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"oklahoma  investigation" Discussed on Paranormal Analytical

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"oklahoma investigation" Discussed on Paranormal Analytical

"Machine and see what it picks up so Gentleman it intrigues. That the hell out of me. Pardon the expression we can sit there and use a object of such vile disgusting torture and death as a holy object. The cross used in one of the most torturous vile deaths that ever can come on man and yet the church and people use it all the time. I see a women with around their necks. I've seen men with it around our necks. What is this symbolic ism of having a cross. It is on your all answer that i had a priest. Answer that for you actually was and he told me that the cross is a symbolic measure used to remind people of the death of christ in his life was given for everyone. It was given for the sins of everyone. He died for everyone's sins. Now that's the cross is probably the easiest thing you can put on a chain so imagine if Jesus christ would have been beheaded. How would that look like you'd have to have to change. No that you know. That's the difference right so back in the day When you're on the cross that was the horrible the most worst way you can die because you didn't die from bleeding out didn't die from Starving to death. You died from fixation or you die from blood loss. Not blood loss. You died from a heart attack and things like that exposure to go. A lot of these guys were on the cross. For days at a time in sheer agony. Right so when you have. Jesus on the cross. He's dying for everyone's sins right so the cross becomes a symbolic thing. Of course you have. Statues of jesus with the lamb and everything else like this and that but the alternate sacrifice the ultimate thing is when you have him lacrosse right. You have the symbolic figure in that. That posture and it's a reminder of how it would be absolutely. We are out of time. We need to start doing all those asset statements. We're doing that. Start off with james. James gives us a closing statement. Tell you what man You know. I came in late on this thing but What i picked up from this entire meeting tonight. Was you know the old folks do not look at old folks when he started talking and discount that and say oh they're just talking out of their head they haven't had their jarrett's all today this and that let me tell you something old folks. No twice as much than what we know They've been around a long time if they're telling you they're seeing something yell first thing you might think is okay well. He started get the mentioned. But if they're consistent with that story and you know. They're adamant on what they're talking about. You might wanna pay attention If they have things they think is going on inside of their house that are demonic fest. An attack on their soul of from things that don't have a soul so it's time to step in and protect people and eddie and rick. I'll tell you what man if we can help folks out and get this thing away from them and just let them live out the rest of their lives and man. rick. I think you're doing a good thing You know go and help these folks out and try to put some some answers behind this and try to help that lady out you know. She's getting beat up. That's a definite poltergeist. is demonic. It's evil and it needs to go away. it needs to go away. And it's not something that She needs to live with and deal with remainder her life man. She's eighty nine years old. Like you said her soho years enter you know but This is not the way to go out. If you're that old. This is not what you want to be dealing with on your way out. You know you want to have a peaceful life and you want to you know have peaceful time transition out in a man hats off to you brother for helping her out in You know hey net. Oklahoma investigation hit me up. You need some help there whether you brother and they let me guess. Thank you for being on warren q. Some closing comments. Well i guess out in this whole conversation in this hour that would just flew by literally. I can't believe we we've been talking that long about this but one thing that made me aware of guys was when we were talking about demons and angels and everything. Yeah lots of topic. It's a story. Do yourself a favor okay. Actually open a or anything you you can and read up on it. Find out exactly what demons and angels are before you chasing them. Okay do yourself a favor and do us a favor and if you get into trouble. There's people like me eddie james that we're here for you. We want to hear your stories and we want to help you. I'm not gonna sit there and condemn you. None of us are. We are not the perfect people to sit there and say you done wrong or whatever but we're here to help you just like i'm helping this elderly couple. Everything and i will be probably calling you guys up and getting some Consolation from you guys. As far as what's going on with this case and i will do update and everything has to clark as far as what we are finding and what it the in resolution is awesome. And yeah rick. I mean look. We've handled so many of these cases before in the past. I mean it's just a. It's incredible the amount of cases that you end up with and a lot of times. We ended up with these cases that are demonic in. You don't even realize what you're walking into until it's too late and you're already need so be careful whenever you're dealing with cases whether you think they're demonic or not because sometimes you know what you don't know is what's going to hurt you so be very careful when investigating these electric said do study up on demonic. Do study angels learn about them learn protection search more than anything learn protections that you can do. There's prayers to saint michael. There's different types of things you can do. You can use a sage and smoke yourself with the sage. Ask for protection. From the archangel. Saint michael lind rafael. Although there's different Saints that are out there that do different things study up on them and and look at. What their powers what. Their specialties are saint francis which is a saint francis. The saint for animals and saint francis was a real person. You're going to find out if you read up on them. Yes so sc was. That's right so assissi there's a. There's a lot of different things you can do but do study up. Knowledge is power to remember that in. If you have any questions. don't hesitate to ask. We're always here for you. If you have stories or something happens. Sent him to assist. He got video to us. We're here for but until next week. Everybody paranormal analytical. We appreciate you being here with us. God bless stay safe and we'll see again soon. Can i guess. Can i meant.

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"oklahoma investigation" Discussed on 760 KFMB Radio

"Our bills, and we'll be able to keep our. And begging for food. He says he's innocent of the charges number of the assertions in the government's indictment of may are demonstrably falls longtime associated President Trump Roger stone, arrested indicted in connection with the special prosecutor's probe of possible Russian connections to the Trump campaign secretary of state, Mike Pompeo before the UN Security Council today trying to gain support for a new government in Venezuela replacing President Nicolas Maduro. The country's economy is in ruins people are fleeing by the thousands, former president Madero bears full responsibility for this tragedy. Allowing Venezuela's to languish without food and humanitarian assistance number of European countries. Today calling on Venezuela to hold an election within eight days. How cold is it in eagle river, Wisconsin. Natives say your face can freeze. Everything freezes you walk outside and your eyes freeze open and your nose runs and that freezes to your face. It's horrible. It's a video gone. Viral the boy who didn't want to get off the school bus. Being beaten up. The bus driver ordered him off. He got beat up happened in Oklahoma investigation is underway. Dear first, lady, we're sorry. London's Daily Telegraph newspaper is issued a long apology to Malania Trump admitting it published a number of untrue statements about her among its errors describing MRs Trump's father is fearsome in controlling that. She left her university course over an exam that you were struggling in her modeling career before she met Donald Trump and that her career took off due to his help. The paper says as a Mark of its regret that's paying the first lady substantial damages and covering early goal costs. Larry Miller, CBS news, London acclaimed. French composer, Michel Legrand has died in Paris..

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