previously if you could actually make that become true would be fantastic innovation in the past busa had met his share of medical luminaries through other projects oliver sacks robert gallo who co discovered hiv. Carlton gadget sick. Who'd help discover mad cow disease. What paolo macarena was doing was if it was true. Just as incredible as those discoveries i wanted to go. Bt bring this story and see who was in the wrong what actually happened was powder genius. Or was he possibly soon. After busa went to get the other side of the story he reached out to each of the doctors who had made the allegations against paolo. That i didn't want to talk to me. A very fearful and Suspicious and afraid. Eventually one of them agreed to meet with them on a cold day. In february busa walked up to the door of an apartment building in central stockholm. Dr matias chorba show buzzed him. In and he rode the elevator up to his apartment in rang the bell true to form the six foot. One american was wearing a black sabbath shirt. He invited busa into the apartment and proceeded to tell him everything had learned. He had a really hard time believing what i was saying. Car basha was making some pretty alarming. Comparisons and i started telling him stories about joseph angola. Now sweats and medical experiments or what was going on at caroline scott. I felt that maybe they were paranoid that they were afraid of things. The magnified things that perhaps exists. I thought that they would claims where a bit outlandish and we talked for like two hours. And then my wife came home and she's a blonde swedish woman presses. Well and looks like a normal person and he asked her. If what i was saying was of all this actually true and she said yes. Yes this is is absolutely true. This is absolutely what's going on. And he said after meeting her that he it was. I found that he actually started leaving me. Just like benita. Alexander in new york boost the link fest resolved to get to the bottom of the paulo macura. Any mystery

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