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"oku jay" Discussed on The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast

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"oku jay" Discussed on The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast

"No more. I think puck that scared shit outta here with that. Good stuff. I got the lead. He's migos alone. People excessively and and to be towed. That's why put into made them songs. I think he will hurt when she lived. I mean, listen she got to songs out of that nigga come on whole song. I need a girl part one part two like he's he knew like baby flea. He'd be less. Demand is begging. She must be special. Let's see another. Why people news Tom Brokaw, says Hispanics should work harder, Edison. Malaysian. Don't get much wider than that. Ain't that the news, man? That's the news, man. Yup. The worst part is I can't remember what the newsman is cool. One of them. That's cool. That's old. They don't give a fucking hate Trump. And then. Oh, I don't know. He is the cooling. I I don't know the all know of the cool thing of another one. Is this the same dude? That'd be like, man. Fuck Trump, Dan, rather some our day, rather cool. And yeah, that's right. They rather the cooling down of saying to me all Sunday during the appearance on meet the press, Tom Brokaw reiterated day. He caught what he called his long held belief that Hispanics show work harder assimilation. Yeah. Don't death raises. Yep. That is that. Dhamma here. No two ways about it. No way. I thought video or. It's not it's not supposed to be funny. But we do have racism on this show, even what is likely, right, but I video of this shit and the way he said it on my God, maybe last HARA because he really thought he was helping his self. Oh. 'cause like he parched. It like, you know. And I have said this for a long time. Okay. So Jackson knowledge. I don't mean you've been raising a long time. You didn't is not like you said that it's not like when I say like. Steph curry the best shoot in NBA. And I've been saying for a long time like like Oko lends credibility like, yeah. Reisman say for a long time carries the best shoot in the NBA. And now he is and everybody sees I knows what he's talking about. No, no, no, no. When you say is racing. You don't want to say I've insane. This for a log. Not the. I've been doing this year's been calling biggers stints before was okay. I'll give Stor with this meager shit. Okay. I'm I'm calling. I mean, I go way back with the nigger calling. Okay. So I think you'll understand when I say the problem is on both sides. Yeah. I go way back when you throw them on your back. They told me on the back, and I'll say give me over by the town. Okay. That's how back go back with shit. Okay. So let me just tell you. That's what the real problem is. It's not just a racist white people, which I'm not one of okay this. We don't want to talk about the fact is on the Republicans tied a lot of people see the rise or extrordinary important new constituent in American politics Hispanics, who will come here and all be Democrats. Also, I hear when I push people little girl. I don't know. Whether I want Brown grandbabies. I mean, that's also a part of it is the intermarriage that is going on the cultures. That are. Okay. I got stop. Today's one day all become Democrats know that don't act. Ex people, you know, down in lawer eggs opposed online. We not catching all that. Okay. Okay. The other part is those are as is probably want banner. You know, the word children go intermarry 'cause they're racist. Is these new saying usually why we can't really like rely on them as people we can reach? They don't want round gate grandbabies. And it's a chance that they already have some preconceived notion the wrap around people know, okay? Cou cou my back back to the video though, MO for some looking which other. I also have a boys Hispanics, you work harder. Symbolizing as one of the things I've been saying for a long time, you know, they ought not to be just codified in their communities, but make sure that all their kids are learning to speak English, and that they feel comfortable in the communities, and that's gonna take outreach on both sides. Frankly, congressman Peter and nobody question here. No, I was like a. Races. Guess this one that accident racism Oku Jay saying about because of bread you sound racist to me..

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