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"oliver eriksson" Discussed on The Down and Dirty Show

"He ended up finishing sixth on sunday which was a fantastic run for him a fantastic run for that race he you know in those two guys have been two of the biggest names on the light program for for pretty much is entire history i mean kanter was one of the first test drivers mitchell was one of the first race drivers mitchell still hold the record for single key victory didn't lights with seven you know they if there are any two lights drivers who really deserves a chance to move up and really shoulder stop in los angeles on the way to trying to find full i'm reid in 2017 it was those two guys in you know again they both didn't disappoint i know that the mitchell won the the mitchell program was something that we've all been waiting for for a long time and he has a very very bright future you know tanner dozens well it's just it's great to see those guys moving out then you know what will be really exciting be seen this off season it then you the drivers who were running well in like the year get a chance you know we had four guys who entered this weekend in lights with a chance at the championship uh cabinet bigham the rookie for drier ninevolt was the one who was able to pull it off oliver eriksson the defending champion and mickey weckstrom another rookie at all messy work open it and of course conner martell at dirt within it until almost the very end so you know all those guys are.

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