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"ole castro marston" Discussed on Ben Greenfield Fitness

"Looking variations simultaneously, which of course, depends on the platform that you using that's we start to enter the risk of false, positive false negative results. That's the level of what I referred to as querying at the actual platform level. And then later on depending on the genes that you studied than what you refer to becomes even more important. Which genes, did you study? What is the impact of these genes, and how do the interact? And how do they determine each other's expression, each other's outcomes? So they're two completely different phenomena. Okay. Got it. So, so after you've gotten your hands on the saliva, and you've done this, like simultaneous wearing of jeans whatever's next. So at that point, adopt point you now need to create. He need to say this is the logic flow that should happen, whether it happens in every touched or not of doesn't wanna comment that I'll make which should happen is this. You should go into a test a now. Get a little into designing a test at the end of the day. What are we doing this genetic testing full bend because really, you know, physiologically we almost don't care about jeans. You know, there's a pretty bold statement because physio logically, what do we want to determine we wanted to Termine, or those cells working? What is the outcome? What is the manifestation in the person? That's ultimately all we care about now. Office -ly cellular function, the person that you're dealing with deficiencies Optum abilities as the case may be do harken back to their particular version of genes. So when you design the test a really well, designed test should be one that says, what is the cellular function, that I'm going to be studying, what is that pathway 'cause the human body does not work based on individual genes, beaten, to their own rhythm, the human body works on an Olsen. Ole Castro Marston piece of many genes working in cascades, to get the various cellular functions. Done. So when you design a good test, what you should really designing this, you should say, what is the cellular function. What is the pathway? What is that system in the body that I wanna study can, let's map that out, independent of genetics that just say, what are the things that influence, vascular endothelial function, for example, huge contributor to vascular and cardiovascular disease? What are the mechanisms what are the cell, the processes that keep the lining of blood vessels healthy or not? We put that on a whiteboard nothing to genetics. We, we map out the players. We map out the in the processes, and then we begin to pencil in the genes that influence the ultimate outcome. Now, what comes out of that? When if you approach you genetic testing this way is the genes that you test for per the design that we just discussed those results now tell a story. So when you are. The, the question. What do you do when you've gotten your DNA infamous ally for you've tested it, the unsecure precedent is what did you ask of the DNA in the first place? Did you ask the DNA intelligent questions weaning intelligence judicious choice of genes? Did you just have shotgun approach just say, let's go query five hundred genes and see what comes out of it? This then Ben becomes a major differentiator in the test the results, the that you're gonna get winning. Choose Alaba to you, not looking at just a one snip that says, oh, you have whatever twenty percent increase risk of cardiovascular disease. You're looking at multiple snips that affect the entire. The entire cascade of events that could influence risk for cardiovascular disease. Exactly. And you're doing it. You taking that cascade in a meaningful that the total is greater than some of the parts. Do you, are you open bend to jump into some results that we can take this very point and highlight something? Yeah. I think that using actual results and examples will help people wrap their heads around this a little better. So, so let's do that. And by the way, what I'll do..

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