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"olde scotland yard" Discussed on Spies of London

"Welcome to Spies of London the Westminster walk. So I'm getting ready to record the Westminster walk. This is the one that begins at Pimlico Tube Station by the National Crime agency doubles back through Pimlico towards dolphin Square. That's an apartment building famous for spying and other things into the gardens opposite and then a look at the American Embassy the new American embassy at nine Elms a short Riverwalk a look at MI6. That's Vauxhall cross the current MI6 building which opened in 1994 carrying on along the embankment took a state and towards Tim's house the current home of MI5 and then walking through Westminster itself looking at Westminster school where Kim philby went Marshall Court which is friends with Maura Southfield the home office the new home office the old home office, which is now the ministry of Justice the home of George Blake santoni's Hotel the new Olde Scotland Yard, because it's not long. The headquarters of the British Union of fascists not necessarily in this order Broadway buildings, which is the former home of MI6. So you can contrast the kind of former. You would have seen or heard off of the old MI5 building on the Mets phone York, which I have recently which is like if your house on cars and string and then after Broadway buildings, we talk behind their into Queen Anne's gate where you see another month old even older headquarters of MI6 in Mansfield coming today an army office used by Clayton Powell and were down cockpit steps into some James's Park walk along the edge of Saint James's Park which was famous off buying in its own right and then finally standing outside the treasury in the foreign office to talk about the foreign secretary and the foreign office and how that relates to MI6 in particular and then if there's time you can take a walk down to the police memorial which is in the other colony of the horse guards area of Saint James's Park in the mouth. You can go home from the mail catching a bus in Trafalgar Square, or you can catch the tube from Westminster dog. So that's the basic outline of the walk the order changes and sometimes the direction changes. When I do this in person, sometimes I think it's good to start in the busy area and in the work gets gently quieter as it proceeds, but if you end up stranded in Pimlico, which has only one tube station, it's not enough great line. You have to go to Victoria and changing so on so that's why we start in Pimlico cuz that's kind of the easiest place to start because you literally outside each station and then I can leave you towards Saint James's Park which is essential part of London and very well served by buses. So there are some tips for you if you'd carrying this walk out in person or if you're interested in joining us off at B&B in the option. I'm not going to start recording episode one which starts at the National Crime agency tune in soon for this walk. home.

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