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"okudah todd" Discussed on Behind the Bastards

"They reached out to several officers in the italian military. With the aim of organizing. Okudah todd if the communists one from a write up. By the wilson center quote they viewed the project as possessing an extremely grave implications carrying with it the probability of plunging italy into a bloody civil war and seriously hazarding the start of world war three but since the scheme represented a final though thorough. Desperate action to hold italy for the western bloc. They did not want to discard it and recommended immediate exploration so they decide like ok. Italy might go communist. We have to set up a network capable of carrying out a coup. If the communists win an election we have to get all these guys in the army to help to be willing to overthrow the government. Even though if that happens it might start world war three in life in human on earth the fact that it would stop italy from going. Communist is a worthy risk. Like that's the cost like we have them in writing making that cost benefit analysis base. Once you have an enemy the you've decided doesn't existential threat to everything. And as we mentioned last episode that became the habit of making sure we always had one of those. Yep you have a blank check to do absolutely anything in anything including exterminating life on earth. We were and are fully prepared to render the species extinct rather than let it continue on under communism. Yup if you sit back think about that. That's kind of weird. Yeah it's it's a little odd. Because like i'm not i'm not a state communist but i think life even with all the critiques have the. Ussr still better than death. Once that template was established after world war two it would always be so and we mentioned last episode that after nine eleven then like islam and the encroaching like the fear of you had you had small towns in america passing laws saying that they they could not be ruled by sharia law. Yeah yeah exactly. There's some small town in brassica. Afraid that it any day now. The muslims are going to come take over that small town it and because that's our only way we can think about problems yet. So if you have that in minded that at any moment islam is going to utterly take over the world and depose capitalism capitalism the most unkillable idea in the history of civilisation like an almost impossibly durable ideology. Yeah the once you sold. The idea that civilization and freedom and free markets and capitalism are utterly fragile and at any moment can be toppled by the next threat on the horizon whether it's communism whether it's to muslims one of the next thing is going to be and we must do anything anything anything morally justified in stopping it. You're doomed. You've set yourself down a dark road because there's no checks in that direction the moment anyone says..

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