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"olifants police" Discussed on Dumb People Town

"On people. I don't like right away. Yes and they realized. How did you turn it on? I remember when I said that's a cool schoolhouse. Feel like he gave me a five second window to do whatever the swamp ass for no reason it would be great to have you. Just I dropped the shotgun and then them instantly come back to you like bucket bucket to other classic moves and this for the listeners. And that I'd like to do too when you're you're saying by to somebody let's say you had dinner both in the parking lot all right see and they get in their car and driving out and they drive by you. The windows are up there on their. Hey Hey you can do that and you go. Your lights are on even though it's night even your concern right now. Want to let you know. Here's another one on. I found that by the way not to get to your file that under At a Sushi restaurant calling the waiter over and being like all this food is called then uh and this is not acceptable. This all seems undercooked the The other one and I understand that it's problematic but we don't do it anymore. Things stinks can be problematic in the past and then we all learned is slavery. No bitch do you guys ever do that again. You don't have to be in the middle. Jane Janai Road in a car in Austin someone drove a somewhere in the back seat of a car. Not a van her but a of a it was an SUV. The back seat were bucket. Were two individuals with nine in the middle. I know I couldn't believe I was like I've never seen that. Nothing in the middle like arm rest. There was just a conscious. All the middle seat. Do love a bench seat though in a truck upfront shaw. Someone has to sit in the middle like literally Dick on the radio. Yeah so to speak. Yeah especially if it's a stick shift. Oh God you're straddling so I guess I guess Harvey Weinstein drove one of those. He did believe downshifting. Blakely Pennsylvania comes to us from W. N. E. P. dot com police in Lackawanna. County were forced to chase tackle and arrest two people in a bizarre and dangerous incident. A brother and sister are jail and it was all over who got to ride shock rather and sit around and they're adults this mess fighting about. How do we know we will end? This isn't about the seat. Yeah I was GONNA say the sister is three years. Older brother is way bigger than her but she can still take him. I really WanNa know who the driver was here. We go workers in Olifants Timothy. If you're nasty we're setting up the boroughs Christmas tree when they witness and altercation in a vehicle. Three people appeared to be fighting in the car. The woman in the passenger seat pleading for help that scary Jemaine. She's is in shotgun. Yeah and she wants help house trying to Al held her yes quote. They called me and said there's a girl they're keeping her hostage in the car and she's he's yelling for help. There's an altercation going on in the car. And they kept is on the car for me said Olifants Police Chief James Wave. That's the police chief. Yes that sounds like a person who doesn't have any information in English and doesn't have a dispatcher. What are they calling you for? They call my cell phone who called Haldeman citizen to meet sounds like the description that a concerned citizen who does not understand. What's going on saying it? Looks like they're keeping her hostage. Something's going yes. I I love unconcerned citizen. Somebody even be. I'll call it. I'll call it in but I don't give a shit. I'm not that concerned about it. aww Shit I am a citizen one. What's your call Okay I? I'm not that concerned what's happening. Somebody else's really upset. Oh you got to send somebody if you dispatch someone. Can you please stay on the line. Here's really guys is no so technically. I can't get charged for my part. All right. They called me said. There's a girl keeping your hostage. This is all from chief. Police James devoe Vo Bell and according to well. Now we know you'll slick according to police. Brett birds in the are easy E. N. S. K.. I. Brzezinski wrestled in High School. Still wears his letter jacket wears. Where's the letter jacket push? He's got all the pin. According to according to police steel toe boots on Brzezinski. Get on the on wall and his girlfriend picked up Brzezinski sister at work. That's when Brianna Brzezinski became angry with with her brother about where his girlfriend was sitting who sees claimed shotgun. This is all about. She doesn't like his girlfriend. That's what this is so so the girlfriend wasn't shotgun. Yes when they pulled up to pick her up from work out but I know I called it off back. I called what I walked out. Yeah this is already already in the car. This is a family. Sisters are assuming this is a four door right because if it is a two door with a back row he gets out and then you're in some sort of limbo car. He tries to lean for a sit in their get out it out as soon as as soon as they have no contact with the car she she goes shocked that I would listen. Car Car has has to be off to turn the car. Get Out of it out of it showed love. I would love to see that passenger. Just turns Cobb grabs keys and runs. I ask your friend who's driving without.

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